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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Expert Panel

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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25. Expert Panel

Lesson Info

Expert Panel

So way have a nice panel of people coming on in the next seven minutes or so so it's a it's going to be quite exciting actually they might be coming a little later, but this is the last essentially the last session and in this session I wanted to be I wanted to be a bit of a cuban a I want you to feel like you can ask anything and what we want to do here is sort of practice what we preach, okay that's the concept that we're looking at practicing what we preach, so we're going to do a little bit of a google hangout bring in some of the top experts that I personally know to bring in and share their stories. No, I do want to quickly just let you know who these who these people are. Brandy sweezy ok she's going to be coming in she is a hangout marketing expert she has twenty years marketing and public speaking experience on guy know her personally to be one of the coolest ladies around she's done actual google hangouts for jordan belfour and in a few other big big names on dh she's going t...

o share with us her expertise on some of the things that she does some best practices for doing these live events on any questions that you might have about presenting and how often should you rehearse things like that she can help out with and I'm excited because we have kim beazley and kim beazley is also someone who produces these events as well but kim is also very very good with google plus ok she's going to be helpful tio to share her knowledge about marketing with google plus let me just see if I can remember how many followers she has on google plus camp forgive me if I don't get to get to number correct at the moment but from what I know kim has I think an excess of over two hundred google plus followers from my from my knowledge on dh she has what's known as kim live tv social media strategist and again this is all about how you can leverage the power of google plus to build up your circles and then bring those people into a community and so she also does producing for google hangouts as well all right so we're excited to have her he's a part of my community he's someone who eyes in my facebook group and it's just someone who really is active so I really appreciate her coming on as well fernanda cruz now for nadal fernando I met a while back and fernando is a facebook a guy when I met him he was doing a facebook course since then he's actually gone in and and I know him as a facebook I but but actually he was doing fourteen years of business in niches like salsa dancing and puzzles, and magic and real estate, things like that so he's been kind of all these different niches selling whether their information products or other products on dh he's recently been doing big, big, big webinars, and we're going to find out aa lot from him, as I said, he's making in the last eight months his what his webinars have produced about eleven point five million dollars, and his latest event was shattered the world record for live webinars with over twelve thousand five hundred attendees and generated, I think it's three million one hundred twenty three thousand four hundred seventy dollars within a single replay. So it's going to be pretty big stuff here? Um, so I'm excited to have him on he's going to share his cool strategies for doing these webinars onda again, this is a google hangout, so the goal is that we can have them all on and we can we can ask them questions, and I don't I don't want people, I don't want them on overlay of too much happening with them. I want to kind of go toe one person than the next person than the next person and again, because this is live, their internet might not work on there and again, we have our internet going through here, but their internet might there could be anything that that might arise, so just be aware of that even I know I'm very excited about these people coming on, but one or two, if they fall out, hopefully they'll come back in, but we'll just keep it going like that. Ok, so the next person I'd like to talk about is both rinaldi sobo oh, excuse me, bo is a ah chef entrepreneur, a restaurant tour and a modern day visionary. Bo has over thirty years of innovation in food and technology and is the founder and leader and a visionary pioneer of the organic food movement he's, a best selling co author of cookbooks such as vegan fusion world cuisine, the complete idiot's guide to eating raw and now his latest work, the complete idiot guy to green smoothies eyes now outing, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with the vast worldwide audience, so I'm excited to bring him on because he actually does these summits. He does the summits that that I have mentioned earlier and hey uses the power of google hangout to do the summits, so I'm very excited to bring him on and as I mentioned before, they can do quite well in their in their three days some it's bringing on experts, okay? And then the final guests that we have on is mark smith and I've known mark smith for a while at one point he asked me easy weapon I could do about thirty thousand stream out to thirty thousand people and I said yes and he is the vp of content marketing at harpercollins christian publishing ah, and he has faith gateway, which is a a community that has been built up through harpercollins christian publishing that where they do author chance every I don't know if it's every week or not, but every so often they do author chance and bringing different authors and that community continues to get built up and built up and built up, and I think at one point he said he had I don't know what the numbers are but felt like he said he had built up um twelve thousand people tow one events I have that I don't know for sure the exact numbers on that, but we're going to hear from him and hear how he's using the power of google hangouts to bring an author's that that then talk about their books and then they sell the books on the events. But the monetization is not so much in the selling on the events themselves it's more so building up the community so he's going to come at it from a community side of things okay, so I'm excited to bring kind of everyone on, but do you have any questions about anything that we've covered thus far to date anything about webinars, anything about sponsorships, anyone from the online audience as well you have some more questions are growing into our earlier session about online video et cetera brock alone leo is saying I have an online video of course that I want to sell, but I don't have that youtube to subscriber list. So is there a way to sell videos through youtube youtube? Is it her video and not by the script subscription or do you have to have the subscribers very good question so I it's a video course this I would've yes, an online video so what I do with my video courses is I how's my video content in a membership platform, right? I don't how's it within youtube, I how's it within a membership platform okay membership platform that people have to pay for for getting into that course or that the very least they have to subscribe to get into that course and I don't put that on youtube I how's that with in a different place, so I use the platform I used a couple different ones I use wordpress associated with um wish list and wish list is a a way that I can create membership levels okay within my wordpress site and have my video content inside there and is protected so that only those who pay would come through khun get access to it okay so that's one aspect the other aspect the other one that I have is called good job be and could job is a membership platform that that's pretty robust it's really great the video content is housed in there you can also have a couple different membership levels and that's that's what I'll do essentially I'll have my membership platforms as the platforms for housing my like online content ok a lot of us I want you to start thinking about if you have premium content consider putting that in a membership platform but using youtube and google plus and those various tools to build leads to drive those people into those platforms. So on a webinar when I was showing you a webinar on the weapon or I have my binal button when I'm above to do my pitch excuse me and when I do that pitch they can buy and come through into my course or my membership site so as soon as they click that by now button I charge them maybe four hundred dollars whatever I'm charging them thirty seven dollars a month whatever it may be and by and as soon as I do that they create a membership profile creating that membership profile then brings them into the membership site and inside that membership site is where I have and house all of my video content my text content and essentially I drive them through the course in my membership platform I could actually show you if you want if we if we do have time, I'll go into my computer and share with you one of one of my membership platforms looks like so that you understand that selling a video course you wouldn't put that and how is that content in youtube? Necessarily? Obviously youtube has that subscription model, but you need ten thousand subscribers to do it if you don't want to do that, go and get a membership platform, put your videos in that membership platform and do it that way and just use youtube as that engine to drive traffic right? That's how that's how I essentially do it and then I don't house and use the videos inside my membership platform from youtube I use videos that I control someone asked me this who was it that asked me this about videos, right? Dennis? What did you ask again? Pretty much what you just said how do you keep your premium content private and protected? Yeah that's a good question by the way that I wanted to ask earlier how do you keep make sure that this is protected so that somebody who has the girl to the video I guess shows and I were talking about that to mean is is there a way to keep that locked down so you don't have to worry about it and membership platform is completely on ly built for those who have paid ok, we've come through the membership, but even if even if they're in there, if they decide to take so they pay thirty seven dollars, they take your content and go well, when you say, take your content, you mean, absorb the content and maybe refund? I don't know, I can't imagine what a devious mind would do. Absolutely here's the thing people come in all the time, okay to sites. I mean, you know, you're gonna have people that buy your product just two to re market your product. Is their products sometimes again? It's gonna happen? Okay? You can't you can't really control that. You can control what they can download. You know, if I have my inside could job, which is my membership platform. I have a video up in punjabi. They can't just download that video unless I give them access to download it so they can down. I give access to download my videos. I just do because, you know, it's it's, an eighty twenty rule. I think eighty percent of the people are are probably going to be wanting the content needing a condom. Twenty percent might abuse the content and just deal the content, do whatever with that content, so that's that's how I would do it, but the membership site really protects everything we just another questions we'd like to get to fly has really interesting one, I think, is there a minimum valuable cost for products to make the webinars worthwhile? And is saying I noticed most of the ninety nine dollars or three hundred ish or around a thousand yeah, say what what's the magic figure all figures, it really depends. It really depends on the value proposition of that weapon or itself, doesn't it? It really does that webinar proposition is like I get access to dennis he's going to give me a one on one training, I'll pay the thousand dollars. If his customers are willing to pay a thousand dollars, then he should be charging a thousand dollars to so it really is going to also depend on what customers you're trying to get trying to attract. And you know, if you start selling your product at ninety seven dollars and you build up that audience at the ninety seven dollars, and you try to sell later on, um, something maybe a one thousand dollars uh, if that buyer isn't used to sense to spending that money, they're probably not going to buy and there's a lot of schools of thought on this there's something called trip wiring inside, within the internet marketing world, where you start with a seven dollars, product, you bring him into a seven dollars, product. Then you sell him up, sell them into maybe a forty seven or sixty seven dollars product off, sell them into maybe one hundred ninety seven dollars product where then you take them into maybe for ninety seven to one thousand dollars product it's called trip wiring and theater marking world, which is a terrible name. And I, a lot of us dislike that name because it sounds very deceptive actually trip wiring. I think ryan lee has started saying, calling it the welcome mat so it's more of like a welcome mat. You welcome them. Hey, we'll come into my home, it's only seven dollars to come on in. Come on in and then oh, here we are in my home. Oh, by the way, if you want to get this this very awesome content it's only ninety seven over here, it's only two hundred ninety seven. So that's one way to do it. Me personally, I go straight to ah high value proposition and generally speaking, I like to go to a high price, but that's that's me personally, you're going to lose out on a lot of leads that way, right, but I tend tio try to value my time, my products, my services at the audience that I'm wanting to get what I want to attract a certain audience so I will price my products at certain levels it's on it because, you know, I think we're almost ready to go with the panel, but if you've got time for just one quick question from motion of x, they've been on easy web web in us aside, they're seeing that they can they have their own player is part of the software, but he is wanting to use three or video s o do those videos need to be uploaded through easy weapon are happening first? Well, can you just use them directly? Eso easy webinar has an s three integration in there. So on lee has to do is add his credentials, and then he can upload his video through easy webinar, and then it's added to his s three but but the links are automatically populated inside easy weapon er so the answer is yes, he can use that you can also take a video video as well and put it inside the player too. For that live event fantastic well done, I think we're set to go with our panel oh, I got a look at that way do have them on hey guys, can you see me? Can you hear me? Yes thank you see you look at that well we have bow up it looks like how are you both fabulous great to be here casey thanks for the invasion. Of course. Thank you all so much for coming. Bo brandy fernando kim uh is that is that mark just yeah, I like your hat mark good to see you yeah, I love it this is great. I'm so excited that we're doing a live google hangout on creative live this is so exciting so I'm really excited that we all we have you here because each of you I have a certain expertise that I really wanted to highlight can I I could go down the list from left to right how about I do that yeah least maybe go from left to right and, uh and talk about first off bo azzawi as we go through everyone what you do and uh and I'd love to hear about the summits thing that you do ok I'd love to kind of get a little information on that. So so bo can you kind of just do a quick intro of who you are and and what you do with summits it's okay, right yes, my name is bobo vern aldi and I do a lot of things I put on hangouts for talk show hosts so my target market is goingto local talk show hosts are huge talks a hose and helping them monetize by doing hang out one of my key clients is lee cigar she'll be on coast to coast a m today tonight with three million people and so what we do is we find affinity topics like we're doing a cure for cancer summit and we'll bring in authority figures that know how to cure cancer possibly uh and we will then put them through the hangout system using these tools and we will sell their products as well as the information so everyone's pretty much familiar with the summit model we're pretty much top of field we do hey house, we're teaching wayne dyer next week on we produce these hang outs that are basically seen by ten to one hundred thousand people, so let me ask you very quickly aa lot of our online audience may not know that summit model would you be comfortable sharing a little bit about that summit model works because we have been talking about monetization today and I'd love to hear your thoughts on that and maybe what system you use, right? Well, I have a very integrated system and and and I have eleven people that work for me, so we're not going to go to ancient technology probably, but we love your products and we all obviously used twenty two souls shoulders pushing to facebook and everything google does we try to honor the biggie as much as possible, but we have a full integrated stack of services in to end, so we have voice integration with the video integration with called action so a summit comes a lot of different flavors you can't do one or two or three people in a day and call it a summit we do what's known a summit jamming, which means that you stack people maybe twelve high in a day every hour or what we do a lot of times is every monday and every friday just like when you have a television or radio talk show, you'll have something on those days which would be repeat schedules you have to have a call to action for people because there's a lot of free information on here and even if you're a celebrity or a top figure, whoever you are, you still need to have some form of urgency which is kind of lost in this world that we're in right now and a call to action so we find the summit model works by providing them with this condensed information you know, we just we're joined about one right now called the neuro senate their summit to with the cigar she's a leader in applying, you know, neuroscience and we'll condense that into sixteen interviews in four weeks and then we will sell a package every time that we do that and then we'll close it out give them a call to action that's also sell this summit information in the form of dvds with google hangouts and something like that will do very well but you really have to I realize you're swimming in a sea of mediocrity there's a lot of people it's kind of a drive to the bottom people are doing these things everywhere and so you want to make sure you produce him at this level where you have you know high production value key people and everything is tested and dan something's broken people take out their neuroses on because they don't know you and that way have a full team of people that are producing but that's that's kind of the gist of it because that's it's one of the most important things right I mean again this is completely live so anything could potentially happen so having a team of people that can work to try to make the technology a sound is possible is really powerful and when you do it at that level it's quite it's quite something isn't it yeah and also there's the controversy but we called the birds on the wire and everybody down here do you have to keep the people down here do you engage with them how do you bring them up or do you not have them here and we're really at the nascent stage of this technology we envision green rooms we have vision more television capacity we like to give you to live if anyone's played with that, which is at the rock n roll concert level and we're simply at the beginning I mean, what we've been doing this a year and a half we started at the beginning and we've been doing it for about a year and a half we come from hollywood, we obviously are hollywood I say hollywood like I would and, you know, that's I was raised in malibu believing in that so that's kind of where it's at so this idea of telepresence tell a reality broadcasting a message to the world we have customers around the world and we're just every day we're just busting it out so it's really a blessing that we have so can you share and if you don't have to if you don't feel comfortable sharing it, what what kind of some of some of the numbers that you kind of look into from from a decent summit? Well from one hang out if you have a key person like maybe we just featured dr jodi spends a from what the bleep writes if anyone saw what the belief doctor spends amazon, he has some new technology we have a leading talk show host engaged for about an hour joe's in the comfort of his own home now we brought these these hang out people to these people like means the first time for a lot of people that product that will have with him you're talking about price points that's a ninety seven dollars product we try to give them three to four x we will sell probably five hundred units something like that that would be a fifty thousand dollars hang out that will be stretched over a bump that'll happen at the beginning then we'll keep dripping in and then we'll have to give people more called action you stuff to use your internet marketing techniques to get there over the course of one month for that one hour should should know actually bringing about five hundred units wow there's some people that are not known and it's the first time they're doing it and even though they might have great technology and great presence and tremendous product they might only sell twenty five units so you really have to build your name first you need the community that the bottom line is you need to build up and establish that community correct same as it is just like what was thousand years ago for humans can't aggregate people into your group you're not going to have a tribe you won't do anything but they love it because they just keep bringing more more people to their try so it's almost like a loss leader for him well give us three dollars with the product don't tell anybody what we're setting you know that a man who everyone buys it and then all these people come in and they start going to his live events and you know they take his trainings they do we do a lot of certification using hangouts we have closed elsewhere we actually certified people in protocols which is very useful on and we could go on and on but that's some of the numbers very cool stuff I want to come back to you about that want to come back to the coming this summit model let's move on to brandi eso thank you both for sharing brandy sweezy, how are you? Hey, are you excited to be here doing a great job? Good, good. I'm glad. Well, thank you. Thank you. So brandy I love brandi. Brandi does. She produces hangouts for some huge names. In fact, brandi, you were speaking. Where were you speaking this last week? Social media marketing world last week and it was all about it was all about that that a hands, hangouts and live video engage at night it spanned your audience with live video on google. Awesome. Amazing. So brandy are there are there certain things certain telltale signs that you seem to see all the time from people putting on hangouts it's just some common mistakes or common concerns or issues that they seem to have with with all the hang ups that they do I think you alluded to it a little bit, you know, everybody's jumping on them and treating them like you know you're in your pajamas, but everything's a representation of your brand, so take some time, tio angle your camera, you know, do good lighting, make sure your audio's good because hangouts do have a little bit of a delay sometimes, so you know, we're always trying to be more proactive than reactive, so if you can make sure that you have everything's that something's going to go wrong because it's live and you just got to get over that and you know what, go with it and make sure that it isn't notation of your brand, make sure you're really well branded when you do your hang out. I think I don't know if you spoke to this yet you think the youtube guy, but, you know, I think another neglected piece of hangouts is people not really utilizing the marketing power of it. And so that's kind of where I can rosen fame a little bit with hangouts was really getting that it's a really a marketing machine, and you need to treat it as such and it's brilliant for that and, you know, the psychology of getting new engage with people live, but also, you know, the marketing side of it is just a community the community building aspect of it yeah that that aspect which is which is crazy because what is it? Yesterday I started I started ah test google hangout I called it how to how to do a pallotti's workout at home and as soon as I click that live button I went into youtube typed in that that title and it was one of the first things that popped up over a lot of other competitive keywords so the power to build up your community with google hangout is tremendous so you know bowe was mentioning you know yeah you need it you need to get a community well google hangouts not only is great for getting that community but then obviously when you get that community now you can sell that to that community you you engage with that community so so this is great we're kind of looking at both sides of that one is needing to build that community up in google hangouts and obviously the the fact that google loves them right now I don't know why that it why why is that do you think why do they love google hangout so much? Oh well I think well it's their baby right I mean they're putting a lot of money and juice into it they have nasa doing hangouts in the white house doing hangouts and you know richard branson is doing a hang out so they're really you know, pushing this big but I don't know if this is fact or not you may know but I think that google ranks based on current and relevant so normal youtube video you know they like videos better because it's youtube and that's another one of their babies but I think they love the current relevant I've rank stuff before ever going on air and I find it fascinating I've even push start broadcast yet and it's number one in google do so I just think that they see see it as relevant current and they're always going out rank that for relevant current do you think because you know when you do a google hangout it automatically adds a tag um you know of of theeighty away do you think that has anything to do with it? Also I think it does because it auto tags hang outs on air h away and one other one and then I always tell people add four more tags and then just you know be conscious treated like youtube marketing make sure you mention your key words make sure it's in your title a lot of people title them like episode thirty seven that's not relevant tio to you know learn how people hangouts is obviously going toe rank quicker yeah yeah again as I mentioned you know how you can do though the specific keywords and the general keywords start with the general such as video marketing wanna one colon and then whatever specific you are your maybe your hangout is about your you're your show is about yeah, so so brandy. So now you produce these events for people because obviously the biggest issue is how do you look? Good when you have to do everything on your own isn't right it's like when you have to do all these things, you're on your own, it's hard to look awesome so brandy comes in and what really makes this everybody look good, brandy now you put on live events and help people monetize those events. What are some numbers that they've been able to do with with google hangouts? We did one with jordan belfort we had this is one thing I do like to say about hang out, so don't get too caught up in your live your ship, the powers in the replace. So for a live one, we did for hundred viewers, but we had forty thousand viewers within a couple of days, and so there was a call to action in there. I don't think I'm allowed to share what kind of numbers those were sales wise, but there was there was a product offering in there go on, you know, so the end result of that forty thousand views over the span of a couple of days was pretty insane, yeah yeah obviously results not typical it was jordan belfort in the wolf of wall street so that's not typical results for the person well, I know that I know person I know that um you know, I know I know the numbers for dsg uh I think that was like, what was that, like twelve thousand or something like that on a twelve thousand on that one? Yes, we did that one. That was the close of his launch, so that was the last push at the end of his launch and what we did was like a two hour hang out so it was just for the people that still had not committed to buying, so that was like a last push sale and so yeah, we did so just so everybody understands, you know, google hangouts are really great for for having them in a launch sequence. You know, if you're going to launch a product, consider doing like a two day or not to day like a like a label mabel last day push where you're bringing your audiences they have q and a's and it's in its that via vibrant viral sensation that continues to drive in more people and if you if you put it on the end of a of a launch oftentimes you can like double almost triple your your sales so it so it is a great great tool so brandy cool I wantto we'll come back to you but now we're going to move on to fernando fernando's hideaway how are you buddy good to see you man how are you he's muted about that you know where he is no worries it's all good by the way everybody you have that option he has the little mute sign so he can need himself so fernando fernando is a is a cool guy as I already mentioned um I've known fernando probably I don't know almost it might be two years now ferment fernando that we we met each other initially fernando was doing some facebook stuff with a friend of mine and uh and then fernando has had a lot of different niches we use this salsa dancing um uh puzzles and things like that tell us about where what you're doing now and uh and um and what's your what's your main revenue model for what you're doing right now yeah that's right man you know from salsa dancing too two puzzles it's been a really interesting ride the last fourteen years or so for about six years now I've been having been consulting with with high end clients basically you know, taking care of they're marketing funnel sales funnels that sort of thing and specifically webinars as well um you know the main driver right now for me in terms of revenue is definitely webinars that is by far the single biggest uh a neighbor of revenue for myself and my clients so uh you know we have yet to do any google hangouts in fact I was talking with brandy about that way so it's three point one million dollars is the last weapon are you just did for a client on thursday wade a weapon are we actually broke the world record I know there was a famous company touting a guinness world record for a live attendees we broke that we had just over thirteen thousand people in life attendance on the weapon are on and the night of we did three point one million dollars and we just closed the we just close the effort on thursday and we made a total of five million forty five thousand one hundred ten dollars so it was by far the large the single largest weapon are we you know we have so ok with that said that's great now we know some numbers wait no you know what you're talking about so let me let me ask you this are there any are there any particular tips that you can give us for doing webinars to where we can obviously you know, monetize them are there are there things that you can suggest in the webinars that will allow us to sell better or do you see things that are common in webinars that people do wrong that you kind of help out to two fix yeah yeah the first thing is and you alluded to this earlier you said something really, really interesting you said build your community and the reality is you don't get those kinds of numbers without a community uh that that you've built I I also agreed with your comment about going for more the high price model rather than the you know, the trip wire I hate that term is the welcome mat yeah, but right the welcome mat the average order amount for my webinars is right around twenty five hundred dollars so it is ah higher price item so in order to achieve that, I think the biggest thing not number one so I do believe you've got to go with higher price number two in order to achieve that, you gotta start truly understanding, you know, building and acquiring customers not just free leaves not you know really die does great I mean, I think you need to do it, especially if you're starting out but there comes a point where you have to graduate from that and you have to go out there and spend on acquiring customers not this leave that's the biggest thing because every weapon are that I do if it is primarily leads or a legion type of weapon our audience it will not produce a cz much obviously as if when you're presenting to a group of buyers so how would you so if if you're just starting out doing webinars, would you would you do a webinar? Would you would you bring in buyers antelope? And you just said this that you wouldn't, but you know, if you want to get a lot of buyers quickly, would you do ah, a low priced type of thing to get those buyers in and then do a an offer on a webinar that that's higher price tour? As you said, you're not somebody your customers don't generally do the trip wire, but how do they come in? Initially? Initially it is a lower priced product, but it's not a trip wire in this in the way the you know, the I am world understands right it's a low price product that then gets delivered at a very high level where these folks are really truly paying attention so they're deliverable their obligations and they're treating their customers as as old that that's the reality there, they're not taking the list and just pounding it with affiliate offers and davey offers and they're not going on javy zoo and figuring out what's the latest greatest praise nothing wrong with davies, who by the way, I'm not I'm not saying anything bad about anybody in fact, I think I think all of that stuff is great, however realized that every time you put it on, offer an affiliate offer jamie offer in front of your audience. That really doesn't truly serve them. Then that list, that person just became a lot less valuable. And rightly so. You protect the list. The idea is to protect your customers. I love what you said to treat your customers like gold. Is that what he said? That was the quote someone, someone write that quote down, we got to tweet that out somewhere. Okay. Um, that's that's. Incredible. Fernando, we won't want to come back to you about this. Think about if there's anything specifically that you do in a webinar that that a lot of people don't do are something that, like, maybe a structure that you seem to put out there that helps to even bridge and get even deeper in that engagement with that. With that customer that comes through, I want you to think about that. And I'm gonna roll over to kim, not casey. Hi, kim is kim beazley. How are you? I'm doing great. Good, good. Good. Kim is a rock started one kim kim tv live. Is that what it is? Kim kim live tv? Well, I met kim because she came through our community at one point and, uh kim does her happy dance and that's how I recognize that's how I got to know her right away she would she would do this happy dance when we talk about something that you know like some good conversions and things like that so er absolutely love kim now kim has she is a top google plus contributors that right? Kim? Yes, I am I'm one of twenty worldwide and can you tell people how many google plus followers you have or people in your circles today? I have about four hundred seventy six thousand plus wow, that have followed me excuse me who have followed me on google plus and I'm loving it now you and I remember you know, last time I looked, I think you were three hundred thousand so it's clearly that once you kind of get to a certain number, it just exponentially gets bigger and bigger and bigger is that right? Yes, and one of things that can really help you grow your number something well, plus it's not just about pushing information out there, not trying to make sure I communicate that to people it's about engaging on how a social engagement because you need to plus one come in, re share content from others on google plus and get involved in what they're doing, which will encourage them to get above what you're doing so now four hundred plus thousand followers sounds daunting to a lot of us I know it sounds daunting to me so let me ask you this where does someone start off how do how do you how do you try to say ok I think I can get to that four hundred thousand dollars four hundred thousand number but where do I where do I begin? Because that seems like a pretty daunting thing is there anything that you can suggest to speed up the process toe teo help out you do although the engagement yourself do you have a virtual assistant that helps you with that what do you do exactly t get those numbers I do all the engagement my setup of my personal profiles what I do is I actually google plus one of the best things you can do is use hashtag because hash tags are what people generally wass for clinton and when I say hashtag that's the pound sign in front of key words without space so for instance if I want to share video that I really really love I'll use video of the day hashtag video the day and it gets viewed by a lot of people I could comment to get plus one uh something I really love to do is ah funny picture occasionally I come across motivational quotes or funny pictures and I'd like to encourage people on my personal profile and when I do that I think I shared a picture recently they got somewhere around four thousand plus almost five thousand plus ones and I didn't do anything major, I didn't make a big, you know, to do about it. I just shared it and use the right hashtag, and people saw that and that's one of the key things to connecting with others on the plus so another is community get in communities on google plus getting bob let people know who you are, get to know people in the communities and build engagement that way and pages is another great way to engage with people. Wait, wait, go back you! So you said pages yes, talk about that for one quick second no, please don't please over the good stuff, please talk to different types of pages you can create. You can create a regular business page, which is basically your profile for your business of the plus. If you want to show up in google search engine in that little area, when someone searches locally for your type of business in a key word, then you want to create a local business page, which means you have to have a local address that she can confirm it, or to create a local business picked and pages allow you to share just like a profile, but and it allows you to create communities allows you to connect with others is really great for your business, so you have your personal profile and then you have your business program and one of the things I do is I specialize in teaching entrepreneurs, teaching business owners how to engage with their customers on social media. I am I've been doing this in hang us. Oh gosh, I've been under the plus is the first day of beta back in june two thousand eleven and one of the things that I started doing right away was livestreaming google plus hangouts now, just so people understand google plus hangout zwart, not a pained us on air until two thousand twelve I was live streaming in two thousand eleven, which means I figured out a way to live string them and I was having live cooking shows. Then I was streaming out the website and it was wonderful I was engaging with the target audience had people from around the world who were in the hang up what was producing it and had two of the women that I was working with. One of the key things that I can say about hang house is that not only allows you to engage with the people inside the finger, it allows you to gays with people outside the hangout I currently have a weekly news segment that I do for a tv station in reno, nevada well, I'm based in kansas city and is live on the air on tv in reno every tuesday you don't talk about social media and technology that's cool that's cool yeah and and this is exactly what we've been discussing that the google hangout is perfect for for this level of engagement and kim has just said, you know, she does this tv show and the thing is that you know, as you know brandy and kim they both know they both know the need on dth e the kind of necessity for for having someone having the moderator there, you know, the importance of being able to kind of structure it in such a way so that you know you can you can produce thes and you know that practice practice practice in fact kim you know, it was the one that delivered the google hangout checklist that we have but your e yeah, absolutely go for it one of the things that you mentioned was to produce hangouts it's really great and I got it I've had opportunity to work with newscasters to produce their hangouts and because I was doing it from a social media contribution saying point one newscaster in two different years aren't the enemy and I aren't one right along with her and well and the power of doing that it's not just say well, I have to hear me says that's not the the important thing, I mean, it's, wonderful and great. The thing is, is getting the message out there to those industries that are not currently using google plus hangout and getting them to integrate into their daily work. The newscasters, you know, it is really something that they have really started latching on and started to integrate into their news programs. It's taking this traditional concept of broadcasting and turning it into a whole new realm, and building up their their their community from that angle.

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