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Shoot: Video Demo Test

I thought I'd be good to show you before we do the shoot of the couple a shoot of something that's very static and might be something you shoot on a thirty day filming project so I'm not going to stop my show I'm just gonna film I'm only going to use what I used online which is the camera strap and thirty five mil lens let's turn it on and im going to a screen so I have to focus here so what about getting sick there if you're watching that but first oval probably my go to for the flowers would be something like and I don't like that that screen books so bright okay um so embraced my elbows in like this I'd get a shot that I'm kind of happy with or I might I might go in like tight like this it's close as my lands will focus and I'll press record but I'll start out here and I'll go in and that is not a steady is normal but I'm looking the wrong way um so I'd start out here go into focus so recorded that now I might do a wider one like and maybe my feet should be in it I kind of like that...

too that way too much andrew says on instagram I do it all the time okay say here's my toast you know what there's a quick way to do this that's better while the cord so cute toes and a bit of flowers and I'm gonna I'm gonna pull focus between my feet that looks shocking um my fee just explain again when you say pull focus okay, so if you watch the screen I should be going from the flowers and focus pulling down to my feet thank you see that blouse it and focus now my feet are in focus so that's just a couple of ideas now might just do sorry I wasn't filming so attend itself off if I had a small child or leanne handy um I would also do something maybe like this and this might not work and I haven't tried it which were meant to do in the break so don't humiliate myself but, um this is good because even if I do this is what happens. Um the flower is in focus and lee and you're gonna come I don't like those florissants but just pretend is no and or I could frame off a bit better yes, and I could move the flowers where I want them. Okay, no fluorescence I've got it in focus on the flower land you're gonna come smell here. Okay, so that's three shots I've done of these flowers um actually didn't record that so I don't I don't know if I need to, but I'm going to say, could you do it again? Lean perfect you did a great job and I like that her hair comes in and goes out of focus I didn't pull that so haley would you mind just going over your settings for everyone sure sure yes that would be awful thanks for me okay uh I'm shooting it f two point two and I'm still recording access footage always useful I s o six forty and I'm two hundred well look who's over there uh so yeah, I just change that for whatever lighting situation you're in and as long as it looks good eat it ok, so we've done three different examples now if I had a smaller camera I would be putting this like this and in fact on london tried to do it ruining my flowers what am I doing to do that later on I don't like it actually so I'm not doing it I need a wider lens for something like that and again you could do similar tow you smelling that was someone picking one out uh but I need a wide lens for something like that and also I really did stuff those flowers up so then we could do I'm going to shoot this way sorry to put my back to you guys but and I want a bit of a blue will not a couch and uh right from my screen I'm putting my strap on I'm pushing against my neck with the strap and I'm going to do what I tried to do remember I showed you mine? My thirty challenge that I had a bunch of flowers on my table and I was like I said that I did a pain that was, like twenty seconds long and it was so boring I went from I think I did, I think from my feet and I went up like this let's get it in focus that looks actually and then I went e and got my feet in, so I'll do that for you to illustrate the point, but think how long that would have been in that film would've been ridiculously long, sir. Nice green shoes and let's pool and I'm going to run away in focus. Excellent. Really? And let's pull back probably would do that like three times before I got it right e my body is a tripod that's bad that doesn't separate e shut up instead shooting hoops. Um, okay, another one I do is probably round it and I don't have my figuring, but this is kind of where that's unknowingly, but anyway, um, I would do something like how am I gonna best make this feel good, okay, that feels good for the angle I want to do I need a little bit of cord links hey, haley request from you because there are so many people who are still new to this concept of whole focus. Okay, so if you could and I know yesterday when sue was talking about her ah ha about like turning one way or the other if you could talk through that for people while you're doing this, that would be yes. Um okay, so when when times when you're doing a still your you just have to focus in the one spot and nothing's moving, but with the beauty of video is it actually looks beautiful if you pull between two different things and focus in that benny and sam video you saw their hands were in focus and then the grass were I was in focus that's pulled so one I've pulled from something that's in the full grand to something in the background, so I might film lee and all the flowers from the same position but a different focus point and at one point four or two that's going to look really nice say, you know, you have to do to pull the focuses turn your string so that great no that's really that's really helpful and then yeah, and then if we can, so I'm turning, seeing whatever it needs actually has a little meters and fi thing on my islands that tells you how far away you need to be so this is point three I can be in focus at point three let's have a look up there telling which is that what that thing is for? Hey, so I had to do back with wearing focus at that's, his closest this lens gets and then if I was to pull the focus, I'm gonna step back and get my shoes and I'm doing a message of that, but, hey, yeah, so I've pulled in as far as my lens will go you go thank you that's. Great. Thank you. So I'm gonna do another shot of the same thing and let's hope you're going to get to be in this one see that's not working for me either. Let me just this is exactly how I should I'm trying this, I'm trying that I don't my client's, I'm sure wonder, but the end of it, if I'm actually going to get anything good because I'm like a knave, it didn't work sorry, that looks terrible, but I wouldn't recommend saying that actually, wade took you, okay, so I'm going to keep it in focus. The focus point probably only a little bit of space around me, and we're focused now I'm going to press record. And just bear in mind that I'm not going to use my first step in the video it's gonna be messy, especially this thing so I'm holding my elbows in tight the camera's gripped against my body I am the tripod and I'm walking trying to keep the same distance on without being able to see it all that's and I think about going back the other way now that's hatta let's go this way okay, so and that is what I'm doing about to take it up so we've done overhead we've done in the flowers that didn't really work but at least I tried it someone smelling the flowers we've done what about just a straight shot if I pull focus just pretend your darling my daughter and she's sitting there reading a book and I thought, how nice would it be so when when my content is really static I used the full focus to give me something else so a little more interest I can't see anything at all let's see well that's quite a good um a little low there okay, so we're going to go from the flowers stops mr to hear that hurts my neck back to the flowers and leanne is reading a book a condom and see if your focus but I think you look um you get the point okay then I think I want some movement. I always want me really my shots and these flowers getting old anyway, because I squashed them so I'd put them on the table and I would get land. My trusty assistant to pick the flowers are so beautiful to, um and I would say, pop them in your hand, let's, mix him up a bit and I'm gonna put it on this much this time. Okay? Wait for the screen and we'll get this in focus and I want you, teo, gently drop them that poor out of your hand and I might paint down on that. I could have shot that from below. Let's, scoop those up again. I could have shot that from below. You're gonna drop them on my lens. Let's, try that record that let's. Just get something in focus first, so I'd go. I want the focus point to be in the middle when they fall in and out. Then let's go cool, huh? So I just had a lot of fun playing with my father's. Any questions around this kind of thing? This is basically well, I do everything I should. What else can I do? I just keep going. Uh, I could keep going, but I'm gonna do something else, another static thing hey, could you talk a little bit about again auto versus manual focus and what you were doing and why okay, so and then also if you could tell everyone about points of contact as well what's it like having three points of contact all right? Well okay, so also the focus I learned to manually focus on the five day mack too and I still do this does have an order focusing but it bugs me out I don't like it I don't know why that doesn't sound good uh you will be saying oh uh why don't I like it? It doesn't do it fast enough for me I I know where I want it and sometimes it doesn't pick where I want it I feel like scrolling through for the focus point isn't good I I'm uncomfortable now manually focusing and it sort of suits what I'm doing so that's how I do it uh what was the question? Points of contact? Three points of contact reports contact ok, so if I hold my I'm going to show you the video footage I hold my elbows out, get something and focus okay sir here's me moving with this would you? If you're like still getting used to manual focus, would you recommend that we like auto focus before he started cording something like that? Did you ever do that when you're starting out well the max who didn't have that facility you only could manual focus so I didn't ever start out with that option I would I would definitely play with it and see it might suit you and and I might be missing out so yeah, I would take anything I say an experiment with it to see what suits you once he kind of developed your style do you feel like you're kind of focusing in between those those amounts that you like general anyway so your hands kind of naturally know I'm still surprised I go their own way way so embarrassed to say that but I do want to really encourage people is well because I am feeling like I've been filming all this time and I still go the wrong way I feel turned the lens focused the wrong way small times than I care to mention great okay, so this is the feature of you eyes what you look like on tv I'm going teo I'm not actually I'm not even going to use this strap so let's have a look how how steady can I I'm so used to looking in I like it feels wrong okay, so let me just unlocking ok? This is how you even focus you're coming in okay that's that's what it looks like may just walking I'm actually a lot steadier than I used to be even like this okay and then my three points of contact I've got neck brace I've got elbows in its looking good and I don't want to trip on that that's just okay and we're scrolling along are you focus? Can you see the difference? I'm sorry just tripped on my own foot yeah, it is quite I noticed a difference in the edit hugely so yeah, that explains it. I am a trifle okay, I shouldn't have said that e okay, well, that looks cool. Should I shoot that now we need two more, so I need somebody else to do that land. Can you do that? I need a color too. Present all over the table there some privilege let's just get the corner in the table and sweep away right now I have let me have a quick look. I didn't record all of them one not that one too. Three, four, five that's a pan up six seven with seven plus the other ones that I didn't like another two. So that's that's what I would do, um let's have a look at something else. Just take this off for a second and pull myself some tea actually, can you pull it because already I'm wanting to see that I'm going in and then the hunting going you, uh my servant hee hee, okay let's have ah uh I am ready when you are so I've got it it's just a normal focus and just stop for a sec. Okay? That's one shot now I want some more tea but I want it from overhead so let's go again, hailey and shots like this if you were doing just like a regular shoot would you be using a tripod for, like, kind of the static shot she's if this was supervises video, cheryl yeah, I'd be von amount of hard overhead only when you're if you've got just a static shot where somebody else is doing something. To be perfectly honest, I very rarely use any stabilizer. I mean, I do have them and I do use him on reporting the tripod for certain things, but you're going to see at the end. Day three the documentary shot, which is largely on the figure, and also, how often will you just put the camera on the table for stabilization? Often knees, table floor. Um, bookshelf books get it to the right height. Uh, well done. I've strapped it to things, gaffer, tape it to something. Okay. Um let's, keep going. Ah, that's quickly get this and I'm just going teo, right fist and vision and pouring actually want closer can you still get in there? And I want the folks to be in the water going in, not yeah, and so let's, quickly get some honey in the shop I did in my thirty day filming project, uh, was of honey pouring into, like, quickly call more water because you need something. So I already know that this shot to the side is gonna work the best, because I've done it before. So I'm going to do what trevor just suggested, and I did on that day and let's, have a look, honey, going in and nice, sickly spiral leeway. Okay, thank you. And if I was going to keep shooting this, but I want to get into the live talent, I would shoot the spoon with the honey coming off it. I would shoot all sorts of things around that, and that would be a nice little sequence at it, and I think we captured three, one, two, three.

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