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10:45 - The Moola Map Continued

I wanted to just check in here and see how you go and we checked in on the mullahs out earlier how's the mullahs in and you guys wanted to spend more time there and there's some other material to go through around that. So where you guys on the mullahs coming in meet most of my movie coming in is a future development of hot stuff any toe I'm working on putting into place a lot of it. Yeah, just seeing it there has me feeling pretty good, you know, like I know that this planet is coming to gallery yeah, other people kind of in that same boat. Yeah, one of the new stuff um, it's actually helpful to kind of look at other I don't know during break if you got a chance to look at other people, so hopefully it's ok, if I have you guys could have been take a peek and look around because what I find happens and this is why I wanted you guys online to be sharing as well as because you'll start to like, oh, yeah, that could be equal income stream for me t or oh, my gosh, like I was thinking of hi...

ring a copywriter as well, so if we can just spend, you know, a couple of minutes having you guys do kind of a gallery walk of the different mullah maps and get some inspiration you might want to bring your stickies with you because you might want to borrow from a fellow cohorts sticky notes so for the folks online to do that to participate again you can post your pictures or you can just share within the chat room some of the things you've listed out on your mule a map so we'll just spend a few moments here found one and caitlin you found one you morally training courses it's a training course you haven't actually she's got fashion so like a yeah well party already cool so those air mullah in idea yeah nice makeover party okay. Interesting observation ok cat room from maggie who says omg thanks to jennifer I realized that I spend more time traveling to cut to the client on petrol or gas than any other expense and I need to do more skyping google hangouts other ways so oh my gosh that's going to make a big difference than in the keeping more of the mullahs in her pocket right on be able to actually reach more people tio just being able to reach more people absolutely so keep sharing those with us please I don't know what that is like e that might spark new ideas for adventure kids I like that do you have your cell phone in your isn't six minutes um I think we keep our supper isn't it's kind of one of those mixture things and yeah so okay we do tio curious ok, sometimes those are hurt because it yeah I just wonder if you can if you khun kind of put that on your taxes I think if you use it primarily for business anything again that's a question for an accountant you know whether to do the cell phone as business yeah, some people I might have like separate numbers, right? Okay, please yeah land is you know, maybe there's the whole exactly yes, easily split it out that way it's hard when you're using missing device for every reading, right? Yeah, I wonder how that breaks out but that's something for later. Yes, I think related awesome there's some cheesy conversation here. What do you noticing here? Kathy was telling us what a talking circle is so cool former shot kind of thing that's it's like traditional like traditional medicine kind of thing where you sit around in a circle and then you just talk and the other people listen and goal there's just a lot of healing that happens in the listening and being heard awesome. So that would be something that you would host fight people if I start storming dying yeah, stormy out. Do you know how many you would want tio be leading and how much he would charge now I have no idea that it's really cool but I noticed that you put a number to it so that's great and is this for the year or that was for the year so then you get to just start breaking that down you know um and I don't know even need to split up workshops from talking circles how many which he needs to run and how many people in then how many? How much are you charging to the equal the swag I don't get to that in a bit, but you're already kind of disease directions I wanted to plant some seeds that way that's great and that's why I like what's exciting about this is I feel like they're like steak exactly swags I'm like okay let's see if it's realistic like I'm not freaking out about you having to do that okay cool reverse engineer cool so looks like there's some questions online and I'll let them keep mingling they're getting lots of insights here, but I want to make sure we're answering some questions or absolutely absolutely have l wilson asking is there a rule of thumb for the percentage of mullah out versus million that's a good question I don't know off the top of my head I think there are some rules of thumb around like how much to spend on marketing and you know I don't I know that I don't know if you have something you're not a you know what I'm talking about don't know the number absolutely I mean it could be different for and you know, it's a lot of times you see ces or like the twenty percent rule in terms of your cost of goods and say yeah, it really depends on your business you know, if you have raw materials that you're working with, your expenses might be higher so just whatever makes sense for your business but this is fun jen just to see that in the chat rooms people again are continuing tio network and see you do you know somebody who does their you know a good accountant? Yes a bit of a foreshadow perhaps of karl and creative gore later to love a related it's totally non linear so it's perfect it's all happening when it's happening so I want to share with you and all how moment from el mukti who said just hadn't ah ha moment my biggest struggle is productivity my focus for this year is to spend time in income producing activities. Now if I am not focused I can go into the green mode and put a sticky and just go nice maybe put even more green sticky is absolutely it's interesting I've been told us one told me that money is like a child it's something that you have to to look out and take care of every day on a daily basis yes because if you're not focusing on income producing or mullah in activities then you know there's the move out when I was focusing on the pricing what and that's you know sales and what you did yesterday with the rule plane that's very important to give you know your you know your clients they're important activities totally we have a couple more questions great yeah and one of which is how should how should we go about projecting mullah in when mullin when we have services like consulting which differ for each client e think those air when you do swags and what would be helpful in understanding how much you want to make for the year on coming up with targets of you know, if you really great toe land a fifteen thousand dollars contract with such and such client right or five thousand dollars whatever it is but putting those kind of stakes in the ground so you know what kind of companies to go after right? Another question I'd love to ask you is that mellie conjoined comment more about sources of passive income yeah, we're actually going to have a segment on that night I got some slides and we'll do the discussion s I love that people are thinking that way already and that's already what starting to bubble up here on the stickies that we're seeing I wanted to do kind of blank slate see what people can brain done first and then build on that so we certainly we will be talking about passive income and I put it in quotes because sometimes it always isn't as passive as we think I take some action so you will look great talk about that will debunk the passive but also talk about why it's great to have that another moula making method. All right, great. I'm going to check back here and break it. Holly come back in the circle in just a bit like thank you. Yeah, sounds good, right? So how's it going here reached every studio mining is happening. See, I think we'll probably maybe have a couple of more minutes doing that and then walks back down and give you more materials that might help you brainstorm even more. Okay, dio deal. So maybe in two minutes okay. It's going like here train starting tio coming up here. Yeah, radio francis yeah, what kinds of things are you wanting to maybe put on yours that you're seeing? What about it excites you? Um, I think, well, initially, like, I came over and just like, how she's a little green tio seven, so, yeah, I'm just kind of looking how she's sort of thinking outside about yeah, cool and all of these don't need to happen right away she's thinking future is where are you and it may not even be this year future maybe we don't know but I know this all features a yeah great it's giving me ideas so what else I need to add to mine kohl's clips yeah borrow one and put it down eventually yeah, it could be really good for your that, uh workshop that they had it creative live on the acrobat pds it taught him how to make a photo book or I could see you putting a foot a book on a pdf format uh where you felt you flip the pages to see here? Oh yeah ok, so let's, go ahead and take our seats. I know there's juicy conversation happening and I'd love to maybe checking back in the circle if you guys want to share what bits of insight were popping up for you what new green stickies were being furiously scribbled on and added to your mule maps everyone's wanting to write more stuff now it's cool to see how these maps grow and evolved on and that energy comes from having it visible and you see it and you start to see how things kind of fit together and then see how the energy even changed when you guys start to look at other people's middle of gaps in the oh my gosh like I not quite sure what that is, but that's sparking something for me and I can see adding this screen sticky to mine and how cool it feels to be adding more green stickies to it. What do you noticing, nathan? Yeah, well, I mean, there's there's just there's a lot of good energy in the room and everybody here is kind of showing up and putting out there whatever their talents are. So in just speaking it's it's amazing to, you know, like, for example, caitlin does design and style and what opportunity I feel for people who are divorced and looking to get back out on the dating scene totally. And that is something that really needs to be paid attention to it's not just a throwaway items like having to hell having to recover and going out and experiencing all the joys of dating and finding love again. That's so crucial to starting your life over well and caitlin has an amazing service where she helps people, you know, look their best and keeps them in sync with their personality and their energy and she's really good at picking that out, so especially guys we need caitlyn is like, yeah, I'll help you guys, you know, so it's great just talking to her and hear about, you know, how we can start creating partnerships very cool so I'm curious and that actually manifested as a specific sticky on your moon now yet well when I a cz joint venture this's the business word I'm not an mba but I know exactly what you're saying yeah for sure and so it's just awesome said do you have drink ventures on your I d now now you d'oh and one thing I was talking there francis about is she brought up online president your online image and how she's sometimes been told that maybe her online presence doesn't exactly match port her in person okay energy and present so just that kind of avenue opened up us we were talking about it so you also like online clients that you conserve right well and kind of the social media image not just mean that has to do with your personal appearance but has more to do you know super cool so if you don't have that sticky yet please add it and put a star that's something for future yeah francis like tons of people you know social media imaging personal branding it was very crucial on a lot of people don't understand how howto present themselves on likes you don't have that third party point of view definitely maybe there's even some cool partnerships with like the more tech side of things or the marketing people may be those air strategic partners for you to connect with to help people take that image party consultants consultant stackley website people yeah over developers okay thank great rebecca I know you were having some ah ha is kind of looking around tio just inspired by a lot of hello piers here who had a lot of green stickers for the future and so I got some ideas just walking around thinking about that just things I hadn't really considered early because I'm just like I'm so focused right now on really like putting myself out there you get a new larger clients actually so which is great I think that that's kind of why we started with like ok this year what do you need to focus on? Because once we start getting seduced by the bright shiny objects than we can easily as right handers to go into over well so but it all is also inspiring to then see like oh these air feature and now they have been written down and like they have a little home here you kind of ease off on it like I don't need to figure out how I'm going to write this darn book right now you know maybe that's for next year but because you've identified that as something you can kind of have it in the back of your mind and as you're doing your work with one on one clients or as you're developing your products you can keep that in the back of your head and start collecting material because actually are working on some of those things already that makes sense so it's kind of cool just to see it all there on paper happy j I know you had some cool insights as well do you like to share? Yeah, I just I just really enjoyed looking at everyone so I think I had something from everyone's thing really? Yeah, just it was fun and francis I resonate a lot with francis were in similar types of profession um and so I really like kind of expanding to speaking and the ideas for I'm from caitlin's from referral of referrals from income income because they get a lot of clients are a lot of roles for on site massage and I don't like doing that anymore but I started for out all right? So kind of setting up that reflect a partnership. Yeah, great. Okay, but and do you know like who you would ask for that? Yeah, there are a couple of therapists for two now that I really trusted do good works. I see kathy still writing stuff like the stuff it's going great. What do you get to keep these? Yeah e excited about that? I've always wanted to put a big white board on my died here whom? Well, no, you know what I mean yes, and and just write all those ideas down I know when I was working for you know, a big design companies. They would have idea boards e think that's. Is that this probably in your book? Somewhere having idea boards? Yeah. I mean, the vision board is it is important for yeah, so yeah, you could just have a wall it's like everything. Just seriously, this space right here is kind of like what my greatest space at home looks like stuff all over the place of my thoughts are out, and you can see them and interact with them. So for myself, like colors and patterns and ripping out the magazines and finding exactly new and trendy. Exactly. So this is the right brain wave visual, tactical fun way to deal with a left brain thing fancy that what a moment like this is your genius, jennifer, and it just you just illustrated it perfectly here you're asking us, like, what are we doing? And like, I'm getting excited about what's going on and caitlin's getting excited. And the first thing you say is, did you write it down on that? But I mean, really, that is that's the bridge between all the people who have great ideas and actually executing it, putting it out there in the real world, and I think the space that you occupy is super helpful well, thank you for that, yeah so I want to make sure that your dreams are becoming really so it's like let's get it on paper and then let's later on talked about action steps and accountabilities so that you're making it happen super cool in france it was cool when we were walking around is caitlin and nathan and I kind of yeah you know congregated and we're talking about joint ventures and for me the light bulb went on that you know we're in such similar way would serve such similar clients and I can actually see crossover with everybody in this room with with clients for different purposes and so I think that the value of getting out and networking and communicating with people you would be surprised how many people you actually would be sharing clients with and can be cross referring and maybe doing joint partnerships in ways it didn't appear obvious until you get out talk to people's it's so important to connect with a community of new people yeah just people you are people you know ok let's go online well I just wanted to say that joanna h says can you please tell rebecca that I just put photography and writing workshop for kids on my mullen sides nice you just inspired and thank you it's a virtuous cycle write a love that reminds me of when we were doing our affirmations and tim really pointed out that peace in the middle about relationships right I mean it's our relationship with money and it's our relationship with the people in our community our peers are possible clients so super cool to see how the energy is really connecting all that yeah kathy, thank you for sharing that because it's really nice to know that not only are we connecting but we're we're connecting with you too and we can't hear everything they're saying but we'd appreciate it if you want to yeah, that was great that was on son that's what we're here for the voice of online are there more online that we'd like to hear from? Hey kimberly blue says she has a peer group of fifteen photographers we call ourselves the shutter club we all came into business at the same time during this workshop of posted a ton of questions to our facebook group and there's a whole chat happening than inspired from the questions in this workshop so yes, people are connecting and what this is I mean shit, you don't have to come up with all of your own tonight yes this's a collaboration you don't have to reinvent the wheel what we're doing here totally it's like he can relax into that and like ask for health it's totally bleed into the next part which is really exciting because it all fits together because it's not win here because it's right brain anyway cool is there more well, we have a shout out from the facebook page. Jennifer lee, you are an inspiration. I have enjoyed every minute of your workshop thus far. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world. Thank you and the makeup artist this morning to tell me I don't have any waterproof stuff on, so, yeah, I'm here, so, you know, we have two more coming through from robin blooms. Just two showed up for you with our ha moment, who said, starting a portrait photographer business. I already have a jewelry business making photo, resin pendants alone, fingerprint charms. I can offer those two photo clients and offer them finger for charms of their kids. To I was thinking of selling the jewelry business, but not cool, so it's like a joint venture with herself. Way, yeah, nice, wayto, have complementary products and services and serve a client need as awesome.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!