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Frankenstein Pinata

For our last one we've got one more game that we're going to do we're going to make our pin iata and this one you know you can do it with a few different materials, but this is just a simple cereal box, which is great because we love to recycle use recycled materials for crafts. Oh, and this turns out really good we're going to start with arpin iata and we're going to make a frank mr young frankenstein and kind of talked about frankie or whatever you want to call him I'll put him right here he's going to be just a cereal box so we'll need an empty cereal box once you've finished all of your food, you're gonna have an empty cereal box you'll need this is again crepe paper this is the same material that we used for our photo back drop it it's just that paper that already kind of pre cut in strips it's really easy to glue I really like this this stuff so crepe paper in both green and black frankenstein's got cute green face and then black hair a little bit of twine or yarn you could use y...

our arm but I just like this twine twine is actually a little bit stronger which I prefer sometimes yarn depending on which kind of is it can tear so it is nice to have the twine in a cute color we've got a couple again googly eyes this time we're going to see a little bit bigger these air one one and a half inches with that that will put on our frankenstein we're going to need glue so I do this time I am I prefer a white glue before this for most of it we are going to be I have my hot glue gun out we are going to be using that for these bulls these bolts were too heavy when we roll them up that they needed to have a little bit of hot glue for that and then the craft glue for gluing it glues with the crepe paper so easily on dh then let's see what else we are going to need maybe a little bit of washing tape a little bit of white paper if we have scraps somewhere it'll be perfect so let's get started so we've got our cereal box and it's empty and you can you know keep the flaps open or closed however you want to do it but we're going to start first let me show you what we'll do first and then you can help do this part so I'm actually going to cut off this beginning sometimes it gets a little bit crunchy right when you open it with the very first time so we're going to cut a strip I'm in a measure around my box don't do any gluing just yet we're just going to measure because you can use any cereal box these ones I used for today they're just a little smaller but they're boxy kind of a perfect face for frankenstein but you can use any size cereal box so you want to measure and overlap just a little bit so to about right here so I'm gonna cut that if it's a little long math ok and now I'm going to lay it flat and cut about twelve more of those strips so why don't you measure? Let me get your scissors measure and cut twelve strips about the same length yeah, you could tear it, but I like to cut it it's just a little bit more of a yeah, I like that word efficient you can set those aside I'm gonna measure you this way next time we'll cut on this side so I can lean over and I can tell a more more thing, so keep cutting you're going to do like I said about twelve of them as you can see these they're going to get lined up that they overlap each other so so keep cutting and keep measuring so this first one we'll go right to the very bottom, but then we're going to be layering about a half an inch up to kind of see him in about six seven eight nine ten I would do two more just in case depending on how thick you on it and then you can leave the top about inch and a half for frankenstein's hair so you don't need to cover the top we'll just cover with the green so how many do we have for perfect get about six more make sure let's get this first one simply like that one might be a little small you can always add more but even go right on top top hey make him just a little tiny a hair longer with you this time hair met means ok more than more than here more than here hey let's see ok cut up just a little keep going measure out the next one good let's see one two three four five six seven eight k few more for more I'm more efficient than you think ah good accounting wait a little longer okay that's okay we can I'll show you what to do if we because we can also add a strip going up and down if we run out let's do one more or two more for having eight nine ten to four nine good team or after this one after this wait wait make sure we're right long enough you can get and then once we have all of our all our strips I'm going to show you how to cut the fringe because you can leave him you could leave your pinata as as is or it is it just doesn't make it look a little bit more fun if you've got the print so I'll do this part just for a second then you can help me so I'm gonna do three at a time no let's do for so pile four strips on on each other kind of I mean actually full these in half one more time and then cut edges but let me show you really quick closely before you I'll let you do some of it too is you want him kind of make sure they're nice and hang on let me let me do a little bit first do about half way up and about a quarter of an inch apart you don't want too many role they'll tear off so pyle about four five together so you keep going and I'll show one more time so pile about four of these together and line them up and we're going to fold these in half just to make it easier less cutting crepe paper is very thin and so it's really easy to cut through and so you can pile this up just watch your fingers go about halfway uh good you're doing a great job, great stuff it there good, I'll take thes you finish this one do one more and I'll finish this two tiny they're doing all right and then open them up I think this will be our strips, it's, just easier if you do this before before you do it before you adam to your box with the glue will get more of our ships to get there fold in half. Good can you open it up and lay it on and you can kind of fluffy's now if you want or you can wait till it's on the box, I don't want to wait and kind of you can either bend them or just kind of bluff really ruffle. Um, I'm lovely, lovely roughly ok, how we doing? How's your friends good, you can kind of level and ruffle physical crazy. I like going crazy from growing like crazy and crazy. Wait, so we've got our strips the society in case we need it for later e goto a little paper, a paper cut with great paper accidents do sometimes happen when we're crafting. Okay, so, um, let's see, I've got our great paper and we've ruffled them up and make these just a little bit bigger and you guys keep working, keep making the fringe, I'll just show the first one on this. So like I said, we're going to start evenly for karina, we'll start evenly on the bottom, you don't want to go too low or it won't stand up so you got to make sure you try your best to put it right here on the edge and we're going to just take our white glue and make a strip on the edge strip of glue and like I said this clues on so great though crepe paper pretty instant what this glue won't really slide around much and then we're just going to wrap going to wrap it around but I am going to put a dot of glue on here I'm gonna do this first one and then I then I'll help you do something help me so then we turn along but always stacked way started exactly and add another line of glue and touch it great that was a good size and if you're too too much on one end just go ahead and cut it off if you don't have enough don't worry about it there's a little bit of a space what we'll do is taken extra edge right here and cover up if that doesn't and we can kind of show that at the end but just don't worry right now about it do you want to be much will you be my glower we see here put this clue right on this edge and then like a little line strip thomas thiss white glue school glue goes a little bit quicker than the tacky which is nice and this glue works great for this project so I'm overlapping over the green again and pretty much about where we cut our um thing right here so right where the fringe and this sort of where the next fringe will start is she okay way want me glue we can finish our frankenstein put a drop of glue right here on the top of that cream from the top of the green for the next one just didn't drop not too much if you do too much this can get kind of gum billy and run through so don't press too hard because then it will make a hole and then around and do a line right where that wass yeah perfect and then I have a little extra on this one we're being a good glue helper hey do another help that that that's occurred we'll go over okay and it drives the glue dries so it's okay they blew up that nobody can get ready to do a drop on the other side on the top we're just going to do this with all um all of our strips on depending depending on what we have um you can you can make more strips or you could do less it depends like I said how thick sort of you want you're going to make that a line just so we can get that whole thing all the way up and down so do lines on one side dots on another so do it oh, that's ok, that won't defend. Okay, okay, we'll take a little break from minute. I'll do some clue. Okay? And this, you know, it's, just one thing that you'll craft before your party starts on and have it ready. It is kind of a little bit more. We've kind of noticed the time consuming craft that you'll d'oh, and so you'll want a have it ready to go. This could be made, you know, weeks ahead of your party and anticipation. You could even display it in the house, which is a really fun idea. We've had this little frank waiting waiting for our party will have to fill it with some candy when we're all done. When do you choose to use the hot glue is opposed to the cold glue? Yeah, so with the hot glue, if you have, like, today, we've did it to be quick, and, um, if you don't need to be quick than just use a crackly special, and you're working with kids. But today, with this frankenstein, like I mentioned with this rolled up bolts, they are really heavy and stick out really far. And so if we had used a craft glue, unless you were willing to wait all night long and hold it in place, it just wouldn't have um dr it would sag and that would take way too long so that's what's kind of nice about hot glues you can get it out and do that with um with materials you need to so this one you can see it didn't quite make it the cut and that's ok because I'll show you at the end what we've got three but yeah but you don't bring franken buddy so we've got this we're halfway done how are you guys coming along rapping and wrapping thumbs up good hey all right lucy in the second I mean have you help me glue again I know we've we've had a long day but I know that we can do just a couple more no uneasy away just special down you want to do that for the next one here let me do wait wait wait before you ask louis what he did to the store or not well you know you're using the outside as you say you could use a glue stick that would work too don't smash it too much member said that crate papers very thin and it can tear a hole on a chair hole in it and that's going to go upside down that's gonna get some glue if you can even use these blue dots yeah you get good at it for huh I love might be like on there's a sticky I look I just want to pull it off get one of these, stick it on and go pao chicken on your shirt on a minute we're going to use blue dots to we'll get to you so let's close these up for now for here a little okay, a few more loose will you help me with this time? Do you want to wrap this thing going to be the rapper and I'll be good. I'll go on this trip and you place it down member I said about where the fringes go about right there hire little higher they're good her lips duda let me put a little bit of glue on this side up a little make sure it's kind of pretty even again we're kind of working it's a halloween craft and if you these go a little bit zigzag e that's ok too looks like we have to turn this one so go down and then we'll see what extra we have. We couldn't go down or cut off okay then you could get to like doing the wrapping. We've got a few more to do with help listed two more probably cut so it could get inside that little cuts pesky okay, I live in my piece let's teo, you wrap and let me stick this glue wait, I need to put a little drop right here you can't put glue around the entire thing of your crepe paper but I don't I don't think it's necessary if you put it on one side and on the other should dry I'm in pretty in place oh that's much around got pulled try to go right to that edge way tear that let's cut back it's a little stronger hated and then I'm going to d'oh one more one more okay so take those and we won't need him for now maybe it can you just set him on the side okay great then we'll move on to frank's hair what did you call him what was your name your drinking buddy what's does he have an actual name name franken by buddy you know frank anybody there frank embodies all the all of ours here called friends become buddies is there something right there and I'll have to look at it in just a minute you know really tiny not when I could see it all right so ok we've got our frankenstein up to the top and now we're going to get our black paper again measured around so before we glue you help me take these air a whole bunch of strips let's take one of them one of them off really want work we're going to do to d c have two layers of his hair that will fringe so what again measure around we could even measure the same size of their green studies here. How about that? Yeah stop where my holding all the boxes were on the roof put your finger in a place kind of pinch let's pull it off and then we'll know where to cut. Ok, let's, go okay? You got your own dale let's see if that's about the same we've got strips that are about the same that's great s so we just need two strips of the black hair and then we're going to hear lucy take this number with, folded it up and then cut fringe kind of cut the same type of friends for the top and then I'll show you when it's on sort of how I made him have hair that kind of cuts off what your fingers e about that try to be really careful with the scissors we didn't speak myself, so I think it was the thing I got a cramp so I kind of like that. I like how you're doing a little bit whiter frankenstein's hairs kind of goofy and sticky whose are sticky scissors and there's glue them keep garner's got a couple market I could do that one if you want to, not too close to the end good one more, okay, so we've got our frankenstein hair and you'll just do the same thing, so we just did before and just let me get the glue lucy came on and, um yes, the day on the top yeah, I added a little black paper on the top. I'll show you that too. You also added a little like string yeah. Why do you think? Yeah, say what you think the stream we can also make a little slit and put kenyon yeah, well, so there already is a little slip. You know what it is? Where it's the opening of our box, our cereal box. Okay, so see how I wanted to over laugh it. So I do have just a little more room, so let's wait let's glue it, we want five and then stick that on right at the edge and then we'll also put crepe paper. Lucy, will you cut? Um, a strip of crepe paper aware that's grab the black actually first grabbed the black let's, measure it for the bottom or for the top and then we're going to get some more green. Get the top watch out with your scissors. So I'm gonna measure this and then you cut kayleigh this much we're going to do two strips, one for either and of the lid and then trim it. So, um, can you cut right there, use your left hand oh, come out okay, one more okay, and then we'll do the same for the bottom you don't have to cover the bottom, but I think it just makes a little bit nicer so we're going to measure to maybe you hold this and I'll cut this time we'll go those on and we'll grew on our green who is getting clipping great, okay? And then this one we're just going to kind of overlap them sideways, so I'm just going to put a squiggle of glue and line up the first one edge to edge right on that edge and we can trim this or tuck it in maybe when we're done now we're going to actually go to this said and overlap because when you do have a pinata, you are hanging it up high so you do want to have it at the bottom of it, you know, look finished, finish it off so I'm in a trim just a little bit of this bottom so it's not sticking out too much, okay? And then we'll do the top now the tricky part about the top is that you want to be able to keep this open so that you can put your candy inside and so we were going to put one strip on one flap and one strip on another flat, so let me let me have the glue so this is coming down a little, his hair great, okay on the other side and I'm in a trim it to match the shape of the box we can still close it and I'll probably even put a little slit you don't need to you can we're going to tape it tio once are candies inside okay okay lou I'm crazy don just one thing so thiss is kind of coming apart a little at the top so I am gonna have just a touch of blue because it was the last one that wasn't overlapped with anything so if you find an easier oh they're looking so cute any of your things they're falling down or falling apart you can add those um I'm going tio trim up I'm not gonna trim that up at the top I am goingto cut a little split I do want to be able tio put my flap and I just think it'll kind of make a nice little flat like here yeah sure let's wait told let's wait till this part's all done and then we can decorate him a little bit okay I know they're looking so good ok so that's not going to let me flap last time I had for this last one I did trim it down but what you can't do them to show you another option is leave it open once your candies inside then you can watch you take this closed so I'm not going to do that just yet because we want to be able tio game but we've got our twine we've got our twine and actually an a hole punch I failed to mention that at the very beginning we do need to somehow be ableto hold this up and I've got our stream kind of coming through here so you're going to take your your whole punch and stick it through a corner it's kind of tricky to see see how it's through a corner and punch a hole then threw the other through the other corner but that that mom we'll see e o e e o and then punched two holes on the other side and this will reinforce our twine that's going to go inside on our other okay on then we'll take our twine and thread it through red thread sorry, yeah get through one hole and the reason I dio two holes on either side it just helps reinforce it a little bit more you can't just put one in either corner one on each side on a corner but I or even cut off these flaps and do it right in the center um but this way if it's done for and you thread it around, then we'll tie it in the center because you're doing so good you getting your spider reddy don't put him on just yet wanna put his eyes on first blackie be our guy so I'm a little bit yeah well, thanks so before you trim your twine and you've threaded it through oh yeah way the whole hunch yeah so open up your lid and then you see how there's kind of a little bit of a corner right here you're going to take your whole punch and stick it through the corner you have one on you I know yet do you see how because pull punches don't go all the way don't go very far so if you could just stick it in a corner I just have two holes right here and two holes right here does that make sense for yeah quite for just sex I can say can hear me ok and then threaded through all four holes we're twine and then you're going toe thread it through pretty long and and tramp so if you can see it enough, that camera on top will help a little bit and you can kind of see how that's pulled through um each hole just kind of do a little round robin for all four holes perfect and once you're here you're going to take it and tie a little not but I actually like to take this a little guy with it and tie all of that together you also the spider web watch a little spider with little spite is your fighter inside? Yeah about how long is this string? You know I put mine about this long outside of the box if you see it just depends sort of what you need for this is a loop for hooking it onto cooking it onto to the rope or twine or whatever you've got so once you tie a knot right here that's reinforced and then go to the very tippy top of the two hang on just one second let me show so we've tied a knot and then we'll take these two ends just time together yeah sure do know how to do it that way yes her iowa tonight it's up to you but is thinking d'oh let me trim off that little uh extra twine the very very top my little thing yeah so it should hang pretty good or not just yet let's let's put some ice on that first you khun set him just write down or right here maybe be sticky so it's pretty reinforced and then this is where you would hang on just a minute before we get to the ice lissie alexie wait just a second so let's talk about how you would have this open you do have the twine here but you can still feel your candy inside and you can either do that now or later and when I'm closing up the box it khun just kind of get stuck right there as we close the box up and I'm in that reinforce that if you want really tough pinata to crack open and you can put packing tape and seal it on top it just depends I mean cardboard for cereal box is actually pretty it's pretty tough where is a regular cardboard box has some air in corrugated a little bit for it so this is it would be a little bit tricky and if you need to you can you can even open this seal of your cereal box and re close it with tapes so it's not so glued if you want it to be a little simpler for your guests it's to do it's just up to you so we're going to pretend that we've got we're going to put candy in this in this cute little guy just because he's all nice and dry and ready to go but this one I'm going to go ahead and take some black tape and tape this closed and then we'll add his dimensions his face and if you you should have two larger googly eyes googly eyes that are about an inch thick you know we've got these other kind of little ones but I just think with these you know it's a little bit bigger again you khun d'oh paper you could make paper eyes you'll have to use the google guys but if you've got a big package of them that you've purchased then that works out good and these I've put a glue dot this has like a lifted kind of three d glue spot on it that will set let's see where do you think his eyes need to go? You you said yes I'll let you but think of theirs to two eyes and then frankenstein you know he was built together we were talking about that the movie young frankenstein he was a monster that was built and in fact uh frankenstein's monsters really who is so let's put? You can put a smile you can take a black marker you khun do also maybe some washi tape and with this one I did stitches and that's kind of fun I just took a scrap piece of paper that we had that was white that was a little off color you could do black on the green I just do a thin line almost like a football station that's us a stitch I like that I can hit you like a mall for that that's cute I'm glad you did that one and then s o a couple different things. So then for our bolt take some more of your black crepe paper and you're just going to roll it up and start kind of tight you wanted to be fairly dense for these bowls and you decide how much you're going to roll you can I say about an inch, maybe in diameter or it could be maybe three fourths of an inch I don't want to like this guy he's adorable he could be a decoration we're going to use this one today and a little bit when we're all done maybe we'll try toe put candy in him craft carcamo okay, so about that it's looking good and secure it with tape or with just white blue again thiscreate papers so glue friendly and these air kind of acting like the bolts that helped build this this monster so lucy, I'm gonna take my hot glue and attach him to the side of him, ok? You know, I've got some hot glue and again, this is our low temperature hot glue gun which is great for using around kids and kind of just give it a second I would behold press and hold it there so that it kools I'm calling this betty oh, I like you did watch the tape stitches that's cute kind of looks like a spider bo actually cute. Okay, then we'll roll and make one more bowls to match the other side and then kind of like what this is doing, you just decorate it, you know, give it a face, give it dimensions, you can put things on the back of it if you want you can you could even hang a couple of black streamers at the bottom as just even long fringe or two to make little crepe paper legs that might be cute so he's maybe got a little body a couple of legs would be really cute okay got our other bolt on glue era and hot glue and then it would be I would let it dry something like this because we have used a lot of that white blue I would let this dry at least overnight just to kind of be solid and then you can see how it looks in the morning and reinforce it so this is definitely something I would make a day ahead at least of your party you stick this on the fight any measure that they're thinking going on hold it there and then the next day reinforce that kind of see you couldn't do a test I mean we'll test this one and see how it goes on and that is what I asked and we'll have a far party cute how are they coming along figuring it out awesome. This one was a little bit more tricky and kind of rule following and ticking it's looking great I'll call it santa know huh? I thought it was frank in buddy now before I can you didn't do a girl see so it's got that and and it's very important way anita add some more while she taped to reinforce that top go to for putting for filling the pinata yeah, you know I have a hard to say I tend to go just with those big giant mixes of lighter candy in fact we're going to be doing I mean I just got like strapped um suckering kind of candy or a couple of chocolate halloween I'm flavor that will do in in a little bit and I think that but you don't want it too heavy and sometimes those bigger chocolate candies that they have a cell are a little bit heavier and I mean the more you the lighter you have the more you can fill and then you know the little bubble gums or whatever khun go in inside and then you have more candy for more kids so great okay so we finished just finished up our frankenstein and you guys can keep working just for another minute I'm in a set this aside and just talk for a second about our next thing we've got once you have your pinata and even all of your things at your halloween party you're going to need you know we've created a lot of stuff I think we've got candy and treats and magic wands and hats and all that kind of stuff and you might want to have a place to put it a place to put all of your things so the next to press that we're going to dio are two ideas for a goody bag so that we're going to be making yes, we've got all our treats over here that we've had, and and we'll do that. So lucy, come and take mr frank and let's put him, we just put him right here to dry. Oh, yeah, sacs that would total with, hey, I'm working a kind of clean up over here, and we'll talk about our next two little goody bag craft that we've got nearly two, spiders. Okay, on her head. I did.

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