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Intro to Amy Porterfield

Lesson 13 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Intro to Amy Porterfield

Lesson 13 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

13. Intro to Amy Porterfield

Lesson Info

Intro to Amy Porterfield

James just covered a lot of really great material about some of the main platforms that he likes using in his business, and I tease before break that I'd talk a little bit about how we choose the social platforms for each one of our businesses, both r e commerce companies in our service and coaching companies because they're different and it's it is different based on your business, but also you because as a small business owner or even a solo preneurs, you're the only person you're the one that has to be doing it. So obviously the most important thing when choosing a social media channel is are your customers there, but out of the main platforms of facebook, twitter, pinterest now people are starting to talk about instagram, there's going to customers almost in every channel, a certain ones will have pros and cons, depending on how you want to market and market through each of them, but if you're the one doing it, you have to win joy being on that channel and want to do it, because ot...

herwise you're not going to keep it up to date, you're not going to create good content for it, you're not going to share properly and it's not going to be an effective channel to get traffic to your website that's the ultimate goal, get it. Traffic from the starting point of the social media platform and get it to your website to try and get it into a lead that's the only lets the main that's the main reason to be choosing a social media platform secondary to that it's cultivating a relationship with a customer and talking back and forth. But you got to be careful not to get sucked into the time trap of pull it that turning into play on the social media channel, which I know I'm I've been guilty of before, you've got to make sure you go in with a specific goal of is this the most effective use of my time in action to be getting people from this social media channel to my website and turning into a lead? So even if you're not sharing a particular linked to a block post or youtube video like james talked about, even if you're just sharing an inspirational clo or status update, are a picture of something you're doing behind the scenes, even if that action itself isn't sending direct traffic that couldn't be further developing the relationship. So when you do the link sharing post later that afternoon or the next day, that relationship is a little bit more warmed up and could increase the likelihood that they would click on the link and hopefully sure, their contact information you get the lead on the next page is everyone kind of getting that that flow in the dynamic and the purpose of each also media platform? Great! So obviously facebook is a big one. We're going to be getting into the segment into promotions on facebook and any porter field's gonna be talking about that which I'm super excited about because she's going to talk about the different man as to get started with and how to which is super important. A lot of people get really intimidated, and they don't know when to start with paid promotions, especially in a facebook channel, because actually spending money a lot times before you, you haven't there's no guarantee the sale and it's it's intimidating tohave add another expense to your business so you don't know the right time to get started with it. So amy's going to address you never come up in a little bit she's going to dress him was hesitant. Seas will kind of discuss back and forth for different businesses. When is the right time? Would you need to have in place before you start advertising and paying for that advertising? Eso let me only jump back teo, which social media platforms were used for our our company's right now, and why we made that choice. Like I said, your customers have to be on the social media platform first and that khun depend where they're going to be and that's that's up to you usually kind of easy to figure out just because of the main handful of social media platforms you kind of make the assumption a lot of people aren't facebook a lot of people on pinterest and twitter but it has to be something you want to update I'm not a twitter user so my businesses aren't on twitter we even though college students are on twitter, we feel I like I know the facebook platform better and I know they're going to be on facebook as well. So even though I could make the argument here missing out on those twitter fans yes I am but compared to having to learn a different vertical and higher I'd have to hire someone to do that because I'm not going to do it I don't know twitter it's not my personality to be having that conversation and short tweets some people totally like it someone that I that's a good example modelling an expert here would be michael hyatt james mentioned him in his presentation michael hi dot com has a fantastic podcast and I think one episode even talks about uh how what? How you used to social media and some great tools his podcast is called this is your life I believe it is and michael hi dot com and he has a very big twitter fall and that's in his personnel. He really likes to tweet and share via that meet him, and it took him a long time to even start a facebook page and to have a strategy for it in his business and that's okay, because it's something he enjoyed doing so we decide to start with twitter and build on that, just like james and our last, his last presentation talked about youtube is this thing he didn't change didn't even have a facebook fan page till about three or four months ago until we got together and actually I was showing him what we were doing in our facebook fan page and the results were getting and how we could implement it to his business it's like, okay, now it makes sense because I have a strategy, but I didn't just do it because you have to have a facebook fan page, you need a strategy first so you can be going after specific goals and results. So I presented my formula and showed him how could you know work for his missus and it's been blowing up? I think he's definitely past the six or seven thousand fan mark and growing by probably hundred today because he has a specific strategy that doesn't. I don't even think he updates every day, but he has the pacific strategy is not sucking up a lot of his time so it can still work effectively and other places in his business. So it's very important so custom greek threads I said uses facebook I have my office staff this is something that's really cool I get a lot of questions about social media kind of posting in the sea in place through automatic tools like if you post on facebook, it'll sharing your twitter automatically or one of the things that's really popular now because facebook owns instagram, you could post on instagram at the really cool filters and it'll automatically go to your facebook fan page so we use that custom greek threats because one of our the main things we share is behind the scenes during the manufacturing process because we make customize good so people like to see all the different items were making for people because no items are no two items are like, so we'll have all my main managers and the production facility are on the customer threads instagram on their phones and they'll just snap pictures around, you know, snap pictures throughout the day of cool stuff they're making stuff on the machines behind the scenes stuff the staff you know goofing around you short little fun videos, the manufacturing process and audience really likes that behind the scenes you know aspect and it shares automatically to our facebook page as well, so it's kind of getting in two places at once now you do want to be careful, especially when twitters if you ever link up twitter like that because twitter does have a very specific no a different strategy to kind of how you should update and have a conversation with people back and forth it's not just about putting your stuff and it's a lot more of a two way street on twitter so there's a lot more that's why I don't have my stuff post on twitter because I don't know that strategy it's not implemented in our marketing social media marketing strategy makes sense so don't think just because they exist that you need to be everywhere at once and you won't have a specific strategy for whichever one you do choose and with some of you watched the millie duncan uh creative live the last three days about pinterest and how there's a specific strategy on pinterest it's very different than any other social media platform to get the most out of platform so it's a perfect example there uh, there are a couple tools that we use in our businesses that make it very efficient for us teo, you know, use our time efficiently and and to keep our social media platforms up today one of the ones that I recommend and we use in our businesses buffer thinkit's, buffer, ap dot com and it's become quite popular lately and I know there's a free version and then a paid version that just unlock some cool options and I think I still use the free version, which which is great I love when those tools the freeze, the free version it's still really, you know, good enough for even people that have businesses and they don't they don't really put a cap on things and it's just really power users that need to pay so I love tool like that to recommend so buffer ap dot com I believe it is if that's not the right website just google buffer and you can put in what I love about it is you put in the status is that you want let's say, five facebook or twitter status is all at once and it takes them and bolts publish them throughout the day steger them so that way, it's, not like you do you hear when a friend just post five status updates in a row on twitter or five pictures and it's just clogs up your feed so this you put them all on buffer and it'll it'll drip them throughout the day and publish them at different times so it spreads it out so your audience different, you know segments your audience are on those different social media platforms at different times, so it'll drip it. So it's, a great tool to use a buffer app is fantastic, so I'm going to bring up any porterfield now and she's going tio, we're goingto kind of banter back and forth and talk about the strategy she does for her non paid social media and, uh, and then we'll get into mad strategy. So come on up, amy, welcome like that like that. So, amy let's talk let's, talk non paid for a little bit. You you have very effective social media strategy with your with your facebook page, and I know you do a little bit of twitter as well. So talk to me about what kind of you doing your daily basis if you're updating it, if a team member is, how often do you feel you should be doing this with facebook, non paid stuff, and then we'll get in some promotional, okay, great. So when we're talking about non paid strategies, I think the number one thing I dio is to make sure I'm sky settling post, and I'm glad you mentioned buffer at because that is a great tool to make sure you're consistently posting, but I think consistency is probably then top of my list with a strategy with social media, so most people don't know that there is a free tool on facebook that you, khun, schedule your post so on your facebook page and when you put in a status update, there's a little clock in that box there, where you're gonna post that clock will allow you to schedule all of your post in advance, and the reason I love this is because I have rebecca who's, my content manager, and you don't have to have a content manager to make this work. But, it's, nice to have a team we've been talking about that all weekend, so she helps me get these post together. I review, um, we always include images to me images, you know, your wife would say this for sharm el nino's images really make your strategy as well. So I use pick monkey and we kind of create these images and put words and and make it graphically attractive. And then we basically put a whole week in there, and I review it. I make sure it's good to go, wait a whole week, and so then we are ready to go, and we know we're covered. She actually gets the whole month done in advance. Yeah, she's, good job patching you talking just yesterday, that's, great for a whole week or month really nice where august you know it's the end of august september is coming up she's done, I can review, but then she makes sure they're up there. So and this is not how it's always been done in my world, but I wish I did the sooner so simple that I wish this was a strategy that I had tried a long time ago. So we put him in there and then here's the key to my strategy, I make sure that I jump on every day live and sodas. Rebecca's. Well, ava, I teach facebook, so I better have a driving facebook page so there's a lot of people asking questions, but I make sure I jump on and im when something post there's going to be comments and I need to get in there that's the magic of facebook in those comments because you could have one on one conversations with people on facebook, but everybody sees it so they feel part of the conversation so it's personal and public. So that's one thing we do, and we also combat on twitter. Pretty much facebook and twitter is what they use in twitter's definitely secondary so batch ng, you know, scheduling and advance using images and getting it all done as soon as you can so that you don't have to worry about it, but then jumping on life oh, I'm still blown away that you guys were a week in a month in advance and it's something that milly and I need to definitely implement our businesses because way, always kind of feel behind an old it's. Another thing I like to do? Listen, we need to make sure we're updating our social content in you guys and the audience feel like that, like, oh, I got to make sure I'm updating that channel. Are any you doing a week or a month in advance, like amy is? I mean, that I'm not doing it that's that makes perfect sense patching it? Yeah, you know, the content that you're gonna want to share and it's and it's paste out, and then all you have to do is schedule. How often do you go in and look at comments and you don't keep? I'm assuming you don't keep facebook open, so every time there's a comment like it's, really distracting, going at a schedules, set time only and interact, I do three times a day, actually one time in the morning, around let's, say, nine or ten, one time in the afternoon and one time in the early evening, and by then I'm off, so I do not spend a lot of time on face book at all, which is pretty cool, considering I teach it and I am effective in it, I think that's so huge to someone that teaches facebook marketing and that his on the main income you know, the main thing you teach your may income source topic and you're limiting your time on there so that you could be productive and other areas of your best yes, and, you know, you make a great point that when you schedule in advance, I always say every post counts, every post on facebook is gonna count because there's so much competition out there, so if you schedule in advance europe, you have more quality content, you're not multitasking, which melanie reminded us is not a great thing, so I'm not stopping a project I gotta post on facebook really fast throw up something really quick and go back. I've put some thought or rebecca's put even more thought into all of that for me, so that way I know it's quality content as well. Fantastic, really great tips so I'm really excited to get into facebook strategies for paid promotions let's talk a little bit about it about when you think is the right time for people to start paying for promotions because it can be scary to start spending that money, so when is the right time, what type of things they need to have in place? Because I in my first presentation, I talked about the overall flow of a business of an online businesses, traffic leads in conversions and it's the kind of a three step process, and obviously we're focusing on the traffic part now, especially paying for it. So we have to have a lead capturing tool in place and a conversion funnel in place. So anything else that really stands out that people really need to have in place before they start paying for this traffic on facebook? You know, I think you need to make sure you're you have a consistent plan with posting comes acted consistency because with any ad, people can click back to your facebook page, and if you're not using your facebook page, if you don't have any really quality post, they're going to know that, and they'll likely not want toe like your page and, you know, with ads, you get a lot of likes on your face because, well, it's, just a cool organic feature of that. So having consistent value on your page when you're running at, I think, is really important and brandon, your page, you know, the big timeline cover photo at the top it's important? Because people could click back now a lot of strategy and teach you today, I don't really want them to click back to your facebook page. But they will. So we just need to make sure we've got it covered, right? It's. A secondary benefit or secondary thing to pay attention to is not the main action you're trying to get him to take when they click on your little business. Paige name. It will take them there, and you will get a lot of traffic, a residual traffic from that, for people that don't take that main action on god.

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