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We teach about elevator pitch three simple steps and how you can sell anything to anybody as long as it's something you truly believe in so I would like everybody online to type in your answer to this question think about something you really like in real life it could be a device, a restaurant, a vacation spot, an app, a website something that you're such a fan out there you're always telling your family friends and family gotta go check this out so everybody think of one when you think of one raise your hand when you think of one online type it in just and this is where we can promote all brands like I really loved this object this thing this toy this restaurant okay and when I see your hand up let's hear with some of them are new york city great I like my odometer your parameter good I like whole foods whole foods that the chain great everybody needs to come up with one for this exercise sequoia national forest sequoia national forest great because the whole earthy feel for her airb...

us a three eighty airbus three eighty so it's a particular airplane panama panama the country yes so the tourist bureau is with us today tom tahoe cellphones, cellphones just in general can't live without them can't live without him all right? I want everybody if you have a generic category it once you get even more specific so if it's the forest a specific place in the force, if it's a cell phone either a feature or an actual brand and for you guys online anything first of all from youtube that you were fans up before we hear from the online folks, I'll go with my mini cooper your mini cooper uh, and I would have to go with my computer, I live on that and a particular computer or find a macbook pro seventeen great and online what sums were here there were getting a lot that we get p victoria's saying her job, her bluetooth car speaker merrily we didn't pay you for this one, but thank you she really loves creative life couple way have marion, who likes jim rone? We have lorraine, who likes their garment gps belly up the pacific ocean, and cara villa says haiti great and I love gps I mean, I don't have any sense of direction that part of my brain is missing, so if it wasn't for my wife for gps, I don't think I would have found the studio today. So now let's, take something that we first criteria is we actually like it not fake, we generally do now how do we sell it if we're to recommend this to other people and I want to teach you infomercial one oh one imagine it's two o'clock in the morning you're flipping channels, you see somebody selling them up and up comes the next infomercial but it's you you're gonna have a minute to sell what you just told us you like and we're gonna break down the pieces and how we sell into three chunks I'm going to use a country boy analogy we're gonna go fishing first thing I'd do is you gotta hook the fish, then you pull him in the line, then you get him in the boat it's three distinct steps where most people don't do wells when they blur them so we're gonna break into three specific steps first one is the hook there's lots of things you can use for hook just like there's lots of different kinds of scene but the one I want to teach you today is to take the problem that the product or service solves and turn it into a scene. I'll give you a generic example I am no connection to amazon personally but it's an easy generic example. What problem does amazon solve or problems does amazon solved amazon dot com? What is it products getting access to stuff? What else? What other problems doesn't solve time? I don't have time to go to the store social proof for the product proof meaning how do I know it's really good it's a legitimate it's not a rip off good, so I take those problems and I'll have to turn into a little bit of a scene a little bit of license to be dramatic and extreme to exaggerate, for example it's right before the holidays and you're in the parking lot of the mall and the kids are screaming the back seat trying to find there's no parking spaces that are reasonably close you're going in circles it's so frustrating you finally get parked you get into the mall, the store to get that one thing you want to get for somebody and they don't have any more it's so frustrating bull, what have I done? I've not talked about the product yet have not talked about how it's going to solve it or how it's gonna help ive on ly taken the problem and created a scene out of the problem stretched it. So what I want each of you to do with your ipad is too, and for those of you online to do this with your recording device is you're going to take your product or service whatever you want to promote and the first third of the elevator pitch the first twenty second or so is nothing more than the problem it solves it turned into a scene and I want you to record on ly that you're not gonna play back you're not gonna look at it, so if I'm gina your product again, wass whole food some things start out with a problem I can't find this or I don't do this or this isn't good but take the problem a few sentences and stretch it into a scene everybody understand you're going to record that scene don't be shy even though we're all sitting in the same place recorded into the camera and then stop everybody understand ready begin so for those of you online think anything come on bill, how do I really have to do it? Yes record yourself you you know I can't get up the mountain to you climb every exercise is a step it's moving you up and up and up all right, so everybody understand the theory of the hook because you cannot reel to fish in you can't get in the boat we're hooked doesn't get set. So how do you know if you set the hook? Their eyes will always tell you when you're describing the problem in the scene and the eyes of the audience you're like, oh yeah, I've been there or I can imagine that would be frustrating. That means the hook has been set, then you're gonna switch into the lining in the next but you don't start to reel them until you set the hook and why does it hook? Why does the hook work because they're emotionally attached to the scene right? But they have you have to get them into the problem space or nothing else works you're not gonna want to buy the mop unless there's a messy floor there's no reason unless you're frustrated with the messy floor there's no need for a mop got the idea so you really have to focus and set the hook and how do you know when you set the hook? How do you know if the hook's been set their eyes, their eyes you telling? Oh, yeah, I've been there or I can relate to that or I could imagine that being really frustrating their eyes tell you okay, yeah, that problem would be awful then you step into the line and the line is where you pre pitch answered questions in a logical order they might come up to overcome obstacles. Does that mean let's say I'm pitching amazon again? I have no connection with its generic example. What reasons would people have for not wanting to go to amazon dot com? What would be the the resistance? The objections? I want to put my credit card out online it's not safe with your credit card, what else I need to talk and see before I can't really see the real products I need it now, not duties from now I need it right away I'm in a hurry for it's his big chain and they don't support local mom and pop places but you anticipate how do you know what the order is? You don't know, but you make your best guess the more you pitched the easier and better you get it guess in order so when I slipped out of the problem so I sent them all seen here at the mall you're really, really frustrating they don't even have anything in the store. Amazon solves all that for you it's completely safe to every credit card online you can actually see the sizes and get him viewers feeling about the product has lots of choices and a lot of their products actually come from local mama mama mama pop places and you could have it in your door in a day or two boom I've taken what is their obstacles and I flip them turn weaknesses into potential strengths I don't wait for them to raise the obstacles I've pre answered them because I can guess what they are, what they're doing on infomercials now explain it one more time but all of you online and here now you're going to film, you're not gonna look at what you already film, you're not going to film the second part of the line so assume the hook has been set they agreed, yeah, that would be a problem now you're gonna pre answer questions quickly in order so what would be the reason jax again was a cell phone did you zoom in any more on that one? Uh no okay, but what was yours I do shopping very good so one of the reasons somebody might not want to go to panama it's too hot it's too hot you know the language differently we don't know language panamanian food and the food we don't know what panamanian food is for it might not be safe right? So what was her line being? Almost fifty percent of the panamanian speak english almost half speak english the food is fantastic it's completely safe baba so she's taking all of those and flipping them tch into positives ever I understand. So when I say go you're gonna film on leaders just a line you've already filmed the hook now you film the line and just keep going about twenty seconds everybody understand don't worry if you get it right just give it your best shot online do the same thing at home just film on your smartphone or whatever using okay here's my line next to your hook ready go be brilliant. What are we hearing from our friends? Well, bill moon is saying that in panama the food rocks it does rather so embarrassed by their obviously so a lot of people were uh jumping is well on what sort of problems were solved by you know I was on a different other products as well it's interesting actually because I find amazon to be a very positive experience and I've used it a lot but so many people are putting a negative things here that I would not have thought over this all the things you said from the stage but I wouldn't have considered before maybe maybe having everything about using yes how do you look at whatever it is you're selling and how do you approach it with that unbiased eye to see the negatives when you are really on li carrying about positives in your own explore you want to use some of those the more you show the real parts like look it's not perfect for everything makes me more credible and it is just a website it's you know it's just a company into service there are many other ones out there okay so he's not irrational in his assessment if you're more reasoned then then it's going to you're going to come across with mohr connection wait you have a question about a connection because somebody it's not entirely remember the same bill clinton is the post to be the master of creating connection with people instantaneously what do you think he does that makes the connection so quickly I don't know him well I've been in a room with him I don't know if he would remember who I wass although with his memory he might but he does have an ability to make when he talks to you like you're the only person in the room that's what s actually threw me, who asked the question and that's the point and he's scary, smart. So whatever political side you are on, you take the three things you know more about in the world than anything else in two of the three he knows as much as you he's really, really intellectual delight. Okay, you guys finish your line how'd that feel awkward? Which is good? There is good, which means we are learning, learning out of your comfort zone everytime you feel awkward, that means you just took a step up the mountain you're climbing so dream life says I don't think I did the line right part, right? I asked questions. I should have said statements, right? Right doesn't cost money it except that's, right? So questions air coming, great question, dream life problem you've got to be clear, this is where you're going all struggle. You have to be clear about the distinct stages. When you blur them, you lose your power, so you have to make the problem a real problem and set the hook and I tell ya that's really frustrating, then you pre answer the questions. Oh, wow, I didn't know all that that's interesting I wouldn't have thought of that then you're setting him up for the last one it's a sinker in the fishing analogy it's time to close the deal to get them to act and just like we learned from close, you have to come up with a specific action, a commitment even if it's a small one now, if you work with sales teams, they're selling medical devices. They're selling wind farms, they're selling nuclear reactors tell they're not going to write you a check for the nuclear reactor in the elevator not going to actually give you the credit card in the elevator, so in the elevator pitch you have a short period of time. So what are you asking for them? The next step? The next step, which could be what next? In the case of a nuclear, the next meeting, a meeting, a demo, our commitment to introduce you to somebody but some baby step commitment. So for amazon, I'm not going to get everybody to buy anything, which really I want to, but what I would say is all right, I want everybody to pinky swear that those pinkies out let me see your pinkies that the next time you have to buy something online, I want you to check out amazon, you don't have to buy things just promise me you're gonna go there for a couple minutes, look around if you don't like and say well I promised bill I did it I did it might go on somewhere else but at least you went to take a look everybody commit to that now show me with your pinky that you commit I'm making eye contact I'm watching you yes. Happy thank you there. Ok, good. A million dollars. All right, so I got a commitment from you to take a step now again it comes back to online it has to be something you believe in. For example, I could sell with conviction a gps as a device if somebody never knew what a gps wass well, I've heard about that but it's not really worth having we could all tell them no, you want the gps it's worth the money it's worth the time and you can come up with examples or easy pass on the east coast these different things that just save you time and money it's worth overcoming the hurdles to get them okay, last step now is you're gonna film your sinker so first step was the hook. This is the problem. Then you did your line now it's time to close the deal and say okay, I need you to commit I want you right now to do x to promise me why to take this step to write this down but find something very concrete simple baby step that you can we ask the audience to do right now and confirm that they did it everyone understand the task go be brilliant lorraine is actually asking could you explain the sinker one more time great so you guys help me what's the third step what's the sinker what's the clothes very good so they use the whole key fishing analogy the first step is to get the fish to take the bank hook once it's in your mouth you start pulling them in toward the boat did you get him close to the boat if you don't get them into the boat all your efforts are wasted if they wriggle off the hook they're gone now which step can you eliminate out of the three? None of them none if you don't hook them and you pull in the line and they ain't coming with you if you give him all the way up the boat but you don't close him with a step thank all with you every step matters and the order matters you cannot go out of order okay, so back to this example how we put it all together everybody take your ipads and pass it counterclockwise to the next person to go past your ipad clockwise now here's what you're going to dio online folks, you ever related task online? You're going to watch yours and then tell me I'm not gonna watch yours and then tell the rest of us what was your greatest strength of the three? My hook was fantastic my line was awesome or my stinker was perfect or and what it wasn't your best one my hook is really good but my sinker was weak or my line was really good but my hook didn't really set so online watch it and then type in as you've watched it wow, I can see which one of my strongest are not so strong parts you're going to the same thing you're gonna watch all three sections and then I'm gonna ask you what was the best part of what they did? Was that their hook? Was that their line? Was that there sinker everybody understand? Okay begin watching and online you should be watching your own but if you've already done that what are we hearing? Dream life is saying that he did his hook. The vestal sheet apology streamlined that they took was the best well, I need to know which one of this dream life that's right? We don't know a name what's the name and who is this person? Let's, let's get dream life's name make up a name if you have to if you're in the witness protection plan and you have to the code name, time seem like maybe who knows? It's. True. They might be trying to recreate their life. You know, after being in the mob, you never know. All things were possible. True mia saying that they found the hook to be the hardest. Three last name also is kim, because apparently, everyone in the chat room is named kim we've got new lana who's. Kim we've gotta dream life. Who's kim. I'm just gonna assume everyone else in the harem is named him. Shall you and I? We came for the next program. That makes sense to me. But it's true me. What was hard about the hook? What was difficult about the lorraine is saying that she found this sinker was hard as well, perhaps yes. Share with us. Exactly what what is hard about about challenge? Wass? Uh, let's see, shrew me says that their hook was boring. All right, as we're watching those when you're all done, delete the evidence. Marilu is saying that the hook was not so good. She thinks she did it wrong, but she thinks she did the line and think of much better. That's. Very good. And patty waterbury says the line was the easiest line was easiest. Why, I wonder question uh, yeah sure with us the details of these answer not just like, which was easiest are or which ones you had problems with, but why you had those problems. All right, rhonda is saying I find that closing the deal the hardest because I'm asking for the sale I think sales people do have a challenge with the actual asking for that and non salespeople have a challenge with asking people to do something on bothering them. I don't want to ask, you know, you're doing them a favor if you get me to use gps ten years ago and I didn't know what it was you'd be doing me such a huge favor even if I'm resisting, you're doing me a favor, okay? Delete all the evidence and tell me zero to ten how good was your you're the one that you watched? How good was their elevator? Pitch ten means it's the best thing they should be selling mops online and two in the morning right now zero means it was terrible ready? Go show me their fingers. How good was it? Very good. Uh, poor richard is going like this to chief cash what you wanted so gina, you get into yours live for the whole group and that will be the example that we've been asked for online and I want everybody online here toe focus on on ly technique well, it's the strongest part hook line and sinker what could be better? And I want you live audience, including the host to be the visuals. So for example, if she's describing the problem to you and you're like, oh yeah, that'd be awful then say it with your face if you don't think that's a problem, then don't say it with your face. Her job is to wait until she is critical mass that the hook is set, that the problem has been accepted before she switches into the line and just to show us I want you to step so hook, line and sinker so we'll know what stage you're at the same thing for the line. How do you know what enough line is there? How do you know what if you could say I did it here's all its features, you've used the name? How do you know when the line is done? Always with the eyes and you like attention? I didn't know that then you're ready to go for the thinker, then you're ready to go for the clothes. All right? Should we give it a try, roberto film as well, and whenever you're ready go everywhere I go, I'm looking for healthy food. But I have to dig I have to look at the labels have to find things that are labeled organic or gmo it's just so difficult for my family people who wanna lose weight or just be healthy however there is one place where things are cheap affordable the produce is always fresh and organic and if you don't have time to cook well they have a great pre package section with all organic foods and even so they have a nice buffet area where you can just get food and eat that right away so I like going to whole foods next time you want to look for healthy food that will better your health just pop in the store, see if there's something you like and just try it out great night. All right? Even though we love gina and we thought it was fantastic we want everything to get better so I want you to write in what was the best part first question just type in best blank hook line and stinker certain phrases what do you think was the best part? And then what could be better and then type in what you think could make it even stronger and let's start with you guys what was the best part of her elevator pitch that the hook was because I felt like you really understood what the problem what how we felt does everybody know what I mean by elevator pitch? I shouldn't assume that everybody knows what that is I think maybe get a brief what would you say it's an elevator pitch I would say it's a thirty second to a minute demann description of your product or service or whatever it is the name comes from being in hollywood and going up an elevator with a producer and that's how long you have to tell them why you're movie should get made perfect we're in the wrong spots here so so overall give me zero to ten how good was her hook? So a lot of you thought it was great somebody thought it was pretty darn good all right and what was the best part about the hook? It was realistic it was realistic and it was about trying to find healthy foods how do you make the hook have an extra little barb to it? Why do you need healthy foods? Better fair longevity rite but you want to create that problem okay? You're low on energy and it's afternoon you don't have that extra little room just having and all that stuff that you want because you're not eating healthy so healthy food's hard to find it's expensive to go different places so when you start with a personal one that everybody can feel now we need healthy food like I never in my life have looked for healthy food I don't feel the need to look for it, but if you built a little bridge from that I would feel oh yeah, I actually do need healthy foot it's again goes back to your it's not about you get over yourself and why you want whole foods it's why would your audience wants the whole foods okay, what they're using them like the question she said have you? And then from that point I was in what have I what now most if you take america as a subset, we're all in different place that we all love each other, but we're all not all very healthy and some of us are wonderful people who just kind of given up yeah like you know what? I go to make dials it's I'm not trying to find healthy food, so you have to find a way to make everybody feel included, so no matter where you are, we all want a little more energy we don't want to feel good and be around for a long time and do the things we want to do, so you have to keep pulling those people in good. I thought the line was the strongest part anybody else thought the line was strong uh most people said the hook all right, what was good about the line, the lifestyle that we leave and she grabbed me to that lifestyle is you go there but as you don't have the time we have prepaid a three pack once and if you don't that's fine just go on and just buy whatever is ready unneeded exactly she overcame two obstacles that I had in real life one I would have thought whole foods probably more expensive than the other she said it wasn't you know if that's true but this you convinced me seconds you say they're pre favor wow they have pre major I didn't know that so you overcame two obstacles in the space of seconds okay, I think for me I was thinking of competitors that do the same exact anything but to me better so then I was maybe addressing competitors all right, so now you're thinking if you are an expert in this you know this category a little bit you're in a different place than somebody who never does any of us. You always have a very disparate audience. All right, how good do you think the thinker the clothes was? Your to ten ten being the best you gonna change your whole life because of this hero means you're not gonna do anything ready go all right, so some of you were moved to act let's start with positive what were you moved to dio check out hope foods air go visit their website okay really in real life I've already been so okay you're already offended same you're saying I just went there and got some much okay so you're already converted which is very smart you're pulling them in for the rest of us it was okay we've got the feeling that we should go try it out and that can have a value they did a study of people who use illegal drugs kids who's usually drugs and the average kid was offered illegal drugs twenty nine times before they tried it we think well they must be bad kids need to start using drugs well no they were marketed over and over and over and this is marketing they hit you with the commercial's over and over and over so sometimes one person making a push for something and somebody else it creates a trigger even if it doesn't cause the action directly what could have made that stronger give me back the is kind of multi parts sinker it wasn't it was like you might think earned you may and you can try um I think that was less powerful language than it could have been if you had been extremely sissy and said the next time you want a snack go to whole foods okay that's not to say I didn't know when it was like tomorrow next week I don't even know where there's a whole foods near way across the street so the vessel needs deadlines john f kennedy statement we're gonna put a man on the moon change the scientific community because of the last part of the sentence what was the last part of sentence in the next decade by the end of this decade what they thought might take twenty five years they did in eight because of a few words he added to a sentence so I want you to promise in the next one week three hours two seconds but without a timeline it loses a little bit of a power and that it just walk into the whole foods that's all I want okay, I want you to promise now you can just go on like this step out I promised gina I did it you can leave that's your choice I want you to promise in the next three days you got stopped by a whole foods just check it out you don't like it make it easier and easier for them to commit okay but you have to make them promise unless you promise me don't do this with me between the eyes and promise you think promise go I want you to promise me after this class before the pre party he'll stuff in the whole foods for two seconds that's it okay now go eye by eye and say come on let me see those promise let me see that pinky making dough together yeah, the online community and yes your pinky everybody okay? Good. Uh, type in, pinky type in pinky. Come on. I need to see some pinky's. See? One pinky way. You've got at least one moment. Mon is going with you. You don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. If you don't demand it, you won't get it. If you don't ask for it directly. When can I borrow your pen for a second? Was it possible for him to not give me the pen? Why? Because you asked for it when a human being asked you directly for something. Your automatic answer is yes. Unless you have a reason to say no. It's automatically know if you acted generic thing. Okay, well, ever give that a try? The answer is no. Unless they have a reason. Yes, so direct questions. And this is where the sales persons comfortable or the fundraisers comfortable. We know we're doing you a favor. We know this is you're gonna be glad you did this. So I want to be bold and ask. You promised me and let's do it.

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Wow. This was a brilliant dissection of the art and science and communication. Highly recommended!

Ana Alexandre

WOW so insightful! I am a trainer and I really felt inspired by the simple distinctions, the practical exercices and the awesome results that Bill gets from his audience. In a scale from 0 to 10 I give it a 9 (just keeping my 10)