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Sharing Big Vision Collages

There have been lots of big visions that have been crafted here, and we're going to get to dive in with each of our in studio guests here getting to know a bit about the big vision so hopefully for you guys watching you'll be inspired it's been really cool to see your photos coming in in social media, so thanks online guys for sharing that so we could be part of your process. Um, so yeah, who would like to start and basically it's a little bit of show until I know that there's still a lot more to do in terms of the plan, but this is the big vision of where you're at, what was the process like for you may be giving us some insight into, like the images that are on there so far and what you know about your business now I'll just I'll q that's a lot of questions, but just to kind of get you thinking uncle first awesome, caitlyn so here's, what you're here's my vision board and a little bit about it I have different pictures of accessories, clothes and then I also have pictures of spaces t...

hat just kind of show how I want my work life to be very open and clean I also have different little words like value yourself because everyone should value themselves and their work, and I really try to tell my clients to do that so I think also is a business you should really value your expertise and your knowledge um also I have a couch here which signifies kind of that connection you make with somebody you know, when you're sitting on a couch in you're talking you're usually connecting and you're getting on their level so that's I had that were they thinking and he made insights that came from now seeing it depended here I think it will still have to sit with me a little bit but great is very organic. I didn't really think about it too much of just what kind of came to me what words jumped out and I self a couple more pages to do but I think it's it's good it's pretty much done so yeah yeah, thank you. I just want to make a point here like I forget how long we spent on this like probably less than two hours maybe hour and half it can be done with these guys pretty much finished. So those of you at home or like I need more time it can be done fast does put that timeframe on okay, so this is my collage um and for me this process was super inspiring just looking through all these magazines since these air the type of images I want to be taking as photographer as a photographer exactly and so I basically just put a lot of images on here that really inspired me I'm definitely inspired by people in places and life experiences and cultures and so some words that I highlighted which is what really is the yes foundation for my passion with photography is moment stories, adventures, relationships because I love connecting with people through photography and hearing their life stories this is just a little interactive thank you can see everything says risk taker cool so on dh then from cameras and you know, you unfold it and you see a portrait of a person which is I love part dreads and capturing people so in the editorial manner and then down here these they're just a bunch of bylines cut out so they all say photographs by photography by just things I get inspired by when I'm looking through a magazine like oh who's, this photographer is this photographer I'm always checking them out, so so this is kind of the ultimate toe have you know, my photographs published and stories hold cool. Yeah. So thank you it's together pretty quickly and I have to say, I don't really think about it too much I pulled out what I kind of inspired me here decisions I was kind of struggle with decisions, and so I wanted to remind myself that you could be spontaneous is no right or wrong decision. I guess I've got some flowers. I guess I'm inspired by color and pattern and that's one of the things I kind of want to bring into my business is a graphic designer and products that I make. So I've got design the feeling I think this where is it giving graciously and receiving gratefully it's part of my miami? Oh, no inspiration when I when I'm working with people in clients, so yeah, so okay, kamal said, thank you. I'm sort of surprised me sort of just went with what came up, um, and starts with exploring the elements in three dimensions really just kind of being engaged in the three dimensional world, and then it moves tio taking a bold adventure into the unknown, the essence of life, connecting with love and expanding your vision on dh. Then I was really surprised just how much, ok, I'll just keep going, keep right there before you get on that on it and then talks about so we're nature, and I'm talking about honoring the american indian influence, which is a lot of, like relationship building with the earth and the environment around you and understanding that life is primarily relationships onda understand the beauty of now gives you a chance to chill out. Um also I love this quote was the places I explore often seemed to belong to another planet I feel small totally in awe of the forces of creation and I think that gives you a lot of soul support like and I think when something greater than yourself with that on ben s o it kind of moves from the celeste yield to the earth to kind of more modern day so may we help you take a joyride and share what you love um a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men by the guy who wrote james and the giant peach rolled del I never knew howto but then like bringing it in e think it's really important to you to bring it into like your real life. So this is new york kept coming up so this is the evenflo like going with the ebb and flow helps you reinvent beyond reason on dh learn sweetness and bringing more that into your life and then bringing into your home. Um you know in life and feeling good starts with a healthier smile and talking about how, um you know there's it's important to get things done but there's also a lot of wisdom and importance and getting things undone and really just bringing it home to like a serene home on finding balance in your life and my hot future indian boyfriend is swimming in the pool this is a place holder picture that's coming up here e I love that we'll hear from nathan and then I do want to kind of dive in to a couple of you a little bit more on ben I know we've got our live in after already as well so me then ok, this was it was a fun process it was it was interesting I didn't quite know I haven't collaged I think since I was in kindergarten so I just kind of trusted the process I had no idea how to go about doing it, but I just trusted the process this and looked through magazines and found pictures and images that spoke to me rather than having an idea of what I wanted and some of this is kind of what came up from forbes entrepreneurs especially you know, front center marc benioff from salesforce who of was a client of mine at one point and I really like mark and his approach to business a very compassionate, generous leader but also an excellent businessman made twenty thiss new year two thousand thirteen year of organization something that is a challenge for me is a bright person on dh then you know something are kind of humorous around the theme of my dot com which is around divorce and just a little cartoon another page about kind of more focused on the business part of things I really like this saying congratulations you're part of the one percent which also happens to represent your free time so it's talking a little bit about the commitment that it takes you know, start a business and then it quickly moved on to actually what my team is of divorce and I was amazed that this picture there is a serious of women with different facial expressions and really I'm catering to three different kinds of people people are considering divorce people were going through divorce and then people who have been through it and conservative back and help and mentor others who are in these stages so cliff dweller it's a it's a it's a difficult process and sometimes you feel like you're on the edge and you know I feel like my dot com is going to be ableto help people who are in any of these stages so I really enjoyed this process I thought it was a lot of fun and uh it's very cool and I love this last one that you did actually is a bit of foreshadowing for tomorrow's perfect customer portrait so through this process you're kind of seeing what images spoke to you and it sounds like he got a little bit more clarity of like the different types of audiences even within tofino the theme of divorce definitely yeah so we'll get to know them even more tomorrow just great cool for those of you let's see I wanted to check in with kathy j a little bit more about so that there was the whole broad vision and then I'm curious in terms of I will get into this a little bit later today but a curious in terms of like offerings or products if anything pops out free there and how that you know it's totally fine if it doesn't I just was curious yeah well yeah that's kind of a thing that freaked me out and also gave me like a lot of pieces the same time with this was that I have no idea what this means perfectly captures like the spirit of both the crafty business the business the massage business, the bodywork business in the teaching business and writing also they do so it's like it really freaked my left brain out because I was like well this with the but also like giving piece of like well this is the anchor like this feels like a really strong anchor whatever it comes after that and they feel like they don't have attachment so what comes after that beautiful but yeah way that we surface this and I wanted particularly to ask because I know you have different elements of your business right? You've got the craft, the massage and then you're saying this writing piece I'm sure there's other things and I knew that represents a lot of other folks watching in the been asking like I have all these different businesses how does it fit together what I got from what you share like as you're sharing it it was so parent how president you are with the whole thing years yes yes if you know it makes sense to you at the core level and that's great sits the foundation and even if the services and all that aren't totally clear it's like you get the essence of what you're wanting to create and that's exactly where we are in the process right now so I wanted to highlight that because yeah, I got a brain wave about this listen listen, we'll start covering that and like, how hard is it if you like didn't have that and you like sat down to say like, what am I offering products and services to who that's when it's like blank you know, like deer in a headlight? I don't know even if you get in that place, you can open this back up and connect back to yeah, this is what I'm after this is what excites me this is the gift I want to bring so very cool. I'm curious if now that we've kind of discussed that with kathy jay if anyone else could have had similar or if you want it talk through other insights or pieces that you want to start flushing out they maybe you don't know yet from your plan we have rosy martinez who said this whole process of collage ing is amazing while brought browsing a magazine, she actually found an image of the spot that she visualized during the visit that crazy it is so crazy when that happens I love it yes, I love it and I am pt and says I love it this process leaves room for exploration and questions and just a side note. Tammy sperl, who is is one of the facilities, said, I so appreciate the live audience participants being willing to put themselves out there it can be nerve wracking, especially since many of us creative folks attend to be introverts so again shout out coming in from you before sharing what you're doing with the rest of us and big vision says sometimes we don't know what we want to dio and this is great kathy in particular is bringing it together and putting it you know, vision together from not knowing is ok yes, I love that love we're talking about this that yeah it's still not clear but it's like I can see when you guys were showing it like how much it's resonating and that's that's what we're after right that's the place to come from because when we start to get more of the left brain things and if you start, you know getting to the need the left brain chill pill one of the right brain boosters right to connect back to your creativity is to connect back with your big vision collage so that's like this gift that keeps on giving back to yourself and I love that tammy's for all one of our facilitators who leads workshops like this to that she's also pointing out the fact of like, wow, what courage it takes to be able to speak out about your business especially businesses that air so personal to us right is right rain entrepreneurs we based our business a lot on our passions and our values and all of that sort of be ableto talk about it even when it's like not fully formed takes tremendous courage. So thank you guys for doing that I want to underscore what tammy said and for those of you know, watching there are ways that you can practice that too, you know, sharing it in the chat you know as you go about your day if you go outside on a break maybe tell somebody about your business or what you're passionate about today we've kind of been going through a vision, values and voice so we'll get to voice in a bit but you guys are already practicing that by talking out loud so it's kind of this mix of having the images, seeing representations and then talking about it to other people even if they're just witnessing it you know there's something that shifts like I kind of saw you when you were sharing more than other ah ha's were happening, you know, so engaging with this process is so valuable and will continue to do that throughout our time together. Um, were there other questions or, well, I will just read one more off somebody's experience online doing this during the collage, crystal said. Who's from maryland says headache aside, I'm pretty proud, you know, left brains, we always go to the stressful bernie oh, but does anyone else here want to share a little bit more about their clock? Kathy and it's like, no, what I want to say about your kathy, I love that there's something about the fact that you, like, busted out of the format e had too many things I wanted to that and then it's interesting because earlier you were talking about how you didn't have space for yourself. Yeah, so just you here like you're allowing yourself right up here, take a studio? Yeah, so the interesting ized, how the intuition can come into play that way, right? It's like, I'm not fitting in this format hearing any more room, so yeah, something I just noticed which I didn't it didn't click earlier, but a big thing is for me is work life balance and howto balance, you know, staying home and being a mother and then also being an entrepreneur at the same time and then I looked at one of my pictures and it has a computer on one side and then homework and like little markers on the other side, so I think that kind of it resonated with me and maybe us subconscious way that having that balance and how do you do that? And, um, yeah, yeah, it's so great we were talking earlier, I think someone online was asking about do I include life stuff with the business that's a perfect example of showing yet feeds together because you're an entrepreneur, you're also a mom. So how does it all fit together? And so that's a great reminder for you? Cool. I have a question from the online audience and this is joanna, and she says, I feel a little nervous that I could get so caught up in the right brain crafty fund that we just in the collage and never getting around to translating it into left brain action. Is this something that we're going to get teo action steps? Yes, that is on the third day, okay? And, you know, along the way a little bit more tomorrow we'll be going more into the left brain stuff and there will probably be some actions coming out of this today is really about embracing the right brain and being okay with it. And so interesting to know how easy it is to fall into the trap of what about this, what I'm suppose, to dio on and that's the place where we all get stuck, because then we start. I'm going in that circle, like I'm not doing enough. And then you're focusing so much on the what you're not doing and haven't figured it out when you could have actually been getting clear on your business. Taking action, action, meeting new clients. What have you so it's, it's, really about building a new muscle and trust guiding principle? Number one? Trust your intuition.

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Holly Danger

This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!