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What is Your Big Vision? Visualization Exercise

You guys kind of see some these fun things on the wall you'll see there's this left brain she'll tell over here so you might start to feel like oh my space too know the details of this or how much money do I need and I'm hearing some of that come up in the chat right? So make sure to take your left brain chill pill for calming the judging mind take with two deep breaths so if we ever need to invoke for left brain chilled girls just let me know other up here grab them and I think you guys know like when it's happening it's like the whole all those questions like what I need to research first this isn't making sense left brain chill pill because we're inviting in the right brain to take the lead here and we're going to open that up by doing our next exercise so if you start to feel like coming in left brain chill pills okay, you could do that by just taking two deep breaths all right? So we're going to head into the big vision big vision collage and this is really the foundation for the ...

right brain business plan and basically the big vision helps you know, the foundation for your business where you wanted to take your business um and it's going to be what inspires you right moving forward and so to get here what we're going to do is go through a guided visualization okay? And so some of you may have done it before and that's totally fine you know, for those of you watching at home each time that I do this and even people who've done it before new insights come you might be kind of similar themes you might have something totally different everything is ok remember we said there's no right or wrong way okay, um some people have really vivid detail that comes up in their imagination of you know, as I'm going he threw other people just have inklings or feelings that's okay, whatever comes up for you totally fine I'll be kind of reading through this meditation and so your job is just relax, see what comes up and then you'll have time to kind of journal at the end. Okay, so I'm going to be asking questions in this visualization it's more for you to be internal having your own experience and for those of you at home, I know you might be tempted to be on chat or like multitasking, doing different things to get the most out of this particular exercise I would love you to also you know stop what you doing close your eyes and follow along with okay, the chat might be a little quiet during this time that's probably a good thing because that means you are quieting the chatter right and tapping into the intuition so it's really creating that quiet space or less of insight starts to bubble up ok, so for those of you at home if you can do me a favor and take the hands off the keyboard just for this piece that would be great and make sure you don't have any distractions and all that stuff all right? So I'm gonna guide you through this this might this might be for you know a little bit um because we really want it and fight in this space for the imagination and the intuition right to remember whatever comes up is just fine so go ahead and find a nice comfortable position you can lie down if you like and sit comfortably in your chair and let your eyes close no one else can see you you're totally fine allow yourself to take some gentle deep breaths in and out with each inhale breathing creativity and vitality with each exhale let go of any tension or worry again breathing deeply good and breathe out completely as you connect with your breath start to notice what sensations you feel in your body you might become aware of your belly rising and falling with each breath just relax your entire body allowing yourself to be fully supported by the ground or seat beneath you he might start to feel a tingling sensation in your fingers and toes allow that tingling sensation to begin radiating throughout your entire body through every muscle as it melts away any attention or worry let the tingling sensation radiate a pure torso and up your back your neck and up to the crown of your head let it run down your shoulders and arms and out the tips of your fingers allowing you to relax even more then let the tingling radiate down your pelvis lakes and feet to the tips of your toes as you let these soothing sensations radiate through each and every cell of your body you become more and more peaceful and calm now that you feel completely relaxed allow yourself to imagine that it is sometime in the future a year from now two years five years it's really up to you this is your opportunity to experience the success and abundance of your business in the future to start this journey allow yourself to picture where you do your work see the space where you turned your dreams into reality were you pursue your passions were you make a difference notice what is around you look around and taken what this environment is like is it large and expansive or small and intimate? What are the colors? Textures and smells of this place what's the energy like is it exciting and thrilling? Is it serene and grounding or perhaps inspirational and uplifting take in the details what are the materials in this space what do you surround yourself with now go to a specific spot in this workspace perhaps it's a table in a chair, a counter a spot on a stage or in front of an easel or at a seat at a desk or buy a computer maybe it's outside in the open air in the expansive nature visualize wherever it is that you can truly engage with your work allow yourself to take in the essence of this specific spot what does it tell you about your business and how you run it now take a look around you do you work alone or are there other people with you perhaps coworkers, customers, friends, family partners? Who are they? What are they doing what's their energy like what do they say about working with you and what impact do you have on them now allow yourself to connect with what brings you the most joined fulfillment in your work in the future. What is it that you truly enjoy about your business? What values are you honoring in your work? How are they a reflection of what your company is known for and the legacy you're leaving? Allow yourself to imagine that your business is wildly successful and overflowing with abundance you are earning money easily and effortlessly doing what you love you can even picture people happily paying you again and again and again for your work what do you notice about wealth and abundance in your business in the future? What do you enjoy spending your earnings on? In addition to your financial success, you have achieved your goals and dreams. What successes and milestones have you celebrated? What awards air recognition? Have he received what's new or different in your business? What new products or services are you offering? How have you grown, expanded or evolved? Really? Allow yourself to take in the full experience of living and breathing your work in the future know that it is a reflection of who you are a representation of your values, voice and vision. Feel free to take another look around this special place where you do your work. What else do you notice? Just let your senses drink in the sights, sounds and smells of this place. What special details do you want to make? Sure you remember before you get ready to come back to the present time, do what you need to do in order to say goodbye to this wonderful your place of work and know that you can come back and visit anytime you wish. In a few moments, we'll count back from three to one at the count of one you will be awakened renewed, knowing you can remember everything you need of your future vision three coming back now becoming more awake and alive two wiggling your fingers and toes feeling the ground beneath you the temperature on your skin and one eyes open feeling awaken renewed so go ahead and no quietly just get out your journal and take some notes about what came up for you. I'm here some clips waken maybe go to the next slide um some notes for what? To focus on that for those of you at home, if you can take some time to just journal so you probably had some rich information come up for you and just jot down things that you want to remember things that stood out for you and here's some prompts if you are more like the fill in the blank and kind of that lives, you can use this as a structure or just free form, whatever came up for you in that visualization we'll just take a few minutes here remember it doesn't need to make sense it could just be words or emotions in complete sentences no one spell checking we'll just take maybe two more minutes brain dump can we maybe, maybe for the folks at home talk through again what some of these? Absolutely yeah, for a little bit more instruction so based on what came up for you in the visualization, you can journal things like, you know what you were proud of, you know, when you thought about what you've accomplished year out two years out five years out what do you proud of and then what it feels you know, it feels amazing, satisfying, exciting no, it feels blank to have accomplished whatever it is that we've accomplished um I'm honoring my values which are and then maybe listing them out you might not know all of them but just, you know, getting those thoughts on paper um and you know, maybe if you have a sense of what what sets you apart by showing up authentically in your business, how did you set yourself apart so really there's no hard and fast way to do this these are just some prompts. Mostly this is just to help you get the visualization syrians onto papers that you have something to help you remember it and then we'll kind of continue to flush that out in the next piece. Yeah, so jin just a note again if people say mr want to go back and find that reflection again other than purchasing the courses it also in your book did you did it was a line somewhere else? Yes, so it is in the book, but it is hard to read and visualize at the same time yes, so do you have an mp three version of that? And when they signed up for the excerpt of the book they'll get that two great okay and a link to the excerpts of the book I believe is on our block post or on the exam, please page exactly out of the two, I know, you know, if you might be distracted or you didn't get all of it, you can always come back to that, and it is something to kind of come back. Tio absolutely every once in a while, when you want to be re inspired, like is that you may have something to you may keep saying the same thing again and again you're like, all right, I better get on that. Your voice is incredibly calming. Well, thank you. Great. So I'd love to hear from a few of you guys know what came up for you in your visualization, and then we'll check in on chat. So for those of you in chad, if you want to start writing out, you know, some highlights of what came out for you that be great, and we'll check in with you in a bit. Kathy j looks excited than anything. We're back over here, so, uh, well, I reflected to see done some experiments is here throwing fifty parties, which is like the next coffee question of greatness, and it was they were really fun, but they never thought about that I don't know that's where my headline I was like crafty parties actually had so much fun and there's like you're surrounded by lots of people creating and being inspired and that's what came up and who were the people here with you in the crafty parties? Well my sister was one of my neighbor was the other person like helping me kind of part of the day creative cohort yeah um and then it was just it was a mix of like adults with like indy crafts and then it was a mix of kids to with theme parties having like, the food taking care of and all that like, which is people lots of laughter and fun cool yeah. Any surprises? Yeah, I was surprised that I let myself go there yeah, because I was like oh, that it was right there I don't know it was something that I had done this year that was really fun and I guess that was the surprise because it may left brain has been trying to be like now the next step is the end yeah, I think that was the biggest surprise cool so it's like something you've done you can kind of continue to do that or do it more and it's really fun really fun so that was the thing I was waiting for oh hey nice you write that down right? You underscore time teo yeah, I love that you know it's like a record player, not rocket science creating that space to allow the brain to quiet down and then noticing like, oh, this keeps popping up for me and paying attention and going hey, that actually is valuable, you know? So thank you for sharing that, rebecca so one word I wrote down was exhilarating on and I was kind of laughing to myself because, you know, you were reading this visualization and as supposed to be very calming, but you're talking about like, imagining your business, you know, two or five years on the crowd like I was just feeling so excited and exhilarated and so, like internally I was kind of jumping up and down, you know, imagine in my business that successful states come but it's fine, well, you were having run that and you're having your experience was there any particular place in your body where you felt this exhilaration kind everywhere? Hee hee hee anyone else here want it? Share some highlights of what came up? I just, uh I pictured the workspace that was pretty important to me because I've been working as an independent contractor for a long time state my workplace is shifted and the home office has been primary and so I pictured on open workspace of high city energy I like a lot open windows working together, collaborating with a lot of people open workspace is no cubicles allowed a yoga room and on the floor um and uh separate loft space for my desk and really good grounded energy a lot of people feeling like they're making a difference doing good work cool sounds very concrete yeah really that's right there and, you know, even if like for tomorrow for that to happen that would be a lot that we need to happen but it's like you're still holding this big vision and so it's like it can continue to be like that guide post and the metaphor for as you're growing so so cool that you have this really clear sense of like, I can't even imagine I can't imagine you there and I can feel what it feels like um you being in this office of these other people it's a great touch stone? Yeah, cool I'm curious if anyone here had challenges like nothing came up or like my kind of surprised yes, I was trying to imagine myself in my own house one spaces that would look like and how I might have to paint to our open some walls or cruz base that's just mine because I worked all dining room and it can it conflicts with dinner, right? But not so kind of tried to work within my limitations, so to speak and I guess that was my but you know I think if it's summer you go outside you know party and I imagine too creative people like like you to cafe with surrounding but yeah drained it they expanded outside of chided remodel my spaces great let's check in online and see you know we have a lot of visualizations coming in online square root photography says I could see a home office layout at all and I could see a teenage girl who doesn't think she's pretty at realizing how beautiful she truly is when she sees the senior portrait seiken crew create for her I thought that was very beautiful okay beautiful I have booth photographic says my vision was so relational and down to earth it wasn't about the money it was all about the people that's important to know right yeah we have so many we have another one here uh let's see I really understand how I will be completely grounded in reality all this energy to serve comes from me being truly committed to this vision and my desire casey focus on action that matches my intention this energy flows up through me and into my heart yea and that's indigo awesome getting little chills there me teo way have crystal from maryland says I see myself in my store which is a bakery with my studio off to the side positive interactions with customers taste is everything financial and creative independence and I have gundy bride she said I was a and she said I was in complete peace the surrounding area was serene peaceful inspiring and I do not have kids yet that my kids were there that's very cool we can keep going or theory these all day long do one more okay one more um oh this is cool from layla who says she has done this four or five times this layla connie perhaps let us know connie I've done this for five times and I keep seeing the same space so that's cool yes outdoor deck warm would warm sun vast expanse of mountains and water with my laptop my pen in my paper creating writing writing to change the world and make it a better place so expansive inspirational peaceful and authentic yes so cool it's interesting to see when you get the themes coming back and really paying attention to that and honoring it right just yeah yeah right when you recommended that people do this over and over yeah exactly and you know the part about the physical space you know it can be that metaphor like when I've done this and I I had envisioned you know having a creative space where people could come and do workshops and at the time I was sharing an office with my husband downstairs kind of in in the man cave truly some of you who have been following me and maybe it seems me show pictures of it on the video senate will know it I don't know what I was doing in his basement, you know really cluttered and such and that's actually where I wrote my book from the small space and I had done a collage about kind of this creative studio and that summer I decided I can't deal with working here this is not who I am and so I finally like change the guestroom into my creative space in my office originally in my thought I thought I'm gonna have this big studio and people are going to come and actually it was me claiming my own creativity and that I needed space and now I have you know, the space in the house to do that work and I didn't realize it doesn't need to be a studio and it also manifested in hey, I got this really cool studio that greater wife for me here and people can come so know that you don't need to have it be a literal manifestation of what came out for you in this it's kind of touching in on the essence of what you're wanting to create yeah, well, I think what's interesting I appreciate people like c j c j k who are also sharing that that was challenging yeah saying I was totally challenge I just kept thinking, I don't know yet I can't see it yeah and that's. Okay, right. And sometimes that happens. And that's when we take left brain chill pill it's okay, part of it is just continuing to allow space, right? Um, and when we go into the big vision of collage sometimes it's great, when we go into the closet, you don't need to necessarily even collage exactly what came out free in the visualization. This is another access point into the right brains. You're going to just let the images and words speak to you and clarity or inklings of clarity or the direction of clarity may come from that exercise. Okay, for other people who may be not as visual. Another way to go about this kind of accessing what the vision is for your future is just to do some creative writing. You know, right? Eleven letter to yourself in the future, right? A magazine article like in your favorite magazine written about you, you know, so maybe it's published a year from now, two years from now, talking about what you've accomplished so there's different ways of accessing that same kind of visioning and creativity. So find the medium that works for you. If this didn't quite unlock that for you.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!