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Special Guest Sharon Tessandori

Karen tests and dori who came from kentucky, right? Yes, right yeah. So she is here because she has been through this process a right front business plan kind of it's been a few years I don't know we'll get into that. Basically, sharon is a yoga studio owner barefoot works yoga right look, barefoot works dot com there if it works dot com and you're on twitter share intestine door no, because her name is too long so it doesn't often so if you want to teach about sharing that's her twitter handle and sharon is a yoga instructor retreat leader now life coach on she's also a right brain business plan facilitator so she's been in business for a while and so I'd love I brought you here to help you share the journey of a right brain entrepreneur someone who's been familiar with the right brain business plan process for a while now so you know, just be asking you some questions. I know the studio audience got a lot out of hearing vivian mcmaster yesterday, so I I know there's going to be like ...

specific questions for sharon and of course here in the studio audience if you want to ask sharon questions because she has that great mix of having a physical space with her yoga studio plus having online aspect of her business with the coaching and just marketing things like that so a nice mix because not a lot of people have that physical space piece, so yeah, yeah, so you want to say a little bit more, you know, it gave some introduction, but there's anything where you'd like to share about so, um well on mine if you find me on on twitter, it will say that I am a yoga instructor, a life coach in a spiritual hillbilly that's right billion on and it's a part that's very dear to my heart just in my story is is being from appalachia some from very group in a very rural area of kentucky and love it on and it's such a beautiful, beautiful place for bringing that part of my my ancestry on my heart, tio to my coaching into my life it's my business really beautiful people always like spiritual hillbilly like what is that doing anything? Um but it has really informed so much so, yeah, it's, I'm just broadened what I d'oh over the years and it's been eight years later in two thousand for um I started with barefoot works before I had the physical space I wass I was what I call a roving yoga teacher, so I had them in the studio pretty much in my car and I am it was down to a pretty fine science and I traveled pretty much anywhere, anywhere that people wanted yoga, you know, there were even times that I traveled to where I grew up, which was three hours away. So now when I think back to my sort of level of commitment passion at that stage I'm like I can't believe I did that commitment yeah, so for those two years I did that and in two thousand six was when I sort of took the leap tio open up the space tio to put down money for for rent and and that was that was just it was one of those things that I'm always kind of asking myself like, what would I do if I knew I wouldn't fell like yeah, I don't know what with what would I do if I knew anything was pop possible? And then the second question I ask myself is, well, what's the worst thing that's what's, the worst that can happen. And so when I took that leap of opening the studio, that was definitely a question it was like, well, you know, so what year? I'll give it a year and we'll see how it works and so great and how did you know you were ready, tio invest in a space because I loved it, I was driving, you know, it was teaching like crazy on dh I was putting so much time and energy into but I was so passionate about it I just knew like there was definitely have make decisions more intuitively definitely more right brain although I do have a lot of sort of left brain but when I kind of make decisions when I am ready to move forward it's an intuitive feeling on dh I felt that way definitely when I sort of took that step bond my studios in lexington, kentucky and it was a really good time there was hardly even in the yoga at that time so it's not like being on east and west coast where there's a yoga studio with a guy that's like I see three walking here so it wasn't like that so it was it's a much much different thing um in that way but it it was a knowingness was so this morning we did the business landscape work on dso I'm curious you know back then when you were deciding ok yeah, I know I want to open this studio and there isn't much yoga here like what if any market research that you did and how what helped besides the knowing what homes you like I suddenly I certainly researched what was what was in lexington um where places offered yoga the gems there was there was one one place in town that was just a yoga studio yoga therapy type of place and there was another place had massage and yoga s o I certainly research those sorts of avenues of like well, what is currently out there right? What are they charging? You know how long that they've been in business and there were a couple other places that opened up right when I did that have since then, you know, since then going out of business but we've added a lot more yoga since then so it's really growing how did you know how to set yourself apart from this compose places already offering you well, it was my business has always been very personal now that barefoot works when I first started it was myself racing myself and went one other teacher that taught one class on so I thought aton um now there's, you know, a team of eight other teachers so it's so it's grown and so it's going in that way and until he lost track of where it was that it was like, how did you set yourself apart and me another so it's so it was really so I made a decision that my business was going to really personal on dh and so I entered act I interacted on my on my web site on my block from that way and I did a lot of things that had a lot of things that you that you really speak to the right brain business plan of how how'd oh, I want people to feel when they leave like a yoga class and who is, like, who is the perfect yoga student that I want to teach s so there was that sort of level of almost like intimacy in my business that that I loved like I loved thinking of that I love journaling about, and I loved sort of envisioning all of that even well, before I even opened my yoga studio like I still have a journal that I was titled journey to opening a yoga studio and gosh, on where I just mapped out listed in roots and envisioned everything from the perfect space to the perfect students. You tell us a little bit about that perfect customers were just doing this perfect customer exercise here in the studio. You know what you know about your perfect customers? Well, it's definitely evolved, okay? So that that time in the very beginning, when it was when it was just yoga classes, when I first opened my studio, that was that was family offering is was group yoga classes and to me that the yoga practice has always been more than just the awesome and it's always been more than just the poses and and so I wanted, like my perfect you're a student was someone that was at least open and interested and the bigger picture of yoga so I didn't market in such a way that you know, just come in and you're just going to sweat for seventy five minutes, eh? So there was that sort of fine line for me of opening at the yoga studio and and kentucky um, of where I wanted to share the bigger picture of yoga but also at the same time not but it's so far out there that it wasn't going to attract people and it's one of the reasons I called it barefoot works you know, it's not a sanskrit inning it's something that people can, um, relate to hunt and it's not like I can't even pronounce it, what does it mean? So so those types of things so, you know, in an identifying that perfect customer, it was, you know, someone that's really kind of open teo the bigger picture of yoga, even if they didn't know what that wass but just someone that could come into the class and be in the class ondas teach two themes and us teach to yoga as a lifestyle that's really what what we're about um, without just being repulsed, which is certainly where I am it's it's a possibility that that could happen, so I put all of that up on the website and it's uh, was present in and descriptions and things like that and then as a cz the business involved and as I grew and the offerings expanded um I got more and more kind of picky, you know, more more picky with who threw the perfect not just anyone with the balls did not just anyone with a pulse oh, wait um so like for my teacher training and, you know, we're looking at a drop in class to someone coming and spending fifteen days with me in a foreign country, then that is like, you want to be a little more picky about who comes along. So even on the website it's laid out that, you know, are you a right fit, you know? So then there's a little description of are you into yoga as a tool for personal growth? Um, do you feel some type of connection, like, even if you don't know what that connection is like, you feel, um, connected to something other than yourself contribution? Are you willing to study and learn on a pie over in such a way that you're contributing to your community and compassion, compassion for yourself, compassion for the process, compassionate compassion for the people? They're going to be with you? So it was really kind of like, you know, so people knew that they weren't just coming, yeah, yeah, they weren't just coming just two just to do austin on for twelve hours a day and perfect poses and stuff like that, it was there was more to it than that on dh people when they would be mommy and inquire about the training. All of them probably said, you know, I really related I could really see myself some in your program just by reading from what you've written. And then of course, I'm sure thousands of people didn't email me because they let so what I want, but we're going up the people who are you exactly? And so I'm ok with that. Yeah, so cool. Yeah, just that yes, you're reinforcing so much of what we covered today with being in connection with your perfect customers. So that's awesome. Yeah. It's a beautiful thank you. One of the reasons why and I thought you'd be great for you to bring here is you're one of the first people that got my right brain business plan when it was just this little e book with fine illustrated pages. My hand written on written a little book and that was, I guess, back in two thousand eight. Yeah, I still have it. You still have it? Yeah, and sharon emailed means like oh, this is really great I have it like taped my logs you could do it like this poster and so I'd love for you to baby talk about how that helps you obviously you were you were in business already I want but how using that process could have helped you on maybe think of your business differently yeah, I think I sent you I was trying to member if I sent to an actual picture and I think I may have have yeah, I had it had it like taped tio two years to some way to my wall and went home and my whole okay the studio yeah, my home space and so yeah, that was really about two thousand eight and even at that time um you know there's so much more so many more books in the way of creativity and business right now than even what there, you know then what they're wass and two thousand eight on you know, at that time I specifically remember I love the book store it's like my favorite place to go and so every time I would go I would you know, like just proves all the business box and pull some out if they had an interesting title and it was just it was so challenging I specifically remember it being such a challenge for me to find to find any business books that really resonated with me that I could stick weather and I was like, I could understand, you know, I didn't go to business school and I didn't do all of that, so um so I don't even remember how I found you goes, I wonder if it can really well, I wanted to maybe through kimberly or some yoga like this yeah, yeah, because I know you did some of that so it's probably kimberly or that and and so I found it on di downloaded and I immediately started using yet I just thought, wow, this is so simple and so fun I just it's like business should be fun, and and that was what you had written was was easy for me to understand, and it gave me just a few tools, you know, like, you don't like just a few tools to kind of get me really re inspired at that time I was moving, it was in the process of moving sort of starting to look towards another study of space. So, um, so that time when I had your right bring business plan was when I was leaving one space and going to a new space, and and so it really helped me to kind of re invigorate me a little bit, so I've been in my essays for about two and a half years and I've been in business for longer, but it was just a whole new way of thinking about what I was offering, like what was really important to me as as a creative entrepreneur, like what it was that I really wanted to put out there and to share with people to really get in touch, you know, they're helping me to get so much more in touch with this idea of just what we're speaking about it like, you know what? It's ok for me to say like, this is this is who I want to work with. So and then of course, just like the whole vision boarding, like such a fan and there's so many different ways that I that I use that and and it was that was the first, like the first place that I was like, wow, it can even just, like, cut out pictures from magazines and make that into a business plan and conspire action. And so it was just this whole it was literally a whole new way, yeah, of looking at a business, I was like, I never even did a traditional business plan when I open my studio, I didn't because I don't see the point in it, you know, I didn't go to the bank to get a loan and sounds like this boring, you know, I remember attempting and the result templates, and I would try to do it. And it just wasn't wasn't working. Wasn't working. Yeah, this processes so that process? Yeah, just engaging in that way, it works. All I know. We have, I think. A picture of your studio, the inside, right? Yeah. It's. A little blurry pic? Sure. Yeah, yeah. So it's a little blurry, but it's called the tree house, sort of like the name that's been coined by, um, students but it's it's an amazing, amazing space and it feels like magic when you walk into it. It's just yummy, delicious special gorgeous with those high yeah. It's kind of it's a don't you know so it's a dome at the top and there's beautiful, beautiful natural light that streams in um the building was built that the landlord is still like they're in very presidents, like in the seventies. It's like his the building is like his baby. And so he's just nurtured it so much on dh um and the people that come just nurture it so much that it's it's really special because you're attracting them and there yeah, yeah, my peeps are awesome make e totally well we've been talking a little bit about you know you've got these different aspects of your business and one of the things we're going to start talking about tomorrow we start talking about a little bit yesterday was like products and services and different like moviemaking methods and so I think it be helpful to just talk through how you've built your business and he talked about you started you were just doing yoga classes you know from your car and kind of grown and what he's different kind of moviemaking methods how it's evolved over the years and I think we even have some images to go with so we'll bring them in okay yeah it really has it really has evolved over the years on dh I remember hearing maybe at some point the last break that was someone in the chat room had said something about owning a business or running a business it's like such a ah journey of self growth and it's so like totally is and and so I can like even now like justin sort of like scanning across those years of the different the first sort of offerings the different sort of revenue methods so rewarding in that way but essentially I started just with yoga classes way had a pretty small schedule and so group yoga classes and the first sort of thing that added and was like personal yoga sessions and that was produced pretty quickly so like drop ins just classes along with private yoga sessions and I wasn't bringing in a ton of money, you know, it's like yoga studio that's just, you know, trying to live, trying to thrive, been trying to make a profit just from group yoga classes and private sessions it's really hard? And so then I started adding in workshops, and so it took a while, actually, just because again in lexington, this was even in two thousand six, you know, not even that, not even that long ago, but even just like having workshops was like this new like you go in shops was really like this sort of new thing and like, why would I go to, you know, work shop, you know, what's the difference between adam them good class? All right, so so there was a lot of, you know, like it's in both a really beautiful thing to get sort of, like, be on the brink of, like, all of that sort of happening, but it's also at the same time, like their challenges that comics, you're just educated, yeah, buddy, about so much. Um, so then I embarked him on retreats on because I'm not a person that I really sort of like when I decide to do something it's just like all or nothing I you know, I went from running three miles to sing I'm gonna run a marathon and then like opening a business so I'm just going to quit my job a business so it's not something that I most recommend but for me so when I decided that I was going to do yoga retreat, it wasn't like a weekend yoga retreat down the road and go to mexico and we have a weeklong retreat and so I did that pretty quickly, you know, like even now looking back it was within a year of opening my studio that I did that and it was one of the best things that I did in what way well and that it gave me the confidence okay to take risk, you know, you know, she's testing things saying that it works she likes it people I didn't know and it wasn't you know, they were like six you know, it was there were like six students I didn't really make money from it up, but that was ok it was like because you needed tio experience in order to know and so there is the others that line of discernment for all of us is business owners to to know how much money we can invest in something that you have to take you have to take the action that's you're not going to know so for me that was that was an experience that I got tio to take without I didn't really lose any money it just didn't make money but you know each year you know I've done it for six years now and now it sells out you know and so then I was like so out of retreats and and then I um and then I had to do yoga teacher training and I did that at home for a few years and and then I thought I love to lou mexico I wantto you know when I offer intensive you teacher training so so then I did that and it has sold out every time and so then I you know, I went to the outer banks of north carolina in april I was there in and said no actually in soma um I led one just this well been like october well and so yeah and that's what I enjoyed the most like the teacher training has so as I've added as I added all of those things I had to sort of start to scale back some as faras right looking at what else I was doing it just like the plate was kind of like getting heavier and heavier so um yeah so just doing kind of all that how did you know which ones to take off the plate the ones that um that I didn't love the most so resonate, and it didn't resonate so again, that's that's kind of one of those intuitive ways that I I really feel I know that we can't always likes the whole theory of just just, you know, just do what you love, you know, it's not my favorite thing is kind of it's a little sort of cliche in some ways, but I certainly there's a part of me that has certainly felt to that when I am really leaning into what I love and I'm sort of at that place of discomfort, and I'm at an edge of growth. Then then that's worked great. Yeah, yeah, I know I want to interview you for the video, son, that you were sharing a bit about your big vision collage and there was something about bringing yoga tio no, alicia, do you want to share? But that was a really cool thing where it was like on hers big vision collage and then she made it happen. Yes, oh, that particular, that particular big vision lodged there were there were a few things that, um, we're really big, and the one that you spoke of was was definitely a highlight for me at that time it was so even if you think of you go being kind of new and lexington, then you think about you know good going tol like appalachia, which is where I'm from which just what people think yoga is just like the devil I mean in some ways like this visually so so I had this dream of somehow being a part of of enriching people's lives in some way with its powerful practice of yoga and I had no idea what that would look like and I had sort of connected with one or two people and then just sort of out of the blue I got an email from the community college hazard community college actually where I am it's the biggest time sort of closest town in which I grew up and and they want it they had a budge so they had a grant, ok? They had a grant and and so she was interested in bringing some men someone end to train people to teach yoga on dh so I had to sort of get off a little bit of my I'm not not listening and has had to sort of like reworks sort of like what my standards are in one of my things are with yoga, and so I went on to times like in the spring and in the fall traveled and shared you don't like a fifty hour trainings like fifty hours of training for people and on dh so now even now I'm still connected with us those two different groups who went to that training and there's little pockets of yoga still and these really, really rule very small rural communities like a cool to know that and it was on my like it was somebody was on my vision poured you know, it was entitled at yoga appalachia so that was on there my teachings into loom at that time I really kind of small and minimal I had like director of uk teacher training you know, I didn't like even though like I wasn't teaching yoga teacher training is there or whatever it's just like but I knew that I wanted to do you know, to do more of that there were countless couple specific people and connecting with that were on there so it was it was, you know, sometimes they are like the years of business we can sort of see years were just like, oh yeah, it was so cool and totally, totally actually for the folks at home, I think I have sharon's big vision collage on the right brain business plan dot com slash example and I think it's the big vision linc and I think hers is the first ones of people want to look and see that's the one that was talking about e pic sure this one was your yes this's my yoga, my yoga space at home and and when I'm kind of like in the sort of like creative mode this is your washing one of our it's what it is yeah, my classes don't sign it was one of jenna's classes to and you can actually see the book is probably underneath that they're facilitated status so I did you know, like you that's retreats website coaching so on the mat they left on that this is actually my little one on the mat is actually that's my planner so each year uh like yeah, I will have a planner and I will do like a little mini vision like a little mini sort of vision board and usually like around my birthday and makes its halfway through the year I'll do the back of it um and then just you know, like again little creatively is like that of journaling riding, envisioning collage ing using the post it notes are all um books are usually always all around is inspiration on great with so this is a this is a retreat in mexico this past year in july on people people from all over so as far as the online component, most of my students actually on retreats and teacher trainings are not my students and like symptom yes not local students yeah, so I really connect to a much broader base in that way my students from teacher trainings have come from six or seven countries so so they find me think what are the online kind of marketing mediums that you're using where they find you well, it's amazing and that's I have I've just blogged so much over the years or in my own block on the barefoot works blawg so much over the years were certain with certain keywords that like if you like of a student just types in like mexico you could teach your training like up up sometimes first storm amazing so without you know, add words or anything like that so with that type of thing people are looking when they're looking for an intensive yoga teacher training they're just like on a google it unless that you know of course they don't have a specific teacher otherwise they're just going to look and see what's out there so that's how they all find me online just by looking great so mostly from your website and blogged website and providing lots of great content because she's been blogging for yeah yeah so I'm really committed I have been really committed to the blogging for years yeah and you know from what I've read on your plug lots of very vulnerable personal stuff and like it's not just like surface things so yeah, that helps people get a sense of who you are yeah and that's what that's what resonates with me that's what I like to read that's what I'm attracted to to write so you're showing your authentic self yeah and because you ge my my way of always leaving you know leaving that back in is that yoga really it really is a life practice for me so it's so much more than the awesome it literally is a lifestyle so now it's gotten to a place where other teachers of the studio are also doing blogging barefoot works because I'm transit sort of transitioning into the new block but even you know there's a very lifestyle based you know, just kind of who we are as a community and connecting you know like yoga is about connecting and life is about connecting and and so I don't really just want to live at them sort of like shallow friend you guys we're hearing all the values peace coming into right t yeah yeah very much own here so this is actually a right bringing business planning workshop at tristin at the studio fun yeah very funds to me don't be cheers but we do do back jack and yeah so that was really fun that was less maybe in spring what's it been like to bring the right brain business plan to books here at your studio it's uh it's been really it's been really fun aa lot of people I know of tom like just when you're when you're sort of in like a creative business like I find that you just two trapped you attract people like minded people on other people that are sort of interested and wanting to do that right now I feel like there's just like huge community of people around me that want to follow their dreams onda lot of like, you know, there's several teachers of mine actually that are in that picture and so I'm just surrounded by these really inspired people and so to get teo share this process with them that's been really meaningful in such impactful for me has been yeah really, really good and even even before before that just having that as a peace also in yoga teacher trainings when I signed on to be a facilitator that was kind of more is more of my intention was just like it sam sort of like another piece of that puzzle the yoga teacher training or adding it as sort of a next step exactly because often time like even when I went through coach tree lights like they teach you the skills of coaching not necessarily how did exactly so a few different few different ways and getting to do that and now that the coaching piece is coming more into light like some like one on one stuff with that nice like building on each other yeah, so this is actually a yoga teacher training in tow loom on and this was a walking morning walking meditation and uh this this one wass remember which one but the location that we that we have the teacher trainings it's really amazing and that it's a small resort a small resort and and I rent out the whole space and so they closed down the coast on the restaurant closed on everything and it's just for just for our group and so for, you know, sixteen days of you know cabanas they're just like right back here e want tio she's been there. Well, cabanas la luna is that place? Yeah. And my it's a loomis where I had the help of my ex saloon you has been the place for their treat so, so cool. So what have been some of your biggest challenges you've been in business for several years now would you say is when your biggest challenges? Well for me personally, one of definitely one of my biggest challenges wass was I don't want to use the word creating balance like I think balance like there's never such a thing as a perfect balance that's always changing, but there was definitely a time when I was so just had such a burning desire and such burning passion for my business that, uh, that it was just too much like it wasn't sustainable on great was a sustainable I think that's good to a certain point and it certainly needed yet um but it's sort of past that place in the region you reach my threshold of my husband told me so and on and so that was really hard it was like that was a huge challenge for me because again with with yoga it's just like you know with my blogging like all of it it's like all very wrapped up like my work in my life like all of its um it's hard for me to find separation between those and so just creating some boundaries creating boundaries for myself was really that was a big challenge um but I was able to do that and much much better now but that was a big challenge on the other big challenge that I that comes to mind is just maneuvering all um managing all the different roles you don't like you know all the different hats right as a small business owner yeah you know branching off into the coaching piece they actually have a different site to not just right it's sharon sharon testing dori dot com launched yeah it looks like a weaker so so so exciting things going on yeah yeah exactly they've been the most exciting thing in your, uh work so far the most exciting thing I think it has to be my my teacher my intensive teacher trainings you know, I've done I've led the trainings spread out over the course of six months and then I've led these trainings where you know I bring a group of complete strangers together and people that I don't know together in this magical magical places on dh and we we dive in you know we dive into yoga and every way on its it's so fulfilling so fulfilling to me teo you know, to get to see that and people never fails people comedy so I thought I was I thought it was coming just to learn to teach yoga and so much so it's, so much more and that's why you know the coaching piece for me even when I went through life coaching training you know, like my students have said I felt like you've been my life coach for years, you know, just, um, because that piece like that sort of support and piece of coaching like, is it's kind of a natural sort of u boats in peace? And and so all of that has been it's been so exciting, yeah, yeah, just getting to connect with people on a pretty deep level, cool? Yeah, well, I am a sense there's police questions from the audience who wantto learn from eun pick your brain a little bit and maybe the folks here in studio caitlyn has a question you talked a little bit about boundaries and I think we all we wouldn't be here if we didn't have like that burning passion like in our hearts that can sometimes like hurts a little bit because he want it so bad can you talk a little bit about how you created those boundaries and what kind of boundaries you set for yourself because I know it's hard especially give you have a home office or if you you know you're twenty four seven and you have so many different hats like how did you do that? Yeah, well first my hat is off to all of you all for you like I've been watching back in the green room and it's been really amazing tio just to hear the little little bitty bits and pieces about your your business so thanks for being so open and sharing that assed farrah setting boundaries specifically for me and that whole time of just like having at that burnt like, you know, twenty four hours a day if I could be like looking thinking doing like studying researching you guy would have been um yeah, it issue but it's such a it's such a beautiful thing for me like one of the very first boundaries that I set wass I was like the laptop in the computer like has to be closed at like eight o'clock I can't be using it for work like it can't be using it to send e mails or too soon you know tio research this or to find another location for that so that was like one of the first things that it like ok, like at eight o'clock tonight at nine I should be working I should be spending time with my husband, my dogs, they're doing something out sweet now so it's not yoga um so that was sort of like having that is a little, like sort of time like a commitment to that and then secondly, it was it was about finding other spaces for work, so I had my studio, my physical space, but I surprisingly and don't do most of my work actually the studio do more of that at home or a coffee shop, so for some people, it might be like maybe if it home like it's like, oh, you know, like I can't turn it off and stuff well, maybe there's another location or somewhere else that you can that you can kind of access, um, toe work from on then also looking at your own self care, you know, is it getting to a place of, you know, like, if you start to look up our relationships or, you know, our eating habits and our own sort of exercise in self care and all of those things like when those air all going by the wayside again, it's not sustainable, not sustained what's a red flag it's yeah it's a red flag so just getting really kind of honest, you know, getting honest with yourself and just like a lot of the things with the business planning like a good hard look getting honest um if you're not you know, if your day to day life it's not what you wanted to be here, you know, not how you feel then what is it that you can make change and it might be like I'm gonna go for a twenty minute walk you know, like after lunch every day I'm going for a twenty minute walk and if business comes up than it does but I'm sort of removing myself so little rituals that can also be built into your day that's not revolving thiss one walks her talk if she came to this trip and she didn't bring a lot of talk radio she walks or talking because the last couple weeks have been busy with just like getting the webs like just like, ok, I'm down to break done with computers. I brought a book like I'm like always ringing non fiction and it was like, I don't know some woman off there that just writes popular books and and so I read like five hours on my flights and it was not, you know, and I'm like so we get so I'm leaving my laptop or I'm gonna read a book for pleasure. I'm gonna go for a walk and and it gets easier, you know, like, I think it gets easier like business grows and we can kind of feel like but for a certain time, it just sort of takes that, like and that's I think one of the others sort of things is just like, just quit your job and do what you love and it would just happen. It's it's, hard work work. I mean, insurance been at this for several years, so, yeah, just you know, it takes time and it takes works and then creating little rituals and boundaries. Call lots of questions from body answer comments. Sharon question here from l wilson, how do you maintain or increase the same level of quality and customer experience as a cz that you delivered directly to your clients? Because you're hiring your first group of employees? Well, there are a couple things that I that I do with the type of business that I that I'm in it's, a service it's, a service business with the yoga, one of my just one of my commitments for for a long time, actually, offense so like this past spring, so within the last year was that I only hired I only hard here the teachers to teach at my studio if they'd been through my teacher training, so that was a way that was a way for me as the studio owner is a business owner as someone it was really committed to my own vision um, of what I wanted it to be in the top of experience I wanted people to receive them then I knew these people these people that are hiring a really new in a pretty personal level because either a they had been, um a part of my own community they've been a part of my community and then they were they went through my yoga teacher training so they really got a good feel of mine, of my sort of flavor and hopes and sort of expectations that's how it's been with mine my experience anyone else in our studio on a question serving its nitty gritty question but, um did you hear them as employees or contractors for their implied this contract? Oh yes, you think yes, so another I mean, this is kind of what we have been talking about this whole time but isabel maria asked, what is your advice for people starting their business out from the ground up? Yeah that's a good question so starting from the ground up first I think you just you start with something so there's like an intention just to begin and that beginning can take on so many different forms so, like I'm committing, I'm committing to start the process and then, um then you start to take a stand, you know, it's like I'm taking a stand for those and I'm taking a step and that direction I really believe in the process of of dreaming and planning and doing like those like three pieces are to me or like in trickle pieces of the possible it's, like, if you can dream it, well, then then you need to, like, actually start to plan it and then what? You plan it, you need to do it, so have a plan in place, but then to be flexible, right? So to be flexible with that plan, um, and then just, you know, like fun, you know, like to even have the option to be in business for yourself, like the world that we're living in such a day and with the internet there's so many options. So building from the ground up it's like it's like the same process? Great. Thank you. You were questions on there. I think we're good. Ok, kate. So any final words for us, like cem, tips for right brain entrepreneurs, anything, um, so tips well, I think that it's it's again some of some of the things that it seems like have been sort of looping around in circles and especially with the sort of more creative approach to business is tio you know, I think scaling back to that's one thing that sort of see a lot off like I think, getting getting a little more narrow, I find even now that as I'm simpson here like a lot sort of seems like I was not kind of all over the place but it's pretty broad but to find like to find something and then to dig deep with it, you know, like so not to be like so all over the place and I think that that's one of them sort of pitfalls is for us created just right, yeah, yeah is to be so as to be so scattered, so I think finding one thing and digging a little deeper, right? So the digging deeper could just be them or sort of services and products and offerings that air that air added in the air. So really to kind of hone and because it gives you focus and focus is god s so that's one tip I think it's really and how do you know which one to hone in on well I think honing in on you know that you know the thing that brings you most excitement not just so not just, you know, doing you know I guess and doing what you love to a degree but there's you know, it's going to be really hot it's really hard for me to go in the direction of things that don't energize me yeah, so all of the energy follow the energy yeah question here from francis, so so I'm gonna try and just like package this neatly because I feel like you coming here there's just this huge attraction to for me to you anything, it's because a lot of it I relate to your story so much and what you just hit on about honing in on one thing and not being too scattered is such a deep thing for me because I've been teaching yoga as a therapy since two thousand, but then as I transitioned and to become a nutritionist and then a dietitian, it felt like it was so hard to bring the two worlds together on, so now I'm finally making an attempt to bring them together. I should took a break from teaching regular yoga classes and taking on like person, you know, private people and just focused on nutrition to get really comfortable with a dietitian art and I'm still like it's a little bit like being a toddler in some ways where you're like just testing out your world and howto interact with the two things together so I don't know if you want to say anything to that, but that's what's coming up a lot for me asses, I'm hearing your story yeah, and I certainly agree with what you said and that in the whole process there's that whole tv or totter, you know, it's like again, we come back to the experience of just like we were talking about with with marketing or trying things out there's experience of it. So sometimes people just need that sort of teeter totter I think they need to kind of, you know, grasp around and feel different things in order to find the thing that feels the best of her hand and what I would say to some of the different things with the yoga therapy and with the coaching and nutritional counseling is that there's a thread there's a thread within all of those, um, something that really, really connects that you're just so I feel so passionate about that if you can sort of hone in on like what that thread is it's sort of like looping them all together and speak and teach and share from that that at one the amazing e totally, really to that, yeah, yeah, so just to kind of like appeal, appeal those and see, like, what is the link that book because I want that book I was telling you that you're working on other really want to build like a coaching great thank you. You know, one of your other two chips is something called an impromptu dance party yeah, I think this is one of the boundaries the things that I do at home it's like I've been sitting in doing things too long ago and I have like, this like spontaneous solo dance party and my house and sometimes it takes place in the kitchen sometimes it's in the foyer and sometimes it's just in my chair, so I think maybe a little impromptu dance party can take on our ceo wait weii needed the scars for that maybe they didn't e well, I hope you guys got some good information hearing another, you know, personal story of somebody who's been in business for several years and has just developed all these different products and services really based on, you know, the passion and her purpose and her values and kind of a nice seguin too, when we go into tomorrow, which we'll be covering, you know, moviemaking methods and she shared with us how she, you know, went from just doing group sessions from her car to them doing these sold out teacher training eggs and really cool that kind of see how that all fits together so you might want to, like, go back to your big vision collage tonight and maybe add more things. Maybe you know more about your perfect customer. Hopefully, some things that share and talked about sparked. Maybe how you might interact with your perfect customers and knowing that it's. Okay, if someone isn't the right fit for you, you want to be attracting. You're right, peeps.

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