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Virtual Events for Selling: James Wedmore

Lesson 24 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Virtual Events for Selling: James Wedmore

Lesson 24 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

24. Virtual Events for Selling: James Wedmore

Lesson Info

Virtual Events for Selling: James Wedmore

We have an amazing session coming up top by an amazing instructor who I'm sure you all know and love already he was on yesterday talking about platforms and social and in a lot of youtube training which was very beneficial I know for a couple you in the live audience definitely got a lot of great great ideas for for your business is how to connect with their customers and so he's going to be talking all about selling on webinars and virtual events now I ended my last session with little disclaimer some of you might mentally right now be saying this is an applicable in my business even if you don't feel too pickled your business right now I definitely encourage you to stay in tune with us because I was once in your seat thinking I just have any commerce business virtual events don't apply to me, but I use them tons in my business now so you never know where business is goingto evolve and develop so definitely don't tune anything out pay attention taking notes because this might spark so...

me big ideas that can mean big revenues in your future businesses. So with that let's bring up james wetmore yeah, all right, so I've got a peek at your slides and I know you have a ton of great content to deliver, so I'm just gonna hand it over to you to get started awesome thanks, steph are you guys glad to be back up here again? Um, so there has been this recurring theme that you guys hopefully picked up on the last three days uh, this thing about creating value, providing value to the marketplace and it's a it's a great theme it's a great lesson to walk away from the people that we follow the most probably people that have added the most value in our lives, but it doesn't stop there just giving a bunch of great content doing all these great things to help other people doesn't guarantee that you're going to make sales or make any money, you still have to actually take that step and ask for the money, and that is really hard for a lot of people it's especially hard for me I've always someone that doesn't like selling on, and I stumbled upon webinars and webinar marketing about two and a half years ago, and it is really changed why do business where I feel like I could do a webinar not even be a good sales person and still attract a lot of new happy customers into my business? So that's why we're going to talk about today? We're gonna go through this whole thing and it starts with this story where it was about two and a half years ago actually is january of two thousand ten so whenever that was uh, I got a I got off the phone call with a good friend of mine, louis house, and we'll talk about more about him in a second cause he and I actually did a creative life workshop together teaching this and he was so excited he was telling me how you just started doing webinars himself, and I'd really never heard of webinars didn't really know much about him. Just tell me how well he was doing, and it was one of those conversations and I don't know what what's going through your guys heads while you're up here or everyone back at home. But when you start to hear results of like how successful somebody else's, you can go in one of two places you can go, you know, like, oh wow, that's awesome! Because that means that's possible for me and that's the right place to go or it could be like, man why's, that not working for me, what's, right? What's wrong with me and that's where I went with that place I was I was really upset. I was still living at home with my parents at the time because I couldn't even afford to live on my own and here's this this good friend of mine, he was just like, oh, yeah, we just did twenty grand on webinar on global blond like that, like, you know, so I said I made the decision in january of two thousand ten, I was going to do my first webinar, um, I got a hundred one people registered, I still remember that I was like, a huge accomplishment to break that hundred person limit to get on my call, and it totally bombed, no sales, nothing. Now, the first lesson from that was that it wasn't a failure just cause I didn't make any sales, actually, those one hundred one people that registered were new people on my list, and you've also heard the other recurring theme about lis building. So you're going to find out today that webinars are great weight to build your list, which is fantastic. So even if I did make sales still went, but I went ahead and I did a second one, and I approach somebody who already had a listen. I said, I've got this great presentation, awesome content your followers are gonna love it, and we we he promoted, he decided to promote his list to it. And I had fourteen sales on the call for a two hundred dollar product and it was like the most exciting day of my life opening my in box and his new order was placed in order was placed filled the hole in box and I was so excited on I remember the first thing I did it seems like if the call was stealing with my parents at a time and I took him out to their favorite restaurant got him a nice expensive meal on a bottle of wine and it was kind of like a celebratory evening for me, but really it was like the start of my going away party because, like six months later, I'm not moving out I'm like, okay, I'm gonna keep doing these webinars and I'm out of here right time to move out of parents house on and that was really the start of my success and it stems from this this whole thing with webinars um with this quote uh that there is a direct correlation with the amount of income you make with the input and amount of value you deliver to the marketplace and unfortunately, most people try to get their input their money before they ever deliver any output, so the webinars a fantastic platform to create that buffer where you are promoting free content, you're delivering free content and if people like the content all you need to do is tell him what the next steps and the next step is to continue their education continue that value with you um and uh that's what we're going to talk about today that's it we're going to do and this is why I love it because it is about providing value first it's helping people when you can get off a call even after you've pitched and sold a product and the people who didn't buy are still saying thank you that was the greatest presentation ever it's an incredible feeling versus sending people to add to cart button or, you know, sales page and no one buys and says you're just spamming me and trying to make money so we're not gonna talk about me we're going to talk about this story, which, you know first that story was louis kind of introduced me webinars and then fast forward a couple years this wass I think november december of two thousand twelve uh louis house was asked to do his first creative life workshop on howto launched an online business and what we did is we taught webinars over the whole three days who said there was one of the most powerful strategies that we could teach somebody that if they didn't have a list, if they didn't have a product that they didn't even have a website they could make money from this um and I'm going to show you guys all of that stuff today in like the condensed version, so I will be talking fast. It was really cool is when I got there and I love to brag and take credit that this was all my idea when I got there said what if it was the day before I said, what if we took someone from the audience like one of you guys and over the three days worked with them one on one? And they actually did a webinar live and pitch their product and that's exactly what he did, they were actually really nervous, like, we don't want to do it with the bombs like, you know that that would not be good. So we did that. We took a alicia dunham's who was one of the in studio participants. We told her like the day she got there. Oh, by the way, we're gonna actually you actually do a webinar she's like I am what's that, um she ended up generating seventeen thousand eight hundred fifty one dollars in three days of their very first webinar, but she did pretty cool, right? That awesome years like, why why did I go to that creative live workshop, um that is like the biggest smile you can see on someone's face and that's actually her her paypal account that's we did, we worked with her for three days. It was like one of most incredible experiences. And this is, I think, why I have come back sometimes because this is what creative live does. They capture the creation, whether it's something artistic, creative or financially awesome, they captured that life, and I want to do my best in the next seventy five, eighty minutes. Plus tio give you the highlights of what we did with alicia, what I do with my other students and what I do every day in my business. She actually went on. That was during the three days, forty eight hours afterwards, she went up to about twenty two thousand dollars so pretty cool probably want to know how direct uh so that's what we'll talk about this good and yes, at any time. Ladies there any questions from the audience interrupt me? I don't I don't mind the answer how how she did that, uh, is webinars, but I like tio cross that word off of our boat out of our vocabulary because webinar to the average person doesn't mean anything it really shouldn't have any value I like to look at it as more of its live video but we can use different words for this and I think this is really important the vocabulary we use especially when we know our audience is extremely important the workshop I mean if we look at what this is this is live video happening now it's the same it's exact same format except that we in our webinars that we teach there is not like you can't see me it's usually just someone's power point I'll show you more about that a minute but we call them workshops sodas creative life there's there's a reason behind that because there's a lot more value associated with a term like workshop or boot camp or live tell a class or live virtual class instead of just a webinar um and don't worry I know that we're still in like the really big picture so there's gonna be a lot of questions and clarity but the most important thing I want to know right now is that it's live video video is simply something you see something you here and it's happening in real time and I think that's really what makes it so powerful you know that's a funny picture isn't it okay so er the big problem I've kind of already dressed this but it's that most of us don't really like to sell but if we're in business for ourselves we have tio okay um and I kind of pose this question already but a lot of most of times we have a sales page we have the added car button on the bottom and we're saying here and we send people to our sales paige um a good sales page converts it about two percent which means we have one hundred people come to your website there ninety eight people that have basically rejected you they've said no what happens those ninety eight people what's their new association of you what is the new thought that they have a few if they didn't buy from you you know this person doesn't know what I want there not relevant to me they're just trying to sell me spam etcetera this is where webinars come in we've had anywhere from twenty percent to sixty percent of the people who are on the call live purchase and the people who don't end up going well that was one of the best presentations I've ever experienced it's a huge difference and it's uh it's it's allowed what a little all of us up here who are on the panel have all done webinars on that's why people you know perceive us as an authority and experts because we're delivering content first value first yes the solution is webinars these the most the three most powerful things that you're going to get out of doing a webinar which is why this should be so exciting you're gonna build your list with it even if you're webinar is the worst presentation ever and you don't sell a single product if you get people registered, you've built your list with it I'm gonna show you how to do that today you build your reputation if people are listening to you and they're taking notes just like our in studio audience is all taking notes right now there is magic that is happening where people are saying this is great I'm providing value a newest see association has created a new relationship reports built um you're transformed into an authority and obviously you get to sell more that's obviously the most exciting part but you also get to sell more at higher prices and before we get into the specifics, I want to talk about the why, why, why all this happens and why the selling could be so effective? So this is really the psychology behind it. The most important thing? Um well there's a couple is that since it's live it's an event I don't know why people wait overnight for the newest iphone when one came out like a month before and the camp outside of annapolis store but they dio because it's an event and they want to be a part of that I would never do that that's kind of crazy, but people want to be a part of something so that's the first partisan event the second thing is obviously it educates and adds value already know that but the third thing and the biggest thing is it's it's in real time so this is my third creative live workshop and a lot of my friends have done creative live workshops as well, so every single workshop we've had at least one person say something like, you know, I wanted to go to the bathroom and I held it in for two hours because I didn't want to miss a piece of what you were saying and it's like you had to do this like really important things like go to the bathroom and you held it and we're satin pain because something was happening live and right now if if pr people watching at home left, they would miss something and they know that you guys know that um and that's part of the power of it if I send you one of my youtube videos in two seconds you can get distracted, you can press pause, you can say I'll come back to this later, but with a live event of virtual live event, you can't do that it's happening in real time so there's just so much power behind that and hope you guys get that here is the overall intention of what a webinar or live workshop or even like a creative live workshop I should be doing this is the goal that you should have and I call this a mini transformation I can't take a simple water as you guys write that long work down, okay? I wasn't even thirsty. I just see a glass of water there and I wanted to drink it. Um if you guys watched like, uh, because I love doing this infomercials late at night, the fitness ones are the best and we all love the before and after photos the people who have, like, magically gotten a six pack overnight by taking cem diet pill or some ab roller machine, but they've created this visual representation of a transformation, a point a where they were and a point b and you can visually see it. This is exactly what a webinar a workshop, a live presentation needs to happen and this is exactly what it is actually partaking over these three days and it's exactly what's happening during this ninety minutes I have with you, I'm taking you from where you are to a place that I want you to be taking you from point a to point b in any successful presentation workshop needs to do this, create a mini transformation and your job is to close the gap so you start with where people are, maybe they're frustrated, they're upset they have a pain they have some negative association something's not working for him, you know they're they're not happy with their their health or body they're not happy with their income that relationships they have some sort of problem just like when you start any story there's always conflict and then you want to get them to where they want to be, which is the end of the journey the conclusion the happy part you know, point b your presentation closes that gap now there's uh for steps to doing that, we're gonna talk about it in a minute so we'll go over fastest first time the way you do that as you get their attention you empathize with them, you educate them and then you empower them we'll go over these more specifically in a moment so you don't need toe know exactly what that means just yet. So we're going to start digging real deep into this now um so if if anyone of you were to just have coffee for me for like, five minutes and say james, tell me everything you can about doing a webinar and making money on a webinar right now go in five minutes these would be the three steps I tell you so this is like the big big picture three steps here um the first thing I would say is okay go get it go created free training and promote the heck out of it and that's, the best part is that when we're promoting our products, when we're promoting something that we're selling, it gets really annoying to people really fast. But when you saying, hey, I'm doing something for free and doing so awesome that you could be a part of that's gonna help you make a difference and you're very specific about it, you can promote it all day long, and people are like, oh, that's incredible, awesome, exciting. So first step is promote a free live training. The second step is to actually have the free life training, and you want overdeliver with your best content. We're not gonna go into details here about my whole pet peeve about people coming back and asking questions, so we're not getting questions about this that say, well, I'm afraid, overdeliver, what if I give too much content? That's done? Because we've all said here today, we always overdeliver and that's why we're the ones up here speaking, um, so you're going to get over any type of limiting belief about that you're going over deliver on your best content, and then at the end of this presentation you make a no brainer offer, so an example that we do is I do webinars on how to use youtube in your business I talk about some of the cool stuff you can do with youtube if you're a business owner in order to market your business, get more traffic and in the end I sell a product called video traffic academy, which is additional training you see there's only so much you can do in sixty minutes with someone but if you have additional follow up training after that additional content or software or done for you service or consulting group coaching etcetera you khun take people from that point a to point b toe like point z right and that's why it becomes a no brainer offer those are the three steps promotor free life training over deliver your best content and then make the no brainer offer what I want to do for the remainder of this presentation is dive deep into the nitty gritty that was our word of the day um and show you exactly how we can do these things together. Is this sound good so far? Okay, I was wondering, uh if you could ask answer quick question julia and her space marketing seems like she's ready to dio her her webinars what do you recommend for hosting training course for a paid course? I don't know if you offer a training course on that yeah um so I dio is this a course for I'm just trying to find it in here and I'm not um I've been wanting to do this for the last three days so I think the answer is not thie answer is not in any of these books so if she's looking for a course she's saying she's looking for a course I mean we're going to teach the majority of it here today hosting training it seems we'll talk about some of the software and I think that's the question he's asking is some of the software okay, yeah let me let me finish the rest of it and do you need to use something that has a commercial license option like flo player maybe that's yeah well okay, so this is I think this is a question getting into like all the software and we're going to get to the platform to be using where you would post this and send people so good to know actually confused there's okay no no that's okay that's okay, so here's what I did I like to be very visual with my train's so we create some fun little infographics on but I told you was three steps these air basically three steps free three phases that you would go through it's very linear you start with phase one had to face two had to face three and you go from left left to right across the board we're gonna start here on this first phase which is called promotion your job is no longer to sell a product or to talk up your course and say how amazing your stuff is because that's going to annoy people it doesn't work on social media uh, all you do is say, hey, I'm putting together something absolutely awesome that you need to be a part of it's a free live event um and you're using your existing sphere of influence the social media, the, uh if you have an email list, even peers in the industry, anytime I've like, just talk to people and, you know, you could do this where you you give them a percentage, we won't talk about that today, but I've just talked to other people to say like, hey, I'm doing this thing this week, would you mind tweeting it out or posting on her facebook page? And we've had a I've got been able to receive a ton of traffic because of that it's all about relationships, right, guys? So here's a great example uh, about four months ago, I held a live one day video mastermind in southern california, and we had, uh, a wonderful high energy woman by the name of susan berman show up, and she was talking about because I want to sell this product on how do you sense around for business because I'm a local business on the east coast and we've been able to drive all these new customers there during the summer months using using instagram, and we've done some really cool stuff. I want to show the people how to do it, I said, awesome. So what's your strategy what's your plan? And she said, well, I'm working on a course and it's going to be ready and, like, hopefully four to six minds, and they're gonna build a website and we got to do this. I'm gonna do this, and I'm like looking at the timeline, I'm like, okay, cool! So maybe you'll make money from this in a year and on the internet, things move at the speed of light, you don't, you don't. You can't afford to be spending that much time, so I'm a much bigger fan of selling it now. And so that's, one of the other things we're in, it we're going to talk about is selling a product before you even created and that's exactly what we did with alicia dunham. She did not have anything to sell in those three days, and we'll show exactly how sue did this is, well, here's a registration paige, this is what she's promoting people to to get them to sign up will even talk about the software, which has already been mentioned over this three days so that this is like a no brainer step david was a big advocate of saying don't let the technology overwhelm you he uses the same software but this is soos registration paige I don't even like the copy I even told her I was like, this really doesn't get me too excited, but obviously it's got some cool branding it looks like a big instagram app announcing a free webinar insta results instagram for beginners and it's got some bullet points on the side you fill in your name and email address and your registered here's an example of one that I've done uh which has says beyond youtube grow your business with simple videos on youtube and there's some bullet points I love a little picture of me smiling at you uh lead pages is the software I know it's been mentioned like fifteen hundred times this last three days because it can create these pages in about five minutes or less as long as you have the ability to type and write good copy you khun generate that exact same page in less than five minutes that's what's so cool about lead pages here's another one um that I actually did really recently which is on the topic that we're talking about today how to create your own webinars and sell anything okay same come penny lied pages designed that so what you're doing is to create to create a registration page here's how I like to start we're going very linear cause that's how I think that's how I work, everything goes down on a process map our to do list we just go down let's say the first thing I would do if I were creating a webinar today to sell whatever it is is before that I'd make sure I know what I'm selling uh but the next thing I'd do is I'd create a presentation title right that's what you need to do, what am I going to be talking about for the next sixty minutes or forty five minutes? Suze was just instagram for beginners that's a that's a presentation title easy so that's a registration page and she's going to drive all over traffic there um your presentation title here some criteria have for it should be benefit oriented and attention getting. So if I said you're webinar is a mini transformation and taste people from point a to point b, the benefit oriented headline is describing the point b howto lose ten pounds and next seven days or how to get your first client on instagram, etcetera, etcetera okay, so what is that outcome benefit oriented and intention getting headline should be easy to grasp, so we pretty much know that we're going to learn about instagram and marketing in this I think she, like I said, could improve our coffee. Uh, and the third thing is that it's related to your offer. So sue is going to sell on instagram product. So she's not gonna talk about twitter is she should not talk about fine she's going talk about instagram and there's a lot of people to do that, they'll talk about like the secrets of social media and then they're like here's, my copyrighting course and you're just like what? So make sure it's related to your offer, I would spend time get out a piece of paper when you know what it is you're going to sell, and I would write down like thirty presentation titles, work on a great hick hook, pick hook and benefit oriented title that gets people's attention. I think this is so much more, and then people realised right now, because if you start promoting a presentation that no one cares about no one's gonna register when no one registers, no one shows up and when no one shows up, no one purchases, so it all starts right here. Uh, melanie duncan did a great one recently. It was pretty good, wasn't it? That's good? Six reasons why social media isn't working for you that was that was the headline that was their title or presentation rachel's a question yes, so that isn't really a benefit oriented title um is there any would you recommend one rush the other why something isn't working for you or how this can be working so pain associate id uh sentences like that are always going teo if it's like really pain is like always going to trigger more of a response there's that whole thing like what's more uh see if I can say this right what's more motivating um getting one hundred thousand dollars or having someone take a thousand dollars away from you once you haven't someone takes it away that pain you have associate is much stronger emotion and just getting saving a thousand dollars, right? Um so this isn't a benefited headline, but there was a tagline I remember it wasn't like what you could do about that or something like that so it did wrap around, but it's an attention getting headline, isn't it? Because if you're on social media and it hasn't been working for you you're like, well, I should probably pay attention to this because this speaks to me and remember, it starts with where the point is, where someone's like I'm frustrated cause I'm not getting results um and it really well that's a great question rachel thing um so then you would just create the registration page and here's some things to keep it. I don't want to get too many greedy on this on the details, but I think I said it all starts here a presentation that no one cares about, no one's going to sign up, right? Uh, the registration page should have a description like an agenda of what you're going to cover and this is great because it'll actually you start with this and it will allow you to then create your slides. Like, what are the things that people are gonna want to know the most for me? What are the best tips I could give you it's action item that someone could actually do on the web and are so that they can see results immediately what's something they can do where they can say, oh, my gosh, this was the best weapon, right? These are the real questions I ask myself every time I do a webinar and you should be doing the same. Um, the date and time, obviously, because this is a live event. So when is it gonna be what time I recommend? Wednesdays and thursdays? Because you have the whole week to promote it friday people have already checked out the weekend people are with family, so monday tuesday is too early in the week, wednesdays and thursdays are a great day you'll have to test the times you can do you can do in the morning so you can do in the middle of the day and you can do in the evening they've I've seen them all work wednesdays and thursdays of those magical days pop in here yes please um we're hearing a lot of response in the chat room but they're very enthused but like maryland says how would you suggest a photographer use webinar marketing? I really want understand if this is something I can utilize in my business and we're seeing a reoccurring theme of that play out in the chocolate totally know I'll be I'll be directly honest andi we're going to actually talk about what specifically will sell on a weapon and what won't and webinars to not work for everyone if you are selling iphone cases on the internet a webinar just gets in their way because when I want to buy an iphone case, I don't need to hear a sixty minute presentation on why this is the best iphone case unless it's like a two thousand dollar case um and with um with photography um it I don't know because I I don't know anyone who's doing webinar successfully with stargate there's someone is I'd love for them to connect with me um we'll talk about in a moment of like what does sell the best on a webinar and it's usually um info based products video training workshops, group group coaching consulting and done foryou services which photography is a done for your service but I just don't know of people who have been selling their photography packages on eh on a webinar but we can we can talk more about that a cz we go through and talk about, you know and it's a great question I know I know we with creative live we always have a lot of um creatives and photographers on um but as devin mentioned, we did this with luis is like, sometimes this training inspires you like, oh, maybe I should create a course on how to get started in photography and I could sell it on a webinar or maybe I could create a course on how to market your photography business and this is where the weapon is coming. Yeah, and this is why we provide us this because when when it's when you get that idea and you're like, how do I sell us? This is a great way to start it. Okay, so what you're doing is you're creating this registration page and you're sending all the traffic you can to it all the social media sites uh if you have an email list that's going to help, we do a lot with with facebook ads and stuff like that as well and any other people in the industry that you can leverage or take advantage of to help you promote and get the buzz out um really quickly where I send people after uh register is a simple thank you paige uh so you're like creating two web pages and oh yeah by the way both of these air created through lead pages so you know, even though this course is about how to create a website that works for you you khun create lead page pages which aren't even on your website like they're just simple like pre populated pages which is amazing um here's what I do all my thank you paige gonna show you an example of this in a moment we confirm the registration details like hey you've been you've been right you're registered you're all set you're good to go you're gonna get an e mail with the details we're going to remind them again because just because someone signs up does not mean they're going to show up just because someone registers you can't guarantee you're gonna they're gonna be there in fact, only about fifty percent of the people who registered will actually end up being there um so you want to make sure you do everything in your effort to get him on the call that they're listening to your content and then I like to give an action item maybe it's two subscribed or like my fan page george download a ah little workbook or a bonus gift or something like that I'm going to show yoon example of this this is the one I did on I had my sister register that's what it is you're registered deal so I did a weapon of this past week and you can kind of see what I did. I made a little video it said, hey, thanks for registering here's some steps you khun do step number one save the date and time in your calendar here is the day I mean makes it really clear and stand out so that they don't get confused when the benefit of webinars is that people all over the world continue on with your life and that's absolutely awesome but time zones get really tricky people don't know what like ps tea is they are not looking at that because they're assuming that it would be their own time. And so we have a lot of people that are on the east coast and they show up for our at the wrong time because I always do my stuff in the pacific standard time and of course they're people you know in australia or in europe were going like it's three in the morning here I can't make it and that's just something you have to deal with, but we want to remind people as much as possible here's here's the date in time saving your calendar and then what I did for this last one is I actually wrote a little note taking workbook for people to be kind of cool of you guys showed up to creative live and you had this like like, uh workbook with like blank lines and you kind of just fill in everything and like walk away with something I wanted to provide that extra value for people um so I did that so that was my thank you pay just super simple and you can create this and something like lead pages as well. So what we're doing we're getting people onto the registration page we're getting him too to register we sent into thank you, paige all be set up in lead pages so you don't worry about the tech stuff. The other magical elements that that is happening here is we're sinking it with your email marketing provider, so if you're building a list you have like a weber eye contact, constant contact infusion soft office autopilot or male chimp I think I got him um you're sending them. You're sinking this page with that that way, if you have five people register for your weapon are five thousand people you also have them on your email list and you're using this free presentation as a list building uh so that's always good by the way if you're like, I don't even know how to create this I'm going to create that the software we're going to try to use which is called go to lebanon which has a free thirty day trial so you can use it for thirty days before even have to pay for it gives you a generic registration page templates so if I'm already confusing somebody out there and they're trying to use this as an excuse why not to do their webinar you get a registration page for free when you do the free trial of goto weapon are we just like to brand him a little bit better? We like to make him pretty with our own logos and stuff so then what I like to dio is when people are registered for my webinars I send them follow up e mails like hey, don't forget the you know, the webinars tomorrow it's today make sure you're there like I said about fifty percent of people show up and you know, just cause people register does not mean they're gonna be there uh and this is really easy to set up with your using one of these software solutions okay, so this is the registration page uh and this is that first that first phase it's getting people registered um and I want to move on I I think the most exciting part for me is phase two and this is the magic that happens on the call live with people, so they're three things we're going to talk about. We talk about the platform, the process and in the pitch you're creating, you can use if you're on a mac your knees, kino, you're on a pc. Go ahead and use power point that's what it is I've been on a pc for awhile, kino or power point, and you're going to make your slides, we'll talk about it, we'll talk about that in a second. The platform I recommend their two platforms go to weapon on which I just mentioned goto webinar dot com free thirty day trial so you can test it out. You gotta learn how to use the software a little bit, but it's relatively easy. You just got to get comfortable with it before you do your first call, the second one if you don't want to pay his hangouts, google hangouts on air are free, which is awesome and there really fun. We do a lot of google hangouts and and we think they're blast. You can use either or so you can get started with this without having to pay a dime, which is really nice, so those are the two software platforms we used to host the webinars question james duri london asked what do you think about live work out on google hangout? I think I think that's absolutely fantastic I know a lot of people who are doing this now I see people doing this as actual products like you pay monthly to get workouts in your home, which I actually love that concept um there is so much value in life whether we're using it to sell or to deliver our content so um I would I would actually take that live workouts concept that this person has and used that as a paid portal, so basically someone pays our I would pay you twenty dollars a month and three times a week uh every morning I can work out live with you and I'm just in my living room and you know, people are tuning in from all over and it's a lot cheaper than a personal trainer origin membership, so I like that so it's a little different spin on what we're going um usually webinars are going to be much more informational based when I going back isn't that the whole concept of the many transformation is so important where we're point and we want to get to point b we're gonna get to point b how you close that gap, how you get people from point bees through information so it's educating your audience first I've always said that uh the reason people don't buy from you could sit here and say I have the greatest product in the world and I know it's gonna make a difference why aren't people buying it and that's what ends up happening and it's really two things it's it's it's a timing issue and it's an education issue where um when I talk about timing if you've ever been on a we'll give you this example let's say I walk up to um if I told you let's see how do I want to say that if I told you that um I said I love you to my girlfriend and I want to marry you so oh that's so sweet but if I told you that we met last night you think that's kind of creepy right it's a timing thing it's a little too soon and that's kind of what happens people ask for the sale or the or the proposal a little too early what a webinar does is basically takes you on a series of dates until they're like okay now I'm ready and the way you do that is through the education process people have the objections in their mind they need to know why they're at point a in a place of frustration why things are not working in the fitness space they may not even know why they can't get in the shape that they want and it's your job to first be like well you know you're eating the wrong foods thes food's actually you know our starchy and you know going to keep you from losing weight and all those reasons oh gosh okay so here's my product is going to show you the right foods to uh you know losing weight ok so you've informed them or uh then the product would be doing live workouts which I think that's an awesome idea so here's what I do through those those four steps again to close the gap first so I get their attention and the way you get someone's attention I did this by the way I'm doing all these steps through this ninety minutes with you guys together which is really cool um but I won't be selling you something at the end um I will be selling the recordings of this workshop how about that so at the beginning of the of my talk I got your guy's attention by promising what I would be sharing with you today and then backing it up with proof by talking about my story with alicia dunham's and that got everyone's attention and that's exactly what you want do with your webinars with your presentations you want to tell people why this is important what they're going to learn and the most the more proof you know if you have case studies past students testimonials statistics industry numbers to back it up you're gonna you're gonna have people hooked and that's so important cause a lot of people just want to jump in do I have so much to say and so much to share I want to get into and people don't know why it's important like why am I listening to this so it's really important that first step the second thing is empathize and sympathize there we go um this is that point a remember point a to point b you before you can get them to point b you need to let them know that I know where you are I understand what you're struggling with. I understand why you're frustrated I understand why it's not working for you I maybe I was once there or my students were my customers were and I'm I want to take you to point b serious brought up a great point and I just want to make sure we didn't miss something. Um I was wondering if there were more steps to the registration paige because I interrupted you and he said that we move forward and you just wanted to make sure he didn't miss any of those no that's a simple is it khun b for right now it create the registration page created thank you, paige put the benefit oriented bullet points uh on there and the slides will be part of of the recordings and we have the actual examples of of registration pages that are working so you can actually go through and like read the copies and like swipe it you know go I could use that type of headline and stuff like that this is why we provide these examples thank you of course know that's fine so we're getting there engine their attention uh you're gonna learn how uh how alicia john's been twenty two thousand dollars on a webinar you're in advertising and I understand selling sucks we have a great product no one's buying it there's a better way and then we educate him and we show him the steps here's what you do in order to do a webinar and then we empower and empower step is to say I just gave you sixty minutes of great content if you want more well, I have this program product software group coaching consulting package for you done foryou service and so if you've done those first three steps the empower step does really uh become a no brainer becomes the easy part um because of time I normally draw this out and it ends up being pretty long so this is another infographic we have that's really hard to see um so we're goingto I'll make sure it's included with the recordings basically I take these four steps and I expand upon them so that literally you know in a sixty minute time period what you should be doing at like every five minute intervals okay, so you can kind of just know exactly what you need to do in order to hit your mark and have your first weapon or be a successful one and we didn't even give this to alicia when we did it live it was really like, ok, just get on there and start talking about and her her whole mitch was how to create a best seller in a weekend and that's what she sold was a two day boot camp which we'll get to that in a second uh on how to create bestseller and so she was just like talking, teaching, sharing and totally crushed it so but we will we'll have that with the recordings for its my seven step weapon are selling sequence the final step is the pitch this is asking your attendings to take the next step to work for with you and like I said, if you've done the first part right, those four steps get their attention, empathize, educating and power that the offers that is the no brainer part for them. Um so I want to show I want to walk you through it with a specific example I never attended suze webinar that she did, but I helped her kind of craft it a little bit and so hers was on instagram right? So sue creates this presentation on how to use instagram your business I never saw a presentation, but here's, what I'm gonna assume it went a little like here is kind of like the outline that I kind of made up, that if she did it well, she did she she did two thousand dollars in sales on her first one, um, which is awesome, by the way, I don't even know if I shared her stats timeout, she she goes home from this, this mastermind we did and does the webinar and made one like one thousand nine hundred something dollars. So she made about two grand on our very first web. There are only thirty three people on the coal, and she only had a list of about, like three hundred fifty people, and so that's the power this is you don't need some huge, gigantic list. You don't need these big numbers, she's, thirty three people on the call ended ended two thousand dollars with it, and she didn't have a product. We're gonna get to that in a second, okay, so here's, what she did, she starts the coal, she gets real excited about instagram and she talks about some of the stats, how fast it's growing, how many users there are the potential it has. All that type of stuff she's getting people's attention with proof then she so some credibility she talks about her story she talks about how she has an offline business she has a retail outlet where she's using instagram to get people into her store credibility getting attention then she gets into some content she shows some tips some tricks and action items things people could do with their with their iphone or their mole device right then and there to improve their instagram uh profile and their strategies and then she shares the proof examples from past students in case studies who've gone through her other boot camps and other other consulting to get results like her to say that it's not just me anybody can do this if you follow these steps and then she presented her offer what was their offer? We'll get to that in a second but here is that slide about what do I sell usually informational products like information membership sites, video training courses any type of group coaching or consulting work really well for this a done forty service can work like we're going to do your social media for you we know people that have done done for you work and they've sold it on webinars and if you have software that can automate um that works well too but what if you don't have anything to sell? What if you like I don't have any of that but I want to sell something um and I know there's a few of you were like oh, I have an idea for a product I'm just not done with it yet it'll be done in six months the good news is you don't have to wait those six months anymore first product they did was on how to bartend I don't think I talk too much about my bartending days here uh I buried myself in front of a computer for like twelve hours a day for three months to create a product on how to bartend and to finally make my first sale three months and that was a long, grueling intense three months and I would never ever recommend that strategy to anybody. What about to show us how you khun sell product first mate get paid first then you create the product and the answers of boot camp uh and this word is interchangeable this is just a word I like to use but basically what you're selling becomes live group coaching to your customers. So even though I had to get my slides ready before I'm up here speaking, we're creating the content right now in real time and you can deliver a product that does that same thing and that's exactly what alicia dunham's did she sold a best seller in a weekend so she sold it for one hundred ninety seven dollars and then for two days she had people on a live live webinars that were paid to show him how to write a book, get it ranked in amazon and how to get to be a best seller, and I'm amazon sue did the exact same thing instead of finishing that product in making it perfect, she sold her instagram marketing boot camp. So my question for you guys is what can you teach or deliver over a period of four to eight weeks to be alive training? Alicia did it in two days because it's called bestseller on a weekend, so the structure is really up to you, but she did over that. So so there's a sushi did a four week instagram for business bootcamp. Alicia did the bestseller on a weekend boot camp and then what'll your beauty can't be. We're actually running one right now, which is a webinar marketing boot camp. Um, just like webinar, inception is like a webinar inside of a weapon uh but there's a power, a powerful model because nothing will light a fire under your arse mohr than getting paid to deliver something like you are on the hook. And let me tell you, when you're creating content are doing anything I get your first product first launched, so much stuff comes up. So much of that fear of, like, who am I to be doing this? Or what if it's not good enough for what if if someone wants their money back or, you know what? If people call me a scammer, all that stuff will get you to start procrastinating and slow down the process and not get it done. And if you look at, you know, the panel we had up here on the first day, all these all these people that we're up here are just good at executing and following through and doing it despite the negative stuff that comes in all of our heads. And when someone pays you first, all that negative stuff goes away because there would be more negativity if you didn't deliver on what you promised. You guys get that? Where if you if someone paid you to do something and you didn't do it there's going to be way more repercussions, then if you just never created in the first place? So this is why I love this best part about that, actually, is that once you create the boot camp, you now have a product that you can repurpose and use you got paid to create the product, so I'm gonna transition a little bit, um and uh since we're talking about the boot camp were talking about you know, for most people it is about selling training information there are other things that way do you know people have sold other high ticket type offers me a webinar um but I I have ah ah coach that I worked with recently that asked me a question that was like like cracked open my skull when when when this question was asked of me and so um I want to be able to ask you guys this this, uh, same question and hopefully it'll we'll have the same impact on everyone as it did on me I'm basically and I don't know if I've boarded it the best I could do my best work but it basically knowing what you know now if you were if you were to take a moment and look back at that whenever you start on your journal say is entrepreneurs or you know your original point a where you were like totally in the dark lost confused frustrated that point a whenever that was that could have been a year ago could have been ten years ago whenever it was and you look at where you are now if you were able to go back into time to that original you how much would it be worth to you to have this new version of you this two thousand thirteen of you just transfer like neo in the matrix all that wisdom, all that information, all that experience, all that education all those lessons learned to that old you that you've never had to go through all the pain frustration you could just fast track it right now and I thought about I thought long and hard about this question I mean, I still think about it, but I remember when I was I was frustrated I was living in my parents house and I was literally in front of computer fourteen hours a day so frustrated I was like, well, just working mcdonald's because I'd be making more money working there and I wouldn't be working this hard and I look at all the experience and obviously there's no regrets but to be able to learn all of that in a shorter amount of time and teo to not have to have had to learn lessons repeatedly over and over again uh, there isn't even a price tag I can put on that and for most of you guys you're an experienced that same thing and when you when you start thinking this way, this is the opportunity you have for your customers, clients and students as well to save them the time the frustration and all the other stuff that you guys went through um and when you start thinking that way, you actually start to realize you're doing a disservice to your customers if you don't offer your products and services to him because then they're going to do with the long and hard way so the those were the first two phases and I'm going to wrap it brother quickly so we can get into the nitty gritty questions because it isn't really that that complicated um this is the third phase and this phase was something I didn't really do for the longest time and I learned a lesson that we don't really realize how close we are to the money and we're always leaving money on the table uh and here's how I learned that lesson I had just done a webinar I'd done my first two steps I was selling a boot camp on youtube uh how to use you to in your business and it was a four week boot camp I sold it for two hundred ninety seven dollars, so I got people to register. I gave an awesome sixty minute presentation on how to use youtube and then I made my offer at the end and then I stopped, but I sent out one email like two or three days after the weapon was over and it was a vacation it was on vacation in time um so I wasn't working over the was like a holiday weekend and I sent an email it says, uh, basically, why didn't you buy and it wasn't to be rude or anything I'm just saying, you know, I strived always create better content in better products for my customers, and I'd love to have you here a little insight, so I can learn how I can better serve you next time. Why didn't you buy? Please click reply to this email and let me know, and since it was a three day weekend and I didn't want to work, I sat in front of a laptop and I answered probably about a hundred to e mails and it was awesome. My intention with it was to really get inside the minds of my customers, my students and my my attendees on webinar and I learned some great things, but the other thing I did is I talked to them. I replied to the email I said, thank you so much for that that really helped me. I hope you enjoyed the webinar and you know, until we get and people have great, valid reasons, you know, I don't have the time right now, my budget's tight, I've already purchased to many other courses. I've got too many things going on, and I just said thank you, I appreciate your honesty appreciate you letting me know it means a lot to me. And I don't know how many people came back first and said like thank you so much it's so great to like actually talked to a real person which was which is great the two people were like you know what? Screw it I'm doing it I'm signing up like what I wasn't I didn't you know you don't have tio you know and I know it was so great too you know that's what I needed I needed to know that there's someone there is there for me who khun who can help me and and and you're the person great and that was when I first discovered that whether it's a sales page you know your product page on e commerce site or a webinar you can look at your sales you know, like I made three sales today and you there could be one hundred fifty other sales that were ninety nine percent of the way someone had opened up their purse, pulled up wallet taking the credit card, put it right in front of the keyboard and typed in like fourteen of those credit card numbers and then like got distracted because you know there's a knock on the door and you never know and so you have so many people that air that close and so this is why I've created this third step, which is what we call post profits or a follow up campaign itjust stems from the idea that sometimes people just need one other element one other you know tug just to say like, hey, I'm here for you I am you know how can I help you? I'm a real person we're not we're not out to get you um you know, have a conversation with them and that for a lot of people is really what they need especially in our industry when we're dealing with a lot of um lean startups and and solo preneurs it can get really lonely and you feel like you're doing alone um and so that's what so that's what we did and that's basically this third phase is all about nurturing the people who have attended the weapon are giving them additional value uh offering different extra content and then what we usually do is we wrap it up by closing the door and then today you uh you still need some scarcity you need a reason for people to, uh, shit or get off the pot way we're looking for a little bit of clarification in the chat rooms on weapons ours and boot camps just eggs so that they have a better shirt understanding of what they are additionally when we do that maybe we can give some examples on how this could be an additional revenue stream for those selling products as a supposed to services or education sure so um the boot camp uh I mean, this is why I wanted to be clear on the words like weapon are in the beginning the boot camp is something that you can deliver live through this it is I mean they're like a siri's of webinars so it's basically like saying I'm going to give you one webinar for free and then if you decided to decide to purchase and continue your education with me, you're going to get four additional webinars that you have to pay for okay, so you're taking them through you know, if you like this if he likes what I gave you, we have more we're gonna take you through the whole process together. Um so and the second question wass other that are selling a product as opposed tio how to do something like an e commerce but a similar tio yeah, I probably would not recommend this for someone who has an e commerce frog like the example I gave with the iphone cases anything that is a pretty much no brainer uh purchase like I'm addicted to amazon, so I'm always buying stuff on amazon and if I've spent more than seven minutes reading through other people's reviews I've you know I'm wasting my time it's like, you know you read two or three and you're like, ok, this is the one to get got it done um and a webinar we'll get in someone's way if u r n e commerce business and this is this devon brought up in the beginning and it is only for certain things um it's a great additional way toe add a uh another stream of income to your business if you're selling like I said the any type of training group coaching individual coaching we've sold you know masterminds through it which is like live in person events through it uh software and stuff like that usually stuff that is a higher price product that someone would not purchase in thirty seconds if they just went to a sales page oh yeah I need this I need I need this uh new lawn mower or something like that you know, people know they need that and they don't need the too much education what if fern e commerce company or business if you're finding these areas that you're really becoming an expert in and then that that these webinars can drive consumers back to your original business e commerce business kind of like what melanie and devon did it totally can what what what I want to clarify is like you could do a weapon on whenever you want and what I want to make sure though is that it is not getting in the way of the sale if you sell uh wallets you know I'll just continue have examples like a webinar where you talk about why your wallet is so amazing and pitched the wall at the end is is not the right way to do this? Um, if you are, if you do have any commerce business and you want to just educate your marketplace on on the industry in general with no intention of necessarily selling but just creating goodwill and then at the end being like, hey, here's, our whole list of products, they absolutely can work, but if you're like, okay, the only way I'm going to sell this wallet is that we're going to get people we're going to create a you know how to how to choose the best wallet webinar sixty minutes of how to choose a bus, you know, we're gonna get everyone there and then the on ly way they come by, it is at the end of this webinar you're you're doing it long and hard way, so I hope that is answering people's questions. I know it's hard when, when, when we have e commerce businesses and other products it's not a perfect fit for everybody. I have no problem saying that I'm not going to appear online so everybody should be doing a webinar uh but hopefully my intention with going through this whole process has been that you can get a little bit more clear on if it will work for you and what type of product is so if there's still more questions on that there actually is a spring well, what about like let's say you're selling wallets and you've also become an art expert like on marketing to men and you want to sell that expertise yeah, absolutely okay, so go into ok so so let's say I mean this is exactly what devon and melanie did they created an e commerce business and everyone said, how the heck did you do that? What is it that you guys are doing? And so they didn't create another e commerce website where it says click which one you want to buy on how we did that it's a completely different strategy it's basically was done through through a webinar and they sold your expertise but going back to your specific example you gave of like uh I would get make sure you're very clear on what it is you're offering it's not just like you know how to market to men or howto market women or how to do this one it should be a very specific thing that you're doing. If you looked at a leash ordinance, it was how to create a best seller in a weekend fairies you know exactly what you're getting when you sign up for that you know what you're in for um and then we had sue was instagram marketing for beginners very specific things

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