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In the big vision there might be some values that surface you may not even realize it and so as we go through this, some things may emerge and I think it's important to spend some time here because as business owners, you know, your business is going to probably reflects me your personal values so your core values are what is most important to you, okay, it's like the thing that brings meaning to your work it's kind of what makes you tick what you and your business stand for, ok, so I'm kind of the tenants of of your business, so when we think of you think of certain brands like you could almost tell what their values are oh, those apus service right services like their number one value, they have all sorts of things, like be fun or b be weird, I think is another one of theirs, but obviously if you've ever interacted with suppose you get that in the customer experience, right, what about tom's? She haunts? Yeah, the whole thing about giving back right? Totally starbucks starbucks yeah,...

thank you. People are timing in, uh with some examples. Yeah, big vision is saying tied, tied and cheers, they must value cleanliness if you talk, give us some examples give us the what that value that whole foods is exactly right that's like community organic yeah all that stuff so just like this office example it says you know what? What customers experience when they interact with you so you know, being on the phone with suppose the customer service is excellent and they like expedia did my shipping and all the stuff to make the experience really support their value of service the other reason why it's important to be really clear about your values and to know here's what is important to me here's what makes me tick is to help you make authentic decisions and we talked about this a little bit earlier today of like, oh my gosh have so many ideas I don't know which option to choose I don't know what's next a great place to come back to is how does this align to my core values you know, does this option meet you know the core values is this other option not even relate to the core values? So it's a kind of a way to help you filter and make decisions because it can be overwhelming right with all the ideas that we have that's why it's a nice tool to get clear on them so tio get clear on your car values we're just going to dio I'm going to pose some questions to you and I'd like free did just journal some answers to this to see you can kind of get some memories or ah experiences toe work from ok so for those of you at home I'm gonna read off some of these questions to you and you can just journal as you go all right so we're frakked back on a time when you were on top of the world so like when you felt totally alive and this could be it could be like a big event that happens you know uh maybe it was like when you graduated or when you had your first kid or you know maybe it's something related to your work could also be something more day today you know, quote unquote mundane like I really felt on top of the world when I was hiking with my dog yesterday you know so it doesn't need to be like a big thing that's kind of my point here it's just you felt really alive okay? And so when when do you feel most fulfilled and write a little bit about what that felt like and what you were doing all that kind of good stuff so I'll give you time for that and then we'll we'll go to that next set in a bit and so for the folks at home online you khun you know right in the chat if you've been journaling yourself you might not want to throw in some highlights there of you know sometimes he felt on top of the world what were you doing would it feel like okay, so maybe another minute or so on that then we'll move on to the next question okay, you can wrap that thought up another way to look at values is things that frustrate you or upset you're just really make you angry, right? Like I hate when except that you know, this thing happens that's often an indicator that one of your core values is being stepped on or violated or something's not being met, right? So think about things that frustrate or upset you just that might just be like a brain done. You might have a long list of lots of things. Things upset you, but mostly like the things that just really get under your skin. So jen, do you wanted us to read out some of the ones from the first section while people are working on the second one? Sure, we could do that. Okay, fabulous. So that the rainy day store says this is this is this is cool standing on a roman bridge in spain knowing that I was touching something made thousands of years ago, I was touching history and a culture that's feeling on top of the world really local call history we have one from indigo saying hiking back up from the bottom of the grand canyon by myself, feeling so strong and so free a moment of epiphany on the trail realizing who I am when no one else is around powerful, beautiful, amazing and into go I did the same things, so I feel you there that's wonderful, right? That is so cool. Laurel says that touring with my jazz quintet after release we released our cd. It was thrilling, but most especially it was a time of wonderful friendship collaboration inspiring each other and being amazed by each other's room is interesting to see where some people's are by them. Salomon stalls and summer with me and I was just gonna point there's like that was like the underneath that some of the values I'm hearing from this last person who shared about the music is like collaboration, connection. So we're starting to see bubble up the core values and those things. I'm sure there are other times in her life where she felt that too very cool. Yeah, we have a good one here from graphics tins. Zinner is a german. When oprah read something I wrote and said on her show these air great questions, good job share in m I was living off that for over a week. That is so amazing that's called the oprah effect it's told that for a fact that also of this impatient so I'm assuming is a yoga instructor because he or she says when a student tells me how yoga has changed their lives and how they didn't know they could feel so this good? Yes, there's something around like having impact yeah, right, but I'm hearing from that well, so I'd love teo, you just wrapped so good to wrap up that man there's long list of things that have sent you, I love to hear from, you know, maybe one or two of you just this first one when you felt most fulfilled and kind of describing it I loved, since we can be more in dialogue so harder to do with the chat of starting to pull out some of the words so ultimately what you're going to have is like a list of some core values. So kristen hashimoto's here she's got things on here like appreciation, family humor, open mindedness, respect to gratitude, sustainability, hard work so you're gonna want to start surfacing those kind of words and talking through this first part of what fulfills the most will kind of help that, so I kind of want to help pull it out for you so we can see the process work a little bit makes sense, ok, so who would like to kind of go through this with me, kate lynn sweet I reflected back when I was able to go shopping with a gentleman who he had just lost over thirty pounds and he was had all these goals he wanted to me I'm career wise so we went shopping and it turned out to be wonderful like he was so happy I felt like he valued my service and I felt like I was inspired by helping him reach his goals afterwards eso just that back and forth of he valued my service and I valued helping him what he was going to go ahead go forth and do with that yeah what did it feel like for you to be helping him um exciting um like like very natural very comfortable also made me feel like um I was kind of tapping into what he was feeling so I was mostly thinking like ok how is he feeling now is comfortable he is he enjoying listen that type of stuff so so I'm hearing something for you around hot like understanding or listening kind of yeah so you're not in your head so what how would you say that? New words empathizing yes, yes yeah and just finding where their fears are and what's kind of holding them back and how I can help them see themselves differently uh you know through image and through fashion so that they can get past those barriers great so there's the empathy part there's also something about the last part you're saying can you say just a bit more because I, um about the style and like them yeah, yeah um does that helping them reach their goals is big for me too, so knowing kind of where they want to go in the future and helping them and encouraging them through that and then just being empathetic and listen to their fears so sounds like there's also something about that really excites you of helping someone go front like reaching goal or transition like you're helping them through a process um so words that are coming up for me, I don't think they're quite right, but and it's not, but achievement or something accomplishment I don't know what what your language might be for that, um, like for them, I think the potential maybe like helping them reach their potential and what what goals they want to reach in their life. So how is that important to you? How is important to me? Yeah, um, because I feel like if I can empower them, then that great, you know, that's that's the goal. Awesome. So I'm hearing yeah, she gets a yes from empowering them. Yeah, so I couple of the core values that are just surfacing, your empathy, empowerment like you're empowered when people are in our like that really excites you it fulfills you to see them empowered and making these changes in their lives and showing up in in ways yeah that's cool thanks you guys got to see how that works pretty cool we can probably go on and I just wanted to make sure that so it helps to kind of talk through and so for the folks and chat as you're sharing if you're noticing someone else like mentioned something and you said oh that sounds like this value share it because sometimes we need it reflected back in order to get that clarity there may be one more person who wants to go through it quick or weaken then move to this this way quickly say the last time I felt on top of the world was four hours ago five hours ago walking here to this class say more about that I mean waking up from the hotel waking up at six thirty in the morning leaving my hotel it was a half on hour walk here it's thirty two degrees out here I am in a brand new city walking downtown the entire city is alive it's waking up and I'm taking a big scary but fun exciting first steps towards launching a startup that I think is going to be enormous and super helpful to a lot of people and change my life in order is so what's not to be excited about that starting the journey thing thank you for sharing that appreciate us so awesome and, you know, to pull some values out of that I mean, it sounds like what about that was important for you? Well, I mean, taking it's a risk it's taking a risk and it's making myself vulnerable and uh um and it's taking a leap and part of that is I didn't really necessarily want to uh uh coming to this workshop, I was pretty scared about it. It wasn't you know, I was thinking about this workshop in terms of for someone else and then ended up being that I was selected uh, so I really didn't know what to expect so there's fear of the unknown and then any time I think you face your fear and you go through it on just trust the process there's some there's merit in that it's because you a lot about just success and self knowledge and confidence, right? Trust and faith those kind of key emotions and feelings. So you guys heard that multiple times trust raid so there's something for you about important about trusting the process trust in yourself and I think that relates to what your business is about to like people making this big life transition and trusting that's the right process for them and trusting themselves as they move forward yeah, beautiful, thank you very cool kathy yeah, well I'm just agreeing with I don't feel sometimes I can express myself very well and I'm really impressed with all of you who can really get those feelings out and it's hard sometimes you know people yeah, especially as an artist and it's all fate personal congratulations what's coming up for you right now oh, well mine is minus pretty personal it's when I adopted my two children and I just felt so blessed yeah yeah it's like you can tell when something is really important because it's like tender yeah yeah do you mind if I take a little bit too soon to say stuff here for you oh yeah heart along I just felt so fulfilled and something I've been doing for a long time yeah what about that inviting that and it was important for you like to I'm sorry went for your family like what about that is important um there everything you know and there's a special because you know, someone will say, well you're really lucky tio have adopted children say those children were very lucky is that no you don't I'm the lucky one and little notes that you know god gave us what we know is his time I mean we didn't you know children of here on your doorstep it's it's pretty special yeah yeah yeah sounds like love is an important value for you, kathy definitely yeah, thank you for sharing that. Um no it'll be interesting to see how you can bring some of that into into your business into your creative work tio right I got a really special just on that same note email from a customer recently and her her son and daughter in law were having a baby shower she wanted to make a kind of special and so you know, I just added a little extra touches that said you know, babies are blasting or you know, those kinds of things that she e mailed me back and it was just touching that that I had made such oh I don't know joy in their lives and itself from celebrate this new baby coming in the world that's so so beautiful and thank you so much for sharing that because you know you really illustrate that value of love and connection that you know family how that shows up in your business and helping others in your authentic way so thank you very cool I want to switch gears a little bit and go to this one about what frustrates ease the energy is going to shift away yeah but that's ok because this kind of digs in and gets it a different angle of like what really you know makes you mad I don't know if I am I allowed to say what pisses you off? Is that okay? Yeah, what pisses you off and if we do we have some in the yeah let's go there first then we'll go to the in studio when we were talking about brands and businesses and look values they represent we had someone I probably lost it was talking about tom's and uh oh yeah so she had a little bit of ah ran tom toms and that shows that it kind of hit the trail for her for her showing something that frustrates diana photo s o I thought that was interesting to read we have crystal who's saying that it's frustrating to me being afraid to execute my ideas and letting family emergencies take over completely making we often get family our family situations inside get get in the way I have a really good one here and this is going to probably resonate with everyone it's definitely rejection rosy martinez frustrates and upsets it's ah well it's definitely trigger for may yeah yeah yeah so it's like ok, so what is being stepped on or not honored with rejection? Are you asking me cap totally totally are you know, being appreciated being accepted or you know I don't know what your words would be so you go well it's just it's feeling not accepted so it's it's something that goes down really core yeah so like to get what the value is to flip it like okay to say this is what if if not feeling accepted doesn't feel good like is acceptance the value then with ego it might even be like looking good you know being being a star or something like that that might be a valium not quite sure but that makes sense absolutely ok so we have some more great ones alex werlin says what frustrates me is when I give my best but it still doesn't feel enough and then impatient says when people ask me what my really job which is they have probably a very resonating point for a lot of creative's out there right imagine yeah cool so folks here the rebecca I have a list s o I am frustrated when people are arrogant I'm not authentic um when they're closed minded negative, selfish and maybe like disinterested or not passionate so if you were to kind of dig in and uncover what some of the values are from that oh you think well I would say like connection and relationships are important being authentic open mindedness, positivity kind of service and sharing right and passion yeah yeah pleasing at her um when I heard the word authentic I thought of your photography and how it's very editorial we talked about this earlier how its people in their everyday lives doing their everyday things they're not putting on ares they're not trying to be somebody that they're not they're being very authentic to who they are that speaks to them very cool how your work is in alignment with your values they're naturally doing that and then as you start tio get more clarity about the values and you sound like you are you have a good sense to but then like being even more aware that ok if there's as we start to go into, you know products and services or you know, even the perfect customers how do your values fit in so that can help fill throughout like movies or not my right people because you know, maybe they like things more staged or you know, whatever so that's how values can help you start filtering so thank you for sharing that observation one more person here who wants to share their their p oed list I can't go there somebody else let's hear from princess yeah so you had a lot of the points for back I think some of those may be universal universal to write it on your way yeah, so things that upset me I'd say the number one is illness and disease like that just hits in the hugely coming and friends ditching me like I really don't like when friends ditch me that bums me out bad people shutting down the ideas without being willing to try so close mindedness feeling like my best is not making a difference negativity, manipulation, deceit, apathy to improve your personal life this respect and being self absorbed yeah I'm hearing like so many things that go along with that great and, you know, from what I know about you in terms of, like, wellness, so the first one and maybe save a little bit more again about what you d'oh and then I want to kind of work with some of those with you. So I'm a dietician and a yoga teacher, so the whole thing obviously, why the disease having the wellness? So I'm hearing values of, like, wellness and health, what would you say? Well, um, I worked in hospitals for almost twelve years, and I just made recently moved out of that arena, and it just would always get so sad and kind of upset when I would see how much families would suffer around illness, and I think I mean, even now I get kind of emotional because you can see how much it hurts people tio have anyone young or old, sick and it's, not just the patient, but it's everyone around round and have it just always has such a hard time filtering that, and I just really want people to be healthier like that such a fundamental no need for anyone to really become self actualized, that's a huge one for me, yeah, foundational like that core value of health are there more around that, like, is it health and other things like wellness are oh yeah, well, I mean there's so many elements to health, you know, it's physical it's, emotional it's, mental it's social and so all of that to me, I noticed that I get really charged up around how all those little pieces interact in our lives and how it really makes that the whole person and it's easy to kind of get caught in one little area of your life especially is an entrepreneur because I noticed I've gotten so caught up with all the things that are required to build my business and have a solid foundation that sometimes other areas suffer, so maybe I don't get out and exercise as much or I don't connect with friends as much, and so those other areas kind of fall to the wayside. So it's easy tio get kind of myopic and focus on one area, but being able to at least nurture all areas as much as you can really helps create the whole person and everything that's what helps us thrive? Assad it's a little different for each person? Yeah, so a couple things I'm hearing is you're saying that's like wholeness, integration balance he's like that you think that's well said yeah thats how awful like values and having those words like that it's like cuts to the essence of it and so having those be kind of the backbone of your business I know you probably are pretty clear about that for yourself, there's one other one that I want o use it as an example and then maybe we'll check in with chat and then I wanted to just an example so you said when friends when friends ditched that you get them so maybe say a little bit more about that so I think there might be you know, an interesting way to put that so I've noticed that as I've shifted to you is your birth of business you are also born and into your business like you become a new person in certain respects and that's scary I think there's a lot of fear around that and one of that is if people don't understand or they feel threatened in the leave you or they challenge what you're becoming and striving to be in train hold you back and I have had some friends completely bail and it's just so painful because relationships really mean a lot to me and and there's usually no logical explanation and of course I don't want to be like oh, you're just jealous it's but like there's no reason rational reason for them to just quit talking to me but it's happened we're really close people just drop me as I've grown as an entrepreneur, so if we were to foot that around like what um I don't know if it's quite support or what is the thing that would be important to you that the other word that was coming up for me is like loyalty or I don't know if those air quite it for you but what is that? I think support is a big one because you know it's it's not my original idea but you are the average of the people you spend the most time with and that's really true I've seen that in my own life and as you are level you know you're trying to reach more people because you're trying to make an impact and improve the world you're going to need to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and help support using with bob and and so that support matters a lot yeah support and acceptance acceptance yeah in acceptance rate comes into accepting yourself first because people around you like alicia saying your people are going to kind of some people will be threatened by it it may not accept what you're trying to dio but if you have a real commitment to but this isn't just for me this is for the world like I'm here t share this purpose and no one else can share it the way that I can share it and I don't even know what it's going to look like exactly but I have to just have faith and do this um then you know that that conviction I think will outweigh if other people don't accept you but if other people don't accept you might still hurts, right? You know and that's the thing with that point about friends ditching you yeah comes down to is this still hurts you love people and you don't want him to leave you yeah, thank you for sharing that cool I'm were there any that we want to check in on chat yeah, I think that there's some definitely some interesting dialogue going on in the chat rooms, which is which is wonderful and oh, hani says when my kids were born I had to change the parent they need to be the parent they needed as my business is born, I need and can change to be the person that my business nice yeah, I have ah great feedback from sofia anna talking about frustration and she says it's frustrating when people are giving you advice which which is only purpose is to increase hesitations and they don't and it doesn't help you spread your wings of creativity so I'm here creativity is an important one for her right and not letting that be stifled cool there are some examples of I think there are a couple of pictures on the right brain business plan dot com slash example and I think there's a link that says values right two or three pictures there yeah, so folks can you know online can take a look at that and kind of see other ideas you know, you could just make a list, make a left brain list of your values they know the folks and so you have been doing a little bit of that and so the folks at home if you want to write those down because well, kind of check in with that and come back to that now there's a little bit of delay so now more okay folks china in with their core values of was yeah, it was like to hear and um we have a chem to jewelry says my core values this is a lot of core values respect, pride, honor, creativity, talent, accomplishments, financial security, balance of work and family loyalty overcoming fears love trust celebrating so my question is can you have too many core values likes its core right? What I like to do and one of the examples I think the second image down I have different cards. So if you wanted to take this further and do some more work around values, we're not going to do it here is doing values cards and so I think I have maybe aid or eight to ten okay and so within each value though, I might have one that's like creativity slash self expression slashed uniqueness it's um, slash beauty and so that then I have a collage that kind of evokes those feelings of that set of values. So those are a lot of words, so actually, some of those might group together to form like a core values. You can kind of string them together. Yeah, so you can, I would say, like in terms of the strings probably eight to ten but you could have multiple words in them that's ok, I think that's helpful good. Were there others? We have some more core values here. Wing's fifty three fifty six as fun celebrate honor people, honesty, authentic inspire history, cool money, perseverance, belief and finding your sense of purpose is what led me to do my business. Great can t j I'm saying you've got some fun, colorful think errol do you mind sharing? Yeah, so was this something that you were doing before we did this before on the book illegal, I got however far this is those often often to city and inquisitiveness. Openness and sovereignty of self joy and beauty, heart and kindness, integrity and compassion, creativity and freedom and connection to grace. People on the planet encourage and vulnerability just came up today and I think what's interesting is like I did this left last week and just reading through that I think a lot of that was how does that connect can we actually show that and connect back to your big vision collages I think that's a really great illustration of how the process unfolds and informs each other and kind of its non linear right yeah completely so how do some of these show up in your division clash so let's see inquisitiveness with the exploration beauty and beauty is already here joyous here some of the same with by my way freaking out creativity and freedom um connection I think goes back to this more thing more but right um feelingood smiling balance yeah crazy really s so that's why it's great to kind of come at it in different ways right? I mean the values exercise was more of this written thing but she wrote it out in kind of colored markers and then doing the big vision clash was images and then we start to see the pieces come together here like oh this is how it integrates air now I'm seeing a theme or I know this is really important to me so we'll keep unearthing those kind of light bulb moments as we continue to go through the three days pretty cool you know, just earlier this morning we were talking nathan yours you know, saying how much he appreciated like how I show up in my work and the design and all that stuff and you guys are seeing an expression of my core values of creativity, of authentic expression you know, even earlier I think kennedy you're saying like, oh, your energy is so grounding you know, I have a values car that's around spaciousness, you know, grounding grace and so that's kind of how I show up in parts of my business so it's kind of like when you're clear about those things, it gives you more room to show up in that way and for people to see you in that way and to experience you in that way so it's good stuff you talk about in your book, how you got to that place of clarity and grounding because that seems almost like a separate process than creativity it isthe right and I have like I have different values carl there's one values card that is about risk taking kind of like, you know, kind of going back to what you said risk taking well that's the other and I had a string and I'm not remember off the top of my head but I can totally see the value card of it which is great to have the image rights I'm going straight to that and it's got red and it's really vibrant so there's like these different pieces and they are different and so certain times those things are all important to me right? But sometimes risk taking is a little bit more like ooh I'm going toe I hold it this card and then I'm kind of focusing on that or I really needed to connect back to grounding and showing that so yeah, they have different energies they take different things to manifest but at the core of it like I don't have those things in my life I feel like something's missing um and it's funny because the risk taking one wass a newer value that I uncovered like, oh, this is actually important to me even though scares me if I don't do it like if I had stayed in my corporate job oh my god, I don't know where I would be now I would be so miserable still I was already miserable right? So I really needed to like honor that value of risk taking to make the leap than do what I'm doing now and I continue to, you know, stand at the edge of the cliff and jump yeah right we have a great question from cook esquire how do we fix the core values that we have personally and the branding words ex clear business value that we want to be that we want for our businesses? Yeah, I think a lot of times I was saying earlier that the right brain as right right entrepreneurs are businesses are often such a deep reflection of who we are so your personal values most likely will align with what your business values are so you know, if that's the case for you, then certainly you can even use some of those words in your branding or have that be, you know, part of your culture your valley is just like I was saying was a post right service um yeah, question kim's came in from cat how often should we do these exercises, the values one in particular, I would say that doesn't change too often, you know, might be like every couple of years kind of thing or something, you know, some big transition has happened in your life, but oftentimes I mean, thinking about times when you felt on top of the world sometimes it's like stuff from me, you were a kid, right? And this is the stuff that just keeps coming up for you that you need to have them in your life, so core values typically stay with you it's kind of part of who you are, and of course we're works in progress and we change, but it's, not one that you're going to be doing like every week, every month, right? It's less frequent the question is from the rainy day store, when your company overlaps with your personal life, should your core values include both the business and the family I think I can yeah, they think where it starts to get a little bit more tricky I think it's easier to say yes to that when your soul oprah during its just you right? But if you start to have employees or you grow your team, then you're going to want alignment the values you know, with that whole organization and then it might start to splinter off from your personal values. But I imagine for most people who are here with us pulling more the soul upon your type person, so most of them will probably be the same. Great we have a question here from atlanta hernandez, how do we make sure our core values of our business meet the needs of our plants without narrowing our reach? That's an interesting question that I think we'll probably have a richer discussion about that tomorrow when we talk about perfect customers, I think though it's important for you to stand and this is what's important to me, you know, kind of like what we're talking about with rebecca have like these, you know, the authenticity, all those things that are important to her she's not going to be wanting to work with a client who did the ashes like no, so you know, yeah, studio work, so yeah, you might be kind of cutting off a certain um, potential client potential reach. And yet you're going deep in working with the people you want to be working with. So, in a way, it's it's. Okay.

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