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Logo Design Fundamentals

Mark Sposato

Logo Design Fundamentals

Mark Sposato

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Class Description


  • Know essential design terminology, types of logos and how to tackle a creative brief.
  • Navigate client relationships and d proper file handoffs.
  • Build a vector monogram, logotype, and a handmade combination mark from scratch.
  • Customize a wordmark and design a logo fit for a responsive world.
  • Understand identity and its place in the brand ecosystem.
  • Formulate and manage a successful logo design creation process.
  • Use wordlists and mindmapping to assist the ideation process.
  • Choose a visual approach that is strategic and appropriate for the project.
  • Take your sketches and turn them into comps in Adobe Illustrator CC.


Logos are everywhere you look and while it’s easy to take them for granted, they’re the most powerful and pure expressions of graphic design. A brand’s logo is arguably the most important element of it’s visual identity, encompassing what the brand stands for in one unique symbol. That’s why logo design is one of the most in-demand skills today.

Learn a sure-fire process that will enable you to confidently design impactful logos including insider tips, tools, techniques, resources and best practices to get you started. This class provides a framework for concept generation that will give your creative mind the structure and freedom to soar to new heights.

Regardless of skill, talent level or experience, by the end of this class, you’ll be able to tackle any logo project with skill and precision.


  • The anatomy of a logo and how to design 3 different types
  • The complete history of logos and essential definitions
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of logo design in your work
  • How to get to know your client and their competition by performing in-depth research
  • The value of doodles and sketching to the ideation process
  • All about color theory and color considerations in logo design
  • How to create a monogram in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • How typography relates to logo design and how to pick and manipulate fonts
  • How to refine sketches and take them to the next level with expert Adobe Illustrator
  • Drawing tips
  • Brush tool basics, vectorizing, and adding color and texture to your logo in Illustrator


  • Designers and illustrators wanting to create logos
  • Logo and brand identity designers wanting to enhance their existing skills
  • Freelancers wanting to add Logo Design to their skillset
  • Digital marketers and brand managers wanting to expand into logo design
  • Anyone wanting to start a professional career in the world of logo design
  • Digital nomads looking for work that they can do from anywhere in the world
  • All levels of experience


Adobe Illustrator CC


Award-winning multidisciplinary graphic designer and educator at the School of Visual Arts with 10+ years of experience as an advertising creative. Mark has been recognized by Graphis, HOW, CMYK Magazine, Creative Quarterly and LogoLounge.

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