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Melanie Duncan: Selling with Confidence

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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22. Melanie Duncan: Selling with Confidence

Lesson Info

Melanie Duncan: Selling with Confidence

Well further dio let's bring melanie duncan up my lovely wife beautiful you great! So I gushed and gushed did you value told you sorry not how proud of you I am watching your journey from being terrified to sell the way now you could just go up there and handle it and people are just wowed by what you khun dio but I think the journey it was some corn everyone that I show ya because a lot of people are at that starting place and I don't want them to think that's just that's that's just melanie of course she can do it right that you know you started from ahh beginner's spot as well what I mean eighteen months ago was the first time you did your first webinar remember that in the margaret two dozen wealth yeah on ly eighteen months that's not that's not a very long period of time mean eighteen months ago I mean you're you're glad now, eighteen months ago you made a decision to take that terrifyingly absolutely many pairs of shoes later yes, absolutely you tell time is by parachute was six...

persons there my goal markers okay, well I'm gonna let you get start with this presentation and I know at the end will come back up here will will do some hot seats afterwards for some of the live studio audience take it away. Thank you. Thank you. So when I was eighteen years old, I got my first official job, which was to work at nordstrom's. You guys know what? Nordstrom is? A department store and my job was to work in sales originally started out in cosmetics moved on to doing some other departments in the store, but I actually do have a background technically in sales, and it always cracked me up because I talked to other people or, you know, family friends and I tell them what I was doing for work and they'd say that's great, because a background in sales could help you with anything. And as devin said, it's definitely been a journey for me learning how to develop confidence in my selling skills, but it's something that, as I've worked with more and more busy, his owners, I've realized, is such an important topic to talk about. And when I was hosting my workshop just a few days ago, we were really learning a lot from the creative space. So you creative, entrepreneur's business people out there that this is something that can really hold you back. And I've heard devon talking to about tlc, the traffic, the leads in the conversions and today's all about conversions. And the truth of the matter is that at some point you're probably going to have to sell something now it depends on your business model maybe you sell products and it's a pretty straightforward type of thing where people come to your site they buy a pillow or they buy a sweatshirt or something simple like that. But I know for a fact that a lot of us in here and a lot of the worldwide audience sell services so this requires you actually having to get on the phone maybe it requires you having to meet face to face for a consultation and that could be really, really scary. So something just to start this off is I want the in studio audience and also the worldwide audience to think of one word you think of when you hear the word selling so worldwide audience tell me one word that you associate with selling and go ahead and tight that in the chat room and in studio audience and we're gonna go around we'll start with rachel and I want you all to say the one word you think maybe it's positive maybe it's naked that's okay, but I just want to get a feel for the climate here so rachel what's the one word you think of nervous nervous is great mike used cars used cars I love that adam persuasion, persuasion and very cool and what's your name I think I've met yet brian brian um money money alright genius mind money riley means money fell to get it absolutely absolutely so so far the climate's kind of mixed right little bit of nerves maybe some bad experiences will be talking about the second how about in the worldwide audience? What are we hearing? Uh just a range of things from lisa says pressure another traveling doc his pressure we've got w lotuses bossy another somebody else amy pieces I have another expressive one rainbow steph says yuck right norman dana said stress yeah, normally it's a fairly negative connotation, you know and those of us that are business owners we already have a little bit more of a primate where we think this is something related to revenue this is something good, but for the most part the general consensus when you ask people to associate a word with selling it's negative it's something they don't like their defensive used car salesmen pushy but the truth is that we all sell every day and everything we do we sell whether it's trying to get your kids to eat those little bit of vegetables that's left on their plate, whether it's convincing your husband to take that three day get what you've been trying to go for years we're all selling ideas were all selling different positioning and different things that we want manipulation both good and bad I mean manipulation khun b trying to get someone to do something that's actually good for them trying to help them but I think we need to get over this hurdle of selling being something forced in a natural because we do it every day in our day to day conversations. Now the reason that a lot of people tend to associate bad things was selling is because of past experiences so we probably all had a bad selling experience right or someone was pushy we felt we were being manipulated they were telling this things that weren't true where maybe being lied to and we tend to really focus and hold on to those negative experiences but has anyone ever had a positive experience being sold two in studio audience? Anything that pops into your mind I can tell you for me gina yeah, do you have idea when I went about my laptop at apple yeah, that was fun just how easy it was and of course I was excited about getting the laptop but the experience how they treated me and I loved it dare I say help awful very helpful answering questions, helping you figure out what was going to be the right options for you may be the right product for you definitely really mike jaymes widmore's video of course I was like, I'm getting such a great deal right awesome so it is possible to sell in a way that is positive that in a way is spun that is in a way that is adding value I know for me I had two very separate experiences I live in new york city and I was trying to find some fun new clothes for my creative life session and I went into one store and it was kind of busy and I had a question about a particular thing I wanted to see, but nobody approached me nobody helped me and ultimately I left without buying anything now I went to another store in a different neighborhood and walked in was immediately greeted a woman helped me it was looking for some different outfits like I said clothing and besides just the stuff that I had pulled and put in my room she checked back every few minutes brought me additional things I ended up spending a lot more stephane will probably tell you then I anticipated because she was so helpful she made me feel wonderful she was truthful I didn't feel like she was just telling me anyone ever tried on clothes women and they're like, oh, you look great in that and you're going okay? This is not true she was very truthful but she was also very helpful and she suggested things that I wouldn't have normally thought of and add up spending a lot more and I was happy about it. I was happy about the pieces I got I was having about the experience. I will be going back to her and back to that store very soon. But the truth is, we tend to focus on the negative experiences we've had versus the positive and it's very, very important as you sell or if you develop selling skills. Teo eisley, those experiences that have been good and figure out how you can replicate and duplicate that in your own selling experience for your customers. Because in most cases what you found valuable, what you found helpful is also what could really serve your audience. So just start being aware when you do learn to sell. This is something to always be really aware of. You know, when you're seeing how james sell, what does he dio what is really resonating with me. I know for myself when I buy courses online, I really pay attention to this now what is really grabbing me? What is getting gaining my interest? Because selling does not equal manipulation. This is something we really got to just debunk and stop thinking that it's manipulation now selling can be manipulation if you're trying to get someone to buy something, regardless of their interests or their best interest. But selling can actually be a phenomenal way of helping people there's a lot of people that are struggling with something, and they have no idea that that's what's holding them back there's also a lot of times that you know, your product or service could be a tremendous solution, but you have to help people realize that and understand that you know more about what you do and what you sell than anyone else, and you have to get better articulating that so that the right people confined you and understand the value there. So I want you to think about who do you bye from and worldwide audience. This is a great thing for you to type in a cz well in studio audience, I'd love to hear this knot, maybe when you don't have any other options, which really isn't any more. Most of the time, we have tons and so many options, but who do you tend to buy from whether it's, major brands or independent people? You know, we've heard apple, we've heard about james wetmore, but who are people that despite or who are businesses, despite multiple options, you always go back to them, and I want to know why? Why do you go back to them? Is it because their product or service is superior? Is it because of personalized attention you've received? I want to hear your ideas in the chat room right now because there's going to be really important to identify as we move forward and cater your unique selling skills so go ahead and type in the chat room who do you buy from and why? And in studio audience anyone that you choose to buy from repeated so again and again and is there something specifically that they do or they offer that resonates with you in a special way? Jean I see you nodding anyone your thinking of I was thinking about individuals that maybe I buy from online and at least there's this perception I think that I like them yeah, and I still feel the same way about that with cos if let's say I go I have a local anthropology they like to shop at both the sails people, they're they're friendly and they recognize me they might not know my name, but yeah, I'm greeted in the way that you express you you felt welcomed right away at that boutique and so it's still a personal relationship even though that's a huge company so that would be my why I how I how I'm left feeling or treated I think absolutely and likability I heard you say that's actually very important important part of selling is learning how to become likeable if you're a personal brand or service provider where really people are hiring you to work with you further anyone else standing out to in your mind? Yeah starbucks starbucks telling about this said anytime I go into a starbucks you're the atmosphere is it's amazing? I don't know I like the atmosphere there um their product obviously is good people always seem happy they greet you um it's always good experience did you guys hear how he said product secondary? We tend to think that if we have a good enough product we don't have to do anything else and while that is true for maybe one in a million people are one in a million businesses normally it is assumed that the product will be fine it will be good, it will be you know it'll be good enough but normally it's atmosphere it's like ability it's a personality, a connection that sets us apart in an overly cluttered marketplace, any ideas for the online audience people they buy from and why we've got a great a bunch of great comments, justin cirio says I love buying from those that are excited about what they do and what they're selling it's obvious when someone believes in what they're selling and when they say simply don't passion yep we also have another one from marcel trader joe's happy customer service, good products kinda of fun experience experience so we're hearing a lot of words like atmosphere experience, just things to be thinking about because a lot of times we passively go through the customer experience ourselves, and we don't directly relate that to the way that we're selling to our audience love that, okay, so we'll keep moving on. We'll come back and talk about it a little bit further, but one of the first things to do is to believe in your business and your abilities. I know we've got a lot of modest people, particularly in this audience, that they're talented, they're so talented, but they might not put enough time and developing their own confidence and really being very clear about the value that they add to the marketplace, because even if you're passionate, but you're not confident, you might not be portraying that confidence and that ability when you're talking to prospective clients or customers, you know, nobody wants to hire someone that's going, I can probably do a pretty good job for you. I don't want to get set your expectations too high, but I can probably deliver you know you don't want to make excuses for yourself or your talent people are expecting you to come in in a truthful way, I mean, you know, being humble, it is a great thing. But you want to come in in a way where you at least portray confidence you portray assurance so that people can trust you and your ability that you're going to deliver so let me ask you this because I know we're talking a lot about websites during this workshop, right? How does this really relate to your website? Your website we let me ask you this are you proud to send someone to your website? I see gina's eyebrows raising in here you know there's a lot of us that we are proud of what we do we're proud of what we offer we're proud of our message but it doesn't necessarily translate to being proud of our website and even if you're talking to someone you've hooked them into the elevator and you've had this great talk of them I do this and so awesome here's why I love what I dio and they're like great, you know, do you have a business card or can I check out your sight and you go holly? No, because you're so kind of you moving some things around right now I know I wouldn't really go there maybe check back in a few weeks all of a sudden drop all of a sudden your credibility, your belief in what you're doing is dramatically hindered because you don't have marketing materials that you love there's always going to be that next step and selling so even after you've connected with someone you've explained why what you do is so important you've explained about the products you sell or so phenomenal they still have to go somewhere in most cases I mean I know we have some local businesses here but I'm assuming everyone here has some sort of a web presence there has to be that next step and if you don't love if you're not excited about them seeing that website if you're not excited about them you know taking your business card and you don't love the way it looks at field it's designed they're also going to be able to pick up on that feeling as well not to mention when they get to your site there's not that khun grew insee and the way you presented yourself in the presence online so this is one thing to really pay attention to as we're talking about this final day that's conversion this website is really important and I know this from personal experience you know there's a learning curve for all of us and a lot of the websites I know devon showed you like our first custom great threads workshop or website on day one and uh ugliest sin I mean that superbad and all of our web sites have been a general progression of then having the funds to bring on a graphic designer always improving always learning, taking design classes trying to get better and better but I will tell you the reaction of my audience as I've invested in design and invested in high quality images and invested in photography for myself when I talk to people about my online presence when people go and check it out, there is a night and day difference so if you're holding yourself back from maybe spending a little bit unsporting on getting your website updated if you haven't updated in two years and you're telling yourself it's not that important it is important not only because when people find you there but in the way that you talk about and you sell your business when you're talking to other people. So this is something ever in the chat rooms this kind of resonating because I think a lot of people out there we don't have the web presence that we're proud of we don't there's not a connect I mean if you meet someone in person and they're vibrant and their youthful and they're fun and you know maybe they're well dressed or they just have a great vibrant personality and you go and they've got this super stock image corporate feeling website there's a disconnect and you know marketing is really all about khun grew inseam making everything seemed like it all fits together on lines up so that we know it's transparent and it's we can trust it when things don't match up, we don't trust them so how is your website? Actually continuation of who you are when you talk about your business and your brands and problem versus solution, this is a very, very basic thing I do with all of my students. Whatever we're talking about, selling selling is simply helping your audience understand how your product or service is a solution for a problem they currently have, and I'm not reinventing the wheel here. I'm sure a lot of you already know this, but when you think of selling mohr as solution oriented versus pushy or, you know, manipulation, we tend to feel better about doing in the first place and just that that reframing tends to help people. I feel more comfortable talking about their business when they're trying to help someone solve a problem versus trying to get someone to buy their stuff, see how that feels different by my stuff versus let me help you. Two very different concepts. One of the best things I did to really help myself with confidence and selling was to ask for client testimonials and it's not for the reason you think the reason that this helped me I sell more confidently was because I heard from my audience the direct value I had added to them, you know, and I sold things for a long time online. Thinking, oh, I'm sure had some sort of an impact, it probably wasn't anything groundbreaking, but, you know, people seemed to have some sort of positive inclination towards me, so I must be doing okay when I reach out to my audience and said, hey, would you mind just telling me if you've gotten results for my training, um, or if you've enjoyed working with me, just give me a quick little, you know, one sentence explanation, I could not believe what I heard from my audience, I could not believe the things that they told me I'd help them accomplish and it's going to be different for the type of business you're in, but it's amazing how something we consider we take for granted in terms of what we're putting out there, how it can impact other people. And so one of the first things I recommend doing, if you have even a small handful of clients, reach out to them and ask them, what did you like about working with me? What are some of the results you've gotten once you hear that type of stuff, it just kind of puts a little extra pep in your step? You think, okay, maybe I do know what I'm talking about, after all, and it really will help you come to terms with where unique value is and that's something I say unique value because that's a very critical part of selling not just talking about what you do that everyone else khun d'oh but what is the one thing that you do better than everyone else in your marketplace? If you can figure that one point of differentiation that's what will help you in clarifying why people should hire you specifically so focusing on how do you provide value? This is what selling is clearly understanding how you provide value maybe it's you have products that are at a more affordable price of anyone else maybe you get products people faster I want to bring it back to product people because I don't want everyone to think oh, this just has to do with service cell fine, but what is it specifically about what you sell that is more valuable than your competitors? These are the things that need to be clearly identified and clearly communicated in you're selling messaging and when in doubt adopt an alter ego. So I love talking about this anyone else's beyonce a fan in here I think that woman is fierce beyonce if you haven't heard has an alter ego sasha fierce sasha fierce is her alter ego and whenever she's she's normally kind of a little bit shy no more reserved person but when she steps that stiletto heel on stage, she is no longer beyonce's sheas sasha fierce and the way that she moves the way that she speaks, her energy dramatically shifts, and I've heard this from everyone from musicians to business people to professional athlete it's that there's one of cameras name but I was working with in there talking to with another selling coach, a friend of mine, and he was telling about this athlete he coaches and whatever he is just about to go on the football field and he's lacing up his sneakers. He brings on this alter ego and he identifies that person now he's going to go out there and he's aggressive and he just yet means football. You all know he just gets out there, but this could be really helpful if you personally have a very shy, timid personality to think about being someone else, and it could be like I said, sasha fierce obviously doesn't exist, so it could be this person that you kind of make up or sometimes modeling is very effective thinking about yourself as there's someone else that you've seen cell that is very confident that you like the way that they deliver and they talk and they walk kind of projecting yourself as that person, and I'm not encouraging you to be fake or not be who you are, but sometimes stepping into that role of selling can be very intimidating, but when you put on a different character hat it could be a little bit fun, and you don't feel like you have the same limitations that you normally place on yourself. Now, the second way to really become better at selling is to gain clarity and not a lot of people talk about this. What I want you to do is have a clear understanding of who your target market is exactly who they are specifically and the problems that your product or service solves, and a lot of times and people are afraid to sell it's because they don't have this clarity, you know, it's a very general will I help everyone kind of in this very general way? And the reason that also that might might be difficult for you to sell is because then people's reaction is kind of huff, I okay, I don't even ever don't explain something to someone, maybe explained your business, and they're just a blank stare on the other side that doesn't really make you feel great, right? They have no idea what you're talking about, so sometimes if you've had this experience, and when you start out, a lot of us aren't very clear on what we're doing, and the first person that responds to us, we don't get a super resounding positive response, and so we're now every time moving forward, we sell in a way that is kind of oh, I'm expecting that negative response versus I am excited to put this out there. I am excited about how you're going to respond to what I have to say, so I really would encourage you to get laser laser focused and a lot of people will say I don't want to get too limited because then it will cut off all these other people I could possibly help or sell teo that's not true I've recently become very direct and who my products and programs are and are not for you I still have tons of people who buy them that technically this program is not for because they either identify even though they're over here now they go, but yeah, but I want to get there or even though I explicitly said this is not for you because of this, this and this they still want it, so it doesn't necessarily decrease who buys it does hopefully decrease the absolute wrong customer from buying, but what it does is it gives that my ideal clients and customers this absolute clarity that this is for them so you can see does this make sense everyone? How not only does this help you feel more confident because you get it? You know who you're helping? You know how you're helping them, but also it helps people in their response to you because they get it too so clarity is something that is very, very important and selling are we good in the chat rooms? All kind of keep moving through, but we'll have tons of time at the end for question sounds all right. The third thing is to educate yourself in most cases, if we're looking to become more confident about a different skill or a subject area, it involves learning, learning about it, learning the details, developing the skills I don't know about you guys, but the first time I got behind a car, I was a little nervous and behind the wheel of a car, not behind, actually the first time I drove, I was a little bit nervous. I hadn't done it before, it was scary. There were all these unknown factors that I'd never really anticipated before, but what happens each time you drive, you get more and more comfortable, your skills hopefully improve. Hopefully they improve, but you become more comfortable and you also become better at what you're doing. Selling is no different, but for some reason a lot of us had this mental block or we say I am terrible at selling well say, okay, you know how much, how much have you studied or developed or you know, how, how many times have you tried it? Most people will say, oh, I would never try it I'm bad, so I've never tried it who is good at something they've never done before very few of us, right? We see these people that are great at selling or we see these businesses that are great at selling and assume that they never had a bad day or that they always just knew how to do that and that's crazy I mean, it's, you guys naughty once you think about it it's silly, right? Of course, the more you practice and learn and educate yourself, the better you're going to be at it. And of course, if you've never tried to sell, you've never run a book on how to sell. He'd never gone to a seminar and learned how to sell. No one is going to be very good at it, it's something that requires education, but what else can help you is actual product knowledge, so as much as you might, we're talking about clarity in your actual messaging when you're talking about what you do and how you help people even knowing the nitty gritty is about your products or about your services or your packages, or how they relate to your competitors or competitive businesses in brands in your marketplace, the more you can educate yourself on every facet of the industry that your customers want to know about the more confident you are going to feel because whatever they throw at you you're ready right? You've done your research but also understanding like I said earlier exactly why people buy from you if you're ever in a more confrontational selling situation ah customer client might specifically ask you so why should you know hasn't had a center interview? Why should we hire you instead of all the other candidates for this position? Same thing kind of goes when you're maybe interview with the client why should we hire you versus all of these other people in the marketplace that's when you want to know exactly what is the specific value that you deliver better than anyone else in your marketplace it's like I said and also developing your sales skills even though I started out working in retail and kind of, you know got behind this mental shift of okay I think I can sell something I saw a huge leaps when I started reading about different selling text techniques I started doing research about consumer psychology and the way that we decide in the way that we are behavior around purchasing ah great book that I highly recommend, particularly for people who just need to reframe the concept of selling is to sell us human by daniel pink and this book really walks us through how selling is something that we all dio and that we've done since the evolution in a time and there are ways to sell that add tremendous value that grow our businesses but also that frame is positively in the eyes of our audience so how can you sell in a way that is so helpful that is so fun that is such a great experience that word I heard earlier that it actually adds tremendous value to your brand versus being this pushy you know, last little step of the experience they have that people just don't even enjoy so this is a great book to educate yourself but I'm a big believer and doing everything you can to understand selling better doing exercises there's tons of exercises you can just google online learning how to sell better there's a different workshops there's public speaking you can learn how to dio it depends on how you sell like I said, this is different for everyone there the environment they selling but this could be like for me devon said selling on webinars was a really big deal actually learning how to use a presentation and in front of an audience trying to hold their attention and clearly communicate why what I had to offer what's a value maybe this is something you're gonna have to dio you know sitting across from one of your perspective clients maybe this just has to dio not this book but selling has to dio with the way you write an e mail the headline on one of your web pages the copier, the terms, the terminology that you tell your customer service people to use that is all technically still under this umbrella of selling and that's why it's important even if you're saying well, melanie, I don't sit across the table for my client so I don't really need to sell every communication every touch point inside your business does it under the umbrella of selling just even providing value is still selling and practice the way you get better at something is practice I you know, I've heard the same practice makes perfect but then they say perfect practice is what you need to focus on so not just doing the same thing over and over again that could be considered practice but trying thinks a different environment it's constantly developing and training that skill so trying different methods reading different perspectives, getting feedback from different people that smart practice or perfect practice and modeling confident people. We talked about this a little bit earlier but find people who are confident maybe it's someone that sells also but we'll have that friend right that one friend who doesn't matter if they're talking to a new girl at a bar or they're you know they go up to a customer service desk and they always get what they want without being a jerk but there's just confident people who are comfortable asserting themselves in a way that is still very positive to everyone around them. If you maybe laugh that confidence, find someone who does this and model them, and modeling just means you watch and you analyze. So you watch what they dio, and then you kind of analyse the way they do it and the reaction of the person they're interacted with, and then you try to do that and replicate it yourself. So let me ask you this worldwide audience, I want you to actually respond to this in the chat room, what would make you more comfortable selling and incidents in studio audience? I want you to think about this as well. What would it take to make you more comfortable selling and maybe it's something that I've already highlighted today and you think, yes, that's that's the thing I've been missing, any ideas, anything pop into your mind? Rachel. Education practice, I think learning what I'm doing, so I'm not just guessing and frantically trying to figure it out on the spot so I could go in with a plan, um and then practicing that, see what actually does and doesn't work? Absolutely. And had you ever thought of that before, um I mean, logically, but I haven't done it, you know, it's occurred to me that that would be a good idea. Well, hopefully this will just kind of motivate you a little bit more to put it into action. Anyone else what you think would make you more confident or more comfortable? Adam well, I think, uh, educating myself on on specifics of the value that we're offering, also modeling others behavior in that selling situation, basically, I learned I had a hard time really get it getting that trust because I wasn't confident in the product I was selling speaking directly to the person really listening to them, so they're all things I'm working on, and, uh, I guess this is all really good. Yeah, so you said two things, first of all, being confident and comfortable in what you're selling, why it's valuable, but then also really listening to your audience and I think a lot people don't talk about that, you know, it's not just you trying tio in your own brain, figure out why you do so why what you do is value but actually talking to your audience. Sometimes they say things that you've never thought of a lot of the times they dio and it's normally a much more authentic and much more accurate than something you come up with on your own allover chat rooms but one that kind of plays into what you just said yeah, victory girl says not being so focused on me but focused on my client absolutely have one more time capsule says hanging around mawr friends who are natural sellers not hard hard sellers you become more like the friends you hang around so true very, very true and just really intentionally watching what they do and how they do it so that you can replicate it's well, mike, I saw your hand pop up to what would make you feel more comfortable oh yeah, just the practice and doing it, doing it doing it but then also getting the feedback on that practice to say okay, you need to refine here maybe do it different their focus on this exactly exactly and preparation always really helps so going in knowing exactly what your prospects needs and wants our so you khun specifically address them. One of the most gratifying things when you are trying to sell with someone may be face to face is to see that look in their eyes when they go this person gets me this person gets it that's what we all want I remember when I was interviewing wedding coordinators and I interviewed a bunch of different women and the one woman I ended up hiring I could just tell she got what I wanted and that's what she went in and talked about, she didn't say I had this background in baba blah I've worked with these people I've been in these books or these magazines, but she went and said, you want to enjoy your day and not have anyone bother you? You want to be able teo know that everything is taken care of, and it will be as beautiful or more beautiful in the wedding of your dreams. She talked about me, she didn't talk about herself and why I should hire her. She clearly communicated my aspirations for working together. So it's, another great way to go in with selling like and we heard from the chat rooms not just meeting me me hire me. I'm good at this, you want to work with me, but here's, what I'm going to provide you here's, what you were going to get and we talked it was a little bit of my workshop is well, but really, you know any time you're talking about yourself or your skills, it should come back to relating to how it's going to serve your audience or server perspective clients or customers, and the final weigh very important to talk about is to actually visualize success. Ah lot of times when we first start off talking about our business talking about our services or our products were a little shy because we're new at it you know? We're just starting out so maybe the initial reaction we get from someone wasn't entirely favorable or wasn't just entirely clear like they understood we then tend to project that same sort of negative response and every sales interaction that we have and when we do that our body language, our voice, our facial expressions all tend to communicate that we go more inward like this we tend to make you wouldn't see them like this kind of wow I do this you can go to my website you know, we don't realize how much we physically portray our own instinct, insecurities and how much that then cues the response of the person we're talking tio and this could also be on video too. It doesn't just have the fate you know face to face with someone but say you have a sales page and you have a video of yourself or say you have a blogger and you do videos, even audio even through voice we can hear the tone ality in the inflection when people aren't confident, secure what they're talking about so the most important thing you can do whatever you're selling is to actually visualize the success visualize the reaction the person you're talking teo smiling, nodding understanding seeing the value of what you're talking about, whether it's an audience, I mean, you know, like I used to sell or still selling weapon, archer maybe it's in front of a thousand people online, visualizing them, being excited, visualizing them, excited to join my program or my product thinking about it in that way instead of going to oh, my god, I don't think anyone's gonna buy this is going to be all for such a failure. No one's gonna put like, you know, we just tend to just our own internal dialogue can really set us back and projecting the confidence that we need an order for people to want to work with us. So this is a very important and final aspect of building that confidence and selling is actually visualizing the end results, and you can take it like I said, literally, where you're seeing that person, their facial expression, their eyes lighting up, or maybe you're selling into a product or program and you visualize what that community is going to be like when there's four hundred, people in there and they're supporting each other, there's all its value and excitement visualized herself as an expert as someone in your in your industry that adds tremendous value, visualize what all of those little milestones are going to be, what they're going to feel like because then when you're talking about what people are buying into or they were talking about what people are paying you for, they can hear that excitement as well in your voice, they can see why they want to be a part of what you're explaining something sense everyone okay, so have a little exercise, and then we'll definitely will definitely have a good amount of time for questions as well. So here's my exercise online or worldwide audience, I want you to have a piece of paper or a pen or type this on your computer, but I actually want you to do this don't just listen to it and go oh, okay, that sounds interesting. Good questions, but I want you to physically think about this or mentally think about this and physically write it or type it down so after someone here's your pitch, and like I said, your pitch might be they read it on the sales page, it might be, you know, go here and check out this length to this product, or it might be talking to someone on the phone or a person, but after they hear your pitch or technically what it is that you want them to purchase from you. What do you want them to know on ensued audience I want you guys to this as well gonna put you totally on the spot but this is really important and if you don't have clarity on this let me know we'll work through it together but after someone hears you explain what you do or what you offer cell what do you want them to know? Take a second right that down the second question what do you want them to feel? A huge part of selling and something that I'll be talking about later when I come back and talk about psychological tactics for selling is purely emotional based so after they hear you talk about your product or your service, what do you want them to feel? And the third and I would probably say the most important part is what do you actually want them to dio what is the next step that they should take maybe it's adding something to their cart maybe it's putting it a pause it down maybe it's checking out your website? What is that third and final step that you want them to dio and this is very important and if you can't answer all of these that's okay, but what's important is that you're now thinking about these questions and how they relate to the way you talk about your products, your services in a sales type of conversation so what do you want them to know what do you want them to feel and what do you want them to dio I know it's it's a lot but I want you guys if you can in the chat room this one two three number this down and actually put in your responses and let me know because I want to hear from you because a lot of people are probably hung up on one or two or all three of these but if we can all work together and here each other's ideas we can get those creative juices flowing and like I said if you're really stuck on one of these say which when you're stuck on and maybe I can help you work through it cause it's super important in studio audience I don't want to take a swing at this gina I'm a little bit stuck with number one will be on this what do I want them to know after I've made my pitch I I think it is I want them to know that I'm my product is what they've been looking for I think that's what I want them to know but I don't know if that's a good answer is that so why is your product what they've been looking for? What problem is it solving? They need help with their pallotti's business they know how to be a great plot he's instructor there probably amazing at that but they lack business support, customer service support, marketing support okay, and they know that they know they're struggling. Yeah, so I want them to know oh, I finally kind of found it. This is what I've been looking for you, I think that's what I want them to write and a lot of this will come back to really focusing on clarity, specific things. So what I want them to know for your example, I want them to know that after what do you sell a service on an online product and all my product, you want them to know that after they purchase your product they will be able to spend? I'm just going to kind of make this up, but they will be able to spend less time actually working on their business. But their revenue quickly increase yes, or you want them to know that they will no longer struggle. Maybe one of the biggest struggles they have is getting new clients or new people. You want them to know that when they purchased his program, they're going to learn a simple system to get more scientists. The specific yeah, the actual solution to their problem. Okay. And the more specific you khun b you might have depending on the exact person you're talking, teo, you might have four, five or six of these depend on the exact personality you're seeing, you know, maybe you meet someone that's just totally overwhelmed with one of their plot is business and what they really want more than anything is to have that overwhelmed taken away. So you tell them, you know, this is going to give you a step by step simple solution that you're gonna be able to follow with confidence and know that you're in the right direction, growing your business. So that's, what I put for number two with their feeling like the relief, like, oh, someone not guide me in exactly so the emotion would be released. Okay, thank you for the emotion. Would be confidence or something like that. Hey, thank you. So, then, what would be the third thing you want them to do? Buy the product product? Exactly. All right, mike. Very similar to what gina said. I want to know. So it would be a couple who's struggling with their spending and saving, so I want them to know that their normal, I mean, with financial issues, there's, so many people that that hide that yeah and so when you look out and other people of your peers you think everybody's fine but I wanted to know that their normal there's so many other people out there like them and then it's okay and that there's a better way to do things so that's what I want him to know and then just like gina said I wanted to feel that relief hold on let me bring you back to number one what does this have to say? This is overall selling so what does this have to do with you number one you said you want them to feel normal but taking that particular example maybe you want them to know that you're not going to make them feel bad or ashamed or like they're being penalised for their behavior you want them to know that you are going to be accepting and that you were going to be someone that takes him along by the hand versus a punishing type of mentor tutorial so I make sure that no ties more into you right so so we've been there we know how they feel we can identify with those specific things exactly so you want them to know that you are you were just like them you want them to know that you were going teo deeply and authentically understand that painful experience are going through right now that I think would be a more persuasive and pulling um, of why they would want to work with you specifically so let's go to number two how do you want them to feel relief? Although there is something we can't do it right, right? And like you said feeling feeling like it's normal, you want the deflect, they're not isolated like they haven't done something wrong like they're not stupid, you know, I think a lot of us we tend to feel uncertain or new environments we feel like write a disadvantage or maybe other people are smarter and more experienced or we've done something wrong, so I loved what you said like, you want them to feel like, you know, you want them to feel like they're going to be accepted and like you can help them and there's nothing that they specifically did wrong, that you can't overcome together, right love that and what do you want them to dio click and a cart and being very clear about that your messaging? I think sometimes we're afraid this to give them that next step or called toe actions, which I know devon's talked a lot about with websites, and I'm sure he'll talk a lot more about today with conversion optimization, but that third step is very important that they actually know what two d'oh ah lot of times with broader topics, we assume people get the next step you know, we tweak tell them all these things. They feel amazing. They feel educated, empowered on dh. They click and video, or they read the e mail of a so good ok, time for lunch. Make sure that next step is clearly articulated sometimes even beyond a point where we think well, isn't it obvious? Yes, but called action still across the board tend to increase engagement. That's. Why you hear a lot of sales video, say and click the button below. Of course they know to click the button. Yeah, but it's proven that when you say that more people click the button human behavior. Yeah, well, actually, do you want to hear you two some questions? I'm going to go ahead and put up. So this is my website. If you like this training, you want to learn more about how to sell more authentically. Want to learn more? Howto clearly articulate the value of what you d'oh. Um, I have a free train. You consign it formally duck and dotcom. If you often to my list, I'll send you free videos every week where you can learn more stuff like this.

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Interesting speaker, even when I have a marketingdegree its still full packed with small tips how to improve your site for your business. His advice is both for webshop companies aswell for small entrepreneurs. I like the are so many examples (site makeovers). There are even tips for copywriting, and sales in general which is very usefull. A complete course about about sales/how to use content/build sociaal proof. How to build a sales/lead generation system. Great teacher! For both new people, and people who want to to learn/get advanced.

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Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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This workshop is Incredible! If you want to be successful in Online Business, investment of $99 for this workshop is nothing compare to value that Devin and his expert friends deliver.