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Getting Your Video on the Web

It's, like a big video playground, were scripting we're shooting, editing, and now we have to upload because a big problem a lot of folks have with video is that they finally do the video, and then it sits on their hard drive. Well, they say, you know, don't you have anything on you tube? Well, I have a video, but I haven't uploaded it yet, so you've got to get it off the hard drive and we're going to jump right in and look at how we can upload videos. So this is all about getting our videos on the web, and we'll probably start with youtube because it's kind of a big site that was like sarcasm because it's a huge site, and it's a great place to start because it's basically free hosting for your video. So it's a really good place to have your video, both for hosting and for exposure. So good place to start a lot of folks, we'll ask. Okay, well, that's great, I want my video on youtube, but is there anyplace else? I should have it just to keep it safe on? I use in a lot of folks use amaz...

on s three for hosting, and they're also owned by another small company called amazon, and so both pretty secure youtube great amazon s three as a backup to make sure that nothing happens with your video files or for some reason, you know youtube may pull it or something, but youtube is a great place because they really do have tremendous reach. It is thesis and biggest search engine light behind google, who owns youtube and I believe the third largest website in on the net so it's a really good place to start I want to give you I don't want to bore you with the figures, but there are some kind of impressive statistics when it comes to youtube and I want to share a few of those with you. This is an actual cartoon of my laptop when it fried the other night right before this presentation, so but the site has one billion youtube has won a billion unique visitors each month that's a lot that's quite a lot over six billion hours of video are watched each month, which is almost an hour for every person on earth hundred hours of video uploaded every minute it's interesting because I had to look, I have to keep looking up that stat because it keeps going up and up and up four billion videos of you'd each day youtube's in sixty one country's one of the ones that's interesting for me as the television person is that youtube now has reaches mohr us adults eighteen to thirty four than any cable network so it's really a great place to be to be seen and to upload your videos as well. So I don't know, I want to take a quick show of hands, and maybe we can ask the chat as well, who is actually on youtube, who has videos on youtube raise them high and proud? Yeah, even just a couple. And you know how many videos you have on youtube once again, start one's better than none I counted. Well, I didn't really count the other david I looked the other day, and apparently I have five hundred thirty one so but most of the really short and many of them hidden away, so no patients see them, but it really is a good place to start and a good place to upload your videos on if you want to get more videos on youtube and you want to have more people see the videos that you put on youtube, which is the idea we want people to view them, then you have to optimize, you have to upload, obviously, and you have to optimize your videos once you get him there. I don't do a lot of charts and graphs, but this one I thought was worth looking at because it does show that of the top ten social networks youtube has now surpassed facebook so this is the youtube big giant one here, twit his way down here. Lincoln's here, instagrams way over there, sue susan movement's gonna kill me? Uh, instagram, little teeny so so, yeah, I mean, you definitely want to be on youtube. What we'll do is we'll in a minute. We'll switch over to the web so that I can kind of show you a live update, but I want to give you, like, kind of a quick youtube at a glance tour. So in youtube, as I'll show you live as well, you can customize your channel so that you have a live banner that matches your branding, you can always upload your video video in the upper right. I'll show you that in a moment, within this customization, you can add social links. A lot of people miss that, uh, within your video, when people first come to your youtube channel, you can add what they call a channel trailer. So this is like a welcome video for your youtube account, and the cool thing about that is that the people who have not subscribed to your channel will see your channel trailer so it's a good way to welcome them and give them some content. The people who have already visited and subscribed to your channel will then be showed another video which is usually called what to watch next so they'll suggest another video so if people are coming back to youtube channel that not always going to see the same thing they're gonna have a variety once they subscribe, they won't see the channel trailer anymore. Another important aspect of youtube that has changed recently is playlists and a lot of times people will ask, well, I have some really old videos on youtube or have some that you know, my kid's birthday party and how do I makes my business videos with my personal videos and playlists are a good way to do that because you can organize your content and curate you're content so that you can kind of show your viewers what you want them to see first so in my channel you have to scroll way, way, way down to see sort of the baseball videos and the kid videos and all that kind of stuff, but I didn't necessarily only have one youtube channel, so I didn't really put it on a different channel I ju is curated it by playlist so that I could, you know, sort of show the viewer what I wanted to show them playlists also a great way if you decide to do a tips siri's and you want to keep all those tips together, you could do that in a playlist I've got a playlist, that's tips and tricks I've got another one that's a little siri's so anything that you want to curate for your viewers and make it easy for them to find playlist is a good way to do that a zai mentioned you can customize your channel and it will go on the web and do this live and on the fly but for now I want to kind of show you these screen shots because within youtube and again this is something a lot of folks miss you've got a hole about section in youtube where you can add your bio and you can put your twitter links and your facebook links and you google plus links and again this is all you know, free real estate that youtube gives you that you should take advantage of it because somebody maybe on youtube and say let's go to the about paige and see if there's something there I guarantee you and most pages there's nothing there, so put your bio put some tips about you anything you want to add, make sure you customize thatyou're channel and make it your own and add your bio you can like I say you can add your own banner um you can have that banner macha website when it comes to up loading and we're gonna upload a sample video in a moment but you're always going to find when you hit the upload button on the top right you'll see this nice little screen here. And you, khun drag files right from your desktop to this area. Or you, khun select files to upload so you can basically search your hard drive and decide what to upload from where and right here from the screen. You can also set your video is public, private, unlisted or scheduled. And I'll give you a quick review of what each one of those out public is obviously, yes. I wanted you to see this it's public it's anybody can see it. Private is people can see it if you give them the link. So if I put a lesson up for group coaching program or something that, you know, people had to pay for, I'll give them the link and they confined it because they have the link on wait, I think I got that backwards. Actually, unlisted is if they have the link, they could see it private is you have to give people permission to see it. You have to say, this person with this address can see this video. So privates really private, unless that is, just you need to have the link. And finally scheduled, as you might imagine, is you can actually schedule a video to debut at a certain time, just like you khun schedule. A blogger post so that's kind of cool if you decide you know, I'm doing a launch and I've got the video done, but I don't really want to launch until monday. You khun, schedule it on youtube. In addition, there are other ways to upload to youtube. You can actually record directly from your webcam to youtube, which a lot of folks don't know there's a button over here that says webcam capture, you can create a photo montage, you can actually launch a google hangout from youtube and over here doesn't really make sense, but this is another place to access youtube's video editor that we looked at in the previous segment, so that's uploading and we'll show you some more in a moment. I want to show you a few settings before we go into the live version here and the settings uh, important because what they are basically the most important ones of your videos title and your video's description and your videos, tags or keywords. Um, I mentioned yesterday that youtube typically will give you a choice of three thumbnails, and usually they're all really bad, so you can, as you see, you can customize your thumbnail and I'll show you more about that in a minute, but you can add your own thumbnail so that whatever image you want to appear there and represent your video, you can have that done now this upload this screen shot is actually from a google hangout, so this is the way google hangout upload that they don't really give you any title description keywords, you'll have to go back in and customized that, and I'll show you how to do that in a bit. But it's really important that in your title you make it descriptive and you try and include keywords. So a lot of my titles might be lube or tone video marketing tips, semi coal and how to do such and such it's okay, to have a nice long descriptive title in your description will show you more in a moment again. But that's, you've got a lot of real estate there as well. I know it only shows this little piece here, but you actually have a ton of real estate. And again, your tags are your key woods. So you absolutely want to keep keywords in there. Um, the other thing I wanted to point out on the description section is if you start start with http and your your whole website, that will be a live link back to your site, so you always want to start this description with your girl, or at least have that very early in the description um another thing that you'll see on the youtube pages on the right hand side, you'll see related videos and if you are using consistent keywords, you'll see a lot of those that will show it will be your videos, which is great. Sydney had a question pop over here. I was just curious in terms of the link at the beginning of the description do you recommend using the rial link or is it okay to use a shortened link? Doesn't matter? It doesn't really matter from a space standpoint because you have plenty of space, so you could use the real link, you know, if you want some while billy links go a little funky and falco's link shorter's so in this cage and it's in this case, it doesn't always have to be a home page. In this case, I was doing webinar with lead pages, so I used the lead pages lincoln here because that's what I wanted to direct people, I can't make sense of it so far. Cool hi uh, moving on. The other thing you could do in youtube that's really important and that you should do to leverage videos is to share your video once it's uploaded and youtube makes it really, really easy to do that by going to the share this video tab, and you'll see a whole bunch of social network icons pope uh pop up, which is great because you khun with one click you can upload your video to facebook linked in google plus twitter so it's really easy to spread your video and get it in a cz many social platforms as once um another thing here that kind of fun is that even in the comments section you khun attach live links as well, so if you get a conversation going and people are commenting on your video, you can direct them to another site I like to say there's no by button on youtube in other words, people can't really buy products from you directly on youtube, so you always want to try and drive that traffic back to your site, and one of the ways you can do that is to embed the video on your own website a vlog, and you could do that with the embed code that youtube gives you, and someone early was saying, you know, they don't have a lot of space on their website a vlog you can actually adjust the size of the video to fit your website of logs you'd ask your web master, you know what are the dimensions that I can use on my website, a blogger for the video don't ask questions and uh, I'm betting it on your facebook things well placed as well if you share it from youtube facebook it'll it'll it'll have automatically do the right size and again you can adjust the size based on where that video is going to appear where you going to embed it and all these shows suggested videos I usually leave those blankets I don't want to show other people's videos I want most of these videos to be my own so let pop over to the web awesome there it is and we're on the youtube page here and the typical page will start with the upload page you can upload on the top right hand corner or right in the middle and if I just click select files to upload these are the videos on the hard drive and we'll pick the one one of the takes that we did with sydney earlier so that we're uploading something that we shot here and we click open that's going to start uploading and while it's up loading you can start to customize the title and description because you don't want the title of your video to be image oh five nine seven so you wanted to be something that's you know keyword friendly so obviously going to add something here that I did a spell that right? Um so I mean, obviously I'd add keywords and things like that in there, but but you put your title with key words here and then you put your description here a lot of times from my videos I'll just do you know, lube or tone dot com present and then I'll fill in the blank here, so I've got kind of a generic description already done but in this description you khun you know there's a lot of space you can use here you can add your twitter links, your facebook links you can say watch my other videos here are there um so I would kind of fill in the blank here and put all my information in key woods there and then the bottom section well, it's uploading is where you would put your key words once again this is called the tags section and here you know, I start with some generic tags in mind video marketing, video marketing tips so you'd put your own key words in the tag section now there's a funny key word here is it doesn't really mean anything that's my last name backwards and that's my what? My nonsense keyword and the reason I do that I learned different internet marketed tom auntie on is if you put a custom sort of nonsense key would that nobody else would use this will link your videos together so that when you upload your videos the related videos that pop up will typically be yours because google's going to say, well, nobody else has that weird keyword we better tie that video together so last name backwards or just some nonsense word will help to tie your video key words together that's really cool that is cleared austin there's love runs just going oh so I'm gonna pop over here it's like when you you know we make the cake mix and then it's in the oven we're going to take it out of the oven now and we've already got the sydney video that we uploaded so it says published one ready that's cool will publish it um eventually I'll make this private but for the time being it says okay your video has been published I can go here to the language where it's been published I'm sorry it has the lube or tone intro like all the other ones and there's my horrible camerawork but again the point is yes it did upload and it didn't work um now I can go in here to the video manager which kind of brings you back to all of your videos is the one that's processing right now and I can say let's edit that video so now if I go to the edit section that's where I've got my thumbnails and sydney looks great in all of them but again if you wanted to add a custom thumb no you would upload that from your hard drive yes sidney do you just take a picture of that like with your screen shot and then crop it down and use that yeah, exactly and what you do is maybe you find somewhere within the video where you you know, have a shot that you want to use and then just to a screengrab not the one with your eyes closed, so and, you know, basically you'd find a frame of the video that it represents what the video is and use that and then you will go one step further as I'll show you in a few samples you want to even go a step further and take that screen shot and add an overlay like using canvas some kind of photo editor uh and basically say what the video is about andi, you know, use these few words as possible, so the text is nice and big so that the thumb nail will not only be your picture but some text that will tell the viewer in a couple of words what that videos about. So if I was doing one and I had a shot from mine, I might just have, you know, video marketing tips or you know how to do such and such in youtube some short descriptive title so that the viewer, when they see only the thumbnail, they'll be able to judge whether or not they want to watch the video because, sadly, a lot of people decide what to watch based on the thumbnail so that's where we edit the thumbnail and that's also where we could go in and update our title to whatever we wanted to be here, you know, if we want to change the title and when you scroll down you'll see you've got your description, your tags again and over here this is where you make the video public or private I'm going to make it unlisted because at the moment I don't want anybody to find it and earlier I mentioned playlists right here under here you can add to a particular playlist so if you have playlist set up like you've got, this is my tip siri's and this is my whatever siri's or these are my favorites, so I've got playlist video mark for the my video marketing mentoring group I've got online video tips I've got the creative live videos so I can add that to a playlist right from there and it will be added toe a playlist um up here on the top you'll see info in settings that's what we have will go to influence settings that's this page that gives you all of the different title description, et cetera if you goto enhancement I rarely use this, but you might want to, um change the you know this is again the auto fix you might want to change the light or the brightness of the color temperature you conduce um um different tricks with this on one of the things that I would do since I was like mr shaky camas I would do stabilize so that's going to help to smooth out the video a little bit um so that's enhancements you've got audio where again, you probably wouldn't do this if you're doing a talking head video but you could put music intuit as well um annotations I'll get into it a bit that's a little bit more advanced but annotations of very powerful and actually I'll do it right now annotations basically interactive links that you can put into your videos, which is really powerful because you can make your video interactive you khun ad links to your video you can add call out or thought loons, so if sydney was referencing her website in this video and she wanted to add an annotation that lead back to her website, she could add ah spotlight or label or a note let's do note and you could you could type in here in the note visit my website so she could be talking about saying, visit my website with the annotation there you've got a little bit of flexibility here you could make it a little bit larger, so let's make it bigger here really big um you can change the background color to black or white you can change the phil color so you could make a pop a little bit more and you can move it around to wherever you want. So the cool thing about that is you've not just added an overlay here, but you can actually link it back to your website. Actually, you can link it to a lot of things, but the coolest thing is that you can link it to your website, so if you go under the drop down menu here, it shows you can link to another one of your videos. You can link to one of your playlist you can link to another channel to google. You could make it a subscribe link or what we're injustice associate id website, and once you do this, you connect your account an associate, your website with your youtube channel. Then you can add your link, and I won't do because I have an associate it this on this computer, but that's where you had your link to your site. So what happens is when sydney says, be sure to visit my website and there's a call out here that says, visit my website that lights up when you most over it. If you click that link, the viewer will then be directed to your website, which is probably one of the most powerful features in youtube and kind of lesser known question sydney so white when would you use that which is awesome versus a lower third or both like it seems like it would be a lot if you put that and then did the lower third typically I would put the lower third of the beginning of the video when you're identifying yourself and one another way you can do that is you can add a title now for some reason titles are not link a ble but um that's huge will make it smaller than a minute um so let's reduce the size of that that's good and then we move that down here so this so now this is your lower third and again you see there's no place to link it there that that doesn't necessarily linked to anything so here's my lower third here's my title so I'm gonna move that to the beginning of the video and however you can move these wherever you want and however long you stretched them that's how long they'll appear on screen so let's say we keep this for the first ten seconds of the video and then maybe later on you're talking about your website or particularly at the end of your clip you might be talking about your website so that's a good place to put that so I'm going to move that to the end and drag it out so it'll be a little bit longer so now you've got your um blow a third up front and your annotation called the action at the end now again I can click on this is not a whole lot you can do with this but if you could change it to a black um type instead of white you can change the size again not a not a huge amount of flexibility but you can move it around a bit more importantly when we go over to our call out here visit my website now that's where we want ok this is at the end of the video you're talking about video you talked about me visiting your website and people click on this and they go there again you put your lincoln here you can say open lincoln new windows so they leave youtube and go back to your sights that's a very very powerful feature of youtube and one that many folks don't take advantage of you khun ad numerous annotations to your website so you can kind of problem in here and there wherever they're appropriate as I mentioned there are different types of annotations um speech bubbles you know like you could just pop up a speech bubble it says will says I have to say such and such here so you know you can change that to whatever you might want and everything is linka ble except the title for somebody's in may because they want you to use that as more of a lower third so annotations are great way too guide your viewer and have them follow a certain path that you want them to because at the end of a lot of videos you know people are going to find another video or go down a rabbit hole and they've gone forever much better to direct them back to us say where you can control the environment and while I switch back here we'll see there any questions or questions in the chat suit on that the annotations that visit my website which one was that on add annotations that was associate id website so we're going to go down here to wear it links this will click on that annotation yeah and then we click on a link because you wanted to leave something and then over here there's a drop down menu and that's where you say associated website thank you if you want to get people to subscribe to your channel you could also add one that says subscribe and uh link it to subscribe and it will automatically subscribe them to your channel I think we'll have a question um is there a way to tell how long people have stayed watching your video? Yes good question that's an analytics which I'll show you in a bit but youtube has a whole section of analytics it's rather feature which that tells you you know, basically where the traffic's coming from, how long the staying on the video and a lot of cases sometimes I think there's a thing that tells you where the viewer ships coming from like I have you know tremendous I'm big in turkey for some reason I have a lot of you know like canada australia and turkey you know quick question from jake harris great one here what do you think is the optimal placement in the timeline to add a link to your site at the end so people don't leave the video at the beginning because some people don't watch the whole video do you think that's a good question and it depends on the length of the video I would say the longer a video the more important it is to have those you know elements there to help guide the viewer but in a typical to a three minute video I would tend to put the annotation at the end especially if you're referencing it in the video like be sure to stop by my website but there is also you know, some certainly such that indicates that you know people's attention spans wayne after thirty seconds and then after sixty seconds so it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to kind of hit those benchmarks and say, well, you know at the thirty second mark I'll put in a new annotation our link you know, just in case people pop off a tte that point so it's one of those cases where more is more not less is more and again, they're not distracting. I wouldn't have these, like, popping all of my site every two seconds, but if you can make them, you know, fairly subtle and fit into the the video that's fine, you may want to say, hey, there's, another video in this siri's and you can add a, um, a video link low linked to another video that you have on youtube, so a lot of different ways to direct people. The idea again is that you want to kind of try and guide them along as best you can, because left to their own devices, they'll be end up watching. I don't know, charlie bit my finger video again, I got a great question here from user does it matter where we put the annotation on the screen? I didn't think we could use the lower right hand side and cover the youtube logo there's also questions about putting it somewhere where the ad pops up, right? Is that going to cover up your annotation? It will, but I have ads disabled on most of my videos. You can kind of make that determination when you say I don't want adds to one of my videos, and unless you're, you know, a youtube celebrity that's getting millions of views, you're not going to really you know, benefit that much from running ads on your site so you can disable those ads so you don't have to worry about that. The youtube logo is, you know, that's, not that big a deal. But I just try and keep it. On the lower left hand side, you're you're lower third.

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