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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Your Video Vision

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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2. Your Video Vision

Lesson Info

Your Video Vision

A lot of this stuff with really kind of ok where do I begin you know where do I start with all this and I like to say that you know your video needs a vision you really have to have your goal set for video on you know I like to call your video vision because I like my liberation and everything flows that way but it really does come down to what do you want your video to accomplish so that's the very first thing to start with what do you want your video to do? I think it was stephen covey the management guru said begin with the end in mind and it's the same video uh and I did the same thing because I'm very I have a really short attention span and when I wanted to do video I had my mac and my webcam and I just wanted to dive in so I fired up the web cam and like oh wait I have to think of something to say and I had to think of what I want this video to do another place folks get really hung up is on the gadgets the equipment, the technology which is again why I like to keep it simple an...

d I think it's really important to focus on goals over gadgets so don't get too hung up on the camera don't get too hung up even on the lighting and that other stuff first really focus on the planning and the message in the strategy a lot of folks in the chat with talking about eun ok what's the what's the endgame here what's the strategy or yes, I can do one video but what's the next video so we're going to talk about doing videos for your website like on a welcome video on your home page we're going to talk about doing a video tips siri's like evelyn did, which is a great way to kind of plant a flag in the ground and say this is my expertise and this is what I'm sharing but it really is all about the goals it's not all about the bass it's all about the goals so I want to give you guys a few sample goals and then we're gonna work on our video vision sheet what I going to start with to make it even easier is to give you some sort of sam well goals it's a kind of typical goals and then we're gonna look at the video vision sheet here and at home and go through that a bit and start to work on our goals this's the same exact assessment or intake a form that I use with my clients when we work together and we start with you know what do you want to do with your video? What do you want your video to accomplish? So for some folks they want to do video to increase their awareness just to generate awareness and visibility that's a big thing there's so much stuff online so much noise so much clutter it's really hard to break through and some folks just wanna get that online visibility it's like I said when I was out gallivanting around all summer I was still very visible because I had the video's kind of doing the work for me. Some folks want to use it to improve their search engine optimization or the google rankings. Everybody knows that video is a great way to enhance your search engine results and I think most folks know that google owns youtube, which is no coincidence. Some people want to develop and build a brand online videos a great way to do that I think it's actually a shortcut for doing that. Um some people want to be seen as the go to expert in the niche like evelyn wanted to become the authority for costa rica vacations and other folks just want to drive traffic to the website or, you know, generate more leads attract more clients, build tribal community and none of these are mutually exclusive. You can say, oh yeah I want to do all that stuff and you can with video which is awesome and it's it works for inter votes too because you could do off camera videos on camera videos and I believe that video is really kind of a shortcut to success because of all the things that you can do to build a business online, you could do ah articles or blogged posts you could do social media you could do you know, instagram, facebook you khun do in person networking. But I believe that video is a shortcut to that because it helps to develop that no like and trust factor so it can kind of accelerate the whole process. So what I want to do now is get a little interactive and the folks at home can play along. But I want to work through this video vision sheet so that as we start all this and before we fire up the cameras, you guys will know exactly what it is you want to accomplish. So, uh, think about and we can do this together on the sheet. What are your long term goals for video? And again, you can choose several, but you may have specific ones whether it's create awareness, fill your webinars, our workshops a lot of folks are doing like john's doing google hangouts. Eso it maybe do we want to fill the milk phil classes, cell classes, sell products and services. So let me give you a minute to look at that and think about what are your long term goals like in a perfect world don't worry about the equipment don't worry about how you're gonna get there yet, but what do you long term goals for video? Yeah, well, we're reading them and I just had a question about the long term, like timeframe what's a good time for him for a long term goal. I would say three to six months would be a long term goal because really, I mean it's such a short window. I mean, you could say well, in five years, I want to you know, I have my own tv show on hdtvs that's fine. Interestingly, evelyn once she started doing her videos and study getting a lot of views on youtube, she was contacted by animal planet and the discovery channel. And you know, we may see evelyn on tv before too long. So long time could be really big picture like, you know, in a few years I want to have my own show or it can be six months from now. I want tohave a video siri's and I want to have twelve video's done and ready to go on youtube in my blogged for three months from now, I want to have a lot of social media presence about how specific you think the gold should be mean, should they be that specific? I want a tv show on hd tv it's a half hour that's on this subject mohr is just I want to have my own tv show that what what can you talk about how specific you want but that's a good question obviously the more specific you can be the better because then you can really home down to one of the videos how the video is going to get me there and I also have the next question is, what are your immediate goals for video and that's kind of over thirty to sixty day timeframe. So this sort of what do you want? Oh, how do you want to start this? But what do you want the end result to be so yeah, I mean, I want teo. Excuse me. Um, so if you want to have a show on hdtv that's a good goal to have the most specific you can get the better it's about this and it's about this and I'm going to use videos to attract attention or I'm gonna have a youtube siri's that gets lots of views. So now I can get the attention of other folks uh, anybody have any long term goals that they are brave enough to share with us? You got some coming in online while you guys were thinking we have nyala who was actually joining us from kenya, who says she says get fun get famous you laughed but she says no but seriously I'm an artist and actress so at the moment I would like to gain exposure is that the sort of goal that you're talking about or again should be more specific than that? I think that it's okay to have those big general goals and then you can drill down as you continue to fill out your video vision and and your forms here but when you say get famous it's kind of funny oh yeah yeah let's get famous on youtube but do an awful lot of youtube famous folks out there and I know there's ah young lady from my home state massachusetts named michelle phan p a p h a n and she started doing just makeup tutorials her and a webcam nothing really fancy just this is how you do this kind of make up this is how to get the beyonce look this is how to get the lady gaga look so should start different videos to do make up for different looks and I don't have the numbers in front of me but she just absolutely blew up I mean she's a you know, nice attractive young woman but basically she was killing it on youtube with views and getting tons and tons of views and tons and tons of subscribers and now I think she can't remember if it's loyal of revlon has her you know, picked her up as somebody to be the spokesperson for their brand. So yes, you can get famous from youtube. Does it happen every day of television shows that have come out of youtube channels as well? Absolute so it's it's a big thing we have some other folks we have let's see. Jr danny says, I want to be a professional videographer producer for business is also want use video to promote my own music song, writing and performing video. Terrel, I want to promote my webinars on momo I like this one. What about inspiring and motivating people on youtube in social media, right? I mean now with with youtube what? He talks a lot about youtube and you know, okay, well, I want to get this view of that few, but it really does kind of give you your own channel basically online and again, when I started when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in tv, they were like, you know, three or four networks, you know, the media controlled all that stuff, you could not have access to that kind of thing. And now, ironically, the media, the big networks are trying to figure out how to do youtube and how do you know, translate back online? In fact, we're going to talk a little bit when we do some case, studies and examples were going to look at jimmy found on the tonight show because they do a really good job on social media and on youtube. But what I find ironic is that if you look at some of the clips that jimmy fallon does on youtube, they have more views than actual viewers of the tonight show. So now youtube is kind of trumping even the networks, so don't put it out, he had don't think it's impossible, that you can really accomplish that kind of stuff, so big picture long term goals, those great anybody else want to share kind of a long term big picture goal if not, we'll go on, john, I think, well, as you know, we launched a new hangout, google hangout brand, and were looking tio, obviously, you know, phil webinars and stuff like that, so that will be a big thing that we're looking to do is teo, I create video content that engages people and encourages people to attend, you know, attracts people to what we're doing, so we're actually gonna put together a tip siri's and start putting out short three minute videos on how to use life, google hangouts and things like that to build you list and build a following so excellent. And john is a google hangouts experts are going to be calling on him and leaning on him a bit when we get to that part so thank you for being here uh anybody want to share their short term goals like okay that's fine, you know, youtube famous and all that but here's what I want oh, I have done you know, by the time I'm done with this workshop in the next three days tony um I want to get, uh, a remake of my welcome video from my home page excellent we're going to do that and don't you? Yeah, I want to create three short videos about my new product a meditation home study course to put on my web site yes that's a good one and food and I'm just starting up a photography business and so I'm trying to put together minds more local though so I would be dealing with like the local schools around where I live not necessarily you know, global or anything huge and I don't know if that's any different, but I have a kind of ah a plan on creating a senior portrait modeling pipe type thing where girls we'll send in their applications and then they get picked on there on the non ling team and just a whole thing around that in the magazine and all that to get senior portrait it's excellent, yeah all right cool and locals find because in fact it may be a little bit easier because you could target more easily and you may even find a situation where besides being on youtube you could run your video those on the local cable access channel and things like that so so think about that way had somebody carry porter who said I shoot weddings so long term I'd like to be seen as a resource for destination weddings here in the florida keys maybe you become a destination senior brand where people are flying to youto have you shoot him that would be pretty fun think big love it excellent any other short term you know by the time we finished this what do we want to have done yes yeah uh famous tony I would like to have a video that explains what I'm about something I can put on my web page and that I can put on my youtube web page and and all that and just really genuinely explain what I'm trying to do out there excellent I'm uh a book yourself solid coach which is michael ports book and brand as his will will and I were in the same book yourself solid class many many years ago and one of the things that michael talks about is a whore and do what statement to brand yourself like you know who you are, who you serve and what you do so a lot of times and we'll work on this when we talk about welcome videos ah lot of times I see that welcome video, that first impression video that you have on your website as basically a a video who would do what statement? So if you think about it that way, it may start to make you think more about okay? Well, if I just tell folks who I am and what I do it's going to make it easier for me to script that initial video so you may have the video on your website already, you may want to update the video that's on your website will definitely get into that in a few minutes. We've got some folks who are sharing short term goals is well, we have video tero, who says they want to make a video marketing plan for their webinars was really good kgo create a youtube account for my business and upload my first how to video for fun experimental photography excellent, really cool I like this. Yeah, so let me go to the next question now and this is sort of like, okay, everybody's got their goal, but something's blocking them from getting there, so think about now, and the folks at home should do this to what is the single biggest obstacle to you not using video well, I'm not using it more effectively, so essentially kind of like what we were talking about earlier. Why? Okay, so why haven't you done this yet? You know, everybody knows that they should do it. And it's kind of like, you know, eating your vegetables. I'm in on the west coast, so somebody made me have a kale salad and I don't want to kill sell it, but but you know what, it's, good for you and videos. Good for you, too, so don't think of it, like forcing you to eat your vegetables. Think of it like, you know, hey, this is a really cool way for me to get there. So tell me if anybody may know off the top of your head or in the chat, what has stopped you? What is the biggest hurdle off sickle box? And I feel like the strategy is what drives the message, and so if I have multiple strategies, I get confused about which one which one do I pick? Is it just pick a lane and go? Are yeah, that's a good question and it's a common question, because as entrepreneurs, you know, most of us have the attention span of a gnat we want to do this and that other thing I actually did when I first went into business for myself I was doing ghost writing and I was like, I had like the book writing coach dot com I had the video stuff I mean, I was all over the place and eventually I started to home that you can have an umbrella brand that encompasses the different things that you do, but as you create your video strategy going to want to say okay, well, if I do want to have that umbrella brand, how am I going to plan the videos so that they don't confuse the viewer and so that those videos are kind of building your brand as you go any other challenges? Tony, I would say a lot of its concerns around the time that it takes to create these and like you were saying, I mean, the first video was not necessarily the obstacle it's really ongoing commitment to doing that and I did kind of dip my toe in the water a couple of years ago and made some videos for a different generation of my biz snus and no use the web camera didn't have the sense to use decent microphone, you know, just use the mic on the on the camera itself, so the sound quality wasn't all that great on dh then spent eon's editing all the flubs and things out of it and it kind of got into the two hot basket for me, because I wasn't satisfied with the outcome, and I put a lot of time and energy into it. So when I was talking about the technology, like knowing how to do, do those things and end it quickly and stuff like that's important, well, if it makes you feel better, I have, you know, a lot of videos that are sitting on a hard drive somewhere, and a lot of us have videos that never get off the hard drive, so, you know, we have to kind of get out of the perfection mode, and sometimes done is better than perfect. I do kind of put video into a couple of different categories, just to kind of clarify, I think that there are sort of evergreen, you know, sort of videos that going to be up for a while, that maybe they're more important for your brand. So if you know that you're doing a video that's going to be on your home page well, if you were doing a video, which we'll talk about later on youtube, that what they call your channel trailer, you may want to spend more time on that that's, something that's, a little bit more evergreen, it's going to be up for a while, but then there's also the what? I sort of called on the fly spontaneous videos those are perfect for you know, the ones where you can use your iphone you may be in the moment you may be at an event somewhere so it's just a way to you know, okay there's the kind of quick videos doesn't matter too too much what the quality is as long as the messages there these are sort of on the fly spontaneous and then there's the more evergreen video so I think if you look at it that way it takes a little bit of the pressure off you say like, you know what every video doesn't need to be perfect in the world of selfies here it's like thiss kind of video is totally okay and the other thing I think john will probably agree with jump in here when you start to do google hangouts I think there's a little bit more leeway with those well, I mean there's just something a little bit more informal about them they're like a video chat would you agree with that? Yeah, absolutely, I think that and I think that sets you apart too I don't think I think the japanese have a term called wabi sabi, which means kind of embracing the imperfections I think that really resonates because like video I think is about engagement writes about being yourself on camera because people want to do business with you not some brand or some like weird, polished like entity, you know, so hangouts are a great way t get across, you know, to your audience your authentic self so that they know I can trust you faster, exactly huge difference, though, so we've got leon and kathy torch eonni who are saying kind of similar things. Leon says my biggest obstacle is being afraid of low production value and kathy terry, johnny looking like an amateur. And I think that it sounds like this type of video, this more candid mohr just kind of off the cuff is a good way to get started in video that kind of gets over that because they're intended toe look, amateur or low production value. Do you agree or disagree? What do think about that? Yes, and I think that, you know, if you decide, okay, I'm launching a company of start up and, you know, I'm going to get funding, and I'm going to be a huge company with, you know, there's certain things we say, ok, this is there are times and places where you want to hire professionals. To do that kind of thing just like if you're having portrait's taken or whatever you know you want to hire professionals on dh there are other ten times and this is some of the videos that we're talking about where you can do it yourself on even if it's a video for your home page, you know, once we go through all this, you'll know how to do that yourself and how to be able to get away with it so that you know, nobody wants to make an ass of themselves except me because I'll dress up as moses, but for the most part, you know, you probably don't you know, everybody wants to look good and make a good impression, so we're going be talking about that over the next few sessions on how to do that love it and then a great question I think when we're talking about the short term goals and getting over those thing, they're keeping you from doing it time capsule says that they are worried about how to make videos fun and filled with so much value that others have to share with their friends. Can you talk a little bit about how do we say it? Because I hear it a lot it's this issue of setting almost unreasonable goals for yourself where it's like you see the potential of video and you want your first video to do exactly that and it keeps you from doing it where you expect that that first video is going to go viral and millions of people are gonna watch it and you know that that can happen and so you really want to do it and you just don't do anything because it's so scary that that won't happen what if I only get six views s and three of them a me checking the video on that happens I mean you know believe me I have a lot of videos that it kind of languishing on we're going to get into some of that but I'm glad that you brought up the that they brought up that sort of viral aspect has a lot of people are afraid of doing video because their fate oh my god I'm gonna put it on youtube and everybody's going to see that I only got eighteen views and I had to call my mom and say can you watch this video over and over again and you too so first of all you know, as I mentioned earlier most videos on youtube never get more than five hundred views the statistic that I saw from tube mogul was that uh only one third of one percent of videos get more than a million views in the vast majority of those music videos and celebrities in fact the most I looked this up before the class but the most viewed video in history on youtube is cy in that gangnam style thing so never underestimate the taste of the american public, but on then I think the second one is justin bieber, who has a billion views, which is a travesty is found unconcerned so all of the top twenty five I look to this list I'm like, okay, we're the viral videos that they're all you know music videos, lady gaga, beyonce although there was one in the top twenty five called charlie bit my finger, which is like that little british I think you may have seen it via a video with a little kid and back seat and totally built by thing go, but even with that it's like that's not really a business video, so think about your target think about the people who you want to see your video don't think about, oh my god, I've gotta have thousands of views. I mean, I would really much rather have five hundred quality views from entrepreneurs than thousands of views from, you know, a teenage audience that never is goingto want to work with me, so focus on your target focus on reaching the people that you need to reach and don't get too hung up on the whole viable thing because it's like catching lightning in a bottle really so um although I did hire size producer to help me make up video so I can get a billion views uh so speaking of youtube another question on the second page of your video vision form or the pdf if you're looking at it at home is do you currently use youtube as a marketing and promotional vehicle? So let me know by a show of hands who is actually on youtube right now, okay, about half that's not too bad and we'll give it the chat a chance to catch up but um so let me know for those of you who are on youtube, how you're using it now and what videos you may have on that you want to start, I would say I'm using it in effectively I have a lot of videos there you go tex talk there on that, but I haven't really promoted it properly. I looked at this list I'm not any of those things were going to show you how to do all that good stuff and if you've done a text talk you've obviously got the goods to do it so that's awesome and, you know now it's just a matter of getting people to see it and did you tell me, did you say you have youtube video yet? I have a youtube account and it has my current home page idea wanted for that works and no soup we'll get you there e anybody else will oh, I'm sorry was that it was you had a way how you're using youtube I mean your videos on youtube yes, so for our and you know, part of the problem is the strategy so we have a video on our block every week and that we put on the youtube channel excellent, but it's still, you know, the strategy is kind of weak and I don't even think I really go there other than to put the videos on here so so you're not using youtube is like a search engine you're more just using it as a content storage space exactly catcher I think a lot of people are in there that that's what I'm here for having helped me think a lot of people are in that same place there are folks who are putting their hand up online some people say I have I'm on youtube I have a channel but it's very confusing the user versus channel and a lot of people who says I have the channel created and ready to start but no idea what to do first joanna free that's actually a great question I have a channel and my current videos on there are terrible. I need a new channel. Do you recommended some points just cutting stuff off? Um yes, but you could make those videos unlisted well, private or you can actually delete them and we'll be looking into that a little bit later session, because a lot of people say, you know, I just I don't like what's on there, I don't want that to represent me, you know, you khun people say that, you know, videos are forever and they're always out there, but you can delete them so you can't get rid of them on dh. What I've found is that because your youtube account is connected to your google account in your g mail, it's a little tricky to completely abandon your channel and start another one? I have two channels, but I can't find the other one, so I don't remember where it is, and I'm afraid to ask you to say might yell at me or something. So, um, so yeah, that's a really good question, though. I mean, you know, a lot of people say, oh, my god, my youtube page is like a ghost town and that's, okay? Because we're going to show you how to spiffy it up, how to customize it, how to make it look more like the rest of your brand and how to organize videos in playlists. Look, I have videos that, you know, I don't really want the business public to see because I used to like a sketch comedy show way back when so I just put those in a playlist way down at the bottom it's like, okay, well, if anybody finds those, I don't want to get rid of him because some of them have, like, ten thousand views, but I don't want them to be front and center either, and you can kind of arrange how you want people to see that stuff on youtube, anything else from the chat on how they using it so far let's see, we have suzanne says she has a channel and a few decent videos, but summer pretty lousy way have let's see, uh, video, I have a personal channel but haven't made one for my business yet and says this has inspired her to get on it. Excellent of that, right? So one of the things I want to be doing here is scripting the videos, which will get too soon and then shooting the video, editing the video and then uploading it to you, too, because a lot of people get to that whole section like, okay, well, it's done, but I haven't really uploaded it yet, so we're gonna go through all of that way won't hold a gun to your head and force you to do it, but that's, that's in the plan john this maybe jumping ahead but do you recommend self branding a channel and then having playlists for difference brands or do you recommend having your own business channel separately of your name that's a great question and it really you know I hate to say it depends but it depends on the brand in the business but the way that I set it up on dh this was like I just looked back and like I started I think in two thousand five two thousand six so early on and my business was completely different fortunately I just used my name which probably won't change so although after this I may have to go into the witness protection programs help but I I mean I personally believe you should have your name that's how you're going to be branded that's not going to change you can build a brand under your name going backto arf friend michael port you know his brand is book yourself solid but I believe this channel is michael port so a couple of ways to go then we're going to talk a lot more about that will make kind of go through the youtube session and how to specifically branded because it is kind of confusing and you sometimes you feel like okay, well if I start this channel I'm stuck with it again my eye was so you know, young and innocent and I didn't know all this stuff. When I started youtube, I used my ol address was trust lb promo, which doesn't mean anything to anyone. So youtube does let you kind of change the name of your channels. I was able to change its a lube or tone, but it does get a little confusing there. It's a little bit tricky, with good question.

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