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Student Hot Seats Part 2

Lesson 30 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Student Hot Seats Part 2

Lesson 30 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

30. Student Hot Seats Part 2

Lesson Info

Student Hot Seats Part 2

Give me your give your girl a profit with okay pallotti's p I l a t s dot com like the name thank you you're very nice and you'll have to pause the video okay, I'm ready I don't think audio will play through here probably slow loading anyway I'm proud of you for doing this it's not easy you particularly when you've got you know things like you know you mentioned like you've got a lot of stuff you want to improve just putting it out there and actually you know identifying what you can change how to change it you know, good job because it's hard to do to clear something all in there well this has been out for a while to be honest with you and it's something that I kind of thoughts that working on improving which I'm not proud of but I'm excited to go back with fresh eyes and say where can I improve all this? And I think a lot of people can relate to that you know, sometimes life happens things happen projects get put on hold or on the back burner and then we have to find the right time t...

o resume them and move forward great so I want to dio first step exercise since you guys were all uh I haven't looked at this website before of angina um I'm going to give you guys two to three seconds to look at this and then I'm gonna move it away and I want you to tell me where your eyes went what's it out to you and what emotions immediately felt or what word stood out to you and look at our headline and see if you immediately get it okay for just two to three seconds that's an important exercise to deal with just really quick that's all the time you have sometimes on immediate paid flowed what stands out to you what you walked away with and if you understand what you're going to learn and why you should stay on this page, okay, because I'm prepping us already you have a leg up the normal brow is you know the normal visitor isn't coached and prepped like pay attention and tell me exactly what stands out but then we'll ask you guys if a keyword or color or where your eyes when if it wasn't on the benefit headline whatever okay are you ready? All right, talk to me what you guys see? Would you notice what stood out to you immediately? I saw bodies going just shut it out guaranteed guaranteed that's a good word for you to start out with immediately maybe compared to something naked and adam what start to you everything you need to know everything you need okay that's good I immediately want to click on the video okay it's an auto play usually eso they'll be an audio coming through now notice I didn't scroll it all we talked on day one about above the fold so you know gina keiko I explained that below well no there is no below within one point five seconds you know your head that's all you get to get them to scroll that needs to make them want to scroll not I explain it later you don't get that chance that's that's the next step uh how about we see the website way theo how about colors is the is the teal with you know, on the white I just had to have light is sure to be a darker color should certain words be bold id is the headline too long these are all things I mean I'm not say some of them are some of the marked these night not all be true but these were things to be thinking about. I think the video is well lit. I think from a woman's standpoint I like seeing another video of another woman interested particularly its auto plane. You know really I'm going to be focusing the majority of it on what she's saying I'm talking about in the video I know we can't play audio on the's but to me that's what be grabbing most of my attention is what's happening actually in the frame of the video good stuff. So, gina, are you ever sending traffic directly to this page or they only get here through a war on process, an educational process? I have an automated women are that eventually leads them or on occasion, like I'm doing right now they've been on my list for a while, letting them know that we're having a special okay, okay, uh, because one of the things depending on if they're not that educated about what you're doing is having this register now button come in after a timer after x amount of seconds, like in the video let's say you don't say the cold action, so click the button below you see that it's second thirty two seconds in and in the register now but appear so a lot of people will score right past the video and they want they want a glance attack stand you know they don't want to I don't want to watch videos for summer e I will say I will say your video is well lit it's I like that it's in the context of what looks like is your home a lot of people right now, you'll see they should do a video in front of a white screen in the background a big white screen, which is cool if you're gonna do text overlays james niall was go head to head about this but I think when you see into someone's personal space, whether or not this is your home, it looks like a home, so I think automatically there is more that transparency. We can kind of see what your home looks like, it's, transparent to you and who you are in your environment. So I like that a lot. I also want to say, and the stuff we're saying is not rules when we're not we're not your customer base, I don't know, but that's where split testing will come in. So all word, all I'm talking about is stuff to split tests just because I say it doesn't mean it's, right? I am wrong the majority of time with my split test, so don't think what I say majority of time! Wait, you are always right, that's just the people, even if you're not s o don't think that you shouldn't have this button here or he should be timed, or you shouldn't have a video or should be autoplay. These are just ideas to split test, uh, and headlines as well like and that's. Why I give you such a hard time about the headline exercise just because, like james said, just with webinar titles right out thirty and just exhaust your brain of all the different ways you khun make benefit statement headlines and just write I'm all out even if they're bad and then for you I'll go find out you through that exercise you'll find some gold ones and then you just split test um and a a headline split test is super easy to set up and we'll go over that on the in the next section but this is so my first thing I would tell you I always looked directly at visuals clout something that I usually focus on and specialize in do they actually get dvds? I did this exact same thing so people get really confused when they actually see dvds what is better to do it in product representation is actually to show it on a screen you'll see that on what do we do that on like day online it's academy contest that converts we did that initially and would have upset customers I've been waiting for a package my dvd set in the mail or I ordered but I didn't fill in my shipping address how are you going to ship these to me? So we recently have modified this I'm gonna show you an example see how instead of we usedto have dvds for like power pinning and all those but now we just show I'm sure probably like yours they can watch on any device so now we actually show the website inside the dvds because people do get confused and same thing with like pdf printouts we used to show like a spiral notebook or something like that people will you know thought they were gonna actually get a notebook versus getting pfc so you'll see the love I powder something landing page we example we use yesterday when were talking about options and lead magnets showed uh james widmore had a report that he was offering in his pop up and it was displayed on an ipad compared to like a spiral binder work but also to show you like for different topics I was looking to see if I had a worksheet but that's on if you go to power penny dot com we actually show like a printout and pdf versus having like a notebook but I also wanted to show this so you know if you have different topics like I saw you actually listening the different topics wait images are very important to use teo make statements or make information more believable and actually just to make the consumption of knowledge easier we process visual images a lot faster so what we tend to do is actually have visuals that highlights different training topics like you see here which is something fun to do yeah adam, did you have occasion totally agree I think after looking at this that maybe the one thing you're decided misting to create that trust just a logo or are ahead or better because when I initially saw the page, I didn't think lottie's jeffers, but there was just some image of pallotti's our banner I wouldn't have would have got that right away, and I would also suggest with this stuff use visual icons and our presentations in here so they can immediately you're the brain would see an image of something you know like for people are scanning, they scan first and that's why you don't need to necessarily always put by buttons all the way through. Most people are trained to scroll to the bottom when they're ready when they're ready and the only reason you keep going and more and more because some people need longer to be sold. That's why it's long form but some people already right after headlines some people come to the page already ready to buy, and they just know scroll the bottom there's always a bye button down there and people get people's long as they need thats why its long form and they keep going and keep going whenever they've made a decision, they're ready, they scroll down and click another thing to test. I'm not saying that's gold and works one hundred percent of the time sometimes pages work with called actions, you know, peppered throughout, but the other thing with testimonials don't worry about put him at the bottom to him interspersed instead of having him just all come to the bottom, a lot of people won't get that far, so we do this all in it. Yeah, but are you on ra? Meet safety's email list? I will teach you to be rich dotcom uh, he makes amazing sales pages and uses testimonials just like I mean, you can't overuse system wendell's, but if anyone came close, when I finally have their so perfectly placed, I mean, I'm reading through, and I have this product is not for me, and he his testimonials are just so perfectly placed and on topic to exactly the hesitancy I'd be thinking about the time I mean, it's it's, magical maids writes amazing sales pages. Uh, so you can see how we have testimonials, not just a lot of people do this it's just grouped under a category, but it's, um, organic experience, if the's testimonials are kind of peppered throughout while you're consuming the information about the product. I've never done that a conference in a quiet room, and you go to a website, the video starts playing it's like, you know first thing, theirs is not mike's focuses this simplistic page. I think we just have slow internet here because we're hugging all the band with doing a live stream, but payed flow time is one of the main deterrents now I'm not saying your sight slow because I think it's internet because all the bandwidth is goingto actually people are watching this live but uh if your pages or ever ever slow we have to deal with this a lot on custom greek threads um if paige ever has lots of images all the way through you gotta make sure uh the load time I don't know the cut off of where people will always press back but google has a lot of stats and you could just google that like how fast should my page load to make a little happy or some search term like that and you'll find studies and information and google actually looks at that metric and we'll rank you differently the search entrance based on how fast your page loads so it's a big big metric not only for consumers but for google themselves eso my first thing I noticed I love to see I was look at whatever the incentive ist fur the email sign up I'd love to see a picture of some sort of visual representation of the worksheet maybe instead of having all these arrows because I think that tends to look and again like I come from an internet marketing background but I think the common consumer might think that this looks a little too you know just too much too much red a little too aggressive but maybe like have a nice quality mock up or some sort of visual representation which what's that site we used to create product mockups and stuff like bock box shot king shot long has shot king you can upload like ajay paige or something and it makes it all three d and shaded and really cool, but I'd love to see since this is a really prominent called action above the fold like a really nice, high quality image of this worksheet or whatever video training they're getting shooting video have that paired right also use a clear font instead of a scribble it felt like you and you won't have to be really clear and enticing you do want people to have to try and struggle to read it just like the words we used to be a fifth grade level you need to be ableto see really clearly and you don't ever want mean imagine if used avery like great fun be hard to see on the white background like I was bugging gina on her pages that till the best choice on a white background? No, I'm not saying it's not, but you know one of the things that test is a different font I love this I mean, I love that you guys have fun playful images of you, I think that's really fun papa, you know we love pups again, I'd have some sort of visual image, it's a lot of text for a pop up, a lot of people are going to glance in clothes, so you need to have that image to quickly convey what it is like. Yesterday, I was thinking we need to take that off and put it on like an exit pop on the blogger, right? Right? Because it might pull them away from what they're currently doing, like signing up, and then they're like, oh, right, this is too much you still want to have a pop up, but just make it a lot more visually because the pop up on the first page people are immediately going to go to click off of it unless it visually grabs their attention some some desire and that's why you want to have a graphic or love those you're showing yesterday? Were it all a picture and then there's just two boxes on the picture. Exactly. That's you probably got a lot of ideas and that now it kind of closes. Papa? Yeah. Uh, do you use this as, like your main landing page? Yeah, because where you okay? So notice what's above the fold. I mean, they called action is above the fold. The banner takes up a third of this age you could just do a lot more simplistic logo up top and where do you want people in media they looking? They're looking up here that's not a benefit driving headline it's down here but this is the third the third thing that stands out maybe even the force because your attention might go over here because of all the arrows and the red indescribably like what's going on over there all that so if you put this through a heat map generator a lot of attention is not going to go to this headline and that's the first thing I should stand out okay, so keep that in mind and we'll talk about wire framing a tte the end of our conversion optimization session which is next how we doing on time ladies? We're getting near to break you want to you want to dio either quick questions or send us off for a while we'll wrap up okay great great so super powerful session to wrap us up all about split testing and converge in optimization and some people's kneejerk reaction might be like whoa, that sounds incredibly geeky but we're going to really make it basic it is geeky uh but we're going to really make it simplistic and will explain while why it's so beneficial on dh it's done huge huge things in our business is yeah, I mean really cool stuff that you take for granted, or you never think about, and it could be a huge needle mover, and then at the end, I'm gonna show tool that we use. Teo is easily design. I called it wire framing, easily designed web page layouts, uh, almost like drawing on a napkin, but on your computer, moving boxes around a text boxes and things like that to, uh, manipulate these elements, if you can, then send a graphic designer so you don't have that breaking communication. It's it's kind of hard. Sometimes I want this and this and kind of either type that and emails almost impossible, or even on the phone, so when you can show them and then maybe responded screen cast talking about that elements that you designed big game changer when it comes to bridging that gap, the communication so we'll be covering all that next. Great. Thank you. We're gonna share a couple of great quotes from the internet, pomegranate says. Melanie is great and always provide such great advice. Thanks, palmer on we've got donny says they are freaking me out right now. Six days of life changing stuff, justine ciro says, can we have every day with the duncan a lot to handle? I can't even handle everything what

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