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Big Vision Collage Exercise

So we're going toe head into collage mode next and what that means for the folks at home hopefully you have some of your supplies ready we're going to kind of switch things up here on the set and so as you're doing the collage basically you're going to be looking for images that speak to you write things that maybe you're drawn to it may not make sense maybe it's a monkey and there was no monkey in your visualization totally fine again it's allowing your right brain to guide you doesn't need to make sense and I'll be a little bit more instruction on you know how to do that but just want to open that invitation up that you know whatever comes up with the collage work is fine and if collage isn't your thing you can also doodle mind map anything kind of goes so maybe remind us again what this supply what this applies are that everyone should I'm pretty for those you have just joined us yes, the basic basic supplies would be magazines or even catalogs or junk mail like in your house anythi...

ng with like images or pictures um scissors eun if you don't have scissors you can just tear the paper and glue so that you can glue things down um if you want to get extra special, you can have glitter glue, fancy decorative paper stickers, things like that all right and for those of you in studio you're going to want to grab the pieces that are the kit so that accordion book and the cards and the envelopes they should be in a rubber band so we have a question from mario what are these pills that you are always showing talking about the left brain chill pills basically came about when I was leading this course a few years ago and people would start freaking out about asking some of these same questions like who are the customers how'm I supposed to know this and so it's just a creative way to remember that take your left brain those were great questions to be asking but maybe not right now and kind of to calm down and literally what's in that are vitamins I just had a vitamin uh bottle and put a label on it. Some people have joked that they've put chocolates like eminem's in theirs I have another question kind of been seeing in the chat room you know there's some people who are out of work a woman he was talking about being in hurricane sandy and so almost there critter brain has taken over we talked about survival has taken over and so creativity becomes kind of almost like a luxury entry I would like you to kind of address that a bit because I think what can really engage our creative spirit when maybe we're out of a job or stress we have family kids, you know things like that but we will review your thoughts on that. Yeah, I mean, there are things to attend tio right? I would say that in order to keep your kind of spirit and energy alive really tapping into that creativity is so important and creating that space so yes, there are bills to be paid. Yes, there are things that you need to take care of and if you're running yourself hagar trying to figure all these things out, it only takes you know, that visualization we did was ten minutes, maybe right? So just finding the quiet time if it's five minutes, ten minutes a day of even just doing nothing can actually open up a whole lot of insight. So I totally get that and it doesn't take too much to start igniting and then developing a practice. And then soon enough new things will new perspectives will show up energy will shift so I think it's important to make room for that, ok? And you guys have your accordion bucks. Great. So for those of you at home, you might have you know, this is a paper like this that's cool. What we're going to be doing is basically, you guys remember from, like, grade school, right cutting and pasting things and putting it on paper that's basically a collage we're going to do the big vision collage here so you guys here can use your accordion book if you'd like to if you want tio just use a plain piece of paper that's totally cool to there's no right or wrong way to fill this out. Basically you're going to go through these magazines that air here and pull out images that speak to you you know, whether it be you know specific things that you saw in your visualization or just oh my gosh like this hippo needs to be on my collage that's part of listening to the intuition and then in terms of how you place it on the according a book or on a piece of paper again there's no right or wrong way okay, so I recommend just, you know, picking up one or two magazines flipping through and then just tearing out you know what? What calls to you if you're looking for a particular image just, you know, call it out to your cohorts here like I really need an apple loan will hold like someone will foot the pages here's apple so definitely do that and for the folks at home you know, hopefully have your magazines and you guys are kind of at an advantage because if you're looking for a particular image, you know, maybe google it and print it out and there you have it um so questions on the logistics of making the clash pretty straightforward, right? Yeah if you start asking find yourself asking lots of questions about it left brain she'll kill it's pretty easy cutting paste and you've got your collage so we're going to be doing this I think we're going to be playing some music and you guys are going to get creative timeto let this this is one of those let the process unfolds kind of thing um and I'll be checking in with the folks on chat but online folks, I hope that you guys are doing this as well following alongside and will be kind of I'll be kind of walking around and checking in with you but again let your intuition guide you and I see some caitlin did you bring some pictures with you these air? Okay, yeah awesome so you can use those to alright have at it great one sorry one other thing I want to mention is that the magazines that you pick you know are going to help they're going to certain things like if you like traveler if you saw certain things in nature, you know, gravitate towards those magazines that you think you're going to have those images ok hee believe you can walk around yes, you are allowed to jennifer yeah, of course questions online that's our studio audience gets prepared to start doing their big vision collages. Yeah, we have people at home asking, can we do? And elektronik? Qalat yeah, I love that. Thank you for whoever asked that because I do get that a lot like we're so installing ipad and all that, so certainly you can do when, um, elektronik lee, I've heard people say, you know, I'm forgetting the aps on the ipad, but there are I know, on the iphone, actually, my friend carla white, he did the gratitude app for the iphone also has vision board, which is an app, so you can just grab pictures and then create vision boards that way. There's mind mapping kind of collage aps I wish I knew them off the top of my head, right thing. Yes. Um, people also use evernote and just kind of grab things and create files like that. I've also heard people who do the physical collage, but then they take a picture of it and then have it on their computer or the screen saver on their phone. So there's lots again, no right or wrong way. You know, digital great for people who travel a lot and that's kind of where I've heard that from people. Wanna have it with them or be ableto update it right now while they're on the go and then like you just mentioned if you you can also print those out if you have a printer at home or whatever to make it the physical and the exactly so you have put up some examples for people on I just want to write mind everyone of that that we have at right brain business plan dot com slash example you can go and see a number of exactly so what else is up there looking? They're the ones that would be relevant for this particular exercise I think there is a link within that menu page that says big vision yeah yeah so that's the exercise that we're doing now is you can click there and kind of see what people have done and you'll see it's a wide range of things you know and I think I can be unafraid to different formats as well I think there are there some there are some that are figure poster that was widely criticized yeah there's something be out already in books exactly exactly back on dh then for other inspiration on that you can look at think there's a link that justice right brain business plan examples and there's also show on some different ways of doing it and then obviously mind that says mind through jen's through the years yet shows some big vision collages grates they could look at examples there we also have some questions from a shan tell can we use words to yes, you can no right or wrong way remember? Yeah and sometimes people are really drawn toe words and sometimes people's big vision collages are mostly words and that's cool because seeing them together visually you know certain words group together it's going to create new insight so words are you know, the verbal piece is a little bit more left brain and yet having it putting arranging it in a way that speaks to you brings in that creative piece so that's totally cool words are powerful words are powerful they could spark other images up suit that's not that word itself exactly. So I have a question from vicki who says how long should it take me to make a collage? Yeah, a perfectionist I could do this forever I know that feeling I love that she's asking this because I always say beware the pretty plan, right? Because when I leave this workshop like when it's you know, a few days and all that people will spend a lot of spend the whole day doing this part because it's so fun and they don't want to stop make sure that you are finding a place to end it because you could just get stuck here that actually never work in your business not the point of this exercise so in terms of howto kind of time block it or make sure that you wrap it up um I recommend you could do like a playlist, you know, like an hour once it's done walk away from it you know, wherever it that is perfectly fine so perfection khun go out the window um like I said it's not a masterpiece, it doesn't mean to be finessed pretty sometimes even people don't finish gluing it and they'll just take a picture of it where it's at right? You know, kind of arrange the clippings take a picture of it and that can kind of be their plan and then they can kind of tweak it as they go, sire eckmann kind of time time bounding it as much as possible. I will say that I was in australia a while back leading this exercise and we only had had less than an hour to do this and this one woman busted out like her collages may be this big she did it in less than an hour and I'm like you are the poster child for representing that this can be done and what she said was you know, thank you and I'm moving tomorrow so I had to get this done or else you know, it wasn't gonna happen, so sometimes having external deadlines like that can help make it happen is your focus absolutely focused? I would say the perfection oftentimes leads to paralysis so you don't get everything done totally you're always waiting for it to be perfect exactly so let's see, we have a question here from uh request racal do we cut out anything we like yes way answer that like you know and even if something's catching your eye you're drawn to but you don't like it like maybe it's ugly but there's something about it that's drawing you to it cut that out to is there may be something in there for us it doesn't you know doesn't need to make sense but yeah it makes you happy and excited please include it cut it out all right these are great questions clarification. Yes we're getting in from julie do we focus on making a big vision for our business or is it for life in general? It could be both you know I mean we are talking about business here so I would focus on business but business help support us in our life so it's kind of goes hand in hand and oftentimes when these happen people will be talking about their business but it helps you enhance their life in certain ways so would you if you were at a point where you wanted to do vision boards for for your your life and your work that would you would you say that those would be two separate parts do them as separate myself personally my business ones typically have personal elements in it because I'm expressing myself through my business but when I like I d'oh vision collages for my personal life and I'm looking at health you know, relationships creativity is so there's different aspects that I'm paying attention to and I do think it's actually helpful to do both because we can focus so much on the business but we don't take care of ourselves right? So making sure that you're living a balanced life is helpful to you in terms of all those things of health and well being and finances and all that stuff absolutely okay, we have more questions coming in how can you separate your different visions for different companies? I have four different ideas which mean for different companies when I did this I kept jumping between each each company what would you say to that? Yeah, there might be like one overarching land maybe they come all together if you're kind of going back and forth and really struggling it's one of those things like flip a coin and you know, work on that one and just choose one and go for it and don't worry like oh, I should actually be focusing on this other one instead just getting some movement and progress in one area might spark something elsewhere so I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about it too much because then we spend so much time and energy berating our software why am I not finishing this one? I should be working on that one were in fact if you're just following your flow, you could be getting the work done my left brain kind of says you pick one good and if you can't decide, write them all a piece of paper and draw it out of the hat on and then do the one that you think so I want tio I would love to invite the internet out there who people who are actively doing this right now yes or maybe even have in the past their photo great yes of what they're doing either right now, whether that's the workspace that you're working out right now american progress you love to see when people are actually their virtual classrooms so today will be like your create alive is on and then you've got your virtual your actual work states going there as well as the pieces that you're working on whatever phase they're in so we would love to have you tweet those out cool we're going to use to hashtag going to use the hashtag r v p yes which is for right brain business plan yet and then also the hashtag jennifer live and that's all one word and that is the hashtag we're using for the workshop so tweet those out and weave love we're gonna love to see those coming through yeah and think is that as a kind of accountability yeah way want to see what your work you know and don't just want you to veto following along and maybe getting caught up in the chat so much when you're not actually doing your plan like work alongside us and show us your progress and help us celebrate with you absolutely can't wait to see those come in any tips for someone who has a ton of ideas but it's a hard time focusing on how to filter them and make them happen happen again kind of pick pick something where your intuition follows you and kind of flush that out so if it's if you're doing the big vision collage you know maybe it's letting the images speak to you and working on you know particular section of the of the kalash so I'm like the folks there are really are trying to fully understand their objectives here maggie says um I totally understand that this is a visualizing board but I'm having a hard time seeing this as a business plan and where to incorporate projections income stream etcetera and probably imagining that that is coming out of that is coming in a general sense will go into the finances on the third day so this part kind of like what I was saying in the beginning that or really oh bringing in the right brain first so yes, business plans include finances the foundation for the planet's knowing where you're headed, what you're wanting to accomplish the big vision on dh that's what this particular exercises pony and on and building the foundation for so if the left brain is asking about the money stuff yes, those are important things we need to know those things and there's gonna be a time and place for that in this particular course kind of put that at ease we'll get there depending on your business and what type of details we're going to we may not get to the that particular level of detail csere so many different types of businesses and they need to know specific numbers for their industry what have you so obviously we're not going get down into that secreting but what what I'm inviting you guys to do here is find a new way of looking at the ways that you go about planning your business so the what we all know you need to know your business overview you need to know who your customers are you need to know how much money you're making and how those things are all standard parts of the plan this approach is really helping you with how right giving you permission to do it in a way that works for you versus trying to, you know, put the square peg in a round hole yeah, I could personally when I do my business plan or have my projections for the year, a number doesn't inspire me. And so what does that number represent to you? Maybe the question that people can look at it doesn't represent, you know, helping volunteering, you know, buying a house seat, exacting their family out. So what does it represent and kind of bring those images exactly collage? Because that's, what the money is bringing it allows you to do what it's like what do you what do you spending your earnings on like, that's? Why you're doing this? So the vision this big vision clash becomes that inspiration becomes that touchstone so that it gives the meaning to the number that you put on the table. Meaning to the number? Yes, stuff. I like it. There's. More questions for you. Of what are some of your favorite magazines pacifying inspiration for collage? Yes, I really love I love martha stewart. So just living. Yeah, and whole living, but I think they're not doing that magazine going forward, which breaks my heart still earned is my favorite favorite magazine. Real simple has really great images. Uh, then I also like to have magazines that look at like, the money stuff for business, so he like entrepreneur fast company money because if you're just looking at real simple like he may not get some of that more left brain kind of imagery that's really important to include um what else travel and leisure is really beautiful images um oh yoga journal as well um what else what else do we have over there? Yeah, and it really depends on what your business is and what inspires you so you're getting the lens of generally here, right? But you may like, you know, oh my gosh, you know, maybe like race cars right in the car and drive I don't even know that popular mechanics it really depends on you and your own essence and also who your target market is as well, I let a workshop in atlanta and you know, I didn't want to love all the magazines with me, so I asked the conference people ok, can you have some magazines available? And I showed up and it was all gaming because he's gaming because I think the person who donated it that's what they were really into it didn't quite work for our people we had to go buy some other ones, but it just all depends on your personal preference truly national geographic also has really awesome images but let's go here and see um yeah national geographic cooking magazines are great clamour uh yeah, we got real simple cloth paper, scissors and since I'm here, how is it going over here? Good going off cool finding stuff that speaking to you totally cool, I find it helpful to like your process might be different of, like maybe you cut everything out first and then you paste or some people like to kind of pace as they go. It's totally up to you where you want to do it, how you want to do it and collage is a very forgiving medium, you know? So I'm just worried about the time early on a timeline that I were very slow, we have still some more time and we have you can also kalash through lunch if you would like to so there's an extra time there and if you don't totally finish that's fine, great it's good to feel some pressure because we wanted, like, not just get stuck in there pretty pretty plan place and take action so it's nice to have some of that a little bit of heat, right? Don't get it done. We have a question for the studio audience how how is it feeling to have this time to really craft and take this time to spend on your big vision collage it's fun? I'm finding that I'm finding like too much so I will see something go that that on then I just I mean, like you said there's a point raining like stop and started actually gluing so great I will do that shortly vehicle just noticing that happening and you know you can collect them and maybe stick them in an envelope and that's part of your plan, but it doesn't need to be on natural collage calls like a vision board, you know? Yeah, like I've been inward, we have more more questions way dio for me or for their you and then u s o is it more beneficial to schedule time with yourself to implement it or should you be more organic and created when the mood strikes title you both? Actually, yeah, I create time on my calendar where I am I like working on specific things, whether it be planning for the business on well, we'll kind of go through more of those action planning things on the third day and some of my systems for that. Oftentimes, though, if I'm like who I have an idea for something, I will follow that flow or at least write it down so that it doesn't fully escape me I send myself e mails a lot tio reminders like, oh, you have this thought make sure to do this nice so this is a mac adding a comment coming in so that who's noting that there's a lot of questions about what business to focus on because it sounds like there a lot of people who have multiple business yes, yes and my caddie says I'm finding that as I let go and begin to let in the right brain let the right brain take over I'm finding it coming through loud and clear and it is even surprising this is awesome e I like how this relief you know also it's like just let go the it's what I said hold the process lightly and that's when the insights will come well, everybody is what you're pulling yeah well located bythe but I know that always happens when I go I want to make this save it for later nice um if you guys haven't started glowing or at least kind of placing that's probably the next direction will start heading off okay how's it going happy day I'm finding a lot of like because there's a lot of images of man and it's interesting what's calling to me now is kind of different believe right? Yeah, just that other access point right? And like ok so and then it's seeing kind of how it all fits together and it may not make sense today, you know may make more sense by day three still may not but it's still your ideas on paper to help continue moving for it so I really think different not to make them likely released around a sense that makes you think the best yeah, great. I love that on ben for you guys here with the kid if you wanted to you later on you khun you know I know you wrote in your journal that notes here they can include that and if you want to stick it on your plan you can okay sometimes people freak out about writing it here because they want to get it perfect. So few so because it's okay it's like when you have the fancy station area that you don't one yeah but those air for enhancing this exercise too if you'd like to use those and it's one that I think that's really from yeah, just the family knows I thought about it and just thinking about like I'm gonna lay it out right handled by candle or multi channel right? Have you guys started blowing? Yes ok one thing I forgot just logistically glue it facing the site so that when you put the cover which we won't do here but you won't cover your clash yeah it's actually hated you it's ok? You know you don't need to do a cover yeah but I have one where he never did the cover so it's fine you know saying yeah I guess I would make this the front yeah because they cover yeah if you put the car guardian but you can just have it be that's what does it matter that it's which kind of way you don't have to use the accordion like I love that you're breaking rule but how's it going way starting next somehow place your song writing business just telling yourself get your skills it's really important from our country piers also related to the work that you did yeah definitely teaching people to feel empowered and right so how that come through in their image and style yep going vertically and I'm finding a lot of images of like people and places and experiences e o because I'm like looking at this and like I want to take photos united says like inspiration yeah it's definitely like very inspirational but then I also words that are more like this the bigger vision that very cool so I love that you guys were just following the intuition in terms of even where you're placing the images and yeah I just don't really know you know I jumped you and yet right but it's full is organ it's an organic process everything is cool jennifer we have that few more question and I wanted to show you something but questions first okay wonderful so stephanie says any tips on staying focused? I get sidetracked so easily just in general or with this exercise I think they should apply it to this exercise in terms jessica lodging for this extra nine staying focused um I would time it you know, maybe it's ten minutes to gather images ten minutes to group them ten minutes to glue them down that's a great idea and that's it you know there's this uh I think it's called parkinson's law that the amount of time you give a project the work will grow to fill that time. So if you give yourself three years to write a book three days exactly time it's like the phd student whose forever writing their dissertation exactly exactly so give yourself a time with it so I would say here on the chat you know, claim a time like I'm going to finish this by when we come back so we'll talk about when we come back we'll give yourself some accountability that's actually what's great about being here live together in this group is that you have the structure already built in right get it done to get it in today's well and I'm gone way our people are starting to share photos on twitter which is on radio s o again that's a place where you can also get some accountability telling us okay at pretty live her I'm going to finish this in an hour or when we get back from lunch again we're using the hashtag are bbp as well as the house check jennifer live so thank you to those who are already sending in those it's so great it's really inspiring and then to know that other people are doing it at the same time there's this creative energy happening around the world which is pretty thrilling so what a perfect time to be doing this so yeah, the thing that I wanted to share is the clipping about doing if you do you're right brain business plan in this type of format is that it's portable okay, so I just happened to love accordion book x and like I said, I happen to have one and so that's how I did my first one and I would actually take it with me and networking about right? And so sometimes they have you do like little introductions and they're always very left brain of like your name what you do and something you need help with and so I always feel like I'm jennifer you know, my business is I've been coaching and this is my business plan everyone well what's that can I see and like if they start to engage I get to talk more about my business and that actually helped me realize it oh people are drawn to this like what they want them for themselves they want to do this for themselves and slight kind of follow that but the idea of having this visual plan can inspire you, but it also is a great way for other people to learn about your business so to piggyback on what candy was saying about sharing your images even works in progress on social media people are going to get to know you and hey that's probably good for your business terms is getting the word out building your brand building awareness you're putting yourself out there and did you go over how you made or where would you come up with the accordion book if for people at home who don't know how to make that or I used to make these myself but I don't anymore because it requires a lot of precision ok? I don't like using rulers so much go figure right um the kit has them you can also just get them at art supply stores for folks in the u s paper dash source dot com has accordion book kits sheikhoun get some they're they're pretty affordable yeah I'm not going to go into the instructions how to teo just just to even just acknowledge that where they can get yeah or just we know google according korean book well we have a question here for someone who's actually using poster board great and so her name is mahogany I have a large twenty four by thirty six poster board so should I do this board in thirds so I can do day one on the first day in and day two and day three, just so she's kind of working through the weekend. I would actually take up the whole space and do the big vision closure on the whole thing. Some of the other pieces will dio are going to be supplemental to this big vision clive's. Hopefully that makes sense, but it's, not like we're going to fill in tomorrow. We're going to have play sheets that kind of go through the exercises if she has that big piece of paper there and she wants to include it, she can, and in fact, I think right brain business plan examples. There are some that show when people have their big vision collage, plus a bunch of other stuff like on a big magnetic board really there's, no right or wrong way to do it. There's no voter rob, but there's definitely tips. Listen guy lives not exactly, but I need to have a big vision using think legs. It absolutely.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!