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Limiting Beliefs about Money

Good morning, everyone so delighted to be here with you. So hi, everyone who's online. Good morning. Afternoon. Good evening from wherever you are really great to have you with us here in our circle, so I would love to just check in and kind of see we covered a lot already, right? We've done the big vision. We've done values. We've done what else? Passion and purpose proclamation getting the word out perfect customers. We've covered lots of ground and just wanted to check in with you on what you're learning. Maybe some action you took last night gave one little homework about maybe getting the word out in a small or big way curious here in studio and of course, online we'd love to hear from you as well. So I know rebecca, you had some stuff happened for you yesterday just by being here. Yeah, getting the word I was just happening. As far as getting the word out, I kind of made a little step towards the facebook like goal I got a handful of facebook likes, so that was exciting just bein...

g here and connecting with people on dh. Then the other thing, a couple people reached out to me and e mailed and both of them had connections or live in boulder on one of them actually super excited to connect with her she her name's joanna walker and it's j o h a and an a in case anyone online but she is ah she's, a writing teacher, a public speaking coach and an actress and she uses these methods to empower women and girls and so she needs some images for her website and so we're going toe connect and I'm also really excited to maybe collaborate with her cause I'll so do workshops with kids and photography and photo voice so yeah it's all about finding your voice and yeah, so I'm excited to hopefully help her out with her image me, I love that how it's like you weren't like doing anything in particular he didn't do some kind of sales pitch or anything you're just here talking about what your passion about talking about your vision for your business, what you're up teo and it attracted folks who want to be in your circle and yeah, that use your services and collaborate. And so the collaboration piece really fits nicely and be part of this afternoon with crawling you're already making it exciting thanks for sharing that members and I know a couple other people here also e I went home and I you know, I tried to do my twitter and I have to say I'm not real experienced a twitter but I got home and I was happy too steal a message from deborah from young swan's dizon designs excuse me she hasn't that's his shop and she's a photographer and has prince for sale on its yourself so deborah thank you appreciate hearing from you another funny thing that happened was I got a note from shawna from sweet river photo she shared it's too funny you know our collaboration when we did yesterday I was the role playing yes place gives me I was the prospective customer and shawna writes that her mother planned a double church garden wedding in hood river and her florist was lucy of informal floral flowers and is not too funny that's crazy it was a real story my nephew is cory my his wife is amanda and they got married hood river and so did she so funny yeah and see intuition yeah so thank you for sharing that shauna appreciate it was great it was to canada similar situation happened jodi from supreme piece yoga in louisville, kentucky she my perfect customer resonated with her being that she she moved from a more left brain job to a right brain job so now she doesn't know how to dress for creative professional you know mix so she were talking and you know she might come down to nashville and like services so thinks jodi that was really cool andi also the action step I took is I sent an article to msn living off of heroin for the best trips best dressed women at every age so I sent that last night cool way to kind of get that out there said oh my gosh you guys were taking action left right on I just love how the same thing like just sharing what you're doing sharing your passions and people are drawn to you just naturally I'm imagining there might be something child and folks you want to share perhaps let's see or anyone else here in studio one to share even an insight from yesterday well we have someone who joined us yesterday and said her name is your miss faith and she said jeff jennifer lee is definitely one of my new mentors for the new year oh the eyes awesome and daly's ruiz is from panama city is back with us and says working on all the collages and having some great revelations that we're so happy to see those on line two exactly yeah just looking at the hashtag I was peeking in last night saying some of those perfect customer portrait's and it just helps to bring those folks toe life see you know who you're reaching out to you very well today we've got jam packed lots of awesome stuff and really excited will be doing managing the move corralling your creative cohorts on action plans so really putting you guys are already taking action it's kind of like the plan in action go hand in hand in a way but we'll just do some formal teaching around around that and also, of course, um, right brain weighs so there's some little surprises during our last part. Okay, so we're gonna head into the mood he's to come on out here high a from a long line of a son. So tim cory is here to help us kind of capture some of our thinking visually. So of you guys heard of graphic recording before? Yes and no. Ok, cool. So can you tell us a little about graphic recording what you're going to different? So what I what I do is I capture in real time the thoughts, ideas, inspirations, the ah ha's that that you'll bring to the conversation on a large sheet of paper over here and create a graphic record, so to speak, and it's using really both sides of the brain to have more whole brain thinking. So it's left brain right brain integrated with pictures, words and colors exactly. So it's gonna be cool and it's going to be created as we go, we're co creating it. We have no idea what you look like. You guys are going to be contributing. You guys online are going to be contributing to this so it's going to be yeah, this math of all of our g c learning so very excited to have fun let's have fun so I'm a first time on creative live yeah what's the first thing this week all right so I think that is your spotted it serious ok cool. So one of the exercises I had you guys do last night homework was tio just kind of get on paper any limiting police around money abundance or numbers that kind of thing and I know you know what I mean by limiting beliefs that could be something like it's hard to make money my clients aren't gonna pay me what I wanted to charge you know any of that kind of stuff fall sound familiar yeah ok so what I like to do is get get them all out like cause we're going to dive into the financial piece and if we have any of that mental money baggage hanging around it's going to drag us down way don't want that here we want to start fresh so let's go get this on the table and then we're going work it here work it out so what kind of mental money baggage do you guys have? Kathy j wait this time I have two big ones because that work I can only earn money by doing something that I don't like and the other one is that my creations have no value wow and so those air to have worked a lot through them but those air ten too big on the t big ones okay so you need tio the only way to make money is doing something you know like and the other one is that my creations have no valuations have no value who on that one okay rebecca women even believe that I have is um I feel like I need a lot of money to get started and I like to invest in a good marketing materials jacquelyn so I kind of feel like I can't you can't start until do anything yeah you have like you know, a chunk of change and then in terms like getting the chunk of change yeah there's limiting belief around that right that's hard to get yeah it's just just downward spiral yeah okay francis I have this really weird when that money has no soul I guess really money has knows well you're sellout for one yeah yeah they have to attach some reason for one getting to have any money other you know and I have to justify why I would want any money value it in any way and then on dh that has sort of two heads too because the other side of me is like well duh of course you need money to do good in the world and then the other side's like but it's also evil and then the second he is that that I chose to professions that don't really make money that I chose wrongly by becoming a dietitian or yoga teacher so they were just shot poorly or serving they're not gonna make money okay way no that's we'll get to that you guys have some way all right? So ah first one is from bethel's and creative that there are too many photographers in the city and I can't make a lot of money as an artist we have joanna w her limiting belief is I'll always be poor money is something other people have and michelle in the uk who is a right brain business plan there says my mental money baggage I can't have everything for example lovely kids, friends and money that then I would be too lucky uh for me the biggest word around it is guilt gil gil associated with money like if you have my nation you feel bad that other people don't all do most of the world who does not have access to resources guilt is the wooden from way have indigo who says her limiting belief is that she has nothing of value to offer uh that like kind of hurts to hear you know nothing of value to offer. Okay. And nick seven one eight one says in this economy no one has money for extra stuff right kind of looking are at our financial trends and all of that so I think just like this start by saying that I don't have any limiting beliefs about money but I used to and so if everything's turned around really one hundred eighty degrees so but I'll share some of the limiting beliefs that yeah for sure and there's a lot of them but one of them that I'll share is that people with a lot of money or why don't we say rich people are generally masking greedy, paranoid and manipulative and so that was, you know, there's a there's a whole back story so that but that was one of my limiting believes for sure and not wanting to be associated not going to be that I think one that I used to have and kind of getting out of is that to have enough money to thrive you have to just be consumed by making money consumed just working yourself to the bone so I think a lot of people have that and then also that there's a ceiling of money of how much you can yeah, that whole idea of gosh you know yeah, I could make money but I'm gonna work my butt off to get in they can't enjoy it yeah we're just everything else would fall to the wayside tino at the expense of there's more over here way says she learned this from the dean of fine arts who presented at rbf a graduation you will be happy but you'll never make any money oh oh my god way have present arizona photo says limiting belief that it's always easier to be employed that owning a business takes a ton of passion and the willingness to work eighty hours eighty hours a week and that maybe that's too hard it's too hard and then there's some people who say mary m cd I'm not motivated by money uh yeah cathy did you have something there's a dam that nose and like massage therapy and like kind of healing arts that somehow if you're taking money for sharing your gift you're stealing stuff that that's there's some like there's some scarcity deal like in the industry that's connected with healing and accepting money like I just want to give me I just want to help you yeah he says I don't get francis so this actually just occurred to me that I should share is there is some shame for me around having money as a child and we grew up with money but most kids around us didn't have money in it felt judged that try and hide the facts that we have many of a train look like I was kind of poor and andi I find myself sometimes judging people who are flashy with their money and anything people who don't have money sometimes bury it like it's a across you know that they should be I don't know get some attention because they don't have money that's something that I perceived so there's a little shame around having money so shame on having money kathleen as an artist, I think it's hard to validate your worth your products what you've designed what you've created and putting a dollar figure on that and then accepting that it's worth that yeah, six of owning your work yeah hard on your work another good one online from the light matters who says money is like a drug it's highly addictive and it can prevent you from living your dreams by making we work in a job that you don't like? Well yeah, it kind of to feed off of that and other limiting belief from millie that I need to keep my soul sucking day job to afford to support myself everything else is secondary right? We're just like prisoner to our paycheck kind of thing yeah and another one that I saw that's interesting is we were talking about christie crisco blue yesterday was that I need a lot of money to start my business, right? Which is his book debunks that meth one hundred dollars started so yeah, yeah, but that whole idea of like, I can't even take that first step can't launch the web sites, they don't have this huge amount of cash in the bank and I would add to that actually marketing as well that you can't get no limiting belief that I'm not going to get new customers because I don't have money to invest in market kathy digits I think a lot of businesses reached a point where entrepreneurs reached a point where they either need to burst through and make more money to make it a business rather than a hobby or face the decision to go backto work for somebody else and that's limiting when you're putting that on either there or and actually you know, sometimes you can give yourself enough time to figure that out give yourself a year but maybe you need more than that maybe you need to give yourself morning yeah better think feel pressured by family obligations and, you know, helping with the finances so it's it's a bit of a burden you kind of yeah okay great no one of mine and it's it's not necessarily money related but it's certainly numbers is I suck at math you can add correctly like I just get all my mind gets in a brain fart about money or numbers or the finances so I have this limiting belief like I'm not smart enough to handle that piece anyone else relate to that? How would I counted when? How would I account it what I do and what would I do that being tracked keeping track of it? Yeah yeah, well me devil because when you have money you have responsibilities that come with it when you don't have money, you don't have to worry about that responsibility of how to handle it right okay did we exhaust the limiting beliefs it's pretty good so let's just take a look at what we've got so far we don't need to read through all of them maybe I'll highlight some of them my creations have no value money has no soul I have nothing of value to offer its greedy or negative to have money there's shame not smart enough. Okay, just checkin how are you guys feeling hearing all those words kind of girl so you've been carrying around that's kind of gross yeah it's mental money baggage we call it baggage for a reason because it's holding us back it's holding us down and just given like if you connect back with your big vision if you connect back to your perfect customers and how you wanted to help them this is not going to help you move forward with them, right? I think to once you put it down and once you read it they almost seems silly exactly like like like it's just this big black cloud but then when you look at him you're like, ok no that's not right that's interesting to see how universal they are, right? We've got people from around the world participating online and we all relate to these things that's kind of ingrained in our psyche and yet when we put him up on paper and then read them just like caitlyn says it it kind of takes the power away because we're recognizing like oh that's what's going on and actually that's not true for me right now that's I khun separate myself from that that's it might perhaps have external forces actually saying these things to you right? Some folks who maybe aren't on the entrepreneur path you mean you don't get it c actually made get reinforcement on some of these things nathan like yes yeah right and that could be hard so which is it why it's so great to be in this kind of community where other people are striving for something different right where you're wanting tio throw away these limiting beliefs and move to something more empowering so that's what we're going to do next that we can have a great bass and foundation rebecca's like yesterday about limiting stuff so what are some refrains or you know, we could reframe some of those specifically or just ways that you can think in an empowered way about money so affirmations about money and abundance so when I you know, I was just saying I bring value for my creations like and just awesome owning that I bring value with my career, my crazy or my creations and owning it yes, maybe just that when when you win everybody else wins, huh? You know the idea that just because you're making money, that doesn't mean you're taking it away from somebody else here contributing to the world's by doing that? Yes, you're told you're contributing to the world in fact, you know if you end up making even more than you had put on your goal, you can donate that to your favorite charity or you can maybe hire someone on dh help them out in terms of getting their work off the grounds there's lots of ways to contribute alleys this decline a piggyback off caitlin you look at it it's kind of like a gratitude thing like oprah and all of these really big names they're making money, but they're putting more money into the world into charity yeah on so it doesn't have to be in evil thing, right? It could actually be something that is that is good yeah lead to something good and I think is right brain entrepreneurs because we're so values driven it's such a a great thing tio know that that's a part of our success though we can then invest in other people in our cause is all that kind of good stuff? Yeah, for me having having the framework of this is how I can add value to the world if I'm making an abundance of money I can contribute to these organizations that I care so deeply about and that for me is gonna huge motivation tio get working so that I can create that value and bringing share the abundance and also it's really helped me work through that old dialogue about what money means to me which has been huge great way have a question okay great or actually nathan hale mentioned that he no longer has a right to limiting beliefs and someone is asking how did you overcome those sure um I read a book on dh it was a book that I used to just see on different people's desks and bookshelves and I just thought it was you know my limiting beliefs stopped me from reading it it was very I just what I used to laugh about it now let's be nauseated by huh and it changed my entire mindset and it's called millionaires mind my harv eker and it's it's just it's a great book I mean if you're serious about making money and uh and you're not and you're ready to give up all the shame you're ready to give up all of those limiting beliefs which you know a lot of us have and for good reasons I mean there's reasons that we have those beliefs uh but if you're serious about making money and then doing good things with it uh millionaires mind it was life changing for me thanks for sharing a resource that's great actually have it here you have it here okay so maybe they can look at it here in this to you on break um how about one of like my perfect customers are ready and willing to pay me money for my gifts something like that yeah, yeah, totally I'll take that yes, please. And it's so it's so much easier when you think of it that way all of us here have something to offer we all have gifts we all have talents if we conserve yeah then we get rewarded yes for serving and it really makes sense it's a symbiotic relationship, right? Like I'm coming from a place of serving and I'm open to receiving totally backing off of that I think realizing more value I'm adding to the world that's reflected in my income so if I'm giving what I think I want to give tio a lot and affecting a lot of people, I'll see that unlike in my bank account statements conversely, if you still conversely negative is I'm not seeing the money and what I must not be worth it so let's so you see, you just flipped it, which is great. Yeah, we're staying here in the affirmation piece. Yeah, but it's interesting to notice like that we can easily like go to the negative side of it too because it's kind of like what we're used to yeah, I'm so it's great with it anymore here this so this affirmation side is looking a little weak comparing to limiting police wearing a jew and a w that said you know, first she slogged through doing everything herself, but once you started hiring people to do the work that they're good at, it freed up a huge weight for her. More clients are seeking awesome so like I have enough money to invest in services or help me grow my business like kathy day do you want to talk about that? Oh yeah, yeah yeah okay. What said I just did that in my business I just hired my first therapists and it was a really big so they were noticed my clients were saying I want weekend appointments and I really wanted tio be with my family on weekends that was really important to him but I wanted to serve my clients as well. And so it took a big leap of hiring someone which for me was a big letting go of control of feel like, well, they will they be good enough like this's my baby, this is the first person I'm bringing in right very personal business um it's been fantastic it's just passive income I get to be with my nieces on sundays and he's amazing that he's growing his own business and he's going into person to said so really it's been one of the best things ever just to bring that one person this total in that that world it's like a win when everyone yeah yeah it's a lesson a lesson around that is you have to give up a little bit of control and reach out reach out for money reach out I don't even call a money I'd call it abundance exactly so reach out for abundant can and like you said you received trusting, trusting, trusting in receiving yeah you know I love that you're saying abundance because when you're saying money here I mean money truly is like an exchange of energy right or there's exchange of value you have something that someone else values and then you get to receive it and take care of yourself payer bills are maybe, you know, treat yourself to something nice or contribute to another cause that's really that money flow exchange of energy I just want to note that people are already really loving the visual yes yeah and this is just just beginning just beginning and there's like more that's going to be reforming and maggie says my information from the millionaire mind so there are several people who whose yeah that read the book is that I control the money money does not control me that's great I control money money does not control me s when you mentioned that I as an affirmation I am good at I can just use tools and resources to help me exactly there are calculators they're bookkeepers and county oh exactly I love that yeah, he had something. How about one that I really like that harvey also points out, is where where you're entered, where your attention goes, energy flows and so you can focus on, you know, my limitations and what's not really working recon flip that and focus on what is working and how can I grow more that? How can I feel more abundant? The one of my practice is been to just treat myself to weekly massages and you upgrade and not always go for the cheapest thing on the menus for a little morning and should a tip more generously so that I feel more abundant that's been helpful, right? So, like I'm coming from a place of generosity or something abundant london hiring help has been a big step forward and feeling more abundant. It's so true that investing in your business it just helps you grow so much and you're helping other people totally, yeah. So in your kits, for those of you in studio, you have a little card it's toward the back of the kit that says affirmations and if you just want to jot down any of these that really resonate with you that you want to make sure you're kind of keeping close at hand, it's kind of maybe slightly turned back exactly, and for those of you on on the internet you can just doodle them you know with colorful markers on a piece of paper add them to your collage just have them somewhere near buys that you can reference throughout the rest of today and of course through your business because these kind of things they're going to come out for you hit you know you hit that brick wall on and it's helpful to have these affirmations with the guys have it looks like this yeah you don't have to use it but it's a nice little card to take with you um yeah rebecca you can totally out and we can add to it throughout the day as well it's not not gonna end here tim is with us all day so I'm the one that people feel there's maybe too many photographers or too many massage therapists or whatever I think it's important to remember that everyone has different skills to offer and you know you know everyone's unique and so you can really find that like you're you're special kind of you know get it you get into like there is enough yeah right yeah there's another so sir that's right yeah it's totally big one at least yet have a good ones money comes easily and frequently secret yes that is a great many comes easily into frequently it was something that I heard I'm incredible I've actually soup rice she talked about how you will only receive as much as you put value on what you're giving so the more you put value on what you're giving the more you are able to then receive yeah for yourself exactly but so that for me would be I have value what I offer has value I have value what I offer has value and so I love that you brought that up because on day one we spent so much foundational time really getting in your bones how much what you're doing is of worth and value how passionate you are right and so that's going to be that touchstone for you I'm always come back to that so it's one of those right brain boosters if you're feeling the left brain you know kind of judging or going to the limiting beliefs you can without your big vision clause you khun look at your values and connect back and know that you are offering something valuable to the world very cool great. So are you guys feeling looking at what we have here? I know tim still kind of flushing it out but what are you noticing now that we've kind of looked at both and are stepping into this affirming piece wait so much higher residents or higher gas seas and that like feeling that way overprice yeah there's like even energy room yeah cancels without well it's even it cancels it out plus it yeah I mean the energy here is more opens you guys look a little bit more sparkly no there's more smiles so there's just more positive energy and how great to come from this place of affirmation as we move into coming up with you know, the different pricing structures and all that and companion believing in these affirmations yeah leaving and living and breathing them right? Because it's really about sure you could think these mean the one thing about affirmations is it's one thing to say it to yourself but if you don't believe it and you don't take action in accordance to it, you're still going to be stock right? So it's not just a matter of writing it down on card and then you're gonna become rich it doesn't work that way it's really that frame of mind to them take the action to build the business, to be reaching out and connecting with your perfect customers. So it's like that come from place so I'd like for you guys we internalize it and also take action from it I don't necessarily feel that it's a numbers game as faras balancing both sides yeah, I kind of look at the limiting beliefs as like mental chatter and a lot of insignificant insecurities and that can be you know you khun could be as tall as mount everest I only think it takes one on the aftermath inside and only takes just very simple belief which is you know whatever works for you, but for me it really I can do more good in the world with more money yes and less money and it's not simple that's it that it's one and all right, so there could be five hundred on there will be right? Yeah, I love that and they love hope he has the front the picture of the friends over there with belief in the middle because what I feel and what I've the feeling that's been growing for me around money, love and relationship is though you're embracing this new partner in your life you're saying him recruiting you let's do this great thing together and you're creating a loving relationship with abundance exactly yeah exactly money becomes your friend abundance becomes your friend and how's he going to pay you develop a relationship, check out your balance sheets and what do you know where daddy just look cool like that? I have a lot coming in. Okay, great let's hear on my online well and spiral blue says what he or she is realizing is that my past financial life does not guide my future financial life that's great way! Have we have diane along long drin photograph e a photographer excuse me affirmations work better when you are in a place of believing if you're coming from a place of negative and a girl without a plan, right? Cleo girl without a plan says I realized that I cancel out every positive with a negative thought it's looking at how we yeah with both of these and d c t designs there is no limit to what I can create no limit to my success no limits to my greatness awesome so the sky is blue thing universe provides for me I am safe universe provides I say yeah, you know, I think there's a lot about, like, the whole security thing and so just knowing you're you can be taken care of, right? Sister afro who has been with us through this is the internal conversation that I have had with myself for the last few months. This is really hitting home for people out there. Yeah, and we have a drug talk tv. It is never too late to become the person you were meant to be nice. I well, that that it's even beyond like money is just about becoming who you are. Yeah, really cool just letting that sink in and resonate because what a cool place to come from. Do you think that you're noticing tim from just writing these things down and what you're seeing here well and the importance of relationship and you're really calling that out that it's not just about the individual it's about following your passion and making that really come to life in an authentic way in the world. And when we do that, we bring people around us because they want us to be successful. And so I really see relationship in what you're talking about, and the importance of balancing the limiting and the affirming that the limiting house wisdom to share with thus to give to us, as well as the affirming of letting the wisdom. Let the limiting be wisdom to move us into the affirming and to live out the affirming in a more full way.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!