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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Mobile Tools for Video

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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19. Mobile Tools for Video

Lesson Info

Mobile Tools for Video

We have a special guest coming up soon, and we talk about IPad. I want to show you an app I mentioned earlier, but I do want to show you an app on the IPad. That's like I say, worth buying an at IPad for, um, let me just advance this a little bit first and see where I met. Oh, before you go, what you like the content you just saw. Then you'll love my best video tips E book, and you can get it for free instantly just by going to best video tips dot com. So go grab your free gift. Right now, it's full of quick, easy tips to help you create great video. And let's be sure to connect so we can stay in touch on social media. You'll find all my contact info here really look forward to talking with you soon and hope to see you online. The reason I showed you that quick little video is because it was made with an app, a free app for the IPad called Adobe Voice. And I'm gonna pull that up on my IPad so that I can give you a quick demo so that little video that you saw. That one of 2030 seconds. ...

Whatever it waas I really literally created that in 10 minutes. Um, what you can do on Adobe Voice the free app for the IPad is you can go there and pick out a template and tell a story with your voice. So you record directly into your IPad. And for each line of that story that you want to create, you can add text or image or icons so I can go to create new story. Say what my story about and whatever it may be about, you can add that in here, creative live. And then it's going to give you a couple of different ways to approach this. You know? Do you want to promote an idea? Do you wanna explain something? Do you want to do a hero's journey a show and tell, uh, what do you want to just say? You know what? I'll just make up my own because I'm that creative. So click that and then you've got basically a template here. Um, so this is a nice, lovely green background. I can change the theme if I want. See all these themes. Actually, why don't you guys pick out one for me? So I've got relaxed. Where is that? Okay, that's cool. So now that's my theme. And now what I want to do is I'm gonna click on the record button and record the first line of my script. Then you can add an image to to that line that you just recorded. So you say, um, if you want to learn cool stuff, check out creativelive dot com. Now, I can add text, um, or an image or an icon. See how it, um, automatically, um, reduces the tech so it fits in the thing. That's pretty cool. I'm gonna click done. I'm gonna could play. Oh, I think it's because this thing is in here, but normally the voice thing would come up. So that's okay, though, because we can still do a demo. Once I'm done with that, I go to the next one and add another frame. Hello? And for this one, I might say, you know, I don't really want the photo here. I'd rather have I mean, I don't really want text. I'd rather have like, a photo so I can add a photo Oops. Okay, that's a lamp. And now I'm gonna do another one so I can show you how to add a photo. Creative Life has all kinds of cool courses. All right, so that's my next line. Now, in the little plus button here, I can say add a photo. Now, I can bring in a photo for my IPad. I can take a picture. I could begin a photo from Facebook or Dropbox, Um, or I can add an icon. And they've got all kinds of really cool icon. So if I just such business and I click search, it's gonna give me a whole bunch of icons that I can add to my story. So if I want to do all kinds of cool, I can't hear. That's to show me the money. So now we've got that, and your whole story will come frame by frame, line by line. As you record it again, you can add photos. You can add all kinds of icons, just about everything you can imagine and play it all the way through. It's not gonna play the audio because the audio's not recording, but you could see how the stuff's coming in there. Normally it would record the audio. I believe it's the cable that's not letting it, but that's OK because we can still do this and let's say, OK, that's pretty cool. But I don't really like the blue and I don't like the music. You could just go in here and without changing your story and your script and your voice, you can change the entire theme. So let's change that to Runge by the same thing. Except now it's on a different background way. Um, but stay is still not quite there. It's like, Okay, now I like the background. I like the story, but I don't like the music. I want to change the music. Okay, no problem. Go in and find some different music. E can usually tell it about two bars with About when you guys hear when you like, you say, yo, no, you guys too fussy younger. That was called comfy cotton. So we're gonna say yes, that's the way comfy cotton I can also volume or not, Green can agree on. This theme is like the grunge theme. So that's gonna be it's calling one color. But I could, um, again for any of these if I wanted to. A photo. Um, I can go to Facebook. Not sure this will connect, but it might. And I can add this photo. Oh, I love it fastest. That bio. These are all my little cartoon photos. Aiken, change that photo if I don't want it to a different one. But I think the coolest thing is, once you tell your story line by line, you record it with your own voice and add the music. Um, like I say, if you decide you want a totally different theme, it's just one click. And with each theme, you've got different transitions and different text and all kinds of cool stuff, so I'll play it once more. Theme music will play out as long as you know. If you have 10 photos are, you know, 10 images. The music will match it as long as you know you can't be like 20 minutes or something. But within reason, every time you want to add a new slide or a new line, you just click the plus button down here and then you click and hold the record button to narrate your story and you can always find something to match that part of the story like, Oh, I can't find a picture for that. That's fine. You can use text. No problem. Um, done at another one at a photo. I can go back and I can add me and Rocco. And here we are. Let me see Rocket. Oh, and, um, again, you know what? I think that Rocco deserves it. A different theme. So many themes to choose from here. It's pretty cool. All right, now it matches. All right, I'll play it one more time, and then I could play from the beginning. You don't really need the voice, but, you know, video terror in the chat room just told me that they can actually hear the voice on the internet, so we can't hear it here in the studio, such as the magic of tethering Sometimes that's amazing. Well, and again, once you're done, you can share it to Facebook or Twitter will copy the link and send the link to somebody. Can you take the created by adobe voice thing off the end? If you bring it into your editing program, you can. Uh huh. So you would share it like by email, and that would give you the file. Yeah, the down the only down side of this adobe voice There's always something with Adobe is that you can't actually download it to your IPad photo library. So to get it t get it onto a file on your hard drive to edit it. This kind of all kinds of workarounds, like I said it to Facebook and then I downloaded from Facebook or something like that. And I'm kind of surprised I don't have a YouTube share up here, but still for free app that you could make a video in five minutes with your voice and then match all the cool graphics to it. I think it's pretty groovy. So I use this for, um oops. Let me go to my home page here. I use it to promote webinars. Um, what did you save the date kind of things. And again, I can I can use the same, um, message with different themes to make the video look different. So, um, I could do this one because it was for mine, so I could do like, I could go to this video and play this video. It's the war tone, and I'd like to invite you to a special weapon. Our this Thursday, June 5th at two PM I'm teaming up with my friend and colleague Felicia Slattery to talk about how to use video to get paid speaking gigs. Felisha. And I'm gonna be talking about how to create a great speaker real. But going beyond that and other ways to use video to get speaking cakes, we'll be talking about building You speak of platform using online video, leveraging video and social media and making the most of YouTube. So join us for this. Free Webinar Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern. Just click on the link below to sign up, and we look forward to seeing you there. So that would go on my sales page for the Webinar. And I told Felicia that that took me six hours. But, you know, if he knows, it took me about five minutes. Um, but I could go in here and change the data, change the theme and have a whole new video. And then just, you know, it's really like having a completely different video. Just like that. Pretty cool, huh? All right, so So, yeah. I mean, you know, I I say for as far as having a free app, if that's the worst that has to happen because I have a free app. I'm totally fine with that. So it's adobe dot com. Get voice adobe dot com. Get voice. I do want to mention, um because we've been talking a lot about YouTube and big video and longer videos. I want to at least give ah kind of a shout out to Vine and Instagram, which are micro video sites. And when I say micro, I mean really short videos. So Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, has 200 million users. So it's not some little teeny site anymore. 200 million users. And while it's primarily a photo site, you can upload 15 2nd videos. Um, I have to admit that I have not used this to the extent that I should be. And I know my friend and colleague Sue Zimmerman is gonna yell at me. She has a whole course here on creative life on Instagram and another one coming up So she's the instagram gal. But as far as using it, um, you know 15 seconds is not too bad. So, um, can we go to Mike in just a second? And let me just address sues question, So just giving you a little bit more feedback on vine. There's people that go on vine that are actually famous now, really, Like they're the top miners, like people that do videos that people love and their famous It's really wild. So that might be another place. Do videos. I don't know how long fine lets you do. Six seconds. Okay, There you go. So, uh, but, you know, still, Vine is owned by Twitter now, and, um, you know, it's not a small site. I have to go back and look at my notes to see how many viewers they have here. Buying has 40 million view uses and two of them on my teenagers. So I'm not really allowed on Fine, because that's their thing. But still, you see a lot of kind of those gift kind of repeatable Lubell videos. So if you say you can't do anything in six seconds, there's, ah sponsor. I won't mention a company recently did a six second vine spot on Monday Night football, so that just shows you that it's reached branding in the corporate world

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Video can bring your business to life. When you produce a video to market your business, you can connect more deeply with your audience. Join video marketing expert Lou Bortone for a course that will cover everything you need to know about using video to grow your business.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of easy, seamless video production, and how to create video that’s reflects your brand and resonates with your audience without requiring advanced gear. You’ll also learn the most effective ways to distribute and share videos online and how to convert views into customers and fans.

Join us for a comprehensive workshop on marketing your business by creating video that is compelling, distinctive, and profitable. 

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This was a really great course. I am definitely going to apply what I learned. It was so much information that it will literally take me months to apply it all, but building a business is a long game. I loved how Lou mixed high level strategy with the specifics of how to use key tools and recommended a variety of useful resources. This course was very practical. I've already started applying it and have a basic blueprint for my way forward that I will flesh out as I make more progress. I definitely know I'm going to add a lot of success to my business through what I learned in this course.

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