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We were starting to talk about this on chats and folks and I know it's come up and the other days too about the whole passive income all of that so I'm just going to go through some examples there's lots of ways to make mullahs and in fact for the folks in studio there is one of the purchased download ps that has ways to make movie it's just like a list of different ways to make mullah looks like this but we're going to talk kind of high level active way so active ways are really you are doing you need to spend the time doing it in order to make the money right so money for time so things like services uh you know, massage even doing group things like this it's more leveraged of your time then just one on one but it's still money for time, right? There's also money for goods so the time you spend making things so cathy, you make product by hand, right? Yeah. So the time you spend there and I know there are questions about how do you account for your time in in your work? And so that wo...

uld be as early as two active moviemaking methods where you're kind of hands on in it and then also like for artists or photographers commissioned kind of work so you might be doing jewelry for example is that money for good's, the time you're spending making the goods and you have standard pieces that you work on, but you might also get a request for something special that you can charge a little bit more for and as commission work so passive, I haven't quotation marks because we often say like, oh my gosh, if I just had this passive income product, I could just put it out there, go to sleep and have, like, all this money when I wake up, which can be true and there's a lot of work that goes into actually developing whatever it is that you're making, you know, whether that being e book, of course, that you develop and then record and then sell the recordings of so there is work that happens up front on dh, then you can make money residual income off of it later on, I will add, even with the residual income, even after you've developed it and put it out there, there's a lot of admin that can go on with it, right? So sometimes that's, why it's not always passive, because maybe somebody's having trouble with the download or something link isn't working anymore back in a stuff, so you still sometimes need to have your hands in it or have somebody helping you with that delivery part of it. So one so you know, obviously products and things like that could be passive like downloadable kind of products also licensing eso for artists and photographers licensing your work so that other companies can use the images or artwork so for example, you know, maybe a painter has an original painting that they sell for thousands of dollars but then they partner with a card company and they license their work so they get royalties from that same painting they did but percentage for every card that sold I know that goes for photography as well on ben for myself I've licensed my workshop here so I have facilitators who lead that so that's another way thinking of licensing your content to train other people which I think some people actually wrote that as mullah making yeah is that course training courses? Yeah, I think kathy jr talking about that too. So going back tio this passive income we're just talking actually about kind of j v affiliate stuff. Kathy jay was talking about having other referring clients to other massage therapists and she's going to be taking kind of a commission's that's kind of affiliate type of work or you could have like a product downloadable product and then have people sell on your behalf and those people get a cut you also get income for things that you don't have to market directly for so it's kind of a nice way and then there's also the idea of kind of the subscriptions monthly memberships, that kind of thing, which kind of makes me think a little bit of divorce cafe I don't know if that's the model that you're thinking in terms of subscription membership. Yeah, really considering everything right? Right. Okay, cool. Anyone here who already has something like a membership thing here online now we're working on your working on that. Yeah, ok, cool. So any other, I mean, this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, this is more to kind of get you thinking about active versus passive. Anything else you would want to add here or in terms of looking at your own mullahs map, things that come up and or does this help you add more stickies to your mill about yes, but what do you think in catholic? All for myself, it would be adding are introducing a principal's line. I want a situation. Okay, thank you know and even designs that they could download party that would matter. But go along, coordinate with cool so that you're not having a hand make each card cools a little bit more in this line of passive, they think they can go in and customize it, and customers are so self service kind of thing cool did you write that down he did okay to come yeah lisa we have ah ha moment term adrian far why try and sell fashion portrait's to just the public when I can sell fashion images to wardrobe designers hair stylists makeup artist as well to promote their work being girly and that's awesome so it sounds like there might even be some new perfect customer portrait's to create so that you know how to be connecting with those particular strategic partners super cool cool and another passive income idea okay ask people to share some of those from yev genia says print on demand web sites so probably a photographer as well like red bubble dot com or fine art america dot com you know being able to just put your images up there for and get a commission for that yeah cool this hearing you talk about your licensing program it just kind of set off a light bulb in my mind around how about creating a program like the moving forward program for people who are going through divorce you know so it doesn't necessarily have to cost thousands of dollars of therapy we're going to be liaising and connecting with a lot of therapists and already we're getting interest on the website how about like pulling everybody together and creating like you know a fairly simple yet substantial kind of a worksheet that people can go through and maybe even have some facilitator totally like a program so content based on all this great experts that have contributed so joint venture and then be able toe have facilitators lead that exactly? Yeah video the environment fifteen minute consultation you know, moving into that program as well getting richer and juicier yes, yeah I was there something over here lisa well, I was going to mention as the nathan was that products would be passing yet exactly you mentioned yeah, that any books, e books and all that exactly that's totally one of the things that I think is a great source of passive income is all the stuff that you've created like we've created lots and lots of podcasts for free exactly blawg post I mean just like really juicy, meaty material that you put all this energy interior and over time it just falls to the background and people stop seeing it. So we've talked about candid saying that you know, it's like a ten a set of ten cds and then you sell those podcasts because they won't stay on the server forever anyway, right? So repackaging later yeah, exactly packaging existing content in ways they're new and relevant so that people want to buy them now yeah, so maybe there's like a theme you know, we've just come through january but there could be like a set that happens like healthy bones each season yeah yeah, so that's something that we've been batting around and then that kind of material could go into the membership site because it becomes exclusive material so when you remember you have access right? Otherwise he would have to pay to pay separately for that particular product cool it's not written down yes. Ok, somewhere in here a cz you guys have started writing down the new green stickies just want to make sure you're also thinking about ok so let's say I want to add e book there on do you want it to look really nice and have it designed? Do you have that accounted for here in your mullah out for maybe a designer and so maybe that's a new sticky need to add but if it's for the future thing you can put it down below with the star but then it's good to know oh I need to be on the lookout for a good designer you can start thinking about it now versus when you need it because you're going to be out and about talking about your business and meeting people start building that rolex five thousand that I added for decider at a one fifteen great uh quickly we have someone from the audience online audience that says my green sticky is just surpassed my pink yea I bet that feels really exciting and empowering right it's kind of that stepping into wow, abundance I add value and I get to receive the benefits of that super cool I know there's probably been questions about pricing to like, how do I price my stuff? So I'm just gonna talk really high level because again, there's so many different businesses represented here and so pricing kind of independent on your particular business or industry. So I'm just going to give you some, like, high level concepts to be thinking about different ways to slice it, but truly it's kind of an art and a science sometimes a bit more art than we think we think pricing and we're like, oh, my god, what's the formula to get, like, the right price and sometimes it's just, you know, intuitively knowing what feels good to you and then seeing if that works so one way of just, you know, making sure his bottom up, making sure you're covering your cost, so this is really important rights. I think a lot of us especially you know, if you're just starting out, especially to things like handmade stuff, we forget tio include, you know, expenses and raw materials and all that kind of stuff, so making sure you're covering your expenses and that you're making your profit ok? So that's kind of bottom up looking at kind of all of the things that are I needed to make the product or to deliver the program. That's. Why, it's good that you guys have all the stickies and hopefully you can start adding the member to it and know how much that's gonna cost side note. You kind of done them little amount for your whole business right now. You could also do a mullah not for a particular product or service. So for those folks who have been in business for a while and maybe you already have the folks who had their spreadsheet for their business, maybe you're launching a new program and there are a lot of different types of expenses that go into a program you may not have as many stickies cause, not for your whole business, but for example, like when I was making kit um, you know, I had to price out thie printing for it the design, you know, sourcing the material. So I had actually different stickies for that costs, and then you know how much I was goingto charge for the kit. So just a side note in terms of how you can use this tool in differently. But having the stickies helps, you know, bottom up, what are the expenses and making sure your pricing it such that you take care of this plus keeps them in your pocket, right? And then top down is kind of thinking of, well what's the perceived value of what I'm providing what are people willing to pay in the market right um because there might actually be a big gap you know, I was listening tio a jewelry designer talk megan almond and she was talking about pricing and I think I forget what kind of raw material she uses aluminum or something like that but she you know, her her raw materials are relatively affordable and yet she does all these super cool design so she's adding tremendous value by creating these incredible pieces that she's able to charge a premium price so she's not if she did it this way, you know she'd be having toe like so so many of these products on dh that's not you know this is small it's gonna work for her, but because she's creating something of tremendous value in people are willing to spend, you know, whatever is several hundreds of dollars that that works for her. So this is why it's great for you guys to kind of go back to the big vision you're perfect customers and also your business self portrait to know the value that you're bringing and to know that people really need what you have to offer right? And so also your perfect customers, you know, kind of thinking of them and you know what would they be willing to stand it's not making sense so it's kind of like looking at it left brain right brain and finding a happy medium and then putting a price to it and putting out there and testing it seeing if people buy or not write think oftentimes we struggle so much like what's the price I don't know and then we never put it out there we can't figure it out yes versus you know, putting it out and sometimes it could be hard like me I know let's see was it almost maybe two years ago I put out a program and I had priced it hikes I thought, oh I'm going to try and go for the higher end clients and my mark it wasn't there yet right? And so you know, I put out this price and no one bought myself crappy and like, oh my god look let me go hide in a corner which I did for like three months but then I learned from that it's like ok, so there was a sticker shock there I know I'm still providing value but I know I also want it get the work out there what feels good to me where I can still feel like yeah, I'm still actually making money from this I could make a profit and have people get to experience the gift and not have that be a barrier right, so then I readjusted things kind of reworked the program and then was able to launch it and like I surpassed the goal that the new goal that I had set for myself for the program right? And then I opened it up again and rand it again so I wouldn't have known that right if I just put out that price and then no one bought and then I felt sorry for myself and didn't do anything like I wouldn't be helping all the people that I'm helping now I mean, it goes along with saying failure is the greatest teacher totally it's not something to be afraid of yeah my mentor andrea lead and I think she says something like fail fast and they'll often because the faster you fail the more you learn you can make adjustments versus you know I look back and like oh, I spent those three months feeling sorry for myself if I you know, could recover faster then I could have maybe, you know, gone up and running a little bit more with this program but that's okay, you know, that was part of my journey yeah, absolutely have lots of I asked the online audience how did they price their products and we know that you dream far saying his he has an equation pricing equals cost of goods plus indirect costs plus time plus markup equals rates so he added that that's how he figures out his costs and I'm wondering what what his businesses but oh, he I don't know his business. He's, a fashion photographer, fashion he's a regular got it. We also have a question from crystal from maryland who says, well, jen, talk about prioritizing the green stickies. Um, we can certainly talk about that. I have had a plan necessarily on I'm curious a little bit more, maybe where the if there's more around the question, ok, chris, so let us now bit further yeah, for I think I'm getting it, but I don't I want to make sure yeah, I just I love this because I'm one of those pull it out of the years on, and I think this has makes so much sense and especially one of your daniel pink and a whole new mind. Yeah, one of the books that you give away is that the more design totally beautiful something is the more crafted of course that's the top down, long, more manufactured, right? Then you're more looking at the bottom numbers versus quality, quality and experience and great that yeah began it's great, I love that you're bringing that up t because as right brainers, I think we're really great at creating that experience, that aesthetic, that beauty that creates that premium, that uniqueness so please embrace that and capitalize on that when you can versus trying to just fill in the blank and ok, I'm going to just charge this much. So what do you guys hear now thinking? I don't know if you've added numbers to your green stickies yet, but now that we've kind of covered this at a high level, can you maybe put some numbers to your green stickies if you haven't already or if there are numbers there, do you need to tweak them? And so crystal clarified her question great. Okay, I have many income ideas but don't want to get overwhelmed trying to pursue all of them at once, okay, so you could go about it a couple of ways one is probably depends on what your goals are, and we're going to head into goals in just a second. Um if you're wanting to make money fast, ask yourself which sticky is going to get me the income the fastest and go with that if you're really passionate about something and are willing to focus the energy and kind of let other things go on the back burner, pick that one and flush that out, but those air kind of the two ways that I look at it and it just depends on what your priority is in terms of, you know just want you're really passionate about this thing and want to make it happen or you know, I just really need to bring in some income and that means, you know, maybe one own clients I already know that I can make that happen pretty easily. So for folks in studio he added any numbers to your stickies or is there some resistance to that for me? I feel like I'm just kind of be pulling a like a number out of the air like a slag yeah this's all slag in here I don't remember how much I would be you know how much to expect it could sort of write something down so maybe it would help to go through one example and I know we're trying to do that a little bit with you kathy j with the circles or if you have one francis that you want to dive into will do that and then move on to the goals just to help illustrate how you can start to break that down you know? You know, like a group coaching. Okay, what do you mean that's big what do you mean by that? Ok, so I want to be able to just, uh, gather saying twenty clients and have them be able to do a coaching session a month together where we meet into workshop for maybe, you know, one day and then then there's work that's filtered throughout the month to help them continue making progress there's and then there's one on one time with them s so that way we can dive into a lot more but have different dynamics throughout the learning experience, right? I I really don't know how tio right how to price something like that do you know like how many? He said monthly e I would say monthly for six months not sure I mean I have watched the whole programme out so yeah a little longer exactly I mean, I think the thing to do it be like what's included so this is like flushing out one sticky right and then figuring out what to price it and so I'm not sure if we'll be able to go through the whole thing here but just some things to think about hampshire folks online it might relate to um so what's included and kind of the number of this is a group coaching things a number of program, a number of sessions and then how many people you could just what's your swag on there? Do you have going on good coaching? Oh what do you mean what number would you want to make o all right how much they want to make? I guess I don't really know how much I want to make on the group coaching it kind of depends on how much time you get to decide how hard you want how much I want to make that much because I could feel like fifty thousand dollars but you know I guess I haven't has to be that valuable so so fifty thousand dollars feels a little bit uncomfortable it just feels like it's not really attached to any meaning yet okay so what if so go lower myself with like ten thousand I guess feels like it has some meaning ten thousand has meaning to you ok yes somehow that just seems more realistic okay if it were fifteen peoples that feel fifteen thousand oh well yeah that's great that's great tio okay so fifteen feels ok sure what about twenty thousand um that's pretty good that's pretty good seok you're still ok with that okay thirty thousand that's amazing how do I feel about it feel it starts to feel just a tiny bit like a stretch because that realistic okay so somewhere in between here and here is like though I'm not sure yeah yeah okay okay it's intuitively my heart just kind of landed on twenty five thousand we need your that helps to talk through with someone home and that's without even like flesh breaking down exactly and deciding how valuable that yeah so that's kind of cool it's kind of cool so then you could back into that if it's a year long program you know how many people are paying you know is it is it a thousand dollars and you have twenty five people or is it fifteen million like really, really affordable you know, ok so now and demon math correctly not seems realistic so twenty five people four thousand and then figuring out what that sorry little clique what would feel good to be selling out one thousand dollars for that program so we won't necessarily go into that but now you kind of have a framework that feels comfortable to you that looks like that was easy take like three minutes pile of okay let's see who else? Because when you're in your head about you like I don't know and my can I say ditto fifty thousand and how I feel about that so it's helpful to have the conversation and because creating value for a thousand dollars you know you can really pack stuff in that makes a thousand dollars seems like a no brainer yeah I want to purchase that program cool so that's cool I like that math that works great and I'm glad actually didn't know cool um anything that we need to check on online's as something else I want to make sure you get to in the last fifteen minutes or celebrate they have yet about fifteen minutes you have a question that's coming in from keira peppers okay as a personal assistant I have very few costs of must have want to make a profit I choose my pricing based on how much I wanted to make a year and how many hours I wanted to work it is competitive with other pieces in the area, but I'm still afraid that it's too high is this a good way to go about it? If it's feeling good and you're getting clients hey, their clients are paying you that price that's great seems like it's working for you. All right? So I want to make sure that you guys are actually writing, writing down some of the mullah goals. And so for folks in studio you have, if you'd like to use a card that goes in your accordion book there's this little card here that says mullah goals, um, I think the purchase downloads there's also a worksheet to do that as well. That kind of fills in some of these questions, so and these are some of the questions, and I think I have a form on the next flight. So what are your sales goal? So what do you want to make through your sales? What do your moviemaking methods? Um, you actually have those on your green stickies so these air, you don't necessarily need to answer them. I'm kind of just posing questions to you to help you frame what your goals are as it comes to move, what are your expenses? Hopefully have a better sense of that with these pink stickies and how much profit will you make think that's and making sure you pay yourself okay so these are all things to think about there's also just for folks online who maybe you want to make something even more visual besides the mullahs map you know there's this fund part of the business plan right bring business plan from villa clark but if you go to right brain this is plan dot com slash example day three I think there's a managing the mullahs page that has some fun examples of people who just kind of put some of their affirmation work around the mullahs and their financial goals in addition to doing the mullahs map but if you wanted another visual way can kind of check that out for some fun I guess that is what I have so what I would do is just the simplest thing this has come if this is feeling overwhelming is just to ask yourself how much money do you want to make by the end of the year ok um and even simpler way is to do it by how much um gross income so before expenses that's like the simplest way for wanting to keep it super easy okay if you're feeling a little bit more sophisticated you can put how much you want to make gross and then how much you want to actually bring in after expenses you following kathy jay's like I was letting myself like I actually put a big number, and I'm believing that I could do it well, yeah, so please do write a number down, and so this is, you know, by a december thirty first, two thousand thirteen, how much you will have brought in a question for yeah, jen from the creative researcher who says with regard to moula goals, what is realistic for someone starting to pay yourself? They're a little bit confused by how you go about figuring out how much and how to fit that into your goals. You know how much you need to cover your own personal expenses and then depends on how much you're wanting to invest back in your business right mean, ifyou're? Maybe if you have a side job, well, you're building the business, maybe you can pay yourself a little bit less from your own business because you're supplementing it elsewhere, but if your main sources from the business, you're going to need to make sure here carving that out and paying yourself so that would be based on your personal expenses. All right, hopefully the folks at home you're writing down your number two yes, are they actually writing them in the chat? They are writing their numbers, I would love to hear some sense that, you know, some people are I don't know maybe afraid or too humble or insecure about writing those big number now I think the way to think about it is it's a fairly simple the more people you help, the more money you make. Exactly so the more people you serve right, the more money you make so just scale that number up, scale a number of people that we're serving and not, you know, from the hundreds to the thousands to the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands. And then as that number grows, then naturally the move on great it's a great way of thinking about it. So folks in studio do you have there it down yet? Yeah. Okay, way. Have some bunga whistles over here. Okay, cool. Yeah, we did you and got lots of fun stuff coming in way have jenny and who says my move a goal for two thousand thirteen is to make fifty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars awesome. And we have someone who is aiming for thirty k great and we have photo yogi, who says I want to make thirty thousand net one hundred thousand for their personal income. Nice lots of goals out there loves seeing those numbers it's deceptive number work backward, work backwards exactly, and also tell people, you know, have some accountability and it's ok and it's ok, even if you don't make that number because you would have been striving for it and done different things to help get closer to that goal you know? Yeah and they also like to see people thinking about your over year so festive fan there says fifteen thousand dollars with which is a forty percent increase exactly last year sales and the number will increase increase exactly love that well I have a magic wand here hey and um what we're going to do is go around and um the magic wand it is now december thirty first, two thousand thirteen and I would love for you to just stand in front of we're going to go around and you stand in front of your mill enough and you could say like, you know, I'm jennifer lee I'm offering I have offered workshops and works with one o one clients and you know, I have made two hundred thousand dollars this year, okay? If you don't want to say your number that's cool if you'd like tio great, so stand up, go in front of your middle mountain if you want to do is give a little brief about the kinds of things you're offerings, we get a sense of how that number's coming to be was now december thirty first, two thousand thirteen and these things have already happened so okay so december thirty first twenty thirteen and I have created tremendous value for my clients helping them transform their lives and the lives of people around them with with one on one coaching and group coaching in my beautiful body program with public speaking in different cities and on ben repackaging a lot of my material so that people who can't see me in person can easily access my information at any time from any place around the world hands throughout the universe on and I did I say my number no if you like teo and my number is a magic one hundred fifty thousand dollars nice if you're okay magic wand december thirty first, two thousand thirteen what is happening right? So since we last met I got a couple of big assignments for some national magazines and I continue to work locally in boulder, colorado with start ups and entrepreneurs and small businesses I've expanded my youth photography and possibly writing if I team up with some people where people have yet actually have already done this because it's so right you're right, I did that teamed up with some people I'm offering now regular writing and youth workshops um and I have made some small steps on my photo book and I'm kind of gathering that together cool and I've made seventy thousand thanks rebecca kaye lynn thirteen what have you done? I have, um I have created an e book so when I go to my speaking engagements I've sold many of those and then I'm still dio still doing my one on one coaching and then having the passive income from a book as I'm doing that I'm doing I'm still doing photo film styling toe stake her and relevant in the industry and I'm making seventy five thousand dollars kathy magic one two thousand thirteen uh december thirty first what has happened let's see I've made tremendous uh progress this year I am I developed and a larger base that all the florists are had been looking for and asking for and as a result my my wholesale sales increased dramatically and I've been able teo did a little oh I bought any website designed a new website updated it so now it's like on target and it's made me more money in three days then my etc store does in two weeks great and as a result I've also I've also started line of principles that go along with the designs and you know invitations thank you notes things people can pull down online and fill in with their center daughter's name or birthdates and whatnot that's been really popular because they can order the whole kind of package and I have I put my toe into kind of designing the line for adoptive families kind of going on something that's near and dear to my heart and because sometimes adoptive families don't really uh doesn't the new baby thing theme doesn't always fit so that's fun also kind of started a new poor picture, you know, kind of silly little drawing ideas for personal children's invitations so it's not just name it's kind of, you know, features and hairstyles in that kind of ankle I've started some new trends and end colors and patterns and offered a more of a variety more elegant for the weddings and kept with my whimsical lina's well, some and uh oh, I have contacts and party planners and that's been great creative than very supportive of course, yeah, so are there a number that you'd like to you know, I'm gonna just take a leap here that you made I've made seventy thousand dollars all right? Magic wand it's december thirty first, two thousand thirteen has happened cathy j so I'm so excited to report back to you is here kicked ass. So what happened this year is they killed ten thousand people transform from being corporate hos no mo by best selling e cores on doesn't mean a lot of them stayed in their corporate job, but they were able to embody their awesomeness and find balance while they were still in their jobs a lot of times answers in here um and so I started some workshops in seattle and in new york which is weird to say, and I had one on one clients, but what's awesome is that I found an amazing team of therapists in seattle who who are able to hold down the fort and serve people more in the community here. Um, my agent just called, and I'm working on my best selling book about to be wrestling, which is called it's safe to be beautiful in this world, which is about going through ptsd and working through that and really excited. I made one hundred twenty thousand dollars magic wand for nathan three first, I'm nathan freakin and ceo of divorce cafe, we have attracted eight million dollars in venture capital nice, and we have launched, and we have one hundred thousand, uh, subscribers and registered users. We've done a lot. We've done some premium video downloads, we have, ah, video page, and we have some really incredible a content by experts in the field kind of mount rushmore we've affiliated with corporate sponsors, so southwest airlines were using their slogan or want to get away with match dot com and a harmony and ok, cupid dating sites have affiliated with us, so maybe we're featuring it. A divorcee of the weak female? Uh, we've written some e books, three ideas in particular, one is how to raise sons as a professional athlete sports athletes and then the subtitle is or at the very least not get picked last on that dating books for you know, for women like what is in a guy's mind post divorce on dh the books have just been selling like crazy of course and there's a wonderful business plan around how to write a bestseller in a weekend I was talking with police yet about that so that helped a lot what else? They're a little bit of public speaking that idea once we launch is just going toe you have lost starting yeah yeah and expects of money on publicity glow talk show circuit saying that I think that there's uh I'll be making about ten thousand dollars for public speaking um and what's really going to be great is we're going to create a moving forward program for people tio log in and purchase and it's going to be super affordable we want to serve a lot of people for not a lot of money so maybe prices like ninety nine dollars and we'll sell you know, one hundred thousand of them and uh by this time next year I could easily see divorce cafe grossing in profit on fifty thousand dollars a month nice really sweet I love that it's helping us expand and dream big so thank you nathan wolfe general love affair of course relations yes it's time we have ah, doria schubert who says it's december thirty first I have had two to three photo sessions per month. I've sold nature prince online sold framed portrait and prince had six holiday photo parties in my home sold albums of all the porch incessant sessions taught several small group photo classes at a few joint ventures with hair makeup artist and stylist and I have met it one hundred thousand dollars this year. So doria sweet and do we have charles our cannon who says I have hit twenty five thousand plus subscribers have over one hundred video blog's I have nine and nine months of a half hour radio show and fifty radio stations across the u s I have published two e books and have over one hundred thousand dollars a year in revenue. I love house below that. Yeah, exactly so great. Can you just feel like how exciting and energizing this is? And it yes, yes, it's like this is what it's about this is why we're out there, sharing our gifts that you could be helping people and making the mullahs that you're wanted wanting to make.

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