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Lesson 25/30 - BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Single Page


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BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Single Page

A single page design just a real simple let's say you have taken a beautiful shot this is kind of like water water macking shot this could be your cover to your pdf this could also just be something you want to send out to people you drop the shot on with four blade we go command tea so I want to resize it because I like my images I crop in camera so I want to fill that frame like a magazine I bring my image up and my aspect ratio is set so I keep that and then I accept it now that embellishments going over her face is not gonna work I can do two things I contend the embellishment off reckons pick it up and move it let's say I move it and I think oh, it looks nice down there and then I keep designing and I think now it doesn't look good that now it doesn't go there no, no way will dilate that uh this this wig? No, no, I'm not a big and alicia but a lot of people are it works when it works and when it doesn't get rid of it take the apace city down sometimes that looks fantastic know doe...

sn't work for me we go to the tics we have tea for ticks or the ticks tour which is on left inside this looks like a t k t is the short cut on the keyboard you click over photographer name and you hit, uh, command a which selects the entire front of the entire ticks, and you resize it to the size you want. And you choose a font that suit you. So I'm going to sit right about here. These are my favorites. I have lots of favorites, and we'll try a bold we'll try a bold one so photographer's name we see. All I have to do now is a name in here, so I've chosen a nice, bold font. I'm gonna sleep, eh? Since you select there, you could just start typing surprise photographer obviously didn't want to put my name on your pressure or I'll get your wig. Okay, there you go. Except so there is something that I would like to show you when you are overlaying takes over over images, that's, the design thing that I've always loved doing. I definitely like to use white, and I like to play with your pastry, but let's say, I know that there is over the image I don't like boxing in design, I like my images to be full bleed. I think it looks more stylized, more magazine, so what I'm going to do is I am going to change my fund and I can change size. They can change anything I want, but what I want to do is put a little white bar in their bottom, make my name smaller so it stands out more. I think the smaller stands at more than the larger and then I am going to go to that backdrop and what I can change the color to read if I want I mean, there's a million things I could do, but what I want to do is change the backdrop, not the word. So if I click down here, okay, I'm just gonna bring it down, you could box it in like that, but I think that looks lame. I think it looks like a cheaper design into me. It doesn't look like a magazine design because the magazine wouldn't put a word down the bottom and then put a bar and then put an image they would fall, bleed the image and write the word over them. That's a very classic magazine cover, isn't it to have vogue written on your forehead? So what I wanna do here is I am going to create a new layer, so new layer I'll go the menu way, I'm going to do it selection across there, and I'm going to eat it fill on that new layer white and what it's going to do is give me a barrel on the bottom and then I go to a pay city I swiped the word oh pace it is a short cut I drop it down so you can see through it and what then does is it just I can still see the image through there and that's a really well it's a well executed really cool thing to use and designer works you can do side bars that just have ticks in them because it brings your eye to the tics but it does it in a subtle way that the image is still full bleed it's a contemporary way to design it's so easy you can change the color of that hope a city and it works every time and I really like it and it's really simple and I really I think it looks good may guide or something that's a little bit more me let's try so many fronts so many great funds now if you want great funds go to de fund d a if au nt er just amazing you can get free fun shaken by funds if you on the character box if you just touched the funds and the era up and down the keyboard you could just go through multiple fonts and find one that suits you and when you get one that's got you you you can accept it and there it is there's your design you can also make this box bigger and put more ticks in there. If you want to bring attention down, they're beautiful.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.