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So let's talk packaging so sarah mentioned going into today that it's not enough to just take a beautiful image and deliver it to your client in a gorgeous frame. You want to really wow them with the way that you present that image to them, to reinforce the fact that they're giving their hard earned money to somebody who cares about them and cares about how they're spending that money. So one of the ways that you can do that and to create more value for your art is through beautiful packaging. So we've brought a lot of packaging samples here because we want our makeover clients, it's to have a chance to kind of look at some things and see what can make their artwork really shine even more so when it's being delivered to the clients and if you look at my packaging, thie girls said that ever and saying where they come from, where they come from again, our all of our resource is there at the jury marketing dot com forward slash they too, but this particular packaging came for marathon pre...

ss, and what I love about it is that it's got a little pocket of front where I can put an image from this session and that really customizes it to the client, and I love it because when the client picks up it's, a big deal in my studio we don't just leave them oh are they pop in it's by appointment we have everything clean in the studio or at least the part that they see we clear off the table and we have this bag sitting there for them with the photo on it we have a box we have all the goodies so when they come in sometimes it's been a month or a month and a half for us to get everything perfect for them and so they have a balance they might be nervous and I make the right decision when I bought this but I can't really remember what you know so I want to reinforce this sale at this at this pick up appointment and everything needs to be consistent with a brand remember how we talked about the consistency of the experience we've created an expectation we want to overdeliver they've never picked up for me potentially before they have no idea what to expect and I want to knock them off their socks okay so when they come in I have the bag sitting there and they'll walk in talking and I always tell the story and I swear I should have a a secret hidden camera because people walk in and they're like talking talking talking they'll see the bag and go oh my gosh and they grab it and they're looking at it and they're you know they're back and hot emotional place at the destination they're back at the destination where we wanted them to be, not not talking sizes or numbers or anything like that. They're back talking about the artwork that they love, and we're talking about it talking about it, and I just let him go on and I you know, I have a scheduled appointment time, and I don't have, you know, seven minutes to give them and then I'm out, I'll give them a cz long as we need and in my studio they're picking up their smaller art in the bag, in the box, and then everything larger, we're making the frame selection, they get a several to choose from that were included in the price, or they can upgrade to anything custom you I've seen other people do it different ways. We're gonna have a wall of like a beast, c d frames like aids or anything that you pay between thirty and fifty dollars, sometimes you make a little more, sometimes you make a little less, but it makes it easy for people to pick frame categories, a price frames or this much beef price, friends or this much. A lot of what we do anymore is pretty much custom if they don't pick that included, one will pick out what they wanted will email them back with a price. We used to have all of our frames and we would calculate each size and each frame and the frame cos they're crazy they're changing sizes in prices and we used several really cool frame companies so download that that vendor lists so that you can see all the frame companies because we have whimsical ones we have the gorgeous italian ones we have several different frame companies that we work with to get the really custom stuff so people come in to pick out their frames and we'll have them all laying out for them and those if you guys who don't include frames or your new here's what I have to say about that framing as a whole another business and when I first started I outsourced it to a local framer and I used a couple local framers over the years until I got to a point where I was spending so much money that I could just hire an employee to do it and that's how I justified my second employee because of the savings in framing when we set up a whole frame shop of the big mounting press and glass cutter and everything so we can do all of that in house we have a gentleman now who helps us out when we can't get it done or you know andrea had a baby so she's working flex hours her babies now almost to house the time go by but framing is a big deal so if you could work with the local framer to offer it because I'm sure everybody cares to some degree how their artwork is presented so it is nice to offer that as an option and again, like I talked about by the way, you know, by the way, do you want frames? By the way, do you want christmas cards or holiday cards? You don't have to sell everything in the original sales presentation frame is a great thing to say by the way, would you like to you know, let me help you do the framing, you kind of do it even as an assumption of sale when you call them and say I you know, we're your artwork is ready and love to have you come in and pick up your order and that's you know, we can pick out frames together and they may say I have a frame at home okay, no problem you know, you said you have some of those people that do that, but for the most part if you wanna offer framing, I think it's going to elevate your brand and you're able to give your clients more attention and also your expert status because again coming from someone who's who's, not a photographer and frankly I'm not even very good with like home decorating and home design like I would love that if you would take that off my hands and it's one less thing on my list that you know, because otherwise then I have to go to hobby lobby or I have to go someplace to a local framer and have them do it for me and that's, not my forte. So again, is going back to that do what it takes to make your client's lives easier. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're just trying to sell more to them, to me that's worth it, it's worth it for you to do that for me, because I don't know how to do it. I don't want to do it even if you go toe some of those big discount chain stores, you're getting like an eighteen year old boy whose and got him the job and he doesn't care what you're our work looks like, and don't we care? Mohr is the artist like with me saying I would never put a burgundy matt on that and I've had people come in to go where my office is green carpet can I put a green mad on it and it's like I need to educate them that that's not how it's going to look the best, but they go off and I put that in someone else's hand. They'll say sure have agree matt and then I go to their office and I'm horrified of what I see it and he doesn't care he's not like I want a green mad he just is like I have green carpet don't I put a green mat on with the green carpet so it's our opportunity to educate them and reinforce the sale they leave feeling like ok, I made the right to and that's worth more to me when I have an expert that's there that's holding my hand along the way so again, I understand why I'm paying more for this because I'm also getting someone who has some expertise here in what looks best with what and even in some cases, you know and especially guys that are location shooters go to their home helped them yeah that's huge because I can't do it myself. Yeah it's definitely a service for your clients and a big part of attracting the right clients and the really good clients is when other clients other process perspective clients see your artwork in their home. So if you're not controlling how it looks in their home, that scares me because you could be my ideal client and see my stuff frame terribly or taped up under someone's been with duct tape and go and it's cool, but you see it done perfect framed in an appropriate place their appropriate heights I haven't helped clients with that if I have tio because I wanted to look right and I learned a lot from the first frame where I used to was just a fantastic fine art framer and really got educated on how to frame and I was like a lot of people I had no idea what an ugly for eyes it kind of like taste you know, it's relative but I have I think really bad framing taste I was putting metal frames on and and not archival and that's a whole nother can of worms using proper techniques not using scotch tape that has acid in it archival is something that doesn't have acid that is longevity, so we use the six more expensive backing off the proper ways to do it and I learned all of those but also the the importance of a mat giving the art room to breathe and all the things that have become part of how I educate my clients and how they end up with really cool artwork on their walls. So find a framer to mentor you find somebody who's got great framing taste to teach you how to frame if if you need that but I feel like it's an important part whether you do it or you outsource it it's it's the icing on the cake and you're going to give them a cake they're chocolate cake to go home and ice themselves they might put blue sprinkles on it and you're not going to like it doesn't become your cake anymore it's sort of their cake so that was kind of my my two cents on the framing part and I know it's hard and I know it's a whole another business because you have to get all the frame corners and you know you have to have space for that but really I only sell a handful of frames really cool frames I don't have to have ten thousand frames we maybe have thirty forty and I have seven drawers that I don't use is much so um we talked about the pick up and how important that is and you guys have been learning now all of you how important that darn branding stuff is right? How important every little detail do I wrap it in brown paper dry rapidan white paper do are hand painted it you know some of you that how out there watching that have a funky, unexpected, crazy, bright, colorful brand? Maybe you wrap their art and then you paint on it with literally watercolors or acrylics like a happy design, it becomes a signature like what's your design what's your design so you've got a look inside and see how the heck am I gonna package my heart? White house makes some boutique bags that slide over the artwork that orb beautiful and lovely for the wall portrait we've been putting our while portrait's in clear plastic with big foam corners so that they can see it, and we don't have to open it up. I live in the midwest. Very hot summers, very cold winters. So they go from air conditioning to the heat. It condenses. If they go from the heat to the winter, it condenses and then it's ruined. So we package it for safety. I make sure my clients no, pick it up on your way home and have the car adjusted. You can't pick it up, pick it up in a freezing cold car. You can't go run errands, leave it in your car or it's ruined and so aye, aye, package my big stuff for safety, but my my little stuff goes in these fun, bright, colorful bags that people love. I had the story of the, the cute client who took the bank to the yacht club. We have this cool, local little got club, and she was out at the pool and she was meeting her friend there, and she was going around showing the bag to everyone there, people she didn't even know so it's sort of a way to get let people brag for you, and I'm a big believer in both of our careers we believe in letting other people brag for us we don't want to have to go around saying, hey, I'm a great photographer you should use me or um you know, best photographer in the world yeah and you've got the photo in there yeah, right behind it do you have, like, any business cards that they can hand out no that's a good idea or like, you know, the little thank you, you know people do the wallet with late date car yes, some people do have seen them do playdate cars you get in with a mom group and you get to that age where your kids start playing and you're like, oh, you have your cell yourself just have a little playdate car with your cell phone in and that's a fun way to promote it too, so yeah, that little pocket could get a lot of things and if you notice we have our tagline on there are tag lines of course are trademarked, but we have our tagline on there in our logo so it's not like they're getting a portrait that they would buy regularly for x price and then they're like, oh free photo it's it's like a little ad so it's kind of cool it's got our brand and everything on it we have that we had a dad pick up and he was laminating it tio hang is a christmas ornament for his wife and he ruined it and he was so embarrassed he called he's like so embarrassed can I buy another were like oh my gosh let's make you some ornaments may come for the family you know but he loved it that much so it was pretty cool when I know that you that image that you choose for the packaging is really um important to you so you're not just choosing their favorite image from the session necessary right you're choosing something that will really shock and surprise them right yeah we're picking the one that best reflects our brand that guy might put this image on the bag because it gets a reaction and it's a it's a it's a the unexpected that really shows off what I do not just a pretty picture so it's my little ad so I can have you know what the heck ever I want so let's look at I want to show you guys some packaging things because I know people are like ok where do we even start how do I go about packaging and it doesn't have to be a crazy big deal in fact I'm a big believer in certain things you invest in and other things you use your creativity to make special if everything we do is just go buy a whole set you know it's like a by going to the furniture store buying the whole room anybody can do that, you know? So you buy the cool pieces or the two pieces of sofa and you you bring your own pieces and you make it unique where you left. I'm laughing because that's me because I can't do it like I can't put things together, so you're talking about me, we'll go shopping later way you pull pieces from other places, you don't literally, I don't, I don't know, I know you're but it's a good point that sometimes that's just I think as creatives, we take it for granted that everybody is is as creative as you guys are, and they're not and I mean, I'm more creative than the average person, but you know, your your clients need your help with this stuff, right? And so when it comes to packaging, I want if you guys, you guys want to kind of gather around what coming, you can't even sit on the floor, I don't know the camera man made maybe all hate me now they're like, we had our shot. So what are you guys to do here? This is kind of just play time back to, you know, kindergarten, where we cut and paste and we're making our pin boards these air I think most of these came from marathon press, who does our bags and tomorrow we'll show you all the cool things that they designed for us promotional wise, but as faras packaging what they've done is they've worked with the handful of photographers around the country to create things for their business, so I have a bunch of stuff I created for my business and vicki topper in the walled ins and then they had these different elements available for photographers to buy so what I'm saying is don't don't go and say, you know, I love this and buy like every single thing I mean, you can but what my challenge to you guys is is to take inspiration from it and then make it you okay? Because you never know when the guy down the street might do the same thing, so you've got to take like this okay for you guys I mean, look there's the tufted leather, your coppers I mean, how cool is that? Is a piece that weaves right in the really warm tones versus like the cooler brown I mean, how gorgeous is that one piece? And then maybe you you look at other fabrics that go with what you're doing, whether there like burlap, how cool is burlap for some things unexpected not the same, like the organza bags that everybody does for wallets, maybe years air burlap for cotton duck and you've screened your logo on there so it's like it's our e you know it's our genes oh yeah genes have made that are certainly more so for our guys so for you guys this is just a place to get inspiration there's a cut a ton of cool online places go ahead spread it out where you can get vellum and tissue and things like that so some different things that we do let me just show you it might see this is actually a the box are used and this is our polka dot vellum so we wrap it around actually sit down like this and then I print another photo from this session and it goes right here and we'll put you know, baby george first birthday or we might put a quote if I have clients who are giving gifts and they're even if they only by one eight by ten I don't care I will make a bag in a box I put love you grammy and I'll give mom five bags we had a single client he was a grandpa who came to us and we did the whole you know, family and we did him jumping in a swimming pool and he just had a blast and I said what are you and he was buying for everybody he actually bought a framed one I didn't tell you this of he and the son and the new wife big framed and he was in it I tried I tried to be like I think I like it better than two of them is really nice so I think I wish I could like no her name because they were from out of town like I wish I could know her name to stay sorry dad love you know you knew dad in law loves you so it's all good family harmony but I knew he was investing all this money in these gifts so I said, how do you decorate for the holidays? He told me we we went and got tissue wasn't in our color went got the tissue and and literally it covered our whole tree we have a tree in our foyer when he came in and took three loads to the car for us to get it there but what a hit what an impression for yet cost us some money but what an impression for this guy he was the hero of christmas the single you know grandpa who probably gives everybody nothing or money or whatever he had photos that everybody loved except maybe the daughter on and it just was really cool so you know they each open it they get a custom photo and we just slide them actually the belly band fits this way too if you want to put it this way and I show them how to do it so this becomes a whole presentation they come in, they see their bag and then I take it out and I say, ok, look what we have now I go and I show them how to slide it off and I say, when you get home show, you know, your your spouse, whomever is at home do you know I show them how to basically give the presentation so dad isn't like, oh, you didn't go to kmart this time, you know, he's actually appreciating he's actually appreciating this and seeing value to it and I'll take out the artwork. So say these air, the small ones, the five by seven wherever I'll take him out really carefully and I'll say, when you get home and you're showing people laid them out like this because they'll grab him and touch him enough wrinkle and bend them in their ruined and if they do, let me know and I'll reprint for you, but I show them like it's in there like, so I know I could just see them going home going kids, everybody said, you know, look at our five, seven or whatever, so I mean, it's a big deal we've put it and I get we only pay x for it, but it's, the artwork that went into this in the love I feel for this image and I treated that way that it has value, and then when we're all done, doing an eyeing and everything, I'll put them away and I'll say, now, after you're done, you can slide this vellum circle right back on, and I put it all back together, so when she gets home, she can do the same presentation for her husband. So you guys, I mean, lookit here, can you not see in marathon khun do custom stuff, so if you want now and then they'll do a run, you can run your boxes, but sometimes I feel like, ok, that's, not necessarily the best place to put your marketing dollars. And actually, nobody said marketing dollars this goes into cost of sales because if you don't have clients, you don't have this, right? So it doesn't matter how much you spend on this. If it's in your cost of sales it's covered and you crossed of sales or where they need to be, we can spend thirty dollars, on packaging because we know we're not losing money, right? But I think if you can be creative, cut your look a lot of us of a potato and stamping on their you know, those are the things that make your client's goes you. People like aaron who have money to spend love love beautiful things and her like you are so like how could you ever do that because I could I would never know how to do everything you got it but she would appreciate it and she like yourself awesome. So you guys on your way back think about can we silk screen can we rubber stamp? Can we how can we get something cool on here that represents our brand and how's it going to differ from kids two seniors you know you've got ribbon you've got all kinds of anybody have ideas for these guys that are packed line twine for sure and a cool label is very cool um wrapping it in like the meat you could like uh you could put it in that and then like rapid but your rabbit almost like butcher paper twine and label so they have to unwrap it like the gift that's very cool what could be called to for your big pieces is that you have your big piece out for them to see and then you wrap it well there there you know so that you don't have to unwrap it while they're there since it you know your paper so they come in for their appointment it's displayed somewhere in your space in our new studio we're going to have more space and I'd like to get one of those shrink wrapping giant shrink wrapping machines so it's still clear but it's prettier, it's really tight versus the sloppier plastic, but we still do a good job of making it pretty clear, but I still think that's kind of fun to dio you just have an obsession with shrink, right? I do want to shrink wrap everything I mean, don't get your box with the shoeprint inside each, you know the wall and so we sharing for her kid's lunch don't want tio I do have a problem there, so he's so didn't look and see what you what you see, I mean again, sometimes they say stock this stuff, so if you see something that you love and you're like, ok, we take our idea and we add an element that already exists that school and more, you know, if we had to do it ourselves, it would be something we'd invest in, you've got colors, you know, if you feel like red is the way to go, you've got clean white and I think a lot of these things, um, kidney, customize so many cool ways, but look at the difference in a brand that's going to use a shiny white versus a craft, they evoke completely different feelings, so you have to figure out, you know what works for you and like to me, this looks wedding, but it could be baby, you know, like a photographer that, you know, the big baby that we showed for you, the clean, crisp. I mean, you put a sticker on there of that baby with that orange to to I mean, that could be darling wrapped with a twine that has a little glitter in it. So it's like a nod and a consistent element, but yet a little more babe ified baby fine state fund may be fired. I make upwards to a lot, so did develop. Would you just get pick up development? Any craft store, just marathon supplies? Well, marathon has these fellas, so these things you're seeing are really tight hairs on press dot you can go check out all their things, or you can you can get clear vellum that craft stores and you can, you know, get in a boss or a deep foster for your logo has a big circle with a polka dot, you know? And in bossier de boss, they have died cutting stamps. Now, if you google and find, you know, if you have this circle, the tp logo that we decided you didn't like that that brand with the tea and the p you get one of those little machines, and you're able to if you didn't if that's something that works for you my craft see she's a crafter and people that are scrap pickers and crafters you know all the cool tools that are out there know that recycled version of our bag which is kind of cool if you have an organic brand the logo we critique yesterday you got the same thing a very uh something berries and it had a little hundred percent are gonna depend on her they would go with an organic bagged and everything they have would have that organic feel maybe not the black it would maybe be the white but all of these decisions that you're making about your brand and your packaging should be based on all these decisions we've been making and look at even tissue silver tissue for wedding something for somebody that does gray or even you know you could take this and take it and put some copper spray paint over it and have almost that distressed like like the shiny metal car that's russ stated I feel it so again how many packages go out of your place in a month maybe ten twenty thirty so once a month you go to the basement you lay it all out you let your kids stomp on her whenever you may come up and then they're done perfect intern job we're being interned nature yeah yeah yeah yeah keep the young energy in your space tissue same thing with a lot of fine inspiration from tissue look at all this tissue they sense we need to have a tissue party wear flowers we could make those flowers we did that in our in our studio you know where you folded up in a way didn't pull out the second side and we pinned them all over the wall and it was background for the seniors. So how cool is that and that's a kid what's that going to cost you twenty bucks in some time and you have a background that no one else has no one else has seen and every one of us if we all went back and did that they would all a completely different just knowing what we know about all of you who they would be completely different when they you could do it all in ivory so it's more of a tactical if they were all ivory how cool would that be with an ivory rug and you've got a little pet that's big fluffy ivory dog wouldn't that be cool it's like those puzzles that air black and he noted to see eyes on something kind of really soft so so we're going to leave these here and throughout the rest of you know today tomorrow whatever you guys grab what inspires you stick it on your pin board you guys at home get that pinterest board and ground from marathon press crab from cash there's like nashville wraps and there's a lot of gifts you give type ab logs that have some cool elements go grab those elements to build out your brand and see what it's going to look like okay? I mean definitely you've gotta grab on that e looking how some of these things I'm just looking for each of you even this you know, this is kind of fun for the baby if you went with the copper brown but it's got a little whimsical effect. Couples there bubbles yeah, and this is kind of fun to use a little little different packaging this one's a fun it's like kraft is like girl scouts and we'd all get together and do this is that little for woman? Yeah, for a while it's I'm not doing it right, but it's it's like a little like you got the where the little pies that you have it's totally big donald weights or an apple pie way. Okay, cool. Well, I want us to get through pricing. We have a couple more things I want to share in pricing and we can have some conversations there, but you guys like this is to get you inspire yeah, just thinking and now you see, I love that we have more than one I mean uh, studio represented because you really look at it and you see, ok, that's totally perfect for them. And it's. Cool. And I like it. But, you know, you could never use that because your crisp, you know, darks in high contrast, black white, you know, maybe white. I mean, earth tones are not can ever work for you is much as you like it. It is so cool. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So that's, that whole selective everything. We have to be able to say that so cool. But it's not going work, I think that's so cool too. But it it could kind of work for seniors, probably, but, um, yeah, it's kind of cool to see all the stuff in the fact that we all get to pick you. He hasn't even noticed. And cyber. Yeah. That's vicki tires. He has got a left field, which isn't your signature look, but it blends. I mean it's definitely consistent with the metal. And it actually gives a little girl it, gurley and well, in a few craft that could easily put another color on the inside and could use get out that later. Or like a gift certificate package? Yeah, much yes, certificate. Very good, with a little million in pretty good suggestion. So everything that leaves your studio gift certificates, he ever just put him up on an eight by ten and give them no, put him pretty in something with twine wrapped in me. Cropper in twine. Free tryst, mind the serene grass. I want chris brown, fifteen, fifty years.

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