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Applying Your Own Makeup

So first I just wanted to start off by showing you some different eye shapes and how to come to us specifically for those so this is the average guy and the way we define this is when someone's looking at you with their eyes open obviously how much of this more bar lead he you actually seeing so you know this you get a good view of the lead and the distance between here and here is not hugely different there is more space but this is the suck it this is what we call the airlines and the with water line and this is the bottom water line so this is where we apply all air contouring on the every eye you doing most of your darker colors on the outer corner he and what you always trying to achieve is a little bit of a lift in the eye on dh then just jet me bringing it through to the corner he teo to the inner corner to deepen that socket and just give the eye a little bit more dimension and push it back so the next slide is on prominent leads that's those people that have really quite large...

leads on dh maybe the space between from the lash line to the socket and this homo bar lead is quite sort of forward and quite big so with that what you want to avoid is any kind of hard lining because you want to take attention away from that and you want to just shade that holy but not necessarily deepened deep crease that you've already got there so you make that light and then do all your dark shading around the lash line blended out and just make that big lead looks smaller without putting any darker color into this area there we've got deep set I switch laura actually has a little bit so deep said eyes this'll it would normally not be showing a cz much as in the average person what that means is that your soccer disc quite hollow and when your eyes open, you're not seeing very much off that my violet um at all. So what you want to create is a little bit more dips and generally that'll be it's slightly similar to the hood it either would it? I just tends to be the heavy on the outside, deep said eyes it's it's a little bit all across um so what you want to do is create that dips that the eye hasn't got by recreating the socket a little bit higher than it is and giving the eye a little bit more dips so he would be shading on the other part around the lash line and create recreating that socket all the way through he like you see justin there, white said eyes means that the way you measure what your eyes are is, um, basically the size of the I should be first, you need to check if they're the same. Some people have a smal I than the other, and then the distance between the two eyes should be the same as what your eyes across that way. So if the eyes too wide apart, which is actually most models have, white said, I said that actually really easy to do and quite nice, but if you want to bring them back in and even that out balance it out, then you do quite a bit of shading on that in a corner and bring the contour riding, add lots of dark colors around the corner to bring the attention back in there and keep the shading on the outer part a little bit softer wooded leads is what I've got and what lots of women have, um, and lots of mature women as well that's when when their eyes are open. Looking at that, I'm looking at you, you seeing that mobile lead, but only maybe this part of it and then that mobile it is being covered by the lead coming forward, so what you want to do is make that whole area dark on, not licensed, so you don't want to bring any more attention to that. Droopy lead. You want to darken that off and keep the mobile little like they're so, in a way, it kind of looks a little bit the same, like you shade but it's it's, a matter of lifting your shading or bringing it down appropriate to the eye shape. Um, what you wantto recreated still lift. He and if you highlighted this whole area. You're just creating like this huge white space so that's why you need to shade up into this area to make the I seem bigger because anything you put on, the more valid he is never going to show when they opened their eyes and look in the camera it's all going to disappear back and I think that's it that's a no on shapes yes really quick um someone before you get started so lorraine has a guy who doesn't wear makeup um I don't I'm not used to going out there with something on I know that you were gonna put you on the spot here a little bit if you're okay with that before I know before break you were you were really nervous about this um and so can you share with us especially for for the males out there. What does this mean? You what? What does it feel like to you and what's your approach to this? How I honestly feel is very vulnerable because I put makeup on every day even if it's a little bit because it's my game face it's how I face the world sometimes I feel very sweet and nice and I'll put just a little bit of makeup on and so it's like that's how my friends and my family can see me, but when I'm out in public or on camera like I put layers on because I don't like, you know, that's, how I want to approach the world is like, I want to be a little bit more reserved, and I can feel more confident that way. Um, so right now, my approach is, how can I do my makeup better every day? How can I find that subtle balance between, you know, subtle makeup or very heavy makeup for sure? No problem. Like I said, it's, just it's, something that's, very foreign to me, and so I'm tryingto speak for all those dudes out there were, like, what's, the big deal about getting your makeup done, so thank you, appreciate it, problem. So I'm just gonna briefly talk about my brushes, because I didn't so much yesterday. This is kind of all I would need to do one person's face I've got. A small brush that I can apply my that's, my concealer brush. I would start off by applying concealer with this brush. It's a synthetic brush. Means doesn't absorb the liquid. Concealer is much in. They're easier to clean, so I prefer to use that. And actually all start with that. Um close for me. So it's. A really nice brush that you can get a ride around the persons I sometimes with your finger it's a little bit just in that way, sometimes with the finger it's a little bit hard to get right into the inner corners. So using a brush, this makes your job quicker and easier. Um then I've got my eye shadow russia's which of these different shapes and sizes? This is a nice, big, fluffy one. If I want to cover a big area off color really quickly. I used this one here, and this one is kind of the same. Just a little tighter. Give me a deposit of color in a smaller area, this normal kind of covering area much quicker. Um then I have my island a brush. In my contour brush so this is a beautiful round the hairs on this brush really tapered and go into a point so this allows you to get right into the socket and those darker colors where you need and this is my very fine slightly angled island a brush that allows me to get riding to the lashes writing there um and also I can create a really nice flick because off that angle that's on the end of the brush and then I just have my foundation my blush or contour brush there is no call this this could actually be a control brush as well, but for a smaller face I would go for this one see the hairs start shorter and their cut into a point as well so that allows me to use that side to really cut into the face and contour what if I need to, um same with this brush? He it's got a really nice angle so I can get riding run then a big one and deposit color everywhere this working deposit my color where I need it and then just really easily blended out, so sometimes I'll deposit my blush same with the blush I just using this side this time because I want to cover a bigger area I can't go through buff the blushing and then use my powder brush to our blended all that but I'm going to start with some low res eyes because that's, generally, how I do my makeup. I do all the dark stuff on the ice, first clean up and then get on with the foundation. So I'm going to start with a concealer on your lid, and I'm just going to do this side, and then laura is going to go over with the products and try and do the other side. And with my concealer, what I do is close for me, actually, just opened for a sick. Just look into the camera. So if you look at laura's eyes, she's got heavier sort of leads through there, even though her mobile lead shows all the way through. But it's only very, very fine. So what? I want to do some footed light of color there to highlight it a little. On the move, our lead, especially the inner corner. But then I'm going to shave this whole area in to make a receipt, to make it go back. And she's got a little bit of farm discoloration underneath the eye and a little bit of blue, which lots of blondes getting lots of women get, um, it's, just like a blue people in blue veins coming through and that's the big try and conceal underneath the ice of clothes for me. And also, if you even if you could see that on camera, um, laurie's leads a little bit glossy, so I don't know if that's the moisturizer that you put on. But naturally, we tend to have quite oily. Elise, I think, is that I moved so much. A lot of the oil from our face travels over to the leads. So what ends up happening is they are shadow creases. And then you end up with a big mess, so I usually blocked that off, finalised it on a client, and some people have really moist plates or really oily lids. I'll go ahead and block that off before I put my concealer on close for me now. So I start off by putting the concealer where I want most of it to go, which is that in a corner. I wanna bet a contract that little blue pigment there, and then I go in and just blended out with my sponge with really high quality products that have got good pigment and lots of pigment in them. You don't need huge amounts. If you put too much on it's gonna take a lot of power to set it, and then you're just gonna have so much product on your leads. I make up my not stay, so always try and work this thing way thought my product do a thin layer and look straight ahead, and you can see that her. Top lead is creating a little bit of a shadow underneath on the outer corner of her eyes. I'm gonna pop a bit of concealer there as well, and look up for me. So I just busted in here, and I'm just gonna add a tiny bit more in the outer corner look up formula. So you watch what happens when I'm high like this, out of the corner of her eye straight, see how it looks straight away, a little bit more uplifted because I've canceled out that shadow, that her eye, the way it folds, and just the way her eyes, the shadow that it creates down there. Okay, next, I'm going to put on my eye shadow primer, and that, um, it's, a mac paint part in just one neutral color that I find suits. Most people almost looks like a concealer color. Close your eyes if I've got someone with leads. That don't have very much discoloration. I sometimes go straight into this product and I don't worry about the concealing, something just blended out don't let it be a thick layer, then I want to start with a lighter color just on the corner of my violin so close for me. So you're light color that you're gonna put on is where I'm stuffing it in now, and I'm going to go into sort of a a mid mid sort of brown, and I might mix it, but if this one, him and start creating that contour that lift in your eye straight ahead so on yourself when you're doing this because obviously you pulled different faces when you're trying to do your own makeup, like going this way or going that way think insincere leads is if lorraine, you could stay looking straight ahead. Florea looks straight ahead feces where I want that darker color to go and close for me so you can see now I've got a space between there and there, so I'm just gonna blend that color down in that corner and I'm just going to grab another brush. That's got no product on it at all on blend that out. I'm going in with a darker color again, same on the open again. You can see the heaviest part is just he so that's, why I want to add a little bit more color, look down for me, so on yourself, looking down, it's, kind of lift your tuna and you could see a live there. What do you find? The hardest thing is about doing your own makeup that ever I should have, you don't know where to put it or just blending. What what do you struggle with the most, uh, I'm not sure where to put it, to accent my features, ok, so I'm quite happy with the depth that it's created there but now I just want to blend it out a little more so I don't like seeing any harsh lines everything needs to be really well blended so you can go ahead and just have a look at this stage right here yet so if you look straight ahead you can feel that's where I'm putting the darker color okay, let's go pop some dues pencil eyeliner or are you ok with some can use jolin yourself? Yeah, you don't hear good skilled and what brush juice for the job uh used then one a little bit bigger than that one okay, clothes for me so again, I don't want this line to be too thick because she hasn't got a huge more valid so I don't wanna take any space away from there. I'm going right into lorraine's lesh is she's got really long see clashes but they're quite blonde so what I want to do his deposit the color right into the roots there another tricky from if you really saying he struggled to put eyeliner on is if you can do it is tio grab your liner and pop it in the corner of the eye close yeah and kind of just get it everywhere and then grab a q tip and clean it up and that instantly, you know, deposits a ll that dark pigment writing to your lash line, and then you just clean it away. And then you've got that darkness right around the lashes. It's, kind of a quick, easy way to do it. Like when you go to bed with makeup on when you shouldn't, and you wake up and wash it off. But you still got this great sort of tent almost left around your lashes. So that's for me. And, uh, look down for me and down this way to me. To keep you to murray's straight ahead should have just your ice. Look down and down this here. So what I'm gonna do is just stretch so I could get right in there, go in and put a nice. Dark brown just to smoke out that line a little close for me so I'm just pushing in a little bit of shadow just to soften that line and you can feel that kind of press and do a little zig zag and I do want a dark can look straight ahead again and look down so I just want to dock in this corner here just to create a little bit more lift might use a bit of charcoal theirs so I'm applying the darkest color there and then just graduating it up this's kind of a smokier I give way maybe for on camera rather than your day today well some people wear this day today yeah okay just blending the edges you can see I haven't look straight ahead I haven't taken it past that line there so if I start blending color out he forced to put really dark colors through there I could stretch it a little but I still need to keep that up angle okay so at this point I'll put ms go on and let you go and replicate the other side I think well I cannot but let me just get a scar first so we can see the full impact uk was doing your own base you're quite good at doing a basis let me just do a cleanup on dear I and my probably conceal on like you as look up for me at least random brush that's all nice and clean ready for concealing to go on look down for enough got a bit of a scar on your island stay looking down folks if that happens then you get rid of it straight away you can always remove it I like to do quite a bit of miss car so I was zigzagging it through on doing another layer and what I wanna do is actually comb it out just a little on the delicious these two seem to have stopped for me I can say is that a clean fresh that's um you could just use a clean disposable mascara wand but amusing that okay going conceal a little bit india I may even go off into the other side I think I just want a warm I've gotta concealer that's fairly light but I feel like I just need to put a little bit more of an orange tone to it just to counteract under your eye so I'm gonna blend in just a dark one that's quite orangey based on just steeple considering let's see how it looks when you put foundation over it I'll give you a foundation to use a small but I think we'll do it when you've done the other side I do you know what number use used to make up for ever to know you do win one seven one one seven it's exactly what I've got here so actually let's pop some of that on um, as far as the eye, it's it's, sort of a medium would say, you could go a little bit lighter if she wanted it, just really for daytime. But, um, this would be, you know, enough contour to make it an evening I or for for tv or anything like that for me. I'm just gonna go over that concealer needs just a little lashes, so see that little crease that ray's got there. I just want to lighten it up even more. So I just put a really light, conceal our right on that line, and I'm just gonna steeple don't wanna wipe it everywhere. Just wanted blended into that area a little bit more angela's. Okay, I'm gonna give you these brushes to take over with you in the product, and then you can try and do the other. If you've got any problems, just call me at any time. Thank you.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!