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Power of iPad with Mike Stewart

We're going to do now. I'm really excited about because one of the guys who kind of got me into all this stuff likes to it, I believe is ready to talk to us about doing video and video blogging from the ipad so let's, see if we can pull up mike stuart, my friend and colleague from live from atlanta, georgia. Hey, lou, I get to see you and this this this is something that I thought thirty years ago would come to fruition, and here it is doing television with my friends from my home. That's awesome. Well, I just want to say, mike, I appreciate you doing this, and I was just telling the folks in the room that you were the first guy I fault online and one of my earliest mentors and friends and you've been very kind to me throughout the years and pretty much ah whole lot of stuff I know about video I learned from you, so thank you. Well, thank you, lou. What kind words to say and welcome to everybody and I'll tell you this, this internet video thing I think is here to stay it's really catch...

ing on, you know, and we were way ahead of the curve on this one possible hadn't just get started going nowhere on time. Constraints here and police anyone especially lose hope and wait, but you know, I'll tell you one of the things that I did, folks that come from thirty years experience in television, I'm not spring chicken, I've been around, uh, in television since nineteen seventy nine, and I remember in ninety six I just saw that the future of television and the future of broadcast audio and video eyes the internet and, you know, and one of things that I've had a passion like lou told you is that he did take courses for may, and I've been teaching people all over the world, the power of audio and video online, really, since nineteen, ninety six, and then what happened in the last couple of years is that of the ipad and the iphone, and unfortunately, the reason the other devices aren't as powerful is because of the aps and you're looking at a screenshot of my ipad and so that's, why, you know, I know the apple folks don't like you using their trademark name so that's, why I call it tablet video training, and more importantly, I hope that the other tablets come up to the quality of the aps, or software that runs on the ipad, but the camera, the microphone and the software that runs on the ipad and iphone, especially this new iphone six it's just the on ly way I know of to make incredible television with nothing more than that device and then of course the reason for making online video is the fact that you can get visitors and you like lady was just saying that so you could become celebrity in your niche or you can become a worldwide celebrity from the video that you put up in social media like instagram facebook you and I consider you to one of the largest social media websites and we're so next live please live so here's what I want you to learn in this presentation you know that one of the biggest questions I get well does it work on the other devices? Well the cameras were fine and yeah, I'm making a home movie just turning the camera on and throwing it up on youtube you do that with any device but I have a definition of television which I'll get to you shortly but to make television requires television editing, video editing and the video editing app I'm movies one things we're going to talk about it only runs on the ipod the iphone and it's the easiest fastest way to make video content that becomes television and when you make lots of television content you increase the opportunity be found and shared and then of course I'm a big fan for many over ten years now of how easy it is to do what's called blogging with wordpress and you know, one of the things that I have people every day you say, well, what, you can help me with my social media and myra answers, we need to make media worth being social, and that means making edited video making good content to go on youtube to go on facebook to go on pinterest to go on instagram in vine and linked in, you know all of that, the better your presentations, the better content because of video editing on dh, the more comfortable you are talking to the lens of a camera, the better the results you are on, the better what's called conversion or the better the relationships you build. Someone shows a case study of one of my but non technical technical he's probably won the biggest technophobes guys in the world fact, I think if you go in the dictionary or wikipedia and look up technophobe there's a picture of this guy, so we're just going and so next live like you. So anyway, now we're after iowa's eight I have hesitated, I'm going to give them a little time before I upgrade the iowa state, but really hasn't much changed when it comes to these acts, so the ios eight and seven ipad aps make it dead easy to make lots of video of all times it's just never been more easier. It has never been more affordable. I think I converted lou there to doom or more with his eye on his ipad, a za result of the so next slide. So here's, the app that just blew me away. Like I said, I've been teaching video to people for years now online, and the eye in movie app was the discovery that I made for myself a couple years I said, oh my gosh, this is a deal changer, and at the time it was five dollars. Now with all new apple devices, I movies included it's absolutely free you don't even pay for it. You just install it on your new device. But for five bucks, I remember the day I download it and I said, well, how bad can this be for only five dollars? Well, that's, what just made me so excited is I said thiss is doable, and this the learning curve is so small on this that people could start making great television in just a weekend. And why is that? Because it has just enough bells and whistles to do television, and I'm going to talk about what and show you what I mean by doing television. Versus home movies, but it didn't have so many like a computer program. You know where the questions is? Well, does this work on my mat book? Does this work on a pc? No, it only works on these devices. It's a scaled down version of my movie that was originally developed for the mac book years ago of apple has been a leader and video television editing software like my movie and final cut pro that they've become the standard, and they had this great code to scale down to make it easy to operate with just the touch of your finger. So what I used to see people do is they buy computer programs like adobe premiere I mean, there's great! They're all great programs and can you do with these wonderful programs? Absolutely, but for beginners or people who struggle with it or the fact that this is so portable, it just was a deal changer, and it didn't overwhelm people like solo. So here's here's the home screen and you got to remember one of things I love about the ipad and all the tablets where they were designed to be run and completely controlled by the motion of your fingers, you don't have to of have a mouse. I mean, that was one of of steve jobs his vision that when I was reading his biography he wanted to make a powerful tablet computer that would run all day on a single charge that could be completely manipulated, controlled and access and use with nothing more than the touch of your fingers. So all you gotta do to edit a project is touch that little editing icon you stay with the big blue arrows from running and go the next live and here is a strange shot off what my movie looks like and in fact, one of the application is that I do I worked as a consultant with a lot of local businesses and we're building sales videos, marketing videos, informational videos, all kinds of videos with nothing more than just turning on the and the quality is just you know it beyond my expectations, it just really the camera works really well with the jury that ah photograph christine right? There was no lighting on the microphone was built in and the customer is thrilled because it's television so you have the ability within a five dollar app to shoot. Now we're going to have several animations your loose so the next one go ahead, pull that one up and you see there in the bottom corner there is a camera icon and one of the things that I love about you all tablets, but especially the ipad and iphone is there's two cameras and in fact, with the newest ipads, they're high definition, amazing quality camera and you can activate that front camera or that back kraemer what? Just to touch your finger tapping on that okay camera icon now, when I was in television and I know when lewis and television used to call it talking head video, it's now been renamed selfie video, so so the front camera is the selfie camera that's, the one that you take shots of of doing your own talking head videos, and then if you activate the back camera that's the one for scenery or shooting interviews or products or demonstrations so you can completely control the camera right here within the one program next slide or next animation there's ah, microphone icon now, this was I thought this was brilliant. This allows you to do what we call in the industry voice over. So in other words, you khun take still photos or shoot film footage or panoramic shots like a tourism of museums, real estate, cars inside and out sewed aside of products, and I don't have to think what you want to say, just put your footage together, tap the microphone and narrate still images or narrate of pre recorded video footage so you don't have to worry about what you're going to say when you're recording this may be really simple to make great television because you can think about your presentation burbage next light or next animation and of course it organizes all of the content in three logical places all your videos are stored in the video area next one on all your audio all you're still photos but here's something else that you could do with the ipad if you iphones and ipads if you hold down the on off button and hit the big reset button, it creates a strange shot. Whatever zone looks training of the phone or I pad it turns that into a photos of screenshots whiteboard slides still photos that you take photos that you import into your ipad all of those could be narrated and turned into video by bringing him into the photo area and then the last bin is my favorite area because I'm a musician I'm a composer and you can bring voiceovers music, external audio sound effects you have everything here at the touch of a finger toe build I'm television piece or a movie it's the next one and then you sequence everything on the timeline to make ah perfect presentation c we used to say uh here's what energy does take out what's bad what's left is good and when you take out what's bad what's, left is good, and it made it tells the story and the most concise professional way next one and then you have the ability to go in and see your narration so you can edit out your audio, turn it up, adjust the volume levels of your narration, whether it's on camera audio or voice over narration. Next one. Now that is of the green line is the underscoring music or sound effects, and, of course, that allows. One of things I love about this app is one of the people want things my students used to struggle with this mixing narration to music. With this, the ipad app will listen to your narration and turn the music down so that the narration is audible. And then, when the narration goes way, way it automatically turns music up. So it does what's called auto underscoring, which has made it's simple for everybody. They don't have to struggle with that next one, and then it automatically makes a transition between each of your clips or photos. The most common transition and television is called a dissolve, and what I movie does is one second dissolve. Now you can adjust it to do other fancier things, but a one second dissolve between the eclipse makes you look like a professional television expert editor without even understanding how to do it, it just does that for you. You make a re edit, it re calculates the transition. So you know all these little things like my cost, this is a deal breaker go the natural, and then this is one thing that people leave out on videos, especially with blogging videos or videos that are put on social media is adding what we call in television lower third text, you have the ability to tap your clips and hit a text my icon, and you can actually speak your lower third texts in tow I movie, you know it'll do speech record recognition so that never leave out lower third text because there's there's two reasons for that number one when we hear information and read it simultaneously, memory retention and comprehension is greatly increased. But more importantly, if videos get shared on other blog's or people are watching these videos on youtube, or they're watching them places other than your website, you can put in the lower third text contact information like your website and your phone numbers. So one of the things is obscene videos that people have had thousands, hundreds of thousands of views on youtube and no links from their youtube channel no phone numbers, no website. And you know when you get the best the golden may golden goose's get hundreds of thousands of views but be sure to let people know how to find your websites and, you know, putting eight hundred numbers that's the use of lower third tech because you never know where this video is going to be viewed and like any good video editor before you commit it to broadcast before you put it up on youtube before you put it up on your block before you put it up on your websites to teo convince customers to know like untrusting into business with you, you can preview it and if there's anything you don't like, you can go on and make those adjustments before you submit your work to the world so you know, it has all the elements of professional television but scaled down to aa lot less commands and are all within the reach of the touch of your finger. So next one cool now this is the other thing that was just amazing to me we've never left this one app we controlled the camera would record we did all the production all the pretty production we did all the testing now we're one finger tap away from youtube my professional hosting solution of video, but I'll be it that there are others those of the two that I use but you're one tap away from facebook and youtube I don't go straight to facebook with my videos even though it has other areas that you can send it to. I like going to youtube and I'm gonna explain that why when I talk about what I call the social media quad factor, so I either send my videos to youtube there videos that are trying to build relationships and bring traffic back to my money making websites or if I'm making videos that I don't want to convert strangers into customers, I would generally use video to encode or host those videos, but then I can also save that video to do the ipad with that one other little save video icon there that means that I can play it back from the ipad. In fact, I did a presentation today like lou was doing, he was presenting from his his ipad there so earlier? Well, I play videos hi def videos that are stored on my ipad that were made in my movie for presentations, so it making presentations, slides of video is possible with its device next line and then here's just another little bit of social proof if you've seen this great but if you haven't, you need to search this in google they recently shot a bentley television commercial running on tv with nothing more than the iphone five ass, and they edited in the backseat of the bentley on their ipad. So I mean, if you can make a television commercial good enough to run on broadcast television with these devices, ben it's, not the device of the editing software. It's it's learning the mindset of making television. Andi, this is something. When I saw this commercial, it was just more social proof of how incredible that these devices are. Now, it takes a little bit of when you see this. These guys were talented guys, but they did everything just on these devices. Next line. So I want to teach you about what I call television versus home movies, you know, like I said, any device, whether it back in the day, we all use things. I mean, when the flip camera came out, I started out with sony camcorders that my biggest question was, what camera do you use? Mike? And my answer was always a camera you could run, you know, because if you can't run, the camera can get the video off the camera, then you know, you're pretty much stuck. Well, you know, the flip camera, the kodak z eight. Now the gopro. I mean, the gopro camera is just amazing. There's so many amazing devices out there can and sony, panasonic, they all make tremendous, amazingly high quality cameras. But just shooting a video stopping the camera like what most people do with cellphone and third upon youtube that's not television it's the editing multiple scenes to tell a concise story in the shortest amount of time that's an element number one of television versus home movies home maybe turned the camera on stop the video throw it on youtube two good audio I'm talking into a microphone a studio microphone now I'm going to turn my head and I think everybody can tell the difference in the sound quality audio all I did was turn my head away from the microphone you see you've got to do close my king to get good audio for your videos and that's what a lot of people don't know when they do how many's they don't pay attention that microphone is too far away now there are cheap inexpensive lapel microphones that plug into the iphone and ipad then lets you get good studio mike man I guarantee you that lou's got a lot of their microphone on right now there is yeah that's because good television you've gotta have close miking so element number two of television versus home movie is close miking with good microphones they're closed lower third text touched on this a minute ago but to emphasize bullet points and put up contact information never leave out lower third text now special effects and tricks the while viewers see that's one of the things that that television has a lot of animations intros, paltrow's, a shooting on green screen of a picture and picture uh split screen I mean the list goes on and on well, guess what? There are apse that make all of these special effects and they're dirt cheap on dh I've loved I was had time to tell you about all these acts but you know there's so many aps out there that just make incredible special effects like the green screen at from doing is just amazing. You can shoot video on green screen and replace your backgrounds and then music underscoring to control of ur emotion that's what I did for years in television, on the recording studio of written music for years and years been in bands that have had records out there on dh so I know a lot about how the power of music but you know when you add music and you properly underscore video, you can make people feel the way you want to and that enhances comprehension and enhances the way they respond to that video. So those are the five elements of television that you know the next time you watch some good television see if they used one or more of these elements and then of course there's a balance between what I call acceptable internet quality versus broadcast quality broadcast quality uh is it takes years of experience knowing lighting knowing camera techniques of camera mounts I mean the list goes on thanks that's not important today for a beginner or even somebody who just wants to convey information so internet quality is just getting the story told in such a way that the audience responds so you know what you want to strive for first is acceptable internet quality and guess what the more you do it the more you're going to become broadcast quality so I want to show you some of these acts that is the first app that we're over in fact that's the old guy comic turned purple but I'm movies the one we went in depth a little bit about now here's another app that I love called teleprompter plus it's a fifteen dollar app you put in your script the teleprompter rolls just like the tv news guy the weather guy and you're able to record yourself reading a teleprompter if you struggle with what to say in front of camera the next act this is one called the whiteboard app this is from gummy bear software there's lots of white board aps out there that's just the one I learned basically you can annotate make slides it's like making powerpoint slides and you could bring those slides and annotated photos in the movie and narrate them then here's a great little three dollar app called extras for I movie is accurate it is has three d backgrounds it has rolling credits it has things that I movie won't do and it's just dirt cheap to be able to bring in these special effects. Here was an app that you probably it may be a little bit overused these days, but about two years ago, when it came out, it was just like, oh my gosh for seven bucks is the video scribe at from sparkle it's, the one of the chaps that makes those hands and come out with a felt tip pen and draws pictures and writes text on the white board so you can make scribe ing videos, which is still has its place and a special effect that that's worth doing all right, this one over here is a free out called tilt shift. It will let you bring the subject in focus and make the background out of focus that's, a technique and television called depth of field. So you'll say, you shoot a music video and you want the background out of focus and you want the subject and focused will tilt shift will do that for you because it really takes special lenses and ah, cameras to do depth of field. So this is the solution that if it's really important it's not a deal breaker, but it's it's free till chip, then video downloader allows you to get a video on your ipad off the internet, dropbox is another great app it's a way to trade content from like mp three audiophiles? Music files video clips off the internet videos that you shot with other systems on your computer you consented the ipad what you do on your ipad it's a way to communicate between other devices and drop boxes well worth using and then the last one here is I love the video and I love vimeo dot com I don't make any money staying that I just think that you're a great video solution when the best ones I found out their next lie and then this one eyes you see here this is a four dollar app, but I mean this is for trainers this is an amazing little app. What you can do is you can bring slides keynote slides from your ipad photographs whiteboards and you can narrator and make videos of with your finger of that I would it's doodling on the slide here just making annotations I make training's online training all the time. In fact, teachers are now used this to teach math and it's just like a white board or ability to annotate photos and do them in sequence and record your voice while you're doing that real time so it speeds up the process it's the closest thing to screen capture video that we have on the ipad but it's a great little app doodle cast now there is a photograph of when I first started learning how in fact, you can see there on the left, there is my old, my old sony blogging camera he sadly on inside because the ipad has taken over, but that is a mount called a caddy buddy now there's several out there, but this is the one I like. This is how I do all of my talking head selfie videos. I took a picture of me framing myself in the shot, and and that mount is the caddy buddy is what allows me to be hands free because of me. The first time I made a video with my ipad, I held it out in front of me and my arms got tired by the time I got done, taking the take a morning. So having a hands free mount for the ipad enables you to use it like a camera will go to the next line, I'll show you what else you could do with anybody. There is the caddy body also will connect to the top of a traditional camera tripod, so that enables you to use the ipad and for the over even the iphone there's ways of doing that as well as a camera, because you could make panoramic shots and you could get further away from the subject. So you could see there I have a chair here in my office with a little background, so that could do interview videos for clients and for myself, go to the next life, but doing giving once again, getting further away from the ipad microphone, you see when you're doing talking head, you're within six inches of the mike. A phone on the ipad audio is acceptable when you're doing voiceover it's, not a problem, but when you start getting several feet away from the microphone, you need to be able to use professional microphones of plugging in the ipad. This is a device called the task am I x z for ipad and there's a couple of locations where you can research them there, about fifty bucks for the icsi, the microphone, you can use logic earlier on my phones, there's a couple of girls where you can get equipment now that you know the equipment and the simplicity of the software and hardware that allow you to make business videos of all types. Well, you know there's, not a business owner in the world that can't use video in for marketers such as myself, online businesses in offline businesses, on the types of videos that every business should have is what we call the landing page direct sales message beauty when people go from ah search and land on your page they should have the ability to watch a video toe learn if your business is the solution of their problem they know like untrusting and then of course one of things is a good salesperson you can ask for the order if this all makes sense you click the buy button collar phone number if you're not ready to do that, join our email list for more great information see that's a direct sales message video and every business in the world use that customer testimonials when I'm out about and a customer likes what I do I can right there on my pad grab a video testimonial video testimony is powerful but the big thing is blogging and I have so many businesses say just you know they'd say what is blogging well it's news its current updates it's journalism it's making media that's relevant today and then gets indexed and google for pretty much for life block post I put up ten years ago are still in google so the more you do the better it gets and I think the best blogging is video blogging and then of course the fourth type of video is supporting training I used to say if you have to answer a question more than twice you should have made a video that answers the question rather than answering the question over and over again to customer support next line so I just want to quickly show you fact there's, there is an attorney and all flying business sitting in that chair that I showed you a moment ago with this lobster, my cone, and when you go to his website, you can easily find his phone number, you can navigate his sight, but the big thing is he greets you with a video ah called action. Watch this video now and meet me. I've never had anybody say I met you at your website from reading text I wrote, they say I met you at your website about watching a video next line, and of course you could see there I am sitting at the where I was setting up when the webcam came out here I'm in my office and I make all my videos with that that was made with my pad, too, when my selfie camera wasn't even widescreen weathers the two black bars, only the psychos they originally the ipad two, three and four did not have a widescreen selfie camera, so now I have an ipad air, and I mean it's just amazing, the quality does so every business continues online video.

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