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Platform Selection with James Wedmore

Lesson 11 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Platform Selection with James Wedmore

Lesson 11 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

11. Platform Selection with James Wedmore

Lesson Info

Platform Selection with James Wedmore

What I'd like to do real quick with our in studio audiences have you guys uh take one of these four or if you go like you know I don't like any of these I wanted you know I want to do my space um you know, teach their own but tell me if you had to put all your marbles in one jar too to choose a platform where you are sharing valuable content to your audience, what that would be will start first with gina are you ready? You need a sec? I am ready I'm trying notes are sure for somebody that's new to this and really just diving in and getting their feet wet so to speak would you consider social media to be another platform like a fifth platform possibly or is now see this is this is what I'm trying to get across about bashing it's like devon brought me happiness like james could talk about social media and like I actually in a horrible social media don't like social media I feel like it's high school all over again we're on the least popular kid and they're all talking to have a good time...

and I'm just sitting in the corner booth dis crying is so but I think that's the point is people like, oh, I'll just use facebook and it's like, you know, I didn't put facebook up here is a social platforms bollixed facebookers of social platform it's like yes, but for a business owner who has content to share what are you doing? Are you just putting posts you know everyday and yes, you can use a facebook fan page you absolutely can maybe would would uh social media possibly be a vehicle for these exactly and that's and that's what we are getting to is that when you pick a platform for which you were content is hosted and created from social media becomes the vehicle in which you promote that content but you need to choose one of these first and I think a lot of people just go on to a site like facebook and just start talking and and that's the big problem we wave our complaint that we've always heard is that it seems like everyone's talking and no one's listening but if you have something of value on a platform that you create instead of just talking you're executing by sharing your content on the social networks um so yes, great question um my name's jean axelsson and mine itches it's the plot is busy my ideal client is a karate instructor or studio owner and I'm hesitating on ly because I've recently spoken with amy about starting a podcast because I love people I could sit and talk to people the interview style I feel like there's wealth in my community we could all help each other however um I have done video in the past and I liked that I could put video on my block and I slowed down my video production because I felt that it was just me and that started to get I've started feeling self conscious like here's gina again with another um but I can see the value of sticking with video and really maximizing the opportunity on youtube, which I was not doing before so I'm now as if you would've asked me yesterday if I said I'm going to start this podcast and now I'm really reconsidering and thinking I should stay the course with video and just do it well and maximize that maybe you know, I don't wanna be clear like, you know, amy seen great results with podcast so it makes everyone go I wanted to talk and I don't want you guys I'm not here to push you to know I know so I don't want you to think like, oh, I'm gonna do video now because then when the guy comes up and talks about hologram training that he does live holograms, which hopefully one day like three d video and all that stuff you're like, I want to do that and so this is actually a whole point of this exercise is like not picking it based off what you want to dio but what is the best for your audience and so if we could take a moment think okay so I'ma pallotti's business owner or any type really could be any type of fitness base boutique business owner on dh probably most specifically someone in the united states um where are they going with they need help you know what are they doing if they if they need advice and information um so video they could be e mean you'd be justice fine with even just a blob with some articles when you're like I don't feel like getting on camera today but what I'm saying is I'm not trying to push anyone got to do video oh um blogging still works but uh I think for you getting search search terms you know, people are going to say like how to get more students or clients into my pallotti studios it's like very specific targeted laser focused term uh people don't go to a podcast for that they're not going like let me find any podcasts can get clients for the parties even though it's like a paw gas is awesome um I think I think right now you're you're focusing its so niche that I wouldn't start with podcast but um touches my two cents I love it thank you rachel are you going to do you do block because that's what you're saying at the beginning there's that changed um well I I I wonder because I've had a lot of people recommend live the live events um and you know, I've I've since since the the other event that I was on with you switch my focus to be branding and with new entrepreneurs and um I think that doing you two been doing video would really we helpful in building a following um prolific proliferating that out tobe log but I just heard so many good things about doing like live webinars there's so much to talk about that right? So nancy this let's say you're like driving home and you know, you talk this morning but he had this like, big breakthrough with great idea and so keep those ideas flowing um you want to continue encourage that because you can let them all come in, you know, um that's what I mean, even when I talk about there's like the more we go on walks or like long drives or something it's it's really about letting all the inspiration the ideas come to staying in that place of creativity. So if you were to like let's say you're driving home and you had this great idea for a piece of content you're like, oh man, this was a question I got a few months ago I didn't even realize I could turn this into a piece of content like what what's the knee jerk reaction of how you would share that and you're like, I need to do this now I need to get this out to as many people as possible. We need your reaction is a blogged it's writing okay, so this is why we're doing this because I don't want people to be like, well, video and live video, and I can have a block because that's, where you get stuck yeah, you've got to be tough on yourself. You got to say no one thing, this is all I'm doing so this is this is the point of this, so I would like you to start with the block and then we'll talk tomorrow about live webinars but that's for a different strategy. So platform's today the whole intention was trafficked to build your list, which is why we started out what's the main objective here, it's less building, but we can use webinars as well in order to sell this new product that you could just come up with. Okay, so and we will talk about that so you can use those in conjunction. You've got a platform for us, I do. And first of all, before you went to what I have to say, thank you for what you do because I never feel comfortable going to video if it wasn't for the things that I want from you and the training, which had so so I think for us, it's the video on youtube and and what we do, we help couples with their money and their budgeting and spending all those issues so there's multiple modalities within learning some of those things there's the visual there's, there's, thie audio and all that kind of stuff. But I think that one of the big things there for us is going to be how do we build trust with peep? Well and in video, I mean, I feel I just met you yesterday, and I feel like I already know you because of the videos you've already done, and I think that's gonna be important for, for people who are looking for how we can help them is to develop that dressed great, uh, through video. So you're gonna put weekly videos on your on youtube, and then those videos are also going to go just on a blogger, and you can create ill she has a little bit of the process I used to do that. So I'm gonna ask you one question and take it a step further, since I know you've already done some videos. If you found out, uh, let's say, everyone else in this audience was in the same niches you and they all wanted to do youtube videos talking about personal finance and saving money and and all that good stuff. What would your youtube channel offer or provide that would make you stand out what would be your hook or unique um, differentiation from everyone else and I'm putting you on the spot yeah, the differentiation for us I think is thie focus on unmarried couples? The animal that is the budgeting within a relationship is a lot different than I think a lot of people out there um admit to I mean the finances for a single person is a lot different then for a married couple I mean there's within a relation if there's like the saver and then the spender and how do they have a conversation that actually works? And I don't think a lot of people out there are really recognizing that and not connecting with that and I think natalie ni with the struggles that we had I think we can really connect with that specific issue with I think that's brilliant that you've you've made it that niche specific and I'm gonna ask you one more question uh, one of my favorite quotes is the calling of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask, so I like to always dig a little deeper so you've got a very specific niche so let's say everyone else here is also doing youtube videos about couples and finance what would your videos have or provide that would make you stand out from everybody else what did you do differently? Yeah, the like, like david said yesterday, it's gotta be entertainment. So right. I think there's some research that I've seen and read, and I think I have a different take on it and can make make it entertaining. Like, for example, there's a study out there about about your it's called what was it called this the marshmallow study? So how do we how do we, uh, evaluate our our internal emotional ability to make decisions and that kind of stuff? So it was young kids, and they have to sit in a room for ten minutes with the marshmallow on the table, and can they resist it? Right? And then ten years later, they looked at these kids again, and how successful, if they've been, and it's those kids who could resist that marshmallow for ten minutes, and then at the end, they got two or three or four it's those kids that were most successful. So I think a video about let's have a marshmallow on the table and, yes, kids, innit? Good. So entertain them and relate that this's great, because the reason I ask this is a lot of people want to come in and execute video, and all they do is the talking head, right and it's just them on the white background or a white wall behind them and just rambling for five minutes and honestly like that's not why video is there and so when you khun paint a picture and visually show something this is my first class at film school was called visual storytelling and that's what you're doing with your videos so that's great as a cute cute example thank you we're going to go on it's adam go ahead so what I see doing is primarily focusing on the block uh uh but I see using youtube for maybe not diving full fully and as my main content channel but developing a few key very strategic videos that helped me rank mawr in specific asio terms that I can uh I guess uh play off of my block and just have a little more authorities you say is your, uh your ideal customer like you could have clone these people all day long and will be I would say creative small businesses and entrepreneurs that are just starting out that really have no expertise or any experience in social media. Okay? And and you weren't here yesterday for amy asked some really great questions on coming up with some content what would be like the top two or three questions you think they're or or even just search terms that they're typing into google I think they're going to be searching for things around community building ah lot of the same things we talk about generating tropic also I guess brand eso what I have in mind is uh, two things that we discussed I also took melanie's class like using a checklist and then doing a before and after so I can take uh previous client and show them okay these sort of five steps you'll take teo advancing your business and social media and I'll show them how I took one client this is the before and then when I finished this is what they looked like and maybe he's camped asia and a few of those checklists really illustrate that awesome okay I my won won tip for you and we're gonna talk about some, uh keyword research in a moment is get real specific with especially if you're going to do some youtube tutorial videos and stuff like the videos that are like you know howto out of the videos that are like facebook marketing get like this many searchers with ones like how to change my cover photo have this many searches so we'll talk more about that in a second brian you're ready for us? Um I think I'd have to go with the uh the youtube videos also I hope I'm not leaning you guys no nose I think I mean I'll sell it hard but for me like I also search how to and I think uh for what I do in graphic design there sometimes I searched that also and I think that if I were to do some how to videos that would also, um no show people are trying to drive the traffic uh to my website and show them that I do know what I'm doing this is how to do it yeah um you know, awesome get it that way. Well, if you guys have any any more questions on this or anything changes for you, we still got a lot to cover. Okay? We have questions from the we dio anyone? Yeah, actually, lady di ass, uh, how do we build lift lists with youtube? I don't know if we're gonna get into that o r, right. Okay, well, then, just to let you know lady di prefers the youtube platform just wants to know how to convert that toe. I hope I'm not pushing that on top of things. A lot of podcast. I think it's awesome. I think a live video something that's like we're going to see a lot more of and I still blogging and write all the time. In fact, I think personally, my best content comes when I'm you know, get that spark of inspiration I was like, I just need to write this and then put it on the block why the youtube videos like some of them, I think they're good ideas, and then they just look ridiculous. But that's, another story. Okay, um, so, yes, we're gonna answer that question. Was there anything else that you guys want? Todo? Karen says, james, could we just put video on our block? Yes, but put it on youtube first. Okay, so, that's, what I do, I put a video up on youtube, and everyone here who mentioned they want to use youtube is their platform. I put it on youtube, and then I put on my block. Marie for leo and derek halpern of social triggers. Dotcom are great examples of people who execute this flawlessly.

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