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Creative Action Planning

So I'm going to share a be a few other different creative ways, some more right rain ways to do action plenty if, like that place, she made you cross eyed here's some other ways that can help you just do some goal setting in creative action planning. So one of my favorite things to do is write a letter to myself from the future and, you know, I'll start off like deer jen, what an amazing year it's been it was so cool to have accomplished, you know, putting together the draft for the second book and to have that be in motion and, you know, go on and on and talk about how it made me feel to have accomplished that, what were the steps that needed to happen? You know, for doing the draft of the book, you know, writing that outline, maybe getting a copywriter to help me, you get to use your creative license here and a bit of, you know, fiction but it's imagining in a written way, kind of that same big vision piece, but for those folks, if you like writing this could be a great way to kind o...

f flesh out your vision but what's great about doing the future self letter, you know, you can date it, right, so if it's your sending it to yourself especially since you guys did this little a goal for december thirty first so maybe you dated december thirty first, two thousand thirteen and dear nathan it's so cool to know that we got the eight million dollars funding and, you know, kind of just go on the story of how that happened and then once you're done with that, if you wanted to actually pull out the action steps from that, you can then, like, put that in the calendar of like, what actually needed to happen if you want to be like more organic with it, just read it once internalize it folded up and stick it somewhere where you'll find it later or give it to a friend and have the mail it to you, you know? Yeah, by the end of the year so that you receive it during that time frame for the folks online. If you wanted to do this activity on your own and have that kind of experience there's a cool website called future me dot or ge and you can go there and basically writing email to yourself and then she's a date of when it will get sent to you and send it off and that date it'll get sent back to you and you feel like my god, I totally forgot that I said, you know this was gonna happen and loaned hole that's happened or it's happened in maybe a slightly different way than you thought it might but the essence of it is still true is there something yes I asked what would your letter from your future self say and you have song croft natural says my yet letters usually include goals and how proud proud I am of myself for reaching them it feels good to also remind myself that I could carry some over and keep on working on them I usually include something that makes me smile yes that's awesome a tip around this writing the letter to yourself from the future and this is why I say you know, full it up and tuck it away so you're not looking at it all the time I've done one of these before where I wrote it out it was maybe like eight pages long and I would like obsessively look at it not weekly like you're talking about that you know, maybe monthly and like oh my god I'm so not there yet like this is pathetic what was I thinking and then it just felt still so far away and the night did the whole beating myself like I was really lame for like imagine this could happen right? And then I think something by that point I was feeling really upset by it and I put it away where I couldn't find it and probably like a year later so it was like it took two years for it actually happen, right? But the essence of it was the same, and I've done this several times. I can't remember what federation the letter it wass, but I remember being like, oh, my gosh, like that has happened really cool so it's a really beautiful way of honoring yourself. I highly recommend that future media organs really coax it schedules it there's also something nice about, like hand writing the letter to yourself find some nice stationery. Do yourself that honor another one of my favorite creative action planning tools you guys probably do this. A lot of this already is mind mapping and that's just a great left and right brain way to kind of bring details together. And the levinger notebook actually has, um, like a blank my map that you can start to fill in in the dryer own bubbles, but basically you could put your goal in the center or this is actually a strategy, right leader workshop and then put all of the two duis that need to happen. So lead workshops lead three workshops by september first. The different things that need to happen choose the actual dates, create the workshop material, and then you can branch out here. Create workshop material requires some other things, like drafting the outline, making handouts, et cetera there's another to do find a space maybe you ask your creative co hearts if they have suggestions of a space, maybe you approach your yoga studio as a potential space search online for locations. So this could be a nice brain dump way of getting out that two duis and this isn't linear, but it still helps you come up with the details and then once you have it outlined here, maybe then you khun calendar. Is it okay? There people here who used my maps? Yeah, yeah, definitely they're fun. Ok, all right, so this next one is the sticky note project plan. And so this relates to this wall calendar that I have appear, and I started using this method when I was writing my book because there were so many things that needed to happen, and I had the big looming deadline of april first, two thousand ten manuscript do right? So I felt I did flip chart paper, and I if you don't have a calendar like yes, you can just use flip chart paper like we're easing for the mullahs, maps and just, you know, draw out weeks, and what I did was you can't see it here, but there's, the april first sticky that said manuscript do exclamation point. And then what I did was I worked backwards of what things needed to happen by when and spacing it out. So for the book in particular I did maybe I think by chapter you know have you know, chapter draft done by such and such date senate to the book coach to review etcetera and kind of broke it down that way what I love about using the sticky notes is you know, I said november fifth this something's going to happen oh that's not working for me anymore you can move your taught set in stone so I think that's one of the things that is right brain entrepreneurs we get really like cognitive z if we think I got if I set a date you know I am trapped by that so that's nice that this is flexible and also colorful and slightly interactive right hands on and then what I like to do is when it's done so you'll notice I just put some examples of cure so creative live right right business line creative live eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth one we're done here I can put a big fat check marks to stay yes done that on there's something really cool about physically, you know, going up there and crossing it off there's like that sense of accomplishment if you're one of those people who just like the physical action of checking something off so what I thought would be helpful is bringing up caitlin to go through just a high level some how we would use this on an action plan in trouble so I like to come out share yeah s o for those of you at home you might you know I know some of you watching have this calendar already a lot of people who follow me this is what shows up on the background of my videos that idea and I was like, what is that and they ask about it so it's from paper source and if you don't have it you could make your own or use your own wall people get creative with it so you can follow along here caitlin and myself or work on it your own yourself but basically what I like to do kaitlin is I combine also the mullahs with the calendar right so we actually know that end goal here we had seventy thousand twenty five thirty five sorry seeking put them there claiming that fire leigh mallory right. Okay, okay, cool. So then that's kind of like here's the end goal and we won't go into tremendous detail here but something that can be helpful is like kind of quarterly planning here somebody is going to need to help me with the math what is that? Seventy five thousand divided by four for fifteen thousand calculator capital at your place you know seventeen fifty seventy two eighteen fifty thousand seventy five hundred eighteen thousand seventy five hundred ok, so for each quarter actually so let's write down eighteen let's do it on agreements in a green way could just reuse these eighteen seven fifty right and so just put it so what we're gonna do is kind of like it's all right here give it here so like each quarter roughly she'd want to be bringing in eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty right? We know that with the cycles of being creative launch parent may not fit as cleanly in that but it's just helpful to know and then if you guys can help me to fight eighteen one hundred eighteen thousand yet put them all here so you'll be four of them eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty divided by three yes, we'll help you out here. Sorry can you say that again? Sixty to fifty okay, awesome. So that's like um monthly goal to make seventy five thousand so just put that here quarterly okay? It's not making sense. Okay, great. So quarter you know we have four quarters and year we're in first quarter right now so in order if we're just trying to make it evenly spread across just to make things easy although that wasn't so easy way needed a calculator way no that roughly caitlin needs to bring in six thousand two hundred fifty a month to hit that goal but of course we know things have been flow so that might be months where it's more or less okay so that's kind of the general how you khun wrap the mullahs goals around this type of planning okay way don't need to fill in all of them but you get you get this okay so let's baby talk through what might be some milestones that you want to hit throughout the year and it might be related to some of the movement's goals or not yeah I think one of my goals is to really build my my email lists and branded like build my tribe hostage so that and then also um with that would be putting an offer on my website right so that and then and then having weekly or monthly emails and videos and blocks just to keep them and gave right okay cool so let's I know that there's these random posted on there that I put just to make it colorful as an example so to not confuse us let's do let's just do all of yours and green so we look at yours sure so that I don't have a removable stickies radio s o your milestone is like to create this offer and tow launched the offer right right so when do you want that to happen like when do you want to launch the offer? Um I was thinking by march first march first okay so you could say however you want to call it and put that fortress I will remove somebody can you know that seems to fire away things far away doing let us tio they're sticking with them yeah I like this it's only a week out of it so launch offer great so they're probably steps that need to happen before launching offer so where some and you don't need to do this in order because you're sticking out some you have moved them. Yeah. So what are some of the things that had happened to launch the offer? Um write the article okay the free free offer guy's kind of falling along how we're working backwards kind of brain dumping and then we'll put it in order then we'll see if it's what was up doing my number you're doing your numbers yeah this kind of quarterly way is a great way actually they're in the book there's a quarterly goals place sheet that kind of you can use that help him or accountability for more accountability I would love to see what uh what actually the offer you know, great weight title you lisa and I think that, um how about you do you know yeah, we're making it up here we can I mean, I can ok yeah yeah what is it may be a special report uh, you know, ten things because I know you're in fashion and styling so it's something that would be a value to your clients, right? Okay, while she's doing that question from joanna w if you could remind us again what the color coding is for the stickies okay, so the color coding here is kind of haphazard since we had some random stickies there as examples um I actually do have a video and hopefully the right bring business plan facility years if they're still there can share link because people always ask me how did a video that's free that I show? I have like a legend that talks about how you use the different colors so here we're not totally color courtney because it's already confusing with all other colored example once that air there but we are using these green ones here as the mullahs goals per month per unit per quarter these big ones um and then for example like that's played bad but on mine all the yellow ones are communication related. So newsletters that go out announcements, that kind of thing and I think I have certain ones for calls or events it's really up to you because your business is different so whatever types of activities that makes sense for your business color coded how you want but I recommend creating a legend so what I mean by creating a legend is getting a blank piece of paper and then you know all the pink ones mean milestone all the orange ones mean um I don't know communication so that you don't get yourself confused because I did tell him he created a legend clay got confused with my system it's hopefully that answered it all right so caitlyn's been busy thinking of things okay, so right free offer and it's gonna be ten tips on looking your best on any but budget sounds great so then from my free off very offer is there anything else that needs to happen like you're writing it yourself do you need anyone to copy edit it seems some of you to copy it it this copy editor um so that we're not yet maybe it happens after you do that first draft races then you do it okay cool does it need to be designed? They're gonna design it amine it means to be designed now would you want to do that before you? I guess it doesn't it doesn't and we're just we're goingto do it fairly high level here but I just wanted to show how you can then take it to the next level of detail on then that thing's out obviously then when she talks to the copy editor she can asked is that enough time to turn this around by two then get it to the designer to design et cetera ok, so we won't go into more detail here I think that gives a hot broad brushstroke of when it would need to happen for that particular yeah goal or milestone here of launching offer okay, I know you've got other programs or things for this year maybe one or two more that we can plot out yeah, I think do you like a bigger one or smaller one would be easier if we could just better one um we could do the book that's cause that would be pressed the whole okay? Yeah, okay, when when would you want to launch the boat? Because we're gonna yank the launch date and then work backwards, right? Um say november first okay? And the book is about what again how to get what you want using your style how to get what you want use your style that's cool and how long is the book like give us a sense of, um yeah probably like six or seven chapters secrets, infrastructures and pretty primitive and be in place and maybe a quick way so there's certain elements you said six or seven chapters from what you could do is like not belt when you want each chapter to be dio ok, ok, that could be something I don't know if we necessarily need to do all of that here but just to give you a sense maybe just pick it mapped out three three chapters by okay three chapters that may first okay and that's maybe just the written part she also mentioned photographs and stuff like that so let's win with the photographs need happen on those would probably be later editor the whole concept is already figured out so that would be after school I have a question. Yeah, a lot of these are marketing activities she has tio earned about three hundred twelve dollars a day over twenty days to make your goals the five thousand what money making activities may be great one yeah that's good I like that meet your goal means yeah, because we're focusing on some of these new things here she does want to sell that book so but there's stuff happening along the way and here's things probably your day today that's happening but are there rain things still yeah, I would be doing my private one on one clients and that would be a lot of cities zwei for this planning case like don't go in that direction I have other places I did that but that helps me no that it's that so okay? And it might be if you're looking for getting new clients you might have marketing activities that lead up to that land new clients that he had the number okay, do you want to keep going with the booker um how much are you selling the book for good question um we'll see and you swag were going to say twelve ninety five twelve, ninety five okay is hurt you book ok? And, um how much would you want to make with the book? Um, maybe just at the launch because obviously it could be a good thing, right? We'll say twenty kitchen twenty k so somebody help me with the math of how many she medio twelve ninety five she wants make twenty thousand dollars? Yes. Divided by twelve. Ninety five that she needs itself fifteen hundred copies, fifteen hundred copies they exactly fit? Yeah, one thousand five hundred forty four. Yeah, I would say it's z e book, right? I would say raise the price and maybe on more handsome coaching. Yeah, with it or a webinar exactly. Ok, I like that that's. Why? Counsel to then break it down and see how does it actually write that? Do it. You can ask this so what would you add to it and then add, maybe I'm monthly mostly call probably call okay, like a group call kind of thing that people okay, great. So that way it's not still the one toe win. Okay, well, and so with the monthly call, what would you raise the price doors or anything else you want to add fifteen, fifteen, ninety five one side fifty fifty dollars yeah I think I think of your women or so it's fifty dollars and fell to four hundred people ok, so what's helpful million that number of how many people like breaking it down right how much you want to make how much you're charging is you are wanting to build your list right right so you need to make sure you have more than four hundred people on your list because they asking for one hundred percent conversion on a list is asking too much right not even hundreds that will open email okay, so that helps give you some metrics for building unless he actually might want to create more building your list offers yeah like here here to then get you ready for this to have a bigger list ok make that conversion ok more achievable okay, well, what kind of speaking engagements going with that and that would kind of build your list it could if you make sure that you're asking them to sign up for your newsletter yeah people and I think maybe like tell us some it's could be a great way to do that you know they don't necessarily need to do in person gigs to get the ok ok cool I think that you guys have what was that francis well, I I'm telling my job back up off the floor because they realize it there's so many ways tio do something effectively and I was just noticing your process is first of all brilliant thank you haven't seen that in action that way before and just seeing how your scheduling your vote for november and to me it seems like you're formulating together this plan toe launch the book like with one bit hard charge and in my mind the way that I had seen it in the passes to use the book to just get it up there to build your list so I guess my well is like seeing the whole a different approach to it and you know from your experience jennifer do you see an advantage tio just getting it out there so that it can help you build your list versus waiting t like bill journalist in other ways and then launching a book in like she's going to dio right? Well she what she's building toward hears a paid thing and I think there's a lot more fine tuning we could do here but I just wanted to use an example to walk through the process I think there's some tweaking to do but this and we might want to move this up sooner right? Um ask your question again um so basically the approach well, just throw it up there versus just versus yeah launching it as more of a big deal later to train do big push and gets a conversions I think it could be helpful to kind of have some things that you're testing out that are smaller is you're not putting a lot of pressure on yourself, you know? So you contest that what's it like to actually do a free offer on and then those same kind of step she's going to do to build this free offer are probably similar to what she's going to do for the paid thing later, but in a bigger way. But she's had practice because she's done this. Okay, free offer the free offering february question from kenya, our online well, there have been several folks that air coming in well, first of all that dale and potter says, I like this type of planning again setting the day and then working backwards is brilliant, right? S o some folks again are asking about the conversion rate, so say for her four hundred, how many is she going to need to have on our list to get to that four hundred to get to the four hundred here? Like what a lot, you know, I don't have it and that's, where the j v partners is a handy because you don't have to rely just on your list exacting align yourself with other people who have similar lists to yours and then do webinars with them. And then once I tell a summit speaking engagements would tell us something I have to get people a sign it for your list you know enough to do it all by yourself. So you probably want to go back and look at your creative cohorts map under strategic alliances. Yeah, and figure out some partners that maybe already have a bigger list. But you have something valuable to offer and you could do something free but have people sign up forever the yeah, ok. And then they're on your list to them. Ok, find out about that later. Okay? Sound okay. Cool. Very cool in hell in a hand. Thank you so much. So you could see how this process could go on and on. And you know, there's other things here on her move the map that could eventually show up here and figure out how to map those out. And then the great thing about once you have those all up here, then you can ask yourself, do I have too many darn stickies on my calendar? And is this physically possible, right? And then that's, when you start as ask yourself, what do I need to take off the plate? And then some ways to figure out what to take off your play might be going back to your core values and asking you know is this particular you know item aligning with my core values or not if not maybe I could take it off maybe it goes for later otherwise it just helps to see it all visually here and then going wow that's too much I've done that myself where there are literally like five stickies and one day you know possible so then rethinking and being able to put things off later but it's great that you already have it written down and committee put it off to the side it's a great kind of right brain planning process the other thing that's really great is you're standing up and you're moving and you can kind of take a step back and see that the picture how does it all fit together and you can hone in and actually sometimes you know if I'm planning certain communications I have multiple communications that need to go out in a week and I have to plan that out right ok we have some feedback online you know with like the price of the book and and it's just so interesting you know really as entrepreneurs where the price center of what well what we create and caitlin such a superstar she'll be doing like nashville and tennessee you know celebrities and as soon as she gets pictures and that she could she could determine the price of what is an exact she's going to work with it's very exciting. Yeah. It kind of goes back to that whole, you know, owning your value and be able to put that it's part of the price.

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This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!