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Lesson 29/30 - BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Gift Voucher 2


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BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Gift Voucher 2

Let's do more on gift vouchers, let's do more on everything. What I've done here is a multi layer paige this is my new website design, and I could pick this design up. I could drop it on and I could stretch it out, but this is actually being designed that you have to drop six different images on, because if I put my own design on there, then clearly it's not going to fit its being tailored to create it's on page so you would be better to drop on individual images into this grid. I love seeing pamphlets, designs that have multiple images, they're all the same size, I think it's very graphically pleasing. If the images work well together, it is one of the best ways to showcase multiple images on one document, so I won't use it when I need to go and get square images. But what I would do is this is a double page design. It is designed for six images on the left, and you can remove any of those boxes and it's designed for a full page on the right now at aspect ratio so that little eight th...

at I clicked up the top that keeps the aspect ratio perfect balance I'm dropping this image on so it's a full bleed image on the right. I'm dropping it down so that the boxes cover on the live so it's the lowest part ofthe layers and then I'm going to remove that gray box and that is my right side, so if I feel the left side with images and even if they are images of tea white so that they met you shoot or they're behind the scenes images great way to do a double page spread, so I'm now going to take the same shot and I'm going to make him make sorry, a matching gift voucher so she can have a full page blade with behind the scenes footage on the left here in makeup or whatever. Whatever you want to put in, there may be more shots, and then I'm going to take a very contemporary sort of very easy contemporary voucher design I'm going to drop her image on their now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click that gray polystyrene box and I'm that's the one I can turn it on and off just to see if I've got the right one. I'm gonna double click the color it's watch there and I'm going to touch where I want to match and it's instantly made that box the same colors her background, which is a navy blow in straightaway I love it, I accept it, but I think the gray is too too obvious that stands out, so I'm going to find that great box on there, and I'm going to turn it off now, the words said over the navy blow I think that is beautiful just like that two minutes new template, so again, you could do that with any color under there any color you could match to anything on her let's say I wanted to match a pink skirt and they do a pink background same thing with tiffany shot, I'm going to drop it on, but heaven, look at the problem here. The problem here is because it's crop so tight who face can't be brought up to stretch right out even it I can't change the aspect ratio, so when I stretch it out, who faced takes up too much of the voucher and the words start working against themselves so you will have to pull back or get images that pull back or you will have to learn how to extend your images in photo shops. I'm going to show you how to do that. I'm going to move your face away from the writing because I feel like the writing is competing with your eye, which will never work also, I have to change the color of the writing now, so what I do is I go to the background, which is the grey background underneath and I'm going to a select that background so I've gotta fill this but here's I goto background and then I go on command which and I say fill and then I select the dark blue on the side of the shot and then I say okay and that fills it out now that looks wrong because I can see the line so what I would have done with this image is I would take the woods off and I would flat in the picture and then I would blend the image so that the background is extended. There is another video on extending backgrounds that you can watch how I do this it's so simple and then you blend it line out, you change the name and I've run into another problem. I want to change the font and the writing toe white but it now goes into the flower but luckily I can pick up any one of these titles and moved them tio anywhere I want instantaneously so there we can make the gift out to work. If we extend the background that will work with any image, you just have to make it fit with the templates and then pick the colors and extend the backgrounds accordingly watch the background extension video it's on here as well and it's a great way for you to learn how to extend your own images for design

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