Working with Hair and Makeup

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Working with Hair and Makeup


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Today's Images

We took before shots of the girls. We've just gone unloaded an image. Just one image each, unfortunately. But what I'm gonna do is I will load the wrist so that you can see the rest of the shots that we took today because I think it'd be really cool fee to see, but I just wanted to be out of show the girls there before and after. Um, I just wanted to reiterate the importance of the before and after. So in terms of marketing it's, one of my most powerful marketing tools beyond doubt. So let's have a look who would get first. You need to go around so you can have a look. You can see a really good tip here. Uh, majority, obviously it's. Nice lean arms. But even my lean clients say to me, don't make my arms look fat it is probably the most requested thing in a shot using a scarf over the neck and shoulders just draped for color, you can run it down the sideline of the arm and it looks really slimming and it's really beautiful connection. And this image comes from the fact that her chin is ...

all the way around. Down and that their shoulders forwards it has a beautiful body language and as you know, she was just sitting against that wall really, really simple. How do you mean you're in your forties? You're forty. You're just in forty year. Absolutely gorgeous. I got the key now I always ask people if they want to be photographed with the glasses on. I think it's really, really important if people were glasses all the time that you photographed them with the glasses on. But I always give them the opportunity to be photographed without the glasses as well. Because, um, you get to see how incredible there isa and, um, just great color for you. Any vibrant colors like that photograph beautifully gorgeous, gorgeous girl. You're so adorable. You really, uh, you love that before shot. Was it any anything done? Yes, I just loaded it off now and, um, process them and put it straight through. You say, uh, gorgeous ten expand, uh, season roderick coming, tio here's uh, such beautiful blue eyes. I want my before shots to look like they're having a good time and there before shot in an amazing time, and they're aftershock. I don't want it to look like a head and mood of that sort of you know, I want there to be a significant difference in the hero makeup, but I still want it to look like them. That's, why they're bringing their own clothes and makes a really big difference, because I want them to look like they look just the best vision of themselves. And if you can use your before and afters in marketing, then it's gonna help you, you know, it's just amazing. It's, this way, this way to market yourself, beautiful, always using that shoulder, always using that front shoulder all the way around. Don't close up there, get watch the bear, camas. Well, so many people load up that phantom and forget to do something with that. They can keep it in, keep it back. Don't let it sit forward, because it'll sit there and open up the body in the back, and it looks wrong.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!