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Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. For those of you watching on different time zones so thrilled to have you guys here for three days of roll up your sleeves. Fun, creative business planning. Um, I know that we did some interests here and got to know you, but I love to hear a little bit of what you guys are interested in learning and then what I'll be doing is going through in this little bit, talking about what the right brain business plan is and kind of what will be covering for today. But for those of you watching at home, really excited that you're here, I know that we've got some of our right brain business plan alumni and facilitators in the audience. So if you want to type that in and say hi that's, good to know who are kind of tribe who's with us here, and if all the new people who are here really pleased to meet you, I'm excited to get to know you throughout these three days and really excited tio get to know you guys here in studio, and we're going to break out the ...

crafts and get your business visions riel on on paper so that you can start taking action, frances, like, hey, very cool. So I'd love to hear just what you guys are excited about what you're looking for today before I could get in just fresh, you know, here this morning what you're looking for, what you're excited about. I really did have a strategy for my for my business on really good at executing in coming up with a lot of ideas, but I feel like I'm kind of going all over the place I'm really looking forward to having some kind of left brain strategy in a rate brain format you're in the right place it's really similar I feel like there's an entrepreneur, I have so many ideas and inspiration that just pops in and it's beautiful and exciting I need a way to anchor that, okay? And create a road map up so that it's like not stressful to help manifest what I think I want to bring to fruition cool, so roadmap bring bring it to life the action part cool? Yeah kind of focus on what you're trying to do and not get distracted with all the other little ideas that come up and a kind of stand track. Yeah, the bright, shiny object syndrome is that a lot of creative affraid angle I'm looking forward to the collaborative aspect of this workshop and getting feedback on ideas and just kind of putting some ideas out there hearing what you and the rest of the class thing great, yeah it's a perfect format for that people already trying a I e you know what? They are excited of dugit so we have beth bolson creator who has been here before. She lives down in oregon great setting a plan to accomplish the goals that I set, getting the ball rolling towards checking things off that list for marketing. Ok, well, that'll be tomorrow with the marketing I thought wonderful! We have a d m rs zero saying excited because the regular boring on paper writing out stuff just really isn't for them it doesn't inspire and the plan just gets forgotten in the quarter of the house does not motivated. So obviously people are looking to get motivated by the right brain business plan. Excellent luli more we have a couple more because people are timing and already which I love to see. Jeanie says hi from argentina wow, I would like to know how to start a business plan so many ideas, but I don't know how to put them together. That's probably the most basic thing for all of us exactly is how do we put them together? I'll just basically say here that the people are looking for the right main business plan and just to kind of reiterate those left brought rain type plans really don't inspire don't let it so people are looking to get motivated this weekend excellent we can do that I think and other folks here did you want tio one of those people who creates a to do list and loves like checking things off I knew more intuitively and visually so having a visual plan keeps me more motivated than I can check one more thing off it doesn't seem right you know yeah I'm looking for specifically to the marketing aspect as well and kind of figuring out how to present yourself as a business and how to reach out to the right clients they kind of said it already on the internet that sort of getting my thoughts organized somebody ideas scattered and exactly as this right brainers dio really cool so I think given all that we definitely will be covering that throughout these three days on I love that you guys were hitting on certain things like the marketing the action stuff so that kind of like day two and day three today is really about getting clear what that big vision is having that foundation for the rest of this course and for the folks at home you guys will be going along right beside us doing the crafting and all that good stuff so looking forward to that I loved me then that you brought up you know the feedback the community is asking for help piece and I have to share with you guys last night I had a date with destiny literally like I had no idea this would happen I booked myself a massage because I like to do self care today's friday right like with today's fight and normally I d like self care friday and of course I need to be here which is really exciting and great and I needed to see like take care of myself my energy before hands I booked a massage went to the spa and I met the massage therapist and she's like hi my name is destiny I have this fantastic aromatherapy massage and after I was done you know you have that like post massage bliss like brain fog right? So I'm like walking out and there's like this maze of doors to get back to the lobby right? And so she's helping me x and like I don't know where I'm going like destiny thinking is you're here because I would get lost in this maze thanks for your help and she's like, well, isn't that why we're all here for to help each other? Wow thank you e went on I journal all sorts of stuff from that I thought how appropriate because that's what being in community here you know live together in person and also for those of you at home having, you know, thousands of people coming together this part of what makes the right brain business plans so special and unique and engaging is because that creativity helps us see new ideas and perspectives and there's going to be plenty opportunity to share and to learn from each other and help each other. So I'm going to ask you guys here in the studio to be really helping each other timing in, you know, you're obviously learning for yourself, but being that sounding board for your fellow right brain entrepreneurs it's going to be so valuable, you know, we're so used to sitting, you know, in our home office, maybe by ourselves in front of the computer going, I don't know about this, I don't know what I'm doing, and so what a great opportunity to be here with other people who are kind of exploring similar things may be different industries, different businesses, and yet you guys were all bright people with lots of different backgrounds and, you know, for the folks watching online, too, so we're all here to help each other and to learn from each other, so we'll take that message from destiny. So as we go through our three days together, there are a few kind of guiding principles that I would like to have us hold together here and and the first one is to trust your intuition, right? This is a very creative process, and some of the things you know are left brain wants to make sense for things all the time on dh so we're really inviting in the right rain to come play and trust the intuition so things may not make sense right away and that's okay right there is no right or wrong way there's no right or wrong way to approach your business to do your business planning really anything goes and that's part of that trusting your intuition ok. So there's no right or wrong questions to ask there's no right or were wrong to construct your business plan so free permission here. Okay, the other thing I ask for you guys is to hold this process lightly just kind of like ironic because when you think of business planning is like oh, this heavy thing business planning and like I have to get it right and so we're going to kind of let that go open it up and just trust hold the process likely that relates to allowing things to unfold right? So this process is non linear okay so we are going to cover different modules which will go into in a little bit so you get kind of a lay of the land but things kind of build on each other so you might learn something about your perfect customers but then later on realized oh that helps me realize and other offering that I wanna have so kind of all feeds on each other and so just let it unfold and of course get messy and have fun and I think we have plenty of things around us to help with that, and I hope for those of you at home, you have all your goodies and supplies at hand so you can join in the fun. Tio all right, so, you know, we're here for a right brained business plan. What is the business plan? You know, why do we need one? Um and actually, I think they're I think you've done a business plan before, right? Do you mind just sharing with us a little bit about that and it's interesting to hear some examples? Yeah, definitely. Well, my undergraduate is in business, so when my favorite classes was an entrepreneur shit class and and yeah, I love that experience because I got to be very creative, but I still felt like and it kind of kept you into a mold of what you what you had to do. So after school, I was inspired on an airplane on guy pulled out the little bag and front and started writing on all my business ideas is really impromptu. So through that the last years have been from that business plan that I created on the back of a bar fact, I was watching your video like I think she means she read a business out of our e still have that I still have that in my file, so I go back everyone, so I'll look at it and just see where I've come from there cool anyone here in the studio who's done like a formal this business plan like the banker kind. Now I'm curious of anyone online if you guys want to share that, too just would be helpful to kind of know where people are coming from and mostly people who are attracted to the right brain business plan is just looking for a place to kind of put your ideas on paper and kind of know where you're going. So I like to think of a business plan is just really a road map to your success, so and I think they're francis sorry, rebecca, you said road map, right? And so yeah, so it's really helping you kind of go from, you know, point eight feet so it's also getting clear about the vision for where you're wanting to take your business, you know where you're headed and then the steps along the way to help you get there. The other thing that's great about having a business plan is it helps you test out your ideas, you know, does this make sense? You can have all the great ideas in your head right about like, oh, I could do this and that I can help these people but if it's all in your head it's hard to know how it all fits together you know, does this make sense and then you know there's also the balancing working on the plan but then also being out in the real world working with people and seeing are people going to pay for those do they like this? So while we're working on a plan here, I'm also going to be interjecting and emphasizing I'm taking action because we can get kind of wrapped up in just making a plan and not doing anything so it's also a way that it could have helped make it real all right, so then we have ivy lee who says I had a business plan but it couldn't figure out the financials even with a template from my local score and then we have, uh, let's say you guess the sounds familiar dance dozy a dance I have found myself procrastinating when it comes to sitting down and making a plan right until the other night. Oh until the other night when I started my big vision collage sweetie, I have just laying the day only says I've tried to write a business plan, but it was so people like I just I'm just so visual I definitely think right, yeah, yeah sorry, we're just fixing elisa is mike, man, this is what happens during the live way like to get that out on your first day snake getting out of the way. All right, so one more, I have done the rainy day stores as I haven't accounting background, and I'm on my third business. I have found that a regular business plan doesn't inspire, but I have vision boards that have helped. The only problem is that I'm not very crafty, but vision boards do seem really helpful to me. So thank you all for timing, and this is great to see everybody already super engaged. Yeah, exactly. Um and you know, that point about like, I'm not crafty, doesn't matter this it's kind of like that hold the process lightly. It's not about the end product. We're not trying to create a masterpiece here with your right brain business plan, you know, it could be scribbles on the back of a napkin. It could be notes on a bar, but, you know, again, permission and the other thing that I love is that people are saying about how, you know the plan can feel intimidating. So this hopefully will be really accessible for you guys s o this last point here is about communication tool for asking for funding. But it sounds like for a lot of folks here you know, maybe you're self funding and it's really a tool for you personally to know where you're taking your business andi we'll talk a little bit about that on day three but it's not like you're going to walk into the bank with your collage right way will be covering financials from a right brained way on the third day so far we kind of covered this already in terms of what stops creatives from doing a plan you know, the first one is we're just intimidated by traditional plans now when I first left my corporate job back in it was two thousand six I went to the library and I checked out like all these books about starting business you know, writing business plans and I was so overwhelmed and thinking it had to like look a certain way and this binder filling out all these templates and just like the folks were saying in the chat but I started and then I just stopped because it became too complex and overwhelming so it's intimidating and we think it needs to look a certain way like in my head because I came from corporate we had all these strategic plans that were in like three inch binders, right filled with spreadsheets and all of that kind of stuff of course no one looked at them, you know, maybe once a year I actually did one I kind of tried to take myself through a template filled out some long war document printed it out and then like never looked at it again so finding this new way of doing it really helped me have something that inspires me. The other thing is we're just so busy doing our passion right, doing our creative work that who has time to be sitting there working on a business plan especially if it's this boring dry wind that you know makes that's one of gag. So so how about finding a way to bring what you love into how you were thinking about your business and planning for your business sounded yeah, any other reasons why you guys maybe have not done business plan that we haven't covered we could probably read off with more from all okay, we're very there are a lot of people about oh here's a good one electric son creatives what stops me from creating a business plan the fear of failure ultimately because it's such a huge step forward, right? Right well give me the courage I need because it seems so attainable that's what we're here for that is what we're here for a lot of procrastinating are a lot of just the number side the financial side is scary yeah I love that part and we get to you like I love the part about if I put it down on paper, that kind of makes it realized that seems scary and that's ok, I think the more that you can engage with your idea and kind of get it out there in the world, the more you're going to learn from it and feel comfortable and so that's, what this process will help with and in terms of the numbers will have some right brain ways to kind of dip your toe insley feel more comfortable and a lot of it is just feeling more confident about your own abilities as an entrepreneur and how you're right brain nous is actually an asset is I think we tend to think oh business needs to be left brain I don't know number so you know I suck at this andi actually, you have lots of talents that can help you. All right? So we've been talking, you know, right brain left brain and I know sometimes actually even this morning elisa was like, which one is which e I want to make sure that we are clear about that the left brain is really that logical analytical linear structure data kind of way of looking at things right, which is great and it's all good, right brain is a creative visual kind of non linear emotion big picture can a freeform um you guys seen my mike here e can decide you know which one I'm feeling so you know we're talking a lot about right and left brain and this process because you know, it's called the right brain business plan but it doesn't mean that were bashing the left brain on the left brain is bad right? Left brain is also our friend, especially when it comes to business with this process though because you know, we often think of business as left brain the way of looking at it differently here and making it accessible and fun for us is starting with the right brain first, right? So we're engaging with that creative intuition using visuals, tapping into the emotion so that we can have a strong sense of where you want to take your business, what excites you about it so that when you're ready to start implementing you can, you know, make business buddies with your left brain and start to get the actions rial and done right? But I think a lot of us I think business, you know, I've got to be professional got to think about it in a certain way and do the, you know, try and go at it from the left brain first and then we just freeze right? So matter of kind of making them play nicely together how many of you guys feel like you're more right brain yeah must look a more left brain e I think we can be a mixture of both and really it's learning how to tap into which side is going to help you in that situation all right cool so in for the folks in studio we have a little card in your baskets there's going to be a little wrestling so I'm going to ask you to find this card in your basket that looks like this so this is the right brain entrepreneur badge of honor exactly it's a little postcard if you can't find it that's ok, so and actually can you guys read it from where you're sitting or is it too far yeah ok let's do that so this is something that can be kind of a guide post for us as we're going through our three days together and this is just a reminder you know the strengths of being a right brain entrepreneur so that I'd like to do is all start off but I love for each of you and maybe we'll just go from kathy in the lying down here to read off one of the bullet points or we can go from nathan so right brain entrepreneur badge of honor as a right brain entrepreneur I celebrate the courage it takes to follow my heart and pursue my passions define my own success embrace my intuition to help me innovate, create and problem solve, inspire and empower others through my creative freedom of expression live and work in alignment with my values and make a positive, meaningful impact with my business play an important role in pioneering a new way of working that values creativity and right brain genius. Yes, my creative work matters. So that's just something for you guys to canoe. Yeah, I love that ranch is a badge of honor. Yeah, how is it making you feel like just it just feels so connected for me because I would always doubt my intuition. So I think this is something that helps remind me of what I'm trying to bring back is just all the parts of me on all the parts of me. Yeah, that integration cool. Yeah, so this is just a reminder. You can pin it up. It can become part of your right brain business plan, and if you have anything to add to it it's, it can be a work in progress or joint, um, joint badge of honor.

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Learn how to grow your business in a profitable, sustainable way using that unique, imaginative brain of yours.

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Holly Danger

This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!