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Psychological Tactics for Selling with the Duncans

Lesson 26 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Psychological Tactics for Selling with the Duncans

Lesson 26 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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26. Psychological Tactics for Selling with the Duncans

Lesson Info

Psychological Tactics for Selling with the Duncans

So without further ado, let's, bring up my lovely wife melanie again. Thank you. All right, so I'm excited to get started tell us, let's, let's concern the presentation tell me a little bit about the motivation for this why you think this is so important? I know you're the copywriter in our family, so I know a lot of what we're going to talk about has to do with being a wordsmith and using certain words, and david talked a little bit about using certain words and subject lines words are so important because it's, you know what? It's what connects with the person and evokes emotion. So right, so this is going to be kind of like having a little living room time with the duncan this is what we do on friday nights kind of going through you'll hear both of our unique perspectives, but we really do work together on a lot of different aspects, and whenever we're launched a promotion or we have a sale or something like that going on, we both collaborate on the ideas behind it and the different...

tactics were going to use to promote it, so we'll both just kind of free we could, you know, just kind of talk about whatever ideas we have, but not a lot of people know this about me I was actually psychology major in school and I went to a school where most of the psychology majors were predominantly studying you know, very clinical type applications but I was really interested since I started dating this kid when I was a sophomore I was really interested in how the supply to business and first we used a lot of the psychology of my background to work with art our employees or managers and apply it that way but once we started actually selling both products and services and our emails on our web pages I'm just talking to other people in our industry really leveraging collaborations I realized it all came down to psychology one of the coolest things about psychology as you start to understand how people work and certain things you can do to get them to behave in a certain way and just also ways to really effectively communicate so once we started doing a lot bigger sales and promotions it all kind of came back to the different psychological tactics that really were they middle movers so that's why we're going to talk about in this presentation is ten psychological tactics for selling now the first thing we've talked about a little bit earlier today was actually to use emotions because really people make decisions based upon emotions and normally we make an emotional decision first and we follow it up with logic so for an example devan is a huge tesla fan he wants a tesla more than anything probably the main reason is because it's really freaking cool, right? And nobody else has a really cool car, you know, it's, it has to look good now don't turn this into a tesla at that is just an example, but tell me, why do you want a tesla? Elon musk is really cool study make a steady it's so tech oren it is like a giant ipad in the right in the end a dash in you know it's fully electrical and it's it's a sexy car yeah it's awesome she's not too afraid of the motions. Ah lot of times when you ask a guy why he wants a certain car it's for an emotional reason like it's really cooler than bodies, the type of man they see themselves as or they want to become, but the way they sell it to themselves where they sell it to maybe their spouse is oh, look it's really good gas mileage and it's very, very safe for you just tell me the other day about the safety standards of the test like absolutely how broke all the all the records and this is safest car out there and it doesn't get really good gas mileage so normal what we do is we make a decision emotionally first, and we follow it up with logical knowledge and application but the truth is almost every type of decision even in more logically based decisions we buy with our emotions or we act with our emotions first so one of the most prominent emotions that you've probably heard in a lot of psychological selling and marketing this fear right fear of loss fear of maybe not being able to protect yourself or your family or losing money fear is emotion particularly copyrighting you see the most like you don't want to miss out I called foam oh you heard me talk of missing out elmo mo if I'm getting getting together a group of my girlfriends in new york and one of them can't come she'll go I'm gonna film oh before mo relates to a lot of things whether it's putting yourself in a disadvantage compared to your competitors not being able to have the skills or the resource is you need to be successful with a business idea so fear is something that works one hundred percent all the time and it tends to work very very well but here's the thing with fear if you use it too much people tend to have a negative association with your brand and that's something with an internet marketing you see a lot like those kind of scam internet marketers that cell based on fear fear fear all the subject lines of their emails are very fearful all the copyrighting like on sales pages this fear now, product seller's gonna be talking a moment how you could be leveraging emotions too, so don't check out on me, but I want to talk about that fear is not the on ly emotion to be using and selling, and although it can work very well, kind of peppered throughout the different emotional triggers, usually when you're writing any sort of sales copy or trying to sell to anyone in a presentation, you want to target least five different emotions fear being just one of them now in studio audience, can you think of any other emotions that might be useful to use while selling? What do you think, rachel? Um, wanting to reciprocate reciprocation? Absolutely absolutely anyone else belonging to something of drinking? What emotion that is, right? Well, even like empathy could be really important to express showing that you actually understand what someone's going through, that you reciprocate the feelings. I don't want to get way too many other ones, but there are a lot of emotions, obviously happiness, aspirational type of selling where you're showing them what their life can be like with that product or something I don't want to give too many away, but fear is one of the most prominent you always hear about and it's very effective, as long as you don't solely focus on that it's just one of the two traders use when you're using emotions to sell the seconds emotion or the second psychological tactic is to use stories now you can use personal or I say, and case studies, a lot of people, they say stories, and I think, oh, I can only talk about myself and my experiences. It's not true that's, really good for connecting with an audience, but sometimes using a case study that may be exemplifies your ideal customer clients could be the most effective story to tell someone that, you know, your audience is really going to relate, tio, and then you can find a story that's really cater to what you want to say, you know, maybe you are in certain industry, but your personal story isn't going to resonate as much as you know is the story of someone else like them that's the best time to actually use case studies so they can see here is someone like me. And then here the results that they got that I also want, and we use this a lot in our service, based in coaching business, is like on the about us page of this story from point a to point z, and we've been through this journey, so you know, people go and find where they are in their current journey, and you compare themselves to us and relate tio what we've found what we've been through now what do you guys think with this apply if you weren't just selling services if you were selling products or jewelry or something yeah, absolutely that's what I say a lot of times people go well wait, what case study would I use if I sell jewelry or if I sell handbags or pillows or fashion or something like that and really you can tell the story of like the recipient gina anything that's popping into your mind maybe definite was the pride you have in your home right? So it might just be a monogram pillow to some yeah it's also this is our family monogram and if you take a lot of pride in that exactly or anything that a product is used around an emotional context like maybe you're buying, you know, a new dining room table huge right? I read this interesting statistic about kitchens that women it's, andme or money renovating or in the area the kitchen more than any other area of the home and a lot of people say, well, of course sure like the kitchen is you know that where people spend the most time but they did all these follow up questions and they asked women all these like, why they spent money on this particular stove or whatever and it was also because they believed if they invested money and had a nicer kitchen or a better kitchen, that it would somehow create a better family, that the family would want to be together more, that the kids would want to talk to the parents more like all this stuff that when you look at it, birdseye air going hi, I don't think that relates to what brand of stove you buy, but really, women tend to think if I have this product or this thing, it will create this life for myself. See that a lot in clothing and jewelry advertisement. Aspirational brand, eh? Yeah, you know, toms toms shoes like the story about the idea and the concept behind it. Almost the mission, right? No story in a mission, khun b, you know, pretty close to each other or, you know, the reason why they got in the business. There was this problem that he didn't like in the marketplace, and we didn't intend to get into a business. But, you know, it just turned out that way because people like so much of what we were doing and bought into the story, you see a lot of brands that that start, you know, have that involved in their marketing. Exactly. So if you do sell a product or something more tangibly based, why do you start? Why did you start that business? Why do you have a unique offering the marketplace and have your story tie into why it was founded in the first place? I love that right move on from case studies, jane button asked, do case studies have to be one of your clients? Or can they be one of your clients if they're not? I think in most cases it serves you best tohave one of your clients, because you're directly illustrating the relationship between the value of what you're going to be able to give them, um, you can, you could possible I could see you some ways that you could use someone like showing like here's, how this person use education to advance their lives, and I want you to invest in your education over here like I can see the crossover, but I think the most effective is going to you can directly related to results that you've gotten for someone else that you're going to be help that person. Okay, thanks. Good. No, the third tactic is trust and something I would like to talk about. We talk about trust, obviously a really important thing when selling is that we respect authority, but we trust people who are similar ah, lot of times we tried to establish trust, we use things like credentials where he went to school, reuben featured impress, which are definitely a way to establish credibility and positioning, but really personal trust normally comes from understanding that someone is like us, understands us and gets what we kind of want to achieve. This is making sense, so so give can give an example how we use that neither ar e commerce or server space business is sure. So the way that I used trust in terms of the commerce normally does go back to actual position, and actually here to ruben featured here's the different you know, magazines and press we've been in, but a really subtle way is a lot of times with luxury monograms. I show pictures of my home and my aesthetics in my style, which the women that tend to buy our products tend to have a very certain type of style as well. It's got a very particular viewpoint and very particular aesthetic, so the way that they can trust me and trust my products is they see that we have a consistent, a consistent style in a consistent aesthetic, so they believe, and this is all in a very subconscious level, but they believe that I also understand how those products were goingto work into their life and into there. Into the designs what what about an example for your coaching business with your fan page has over fifty thousand people following you and you do post a lot of like your travel picks on there being a motivational mindset to show what's possible through your coaching program is your training programs in the lifestyle you're able to lead to get to a successful business you know, pointing their business whether successful and can have freedom of time and finances right? Right so showing that where we started was the same in place with having businesses but then here's what's possible but yeah it's possible they have trust in that what? You know what you do actually works you could get them they're already successful right? And other great way to el state trust is to specifically we talked about this earlier say who your business or who your products or who your services are and are not for ah lot of times when you do something where you clearly demonstrate it's for the good of someone else versus yourself that builds an incredible amount of trust even protecting like if you have a community online having particular rules airways that u n force so that it's a safe community and that everyone feels empowered and there's no negativity and they feel that they could be vulnerable fostering a community like that and protecting them it does create trust us well absolutely okay, so here we come to more of the heavy hitting more of the conversion optimization strategies that I know you wanted to talk about so why don't you talk a little bit about how we use scarcity in our business? All right so this is used a lot on our sales pages in both our e commerce in cyberspace businesses so scarcity something that could be taken away or there's only limited spots quantity of spots or either a time limit of when they need to buy before a certain date and so we use this an example for custom grief threads and e commerce business when you run sales in our banner actually if you go to custom rephrase dot com right now or we have a countdown timer in the banner so it has our branding and account on time are actually running could we switch to that real pests they can actually see and see how there's active scarcity being run on the page right now right there in our header ban our countdown time our time is running out obviously we're making a very urgent call the action accounting timer so they know how much time is actually left this doubles conversions when we in our experience when we are when we're running sales put having his banner compared to just just having imagine of this it was just blew even if we're announcing the sale if they're actually having the scarcity timer creates a lot of action and it's on every page but it's actually in the temple banner when we use this on sales pages for our products we have a timer at the top we sits on webinars the last slide usually a fifteen minute countdown timer yeah, bye the bye buttons when we're selling a product, they'll be you know, there'll be a countdown to win this offer's going toe either expire or the price is going to increase if you guys are watching this live creative life is awesome of doing this. There's a bye button below here with a price juxtaposition in one forty nine if you buy it afterwards, but ninety nine dollars deal right now and in a countdown timer so they're doing it right now. It's a total psychological tactic we can switch back to the slides now. Thanks, guys. Software. Alas, what software are you using for the countdown? That's? Just a simple. I mean, my programmer did that, but you can just search for, uh, I think it's a job, a script countdown timer or something like that. And then my web designer just when he builds the banner and I just switches that out and puts it up there, but, uh, that's just when the templates built, what graphic is up there is just a simple java script countdown timer that's running and you just set the end date there's no particular brand that does it but there's free countdown code and we use that across all of our different businesses. Yeah, and what I love about that is you're not doing really anything extra I mean, usually your promotion of your sales gonna end at some point anyways so it's not like you're adding an end date when you normally don't all you're doing is really highlighting that and making it very prominent and very well known like this is how much time is left and it just tends to add that urgency and like you said, like that actual scarcity we'll go back to that time our numbers given example for numbers so sometimes we were especially we're doing coaching or a mastermind or something limit the spots and make it now you know, there's only me ten spots available available for this and one thing that we like to do in our business is a swell, especially when we're doing a launch and we are let's say let's say there's a big number some people ask what if there's a good amount available ten obviously is not that many so people will immediately see you know the urgency in that but what if there is five hundred so you can still kind of useless without being super clear? So let's say in our membership site online edge academy we're going to dio open it up for enrolment again there's gonna be five hundred spots five hundred you hear that number? Hey there's five hundred spots available sounds like not that urgent it's like there's a lot that's a lot of spots five hundred sounds like a lot but if our email list is eighty thousand people we can say there's one spot available for every I don't know that as you are you going tio two hundred people that this is going out tio so there's so one spot available for every two hundred people that are being invited then it's like well there's two hundred people that are getting this email for everyone spot and we don't say it's five hundred spots but you see how it kind of gets its even though there's five hundred people uh five hundred spots now when you say it a different way there's a lot more action oriented wow that really makes sense why should take action on this quickly and not dalli and you know wait oh there's five hundred spots I don't really need to pay attention to this yet but you could also give that maybe you are opening five hundred spots but maybe the first ten people get a special coaching call with you or maybe the I've seen people dio they scale it down were like the first one hundred people get you know this amazing thing? The first two hundred people get this pretty cool thing and the last one hundred people, whatever only get something you know, it's still cool, but it's, like the first people to buy and toe act get the most. But this is using e commerce is well, if you've been on amazon or think shop a file, so does this, where they'll show the inventory. It had never been kind of in between buying something on amazon. You see there's only one left here like crap. I had to get that, uh, you could definitely use this to show product inventory, or you could even dio discounting or some sort of additional promotion or incentive where you know, the first ten you sell, you get something extra or you get some additional percentage there's still a way to do scarcely was selling products online as well. And we also do this in our greek business when we do a black friday sale, big time of year for us, because we have initiation in the greek industry and we have christmas coming up so it's a huge sale, and we will often open this up, open the sail up early for our v I p e mail list, and you know that that creates excitement for them, because they can get in earlier than anyone else? It's, not the v I p list, but we can use terminology to say, because we make custom items a lot times we've had to close down these sails early because we want to make sure we khun service our customers and get them their orders within a certain amount of time. We don't want to take on ten thousand orders because it takes us two years to fulfill those, so there are limited spot, but also we can play on where it's not might not be limiting, like if your business isn't big enough to where you really would sell out be like you're going, if you the first people that order are gonna get their order sent out the fastest, you're gonna be top of the pile, so we use that terminology a lot as well, so you don't have toe wait, you might only have to wait for three days instead of two weeks, because you got in first. Yeah, so anyone in the audience have any ideas of how to be using scarcity? Or do you want help with any ideas? Thinking of a scarcity tactic? Do you think? I mean, I would love help with everything with yeah, and I used you scarcity sometimes with I'm like, great, now I'm running the sale and, um I did in my email marketing say it ends on wednesday night, but I didn't put it on my sales. Paige and I could have put a timer up right totally closes on wednesday like you can light after that there is a price increase price, the price, the price increases. Yeah, you definitely want to have that just like below this cradle live video price slashed out show the difference. What percentage discount is that? Twenty percent off really? I mean that's a huge advantage to you. So you really wantto to play on that with a countdown timer, right by just like creative life is doing and also email them on the last day that we've seen sometimes twice we've seen some of the biggest sales dates when our promotions are the last day of the sale. Yeah, uh for both customary threads and our service based business, over fifty percent of this of the orders that come through during a sale will come on the last day we email once in the morning hey it's the last day everyone pay attention and then we'll send an e mail at about four o'clock pacific, which is seven o'clock eastern it ends in five hours or whatever and we'll get a huge bump on both of those and a lot of people on ly reach their audience during the beginning of the sale and really the last day is when you can get people to take action before because they have that hard deadline yeah if you do this properly where where you will see all your sales come in right when the gates open because that initial I want to be top a pile I want I want to get whatever bonus you're giving for the first x amount of people so you see a lot of sails the first day especially if you do webinars and it'll drop and then at the last day if you do closing scarcity problems the end you'll get you know forty five percent upfront you know ten percent and forty five and you a big view of quantity of orders closing price increasing limited spots are all really big and if yu doing limited spots as it goes along what's great about if we ever did limited spots for a coaching program you want to do where ends on a certain day or when it sells out next number spots you have both because then they're aware of it and from the beginning completely playing off it's only limited time but then as you go along it gives you a good beneficial reason and excuse almost to email them and be sending them or emails to be prompting them to action because open other spot's gone there's only this many left there's only this many left and you can you whenever you're emailing during a sale, you've gotta have a good reason other than just hated by my stuff by my stuff by my stuff you want to seem beneficial to them to the consumer. I'm glad his person emailed me and informed me of this change another spot's gone or this is ending you wanna have a good excuse? A good reason to be e mailing them how's all my audience doing if all of that girling michael actually brought up something that she wants to know if it works it is a limited edition prints only twenty will be sold this that works and I'm absolutely absolutely perfect example yeah that's fantastic limited edition I mean you'll see major brands through this too and that they'll do a special collection or there's a capsule collection or a limited edition print a limited edition item um all those air great ways I think when you offer the same product all the time it could be hard to figure out how to really add a little spice, a little flavor and marketing it. So finding a way maybe you've got a best selling product and there's a small little tweak you khun due to it to make it more seasonal or to make it around something specific that's happenings have been trending something current, you know, even something that's going on and pop culture and media just something you can do to really frame it in a way that's very now and do a promotion around that you can draw drum up a lot of attention and like devon said also have a reason to promote and talk about that product for that service because there is something specific to right now that has some sort of an end date or a deadline to really encourage people to act absolutely another example for e commerce owners if they have inventory especially excess inventory of a product that hasn't sold well bundle that wish but with a best selling product and make it a bundle offer yeah and you know four you know for the same price of whatever the best selling product was you also get whatever wasn't selling well but people it gives you recent have that's almost like a sail because it's increased value in their mind even if they wouldn't have bought both of those separately there's some advantage and reasons for them to buy now and then but you have you put a timer on it or expense and or x amount only x amount available so you have those reasons to be pushing people to action yeah, more diamonds really wants to know do you automate emails during the sale? Okay, so yes um so usually automation means everyone's on their own individual past someone that came to my email lists six months ago went through a path the same path that if on dh person started today and went through the same path, they both the book of the same emails on day one or day four separate times because even though they entered into the email sequence at different times, but we basically we pre build the emails it stills to be emmanuel launch um, you know, manual promotion, especially rush sale right now, it's a timely event or a black friday sale way schedule, we build up those emails a week in advance and schedule them to go out on on friday and then saturday and pre build it like that, so we work in advance. I don't really know if I call that automation it is automatically sent on that date, but basically pre scheduled because there he had just a great comment that she she shared with us, she said. Missouri woman says I just realized I need to note that each piece on my site right now is one of a kind the order limit is one, but it's not pointed out out front, so she just just now realized I need to do this on her web site and I bet she'll get yeah, and you sit down at sea a lot we'll show the actual inventory the hominy available or if everything there's one offs uh yeah that's a really it's a really important thing to tie into when you're offering something or even for services like maybe you only take ten people in a program or ten clients like that's a really finite number that you're not that you're not creating or fabricating is something that you can use in the selling process to really hone in the value of that yeah, I mean there's their scarcity built into every single business even if you don't realize it yet your wedding photographer or any sort of thing where you have to do manual work to fulfill you have scarcity there's only so much you khun dio you can on ly you know, shoot so many weekends a year there are so many weddings a year you know it so you do have really limited spots you can really play up that scarcity and khun b you know you could be offering either discounts are added value for earlier in the air if you're trying to sell out spots for next year whatever wherever the weak spots on your business model, I'd really like to get paid further up front you know b be doing different scarcity deals along the way, but any time there's a manual fulfillment involved you have there to scarcity and you need thio point that out for your advantage because it's true already and this isn't a lie none of it's a lot you never want false scarcity that's the quickest way to lose trust and you can't get it back s o this all needs to be really the sale really ends you know one of the things that's that's borderline is when a marketer says oh this is going to end on this day and then you know they extend it for no good reason you know something that's not really why they should so you want to be your scarcity always needs to be true one more came in and I've seen a couple like this do you have any, um scarcity tactics for realtors or any someone in that sort of feel because that's very unique? Well, obviously there is only you know, each property's unique um I would for I'm wondering for buying like for selling homes for listing homes and you know it wasn't specified well it's look think of some ideas I mean I'm not a realtor so I don't know their needs and desires or their issues in their in their business but if they're trying teo get more clients to search me they they only have so many appointments pots they can fill the only office when we go and look at houses which we've been doing recently we take up the guys you know, that realtor's full day yeah, you really can't do any other work so there's scarcity in there a market also of the area they're in, you know, how many homes aired available within? How many certain price range is how quickly a home normally sells? I think a lot of times I know for us like you're saying we've been looking into this more is, you know, do homes normally sell within a ten day period or something? Because if you like a home, all the people go, oh, we're gonna go home and talk about it, but the blood, they lose it so they could if I was trying to get people to buy a property that I thought was really right for them really clearly laying that out like in this area at this price point, most homes normally sell within this frame there's normally this, you know, telling someone there's two other offers on this table, I think there's a lot of scarcity and real estate built, especially when you know you're in a hot market. I know my sister, brother in law are looking at buying house in orange county, calif for me and there's a lot of cash buyers out there and they're not cash buyers and they're like you wouldn't believe how hard it is by the time we go and look like someone walks in and cash deal it's just like there's, huge scarcity built into that already

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