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So before we go into taking action it's helpful to like be in our bodies and being movement and action so I've got a right brain booster for you guys cool it's going to require that you stand up and for those of you at home you get to do this as well you can participate virtually and what I have in my hands are a fun little tool called muse cubes and u s e see you yes these cubes my friend gretchen wagner had created these they're actually now iphone app seacon look at I'm use cubes on the app store and find it and it's free basically there to die die I think in the plural toward the end of the day and one minutes to go yeah thank you one has a sound the other has a movement body movement so we know die and happens and it says twist and laugh so is good okay we're going to do it a couple of more times actually ok actually would you like to live or die shaken how way dying how you guys at home are howling with us dance and cancer thank you wear long were whooping and dancing and howling...

along I imagine on the chat there might have been some virtual how old's perhaps yes there are songcraft natural says my dogs are looking at we're hearing are coming yeah what do you notice in your body right now slight energize I'm feeling like vibration yeah embarrassment, which is great because we're heading into this place of action and what better than to be moving your body right as you move into action so you guys have throughout these three days come up with your big vision, the values, your perfect customers, some marketing goals in the mullahs map because came up with some of the products and services that you're wanting to offer so let's, like start to help make that rial and put some action steps to that, so I'll cover just, you know, kind of a simple framework and you guys might be familiar with it, but I've got a right brain twist to it, so I'll cover that, and then I'm going to share with you some creative action planning tools that I found helpful in my business to kind of help take these ideas, make them riel okay, so you guys have all heard of smart schools before, right? Yeah, we all know that, but there's this right brain twist, so I'm just going to go over it very high level, and throughout these three days we actually have been creating goals already, right? We've already created some marketing goals we've obviously created moula goals because you guys claimed you know what you're making at the end of the year, but there might be some other goals to flush out and this might help fine tune the goals that you set already by using this process so there is a place she one of the free downloads the smart do you mind showing one of them kathy chaney you've got one looks like that yet I actually have it on the next slide but I want to use this one to explain thank you that's the smart goal play sheet and so smart s stands for specific right? So aa lot of times I hear from people you know goal is I want to make more money I would love more clients what does that mean? You know what specifically do you mean so specific would be you know, like we just did hear I you know, want to make seventy thousand dollars by december thirty first, two thousand thirteen or no I'm going to get ten new clients by march thirty first, two thousand thirteen so making it a specific the more specific he can be the better because then you know if you've hit back all or not right that's important measurable so in those examples I kind of provided a metric the measurables like some numbers and data to help you actually put quantity to that so for example the financial goal having the number seventy thousand eight million you know, whatever it is it's measurable did you meet that or that ten clients having a number a is for achievable so you know like not overstretching so that it feels like oh my gosh that's impossible and you know, we were kind of talking about that when we were going through the example of pricing right was like you're throwing fifty thousand like oh you know is that achievable or not and maybe that's next year maybe it's fifty thousand right? So having the goal feel like yeah that's something I could do but not have it be like so easy that's like not motivating and not have it be so out there that it feels just unattainable right? So it's kind of finding that happy medium the are usually is for this that usually for realistic which feels like achievable kind of plus we're big dreamers here anyway right or relevant where I got my coach training through the coaches training institute they substitute the are for resident and as a right brainer and love that I love it I'm very resonant um we mean you know doesn't make your heart sing when you state this goal out loud you know? Are you buzzing with energy? Are you smiling like francis is smiling right now doesn't make you giggle and laugh like kathy j smiling too about her awesomeness, right? So making sure that your goal resonates with you and gets you excited when I've seen a lot of that you know, these three days of folks being super excited about what you're working on so I think as right brainers that might even feed him most important litmus a test right sis making my heart sing because if it doesn't it's just going to feel like drudgery it's going to feel like stuck nous you're either going to force yourself to do it and trudge through and just kill yourself doing it or it's just not going to happen and then you're gonna beat yourself up for it not happening, but if you've got this resident, you know, then like of course I'm going to do and I want to wake up and feel really excited about it or even if it's feeling a little hard knowing that oh my gosh like this so relates to my passion and purpose or oh my gosh, like my big vision is really pulling me forward let that helped propel you forward and then the last one is little bit left brain, but making sure is time bound so that it's about this ongoing thing you don't know if it's happened or not and we actually had an example of that was that on day one with the francis about there was, I'm going to write thirty minutes a day, right, which is in a bit a bit time down it's measurable csi have thirty minutes so kind of hit some of those pieces but having the whole like end thing of every friday I don't remember what you came up with we set a date for their very first was irresistible free on bond I found your site see and so you remembered it, which is great versus like this nebulous I'm going right for thirty minutes every day even that feels slightly tearing time down, but putting the x on february first makes it more concrete and we're going to hear from you right on twitter we have you're going to announce someone's probably someone but that's why it's so important to have all of these pieces met so that you know, did I meet the school or not? So I was talking about the smart goals please sheet and I'll just walk you through this very briefly I'm not going to get into too much of the details just given that were toward the end of the day this is something if you do have the book, it kind of walks you through in more detail but sometimes people get inherited about this so we're not gonna I don't want to take you down that path, but basically you'll have this smart goal so I'd like you to fill this out as best you can for one particular goal, so it might be one of the goals we set for the marketing goal from yesterday of getting the word out play sheet and flushing that out further because there wasn't a whole lot of room to kind of like what actually needs to happen, right? Or it could be the mullahs goal that you stated before lunch. Um, maybe it's a specific goal around one of the mullahs map income greens, he's. So what you want to achieve? Just take a moment to write that down, and then I have here different sections, so there's kind of the goal that's the what you want to achieve, and then they're different strategies to do that. So this is probably it pertains more to the higher level goals of a financial goal, so there might be different strategies of going about and making the seventy thousand dollars so it might be, you know, doing the book, it might be the one on one consultations. What have you so just right? You know, one, two, three strategies to help you meet the goal, and the action steps are really the two duis, the detailed steps that need to happen kind of like maybe your daily checklist, right? I know a lot of people operate from to do lists and check ins that there's kind of checklists, and if they don't have the goal that's overarching, you can feel like you're that hamster running in the wheel. Doing all this action but you don't know what it's for that's why it's helpful to have the big vision have your smart goal align with a big vision and then have your action aligned to that so just take a few moments and write down some of the two duis that need to happen for that particular strategy and then for the to do there might bea particular resource is that you need to make that happen you know for example if there's the book and you need the copywriter to help you or graphic designer to help design it you might want to put that there the target date that you want the strategy to be done you might even you know by the different two duis if you wanted to make this even more granular you know the target date for each to do step if you'd like and then I always like to have this column of actual date completed so that you know did you actually do it in the time frame that you wanted to or not? Ok so I know that in studio audience is fast and furiously scribbling away I want to check in with them in a moment our there anything's and chat that weaken give voice to over waiting for in studio well we have a lot of comments in the chat ok and song croft natural sze says I like tell francis asked said an irresistible offer that no one can resist and how she put a date on it that's great friends, friends give you a shout out a little encouragement nurture virtual and they're sure huddling in action so this is ahh lou shack is quoting you can feel like a hamster spinning in the wheel just checking off these tasks and not knowing what they're for smart goal sheet really helps with this and that was an ah ha moment oh good I'm so glad I mean, I've certainly been there where it's like you know, I'm in this frenzy and just like, oh my gosh, all the things that I need to do and that I just feel like I'm stuck in this spiral of action I don't know what it's all four so when you take a step back, connect back to what has heart and meaning for you that makes it make much more sense to us right brainers okay, so for those of you online, if you haven't shared goals on the chat, I encourage you to do that because that helps to give voice to it and we've seen how powerful that is absolutely we have dale and potter said she said one of my bosses toe have one hundred people in my positively creative community by december thirty first nice and I know dale and so we get a very correct have a clarification ok from carol sloane and just so make sure everybody's on the same page they're saying that this the strategy sounds a lot like the action list what's the difference the difference ok, so we will need to go there uh strategies are the how you will achieve the goal so let's say um let's say you are a photographer right? And I think this is one of the examples in the book and I'll try and do it from memory but your photographer and your goal is to make you know, one hundred thousand dollars in this year you might have different strategies so that how you achieve the goal is a little bit more high level than in the action steps right? So the strategy might be teo focus on doing destination weddings right it's that might be a strategy another might be teo start providing prince or products from the weddings that you shoot okay, so just do two for an example so booking more destination weddings isn't an action step right that's huge and there's a lot of things that would go into that but that is one way that this photographer could make more money so with the strategy of book more destination weddings some two duis for that might be research locations that I'd be interested in shooting weddings at right so maybe making the list of you know resorts in mexico resorts in hawaii etcetera another action step might be to reach out to wedding coordinators in those locations another action step might be teo put together a portfolio of some of the destination destination weddings that you've done already so they can show the wedding coordinators some of those examples so do you see kind of how the strategy is a little bit more high level on the two duis are the real specific things that need to happen even the two duis I listed probably could be broken down even more but for the sake of this discussion and going to keep it at that level okay um are there examples here I'd love to hear some from in studios we can kind of seen another example of that that's riel francis so first I just want to say I'm so happy that my friend maryland from sun croft is on because she's one of my inner circle but he's I had her on my as an expert on my podcast so so awesome so strategy number one which is what your goal is your goal the financial gold no sorry I actually yes I did it wrong so I wrote down three goals so we'll just start over this one I'm just ambitious obtain release from interviewees because you and I talked at the break and I don't have releases tio repackage that material and then sell it so my action step would be to meet with an attorney for help with drafting a release form and the support that they need is an awesome heart centered attorney so if there are any hot awesome heart centered attorneys out there I'm looking and target date I throughout february fifteen okay I'm not really sure how long it will take but if I have an attorney on my side is probably going to be faster awesome awesome cool. Thank you for that. Anyone else great to hear from a couple more go is to receive a bid on website development. Okay, and strategy is uh right summary of all the features, write a one page summary of all the features that like to be included um maybe that's an action steps yeah, it sounds like an actual set actually think your goal is probably the higher level thing of might even be like launching the site as like the big long term core beta okay, right, right. And then some of the ways that you will achieve that are say the thing receive received bids from so bold strategy would be like finding the right partner tech partner and then there's a bunch of steps like the bids and all of that that would be the two duis okay, yeah, all right, I need some more time to revise that it's totally fine way may not actually get to it here but I just want to get you guys used to the process and if this works for you great if not, we're going to do some other creative ways to also do goal setting inaction planning but this is bringing infusing a little bit more of the left brain because we're reaching the point in the process where you've done we've entered in with our right brain intuition we've done the visioning and now as we move toward tactical execution, we buddy up with the left brain again to help things you know be a logical like two duis are most effective when they're done in a particular order, right? Sometimes they're not and we kind of just do we get by and do what we d'oh as right brainers and it can be helpful to think like, oh be really helpful too, you know, do this step before the next so buddying up with the left brain rebecca de of some that you'd like to share sure uh so my goal I kind of loved uh handful into one but to me it all kind of relates so concept design and print my print pro mose and marketing materials and then mail those out ok that's my goal the goal actually is I think your financial goal like you know or you want you know any means, right even like bigger on your strategy is what you just said ok so I mean all right and you were gonna go teo it's totally okay smaller though like my goal is to get my marketing materials out like I know it relates to a larger goal but do you go it's a strategy that's the marketing is a strategy sorry you guys thought about the end point of the marketing uh I see kathy just there's one other thought I had for you and it just escape me so I did the same thing I started with my goal as a new product and then when I heard you explain online yes my goal it is to increase my sales by how much so that it starts by seventy five by seventy thousand to seventy thousand increase it to seven thousand by what time? Good. Okay, bye bye. Oh, this is ok. This is overall small goal so increase my sales by ten thousand dollars annually by by december sweet so that's a great smart cool that specific measurable timed out all that song and then my strategy to do that it was one of them is great to introduce the new larger size bass off and my actions step is I'm going to reach out to illustrators I'm going tio source a printer I'm going to create an art file I'm going to order my die I'm going to source my pages and then my support re sources are I'm going to need new packaging I'm not going to create new listings I'm mad to shop I'm goingto have to alter my website to provide a place to sell these items and my target date is let's make it up probably march our two thousand thirteen thirteen specific dated thirty thirty okay, cool! Yeah, actually that was a great example of a smaller smart goal so not like the whatever was seventy thousand but a piece of that. And then this one of the strategies to hit that seven thousand increases the vase another one might be have to find the paper I have to order the materials I have to. Yeah, another strategy actually might be when there's a green sticking a principles like that you're credible and in that case again I'd probably reach out to illustrators learn how to make a pdf gettable shia files so I think that happened. Um I think it was a creative life course on that e I wass creating video. Um yeah. So learn how to do that learn how to do that would be one of my goals. Reach out, source it, boil it down, getting edible video again and then in order to sell it, have to make some listings, you know, three sources I need and then the target date let's just say, you know june third. Great. Yeah, and we're kind of making the swag the target date, but it's helpful, because then, you know, as you're getting closer, can I still do this or not? What else needs to move? But I really want to have this happen or oh, that's not as resident for me anymore. I can let it. What are we gonna move these over there? Is that the idea? We're going to do an example with someone? Yeah, we have a question. Our line is the smart goal. Something we should do on a weekly basis. Maybe, should we put them in a binder for a sense of accomplishment? Sure, on the smart goal, I would think is maybe more monthly or even quarterly. It's kind of more broad. The two duis might be something daily weekly. Kind of checking in, so your two duis might end up being on whatever checklist kind of program that use or your calendar that's kind of your operation day today piece. But in terms of, like tweaking the smart goal of making new smart goals to do that weekly thinkyou're and drive yourself crazy, you're gonna have enough time to accomplish and you now have this pile up of goals that you haven't finished yet so it's more of the two duis that our weekly or daily thank you that hope yeah ok, good. I wanted to read off a couple a couple more items from folks ok. Kim p d x says I keep surprising myself this weekend I started filling out this and the smart goals and found that I do I actually have an idea of how to get one hundred news look newsletter subscribers I have a plan nice on if she wants to share some of the details for some accountability please do that in the chat tio ok, cool. Anyone else want to read some of theirs here now that we kind of explain redid ok stick tio steps strategies so I guess the larger goal would be get ten new clients april fifteen yes, ok steps their strategies I wrote our steps to get those marketing materials out. Well, this one of the strategies probably promo peace thing and then the two duis are yeah yet exactly. Ok, got it. Okay. Yeah. It's one of those heart what was that means? Yeah. Financial focus school but it was easy to like really? You know, all these things do help finance exactly and kind of bringing in some of the green stickies khun b some of the house you making a financial goal factory great. You know, whenever we get to this piece and it's usually toward the end the process like you get a little complicated but once you have it in that framework things like ok, that makes sense and the cool thing is sometimes your your goal will stay the same, like hey still want to make seventy thousand dollars, but the strategies may shift because you might find one of the strategies didn't quite work doesn't mean you need to tweak your goal. You might just change one of the strategies that makes sense. Well, all right, so you might still be filling that out and that's okay, this's just talking about the two d piece again. I'd love teo, you know, ask here what are one to three actions you can take in the next week? So to make it more immediate, right? So just even top of mind here in the studio. One thing you can do in the next week. Kathy place a phone call tio paper sources, paper companies and, uh, slower what paper finishes I want awesome. Great. Yeah, rebecca uh, discovery call scheduled with the marketing brandon design agency on tuesday. Ok, so excellent. I'm gonna do like you mentioned on dh asked my accountability, but is tio we'll be accountable on friday? I'll ship thiss whatever I promised them for my written materials and then I have to do it that's, right are ok, cool

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