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Creating a Passion & Purpose Statement

Really exciting or yeah, we're coming into the home stretch of today and it's really culminating in this piece around voice we did that vision, values and voice and these things are really the foundation for going into some of the more left brain things that will cover in day two and day three so you know, we're spending a lot of time here and it's so important because when we start to go into who your target market is or what kind of market here you're going to dio how much are you making when you could come back to your big vision and be able to speak about what you do? You're going to have so much more confidence to say I'm going to charge this much for my service, you know versus if you just start from what is it? How much should the cost be like? I don't know and I don't really see the value and you have a stronger place to stand from by doing all of this great foundational work today, right? And we're doing it with the right brain's so fun stuff so passion and purpose proclamatio...

n you guys have heard of the whole thing like elevator pitch right? Our mission statement actually this one is mission state have something else for elevated pitch this is mission statement says kind of related to values right? But it's been having kind of a statement that helps encapsulate what's important to you, and to be able to communicate that to your potential customers. Perhaps this could also just be something for yourself to be clear on, because I know with things like this, we start toward smith and like, oh, that's not the right that were it's, not the right word, and, uh, and then we get stuck there, and then we don't tell people about her business. Sound familiar? Yes. So this exercise we're going to do here is just gonna tap into and help give you a new way of getting some words to describe what it is that really lights you up and what you're here to do. So passionate purpose statements, basically mission statement for your business, why you do what you do, right? Um, and so it also talked touches on what has heart and meaning for you and you're perfect customers. And so earlier in the chat, we were hearing a little bit about, you know, when we're talking about values, and how does that relate to your perfect customers? And is their alignment here with the passion and purpose proclamation is where your clear and what your values are, what is hard to meaning for you and then making sure that is an alignment with what's important, your perfect customers, too, okay? And also talking about how you're making a positive impact through your work and I imagine for most right brain entrepreneurs that's important that you're not just out there to make you know, a buck big money it's not about that it's about helping to make a positive difference right? And so you're doing that in your own special way and this will kind of helped articulate that so again there's gonna be some questions to kind of distill this for you and still have you kind of journal or you could do till you can use colorful markers I love that you know kathy j hunter values written out in colorful markers and that kind of helped those were words but it had kind of a right brain spin to it. So if you wantto at home you have your favorite colorful marker or pens or what have you can use that to to help give this some right brain creativity since it's a writing exercise all right? So there's a few questions here and I'll just read them to you here so what has heart and meaning to you so you go ahead and jot that down it might relate back to the values work that we did a little bit ago another question is what do you want to accomplish in your business so kind of going at that impact? What is it with your business that you want to accomplish and what's the difference big or small that you want to make and a final question to consider what mark will you leave on the world by running your business? Ok, so you don't need to answer every single one of these questions they're kind of getting at the same thing but these air just ways for you to start exploring that for yourself here just another minute or so another great thing for those at home here may be struggling with coming up with words look back at your big vision collage and see what that evokes as he answered these questions and even for the folks in studio that helps you are there folks and chan who want to share since people are chatting away ok cool so let's hear from them and then absolutely sister a four hour empowering the people especially in this time of corporate greed squashing the vulnerable that's moving her we also have ah, shan tell saying heart and meeting meaning inspiring people to see their magnificence. What do I want accomplish? I want people to feel inspired and empowered. The difference I'll make is helping people to be happier and more fulfilled beautiful and big visions as I want to accomplish assisting others through daily goals reveals postings that they can develop the tools necessary to have a life filled with achievement toward their dreams and alignment with their intentions and sister afro says making people aware of their options and help them take action nice, like, how cool is that? That there people out there like doing this school work or wanting to make that impact? And if we were all out there doing that, how much that would change the world? So I hope that as you guys were writing this and, you know, maybe you're not living it fully yet and maybe some of you are and that's awesome. I know, I know there are people who are doing that, so use that as inspiration for, like, together, you know, you as an individual soul entrepreneur can do that and, you know, live your passion and purpose proclamation and then together is right brain entrepreneurs around the world, how we can really shift things in a big way. So just so exciting to hear all the cool stuff people are up to, yeah, I personally it's funny how you're the purpose of your business can change as your business because I started my business totally in critter could her brain survival mode that's how my business started? And now I'm like stepping back no longer in that place, and my clients are inspired me because of the changes that they're creating in the world, and now I'm like, I just want to help more people get there their message out the big yeah so it's changed for me that is so cool and it's cool that that ripple effect that happens to you from you living your purpose and passion yeah great so I'd love to hear from the folks in studio a little bit about this and then we'll move to actually kind of honing it into a passion and purpose proclamation I hear I love helping people move through times of transformation and change with courage creativity in connection their authentic selves and helping people embody that um and move through chronic pain or whatever or fear or um whatever it is that's kind of blocking them from living from their heart or even feeling a lot of people are even feeling their bodies so um this helping empower people in that way to embody their awesomeness I'd also like to eradicate the same of the same stuff different day same bleep different day people and anything I really love is that that spark when people either get off the table or play with the crafts where they suspend reality for a minute and they have that spark in their eye of like oh I could create something or beyond with their current situation is cool so thank you yeah I can get yeah s o for me the connection with people and capturing their stories and showing that everyone has a voice and a story and it's worthy of being told is really meaningful I love that photography is a universal method of educating people and connecting people when you see an image of a person you sort of can tell their story right away you know what I've been through and I just love that and so there's this connection between the photographer and the subject and then further the viewer in the photograph great anyone off francis s o for me, eh? I really want to help people and the causes of preventable diseases and uh, one really one way that I work with them is helping them and their struggles of fat and fatigue and hidden food sensitivities and for most people it's not a matter of having more knowledge but it's having more tools and I find a lot of people just need to love themselves more and so that's where the yoga background really comes in because it's it's developing a relationship with yourself in a whole new way so where you care about taking care of yourself great cool stuff. So what I'd like to do next is basically if you guys have your cards at the ready for the folks in studio as part of the kit there is a little card that says my passion and purpose proclamation and basically just has fill in the blanks for I am passionate about and my purpose is to blank on dh here's an example from lauren mccullough who is a voice over actress um, she says here I provide a voice for business, entertainment, education investing in may brings quality product, fast results and enthusiasm. My purpose is to bring characters to life through true self expression, which will bring me ultimate happiness doing what I love. So that was her taking a passionate purpose. Proclamation looks like this it's one that's number of page forty six through forty seven if that helps you with the numbers, and for those of you at home, you could just write it on a fun piece of paper. You don't need that card on dh then this I wrote, I guess this was a couple of years ago, and I didn't bother wordsmithing x. I'm reading it to myself now going, oh, this could be embellished so much more, but I think in essence, it's fine, so I will be vulnerable on read it even though I don't think it's perfect. So I wrote, I am passionate about helping professional and entrepreneurial women live life in full color. My purpose is to bring fun, creativity and plato life and business so pretty straightforward and simple. Um, so it could just be, you know, a sentence for each you can go ahead and fill that out. If you don't want to like right directly on the card for the hawks here because you have the one card you can write it on a different piece of paper but if you're ready to transcribe it there, that could be a nice place to just have it handy there's also a download that's part of the purchase that has some of those questions and fill in the blanks just to have it in one place um so take a moment to do that and then I'd love to hear some and obviously some from the chat this is great we're kind of we're kind of moving into that more left brain when it comes to the words and honing things down and getting more clear because we're taking kind of that answers to those questions of what is heartened meaning all that good stuff and then just be able to just still it down to I am passionate about like my purpose is to blank so that it could be easy to communicate as you're talking with someone maybe in passing conversation might even be you know some of the wording might be in your about page on your website as it relates to marketing do you want us to start reading some sure why not many and already all right we had r v p r b b p shelly shelly west she's from new york one of our facilitators let's just mentioned that again that all the folks in the chat room who you see their names starting with are bbp dash so and so are all facilitators in your program there are licensed facilitators they leave these workshops in person, so if you're online going like I really want to be in person can connect with if you're in new york he and connect with shelly so shelly had said accomplish was to you and now okay help businesses connect authentically with the people that they're meant to serve we have from patients handle we have I passion I'm passionate about helping and giving to those whose insecurity seem greater than their beauty their purpose is to guide and lead them to healthier beautiful er itself by connecting them to those who have succeeded nice and we have ah my friend eighty far catering far who is in england who says I am passion about fashion photography my purpose is to give, quote unquote normal people the chance to experience what the models do looking amazing and feeling fantastic cool, great we have owed who says I am passionate about art colors, self expression and self improvement? My purpose is to be the translator of other people's visions I am a graphic designer nice see isn't it cool like normally when somebody I see what do you do to say I'm a graphic designer but what you said prior to that is like, oh, that sounds cool, and then then it makes sense, say, like, graphic designer, but if you just start off like I'm a graphic designer, it doesn't get at the essence of who you are and what you bring so that's, why doing exercises like this can help you articulate and communicate really what makes you unique? Do you have something you love to start hearing from? The folks here say anything? Sure. So what I've done is I've combined both of those statements because I'm passionate about my purpose, and so my purpose would be helping people who have experienced pain to alleviate their suffering, and that kind of goes along with that buddhist saying that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. So through this website, which is going to connect people, it will not take away the pain because pain is always going to be there live on different ways and experiences, but the suffering can be alleviated through connection and information. And so that's what I plan to do, and I'm inspired and motivated by children who tend to be the innocent victims of divorce, and the sooner that parents are able to heal and forgive and move on right children are the beneficiary of that process. That's very motivating that's really cool I mean, it kind of going back teo you know it's a bit about this what mark are you leaving with your your work? You know that that legacy piece of by helping make sure that the parents are taking care of themselves that they can then be there for their kids that has huge ripple effects so really cool but francis you like to show okay? Sure. Well, it came out kind of clearly so I was pleased with that that I am passionate about helping people feel alive, energized and able to thrive and my purpose is to support people with the tools the inspiration, motivation, knowledge and love to transform wow, great e anyone else like to share? So I remember this pieces around practicing your voice to write. Okay, kathy j really exciting doing I please say this out loud I heard a loud and proud so I'm passionate about authentic conversations that inspire courage, creativity in connection and my purpose is to empower people to move through times of change with grace and embody their awesomeness their eyes is that part of your tag line about like this embodying your awesomeness? Because if it's not it and yeah, okay, I just feel like it is already like before like you keep saying when you say it's like yeah them that's why it's helpful to say it out loud right? Because you see the impact that it has and what resonates with anyone else well, I'd like I'd like to address sort of it's wonderful seeing and hearing people come to their conclusions of what theirs are but there's also some people that are still struggling and so morning if we can address graphics designer who says I'm a blogger and I treat my block is my business but I'm stuck on how to write value our mission statement for writing and providing content as a blogger so that's their business that's his or her business right but having trouble connecting well it might even be just stepping back and answering these questions not even like how is your business showing up now because it actually might change to in order like are you able tio really live your passion and do your purpose and then you know, how is it showing up? How is it being expressed in your business? Not sure if that so maybe it's just taking that and maybe this is again as we go through the course, but it's taking what this exercise here and then applying it to the other piece is right exactly yeah, and so I know we're going through a lot of different exercises here and you know the reason for that you're not all of them are going to unlock something for you you know just maybe like that just doesn't work for you that's totally fine with this process it's not linear you don't need to do like I don't spell is step one step two step three obviously we're providing a little bit of structure here so that we can build on and hopefully get some insights but not everything is going to work and that's totally fine um and you know if you're still struggling it might be continuing to just do cem journaling self exploration I think journaling helps a lot to just free form what do you thinking and then no overtime starting to see some themes and getting more clarity on and it could also be something we're I'm not sure what you know the folks who are struggling if there if they have other creative cohorts or other creative entrepreneurs that they're interactive you're interacting with them frequently if you're kind of on your own having people being in a supportive environment being able to talk about these things the more you talk about it the more clarity can come so if you don't have that currently I would recommend finding that kind of support to help evolve those kind of things around passion and purpose your values all that good stuff we have another question from alex world lund now that I have a purpose statement how do I transfer it into a mission statement that appears to my clients so something forward facing for example, I wonder if they could have they shared what it, what there's this? Because it might be just perfectly fine the way it is. Alex share your mission statement so we can show that with jennifer. Yeah, because like I was saying, you know, it doesn't. It doesn't need to be perfect, but you could also like what francis just shared. Sounds like that could actually be on your website. Kind of the way you said it says, sometimes the's exercises you can actually take directly and use that as copy. The other great thing about taking yourself through this exercise or these types of exercises is getting your thoughts on paper. And maybe copyrighting isn't your thing. But you have something to then give tio a professional copywriter, or brander, who can then translated into that customer facing, you know, wording or look and feel. So you're giving the experts something to work with versus starting from scratch.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!