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First of all, we're going to talk this afternoon. Is this how your client see these? God? Okay, sure thing by ten with prices see, you guys have been in our on our campus enough to know you don't do this. Um so just glancing at your product prices in products. So you've got an out car, right page in a in a package page, but look how many humanity say all the things you're too many packages, okay? Let's, do any everything let's talk all the cart versus packages? We I think we have time and we'll skewed to suffer a little bit because I know everybody struggles with that, and this is one of those filter thing, and I think when you go to conventions, you hear speaker a say on lee do packages and speaker bce's on ly dual card in and you leave all spinning so let's talk about why you would do one and not the other ala cart is with packages. The reason people did packages was they would raise the ala carte really high to make the packages look really good, which I'm not saying that's, good or...

bad, but typically when people add up the individual things that come into package, you're like, wow, if I buy the package. I get it for a lower price case it's it's an acceptable way to kind of bundle and discount which we talk in our book in great length about when it's ok to discount when it's not but that is one of those times when you're bundling because it's it's pretty much assumed that if you buy mohr of something, you're going to get a better price it's not like half off tomorrow it's not a desperate attempt for clients you're being rewarded for buying more and that's a pretty acceptable practice we all know that when you buy a bigger things the price goes down, my model is boutique and everything I sell is allah card and I don't call it all a car it's just custom and so when I'm talking to my clients, they often asked what your packages you have packages and explain I know what my clients purchase for me is all over the board what client maids spend their whole budget on eleven by fourteen to do a whole row and the next person might do a book and the next person might do something like this even if it's all the same budget so I don't want to put people in a box and say you have teo you know, half this size this size this size and four of this size but on the other hand I love to sell I'm high touch I will sit and draw things out I use software called pro select which I'll show you tomorrow which let's is a sales tool unlike any other and I'm willing to sit and spend the time to make sure everything is custom in perfect ok so for me that that al cart model works really well now collections can work really well if jenna you do sports and you know you're in there student sports kids I mean you've got to make a decision you've got to give him a couple packages best value make it easy for them and sometimes people who are if I was a photographer shooting all day and aaron with selling for me I might two packages because erin can more easily get her armed drone what they're going to purchase I actually have used packages for my seniors because we built this child family business and all the sudden price my little kids or returning into high school seniors in this demand created itself so they were coming in why didn't my love and my time and they wanted ploy by tens and cool wallets bomb wanted eight by ten's they wanted wallets and so I had to figure out especially then I had another photographer photographing this seniors I couldn't send a photographer out and do all looking at cost of sales I couldn't do all of that and still and take the risk that I didn't have a certain sale so we created packages and click on collections for the high school seniors. So your size of session in your collection go together, so we basically pre sell them into what they want. If you want to go everywhere and do everything the book might vehicle product or if you want the book, the big package might be for you and and that's a little harder because they don't know they haven't seen anything yet, but they have we have to help them pick which session is correct for them or which investment level and what you find with these packages is that's pretty much what they invest there, you know, that's what? What they're investing, they're not buying a bunch of other stuff like with our kid family don't just keep going, but with our seniors, we we have them pre commit but it's great, because I know my costs. If they buy the little package, they get this much time from the photographer they get this many images are we know our editing time. We know our retouching time, so we're profitable no matter what they purchase. And also, when I first started with another photographer, she was a really good for turn for, but scared to death to sell and didn't have those sales skills to lead them through the sale and help them get to the decision within an hour. So we kind of created this to make it easy for her. She didn't have to sell because it was pre sold. So then in the presentation she would basically help them select what they wanted and they were the up. Sell some sometimes so you got you have to kind of look at where your strengths are if you like to sell. If you don't like to sell you khun still, you could either anybody can do either one. The key with packages is not to have too many look at look at the people who have figured it out, you guys mcdonald, small, medium, large, right? Maybe you don't have to have a ton of different choices, so you already have identified your overwhelming them again. You bringing up this spread, she's and they want to just see the pretty pictures. So the key is to have a definite jump between the three packages, so what's the difference between a b and c. You have to go to be if you want to get this and then the only way you get this is in c it's like your wedding packages same thing you know you want the big ultimate wedding package where I come to your house and we go here we go to the baseball st louis cardinal busch stadium this is the only way you can get that so if you give that in every package why would they buy right and it seems pretty obvious but when we start looking at our stuff going about you know why would they buy this one if they can get it in that one so making those clearly defined packages and then just a uh well actually we'll get into some pricing things will keep this out pricing wise with you guys are you doing all car or packages have packages and all occurred you like yesterday I was doing this I mean this is this is what we do okay so yours is alec are it was twelve point ok ok and then what about you close I have a portrait collections all the card and create your own election so what I do when I look at pricing my first thing is to see if I'm overwhelmed because if I am overwhelmed and I teach this stuff I know your clients are going to be overwhelmed and carrie I love if I could just hold this up for quick quick look for for the studio audience or the at home audience you have a lot of photos, which is nice people don't want to read you get a beautiful collection of nine images of graphic elements from your high school senior season, et cetera et cetera but if they see it and go oh my god, I love that so with you guys put the pictures, I'm going to show you a white house what we use from white house to get it done and I challenge everybody to do that it is a five by five price menu and if you can't be identified by five price menu, then you've got too much okay work work people are busy and fast and they don't want to have to read page after page after page and while here's a simple that it still is a lot of information, you still have a lot of information, so I think you know gift sizes a pretend in smaller that's one of the biggest bits of advice I can give to everyone and I was scared to do it because I'm like, what about the people in one five seven same price takes us the same amount of work and cost to do an eight by ten so we'd rather you have the bigger one and people were just coming to you for four by five they're not the right client and I do find by sevens for grandma's and stuff but it's all the same price um, yeah, and with your collections you might want to show like you could do a panel collection one to three super simple this when you get three little things this one's you get three bigger things that's when you get ten big things, you know or whatever the differences so visually quick, quick, quick show it visually how you can you know what you could dio carrie, I love your the fact that you use photos, but just looking at it I don't know what I'm supposed to pick. I don't I mean there's a lot and I see you have your wall portrait's first I'm glad you went big too small so you are going wall portrait's and then you have a different kind of wall portrait. Okay, these air campus so anything you could do to simplify and I had that have, like campus pricing wallboard, repricing medal pricing, acrylic pricing it's you know, try to find a way to just twenty inches this price, you know, or if it's because for me it's framed or the luxury thing, they're all my costs are pretty much the same, but you can have two tears but try to consolidate it as much as you possibly can when you're looking at it and you guys at home have someone else looking I mean and you know what you're showing your clients if they're like that one now we're so I mean make it simple really simple really super simple well and I think you want what you all want to do is you want to keep them focused on the images destination and I will say that, um that is a little bit busy for clients and they spend it you're right they spend time like studying when you versus instead of looking out the window and seeing the beautiful mountains or you know, whatever it is there too busy little you have one hour to get them to make a decision in the sales one hour so you only have a limited amount of amount of brain capacity all of us dio for any task so if you're spinning up that break capacity deciphering what it is you sell, you're gonna have them going you know what? I'm not sure can I go home and talk to my husband her I just really to go home and measure so with that would how your say the price menus from white house would you send that to him ahead of time so they can look at it question and throw up at home and then ultimately you guys, I am not of the belief that we hide our prices from people and they're gonna love it so much in the way power hard sell them I don't want that done to me and I'm not suggesting that you do either but I don't want it done to me and I want clients upfront to know I am the most expensive in my town but there's a reason and I want them to know what that reason is it be excited about it it will breaks my heart and over twelve thirteen years in business very few times but I had it happened where someone came in and I wasn't clear about the prices and they had a meltdown one was a mom and just had a baby and we had gone through but it was quite a bit before it she didn't have the baby s I don't think she was she's just like yeah whatever and she started crying because she just had the baby you know we cry a lot and I was it was the worst day ever and I thought I'd never want this to happen again so I cover it clearly on the phone we'll talk about this is part of the sales process covered clearly on the phone and then in the consultation in person I sit with them and I give it to them to take home I don't want there to ever be any thought that I'm hiding anything or tricking anyone or I'm negotiable it's printed in full color beautiful it makes it look like it has value if you give and I know you said you don't give but if you give anita half eleven will you change it next day? It's well, it's different and it just doesn't have the perceived value they have printed at the hotel so why did I do see a lot of people would just print off their laser printer and we need color we need photos make it easy for people to buy and to fall in love with the images well and I I'd like to just speak real fast from a non photographer perspective because I'm not one and I think everyone knows that I am your ideal client it's you want me as a client because I do appreciate photography and I really like it um but I don't know what forty inches is and I know now the difference between a gallery wrapped campus versus they one of those ones that you're like, oh, I think you might like that instead, it was like the ones that weren't wrapped, they were skinnier. I can't remember what they were, but I don't know yeah, I don't know the difference and so when you start talking over my head that I like a lot of pictures, I think you lost me at that at that point, so showing me instead of telling me is really helpful for me and I'm your I'm your client, I'm not, you know, we get so close to it because we it's like, ok, well, portrait, you know, galarraga canvas or framed or what? What's the difference? Show me so you know what I would suggest and it's good that we have this artwork sitting around that we just presented to you guys start forget what you have for a minute pretend you have the ideal clients and you're going to tell me that sam, your best friend and you really want to thrill me that money is not an object either have unlimited money or you're just given it to me as a gift, but you want to know what I want, you're gonna walk me around the room and show me what you love like the two medals, and you're going to talk about him to say, I like that. So where is it like that should be the first thing medals here are inferior, easy choices boom done the kid's rooms. We have this black and white relationship collection that I think you should have every every child you photograph should have a parent in it and that's an album, but for the new baby one it's, the main big I think that they're going to purchase you show them that where is that you know, really easy big black and white babies you know, this is our wall boom easy and then the gallery wrapped campuses this is our contemporary line. They have talked to them, you find out they love color, they like bright, their houses really funky you're going to show them the contemporary line and here's the pricing boom done. What else do you need? Why do you need all this rigmarole now if you want to do packages we needed condense them way down because, you know, with seniors it can be nice you have to decision makers, you have a mom and you have a teenager and if they can pre agree on what they want, that can't make it easier, often times so I'm not saying cut out the packages but let's simplify so they buy what you want them to buy and then you get to be out on that train track and all these rest you'll cars shooting what you love every day there's no confusion you show it, they come in, you show them how to buy it, they come in, they see him, they are you don't told him that's like I want that and that and that and that they're buying it you're hugging, they're giving you their credit card, you're hugging, I have them with us yeah, that is a little jittery it is you can have the little baby into your point which I know you haven't brought this up yet but it's okay to have different price menus for different lines of your business and we will show that this in the next segment for sure this is a really key part you guys really key part to closing sales and thrilling your clients you're not doing them a service by offering more you're not doing them a service it's like you go to book that flight to hawaii did you know you're going why we're still selling no way sorry create life friend you're not giving him forty choices of airlines air routes or whatever you're picking it because you want to go to a lie so pick it for people so they can get what they want I'll make it easy for them make it easy for you if you don't like it if it's not consistent with your brand if you don't sell it your clients don't like it if it's not profitable get rid of it just get rid of it make it easy on yourself okay a few questions from our audience what are they saying? What are they feeling? Well if I'm any representative of everyone around the world which is what we are here is it's so speaking to me I just remember when putting together my first pricing sheet and trying to put everything in there thinking that that's what I needed to dio and then having clients be totally overwhelmed and there was like a point when there was a light bulb when a friend of mine who was a client just said just tell me what I want to thank you know oh that's that's actually what they want you know so it's just just awesome but what are folks saying or questions that folks are saying this sasha parents holloway first of all says today is so good yesterday was good too but today yes ok, so d do you want to take some questions? We just have a little bit of time I'm sure great finish with a question or two many in the audience okay, so he talked a little bit but like the I like art you know, it's just each size has a different price like really how do you simplify that? Okay, good question really good question so because everything I do is custom, but I can't just give them a big crazy so as to give them a starting point. And when I what I would find say this is that like a twenty nine twenty forty thing starts in twenty states is sixteen twenty if I shot something that looks really cool as an eight by twenty panoramic it's the same prices a sixteen by twenty because I can't order in a fight twenty maybe I can but let's see what you're ordering the same cost, same price. So what we do is we go by the length, so we price a twenty inch so that's five by twenty seven by twenty up to twenty by twenty so you've got a base, your costs you know, we talked about cost of goods. You look at what it cost to do a twenty by twenty. Now I'm not a square shooter. I see the world horizontally. I joke that my camera doesn't go this way, you know, because I see the world horizontally so it's rare that I sell the twenty inch so I that wasn't as important to me twenty by twenty. But if you price your twenty inch based on what it cost you to create a twenty by twenty, you can create that twenty inch anyway you want could be four by twenty can be whatever you want, so you have basic sizes, right? Twenty, thirty, forty, sixty, ninety boom there you guys all have a price isn't picking album pick a book, pick some collections if you want. So you've got the prince, which we don't use that word with clients if you've noticed our vocabulary way, call our artwork, we don't say pictures or prince ever we say artwork or images we're very careful what words we use, but so another example like I have a nine, you know where we do the collection nine images and we price it is a three by three because I think it's a nice size, the images are three by three, but I don't say that anywhere they see it, but I've had clients say, can I get that any bigger? How big wall or they may want nine campuses? I've done that before florida stealing, then we figure out the price, so it doesn't everything doesn't have to happen like that. Sometimes I have to get back to them sometimes I can estimate and go ok, they pay the same for the image because it's a bright tenants smaller and I know that a frame to go from this to this is going to be a couple hundred bucks and marking it up in my head and I I say that this much, so sometimes that can do it right there, and sometimes I say awesome, absolutely, and we have to get back to them and figure it out, or we'll put a deposit down while we work out size or whatever, but the simpler the better definitely the simpler the better, so we have so many questions coming in, so we'll just take it a couple from focal clarity do you have your prices and packages on your web site or do you on ly post starting prices or encourage them to contact you regular this's you talk about how being tomorrow afternoon going home sales, but I do want to answer that and we'll talk about it tomorrow but it's so important if you put your prices on your website there's no value associated with it, they can look at your website an eight by ten whatever twenty dollars, eighty three hundred thousand dollars five thousand dollars so how are we picking? Well, maybe she's too inexpensive so we'll go with him or we'll go with her in the absence of value price becomes an issue and how do we create value? We talked to people I want all of you guys to leave here not scared to talk to your clients the email enquiries give the phone number, have them call, get their phone number and call them and we'll we'll talk you through that's a big part of having a great sales process is not being afraid to talk to clients, so I'm a big believer that the prices shouldn't be on the website and again after I've talked to them, I will email it to them I give it to them at the consultation, they just need to know what makes me different or they would never pick me and if you're the cheapest right now in your market that could be going for you but what are you going to do? You're going to attract all of the price sensitive buyers and then they're going to send there their price sensitive friends and they're going to be wanting a cd and they're going to be wanting a cd and they have one hundred dollars to spend and you're in the working day and night and you're gonna be in tears saying but how do I get the right clients it's all it all feeds off each other so you want to talk to your clients in prospects speaking of talking to your client's picture take girl has a kind of a good follow up question to that from casey in idaho if you need to raise your prices how do you tell your clients and communicate that afterwards? Do you call them and for them and for them when they come in next or do you post a message on facebook about it out no it's kind of on a need to know basis because here's the thing with most portrait studios your clients aren't coming back monthly like they do in a mall or something like that so for one it's maybe going to be at least six months to year before they've been in before but I had to do that I had to go from being way under price is seventy percent cost of sales taking my prices times four and luckily, I had opened a studio at the same time I went to projection selling I had a cool promotional piece had an event and invited every, and I was sharing all the new things we're doing, and by the way, we've restructured everything. We have new products, we have some really new cool things as they're looking at all these beautiful things going, oh, and your prices have gone up. That was my initial way. But then, as clients would call me, I would have to say, look, I've had I've been investing in education, I realized I was losing money on some things have restructured, I've got some really cool new products, I've got a new system, and now I present the images to you with music and it's this really amazing thing, and unfortunately, I know some clients are, you know, going to we are going to be upset about some of the prices, but if I'm gonna stay in business, this is what I have to do, but I know you know you're going to love it. Check it out. If you're ready to both, give me a call, I would always give people and out, because, again, they don't want to say no to you, they love you. But it is a scary thing, jen. You've been through that process, and I think the best thing is, is being up front with them, I wouldn't publicize it, because, again, if amy, if they're coming in, they're interested. Let them know everyone else. It's not important. If you put it on facebook that everyone's talking about it, we don't need everyone talking about it, it's something that doesn't even matter to most people, just the ones coming in so it can be done in a positive way, just one of the points. I mean, we could go on a whole conversation about it. But I think the biggest thing is to present it as a benefit to the client.

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