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Changing Perspectives

Sometimes, like, I know that during this, some of us kind of got like, oh, my gosh, was that me and I got a little complicated or be feeling stuck, right? So sometimes having a different perspective can help change things, okay? And so sometimes the universe has messages for us that help us see things in a whole new way. Ok, so for those of you in studio there's, actually a message from the universe for you underneath your chair, you can take a peek here, and for those of you online, we didn't have magical elves that go to each of your chairs to do this. So there is a cure all that we're going to share from flicker so that you can have this experience yourself virtually defined a random image. So I'm hearing like some action happening here. So what's your reaction to this image? What did you get? France's? Well, I got a strawberry shortcake with raw, organic, local honey, and I'm pretty sure that my friends helped me realize this means of fundin ts and indulgence, sweetness and sweetne...

ss, julie, luxury of life, the good things that air there needs to be enjoyed and celebrated. So that's just off the top of my head and sure he could to on it some more yeah and so it's like if you're feeling stuck about something maybe in the planning and then you need a new perspective looking at an image and now if you start looking at planning from this yummy abundant place, what shifts for you and you know you might even ask yourself that what might she do differently? Ok make a note yeah what did you get looks like they're building a house, huh? And that to me kind of signifies really setting a strong foundation for your business nice and then working from they're not worrying about maybe the shutters before you put in the country yeah that's a great change exactly who all says that image that they yeah I'm so this little boy walking down a pair of train tracks and I think this signifies that this process is earth a growing process you start small you could get bigger it's a journey and sometimes you may get derailed but you know please get back on track I just wanted to invite everyone at home tio do the same and so we're suggesting that you just go to flicker dot com slash galleries and find a random midget rein them there will be one that shows up and then when you go there you go there they will be in it for you yes, there should be if they haven't changed the way the page works and we love to hear reactions and insights when they do you see that sorts I'm here from the other folks in studio great what did you get katherine and making you bust up either solis what I mean this song is rothe challenges nearly a rocker nearly house is a rockin you rock courts my two what's more helpful teo I know solid the song foundation solid foundation is really not a solid foundation e o positive hee hee I don't know pretty soon they're just messing with me that was my first thought aaron um but I think what this is is getting back on the horse and writing like getting back on the horse ok? Because they used to be like really I had a much like faster lifestyle and the night went into intuitive land and I feel like I'm going back into faster lifestyle so getting back out or maybe locking myself in and writing things well anything that you will do differently now that you have this perspective of getting back on the horse and writing um yeah, I think I'll just keep moving forward already getting up let's go they're back so this is what the universe showed me and just recently I've renamed the media company my media company find your edge and it's a phrase that I hear a lot in yoga classes on and I really like that phrase I really like it symbolizes and I think in a lot of ways all of us here are finding our edge by coming here and taking an idea and working on it you know following a dream so this feels very act totally and I rather the university giving me a check for a million dollars but also way everybody gets a million dollars but no this is uh yeah it's to me it's very it's very symbolic you know going and taking a risk totally and just like he shared I think on the first day of coming here and taking the risk of showing up in participating and participating sinfully so really cool it's meant to last it's meant you there you go that's resonating okay, so like along the airlines I know everything is um temporary like you know, every moment is temper so you know even in tough times they pad in temporary but the good times two exactly level of the journey is sometimes very helpful so I'm looking at mine and for me this is our mind toe let go and have fun and to just enjoy and share you know, it's kind of like sharing the gifts and so I feel like we've been able to do that during these three days so I would love to check in on chad and hear about some of the images they've seen and insights well can we even show what can you explain mine I can't unsee this is women's legs ok see you at the chat we have people of mine was mined with swiss cheese lots of open holes huh openings that maybe open the worth we also have someone that says I got fireworks teo here like what that having the image what did you get from that? What was your take away? What new perspective has so so kim pbx says dancers it's a reminder to for me to go with the flow from my intuition move and dance with it and find enjoyment in my process as I go beautiful beautiful and these air you know if it really resonates with you you can add it to your big vision collage you know or just posted on your wall is a reminder really great visuals that's true they're more to share from online susie says I got a hand holding a double raspberry ice cream cone which says abundance taking time to savor the moment beautiful great we have a singing teacher that says mine was a phone off the hook so that means I should answer the call really koto studio says I'm a videographer and I randomly got a camera and a travel bag well nice so perhaps that means for more work, more jobs yeah well some folks are saying where was it that they're going to have to they printed it out so that they could explore it more nice yeah sometimes just like what kathy? It was kind of going through a journey there like how what meaning does this have? Sometimes it doesn't and it's ok way to go we have someone who she said, wondering wondering if getting a church means I should follow my intuition be more, spill spiritually or be a nun great so this could be a great thing to do a great practice if you're feeling stuck during the whole right brain business planning process or just in your life you need a creative boost you can go to that page on flicker and see a random image or even just you know, foot through a magazine and find a random page and see what that image has to say to you in terms of new ways to look at your situation. So thanks for playing along with that it's very fun so with that we wait, I actually want to move on to seeing are having tim come over and share some recaps so I'm going to come on over here and actually do you guys here? Maybe I want to bring back your big vision collages and open those up and are there any more questions or things that need clarification? Maybe that we didn't get to well crystal had one says how to not get lost in a mine mathis was back during mind that right? It could be taken in the same thing could be taken for the calendar floor exactly how to not get lost you khun time bound it again thanks to the first going back to the first day of setting a timer and letting yourself do that for you know, twenty minutes and however before you get is great and then start putting things on the calendar okay? She answering questions down here so uh let's see, we have one from paula could you give some advice on how the deal positively and proactively when we can't achieve our smart rules for whatever external reasons I think to kind of ease the pressure off of yourself? That's you know why we set a date but it's there is a target date and it can change it's okay, so I think it's more of that give yourself some compassion and permission. Uh, you know it's great to hold yourself to a goal in the target date and yeah, sometimes things happen, sometimes you get sick, sometimes something happens in your family. You can't control these external forces, so give yourself some compassion if it's because you need more support, make sure that you're asking and reaching out for help because sometimes the things don't get done you're trying to bear the burden yourself so what can you do to lighten your load and get help? Right? And I have a question we earlier in the day we were talking about limiting beliefs about mullah yes started the day a lot of times people talk about how they either have money or they have time, but they don't have both. And so the question is from mellie do have tips for overcoming limiting beliefs about time for example there's not enough time I should be doing something else right? I think it's kind of that same process we went through this morning and finding ways to reframe it for yourself that feel good and empowering there's a great book by marnie macro dhaka's and please don't ask me a spell her last name but if you go to our tell a land dot com, I believe is her website and that's one of her books creating time and if you like this right brain approach for business planning, she's got this whole creative visual approach for time management and creating new perspectives around times actually be one of the speakers at my video summit, so if you want to learn about, you know different ways of looking at time, that will be one of the things she'll talk about but giving yourself permission tio think more empowering thoughts around time and that you get to define time in your own way we had a question from earlier we were talking about mentors and shane a had a question does a mentor mean you have to pay money? I think that's a great question I think it can be confusing I know in the business world when I was in corporate you know, we always had mentors and that was like a non paid kind of thing I actually pay for my mentors because I'm valuing their time, their expertise, their history and you know, they're sharing so much information with me so I enjoy investing in a mentor and I think that adds value but there are other situations like what nathan was talking about with mentors for startups I know there are organizations were like retired ceos like going donate their time and that's not paid so I think they're different options I'm kind of a fan of paying for it because then you've got some skin in the game because you know obsessed, right? All right, so I have a question from ion a charlotte who says the question what if you know what your vision is and what you're supposed to dio but you only have a neutral passion for it like can that actually even exists? I know neutral passion and not get you're right, it is what if you know your vision, what you know your vision is but you know what you're supposed to do but you seem to only have a neutral passion for it. Maybe that's not the right. Feels like that's, not third edition soul searching. Well, yeah, a little bit of soul searching. Give yourself some space for that, but looks like, well, like already here. Almost just wow. Okay, so we're getting ready here for the big unveil of tim corey's graphic recording of our final day together and are right. Rain has one workshop, and boy, have we covered a lot of ground and content. So do you, like tio? Kind of work us through this visual feast? We've been we've been doing a lot of work today, it's. Obvious that's one really nice thing about visuals is they help us see how much we've accomplished all the hard work we started today with the idea of of limiting beliefs and affirming beliefs, and how it's important to let go of wanting to embrace the other and, you know, living in taking action and loving relationships with abundance here at the key of this kind of this map. So when we, like, go the limiting beliefs and we embrace the affirming, we position ourselves to look to the future and with that, and get more clarity around the goals, and as I said earlier in the day, it's really the belief making belief your friend your companion because it takes thank you what's the kind of growth that's happening there s so new growth comes from you know, naming the experience it's in reaching out for abundance and let it go those limiting beliefs and not to obsess is that obsesses is a form of fear that keeps us really from being who we are and creating what we want in the world and being rewarded for service was an example I think that was shared these air things that these air conditions that help and there are many other things here that help us uh let go and to really embrace uh what affirms us and just knowing that it's important to take action even if it's one belief is to take action with it to move it forward because what I was told this that dream without action is a hallucination way said something slightly was heard on the bus that's the quote they wait for a moment and then the blue mom continues and we talked a little bit about learnings about mullah out and mullahs in and really tried to find balance with those and I'm struck by you know you need to work on your business as much as you you know, work out with your clients and sometimes we neglect one or the other and so being mindful of kind of the energy out and the energy and finding the right balance and it would be different for each one of us make the importance of networking imagery wise I put people together again it's reinforcing this importance of relationship and jennifer talks a lot about that that relationships really key. Then we moved into some talk about some of the methods you know at the active and passive forms of movie making. We also spent some time looking at pricing the art and science and the importance of goals and what I heard was he lives it it already happened so really stating an affirmative that that it's already happened in the world you've already made it and that's the really the first step to making move making it move forward you know this thing online camarda community we heard some great things from the online community it's a really important game cause here and just say like I love how tim has brought in so a lot of this was from what was here in the room but he spent some time at the break collecting some of the chat conversations so that you folks online are part of our visual map here what's happened throughout today so like we're saying it is co created so here's some of the messages that we heard from you guys online so the online community be yourself used the process and then work backwards and jennifer shared a great deal of that in our last segment um I sell bliss by the slice it was a little quote that somebody go big or go home uh this idea of infinite happiness that it's possible for each one of us if we live we live our passion we live the idea that we want to create in the world well, there are a few things someone online ah ha's where you know, I've made more maurine stickies maurine stickies than out stickies so great I'm making a concrete progress is what somebody said and then we proceeded to talk about building your team and I feel like I've been pretending to be in the business uh but this is the real thing that that was an online quote way heard about the helping hands wish list and the importance of building creative cohorts again importance of asking for help and just naming, you know, who's on my team and being very intentional about that developing some of those natural supports in our lives on also using professional supports when they're needed so this idea of roles and functions and to focus on where I could be the most profitable. So using my energy where I do my best work and then seeking those places where I can get the support of others either through a natural support in your own life or paid service so focus on where I could be the most profitable and some examples were strategy envisioning research and development, production content, development services, sales and marketing and operations to name a few I do and delegate those were some words that came up and then there was a discussion about, you know, how do I find help? And jennifer, you shared with us no, write out a job description and reach out to the trusted networks in our lives ask for referrals before you need to help him think that's a critical piece is trying to anticipate when we need something and then doing the work to make it happen. That support happened, so interview candidates and be willing to say that it isn't working for the sake of what you're creating. So that was a little bit about how you find help, and we spent some time talking about, you know, forming and nurture huddle all you have to do is commit to be their great make that commitment, that willingness to risk let's move on to the action, maybe just highlight three things, because this is something we just went through and it's fresh in our mind. So just some I think, things that popped out for you here with our action piece well, obviously the this mark als and using this mark als, too, to leverage an idea and make it make it real, we talked you talked a little bit about well the right bring booster I know that was a session mix up but you know using it tio shift up the energy so that we can see things differently on it helps us to have a different perspective uh creative tools and you made a few creative tools actually planning to my napping cool. So what do you guys think? Like seeing all this here too what we covered today do you get teo come from all the camera? Yes. Yeah, one of you um yeah, we created this together which is super awesome and it's so cool to see another right brain way of handling information and making it makes sense in the new way um and a great reminder of all that we've covered here. So anything else? Yeah, the internet is going crazy so thank you to be happy everyone online as well who is just blown away they're asking for where they can find out more about you. So maybe we just read that into the record she working people find out more about you. You can find me at khalid bree facilitation dot com how do you spell that? Ceo l I b r I facilitation at by c a l I t a t I o n dot com delivery is hummingbird itt's good luck it's good fortune they're just amazed that you were able to capture all this without a racing there are mistakes which is great, and it's incorporated through its part of it. It's moved on. He didn't let it stop him, which I think is a great lesson.

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Holly Danger

This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!