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Promote Your Studio with Showreels


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Class Introduction

I had a dream that video was an ex big thing probably about four and a half years ago to write a week that they announced the arrival of the birth of the five d mac two and I will never forget the that that conversation with a friend of mine I woke up and I said I think videos and expect thing and he was like have you heard ken in the border out of camera that shoots video and my life changed that day haley stories a little bit different she's going to tell you why but for may a stills photographer that had been the stills photographer for eighteen years I'd started to get bored and when I saw that the film was coming I understood it so I tried everything to include it into my business and it didn't work and it didn't work for most of the photographers in the world that I've spoken to and I realized over the next four years why it didn't work and so I'm going to show you why it didn't work and now I'm going to show you why it will work from now on because it wasn't a market of in produ...

ct and in order to become a product that the world wants we have to first advertise with it shoot with it and use it so it's really too may become the ultimate marketing tool from my business when I saw haley both armies work I was so blown away, I thought, I want to do this, I want to lend us, and I want to use this in my business and so I've started doing that and eight years ago when I made this marketing plan that I'm going to share with you, social media was not on that marketing plan. Now it is eighty five percent off what I'm doing, and it is eighty five percent driven client driven to my business. So this entire workshop is about breaking it down from the bottom up and then using it to make money. So I said to hayley, we talk a lot about self mastery here, and I just as people as friends, we talk a lot about our dooney teo desire to be really good at what we do but really heavy. And I came to the conclusion that in order to become some really good at something, you just have to love it so much that you want to do it every day and that all the time and the one thing I think that we both do is we both practice what we love. So I said to haley, or we have to do, then is show everybody out there had a fall in love with it. You know said that they want to do it every day and this woman will show you how to do that because she loves what she does as much as I love shooting glamour and I know that my enthusiasm for glamour permeates so who's for film will permeate through you so let's go through what we're gonna show everybody over the next three days and you all excited about it and then because most of you do know my story and I have done three creative lives I'm going to leave so that you get to know hayley and I'll be back later on in the day when we got here how to use it, how I use it what to do with it and what gear use everyone wants to know that you're gonna be quite shocked by this a lot of people going by every single you know thing on the market that they need to shoot video with and hayley has a lot of equipment but she uses very basic equipment and she's going to show you how to use all of her basic equipment in the most basic way so you don't have to feel like that you have to be fully kitted out is the film mike I don't have to buy everything and in fact I've shot a video using one camera no support system I'm gonna show you that and how to do that and it's fun and awesome so also sound I think sound is probably about as important as anything else in fact other than the edit sound is top of my list and that's where I sack I second piggy music I'm I like music and I and and I love the feel of music I get that if movies they edited to music but when I go to do it I can not do it, so we're going to show you a hole of a different way to do it if you feel the same ismay because I still I listened to eighty songs last night for a video that I've kind of video for who to critique live she hasn't seen it she's gonna pull it apart and you're all gonna laugh at me and that's cool because I made some really good mistakes and I well, they did some good things and susan roderick is on the chopping block as well because she assisted me and was taking cameras so yeah, very hard music dad so it's a good one for us music is fantastic and also had a edit to music that's really important. So then we've got we're making a show really for well, we have and you're going to see the behind the scenes that and um also we're going to reveal it to them so obviously came and chief aboard along two hundred images how many images do saying for my spoiled they bought four hundred images from the portrait studio in california, we edited them shooting, and then we put it together, it's a show reel, and they get a sherry or for the business, and we're gonna talk about how trevor shot most of it, and we shot the shoot in trivia shot most of the footage, and haley jumped in there, and now they've created their own dynamic and little, um, sure, real, and I can't wait to show you for the call. Twenty ways to market your business like a twenty ways to market your business that has an ever knew to visual product. It comes down to this. I've seen video workshops, and I couldn't stay on there for longer than twenty minutes. They don't interest me talking about technical, slightest gliders and steady cams bores the hell out of me, but I know one thing when I watch her story telling I feel it, I cry, I'm moved by it, and so on my client's, because she's made my films on my website, and I know that when I put one of her videos on my website in four months, it gets twenty five thousand hits, I know that what she has done is, she's told a story now her power is in her story, telling and if you can understand that concept and then create amazing little movies, you can make fundamental errors in your editing you could make fundamental errors in your shooting, but if you are communicating with your work, you will sell it to every human being that comes near you because that is what all human beings or connection or marketing should be. It should be a message it should be the truth and it should be visually, visually moving, emotionally moving so that's where we're going with this and it will blow you away so about connecting with people um I'm going to show you how I shot a fusion video and that's the video I did with one camera in the next trap, basically one lens. So, um haley didn't even use any support she has used her next trip against your own need to steady the camera's gonna teach you how to do that it's an amazing fusion video and then the cool thing is after you show it, you're going to break it down and then you're going to shoot a live shoot and replicated so you, khun see stop motion mixed with video and how I do that, how we edit it together, how I had it they're stills and get them into the edit and all that sort of stuff so it's it's gonna be really fun section that also storyboarding the way you storyboard and you create a shoot list the way that your mind works when you say this is where I'm going with this and then, even though her creative mind is exceptional, her technical mind from that the process with what she unfolds it is so incredible. And when she broke it down, I realized that everyone can just learn that process so she's actually laid it out one two team how you can go through that process from idea conception right through the editing, and then you can just take the boxes off and make sure you're getting work down and as you learned that you're going to get better and better and better and making little films preproduction and what's it all about so that's like shirtless and planning and props and storyboarding and ideas, and then how that how that all comes together to share with your client so soon I worked together on quite a few projects and we'll bounce off each other with ideas and then I'll send her a list find me this and how we worked together on all those sort of pre production things, but also have done it on other projects as well and producing you're producing little, many movies and it's really exciting you get to find talent, you get teo several storyboards, you get to be incredibly creative but the one thing that interests me the most is a shooter is the video that I did that's going on the chopping block on saturday, I didn't ride a shit list and I didn't write a storyboard even though I'm incredibly visual and I would do that for a normal glamour shoot, but I was so nervous I bypass two of the most important parts and I missed about forty percent of my story, so when it comes to eating it's like, oh, imagine if we had footage like this, but I I didn't write a story point and say I didn't shoot it say it's not their example on and I could have ended the video with this, but I didn't again we're gonna break down anna and simonas videos, so both of films I've done for soo I'm going to show you how we took what we talked about them emails backwards and forwards and how they came together. So basically when you ring hayley, you can ring haley and say, make me a film and I won't have any part in it. But then when you're supervising your control freak and you ring and you go, I want you to make me a film and I want it to look like this and this and this and haley so e think I don't think you're my client because you know the way I noticed everybody in your videos it's like, laughing and running, but nobody laughs and runs in my videos. A everybody moves in slow motion with blowing here, theo, weird thing is, her energy comes to my beauty shoot, and you can see the cross of it and it's so bizarre, but I didn't hire here because if she does slow motion with blowing here, I hide here because off here look and she brings even my genre right into this millennium like bang, just awesome templates. You're getting templates for your marketing, I'm going to show you I'm goingto six a few up over the next two days with my brand and show you what I can do with all the templates you khun switch out colors, designs, boxes, mating design! You get them by the course, you get all the templates, it's awesome! I'm going to show you filming some filling definitions, basic things which, like closer what's a close up what's the medium close up what's a long shot, those sort of things so that when you go to the shoot and when you're ready shot lists, you know what, you're actually looking a book, so we've done templates for those, so you get those in the course is well. And the cool thing about that pity if is it's a reminder when you are writing the shot list to go for the close up go for the medium go for the different angles if you don't learn this then you will just shoot what I did the same thing and that's it camera two go panting to right camera two go planning to the right and and when you eat it together the entire movie is kind of moving this sway like this and then you realize that it's like oh and also let's hold debt for twenty seconds it's hold that for twenty seconds it's hold that haley heads this way of going up here down here up here, up here up here through here long and then I say, ah but when you're shooting that's gone it just doesn't exist, right? So if you're not riding that visual shot list and teaching you how to do that you will not learn it there's a big one editing do's and don'ts and she's just like this one another one of my videos yes, I'll use one of caesar lee videos and this is something I just love to see okay, she was shooting me for the very first time and every single time I pick up my camera she would be like to change to go to my trailer and I get to getting the camera look in the camera uh should go get me some horizontal oh and then I realized if you wanna look cinematic you need to shoot and film it seeing a vertical story with a horizontal frame when you watch tv you watch a vertical story with a horizontal frame you don't watch it that way you know life exists vertically but we watch it horizontally and now is a photographer to hear I struggle now to turn my camera back up this way I'm so used to shooting this way now I don't want to go back to shooting portrait and it's quite amazing because when I first did a shoot with here I had maybe six images of horizontally and I had eighty five images vertically and she said I can't put them in the video so I had to extend background I'll finish up so they could go in the video you must lend to see now in film but what hailey does is your photographers you see instills all the time but I see somebody and I'm like I see you and still she sees you in motion and now I'm starting to see in motion and I'm so excited by it you know that it's gonna keep getting excited has three days but it's fun it's about putting a one you marketing plane into a business that you can start in february you can hit valentine's day when she hit valentine's day you are running you're running into summer, you're running into your wedding season and you're running through and then when you get to the other side, I want you to start nailing the fact that when you go into a slow time when you go into a downtime that you're already creating marketing and visual product for the end of the year going into two thousand fourteen, the most successful part of my business is that I created a plan I stuck to it and I did it every day if you're excited by it and if it's something that's easy to achieve and that's something that you understand, you will apply it if you apply it you will get work and you will make money it's that simple strongest party business should be the most creative part probably isn't and that's what everybody falls down, they don't get up in market themselves so I'm gonna push you hard on day three about marketing but I have got so many visual ideas for you to create that you'll just be spinning ah paris we went to paris in september issue no met jill at the end of creative live last time and I was going to paris on my own and next thing I had eight girls that girl's our trip to paris a filmmaker had a sound girl uh rwanda came and did all of the sound for hayley and assisted haley jamie came in did behind the same cellie was our tour manager and then we had nicky closer and jill brzezinski conley and we're going to show you her parachute and we're going to show you her paris documentary, which is haley's first doc hey, I am so excited about this I cannot wait to share this phone with you um aside from being a total honor to make it, it was life changing to be involved in but also just the process of making something fifteen minutes long versus three and, uh and a documentary, which is much more interview based in things that I was a little bit new for me and it's a love story, it really is a beautiful love story. You will be enamored by haley's work throughout the next three days, and as you go through to her documentary, you'll realize that the love in storytelling that she puts into anything, even a little show y'all translating everything she does in the public gets it. And if the public gets it, then it's the ultimate marketing tool and it's so visually beautiful so it excite you to linnet so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go and let you meet haley and get to know haley because if I stay here, I'll just talk too much and I'll be happy to see that she was like e you all know I can talk underwater. S o. It was lovely to see you all again for the people who are out there that have tuned in to watch house and it's. So great to have you guys here. And I'm so excited for these three days on to unroll. So shout out on social media. Blow it up. If you like what you say and get excited by this new genre, it is the future ofthe photography. It is the future of our industry, and I'm going to try and say how many tools we can give you so that you can go and apply them to business.

Class Description

Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.