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Sharing Perfect Customer Business Portraits

Well really find it have the art supplies out earlier and getting those perfect customer portrait's done for those of you who are at home perhaps you're still collage ing and we've got some instructions here if you're just joining us and you're winning what what that was about you can do that on your own we're going toe check in with our in studio guests here and kind of learn more about their perfect customers so a little bit of show and tell and then we've got an exercise to kind of dive in bringing small words to that plus just some other fund stuff off our sleeve so let's hear from our studio audience here so let's get to know your perfect customers these air no particular order so this is this is amanda and cory and they're planning their ideal wedding their way and there's a real excited to have found kathy's wraps because it's going toe be really fun they're going to take their flowers from the wedding and they're gonna move into reception table so they were all excited about th...

at nice and this these this couple shared thanks to use and kathy's raps were able to save money on our wedding flowers and afford this fabulous honeymoon so they're real relaxed and happy this's this's mary and she's planning a bridal shower for hooker friend she's the one and karen says she just loves to plan fabulous parties has got some ideas um and uh this little girl ask mommy can I have a tea party with teacups pretty please she's good and uh see this is a grandmother to be and she's helping her son plan a baby shower for sure him in her daughter in law and uh this from the girl says it just had the best birthday ever with her personalized cupcakes and his one more this is a corporate planning team and they say let's use catholic traps to decorate the tables and then put our logo on him on the other gal goes perfect then they can take him home this party favors you go now look how much fun kathy had eyes I'm curious which of those really speak to you maybe they all do but um yeah they all do I mean I think this is my potential customer that haven't tapped yet okay with celebrity corporate I just love helping brides and grooms and their parents a lot of mothers of brides and that planning the hill just got a phone call the other day super fine I feel like you're part of my wedding team my daughter's busy she can't talk to me she's working in this war in hospital were right that I could talk to you okay so that's fun and I love the kids parties I get so many kids parties you know two year olds princess parties, teacup parties, tea parties and I get such lovely comments from the moms you know that was so much fun I just want to tell you how much how special that was so yeah, they're all kind of they're all fun and helpful because you have all these but it was fire you you know, look which wants to focus on that would be a lot to invest in marketing for all of them in that fight is look is flexible on a cool to cover up what really a lot of these except for great kathy jd one yonex sure um so have three says this one um so I work with a lot of people this is like so not fun chronic pain is not fun food toll of care giving the full start we'll get that out of the way but you know enjoy helping those clients and what is it that you're helping them with and I won really helping them take care of themselves were helping them when they make time for themselves understanding the importance of that and kind of getting rid of the chronic bean and so I think that's the most so this is a population I work with it's like mid fifties too early seventies women typically on guy enjoy that moment when they get off the table in there like I had no idea I could feel that relaxed again and then teaching them how to cultivate that self care and kind of and breathing exercise and all those things tio that they can heal themselves cool but it's just not fun I've been being in pain all the pit isn't on dh then this one is ah I think you these may be a target for any book that I drafted that's called corporate ho no mo like are you thriving are are you are you ninety five in or are you thriving on and so it's like women in their late twenties mid thirties who are you know have substance and style and they're kind of checking in on me like is this really what you want todo with my life or whatever and there's a laser cat eye which I got really excited laser it um and then this one just randomly popped up so this something about um corporate women who are traveling and are looking for like maybe wellness tours or something in seattle? This is one of those ideas I don't know about some party seems to know something yeah why yeah I definitely know like when you're traveling is like corporate road where can be really alright tio find activities to do so in seattle's agreed my office is on the water saddles a great place for like outdoor activities, so maybe some kind of like wellness tourism catered to corporate ladies okay cool so out of those three you're already working with the chronic pain folks raves and the one with the e book are those folks you're already sort of working with but want to serve them in a different way through a product yeah yes yeah because I keep getting at the when someone asked me something for week three times that I'm like ok, so I got ties third time yeah last week and they're like how do you have courage like going through when you quit your job and you don't know what with the next step is so so I think that's where like at least the book to start come to school you already have connections and relationships with them and yeah and kind of serving this in a different way yeah and hear the same questions well and then this last one we kind of don't know yet you feel like there's and need there but need to flush that out more yeah exactly the fine should we go over here? Yeah yeah okay um I'll start the one that I didn't finish and that is people who don't have enough time so my service would just help them streamline their shopping and their their image so that they don't have to go to every store and they don't have take so there's pictures of like a busy mom um um just people that look carried that one and they didn't have enough time to you finished on a portrait they need help but I'm here for that so that the next one is corporate people who are maybe maybe getting back into corporate or it doesn't necessarily necessarily have to be corporate just somebody who is looking for a professional and wants to portray that image so I have a little guy who's climbing up a wall so just people trying toe go further in their career the sun is people who are single or looking to date so single men and women and they're not really sure how to go in the dating world and put themselves out there this son is people who are health conscious or fitness contrasts so maybe they lost a lot of way or where they're starting to be more healthy so they're spending more time on themselves and the last one is creative people so photographers, videographers people who need an onset stylist okay, well and out of those are you already serving? All of them are um yeah in a way I'm starting to see which ones I like more but it's in a way it's a lot of these different disciplines I'm serving nasa, which are the ones that you enjoy working with us. I really appreciate people who are already putting the time into themselves because I know they value it and they're they're not just going to do it and then forget about it or I've had people before do it and then take back all the clothes the next day because they just, you know, got scared or they didn't want investing themselves so people who want to invest in themselves okay, great. So those are some things you might actually want to start writing down on the back of the cards too and we'll head into that exercise but just what you said seems important so yeah, yeah, definitely ok, so my potential customers or clients our creative magazine editors are directors, photography directors, business owners I added entrepreneurs people that air starting businesses that might need some more kind of candid photography for marketing purposes. Photo researchers and our virus cut up pictures lots of creative liking people um then this's just a funny little image that caitlyn found for me on and I just put this quote on it or this little caption that he's, the editor of a magazine that I wanted tio get an assignment with and he's so happy you the image is wishful thinking on this is just ah, an example of some magazines that I have images that I love her, you know, magazines that I would aspire tio work for today very cool that's it and one more thing I just want to say that like, I'm working mostly locally right now, but I so the perfect customer, I guess, would be more now national for sure yeah, so the local work you're doing is like client for local role models that he's not in the cards and culture magazine smallbiz you're building your portfolio cool okay, so hi everybody on the women are because they're having fun I don't think this will surprise anybody so my first client would be oga people who are, uh, feeling alive in their bodies and well in their spirits and I selected a group of portrait's that had people kind of representing a lot of age groups because I think people should be able to thrive and feel good at every age. And then I selected with caitlin's health I selected a guy who is, you know, maybe a little rubenesque and might want to kind of have some help with releasing weight but he's also really happy and that's important having happy clients because they're a lot easier tio work with her obviously and moms with you know, young children are older children that's an important demographic because it's important to me to have a ripple effect, you kids you know it's hard to work with one person at a time and make a big impact so mom's affect their their children's health and these are people who are thrilled they're feeling alive they're thriving, energetic so that's my success story and these air young couples who want children because you know, there's a lot of issues with birth defects and toxicity in our bodies and also just a lot of stress in their bodies, so I want to help people before they get pregnant, prepare their bodies for that process. And so this is ahh, brides, because they kind of fit into the same demographic girls who want to have children, and also brides tend to be really motivated and that's my ideal clients from his motivated and committed to really take in action because otherwise it really doesn't it's not a good match if they aren't motivated and committed, and this is a success story again fell on his feeling alive on free, physically, mentally, emotionally, and they're finally my last client is oprah winfrey, but the people in forbes magazine represent pete like the big dogs and joint partnerships with people who are influential because that way I can reach more people and make a bigger impact and hopefully have some abundance for foot more philanthropy, very cool. So with those I imagine, some of the different customers would be for particular services or products or they for everything what's your sense, it's, it's really? When you well, for everything, I mean, what I do it really tie most of it into, um, nutrition, and then I sprinkle in like, tools that I have with yoga and mindfulness to help people access their strength and to have more success with what they're trying to do because it's hard to I mean, everybody most people know how to lose weight, but when it comes to actually doing it, it's a giant internal process of beat transforming who you are on the inside, not just on the outside, right? So and then yoga, you know, not everyone who does yoga is going toe necessarily be interested in having a nutrition consultation, but it's, that is a little different because it's just health and wellness and got it yummy fun, right? Yeah. So there's going to be, like, different messages to these different, you know, perfect customers. That's true, kind of cool. Okay, so I chose is my first image, kind of just an image symbolizing may divorce and, um, not tow paint a depressing picture of marriage it but, you know, arguments and divorce happens, so these people look a little bit, maybe young to be fighting over house, especially where we're from. You think this is just this is kind of the theme, you know? And you know, if these people divorce and they'll need resource is and they'll need support, you know, the cross section, if you figure I have three categories of people I have people who are exploring divorce, people who are experiencing it and people who have gone through it it's a wide range it's a wide range of customers, so I'd like to just make sure that it that the appeal is diverse and it's broad s so everybody can get something from it. S o definitely I would like to appeal across races and across age demographics um I think you know, I don't really know, but my sense is that it's going to be more women than men at least initially it's going to take a different kind of marketing to reach out to guys, so I'm going to assume that the ratio was probably about four to one like seventy five percent women, so I've got eight here too, guys and I also was just thinking about in visioning the customer I would guess there probably will be college educated, they're going to be using the internet, they're going to be literate, they're going to be expressive on probably somewhere from middle and upper class and that's not to say that we don't want to appeal to people who haven't necessarily received a college degree for one reason or another or are working class because you know, divorce and cuts through all socioeconomic lines, but for this exercise if we're creating like a target or maybe the average customer that's what I'm that's what I came up with yeah thank you for that really cool this see all the different people you're wanting to impact and already are um I'm going to tee up the next exercise so that the incident can be working on that and then we'll check into chat I'm sure there's plenty there while energy there but I want to give these guys some instruction s so that we can check in on something after so to take this a step further and actually some of you guys have already done this kind of naturally on your own so this is just to help take it deeper in fact cathy when you're sharing your giving a little like backstory around them so that would be if you do you know I also think inwards creatively that you can do a character sketch and just write it on a separate piece of paper you can write it on a post it note and stick it on the back of the car or just write it on the back of the card if you're willing to commit to that but what I mean by a character sketch is kind of like a day in the life of this perfect customer s o maybe you know if you have multiple ones you might just want to pick one of them to experiment with this so I'll just read an example from the books he kind of haven't idea of what I'm talking about and then I think you guys can just kind of free form creative right? You could also just steve bullet points, but this is an example of you know cem sales us character sketch for a pet portrait photographer and this is totally made up it's fiction my perfect set of customers is a young separately mobile urban bear a couple starting their family by first adopting a dog. Rick and jessica are passionate about their peach jack during the day. While mom and dad worked at their corporate jobs their dog plays at a posh doggie daycare during the weekends they take jack to fort funston or he loves to frolic with other pups along the beach valuing fun adventure and freedom. Rick and jessica are active and like to be outdoors. They shop it, ari, I go to tahoe to ski in the winter and enjoy we can get aways were their dog can tag along they read wag and san francisco magazines. They have refined modern tastes and decorate their home in in the marina district with pieces from west elm and creighton. Barrel rika jessica want a fund meaningful and tasteful way to capture their favorite four legged friend on a film, so that just helps kind of capture their lifestyle where they get information where they like to hang out and it just makes them feel more riel so if you want to take a moment to flush one of your perfect customers out kind of in this way even if it's just you know list of bullet points or some words that might help bring them even more toe life and while you're doing that, we'll check in on line and see what's going on there with their perfect customer so thank you so much jennifer the chat room is teeming with right bring business plans collages awesome! I figured as much good really good stuff I've been seeing some gorgeous gorgeous our work I can't wait to see ok online people are putting on pinterest definitely go teo hashtag jennifer live and share stuff there s o we have some stuff in the chat room people were talking about their ideal customer and someone said I had my own ah ha moment while doing this I realized I want to attract people fun to work with who are happy and not victims were rather not dominated by any of this aspect the's people always find a way not to afford a service for themselves and this is from infinite happiness nice and beth olson creative who has been very engaged in paris shop says this exercise made me realize that maybe I'm targeting the wrong people this's brilliant instead of reaching out to bands who don't have much money she's a photographer maybe I should be talking to venues to hire me for my gosh wow congratulations that's great it's a great off, huh what else do we have in this? We have so much stuff going on here people talk about self doubt and limiting believes we have way have a question so dull project asks when a target market is too limited to sustain the business or when is a target market to limited or maybe niche to sustain a business I think you'd have to test it to find out I don't know there's a clear cut answer but you won't know until you try it out so I'd be curious if they feel like they're already there or it's more just fear of that happening something you obviously got a test because you khun obviously not have business if you don't have any on god and test good okay what else do we have? You know well I am cd says my perfect customer is who I saw coming into my vision studio yesterday yesterday's vision exercise no kidding I love seeing it come all to come together we were the oprah effect is in a in effect on the on the chat room people talking about that oprah would be their ideal client ah pam sandy said I'm finding that my perfect customer is just about the exact opposite of me and this says is anyone else finding this to be true interesting? You see a lot of that you know I haven't seen as much of that as oh this is actually mean that maybe has more money and is willing to pay or you know, some kind of aspect of being similar to you so that's interesting to know and I love to hear pam and pam high we we know you she's always on our lives change so she's always active I'd love to hear maybe more about that they're just so many are coming in it zain chief you are really excited I just I'm completely just in all of the artwork that's coming through okay with the customer portrait's beautiful eso I've been really impressed with that there's a big conversation on self doubt there is a big conversation going on about ok and healthy creativity can kind of preclude self doubt and I said you know someone's like what if you doubt yourself it's like keep your self pity busy because an idle mind goes to self help playground exactly exactly and surround yourself with supportive people supportive cohorts cohorts your cohorts greg d says I know how to make personas for other people's businesses but I have really have trouble identifying my own uh huh and hopefully that is why we are doing these exercises exactly and then you know I think one of the next exercises will do you might help flush that out just you'll see an example and maybe be able to do that for yourself oh, I was going to ask you know I'm curious it sounds like a lot of people are sharing their perfect customer images if for the folks online if it's now feeling more riel because they're seeing physical representations of their perfect customers so it's curious about that um and hopefully I love hearing how the big vision it's kind of circling back it's just like I said on the first day that all of these exercises relate to each other it's nonlinear you might jump back and forth and you'll start to see these connection points between the different exercises and more likable moments happen yes actually I read this I'm trying to find it right now they choose someone said that there their ideal customer was actually some so when they created during the visualization process yesterday right so it popped up in that visualization and so she just manifested it in this portrait exercise are you guys doing in studio here still furiously writing so you want to share one yeah, that would be great so roxanne is thirty two years old and has two young sons ages eight and four she got married too young for the wrong reasons and her husband uh as she and her husband drifted apart in a loveless marriage and struggled with financial issues. His repeated infidelities were the last straw and roxanne filed for divorce last year her husband is refusing to sign papers or see his sons and she feels overwhelmed and alone she's facing financial struggles and has fallen into a deep depression roxanne is a perfect candidate for someone to use divorce cafe she would log in she would create her profile she would give a little feedback about where she is in her situation she doesn't have to name names or anything doesn't even have to include a picture of herself if she wants to she could and she would start to tap into all the resource is that are available just today we got our first advice columnist who is just an amazing woman and gives fantastic, very folksy down to earth advice and roxanne could start asking her some questions about what it was like for her what advice she has and there there will be attorneys there will be mediators and there will be some resource is for roxanne to start making sense of what's going on and taking some concrete action steps what's so beautiful thank you for sharing that character sketch as you were reading this story of roxanne I'm sure some of us like oh my gosh like I'm right that sounds like someone I know and that becomes even more zeroes in on it in such a visceral way that we haven't touched on before and in fact it feels more real just hearing you speak this fictional you know written out piece but I'm sure for folks listening there's. A difference like it resonated in a different way. I even I felt all the things you were saying, like that, how painful it is. And so because you're kind of in the shoes of that perfect customer, you're going to be able to speak to her. You know, more effectively and really tie into that, you know, really connect with what she's going through, you know? Yeah, very cool.

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