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Halloween Banner Part 2

With our black one if you're doing one that's a double that two different colors it's just still the same thing, we're still going toe pull that in half. Cut it, but then what it has is that center I mean again, it's super cute, you could still I mean, these designs of darling it's still just sort of leave it as is, but I love these many baking cups we'll do the same thing folded and fourth, so half in half again, and these ones also need slices as well to lay flat. Who and I just love halloween colors, so and then we're just going toe glue that on top, and I'm just going to get my glue stick making cups are great, just easy, thin paper that you're glue stick a work great, so cute and then you can kind of decide if it stays that way or if you want to put another googly eye in the center. Um, if you want to put stickers in the center so I'm gonna I'm gonna complete the other three and then maybe make a decision and that's kind of when your creative juices can get flowing and you consort...

of decide you could even put, um, you know, maybe I have three kids maybe each of them kind of make a decision on what they want to do for their some kind of get kids involved and they can have a little bit of ownership with the design decoration too. So do you guys take this as faras creating your own costumes? Way have and you know, it kind of comes and goes like when I had one my son my one child that was a lot easier and I had a little bit more time tio to put it together but uh least make some part of the element like my daughter this year she wants to be a bat and so she's just gonna wear black clothes in fact lucy tomorrow she said, well, I hope you know with kids sometimes they change their mind right now but right now that's what she wants to do and so she'll just wear black clothes but all take some type cleaner and on one of her existing had vans just make some bad years and just one pipe cleaner so easy and then even some felt or fabric for some wings that I'm probably either I mean you can take your penance, you don't ruin the clothes or if they want it is a custom forever hot glued on and then it will stay really, really well to river yeah that's a really good win or if you're happy with a selling machine I mean there's a million things do one time we did a little elmo costume on guy just got a red he was my son was probably a year eighteen months old and you could just get like a baby sleeper gotta read baby sleeper and then I just glued on an orange knows you know, a pom pom knows and I think I did either fabric eyes maybe even did googly eyes and really that's about it I mean that's all and put it on the hood of it nice and it just makes it a super simple simple craft and actually tomorrow a couple of the crops that we're doing we're making like a witch or wizard hat which will be fun kids can wear um and we're making some some alien monster snow hats to that air that could be an actual costume too. Ok, so I've got all four of these ready to go and then now I just kind of need to decide what's going to go in the center and again it's kind of depends how spooky one things are how a color scheme I mean maybe you want to do purple in the center of these and bring in another another color to it or just go simple with stickers there's some really, really cute stickers out there foam stickers that you conduce theirs that's or cats and I mean honestly there's just so many creative options that you have that you can put in the center I think a black cat would look really cute in fact maybe that's what we'll dio for one of them I think I'm gonna do for different things and what this one you can see I did just a little black pom pom so it's just a simple little black pom pom that eye glued with a glue dot andi zehr stickers you won't need that I think I think I'm not going to pumpkins exciting of pumpkins there so I'm gonna choose a couple of spooky maybe a bat for one spider and like that which half okay so on those and again you could do to a googly eye way have months to please people do these and then once her um once it's all done then we'll make the back of our of our cupcake liner it needs a back to it so that it can slide on teo are twine or your yarn kind of whatever you have to attach these stickers are not wanting to come off but make do and you can even glue and these would be this little center would be fun even for kids tio come of their own designs and their own maybe you take some of these paper scraps that we've had and they can come up with their own design what's going to go in the center of these because so it's kind of fun for kids to sort of have ownership on some of these cross too even though it's kind of an adult craft ok, cute hey, how they come in? Cute looking good. Um all right. Well, so with the back of our we're going to flip our, uh, cupcake liner over and again I'm going to come back to these just scraps of paper from our print out and we're just going to make like, a little triangle tent and um thiss that just helps with threading through kind of how you see here it just makes it so you could thread a piece of yarn or a piece of twine through you can just clip these on with a, um with the what they called clothes pin as well if you want, which that would actually be super cute and decorative as well, but we're just going to d'oh we have seven, so I need seven strips, ok? You'll fold it in half and then give it a little bit of a foot so that we can glue so kind of full back again it makes like a little double you are a little zigzag and we're going to add some glue to the bottom of those two and then glue it on and it becomes just a little sort of like a like button or just kind of has a hole there, and now this one see, we have created this eminent see, we've got to make sure flip it over and make sure you do that the right way. We need to make sure that our our, um twenty it's going to go through and that it will hang the right way, so make sure that you've got it going up and down so that the the thread khun come through. So do that for all seven, hold in half, then fold back and add drug lou. And then again got my let's go up and down. Perfect scene, it's got just a little bit of the area to be ableto thread through, we've got two of those, and then we'll do it for all of them summary where we were finishing these up. Um, I was just looking at the computer and I was checking out the thirty one days of halloween crafting yes, that's really cool let's talk. Can you talk a little bit to that? Yeah, so I am making takes dot com on my website, I just, you know, I've been doing it for almost eight years now, and I've got a lot of content on there, and I put together sort of ah, thirty one days so what day is it today october third so technically you know we're three days in but it just it's something you can do every single day for the next thirty one days until halloween comes and just lots of different crafts most of them are kids crafts again like I said that's sort of my specialty what I love to do it with my kids so yeah so so today's today's craft is jack o'lantern cookie pops and those look really good yeah great good and I think we're going to be making those tomorrow as well oh cool so the kids will get teo make him and decorate him a zoo well that's gonna be a fun one and lots of fun ones on here the pipe cleaner pom pom spiders embroidery hoop spider web spider snow hat and I like how you have them in like the different categories each week you're kind of covering some things you know lots of wicked witch stuff and you can pick and choose me I'll follow along with exactly that list but it is because they're grouped up together and then I even have I should have a link on there somewhere in that that says kind of classroom party ideas to sort of if you're a room parent or a teacher like I said before that's something I did as a kindergarten teacher there's almost always a halloween or a fall type party and those are great ideas and classroom setting teo and a lot of what we're doing tomorrow is perfect for a classroom setting with kids that you can do those stations perfect okay, good kate so we've got our, um little backings um and making sure they're all the right way we'll see when we threaded together so I've got some twine and you can use yarn you can use a fabric piece or something, but I just love this twine lately it's so darling with the striped color it's kind of a baking a baker's twine and you're going to need to make sure that it's long enough four for your whole thing so I'm actually going to cut it I'm just going to kind of grab a bunch and then we're just going to threat so if the threat it on but you need to make sure we spell it right and we get it right so I'm starting with, uh let's get some things out of the way. This is a large banner I think we'll start with our polka dot yet because it's before you can even get it in order here so we're going to start with our cat and because we've made that we can just slip that through thie edge and poll and just pull this all the way and again we'll be using more think because we'll want some string on the end listed on dh then next goes a letter but we're going backwards because we're going to spell it this way so I'm going to grab a why and because we've kind of clamped that with glue before it should make a nice kind of hole here and we can thread that through and again be aware of how you're threading this on don't threat it on the wrong way otherwise it'll be backwards we'll make sure that you're kind of paying attention to how it gets placed on and then we'll do our next cute little decorative pumpkin kind of make sure he's going the right way so far so good okay, okay and check yourself sure if it flips upside down that it's going to be the right direction turned out really cute so look fun on a wall or on a door over your man told a really great place to put he's and you can use yarn and that's right with kids teo you can also put this if some of these air trickier to thread through, you can put it on like a cross stitch needle that's not that's blunt on the end and have kids help or a yard needle they can help to it with yarn or I mean these air pretty that sticky fingers they're pretty good to go through hey and then just kind of keep going all the way and with the kind of what I showed it beginning with the principal you have the option to do just the word do um if you want to just do a smaller banner it's not as time consuming or you love this and you just want keep going I mean you could make all three words we have the word halloween to which obviously that's going to be a lot more letters and things to put on thread in our banner but also depends on your space think about the space that you're going to put this you could you could have two bob boo at the top and spooky at the bottom or you could do happy halloween andrea lee fill in a space the fireplace or um over a door kind of wherever this's gonna go and so I kind of think about that when you get started with this banner of sort of what what word you're going to do, what your spacing is like in your in your home hey, we'll stun cute I love those guys hey and then last one and once we've attached to this, then you kind of give it a look and sort of see where you're out you're going to maybe need and in fact maybe I'll get you jim to come over and help me and grab this side since the long word it's a two man job is sure is so you can always let's see we're goingto gonna flip so let's trade sides ok so we can they can see the letters perfect maybe come up here you know we can kind of see and and then just get it you know set it up and you can happen spaced out or they could be overlapping each other gets a little wonky and tell you kind of put them all together little spider and one more and with its flat on a wall it will stay put these air kind of wanting to turn but it looks great execute and then you can kind of decide how much twine you want on either and sort of if you wanted to hang you know really drew be or if you want it tighter I actually kind of like this hanging right here you could even put this on a corner so that it so that it's you know a little bit more decorative right where you put tape but we cut it off she we stand maybe let's hang about what looks about good maybe about a foot and a half on the bottom and then it should go office what's regularly so maybe behind our mummy love it may be a necklace from me wait go higher yeah that's great and this is the whole heavies we'll see how that got that packing tape crisscross it seems to work good on our word. Did you say chris cross it cris, cross your taste and then senator amount like I can kind of see, had a little more here and that's sort of what's. Nice is you can, um, you can't face it, you know the spanner isn't too droopy that they're not all going to go to the center. You khun kind of spaced out. Oh, my gosh, thank you, it's. Ready for halloween? Yeah, great and that's that's kind of funny, you know, if it wants to go in or out or whatever, and those googly eyes look great, we think I love it. So my making where we got the letters yeah, these air just absolutely these air, just our principle that you can get with the class and it's, just the design of darling lauren mackenzie's designed, so that makes it really nice. Grace and then these guys at paper, we ordered our paper and most of the cupcake liners from consumer crafts. Great, fantastic, good job.

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