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Facebook Promotions with Amy Porterfield

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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14. Facebook Promotions with Amy Porterfield

Lesson Info

Facebook Promotions with Amy Porterfield

Um, again, what's working now with facebook promotions just make sure I got this going. Here we go, so I'm gonna cover five strategies, and I just want to show you today where we're going, so you really know what to expect coming down the pipeline in the training? So we're going to talk about upgrading your ad platform ah lot of people that are brand new on facebook ads, I have no idea that there's an entirely different platform that you can use to get bigger results. Also, I'm going to show you to add strategies I could show you twenty, and you'd never do any of them, but I thought if I show you two really good ones, you'll actually want to implement, so adds to attract more fans, and I'm not a huge fan of having tons of fans because I'm a huge fan of having tons of quality leads, but if you start with the fans, you're going to see some big results, so I'm going to show you how to get more fans with ads also adds to attract more leads. So there's a strategy that david statement garlan...

d, james wed more melanie duncan, devon duncan and myself we all use the exact same strategy with ads to grow our email list and speaking personally. It's the number one way I've grown an email list zero to fifty thousand in about a year and the huge part of that was that's now it's well beyond that because I just continue with the strategy an ad targeting now when I talk about two and three a lot of the success and two and three is going to have to do with four but I thought I really want you to understand the ads first then we're going to get into how to target so just have to pace with me here and then of course best ad practices and benchmarks these are the questions I get asked all the time about ads I'm gonna put him here in the best practices so let's go ahead and we're going to dive in but I'm just going to briefly go over this next section because devon's gone over it with you and I've already gone over it with you just a little bit and that is to do the work up if you do the work up front you eliminate the overwhelmed and what I mean by that is we've got to know our audience but the great thing is we've been talking about that a lot this again so just tell me briefly do you all feel like you're getting a better grasp of who your ideal audiences? Yeah it's really important we spent time there remember I said yesterday it's not my favorite place to spend time but I think it's the most important so you've already probably started to answer these questions throughout the weekend so what are their interest in passion's I'm talking about your ideal audience what are there they're interesting passions you don't have to say it out loud but I just want everyone to kind of think in their head all right? Do I have this area clear? Um I really understanding who these people are what keeps them up at night and really would I go with this question is on what your solution for that? So for me what keeps my audience up at night or my potential customers is how my going to get more business how my going to make more money on a really tight budget with a really small team? Well my answer is facebook marketing that's what's going to do it for you so I have to make sure that I know what their struggles and challenges are and then again what if they start going with and how are you the solution that's the best question there? How are you the solution and here's one that I want to get into even more and we're going to do an exercise in a minute what facebook pages do they visit often the reason why this is so very important is because when I get into section four of this training targeting it's all about where they're spending their time on facebook we must know what facebook pages are audiences frequenting so what I want to dio is I'm going to take you kind of threw a little exercise and the first thing I want you to think about what we're going to kind of think beyond just the normal pages you always think of and that is what publications are your audience reading I want to go I want this studio audience to help me here so gina we're gonna start with you somebody give you a heads up what? Um publication do you think they're reading not necessarily books but magazines are online magazines or anything like that? Some examples here entrepreneur ford's mashable because these publications all have very big thriving facebook pages so this is one area wanted you to think about how about you? My audience is definitely reading a magazine called pallotti style party style so you know it's a popular one great and do you know if they have a facebook page they do an active one see that's the greatest thing you're gonna love it when we get into targeting. How about you, rachel? Well, I'm targeting you entrepreneurs okay? And this is a great when I started targeting entrepreneur magazine and I get great results from it so I'm glad that you said that I think it's gonna be a good one how about you? Well, natalie would know this answer a lot better than I would, but I think some of the more family focus magazines maybe, like all you mangus, you like that? Yeah, family focused, I think, and there are so many great mom magazines out there, and I know a lot of us women worry about our budgets in the family, so she could even get even more specific and target those magazines. That target had to be a great working mom because that's gonna lend itself to the budgets and the finances so she can even go beyond that. So great idea. How about you, um, any kind of muscle car magazine, muscle car magazine who'll have you checked out the facebook pages yet? A couple of them great, so they do exist, you know, they're out there perfect and what's your name? We didn't? Uh, yeah, I think, uh, since I'm working sort of with earlier entrepreneurs and startups like techcrunch fast company is a great one, people who are looking for really in check dr into their business. Perfect. The beauty of facebook is now when your audience is reading something, whether they get the physical magazine or not, there's a huge online presence on facebook, so we'll come back to why that's so important this is one most people don't think about tools, software and gadgets, so let me give you an example from my business, and then I want you to think of one from your business, so I teach a course of how to grow your email list with facebook marketing, and when I taught this course, I did a webinar, and when I ran ads, I targeted people that liked the facebook pages infusion soft, a weber male chimp because all of those air email service providers and I knew they wanted to obviously grow their email it it was the best targeting I ever did. So even though constant contact infusion soft, however, they are not my competitors, they definitely are using a tool that my teaching will enhance that so it's kind of going even beyond if you're in the fitness business, the fitbit pages really popular on facebook and it's something that you're just looking for your ideal audience, they don't have to be a competitor or sell the same thing or not sell the same thing that doesn't matter. We're talking interest, passions, that type of behavior more than anything and then I put etc down here because a lot of people forget that not only at sea is a huge, thriving website or e commerce, really they have you really, really big thriving facebook page, so if your product could target people that would be shopping on, etc. You definitely want to take advantage of that, but we're gonna literally I'm gonna show you step by step how to do this. I just wanted to get you thinking, okay, so this is a very cool trick and I'm excited to teach it to you today those that actually pay for the course. We'll get these slides and so you can go back and kind of copy the examples I'm going to show you, but just for the sake of the training today, notice what I put up here. This is called graph search, and I put paige is liked by people who like amy porter filled graph search almost everybody has it now you'd be amazed how much information you can find from this little feature on facebook, and so what I do is I put this in there, and what it is going to give me is we had a black it out just for privacy purposes, but it's going to show me the pages where if they've liked my page, they've also liked these other pages. Seth goat in anthony robbins, frank carden. Now why this is so cool is this instantly is telling me if you want to target your ads, target these pages because they have fans that have similar interests to your existing ban so if I want to grow my fan base with ads or I want to grow my email list with ads, this little step right here is going to give you a wealth knowledge, and I was amazed I would never have guessed seth godin was at the top. I don't associate with seth, I love his content, but it's interesting that my audience is similar to his audience. Anthony robbins is a given for me because I work there, but then frank kern that's a whole different world and so it's just interesting you're going to be surprised what you see here now I have another one as well were again talking targeting, although I'm gonna get into more specifics and targeting later favorite interests of people who like and again that's just my face with paige, you'd put in your name, of course, and these are the interest social media, yoga. I don't really do yoga, so that one kind of surprised me. I should probably marketing and traveling, so these are interest. You could also target by interest, and this is something I've just started doing, and I've seen some pretty good results with it. So targeting key interest and key facebook pages is where you're going to get the biggest bang for your buck with your ads, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that. Now this is the exercise and I want the studio audience to definitely do this tonight when you go back to your rooms take a little time will take you five minutes but this is going to help with all of your targeting now this is a make made up you know scenario here I just made up the outdoor gear depot and what I want you to do is make three columns five facebook pages five niche topics five non niche topics and I want you to fill in the blanks here so you might not know but those two little features I just showed you how to do that search are going to help you here but I want you to list five facebook pages where you think or you've done a little research where your audience is likely spending time so with gene it might be a little bit tough because you know that one magazines great I don't know if there's tons of magazines out there but you know think of different technologies and gadgets and and you teach business so constant contact a weber that still applies for you so you've got some ideas there it doesn't just have to be about your niche so five facebook pages where they're spending time well in this category we do want them to relate to your um just let me take back these air the pages but then we're going to get into topics here so everyone gets stuck on topics to talk about on facebook so if you actually document it in advance five niche topics five non niche topics you'll never run out of ideas and is devon and I were saying earlier part of your whole social media strategy success is goingto come backto adding value to your fifth page so when you're running ads I want to make sure that you have value on your page on a consistent basis. So here in this example hiking boots, hiking equipment, hiking trails, travel advice, travel photography these air topics at this facebook page could talk about every single day and hit the mark. But one area that most people forget is that people are going to get sick of you always talking about your business they want to hear you talk about things beyond just your business so that's why I want you to take just five minutes and make me a list of five non nish topics that are non niche topics but there's somewhat related so these examples nutrition staying healthy all sports funny travel mishaps, these type of things dogs I mean everybody that loves to hike probably as a dog is just an assumption there but you've got to get b on your business um everybody on the panel last night they did a great job does a great job on their facebook page of going beyond business that's not all they talk about so if you want to model people that do it right take a look at what david and melanie and devon and james are doing because definitely there hitting the mark so I give this to you and this is basically what I want you to do I want you tonight to fill this out so that when we get into targeting it's gonna become a no brainer for you you know what you want to target and then of course if you don't know ask yesterday I taught you a few different examples of how to use images and post to ask your audience what they want from you you can also ask him where you spending time on facebook what's your favorite facebook page and you can even say what your favorite facebook page that you go to for entertainment or what's your favorite business facebook page they will tell you people love to be asked questions on facebook okay so we're going to take a deep breath we're going to get into five strategies I'm not going to go too fast I'm gonna try to slow down a little bit because these air really specific this is the how to this is the most actionable session I have for you in the sense that you can actually go home tonight and do these strategies so the first one we go back a little bit enhancing your ad platform with the power editor now the power editor is that secondary platform I mentioned in the studio audience how many of you have heard or have used the power editor? This is my favorite thing when you guys say no, because I feel like I get to teach you something new. How about online? I'd love to know how many people online have actually used the power editor for facebook ads. Okay, that would be great to know. So in gina, you're you've used it, right? I have down in, lee says, struggled through it, but then I'm glad that I got the kinks out and I can see the value of using it. I'm glad you said that because the power editor, I'm so glad you said that I could remember is clunky, not very user friendly, and it takes a little while to get used to when I tell you that you're probably thinking, then why the heck would you want us to use it? There is one very specific reason why it is a must to use, and I'm going to show you will. This is the power editor when you go into your ads dashboard, this kind of sets the whole stage for this training right now when you go into your ads dashboard, you're going to see something called the power editor most of you probably have never even seen in the menu bar and you'll be amazed because it will be waiting for you when you go home so in the power editor all you need to do is click it and it takes you into an entirely different dashboard now it was originally created for agencies that wanted to do tons of ads at once it's kind of of a bulk platform now I say every small business should be using it and the reason why every small business should be using it is to do with this whole thing now again we blacked it out but you get the point so on the right those are sidebar ads so sidebar ads is what I used to use for years when I started running guys this is the only place you could put an ad and they work really well for a while but then facebook decided to allow us to do something different and that is they allowed us to start putting our ads in the news feed. So this is the news feed what we see every day we're pretty much fifty percent of our time if not more on facebook is spent in the news feed, which is really important to know people are not coming to your facebook page and reading all your timeline stuff they're spending time in the news feed so that's why we want to get out there so this is actually an ad and the reason why you know it's an ad is because it says sponsored right there and gray really understated but this is a sponsor to add and basically I use these ads to provoke by webinars so being in this right hand column versus the left hand column well, am I doing right left right? But you get the point makes a world of difference and I know devon and james would tell you the same thing. This is the game changer with ads. The thing is you can only get in the news feed with certain specific ads right now if you use the power editor and you choose newsfeed desktop and mobile so the reason why the power editor so so very valuable is you get to choose should it be mobile or just desktop and you get to choose? Is it on ly in the news feed or do I want it in the right column as well? Now the reason why you want it in the news feed on lee and this is my experience and those of many of my clients who have had huge success I never teach the righthand columns anymore, and the reason being is because sidebar ads the average click through rate is zero point zero four percent the average click through rate I say average because this is very new, so we're getting a lot of numbers at least two percent I've seen three, four, five, six even seven percent with newsfeed ads compared to zero point zero four the fact that they're not more expensive or less expensive it's just a different placement to me, it's a no brainer. So the first lesson you're going to learn is that if you're going to run facebook ads, I encourage you to run them in the news feed and you could do mobile or just desktop that's something that will talk about a little bit later, but the goal here is to get your click through rate up so you pay less, you get bigger engagement, so does that make sense to everybody? The news feed is where it's at great just let you know there were a lot of people in the chat room that had never heard of it, but one person, amy purdy says, I've looked at it, I got so far, I got confused and wasn't sure how to make it become an ads, so when I finished, I left it okay, but what you're saying now is is, you know the reason why you want to get a hurdle? Yes, and it comes back to what david was saying yesterday where remember he was saying, do not let yourself get stuck on the techie stuff or the stuff we don't really understand power through it either hire someone to do it for you or spend a few hours to understand it. It took me definitely probably a week of going in and out of it to get comfortable so it's normal I'm so glad she brought that up because it's normal that it's going to be a little bit confusing at first, but I'll show you a little bit around power editor so you at least get you know you get your sea legs with how it all works okay, so we've got the power editor that's a no brainer it's a must we got to use the power editor there's some other features in there that I'll show you but the number one features you can choose the placement of the ad, so the second ad strategy I'm gonna teach you is how to create as to attract quality fans. I think we all could use more quality fans for sure and there's a few reasons why I wanted to focus on this one but probably the number one reason is the question I get asked more than any other question about facebook is how do I get more fans and I usually come back to them and say, well, why do you want more fans? Because some people think they just they have to be on facebook because everyone else's and they better get a lot of fans quite honestly I'd rather have one thousand quality fans that take action when I post versus ten thousand mediocre fans that do nothing. And so I know that's hard to swallow sometimes because social proof people look at your page and they think, oh, you have one hundred, fans. This person must not be that popular. Must not be that good at what they d'oh. So the numbers mean something, but I will say quality is going to change the game for you. So I'm gonna show you how to get quality fans from facebook ads and these air really inexpensive. So I think you're gonna like this. So this is an example of a page like sponsored story, and I want you to write down page like sponsored story because I want you to come back to this and actually try this ad strategy. It will definitely increase your families. So as you can see, I'm gonna kind of break it down for you a little bit. Devon duncan and two other friends like entrepreneurs academy. So obviously, this is melanie duncan's facebook page, and this is in the news feed. This is not in the right calm. Of course. This would never even fit in the right column. Notice how much room it takes, which is the beauty of the news feed. So right away this let's say I had never liked melanie's page yet this would appear in my news feed if she targeted let's say a facebook page that I am a fan of so I would see this in my news feed and devon and I are friends will say, oh well devon likes that page maybe I would like it too that's kind of facebook's thought process behind this so as you can see, it's got a great great image of the timeline cover photo and it also has the like button now when you click like and you're in the news feed you don't go right to her facebook page you can just go on with your day start scrolling down do what you do so nothing gets interrupted but the next time melanie post you'll likely see her post in your news feed and that's what we all want so the like button appears in the ad and then of course you can see it says sponsored so we know it's a sponsored at I just tell you that as a marketer no one really pays attention to that stuff so the reason why this ad type is so valuable is if you're a beginner this is where I suggest that you start if you've never used facebook ads this is a really cool way to get started quite honestly you don't even have to have your giveaway offer ready yet now it be optimal if you did, but let's say you have been on facebook for about thirty days you've been posting, you've got some great content, but you're just not getting the fan base you want running page like sponsored stories is the number one way you're going to get that quality audience. Now, why would you get a quality audience with running this ad? Because when we, when I show you targeting you, khun, target people that are part that are fans of the entrepreneur magazine page, you khun, target people that are part of the plot, these magazine so they're seeing this and the trick I have for you is somewhere in this image. This is basically taken from her timeline. She didn't have to upload any images. Melanie didn't have to upload any copy for the ad. This was generated for her, and although it's cut off right there, you can see she's got this pinterest e book right there. People see this and they definitely associate oh, this woman teaches pinterest so I want in your timeline cover photo to give some type of inclination as to what you d'oh when you're running page post like ads, this is what's gonna get you the like, so this ad the easiest ad to run and it will definitely get you more fans so I wanted to show you exactly how to set this up, and those who purchased the program will get these slides and can come back to this again and again but really what's going on here this is the power editor just a small snapshot of it but the power editor actually, if you goto this is nothing to buy, it just takes you to a facebook link really? Amy porterfield, dot com ford slash power editor and it takes you to all the details about to learn more about the power power editor if you'd like so it's, amy porterfield, dot com fort slash power editor but basically, this is what it's gonna look like. The story type is a sponsored story, so you're just going to choosing to drop down what type of story you want to run. And then as you can see about a pager, place people liking your page it's exactly how you set up the ad. This is the part that probably trips most people up. What a my clicking where am I going with this? And then they'll ask you your destination. If you're an admin of a few different pages, you just have to choose the page that you want to add ties this pretty much is the bulk of the ad until I show you targeting, but this is how you set it up you set it up this way in the power editor you are good to go and I see a few people writing so I'm just gonna wait just a minute here. Um anybody in the online audience as well this kind of wants to write down and right now I'm in the creative emplacements tab will move our way down as we do some targeting but that's where you're going to start so if you set it up this way you are good to go with a page post our page like sponsored story makes sense to everyone, any questions good that was pretty straightforward a good thing to keep in mind for those be watching on the internet that if you purchased the course this all will be available as a pdf to download so you can go back through at a slower pace. And really I really do this. Yes, definitely a lot of the times when I teach facebook ads I put a lot of examples in there because people like to walk through like, wait, how did she set that up? So it would be really valuable. Okay, so this is the best money saving tip ever and this is why I think people should focus on growing their fan base definitely relationship building and social proof are important to your fan based numbers me? How many fans do you have, however to save money on ads anyone with a tight budget this is where you want to pay attention you grow a solid fanbase whether you use ads or not you khun grow your fan base in many different ways but you grow a solid fan base and then you target on lee your existing fans and let's say one specific ad campaign my experience I've paid his lowest seven cents a click from my own fan so there are quality click versus let's say fifty cents a click from a non fan someone that hasn't yet been exposed to my content so when I run webinars I'll do two different ad campaigns one will focus on my fans on ly one will focus on new fans that don't yet know me not only do my fans convert better of course, because they know me I'm paying ten cents a click I'm getting mohr leads from that ad and they convert better into sales because they've been seeing my content over and over again so if you ever really needed a reason to know why is it important to grow fan base to me the number let's say the number two number one relationship building number two is to pay a lot less for your ads pretty cool right? I mean this is the way that you can make sure you're not breaking the bank with your ads target your own fans but it comes back tio really setting up some strategies to grow that fan base now just as a side note from ads if you're thinking okay I'm not yet ready to spend money on ads but I love the idea of running ads to my fans so I could pay a lot less two ways to grow your family's quickly for your facebook page number one is to add a like box to your website now this some people do it some people don't um it was funny I got to teach michael hyatt this one little strategy and loved it and it really made a difference in this fan base so devon was talking about michael not really being on facebook that much he added the like box and saw huge up taking this fans so it's basically you can look it up it's a light box social plug in and it's just in the right hand column of your website people click the like button they become an instant fan of your page without ever leaving your website so that's what's important so if you got web traffic, why not turn him into fans as well? Next time they jump on facebook we'll see you in there news feed and the other strategy I tell my students about ways to grow your families for free is to get active outside of facebook and what I mean by that is do webinars be interviewed on podcast guess block post when I would guess block post regularly, especially in my early years, I would look at my facebook analytics and I'd find out where are my lights coming from? Outside of facebook into facebook, the top three spots at the time. Social media examiner, the rise to the top and entrepreneur dot com three sites that I guess wog posted on at that time. All my facebook traffic was coming from my guest blogged post it's. Not that I advertise my facebook page is that these days, people google you and they find you in facebook when they are curious about you, though the two things they dio. So if you want to grow your fan base, get active outside of facebook as well.

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