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20 Ways to Market Your Business

Give me twenty ways to market your business. How doe I get four hundred people to walk in my door this year? You know, I said the year I wrote that we did over eight hundred, eight hundred million eight hundred ninety thousand turnover in our third year and our portrait business and we shot I think it was close to four hundred and seventy portrait ce um it was so achievable that target that I realized that I was looking at magazines wrong. Yes, you come from the emotional you tell the story you communicate your thing but then it's business all right and business is everyday practice solid service, great product in doing something every day that actively participates in your future doing something every day that actively participates in your future sitting at home on photo shop on facebook will not actively willett world because I'm gonna teach you how to mack appear on facebook okay, so here we go and this is what I wrote twenty ideas I wrote it out like this you've got this in your pd...

f so that you can put this that you can make this and you put it on your wall in your office you can start working through the steps these are all the ways I market my business but this marketing plan was on a linear timeline now when you are a business owner uh you go through pictures and falls are market hard maggot hard maggot had choo choo choo choo choo choo shoot sell sell, sell, sell, sell sell so burnout burnout burnout been affinity have money in the bank have money in the bank book burning up really hate working right now better to better the truth better to look at the diary empty books and then the money stops going out of the bank micha micha micha micha micha shoot shoot shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, sell, sell, sell, sell been up in a bit of bennett money in the bank money in the bank nothing and I was just like I can't keep doing this I can't live like this I can't work like this one day I'm all about marketing for months and then I got so many show tonight what they would say and then I'm all about shooting then I'm all about selling big blocks big blocks income, income income and then you just watch it bleed out and what I never did was actually think about how I could set up a marketing plan over twelve months this is based on a new zealand in australian summer and using an australian summer exists from october match most beautiful summer in australia you'll ever experience in your life if you even want to get away from us winter go to an australian summer beautiful okay way sound screen test me on the sunscreen and yours is the other way round so I pitched my downtime is being summer I made sure that in the summertime I make hay while the sun shines and then I have a holiday for christmas because it tells some holiday and then I come back and nobody does any work in january in new zealand why would you? Because you're at the beach drinking mai tais and there's no work here because we're all on holiday we take four weeks holiday in new zealand that tell summer break and christmas at the same time so we have our summer break and christmas you guys get to holiday it's very grating on and then we come back magen yuri and wee pal into valentine's day so valentine's day exists on this linear time mind so I can stop marketing here and then we go valentine's day mother's day father's day hallmark holidays this is called a celebration marketing hallmark holiday billion dollar, multi billion dollar industry worldwide happening with the u s on the wagon on the wagon I think I need to be on the wagon whether you're on the bandwagon or not because the truth is at the end of the day these exists is multi billion dollar commerce holidays that you could be capitalizing on a few design product around them with your new team place that you're going to get the next two hours but that done then I've got show marketing there exists in my lots of different expose that I could be part of and they exist in different times of the year and if you look around you know the big shows are quite expensive to join, but if you budget for them they're also big influxes into your studio then you've got event marketing gift bags, fundraisers, door prizes, charity sponsorship, champagne evenings, private offense and then you've got business to business alliance vouchers working with other businesses, giving vouchers away I can talk about that till the cows come home social network viral marketing referrals multimedia product youtube vimeo, facebook, pinterest flicka instagram huge opportunity exists for you right here is a visual creator create multi media product ninety eight percent referral rate viral marketing campaign on facebook by simply putting an image on your facebook or giving it to the client you just photograph so that they can take you in instant referral system five bookings per client is always that's how I launched myself in australia I would as my client was driving away from the shoot I would picks them on my iphone a two by three on water backed image and they would ninety eight percent of the time a mount takes me back and say, oh my god, so can I facebook that yes tag me in and they're right there I have straightaway instant referral five or feels each client ringing me before they've even told their friends the experience they're just putting pictures up now I can not only do that I can put a little iphone movie on eight millimeter maeda mil camera all my iphone edited on my movie on my mini ipad on facebook as well as a little behind the scenes teaser so that my client leaves and by the time they go getting home they've got that going on their facebook as well what do you think my referral will do then instantaneous you know but harder what about during this is doing it doing it it has to be done okay now if you wait till the next day too late too late um what we did this last summer's we started instagramming so we take a picture of the senior at the shoe and then while trevor's driving I'm instagramming on the way home or to the next location and that completely blew it up on facebook. How many followers do you have on instagram it's not that its followers on instagram it's that links when I post on goes to prize goes to yeah way saw an influx of uh bookings after every time we would post kiwi would post it and then that night we'd have three more booking okay first question I get asked when I ever I say face but what happens if they don't buy anything what happens if you have sent them a picture and they don't buy anything? Okay, I don't come from a even a mentality of scarcity, so I don't look at what happens if they don't I look at what I will get if I put this up, how ever that is a reality and it has happened to me now if they are happy with the two by three on facebook, they were never going to buy from you anyway, they were just there for the experience and they maybe got through your consultation or you just took the shoot when you shouldn't have because you didn't you didn't listen to how much if if they were putting in or if they really wanted to be there, if that happens to, you know one thing they were never going to buy from you, they were happy with their two by three they obviously didn't enjoy the experience enough to want to see the rest of them. So why would they do that? Because if one looked great, then surely these thirty other amazing ones here, so they either didn't like you for some reason or you did something wrong, and the best part is if they don't buy from you, you still got referrals and advertising from the image, okay, that's all I can say about that from there people around you are incredible networks there are staff incentives I created my own network of business owners in my community what was called the brunettes were all bring it's I don't know why that happened but we were and we know here pigmentation has no correlation to intelligence um think tank um think tank think tank great camera bag by the way um think tank wass I would create a think tank evenings with people and to me it was more of a focus group you know do you like my brand? What do you think my advertising is saying do you like my website? Is it fresh doesn't convey who I am does it convey the price I would ask clients I would ask friends I would have family but the truth is is now I wouldn't so much create a think tank I would create a vortex of creativity so I would change the logo on let's create a think tank and I would say let's create the like let's create the creative forty eggs and I would create an evening where I could get haley someone like haley I could get susan start up business start up business in enthusiastic and in love with branding I could get kenna who knows business mba this is a marketing and I would take four open minds and I would go stand there and there and there and this is a vortex of creativity bring it in let's go we're in, too. May I know that if I turned this around, if I stood four girls like the skills that I know within and all I love about their minds is they minds a willing to see anything? No, because I could throw anything in that vortex, and they wouldn't go like this and that's not gonna work. They would go like this, and you could do this, and she could hit this, and you could do this. Then hayley could throw in and I go. I could do this. I could do that. I could see this too, and she would take I know susan would throw in kenya would throw in. I would bring four open minds to a table and stand around it and give me twenty drop and give me twenty each. Give me ideas. Give me leads. Give me focus. Give me give me hope. Always not confidence. Give me give me hope that there's an answer to my problem. And I know that sometimes when you feel stuck and it's frightening and you just feel stuck and you know what happens, you become a victim, and I've seen the victim. So I know you are living your victim right now cool, I know it doesn't feel like your fault, but it is the hardest thing to hear when you're a victim because in somebody punches you in the face further by telling you you're more of a victim because you're the one doing it. The truth is a soon as you start to see what you can create and not what you can't everything changes connections look around you staff, friends, business network opportunity is everywhere as photographers I can see a way that I could work with all of you seven people sitting here and I could think of a way that you would enhance my business and I can enhance yours. I can think of a creative way that I could do that right now, you know, just like that, I think I could write you and kiwi a marketing plan for your show reel and create a one year pass through your show reel that will not only get you show reels, it would start a whole new revenue in your business that it would make you leading senior photographers and I know exactly how I could do that and I know what you could do for me. I know that I'm already working with dusty in terms of work and tim's of website because even though I'm really very impressed with the photography business because of their but who they are, I'm impressed with what this man knows about websites and I've never been impressed with anybody to do with websites I know that I could work with you personally chair to take you to fifty levels above because I know where you hold yourself back because I've been on the same juniors you and your creativity will win it will win and it will grow and explode and I can see that in you so I can see where you are standing out and I can also see where your brand once you perfect your brand your idea of what you truly want to say in your brain when you make that solid you will thrive within it and when you tell your story when you tell it love story and you start shooting those videos for idea, I know that you're winning business will get even bigger than it already is and I can see even haley's growth because I know her capabilities and she's working at seven percent of what she's going to become and there is so exciting that I can see that and everybody everybody I meet is an opportunity but not only that you're an opportunity to me because I don't only look at what you're capable of. I look at what I can get with you now I am somebody who was so excited by that so when you come up to me and you talk to me about the weather we're not going to be working together like you know and I need somebody that has some expansion in the thinking enough just to allow my creative space to come forward this business pan yours take it run with it I'll break it down for you so I've made it even more simple because it looks daunting and I know it's like looking at an eating timeline and final cut pro take music you're going on and I'm not gonna do anything about it so let's have a look at what it really ceres and this is really all of this it's the same one I talk to you about new york I'm going to break it down really fast and my new york talk I threw this out in an hour this whole pitch these were the twenty things that I could get from writing this and that wass you khun do have a gift voucher the hallmark holidays you can ever toes yourself a expose private events public events gift bags charity functions gift with purchase incentives to buy incentives to book business to business gift vouchers networking with other business owners community books log microblogging make sure you put your etiquette right that comes up next facebook twitter countries flicka google instagram they are multiple opportunities to build a community and I'm going to show you that today current database current database how many times anybody who's ever been to a super ice anything well we like how why does she go on about the current database why do you ignore your current database this people liked you enough to buy from you they're your biggest clients in you service them and then forgot about them this is not a one night stand, people this is building relationships if you want good business, create life members in your business create brand loyalty, go to that database market to them, talk to them, connect with them, have them stay connected to you in a way that's interesting. Okay, this is what you need to work on. Okay? Current database rewards in membership that's a really good way to stay connected every time they send you someone they get something that the hardest part about rewarding past clients who send you clients is doing it. The hardest part is actually making yourself do it and that is diligence that is practice that is putting it in your system and making it happen. Billboard studio images I say billboard you'd be shocked at how many opportunities you would get to put your work out there in front of people. The other day we were in sierra and haley got these image has done and somebody whoever at the printer saw these images we went there and they wrote a note to haley and said, does anybody exhibit your work like, seriously they put a note in the in the box she opened up and I looked around I was like they're made of linen exhibition in seattle and we both started to go way sound that was like hey hailey's mind tells that that might that wound warhead I don't like you right in my beatboxing yeah uh billboards studio images the pdf the show reels a youtube vimeo a why get so excited about that here it is laid out for you let's break it down break it down break it down break it down about chuck guess what I did I showed you the outer I show you the voucher I have been a little bit let's to say there are very few things I feel protective about in my brand there's not many things you can ask me that I go there's some things I refused to share not many maybe one person of things when I put this voucher out there how I designed it how I marketed with it I was always very very um vocal that I started my business on gift voucher with a dollar value or not but just to get back to that I entice people with a come and do this in the studio half price sitting for off sitting five hundred dollar credit whatever it wass and I never ever ever called it free and I always educated them on how much it was gonna cost and I always featured that in my language I've been very vocal about that but I never created a template for it and I never gave that away and I never blogged about it until this year because this wass my these one, my woods and everybody would say, what about my woods? What about my words? Now I'm happy to teach you how to do it, but I wanted you to find your own words I wanted you to find, and then I realized something holding this does not is not sharing the status, and secondly, my biggest request was tell me what you say. How do you say it? And I thought, you know what? When I wrote this voucher, I used to go when I wrote that my campaign, I didn't know what to say you're right. I remember the exact feeling that you feel right now when you don't know what to say in your mathlete and your advertising, when you sit in front of something and go, what did I say? And then I realized that this speaks volumes because to a double makeover photo shoot with supervise a gift from surprised this gift voucher entitle severe a penny bartholomew to a double makeover and photo shoot with surprise class one hundred dollars towards portrait's for the total value of turning ninety dollars, what I'm saying, if you're going to, um, get two hundred ninety dollars with value just for the shoot. It's not just a free shoot and buy the portrait because you've already got a hundred dollars to spend on photographs I didn't say the word free I didn't even say the word complimentary there I and the best part about it is it is a gift from me because I need you to do something. I need you to come in for a photo shoot I need you to believe in me because I need you to experience may and it will cost you nothing to do this who's going to say no to that now if you guys want if they don't buy anything, some people won't because they don't. But guess what? Ninety seven percent do it's a numbers game it's where you play the law of averages it's how it happens that's called business but uneducated client that is enticed, an enthusiastic will spend every time, every time, and if you work a system that works in your studio, then you make it happen now. I built my business on four hundred eighty thousand dollars in my first year in my carriage tune over doing portraiture by giving away these vultures, and I knew I could not afford a billboard I could not afford a video, then in fact, I didn't even have a facebook account, so what am I talking about? I built this on trust that all I had to do is get you into my studio and I could win you over with my personality with my images with my service and I could make you a client I believed one hundred percent that I could give free stuff away never call it free never call it complimentary and make it happen it is the ultimate girls day out that line says bring a friend doesn't it? Because what girls do wanna go stay out then I go out by themselves girls don't go out for alone time you're shopping is not alone time that's good time girl time champ ain't no and you know boys, I do this a lot I think about this a lot what you got what you guys think we're doing it gil time not what you guys were doing guy time right? Totally different normally wait we're talking about you guys sad but true celebrate your relationships. What does that say? People bring people with you, frank enjoy this beautiful titian with your mom's sister's best friend or partner just in case you didn't know who to bring uh, remember to book a night out afterwards because you will look gorgeous. What does that say? Look a night out afterwards and you're gonna look gorgeous anyone believes that? But guess what if one says when I tell them that oh what do you think we should go? They just now believe that they're gonna look gorgeous simple this voucher expires six weeks after I handed over because I need a call to action now there is a ten percent call on these vouchers but ten percent book within the first day of receiving it and then I have a one or two filter through over the six weeks and then I have the desperate oh my god it's going to expire call which is usually about one person as well so I look at around twelve percent from that felt to give away and if it's get that that goes out with a letter to a database that I don't know if it goes just one person I do know it has a one hundred percent referral right? And if you sell this voucher so if you put a five hundred dollar gift voucher for sale for forty nine dollars and I don't mean on groupon I mean if you sell it in an expo and give a gift with purchase it has a one hundred percent referral right one hundred percent show up I paid for it so there are multiple ways to add value to this culture and this is how I launched my business now I thought long and hard about that and a few people after I first did this uncreative life a few people send me their vouchers and I went like this slept palm to forehead I was so disappointed and I was disappointed in your creativity as disappointed in your ability to think outside the square and I gave up hope on all of you it was a desperate time and then I realized something you didn't learn what I had to lend you didn't then you had to design it cause you couldn't afford to pay anyone and you didn't lin how to do it I just showed your picture I showed your picture and wish you the best and the ones that could afford it when and got a designer but that's not many there's zero point zero zero zero three percent of the population this is where most people are it in the design a boxed image with bad font okay this is not designed this is wood ok ended his bed and that is not how you design something I put this on my block then I said extend your backgrounds use a great intell doing on photoshopped drop your logo in nobody did it um and then I realized something that basic is not that basic and I learned out of just hours and hours and hours and hours of trolling and on photoshopped learning how to do this so what I did was I showed you how to do it and then I recorded myself doing it and then I not only record myself doing it on first shut up. I didn't give you two hundred other options to create something that's entirely yours and there is just the voucher. There are brochures, online brushes, foldout issue magazine designed anything we've given you in those templates. I could just think of hundreds of uses. If you want me to sit down over the next two months and write down the two hundred ways you could use these templates, I will do that for you. If you are telling me that it's not true, I am that stubborn. I will do that. Yeah, somebody's going to do it, do it so I can hear you. I can hear you in the tearoom. They do it. Okay, so that's coming, I'm gonna show you that, but not before I show you all that are that was that's. Step one. Okay, step one have two hundred designs to design. You'll get found. Okay, cool it's been great seeing you all today. Okay? Think about that. Who might call a vase? Now you're going to take those gift vouchers and you're going to create a good felcher dedicated to every one of those for my holidays because they're coming up what's up first. How far in advance do you get these out? Six waits for four weeks is bitter six weeks for christmas actually more like eight weeks for christmas. I start doing october runs for christmas. Everything else? Four ways? Yeah, expose so as I'm designing it, I'm going to show you ways to put them out there, ok? These are just ideas, these ideas so okay, we came through where we want to come from in terms of a message, and then we talked about how many we want and what we sell, so we know what our product is now we're talking about ideas, so one of these ideas is going to resonate with you real strong, and you're going to a ll that test that says we can, we can run with that, and then I'm going to give you the vouchers so that you can write the words this is one I one marketing and you know what? I built my business on won, I won. I've got a girlfriend at the moment, lives in vegas and she's standing around business, she told called me other day and she said, I'm scared and I said, or what? And she said, failing, I said, you'll fail, everyone fails at something it's okay? You'll survive it's all good she goes, I'm scared, I said of what and she said, I feel stupid I said ah yeah I love that feeling that you think you have you somehow think business is a big thing that exists above you're here that you can't quite get your head around because maybe you're not smart enough you know it's simple I said to listen to my advice to her you create a brand which is how you look you create a product which is what you sell you create a service which is how you sell it get referrals and get repeat clients you put it all together in one package you make it as good as you can and then you offer it to people they pay you you get money in the money in makes the brand the service the product in everything better over time because you will develop over the first five years and as you do that you will build confidence and the only people that fail do two things wrong they spend more money than they bring in simple loon toe hold onto money it's really simple do not spend it because you will fail if you're not paying your text and most people fail at that and they do not grow and learn okay if you stop offering service if you stop working with enthusiasm that falls down you die okay everything else is too simple you create it and it just starts to happen and then you manifest it and then you roll it and then it keeps rolling and it gets bigger and bigger and you just guide it and it becomes what you want there is no big secret to building a business it's really not your service provider provider service? I mean, three years later I had ten staff, but the day I started my business I couldn't have felt more stupid and I don't have an education, you know? They're always talk about their I'm not educated our lives go on us fifteen yes, I probably am stupid to a lot of people could enjoy that whatever doesn't stop me from winning man, it doesn't stop me from creating and it doesn't stop me from being a good photographer or a good businesswoman and it doesn't stop me from earning money and loving what I do so yes, I felt completely stupid. There is no secret expose I have some really great tips around stopping traffic do not stand inside your stand and hand out pamphlets it's like me doing the lift to right pan with haley get a clue you're panning to the left to the right. People are walking from the left to the right and they're not making eye contact with you because here's the kicker people go to an expo so that they can not make eye contact with you so you can not tell them something that they don't want and so you're trying to entice people into your stand, do it with food, do it with giveaways, do it with champagne, don't do it with visual marketing. Did you know the exposed the only time visual macklin doesn't work because people do not want to stand there long enough to be pitched to and that's what they think if they watch your visual mak ling so if they do the walk past and they watched your visual macking, then you're gonna be like, hi, I'm robbie and then let's it go and then you're like this, damn it! If I had just kept my head down and not looked at robbie and if he did try and approach me, I could have given robbie this. Look, e fight frankel. Fixing fixing the truth is, is I would stand at my stand like this, okay? And I would look at the pictures in this is the cool thing about human beings. We love to line up and we love to not worry about being pitched to so people would come and stand either behind me or beside me and look at the pictures, too. And then I would say, I'm gonna do this with my back to the camera, and then I got this. And hand them a brush they would be standing beside me looking at the pictures like seeing what I'm looking at because what's she looking at, you know, somebody walks up to a fence and put him in the hole everyone's gonna put the wanted she looking at and then all of a sudden I'd go there and instead and they go on, and all of a sudden I have taken away the idea that I'm telling them something immediately, I said all the time still do it in effect, here's the cool thing for some weird reason, maybe it's, because I wear black a lot. Um, if I'm in a store or if I'm in an expo, people always think I'm the manager, okay? People always think I'm the bus, so wherever I stand, whatever I'm looking at, people come and ask me questions like, what time does this place close? And, you know, do you own this? You know? And I always makes me laugh, and I always think it's the way that I am standing because I don't act like a consumer, I act like somebody who is connected and wants to be part of this so that's a really interesting energy, so when you tune energy around to attract people to quite easily, so also have a mirror on your expert if your bridal expo booed wear portrait would ever have a mirror there if all women stopped looking mirror they always stop look in the mirror crane, look at me here have water. Everybody needs water in an expo do you know how hard it is to get a bottle of water and an expo? It is so hard have water they'll come and sit there and drink it heaven iphone charger I have an iphone charger fifteen iphone charges line them up at the front you get more people, sit down, charge the phone and talk to you then any other think about it, what stops people you're doing winnings, giveaway, wedding cake whatever you have to do, just make sure it's within the rules of the expo to get noticed visual displays do not work it expose I used to hire big placements and play videos. People will not watch them because they worried they're going to be pitched to so you have to find a way to market to them on the periphery. You have to find a way to get the interaction to you buy something they need that is not your product. Remember I used to sell these gift vouchers at my exposed so I would take a two hundred dollar gift out to sell it for forty nine and give away a makeup box there by the makeup box but there are also getting a double makeover and for a shoot one hundred percent tuneup right bookings over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars from that first expo but it cost us ten thousand dollars to be here but it's the rule that applies they will come if they buy it but what they want is to be part of it and what they want is tio feel I'm getting something for the money market on the periphery very very important that takes creativity private events create your own private events there is a reason that tupperware became one of the biggest things in the world but this you can have lingerie parties well, you could have photo you could have marketing patty's networking patties think about how many things you could do to create your own events creating event in your studio invite people to it a red carpet of fear but don't make it about you it's not a launch you know don't make it you make it like a girls night out okay, whatever you have to do to get your client's let's say you create a witting evening champagne winning evening for potential brides and in there is hairstylists makeup at us in your local area lingerie companies that give away laundry and everybody gives away a major prize toe one of those potential brides and what you're doing is showing them your work you've created a network for them to come and they met you they like you they take away about two for your studio think about how many different events what you could do it for seniors think what you could do for seniors you know who's big for seniors right now make it work for them make them want to come public offense gift bags, charity functions these are the places that you go that, uh charity is working to help people and you can be part of that you can give away gifts shoots advertise your business to the people who to the people who are doing the charity so at a black tie event average black tie event is two to three hundred tears at one hundred dollars each these people are there because they often feel like they want to give back there they're wealthier and they're not necessarily your clientele it's not what I'm saying but what I'm saying is there not there there to support the charity and your gifts go to those people which support the charity more then you get to give back to the community and advertise your business whenever I did a charity event I would always make them play an audio visual and give away the open give away you know stuck to the bottom of your tear somebody gets a one thousand dollar photo shoot I get this really works this here gift voucher using a good felcher just choose the woods and the money on the gill felcher that's the only thing that changes this one here gift vouchers okay gift vouchers giveaway eight hundred dollar photo should choose the word and change the gift felcher this one here exposed gift vouchers selling gift vouchers just change the words on the gift voucher this one here hallmark holiday gift voucher right number one let's do a gift voucher all it's two two hundred gift vouchers let's change the dynamics let's change the graphics let's change the font let's change the colors its removal a few petain's around and my god felt it does not look like anybody else's in the world okay, so as you work through public events gift with purchase oh you could do this with a gift voucher and the cool thing is every time I say that would give felcher I'm referring to either a brochure a gift voucher or something that I'm going to give you is a template that you can create for your studio that can go out digitally so even if you can't afford printing this can go out to everybody you know on e mail right now tomorrow by doing it and this one here's easy a gift with purchase is when you go to somewhere where there's a whole other sea years you ever talked to a senior photography and you look at what seniors are buying right now whatever that little novelty issue by two hundred of them and then you sell a photoshoot for forty nine dollars instead of giving it away for free because there's no such thing as a free lunch, they get that little trinket and it's gonna cost less than fifty dollars because you have to be profitable and then they come in one hundred percent because they've paid for this shoot. Now they might have paid forty nine dollars for a shoot, but they'll spend whatever your averages and that is gift with purchase. Even better, you can become a gift with pitches so let's say you approach a business that sells something else like when I go to the bouquet the florist down the road and I say look, every time somebody comes in and buys a mother's day bow care flowers, could you give away a three hundred dollar mother and daughter makeover and photo shoot from my studio here? And then I'm the gift with purchase that you could do that with the vouches I'm staff incentives and evangelists there are certain people in your life and business that air evangelists um I have a very good friend angela beer was the marketing gary that helped me build my math link she taught me about about to marketing she taught me about business to business she taught me about on networking she was one of the brunettes I'm angelo is one of the most dynamic marketing gurus are they the same? She built a business from going on shark tank which is not called shark tank in new zealand but it's like you're shocked tank here and and I can remember it's called in the u k um and basically she taught me this and she's what I call an evangelist cause even after two years of networking with her she still would sell my business like and I am the same I'm an evangelist when I want something I'll tell everybody like I loved haley's wick, I'll tell everybody I like doesn't go on my website I will tell everybody I'm what you call it evangelists if you want to keep me being an evangelist for your business, you need to look after me okay? Because I am free marketing and I'm I'm the best thing you will ever get because I'm a one hundred percent evangelists preaching marketer for your brand for nothing okay, now when these people exist for you you harness them and you find a way to contribute back to them you find what they need from you because what they need will keep them being an evangelist that angela's still to this day even in new zealand emails facebook's man goes if you were in new zealand right now I could give you one hundred photo shoot she is one hundred percent committed in believing in what I do one hundred percent so you find those people and often they work with you around you or they become clients gift them consistently thank them they're just run into them and like hey you've been telling me a lot to work to have a look great staff you know or some make it happen support what are they what do you need from me and stay connected to those people now every now and then you get a couple of psycho of angeles they want to be your evangelist but it kind of just also want to be based brain and everything and I just kind of and it feels like an awkward relationship and that that's hard work but you have to find a way to manage that because these people are actively helping you so you do have to find a way to make that work for you um you could give them thousand is change the language on them change the words change the meaning but you could actually give them something to give away people when they're being your promoter you can gift them every year when the thousand dollars with a free family portrait because of you simply fifty shoots that's the least that they deserve you could give them one of your vouchers oh don't you see I wrote this in time marketing plan around give vouches with a dollar value and not so not afraid outer. Just about her to me about you. Whether you get it online or get it in your hand says come experience this what happens when you get a gift? You go and do it right? I buy you a gift voucher from my surgery birthday go have message you might you might have a bad mess. I'd never go back there again. But what happens if you walk in there and have the message of your life? Then what will you do go there all the time by another gift voucher? Because that's what we do right business to business marketing like angela. She works for me. I work for here. Um I support angeles business as much as she supports mine. I support angela is a speaker. She speaks about marketing she's dynamic I was is being priest with here mostly when I made it, I was incredibly, um no confidence. So bright eyes that looked at her and wished I head the confidence that she had. And she taught me to be the person that I am now by being the person that she is because I admired her so much, um and that network, when you build that network, you can do videos for them, you could do photography for them but they might not be other photographers don't network with other photographers unless you can find a way to bring each other business. It doesn't work network with whoever is in your brain a few bridal network with bridal people if you are glamour, but what network with here starless you know, if you're portrait photographers, network and community network with the people that will actually bring you with and then there's a course the book um, in this so many different ways that you can create this, and this afternoon I'm going to show you the issue book that I've created around jill around jill story in paris, they're all single handedly blow your way because what you haven't probably considered is that that now is digital, and for twenty dollars a month, you have unlimited publishing on issue dot com unlimited pup. I should have warned issue, but we're going to get a lot of things you get unlimited publishing in unlimited, unlimited band with basically yeah, so unlimited vanquishes yeah, and they monitor that man of raiders that you have to your magazines. Now you can embed that or plug into your website, and it also exists on the issue website, so anybody looking at issue dot com could read my book about jill it's the same as a video page basically and isn't that incredible? Because it has nothing to do with moving footage now we've got an online magazine that is on my website and it is visually spectacular, so when I take you through it this afternoon, you're going to be like, wow! And one of the most well moment that you're going to experience is as a double page magazine design uh so didn't shoot full bleed for the pages because I was trying to shoot for the video, which was horizontal, so I have to do double page spreads or cut my image is down so you don't want it to look like a album, a photography album you want it to look like a magazine or book now two workshops existed here it creative live in the last two weeks when was pds with jason hop? I bought it, I bought it because I want to make my pds in directive I want to make them sixty I'm going to do it on issue. I want my links to go to video and I think that will be the most dynamic marketing I'll be able to do over the next month the other one was three days ago I haven't looked at it yet because I'm too busy preparing for this, but when I do look at it it is online publishing my books and who was that girl I met her eric again they're just answered two of my marketing christians for the next year and a half I can online publish an issue I can make my pt it's interactive that that's just ridiculous I looked at that and then all my presented with kelly stare it next week because here community but families cats and dogs kids faces I would put this community book online it's time it's great it's there I can't wait to show you issue I just want to go through one thing I tried to get rid of my blogged doesn't said hell no uh what amy said hell no doesn't see it this is what traffic you're getting from it this is how I built my block so I want you to look at there if you haven't seen it before very important it's forty percent content can you go to give something people don't come this no such thing as a free lunch you get forty percent content the rest you have to read you know you get forty percent positive opinion we're not there to slam anybody else talk about anybody else and spread hate that's pointless I'm gonna ruin your business ten percent personality most of us have at least team same personality wade got ten percent cell okay you are not to sell tell cells house hell celle celle don't you drive people away. You were not there to sell u there to communicate, you're there to connect. Okay, you need to facebook one today if your community is on facebook and you need to roll out what your facebook I don't actively think about this like one day I'm funny one damn stupid one day I'm linking people one day I'm selling what I'm doing one day I'm talking to other people, but I try to keep it interesting because I want to connect with all the people that I'm on facebook with and twice a day for twenty you can hit twitter twice a day, the peak times for twitter traffic uh, it's, even steady pacific standard time twitter blows up around the world seven thirty in the morning so if you get up nice and early and you're on that first feed everyone's waking up sliding their first twitter feed wednesday afternoon to thirty pacific standard time, the twitter explodes again biggest influx and facebook is around that time two thirty in the afternoon post lunch going backto work on boss's time you know that's how everyone with twitter and facebook I spoke around these times if I ever jump on facebook or twitter and the feed is running so fast that it keeps saying new stories new stories that's when I go and post images because that tells me that the feed is running so fast that my friends are all actively there right now feeding, writing, reading because you you feed facebook then you look at other things you catch up with your latest feed you run down the feed and that's when you should be jumping on the feed. Secondly, remember hot freed hot street is my role when I post on facebook I don't post unless I have a least ten minutes close by so I might be editing I might have the ipad sit up and I'll be editing I will do it when I'm close by when I'm waiting in a room I won't like it if I'm waiting for an appointment I will facebook status and in state on facebook I will wait till the feed starts to react to whatever I'm saying and I will respond in it feed the sick and I responded that feed the feed row it's because people like sue didn't just write something and walk away she's there I can talk to her I'm accessible and that people write the craziest funny things cerebro just like my pose I just think what I liked it it was funny you know I come here I'm right here I am not a this is this is facebook, and I get it it's, facebook, but the truth is, is it is the one thing that connects you to may because I can answer all of your e mails and we can have multiple multi three conversations with me, and I'm right there. I'm remembering your name, you know? And I do I meet people at mystic and I knew who they were, and I'm not always friends on facebook, and they're like, I'm like you an obvious name to me. You're always on my fade. You're always commenting you always clear there you're always smart, you support me so I know who you are. Course, I know who you are, it's my network it's, not a star profile here. We do not exist on these social media's because I'm lady gaga. No, I'm a human being that wants to integrate, enter into react also, I'm a human being that wants to interact with my network. Um, blogging, kitt, keep it happy. Give, give, give, happy, give happy. Give happy, happy, give, give and that's. Why? Because my bloggers ran important. I thought the world was moving away from blogging I've read lips too this week, that would imply the opposite. I think the blogging is developing into maura online magazine when you see issue you will see why because anybody now could make it. There are little online magazine use later and frankly that excites the hell out of me what you're about to see this afternoon after lunch with issue and the templates is going to make you go I can have that prisons now in a week and all I have to do is learn how to put words on an image on on photo shop and then exported us and then sorry save it is ajay pig and then drop it on it is idiot ruth you know idiot proof and fear proof no fear involved the fear only comes from singing it out and crying about who's going to criticize it. I just want to mention that dollies one of the logs alley follows she's fourteen this girl she has issue on it and she makes a magazine a month and gets contributors and values that contributed and makes a little article. It is amazing. So sally thirteen years old is contributing to a fourteen year olds online magazine right now even and how inadequate to you'll feel right now this is the future facebook and twitter hot thread microblogging etiquette do not sell connect I just walked through seattle airport with my skirt tucked into the back of my tights yes, I did that and susan water didn't even notice good friend got my back there and some other gentlemen did and I facebook that and I got a thousand likes and comments about it and you get I'm a dork that helped works but I need to make it real and I do make it israel as I came to me every now and then I feel like I overstepped the mark on facebook I'm too outspoken about something or maybe say something where I'm very passion I get a bit passionate as you might have noticed and I run with things that I probably shouldn't run with them and then I often think about them afterwards and think should have shut your mouth why did you write that? But you know at the end of the day I might lose one or two people over saying something but the truth is if I'm being genuine and then it's important man, you you ever share the like smooth faced thing I don't I post a blood post which goes out to fourteen hundred subscribers I only have fourteen hundred subscribers on my block even though I can have up to eight thousand traffic today because my subscription keep dropping off my old wordpress but dusty's now fixed that so my subscribers will go out make it that to email the first thing I do is go into my wordpress I go copy short link I go into facebook, I go facebook, personal page, it paste, right? Click sheer facebook, supervise photographer out, and then I write something about it. And if there's an image associated to the blood, I post the image on both facebook pages because I want two. If you don't want to go and read the blood, I just want you to see the beautiful image that's associated with their block post. Now I don't block more than two or three images because you're wasting your time, it's about enticing people with words, not fifty images or hundred images from your latest waiting, and then I go in a copy and paste twitter on the block suzette creative life, and then I walk away and my marketing is sit already for the day, and then I chicken to facebook an hour later, and I write a personal status, which keeps people to me because I've just done the sell, sell, sell in a blood post, all the blood post was personal, and they're talking about it. So I get on the street that time managed by social media. Now, when people e mail me and say, um, who manages your social media, that that really is that, you know, that stuff I write, you can't make that stuff up, that really is. You know, my friends and new zealand were like, is your life really as good as it is on facebook? And I said, well, I don't know how good you think it is. Well, I think it's pretty good um I try and be as genuine as I can it's my to my true self, so I think it resonates with people I think your personality resonates pinterest deviant art flicka google these us there are so many avenues here this afternoon we're going to talk about instagram we're going to talk about flicka, we're going to talk about two photographers that have built their career on flicka one is in her mid twenties and one is eighteen years old um he's, a young guy from orange county court, alex stoddard, who basically started to post on flicka images on flicka he started to build a network conflict by looking at other photographers he did a three hundred and sixty five days photo a day challenge and his images became so good he now has his own website and he has a he huge, huge, huge future hideous nineteen years old. We're going to talk about missing yella just created an entire brand is getting fishing campaigns larry jade david and I are exactly we she started getting book covers getting work from fifteen years old this is the future ofthe photo sharing we're going to talk about andreu bartholomew hundred thousand followers on instagram and how that's getting him work and how, just by posting our pictures on different websites, we can build other communities other than facebook because facebook exists is a friend's community and it also exists is a business community, but at the end of the day there's all these other mediums that none of us a pad off, I'm not on pinterest I'm not on deviant at I am on flicker, but I think I put cg shots up three years ago and never looked at again. I'm not on countries on and I'm not on google pass and yet every day I get email saying they're better due to the circle, the circle, the circle now I get you have to manage multiple multimedia, but the one that suits you you have to choose this afternoon because when it does suit you, when you make it work for you, it really works for your business very, very important just to make the effort to try, um, current database. Okay let's, go back facebook twitter etiquette log community book issue magazine nothing to do with ouch is, but I want to show you how to design an issue magazine, and luckily, I've designed you templates said that you can put them on your issue magazine so you you go all that's a beautiful design you drop it into enter photo shop and it's got nine holes and you fill the holes with your images until they look really awesome you flatten it, you save it is ajay pig then you drop it on the issue page and you've created a magazine and we've given you multiple templates to do that so that's going to be on there? We've got a blogger we've got our block it a kit which is feeding our video blawg is keeping your clients active and it's a great way to advertise your designs to great way to advertise or gift vouchers and it's a great way to connect to your audience that's more about social media then we've got facebook and twitter which actually has nothing to do with vouchers or brochures that has everything to do with you personally. So this is where I don't want to be sold to. This is where if I'm going to be friends with you dustin, I need you to be my friend I don't need you to sell your stuff to me on facebook what you need to sell to mei is yourself tell your life too may sell your wife to may sell your dreams today itself that to me in terms of connection don't sell may your vouchers okay sell the connection to me and the vouchers come after that penn tree stephen at flicka had talked lots more about that current database membership in connection, the karen database thing. Most important thing, I think we should talk about that more. I know that there's gonna be questions about current database great way to use gift vouchers if somebody has spent money with you and they came in on a gift out a two hundred dollar gift voucher two years ago, then it stands to reason if they spent a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars or three thousand dollars that you could easily give him a five hundred dollar gift out to come back and get an updated family portrait, you should be managing these people regulate they should be like a constant stream off network, not just past clients that you might meet in the street and go our that's right? We did your, um, had to have you being don't remember your name, but anyway, thanks for spending all that money with me and having images that will last for a lifetime. Thatyour children's children's children will own because they're priceless. No, think about it by seeing you again, I think I photographed here um pitch pitch with enthusiasm, pitch with action, the cool thing about the designs that we've done for the vouchers and the templates is you can pitch without selling because they are visually beautiful, yes and when you do pitch, you don't pitch on the sale, you pitch on the enthusiasm of what you do. Hayley doesn't need thio cell may how much her videos cost she needs to pitch me on watch we could make for me, so when she rings me, she is not all about there that's going to be five thousand dollars because I'm out then really? You talk about money first, um, she pictures may on ideas we could do this, we could do this, we could do this, we could do this, we could do this all my god, I'm there, that is enthusiasm you pitch with enthusiasm in action, you're always winning like I've seen it a million times if I'm going to do something, I do not say I'm thinking of joining a gym because the front so I thought I'd go the gym that's a waste of money, you'll get a personal trainer, you pay six hundred dollars, I never went. All they hear is a ll the reasons that didn't work for you alot reasons that wouldn't work for may and instead I could say, I'm looking at jim's and I'm really excited about this one that I just found, so I'm going to go and do the free week trial where you're not going to put me down now because I'm already doing it. That's called pitching with action, I don't need to explain my life to you and ask for acceptance and most people do this they some help pitch thinking that your feedback will change, your food will change my course as it does and it's like you never support, may remember never say anything positive. Well, maybe you're not being very positive instead of saying what you want to do, just stop doing it and just go. I've been walking every day now I'm going to join the gym. I'm so excited about it, nobody's going to look at you and go, don't do in the gym, you're so excited, all people want to talk about is what they're excited about think about it if you're excited about it, nobody's going to put it down, nobody's going to stop you? Only when you pitch from a question do you get put down? You know, I'm thinking of doing this not you can't do that well, guess what? I arrived in australia four years ago on valentine's day and nobody knew media, nobody not a single person and I had to launch myself to the australian public to the australian market is a portrait photographer and it was hard it was hard because I was stuck in that I don't know how to do this. And I was like, I'm a portrait photographer instead of look, I'm seeing bryce and this is what I do and I love that night I've been doing this for years and I've built a successful business and I start going backwards really, really fat really fast, really fast, really fast, and I realized I was pitching without any enthusiasm and without any action, I was looking for validation and what I was doing instead of pitching through it and it was making some big mistakes and I lived it and now I've learned to do it the other way around, I just pitch with enthusiasm people are always excited about enthusiasm. I lent that in the tim fierst book I've always said he quotes this and I've always said it to who that for years the opposite to love is not hate that's angry love the opposite two lovers indifference, so if they don't love you, they're indifferent if they hate you the jealous or angry at you for some reason, but if they love you, they love you. If they don't love you, they're indifferent toward like they don't care they see you, they they feel nothing that's indifference, that's the opposite to love well, he said the inn business the opposite to boredom, of course is excitement and that is success because successes anything you're excited about if you're excited about it, you're going to make it happen. You're gonna go to the gym if you get excited about it, you're going to shoot video if you're excited about it, you're going to market your business if you're excited about it because every time I made a beautiful voucher, I wanted to show people my work, but I'm not showing them my work. I'm showing them a gift voucher guess what? Every time I go, look at my new I did the shoot now like, is it a gift voucher? And we're marketing myself out of excitement not out of I hope I get clients and that energy shift huge influx into my business. The billboard, the studio, the images, that website if free physical representation you have right now with your folio on flicka on goo on pinterest on your website. Everything right now is your online folio eighty eight eighty nine percent of people will buy a product after watching a video example of the product being demonstrated and over half the population believed that the website or single handedly the tomb and whether they will go to your business or not and that is growing because now we understand also remember the website can be very fraudulent in the sense that you can get this idea that people have got the goods and they haven't you know, they could steal photos, they could steal words, they can copy design, and then you get there and you realize they haven't, but that same media that can blow someone up will destroy them if they are not sincere, but they're not genuine, and they do not have the goods because remember, it comes back to emotion, connection service so you might be at attract people with lies, but you can't keep them, and you certainly can't get them to pay you, and so then you don't have a business. So if you lie, you will be found out very fast on the same media, and then the same media will spread your life, and so it will undo you very quickly. Marketing on the periphery. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to take you some through some peripheral marketing ideas in the next sequence, because after we do templates and give you all these ideas to write stuff out, I now want you to stop going one more level out, okay? So we started with what we are, what we love. Then we went out to what we want, what we do, how much we want, then we went out and said, these are all the avenues, I can see opportunity, and every avenue has another twenty avenues in it and now I'm going to show you how to write the words and the boards and the brushes and the vouchers so that you can attract those people now you're going to go one more peripheral and instead of saying how can I get photoshoots how can I market my business outside of my product that keeps bringing people to my product and that's good marketing on the periphery and it's a really interesting thing to look at because when you're explained it to you when it when it is explained to you you go oh there is a whole lot of ways that I can get attention to my brand without trying to sell a photo shoot you know what I mean telling the story about creative life that's peripheral marketing you've chosen something that is not selling a photoshoot to tell a story to the world that will get you work and get you noticed and getyou out there and keep you excited um I built a makeup room that's how I did peripheral and then I'm advertising to the makeover not just the photo shoot so I was constantly looking for peripheral then what han and I did was we created peripheral marketing by creating haley did sort of postcards and little doubt just like this and I did palms and gift cards so I'm going to show you that when we come back on the periphery so that you can actually start creating product that you were giving away that has nothing to do with your photography business but that will drive market straight back to your photography business and we both do it and I didn't know she did it and she probably doesn't know that I do it so I'm going to show her mind she's going to show me shit show you hiss on and then well and then we'll come up with some cool ideas to do more because when hayley and I start talking about stuff like this remember I won't okay then we're going to go back to this um if I stood here and told you my biggest downfall I said this in every creative life I said this in every workshop I am not perfect I am not special everybody special human means a special but I am not unique in the sense that what I do is anything great this is my biggest downfall even now to this day is a business ana this is my biggest struggle to deliver a service because as soon as my service fourth down I lose referrals it still happens to me now and don't think or she's too by she surprised that's not the way it goes it's like this if I screw up and I still do if I screw up that goes out there and then supervise gets a bad reputation your reputation is the most important thing that you can hold in your business referrals is huge marketing. It is also one hundred percent bike was the quiet. The clients have qualified because whatever the person that referred you spent, the next person will spend it, and that is hugely important. And I need to reiterate the importance of these two words in your business as marketing. And now this is not marketing service, and delivery is not marketing, and yet referrals will bring you the most amount of work for doing no work at all. And yet that will get you bums on seats, if every single time, the if it you put into delivering the service and following it up, we'll give you multiple with bookings.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

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