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Perfect Customer Role Play

What we're gonna do is we're going to bring up another chair and I'm actually think I'd love to start with caitlin and rebecca as our hot seat people if you don't mind so you can come to take a seat of here oh please bring your portrait ce your permit customer portrait that we will be using that and um this with songs and for the studio audience if you could maybe be taking notes for them that would be helpful so they can just be present to what's happening and so what we're gonna do is partner a so caitlin will be partner okay and you get to pick one of your profile so you're previck customers and you're going to pretend to be that perfect customer ok continue looking through their pick pick which one partner b is rebecca and so you are going to pretend like you're a reporter and you're asking the perfect customer questions and know where you have props for you here partner b is sitting there so you're going to be asking you know questions like what's your biggest frustration what do ...

you what would help you I'll be here to kind of help prop two and guide the conversation but basically it's to give caitlyn the experience of being in the shoes of her perfect customers so that she can start getting inside their head and thinking about what their challenges might be that makes sense yeah ok so which perfect. Customary embody. I'm going to be the creative entrepreneur. Ok, cool. Can we see the yeah file again? Just it's a person who wants to go to the next level in their business. Maybe they went from corporate too creative. And they need tio express that because their their business. Okay, well, so so I ask you, just see that the's air kind of prompts if you kind of get on a roll basically, you're trying to get caitlin too, really uncover what way? Yeah, s o tell me your name and your age. My name is susan anderson, and I'm thirty five, okay? And radio. Um, I live in chicago, illinois. All right. And susan, what do you spend most of your time doing? Um, I really love art, so I go, teo art exhibits I love farmers markets anywhere where it's very local lots of cultural things. So, um, you know, different co ops and farmers markets not ok. And what do you do for work? Um, I am a photographer, so I just quit my corporate job about two years ago, and I'm launching into my passion, which is photography eso I've been doing that for the last two years, so what has been your biggest frustration during this transition? Probably just amount of time that I'm putting into my business sometimes I put myself to the wayside a little bit, so I really want to get back into putting more time into me because I I found that, and if I neglect myself in my business in my family suffers, what do you think could help you with that frustration? Yeah, I think having the right team around me in the right people surrounding me, eso whether it's nutritionists, o r a massage therapist or other photographer friends who, you know, can kind of give me that support in that community and kind of keeping on track and keep me in check almost like somebody who I'm working with but is also a friend that I can call up any time of the day I'm their client, but I just want to be a friend as well. Yeah, and what do you think that would do for you? If you have that frustration address? I think it would help me just open it my business and focus all my creative ability of my business on dh have more energy and more time and just do what I want to do and let other people do what they do best great on I just want to check in so this now I'm talking caitlin this's providing imaging services to them okay, so it might be helpful to you to kind of dig into like if they had the image how that would help pay so s o so susan season is needing a new image, so if you have new images, how would that help? Yeah, I think it would help me because with my corporate background I had kind of more or less a dress code and I wasn't really in front of people, but now that I'm out doing networking and I'm meeting people, I really need tio have that first impression that says I'm creative, I um oh, my own business, I know what my styles and I don't know who I am, so I think if I have that will be able to be more confident going to networking groups are going to workshops or meeting people are meeting clients and really be able to put my best foot forward and you haven't been able to do that yet because because I'm so busy with I'm so busy with my business and doing everything that goes into that and I just I'm frustrated because I don't know where to start uh and I don't have expertise because I'm so busy focusing on my expertise, ok, great and I think that covers it wanted chicken that we can give them a round of applause for this way great improv you guys just did just great because it goes to show you how much you you can have a sense of these people so I actually think there's now there is it okay? Um just kind of what one new insights do you howard from actually being in their shoes? Um that's maybe there are no new ones but like underscored or like yeah I really know this now yeah I think people can write this down for her would be great yeah, I think like I kind of pictured somebody in my head and maybe it's just like a a group of people that I know and I'm kind of friends with a lot of people like that who are entrepreneurs who they they're so big they're creative and they want to express that but they don't know how to they know how to within their own little you know way of doing it maybe a graphic designer who I know howto make that look beautiful but I don't necessarily know how to dress my body or do you guys so um I think just having friends like that that I know and having heard that from people right that cool all right? Well, what we're gonna do is like a little bit of speed dating mixed in with this role play so rebecca will have you sit here crossing and then I guess maybe francis you can come be the reporter do we want to pause here yeah yeah I just wanted tio ask you a question for the folks at home how they bitches what should that when they're watching this what should they be trying to look for that they can apply it tio so when they go about doing this with other people or applying it to themselves yes so it would be thinking about how they would answer these questions for themselves if someone was asking them and then just kind of like how he did with caitlin of like how to really get to the core of how are you helping them with your service so that kind of thing and so what might help for those of you in chat right now is to kind of answer these questions right as if somebody so in chat what you can do is take one of your perfect customer portrait it's and then answer the questions from that perspective in chats you could be like my biggest frustration as you know a person who's overweight is blah blah blah and then just kind of have the conversation virtually that's great yeah or be taking those notes and then share one of them with us exactly that great thank you. Thank you for being that bridge ok, so you get teo the d of which perfect customer you're going to be yeah uh cm I will be the photo editor of the national food and culture magazine ok, so you get to be the reporter and get to know this editor from its magazine hi, rebecca I'm sorry did I get your name tractors you doing something else? Actually ivan oh, hi ivan you're a man or a woman I'm a man e wonderful. So ivan tell me who are you? What do you do? Sure. So I am thirty six s and I am the photography editor at a national food and culture magazine and so what I do is I do a lot of the researcher on the imagery and bring in editor or photographers and illustrators for any sort of image needs that we might have for the magazine and what magazine isn't it is travel and leisure excellent. Okay, so so what do you I think it's really frustrating about your job there was challenging what sucks about your job? No, I mean it's definitely a challenge. We get a lot of, you know print pro mose from photographers all over and it's definitely a challenge trying tio kind of look through those and figure out who would be a best fit for a magazine also it's a challenge sort of sometimes we get photographers who are hard to work with for various reasons and so finding you know people that are easy to work with and, you know deliver the images on time can sometimes be a challenge islam I can totally see how that would be assuming someone to really help you catch and attract and and filter the very best photographers the best talent. Yeah. Ok, so what do you think would it would be helpful if toe help you attract the cream photographers? The best of them? Um see, yeah, I think maybe, you know, we've sort of had a standard, not a standard but, um, database of photographers that we work with and we always love reaching out to new photographers and so may maybe just, you know, being more willing or open to receiving new print romo's from photographers and kind of branching out and maybe reaching out to photo agencies that represent photographers as well would maybe help it seems like a really smart idea. So so if this if you were able tio resolve your issue of not finding the best photographers and say that you attracted all the right people for each job your ideal situation, how would that what would that do for you in your business, man? It would mean I would change it would make it so easy and make it wonderful. It was, yeah, I would just really helped me find the best photographers and just kind of streamline the process of, you know, providing imagery tio abroad and curious audience that air reading, mind the magazine and how about in productivity? Do you think it would change anything with productivity? I think so, especially if we got photographers who were personable and easy to work with and enthusiastic for sure that is so fantastic. Way have more questions I think I cover the out of anyone here had questions for either. Thanks, teo. Teo images that you're looking for ivan I weigh have some stock needs, but we also do assignment based we have assignment based need so you know, if I know of a photographer that's a good fit, you know, call them up for the shoot that we have let's say in france about farm stands or something like that they always love, you know, more food and culture and travel sort of shot so what's holding you back from really doing what you think would be helpful to find the right photographer. Hmm what's holding me back. You know, I think maybe I just haven't really heaved enough weight. Can I refer somebody? Tio? Okay, great. So thank you, ivan frances know, rebecca, how was that for you to be an ivan shoes? It was good. I mean, it was challenging, I guess, mainly for just sort of being on the side of course, having their planned it really we're using your intuition comes in you're just yeah but and I'm just sort of going off like what I imagine of course out my perfect customer toe to be experiencing and the frustrations and, um, I think it was good, though just tio really understand the process that they go through great, I haven't really done that sort of always just spend, like from my end of things. How do exactly how do I reach these photo editors? So, it's interesting to think about being in their shoes, right? How would they want to receive it? What would be most helpful to them? So you being in their shoes really helps you to think about how you could be most effective when you reach out to them. Yeah. Really cool. Well, thank you, guys, thank you. Way. Check in with chat and kind of see how that's going there and then we might dio maybe another round of role play here. I thought, well, here was one observation or actually, it was a comment about somebody who is doing this last work themselves from grand do says her name is adriana from venezuela and it was about the customer portrait collage had been so eye opening, it's an incredible from the amount of information that I uncovered, the imaginative stories and personalities and situations so crazy, so I think people were just really engaged in watching we have mary m c d who's giving a suggestion if you are innovative interviewing your imaginary ideal client customer on your own you can write your questions with your right hand and write your answer with your left hand created awesome a lot of people just kind of expressing who their ideal customer would it be helpful to give voice to some of those are absolutely okay let's see we have ah let's say we go back my my clients my biggest frustration is that I don't know what else to d'oh I'm just talking about my son has autism and we've tried everything but his exact anxiety has gotten so bad and I'm just so tired so I think this is someone who's expressing her frustration with that in terms of her business, I have heard that yoga therapy helps children with autism and instruction, anxiety and that's from impotence I think that's something they're just sharing a lot of personal stuff on the chat I've got one from kim p d x who says it's fantastic to see how doing the steps of this process what we're doing right now brings up so much deep insight seeing in an action right makes it easier to takes this steps myself ninety so that's that's what this here fantastic well maybe what we could do is continue on and get some more examples appears so we can do that so we can do kathy and kathy would do that hearts against your e not it hi hi how are you? Thank you. Thank you great. Um what is your name is off I need this job susie is easy nice to meet you and what are you look thanks for being in your yeah let's see that at the time you're like a reporter you're busy tickly asking susie questions about her life and what her challenges are so you can get to know this perfect customer I'm sorry my name is amanda hey wait central to pretend that I'm your I was going toe you're asking questions your reporter asking amanda questions about herself in yourself okay whatever frustrations are so that kathy can get an understanding of being her perfect customer ok so am I supposed to pretend I'm kathy asking questions let me have it just watching video ok so amanda tell me a little bit bit about yourself I'm I just graduated in creative arts I sweat toe art school and uh I am going to get married so congratulations when it's not happening oh, nothing of the year and tell me more about the planning how's the planning going it's really stressful yeah I don't might might might feel tonight corey we don't have a lot of money but we wanted to be special you know cause we just like to have like tio go hiking and we like to snowboard and you know I'm really into art so I kind of want you know, we both want something something that says who we are you know special just for us so you really want your personality to shine through both of your shared interests so where are you getting married or how how you thinking about working that person is a shockey saying we're getting married and hood river a small town right? And we're gonna have a church wedding and actually have to wendy's wait have a church wedding because my grandmother wants to st mary the church would have garden wanting because that's what I would like to do and so we have like two like so wedding one day and the reception the next at my my mother loss friend's garden okay, so you know the planning one wedding is what's the biggest challenge everything to decorating right now food um the logistics of getting family and uh one night for one thing and then again you repeat the process next day it's a little my mother in law is amazing though potential weather mock is amazing she's doing all the planning for us and she's helping yeah have you so how it's a couple questions this is interesting so all right, so how you're going to transfer so it sounds like you two very different venue you how does that work in terms of decorations hears what I'm thinking I wanted to put the flowers on the church pews kind of decorate those but we're gonna have a short reception after that right after after the wedding and I want to move those flowers onto that table so I don't have to have to you know spend twice the money for my father's so we're just going to transition those onto the tables okay yeah and then the next day I was thinking for the three other reading through already we're gonna have uh maybe some taller bases and things already set on the tables but we want to take the ones from the day before the ones we use for the wedding and the reception to move them over and just kind of interspersed them on the tables as well so we thought we'd try to save some money and still kind of by that continuity between its location right and so what would help you with transferring? I don't really ask a friend or to you know, just there really easy to move from one to the next I'm hoping and yeah ok and in terms of decor like will be the same it'll look the same from church wedding yeah right so ok and so question for amanda with their research you've done so far in terms of decorations what has appealed to you what hasn't you know I really like what anthropology is is kind offering kind of that finn change, but yet modern twist and so I'm hoping to get some I know I like gray and pink in brown and greet our greenham pink maybe I but I don't know, maybe I'll do an elegant, you know, silver gray with some pinks kind of working on my color schemes, okay, yeah is confusing. I know it's a lot. T o decipher when you're planning a wedding like that. I mean, are you are you needing help to make that decision? I am my mother in law to be house helps me a lot, though, and she had some suggestions on how to kind of get the flowers from the church to the reception, and then we use them and kind of interspersed. So and where you finding where she finding the information from issue looking online and so are gas. She was researching a lot of wedding blocks. Okay, still me pretty comes to mind. One of us should mention, and she's found a lot of images that she's been e mailing me and sharing with me so I could get a good feel for like colors and what flowers will be in season. I find that really helpful. Kathy wedding logs e wants a great wedding. Be that's not good, right? Yeah, I get a lot of information it sounds like your mother in law's really healthy and you're fun and marrying down your selections based on the wedding blog's and sounds like a really good sense of your needs in terms of transport ability and you have the colors and things that you know is there anything else that would help you and well if I could find something that would hold the fresh flowers on the pews so I could you know and make him ahead to would be helpful because I'm going to have we might die away our flowers we might have a florist in town lucy do him what kind of legally with lucy because I know I have enough on my plate already and she's used the's basis before they go on the piers I'm kind of looking that those and they seem I could be really affordable really cute wait goto probably got a gay for kathy you just click what were your takeaways kathy from being in the shoes uh you know, I know I know wedding blog's air good source and I have probably lost touch a little bit with them lightly because I've been so busy working on new trends this new product of a larger size I'm bringing out yeah ok so come circling back with wedding block okay thank you got going on in the chat so let's connect back over there and see what's going on or what questions what do you got for us, it's? Interesting because I think we people are starting to engage with each other yeah way kind of suggested big so that they could ask each other some of these yeah, these questions so we're asking for critiques on their sites great eso so yeah so I just wanted tio let people know that in the neck remind people that in the next section as we move on that that we're going to go to the getting the word out plan that's that is another free download when you enroll with the class so when I encourage everybody to go and make sure you're enrolled on the course page and get that ready by downloading thie getting the word out and for the people at home and also the studio audience what I loved about the role play is it actually sets you up for a sales conversation exactly so what it was is, you know, talking to your ideal client role playing on dh really the client potential client asking the questions oh, and, you know, a prospect could ask, and so you're ready to answer those questions so that's part of the sales conversation that's so important when you're building your business exactly and we'll just spend a few moments here kind of talking about that whole I love that you're saying, you know, the sales conversation and we have talked yesterday about the passion and purpose proclamation so this is just going to be another quick exercise teo kind of give a different slant to the elevator pitch right and so when we think of elevator pitch it's kind of like this you're stuck in an elevator with someone and you're like talking at them like this is my business it's like the person who's shoving business cards in your face right? And so we like to think of it as having a meaningful dialogue you know with your perfect customer so kind of in a sense of what we're doing with the role play and things are just some things to be thinking about you might just want to jot some of these things down so what you do how you help people what problem you saw what your products and services who you're perfect customers are and what makes you unique so it's kind of a nice summary for what we've been covering a lot of today a little bit of yesterday s so it's just another place to write those thoughts down but when you're having these kind of conversations with your perfect customers you might be kind of out and about and just happened to talk with you know the cashier at the grocery store and get into conversation so some of it might be asking them you're kind of playing the reporter and asking them some questions like oh you know what are some of the things that you're struggling with something like that if they happen to be a possible perfect customer, or if you were at a networking event, something like that. But here is some of the things that you probably would want to be able to talk about in terms of what you do, how you help people, who you're perfect customers are and things like that. But it's reminding me of I think this is yesterday in the chat where you're describing somebody who said, like, I think I was with the passion, purpose proclamation where somebody was talking about how they help people and inspire people, and then they said, I'm a graphic designer, right? But it's, like they didn't lead with I'm a graphic designer, they talked about how they help people, so again, that kind of helps with instead of the pitch, having a dialogue by the dialogue you're actually speaking to, you know, how you're helping people, and this is really more being in question mode, right, and being inquisitive, but these are kind of the messages that you want to be communicating while you're having that type of conversation that makes sense, anyone have something they just want to practice saying out loud here doesn't need to be perfect at all, but it's just a nice place to practice it here speaking out loud. E do you have a question from online? Maybe while you guys are driving years so a couple people including isabel maria said when violeta what if my ideal customer is new to me how do I connect? And so as they're thinking about even pitching this it's one thing if you've been doing this for a while you know who your customer is but how do you connect with somebody when they're when you're not even sure you're not even sure I think it's just practicing talking about it wherever you are and then you will start finding them or you'll talk to people who know like oh, you know if nathan was talking about struck san person like, oh, I know exactly somebody for you so the more that you're practicing talking about how you help people what you do the more that's going to become clear to you like the practicing of saying it is incredible it's like oh like oh it's that I find that I keep saying such and such like that must be just like what kathy is like this whole I forget the crazies but the awesomeness what's the phrase that you keep saying embodying your awesomeness right and the fact of you like this second or third time you said it here you're like oh yes but it didn't happen that like oh yes didn't happen until you said it multiple times right? So that helps I think it's helpful also because every target audience or client potential client has a has a problem and you saw that all his business owners and what results happen after your yeah after yourselves that you win when you help women embody their awesomeness and then what happens when they feel free and they're jumping through life and they're totally feel young and youthful so the result because everyone wants the result exactly yeah with a brain pitch okay yeah let's hear anything okay, so um I guess I'd start out by saying I don't know if you feel we should introduce ourselves is like what our title would be what I say I'm founder ceo or what I just talk straight about the business let's just see what what you feel like doing try it out and we'll see how it lands okay got that I started a website called divorce cafe dot com it's like a facebook for people who are dealing with the challenges of divorce divorce cafe offers an inviting media rich space to explore resource is share experiences and reclaim yourself what makes it unique is that there's never been a central site that offers all the resource is and connectivity between users like this that's what I've got yeah it sounds pretty cool it's cool to see it evolving and like you were able to describe it in an even more concise way just now yeah yeah it's amazing how it just kind of grows your ideas grow and solidify and get clear just through this work process. Yeah, crystallizing amazing on dso that question about should you start with the title? I think the way you just started was really compelling, and I don't know if you need to say that because it kind of creates a barrier in a way of like I'm the ceo of this thing. I prefer that yeah or not, I don't necessarily have to be in front of it unless we decide somewhere that that serves the purpose, but yeah, I don't want any of that self important ceo stuff, but then don't include I don't even have an mba noone else from the studio audience would want to practice saying there today, okay, so maybe I'm not ready, so I'm teaching courses on howto I have to embody your awesomeness, and I'm the best selling author of corporate ho no mo. Are you nine to five million? Or are you thriving, it's? Helping people transition from corporate lives, too creative lives even if they still stay in their corporate job, son. Thank you, there's. Something over here? Yeah, we have a question from aiyana charlotte should we tailor different versions of the pitch based on the different kinds of clients yeah that's such a great question I think yeah, it would make sense so that you are talking directly to the person you're wanting to help and how you would meet their needs and what results they would get yeah you don't want to be speaking their language yes yes so that might mean you have if you have the different perfect customer portrait you might if you're practicing this at home you could bring that up and like pretend to be talking to that perfect customer so if you have multiple collages that you've done you might be having a different conversation if you think of it this way if you have different target audiences they have different problems you have to offer different solutions and and so there's because we're in a world where we have different online businesses sometimes we have ninety five's and five two nines you want to make sure that you have uh you know that you have a pitch that is specific to the audience that you're targeting russia? Absolutely. So write a question from violeta who says what should I do if my perfect client doesn't match my current social media public? So I think maybe persona maybe persona who say that one again, what should I do if my perfect client doesn't match my current social media public. And I'm not sure exactly where violet is joining us from, but maybe it's. Either persona or the people that are in for her audience is your audience. If her perfect customer isn't being represented in her current social media audience than it's, a matter of finding where those people are, and finding ways to connect with them and build that following from your right perfect customer. So it might mean this is kind of heading into our next part, which is great. We're almost ready to go there in terms of getting the word out plan and how you would find them and what steps you need to take.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!