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Getting the Word Out Plan

So we're going to move on we're going to bring back your clip boards that have that getting the word out play sheet and hopefully have your goals or an out on them and perhaps they might have shifted now that you've got to know your perfect customers a bit better um perhaps they're still the same and that's fine and if you're just joining us believe got the place sheet if you want to fill out the goals on top that's great, but we're going to do next is get more to the tactical part of the marketing plan okay, so this is really filling out the bottom section of that place sheet and so it's looking at the marketing mediums that main message timing resource is needed estimated expenses, but before we dive into that kind of talk through know what I mean by marketing medians and all the different options cause marketing there's so many things that you could do for marketing right, it can be overwhelming about all the choices that we have where do you want to spend your money? So you're goin...

g to want to use marketing mediums that work for you and your perfect customers. So I'm how many of you have, like, what are your favorite kind of marking mediums that you currently use? Kathy blog's blog's yeah, what do you like about using blog's? Well closure closure okay I used my own block to put up tutorials but how do you how to decorate um different variety of things I comment on other blog's if I feel like that was you know I want to say something a call out yeah so I've tried normal advertising in full thorough magazines and that's that's not effective for me e think the blog's would be much better and I've been a little afraid tio but ads on blocks you know, some of the bigger ones I don't know I don't know I'm afraid I think it's just financial will be worth it of it yeah that's one of those things that you might want to start budgeting for when we do that move the map like maybe you'll find that that's the thing you want to invest in and test and see right you know hardy boggs yeah yeah yeah you and also favorite marketing mediums that use yeah france will have my top three that I used the most are my blogged and maybe this letter and I like those because I do really enjoy writing I'm in sharing photography that great line but my most effective is the podcast okay and that drives a lot of traffic and it's really fun because I get to network with other people who were in the same services me or something similar and right collaborate writes that builds a lot of relationship too great cool kathy we're going to say something yeah um I really would I really like in person that working does that count yeah. So yeah what do you love about it? Well, I just love that connection and I love that like it challenges me to keep myself interesting right? Putting myself in interesting places to mass shooting people yeah, okay, great. So I love hearing like the different things that you like and are working and in the book I actually talk about you know, she is the marketing medium that feels good to you, right? So you love the connection? Well, of course the s'mores right connection is really important to you so you're going to want to think of like, what energizes you and so you can do things like if you like to kind of stay at home in your pajamas like me I'm going to choose marketing comedians that allow me to do that so things like my newsletter that I could write from home you know, I do the video summit that idea is a marketing medium, but I get I don't have to leave my house right? I need to still be talking and so it's a little bit more extroverted than the writing, but I still get to be at home and that works for me so kind of thinking of what works for you, you know, if you're kind of that I like to stay at home writing newsletters guess posting on blog's social media those khun b great things writing articles for other blog's or magazines can be something else that kind of thing and if you're like it you know out on the town really like to be out there you might want to do the network in person networking having a booth at a conference or table an event like that public speaking right there's all sorts of ways kind of finding your energy of what works for you so there's taking into account what you enjoy doing what you're good at but also making sure that it's where your perfect customers are going to be right so hopefully there's a sweet spot between those two so based on what you know about your perfect customers and being in their shoes you know are they hanging out if you're if you like writing doing block post you know what kind of blocks are they reading and where can you connect with them there on? So you know, we've talked about these some examples website newsletter social media is speaking under table for sure um so we're going to think about marketing kind of two levels one is kind of at that overall broad what would you do for your business in general and maybe picking some of these things that maybe maybe you're doing already and just need to formalize more right or something new that you want to implement that's going to help take you further so that's kind of overall what you want, what you want to do for your business but there might also be some specific campaigns that you do for a particular launches are programs that you are going to offer right? So there's kind in the next level of detail but for now it's kind of thinking at the broader picture which marketing mediums work for you and what you want to communicate when so the where it says main message that would be you know, is it a special that you're running for ten days? You know, kind of like the discount we're doing on the book right? There's a thirty percent discount until the twenty fifth so that's the message and the timing is the twenty fifth if there are any resource is that you need for that there probably isn't but let's say you're doing a brochure and you need a graphic designer that's going to probably cost some money right? So that's going to lead into managing the move as well how much that might cost any estimated expenses. So for those of you in studio, I see that you've been kind of writing some stuff here we'll check in on chat but for those of you in studio do you have anything filled out here? You still want to work on that don't miss it, fella hope yeah, you can feel on the whole thing and maybe choose maybe three different marketing medians and then not all these columns me relate the timing may actually be an ongoing timing, like weekly or monthly, but just putting it on paper will be helpful. And then alicia, did you have something from great marketing methods coming in on a chat and infinite happiness is I just realized all my marketing mediums are are so far are free longing on my side facebook speaking for free to build my list live contact calling my customers already on my list. And so the good thing is, because of these things here, the the internet, we can really reach anyone for really, really low cost, which is fantastic, so really leverage. Those resource is cool, mama mama said, I get the word out at my local farmer's market well is to me very nice yes love the farmer's market way have easings broadcasting podcasts, let's see book, someone said, writing a book with the better business card to the better business card. Exactly. So everyone having an e book so they're on amazon. So lots of things, lots of ways to market your business and I'm curious if the's air things people are already doing or things that they're now wanting to try and do like a pursuit so if you could maybe say if you've been doing it and it's working so that people can learn funny and like oh if you've been if you've tried the book, how did that work just so you can learn from each other on the chat right? And then it's helpful if you haven't done yet and you want tio by putting it out there than it's a form of accountability so I have a question that was about podcast from francis was thinking about those this is from beauty of the lake in st pete I'm curious about what you speak about on your podcast I'm curious of a podcast would work for me, but I'm sure unsure about the types of topic great yes, it might be helpful to talk through some specific examples of marketing medium. So would you like to share more about your experience with podcasting? We're podcasting there are quite a few skills that you have to learn over time and get your equipment set up and so it's kind of heavy on the front and it's not quite like just picking up a block and starting to write you have tio there's some behind the scenes technical things that you'd have to learn about so you could go to podcast answer man dot com and he has tons of free resources and same with a smart passive income dot com that's pat flynn he also podcast lot, so he has a lot of free resource is, and then they have some groups where you can, like, pay to learn more, which you need to really assess your skills and before you get into it, cause it's pretty intensive first, and as faras topics go, I just talk about things that come up with my clients. At first, I wasn't sure what to talk about to talk to about things that are interesting to me related to health, and that kind of got me started. I have to say, I get really nervous about what I say on podcast like whenever I record just me talking, I almost never published it's just this thing, because I'm like, I can't believe I said that I'm going to re record, so what I do is I actually interview other experts, so I don't have to be the smartest person in the camp. I just I just have to publish it and make it tio someone else gets to be the star of the show and totally happy with that. Yeah, I love that example, tio it's kind of like finding the strategic alliances in a way like, who can you features it's actually kind of a twofer thing because you're helping give them exposure, but you're getting content, and you're actually feeling better in terms of the process and how you're communicating because it's more comfortable for you to be in dialogue rather than a monologue, right? So true, I work better in dialogue that's something I've learned. So talking on a podcast for thirty or forty five minutes without having someone saying something back to you is really weird for me, that's partly why don't yeah, very many of my own where I'm just talking but it's far a strategic alliance and networking, it is such a gift because all of a sudden I'm getting some really popular podcasters or bloggers or experts and other fields that are coming to me. Teo, get exposure and I'm like, hey, yeah, I am so happy I just tell everyone, let me be a resource for you, I will publish this for free, I will do all the work on my and I'm just happy that I get to connect with that were so excited now, yeah, so it's a great networking tool, it certainly is, and it builds relationships and, you know, if you hit it off with someone, perhaps that ends up being collaboration down the road, something like that. So those I'll count, you know, really great, and I love that francis is pointing to looking at what works for her energetically and going with that and you making sure that the perfect customers are listening to podcasts and that's one of the millions that they want to here. So it's kind of marrying those two also other questions about any of the marketing medians. Well, we have some people who are who are sort of giving some feedback about dreaming biggest saying I think collaboration is essential. D c t designs has has I have opposed to my block called tuesday talent, and I love to interview other artists and introduce them to my audience. It also expands my artist community and expands my network. Yeah, idea, really cool and we have someone as well who is talking about francis and thank you for the podcast information what podcasting is definitely a way to go we have a question in the audience asking about what does let's see what does? What does jim think of ads on facebook? What do I think of them? Sometimes I think they're quite annoying, but in terms of do they work is probably the question I'm not a social media expert or facebook expert, but I did have somebody helped me. When I was doing my video summit last year, he put up ads for each speaker that I had in each day, and we did find that. We're like, oh, the conversions pretty cool, it's like I'm glad I did it and it's great, because you can set the budget for it, so you're not like gonna go crazy, and so it was more of a test try it out. I think it was a good way to get some additional exposure, so I'd say if you're curious about it, it's a low investment, I want to just try it out and see see if that works for you, you got to test it, and then we have allyson's eyes photography where some other low are free or low budget marketing ideas e think one really great one is there's. What is it called? Help a reporter out haro you can find out enquiries from magazines or editors, people looking for experts to provide articles or quotes, and so you would then pitch something pitching idea and then possibly get featured or quoted in a magazine or block post that's absolutely free and you get exposure to the readership of magazines or websites and that's pretty cool and to add to that and it also ties in with the podcast to me, that speaks of a deeper value, which is being a resource to your committee exactly well, so you're helping the reporter, but you're getting free publicity and so anyway, that you can say I'll just put myself out there and do this thing for for you guys on dh in exchange I know that I'm getting publicity's too so it's a fair exchange you are adding value and that makes you a very recognizable person in your community that's great and you become known as an expert which could be pretty cool it just kind of being published elevates you and you can even have you know, on your web site as featured in you know well living magazine, entrepreneur, yoga journal whatever it is that's going to boost your own credibility so it's absolutely free to do that and benefits could be you know, lots of great exposure in terms of the conversion to a client might be hard, you know, in terms of somebody just reading an article, but over time I think it helps build your credibility could put in your about page or where you've been featured a kind of a list and that definitely helps elevate you yeah did you guys have more questions over there because I'd love to check into the audience ok, so that studio honest I see some filled out forms so let's go through some examples here just so we can get some ideas of how you're going to be getting the word out and get some accountability for you guys rebecca I'm seeing you got a lot of stuff on my lights of that s o the first one that I put is something I'm working on right now is getting my print pro most together, so in the form of either postcards, their little like accordion books, that the main message of that would be basically that I exist. I'm a photographer, a colorado and available for free lands on that I'm a good storyteller, I'm timing, I said february kind of working on that, and I'd love to get that. Is there a particular date in february? Um let's, say sixteen, I think you'll have this primitive done, maybe not maybe done like design, but not delivering on d s early, like ordered and yeah, printed so on and then resource is needed, uh, basically money to get that printed. And are you designing it yourself? Well, I'm actually working with a photo consultant who's doing who's working on my website is a call, so I would probably work with them, I think, to kind of figure out how to best for that. Okay, so great. And do you know how much it would cost? Yeah, I put about six to seven hundred so it's, a pretty pricy thing, but it's something that I want to invest in, right, so and I know I've had, you know, that this is something I would have to do something but on the lower end of things can I ask first? So that's like the peace and getting the piece done? Do you have the plan of and by when you're going to send those to the people? S o that is kind of that kind of goes along with the email can ok, ok, that I also listed on here, um so working to get my, like, marketing lists together and who I want to reach out to, ok, so that would be something that's further down the line got it. Okay, but with the email campaign that is free on bond, the only resource is needed would be contacts and, you know, the list of contacts I want to reach out, okay, so on dh then I guess other thing I put in person networking, which I'm always doing whenever I meet new people and bolder and here in forever. Um and I thought the main message of that is that I'm friendly and personable, and I'm a photographer that's ongoing. I put the only resource is needed or a smile yourself and that is free so that those air great, yeah, I know you have a huge there for the email list do you already have, like you know all this system that you're using our need to look into that you mean like yeah, yelchin or I just signed out for mail check because right now I have a small contact list but you know, people I've worked with write e mails with about potential jobs so yeah, I signed up for that just, uh, you know, in case I grow and her when I grow when you okay, the question is there one that you suggest over the other constant contact so, you know, I don't know actually infusion soft, which has the male and the commerce together, okay, but for folks just starting out, I'm you do you have that list or I do, but I've used constant contact, but I I'm looking yeah, you know, within my mentorship circle like the folks who have been interacting with male chimp seems to be pretty popular more so nowadays than constant contact, so okay, yeah, please I attacks and I think it's great because I love their customer service they're there for me any time I need them it's ten bucks a month and I know a lot of people are really happy with a weber yeah, though and that's more robust it's almost like there's mail champ and constant contact and then a weber seems to be like in terms of investment wise maybe a next level up and depends on how big your list is to you and some of the services basic on size of your list or sometimes it's how many times you send out or there's different packages so it really depends on what your usage is yeah okay. Okay great let's maybe here through one one more example here in the studio if you want to speak tio what your plan is do you wanna shit yeah ok so I started with my block and it's should I go through the whole thing blogged yeah it's helpful to hear kind of that whole program what you're planning to do yeah block and the main message is I'm interesting and knowledgeable and I also have a group of experts that I work with so maybe posting guess blocks coming in and then it just shows that, um I'm knowledgeable in my field and then I have other people that I can refer you to write um one time a week um practically free and all I need is um the next sun is a newsletter it says I have cool stuff going on and I'm here when you need me so just always staying in contact with potential clients um and then eso probably twice a month sitting on a new southern great um and then the next on a social media it says I'm a I'm a resource and I'm relevant on dh I'm doing that now and it's free writing articles and I put down hero because I just signed up for yeah, you know, there's so few to school on that message is that I'm an expert in my field great in person networking says let's work together so many people and, you know, just always tryingto be a team player and help people out and in turn will help you on dh then and that's free public speaking, it just says that I have knowledge and expertise and hopefully, you know, once every month to two months just doing even if it's just like a lunch meeting, right, that everything okay and that's free web site it just says, this is what I do and who I am see if I'm right for you, okay, so awesome. So even just as you're talking and from what I'm getting to know about you, I can see some of the messages being even tighter, like, you know, we're talking kind of general here, but I'm sure that you even have some like before and afters maybe to share right? Some case studies some tips like top ten tips, so yeah, I don't know if you've done this already, but maybe a next step is to like brained up all the topics in the noon of calendar out on and then if they're certain offerings that relate tio one of the topics you can kind of time it so that this particular article can then ray like reference a program that's coming up do you have it's like from that spark? Yeah yeah like I do like blawg articles at the new year because people are trying to lose weight so I'm exactly young like of fitness expert or something exactly talk about how you can dress your new body or hi hi ten pounds exactly exactly yeah yeah so the more timely you could make it tight into season or an event or something like that is going to help you ok ok cool all right so let's check in online and see what marketing mediums and things that people are planning to do or maybe already done as we've been speaking right? Well I do have a question from artist karen who's in brooklyn visiting orlando which unfortunately is cold and cloudy thing jen, do you think you can run several of these projects simultaneously? How do you keep from overwhelming yourself? Yeah, I think that if you're marketing you probably want to be marketing in different ways so I do think it's important to kind of have some of these things happening at the same time let's say for example that you wrote down you know website like you don't have a website and you're working on a website brochure and sending up a newsletter system, and you have that all happening by february that's a little much so they get depends on the intensity of whatever marketing, medium or project that you've selected. Hi, gosh, sometimes I work with clients who actually will say that, like, well, I want to get my new web site by the end of the week, and I need to set up my newsletter system also by friday. It just isn't possible, so cut yourself some slack. These things take time, so if you have big projects like that, pick one of them on and focus on that, maybe work on little pieces of the other projects and have some kind of ongoing marketing that's easier like maybe the social media that you can dip into ten minutes a day and just kind of keep that going while you're digging deep into may be working with someone to launch your new web site, we have another question actually from artists. Karen again, is it ok to send your newsletter to your whole email list without asking them to opt in first? And I know you have a wonderful newsletter, I wanna thank you. So you obviously know something about these letters, yeah, I mean, I don't know like all the regulations, whatever, but sounds like that example it sounds not so kosher like you are supposed to get permission if you're doing like that first newsletter out you might want to say or you might want to send a message it looks like hey I'm going toe start sitting at my newsletter click here to subscribe and that's why it's good tio use thes services like constant contact male champ a weber because they have the process built into the system that people need to sign up to then received your communications and that's you know you don't want to be the guy at the business meeting shoving business cards and people's faces and that's kind of like what it is feels like virtually I know sometimes people admit to their list of I I met you once like I don't know who you are and actually leaves a bad impression you know if you're kind of throwing yourself at the person so definitely ask for permission on your web site have the sign up form it helps to have like maybe a free gift that comes with that maybe they get a recording of something maybe an article top tip repurpose some of your content if you're blogging you know put compile you know some of your best log posting can put that in a pdf and have that be a download and if you have a system like that you know male chimp or whatever that will help you set up the back end so what when they sign up they get the email that comes back with the download link all of that you know, there still are some people who do the bcc from their email and that's just not effective because you actually don't have any stats from that to see who's opened it you know? And it makes it really awkward unsubscribe so make it easy for your people to engage with u s o I think that was a great example also that you gave about repurpose ing material that you might have offering something for free to get people to get people in that way exactly and that led to because abel via had asked a question how do you get people to sign up for your e knew this the newsletter I find that just having a sign up on my site or facebook isn't it's not enough frankly, yeah, you need to have something that's going to give them some extra value and it also gives them, you know, opportunity to get a taste did you write and to see like what also they have to offer and so that they know what else they would get with the newsletter so certainly have a free gift doesn't need to be a big thing I know a lot of people stress out like I don't have the free gift yet, so I can't even put the form up just put the for the sign that form up you could even say like this the top ten tips are coming soon if you need some accountability like one of my tricks is I say something I'm going to do it by this time and it's out there like, oh, I better do it, you know? So that could be a waiter do that and so for that person who's asking I'd love to maybe you khun brainstorming throughout in the chat some of the things that could possibly be gifts oh yeah caitlyn you talk about what kind of programs he used to do. I know there's a few to give the free like a free article the free tips do you can you do that through? I'm like male type or do you do you have three year? Yeah, yeah, you could do it through mail trumps all you need to do is if you're doing like an article you know, make it kind of pretty if you can and word you might even want to hire a graphic designer for that maybe it's a fiver kind of thing or somebody does it for you to make it appealing and then make it a pdf and then you would upload it somewhere uh maybe it's on your blogging uploaded have a link and then you would put in your email system that email that automatically goes out when they respond. Thanks for signing up and you get to this article here and then the link to download. Yeah, so it's all automated, francis and she said that piece about putting it on your sign up form that, you know, it's coming soon or giving them a date that they'll get this irresistible free offer for signing up. I haven't, because I have really been struggling for just the last, like ten percent to finish my eye fo and it's because I've had too many distractions, but I think I'm going to do that well in it it's like now, I just have to push through and get that last ten percent in and I did use fiver it was five bucks to get an e book design. Nice sorry, I f o I'm like you're sorry here is this will offer e o it's like the jargon. Ok, great, so you don't have the free gift up yet, but I'm hearing you want some accountability you're going put coming soon, so can you actually pick a date as to when you're free? Offer will be up on your site. Yeah picked the date february first, february first, totally told me you can break down my sight downloading

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This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!