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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Video: Marketing vs Branding

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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Lesson Info

22. Video: Marketing vs Branding

Lesson Info

Video: Marketing vs Branding

There's a lot of ways to approach this in a lot of different ways. That really kind of comes down to What are you most comfortable editing with, Or if you don't want to edit it all, you can outsource it. But I did edit Sydney's video, you recall yesterday she did some taping and weaken my will to show the finished product. Right now, not nothing too fancy, but again, we did it in a bunch of little segments, so all I had to do was kind of put the segments in order at a little bit of music underneath. And here we go. Hi, this is Sydney Craig, Heart of smart, simple marketing. And then the next two minutes, I'm going to teach you how you can sell more of your products and services. Two small business owners. As a small business marketing expert, I've helped many Fortune 500 technology companies and the marketing professionals at these companies to generate more leads, nurture more prospects and generate more sales of their company's products and services. As a small business marketing exp...

ert has helped many Fortune 500 companies and marketing professionals at these companies to generate more leads nurture their prospects in close more sales. And that's why I want to connect with you so that you can do the same and reach your company's internal and external sales goals. One quick tips that will help you get started now is to incorporate WEBINARS, email newsletters and live events into your existing content marketing programs. These three marketing strategies are highly effective because they created a lot of engagement with your audience and allow them to really experience your brand and the benefit of your products and services versus You're just pushing at them the latest promotion or sale that you have a job and you'd like to learn more about how to leverage these strategies in your internal marketing programs. Enter your name and email address in the boxes on this page and I instantly saying, You are white paper. How to successfully sell to small business. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you on the next page, so Sydney did a great job with that, don't you think? And, um, editing is really a matter of layering so you can get his fancy as you want. We could have put graphics and things flying in and out, but but usually it's best to just keep it simple to keep the focus on you and your message. So yesterday we did shooting and editing and uploading, and today we're gonna talk a lot more about marketing and branding and all the cool stuff that you could do with video to promote your business. And there's a lot of confusion with the woods marketing and branding. And sometimes they used interchangeably. Sometimes this confusion about which is which are you a marketing person in your branding person? So this is something that sort of been debated since the beginning of advertising, and there's a couple ways to look at it. I've heard it described that marketing is like push or pushing your message out there and branding is more like Pull and Al Pacino. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in, so branding is pulled. Another way to look at it is that branding is strategic and marketing is tactical. Uh, and I've also had some ad execs say, kind of like this one, that you own your marketing, but the consumer owns your branding. That's kind of cool do you guys have any thoughts about marketing versus Brendan? Have you ever given any thought to what's what Sue to me, it seems like when I think of branding, I think it's almost like I literally think of a horse for it. Yeah, giving branded and literally, That's your That's who you are, right where marketing is. Think of a market you go to buy, right? I'm selling you by elect. Excellent distinction. Anybody else want to chime in on this? Marketing to me is more. I mean, Brandon's more what you stand far and then marketing is more about selling that what you stand for. Excellent. So you guys nailed it, cause what I'd like to say is that marketing is what you do, but branding is what you are, who you are, but it sounded better that way. So so based on that definition, when we apply it to video, you can develop your identity with video and you can define who you are and what you do through your videos. And I always said the branding part has to come first because it's really the foundation of who you are and what you stand for. Like you guys said, and your videos have to reflect that. So as you're developing your brand, your video brand keep these three things in mind. Who is your target market? What is the one big result you deliver for your target market and what makes you unique and memorable? Why should you be the one that they choose to do that? So who is your target market? A lot of people kind of gloss over this. Like I said yesterday, Oh, my target markets, all men, all women, and you really have to niche it down and try and focus in on your target market. Who, ideally, is a client who you want to work with. The one big result you deliver is that kind of ah ha or that result that you get for them. That problem that you saw for them and what makes you unique and memorable is why would they choose you over someone else? So yesterday in the chat, somebody had a question about I think they were us a yoga instructor in a very crowded niche, a very crowded market so you can focus that on may be a yoga instructor that works with high pressure executives. Or maybe you're a yoga instructor that delivers a specific result. You can focus on that, or you just might be a yoga instructor that, you know, does yoga along with pets or something crazy that makes you unique and memorable. So my pug can do downward facing dogs. Isn't it down facing dog any time it's putting down, so we get again. The point with video is that it's really a fantastic brand building tool, and I would argue that it's the single best tool to develop a strong brand identity. It's, you know, it's personal, it's engaging. It's kind of up close, Um, and a lot of that you can't do with, say, article writing or, you know, we're blogging to some extent. But, you know, video really put you out there and get you right in front of your folks who you want to see, and it really helps you accelerate the know like and trust process. And we've talked about that a lot in the last couple days that the know like and trust factor, because people want to buy from folks will brands they know like and trust so video. It's immediate it's impactful, and it's just simply a stronger way to deliver your message. So let's talk a bit about branding for video. Branding with video will definitely help you build your brand online. Obviously, it's a way to every video that you do is starting to build your brand. It's a way to be more unique and memorable because there's only one you. It really is an ideal way to stand out and be noticed online. I think I mentioned earlier when I was doing those goofy, lewd videos, I walked into a conference and people actually recognized me from the videos. So, um, you know, there's a lot of people doing that, you know, talking about that. But I was talking about it in a certain way with a certain attitude and feel eso. It's a great way to stand out in a crowded, competitive and noisy environment because people have a lot of stuff coming at them and videos of a way to really make yourself more distinctive. The other thing I like to emphasize about video branding is to not water yourself down. A lot of people think that they have to be, um, more generic when they're on video or they think that maybe they have to act a certain way. And I say go the opposite way. You know, like, really, uh, own your goofiness, right? So So And, uh, own your inner goofball, and whatever it is you do, you know, feel free to amplify that and exaggerated, even because on video, you know, you have to kind of play a little bit bigger. So don't Stage and Eric, don't stay small. Don't want yourself down. So I decide. One of the one of the things I had to do was I wanted to do a series of video tips about lighting and cameras and things like that. But there are a lot of folks out there giving video tip. Some of the advice is better than others, but again, it's a crowded marketplace. There's a lot of people doing the same thing, especially on YouTube. So I decided, Well, I think what I'll do is rather than give these tips as me LIBOR tone, I'll create a goofy character, and I'll let the character do the tips and maybe that way it will stand out a little bit more, so I'll show you What? What I came up with for that? Hey, folks. Director Cecil B. Tomorrow in here with more video marketing tips. And remember, you want to check your audio, make sure folks can hear This isn't silent movies, for God's sakes. So make sure your audio works when you're doing video. Check it, test it, make sure you can't beat her. Okay, We'll see you next time with a quick tip. Remember if Mama and could do video, So can you. Theo Tip is only like 10 seconds and told just packaging and fun. And yeah, so I like to say that the these videos or any videos you create really are the building blocks of your brand. So when you're doing videos, think about what you can do as a Siri's what you could do as a group of videos that maybe you can put all together on. And I want to ask some of you guys and we'll sort of workshop this a little bit. But, um, when you see now something like that for me, it works because it's goofy and I don't have to be myself. Um, and I did a whole series of those, um I probably should have done more, but, uh, you know, it was just too. I couldn't stop laughing at myself. So but think about how you can do that for you in your band and how much you might be able to establish sort of a Siri's off kind of a foothold on YouTube. Does anybody have any thoughts on that? I told you I was gonna put you on the spot this time, But let's stop with, uh, Well, you guys are raising your hands. We'll start with Tony. I could totally do the crazy hypnotist thing. Yeah, so, like, let's explore that just a little bit. Well, we'll go to the chat as well. But if you're gonna do a video, Siri's like that. And again, I think you know we talked about before, sometimes with hypnosis. There's a misconception that it's all you know, magic, big distinction between the folks who do it for entertainment and the folks who do it for therapy. Eso how much you explore that? How you doing? So I could play both roles, right? And I could be the character that does the crazy stage magic stuff and maybe with like swirling pupils or something, putting people into trances and making them quack like Doc. And then I could be the, you know, the person that explains the difference between how it works in therapy, right? Which is clearly ah, lot more respectful on. And, um, you know, there are things like stage hypnotists trained, how to identify people in the audience that are likely to b'more exhibitionistic on and therefore are happy to do things like quack like ducks. Right? Where is that's not what would happen in a therapy situation. I won't tell you to give me your credit card number. I think you could, um, do a kind of expose of all the tricks that stage hypnotist use, Uh, because people love knowing the magic behind magic. Yeah, and that could be a really fun Siri's. Because you're basically you're making yourself distinctive it saying I'm not this crazy hypnotist that's gonna make you, you know, walk upside down and do push ups or whatever you know. And you could explain as your own character with the rial results of what you do are so on. And yet, you know, No, I'm not gonna hypnotize you. And you know, um, like you say, give me your credit card number. So I think that would be a lot of fun. You have the little What is that? They used to have to stop Watch doing? Yeah, uh, pocket watch yet. And let's ask Sue the same question that may well, go to the chat and see if anybody has stuff there. So I think that I am actually going to be talking to a girlfriend who owns a studio here for modeling eight by 10 in San Francisco. She does most the young kids, right? But she's thinking about going into the teenage group, which I would love to somehow connect with her on that taking the pictures for them, right? And I've always loved health, and I've always believed that you are what you eat just from my own experience, because I've laid in bed and eight skittles and donuts and slept unconscious and woke up and ate more and and then been totally depressed. And I've been on wheat grass, you know, and sprouts and had energy beyond belief and jumped out the roof, you know, So I know the difference of how you feel, and that's exactly what it is. It isn't how you look. How do you feel? How much energy do you have? I mean, so anyway, so I've always wanted give tips on that, just even like looking at magazines. You walk into a store and magazines or just covered with the same thing every month. How do you lose £10? ThighMaster. Whatever it is right now, it's like it's so overdone. It's so simple, is like you eat natural. That's a good measure because your target market is teens. Exactly, because I have a couple that they don't know. Mac and Cheese is not a food group. Exactly, exactly. So I would like to do a tip syriza suit tubes. So, yeah, so you to anything from the chat that you want to live. Let's be honest with ourselves. Mac and Cheese is not a food group. It's the food, like clarified. We have D J G. Who says picking the characters a fun idea. I could totally be a tour guide because I used to be a tour guide. I never thought of it as a character to help brand my service. That's interesting. Looking at those things that you do outside of your work and possibly bringing them in as, ah, as Wait, Brandon and you don't have to necessarily be goofy. It could be a simple as you look back over. My pug is gonna raise hell when I'm on doing a video or when I'm doing a webinar. So rather than it's like If you can't beat him, join him on making part of the video. So Rocco has become part of the brand. He's in a lot of the videos. It's like, Well, so that's not necessarily necessarily even being goofy. It's just taking something from another part of your life and bringing it in to make your brand stronger. So most people would rather watch Rocco than me. And when I go places this a house Rocco, he's fine. What about May? So you know anybody else want to chime in before we move on on a possible waited to do kind of a tips Siris are branding? Well, I was just gonna stay. I am always talking about guzzling wine and really incorporating that video. I think she's hilarious and give more like a happy hour or of like the boozy branding go right. It really is me with the cameras off. So I think that would be five. And, like, make everything about just kind of like a happy over by. Yeah, that's a great idea. And, you know, I once in a while we talk about, uh, enjoying it, right? Like I'm just doing it off camera. A little tape. Anyway, Happy hour. Happy out with Drake, right? Excellent. Anything else in the chat before you come back? We got some folks who are assurance my ideas with each other, but let's keep going. Okay, Great. Um, yeah. So So try and bring as much of your personality into it as you can. And one of the early, I guess video podcasters was Gary Vaynerchuk, and now he's, you know, relatively famous. But again, he was a guy who, um his family owned a liquor store and he was very passionate about wine and wine tasting, and he started a little Siri's called wine library TV, and it was really low production. It was like a card table and a chalkboard and wine. And he'd talk about the different wines and, you know, he just be very much himself. Very enthusiastic. It's very much a New Yorker, You know, we dropped the F bomb now on them, but it just like, let it all hang out. And now he is a very highly paid consultant of, aside from his surviving business and author of either two or three books, I think. But you know, it all started, you know, with the folding chair on the card table doing lying tasting, So don't think that you can't do it. So I want you to really think about these videos not as one offs but as part of a Siri's or part of a bigger strategy cause, like, we like to say, videos of the building blocks of your brand. And I want to show you a couple of quick examples of people who are sort of doing the video branding right. And I'm gonna take the same ones that we talked about yesterday, the Tonight show and a few others. And for this example, what I want to show you is the home page of their website and then the YouTube page and see how the branding integrates and flows over in all of their platforms. So there's just the regular Tonight Show home page. Um, you know, kind of busy. They got a lot of videos a lot going on. But, you know, this is the sort of front and center Jimmy Fallon tonight show banner, By the way, they should give me a writing job on the show because I keep promoting them so much. Um, so when you go to the YouTube channel, same exact banner. Remember yesterday we talked about customizing a YouTube channel and everything on here, even from the subtlety of the colors in the overlays. Ties back into the Tonight show branding one of the other things that they do really well, just as an aside is when they put their videos on YouTube, they put an overlay on it. So this wasn't on the TV. This is just for YouTube, so you can see at a glance. Okay, this is Billy Crystal. This is Dana Carvey. This is Barbra Streisand. So they put that branding right on top of it and make it easy to find the videos that you want to find. You're pointing it out. Like looking at the kind of banner up at the top is that I mean, the tonight show. So Obviously the the skyline is at night. When he took over, it was a big deal that he brought it back to New York. Yeah, so obviously, it's the New York skyline and its iconic, Um, it's very the friendly and so on. I like that. They took the colors of that night skyline. I made that into the branding. So it ties back in all of that together. And obviously you know him. Being in New York City now is a part of the branding of the show. It's in there. Set. It's in their background so you could see how, in their case, they've tied location into their brand as well. And they do a very good job. I mean, they have had, I don't think they run about 150 shows that they've done so far. Um, and yet they have some close to videos, so they're slicing and dicing their content. And you can do this too, if you have longer. Webber knows slicing and dicing it and putting it into little four or five minute clips. So that's the word of the day. Slice and dice. Um, I'll show you a couple other things while we're on the Fallon side here just because it kind of ties into the branding as well. You notice again. They've got very short clips. Three minutes. Very descriptive title. Pierce Brosnan's most awkward James Bond filming moments. I mean, that couldn't be much more descriptive, right? Um, yesterday we talked about the description in the YouTube, and this goes back to branding because there is showing their Twitter account, their Facebook account, other sites. So they're taking up a long space in this in this description, but it's really just a cut and paste. So if you have a nice long description with all your links, you can put the you know what it is. Jimmy chats with Pierce Brosnan and then the cut and paste branding. Uh, as you can see on the right hand side, they've got their custom overlays related videos. So it's all there, um, and that they also use playlists very effectively to because they have bits that they do all the time, like thank you notes on Friday. So they have a whole playlist. That's just thank you notes. So that really does kind of tie all back to the branding of it, even though it's sort of nuts and bolts. It's all brand building. And we also looked at movie folio and movie TV yesterday. This is her Maine home page and website. She's very fun and vivacious and outgoing. Um, you know, her websites very bright and on her YouTube page, it's not exactly the same, but you've still got the same kind of fun, vivacious, silly. Um, you'll notice she's got her, you know, because I'm a subscriber. I see what to watch next, rather than the trailer that would typically be on there, the channel trailer. And she also takes a page out of the Tonight show playbook and puts the text overlays over the thumbnail, which is really helpful. Um, and as you can see, she doesn't worry too much about Oh, my gosh, I'm gonna cover up the picture. That doesn't matter. You know it's her. And then you know what to watch. Because she has so many videos. Because all of the titles right there in them she also does something that ah viewer asked about yesterday. She does do the close captioning as you do with a little CC there. Um and you can see that he on the next slide. This is the close captioning. One of the viewers at home had been talking about that when we talked about YouTube, but she's got her close captions. And obviously she goes in and has somebody make sure that the Texas correct, because YouTube is notorious for kind of messing up your, um, And while we're on the subject as far as branding again, very sophisticated. New York Lovely background, nice and clean. She's using the rule of thirds that we talked about yesterday. She's on the left of the screen so she can pop up graphics on the right if need be. She has a very long description, just like the Tonight Show, following a theme here. So they do a really good job, and obviously she's got, you know, professional folks who do that for her, but they do a really good job with it. Tony has a question, Lou, that background, Um, I don't know if you know this is that actually her home, or is she on a green screen with that? Um, you know, this is something that I've studied for hours to figure out. I believe it's your home because this would be really, really hard to key on green screen, like little hair. Things in the crew can correct me if I'm wrong, but but I'm pretty sure that's the real deal. Okay, so I gotta So does she used closed captions on all over the years all the way through? Yes, just so that but for people who can't hear you impaired or if you watching at work and maybe you can put the sound up and you're supposed to be watching movie Folio videos at work eso. And that's a default setting that, like the viewer, can choose to turn off yet, so you can set it to be on by default. But yeah, on YouTube. But then turn it off if you as the viewer. But then they choose different languages. I believe they can, but I don't know. This is, you know, I mean, YouTube's available in 61 languages. I don't know if they offer all 61 on on close captioning, but I don't see why they wouldn't. So if you didn't have closed captioning and someone was watching and wanted close captaining, they could press a button and actually, it would come up close. Caption. Yeah, but I think it would be the YouTube vision of that which may not be completely accurate. I think Marie goes to the trouble of correcting it, cleaning it up.

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