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Straw Buddies and Witches Brew

We're going to be making these cute little straw fifty bodies, there's little straw buddies so there's a ghost or there's a couple of pumpkins and these ones they're fun with the pumpkins because you consort of do any shape that you want for a pumpkin. Pumpkins come in all shapes in sizes and the ghost is kind of cute and I sort of like, how has this open space where it kind of looks like it's it's mouth? Maybe and then you need to leave enough room that you would be able to drink out of for this. So for supplies for these work going tohave straw so let's set these ones aside, we're gonna have straw. We're gonna have craft foam. I personally like to use craft phone on day I'll tell you a couple other options and then a pencil and scissors a pencil is if you need tio kind of draw your shape on and I'll talk about that in just a minute, but first I want to just talk about the material that we're using for these the reason I like the craft foam is because it's reusable you can use him aga...

in and again you can pop these off there it's pretty firm it's not going to break where I've done paper before and it can break or can get wet from any of the drink that you've got so the craft film works really, really well, we do have marker on this you do want to be aware that you wouldn't want to stick your from too far into the into the drink, but you can pop it higher lower kind of how it works and the other thing about the strong these days is how darling and what fun straws they're coming out with for party supplies I mean, you really can't go wrong or anywhere where they don't have these in polka dots, air stripes combined online combined in department stores it's perfect yeah so let's start lucy's ready you're ready to craft and you might need a permanent marker that's another one that you might need so draw your shape I've given you let's make one ghost and one pumpkin or two pumpkins if you have enough space and your ghosts can kind of be any way you want, think about your straw think about how big it is and you know here's my piece of craft foam you want to make sure you don't go to large sure you won't be able to stick it in your cup um and you want to have enough room to sit at the top so that's kind of something to think about and same with your pumpkin you also don't want it to small if you have it too small then you won't be able to make the little flits with your scissors that will use in a minute we're going to cut those out with ok perfect kind of put a spot where it wass um so you just need to be aware of the size of your shape so with a with a ghost well, you can draw it on or you can just go kind of free hand with your scissors you don't need to use, uh, pencil, but it just makes it easy and then what you're going to do is cut on the inside of your pencil. You don't want your pencil the show, so if you could take your scissors cut inside of that pencil trace and all the way around and it's nice to have a pattern, you can have pre cut patterns like maybe you personally make some of these, um, out of craft foam and then kids can use it and trace it you can use a piece of one thing I used to use all the time is a a trace form is a manila folder kind of a little bit harder those old, you know, manila folders that sort of teachers use and you can cut out of shape and then just have kids trace around those, and I even put the word trace on my tracer so that kids don't end up taking those when I was a teacher they would take those on accident and decorate with them so if you put you know the this one is the trace for tasting so there's our ghost shape and you've given you've already put your marker on it you can give them some eyes I eat my mouth and that's exactly where the straw is going to be through the strong will go um and then I'm gonna cut out I'm gonna draw my pumpkin to let's see and again you know pumpkins air sort of all shapes and sizes and we don't have green um but you can get a green permanent marker for maybe the stem if you want tio I want to make it really you know perfect to what it looks like otherwise it looks cute with justin orange stem on and if you have plenty you know this is these were just scraps of craft phone I like to buy the most craft supplies have stores have them in packages they haven't single sheets but I find that I buy the whole package and then we're using these for all sorts of activities this is this is a material across supply material that is definitely in our craft then one reason is because it doesn't pray it's got a nice clean edge to it and I'm that it cuts really easy and like we saw with the witch hats you can hole punch through him we've made before like a cute little if you punch the sides and punch this side you can make like a threating we've made a mummy before you could even put two together wrap it up and make a little goody bag something like that so we've got both of our little shapes or if you have even just one of your shapes ready one way you can do it lucy is kind of going through hers with her with her pencil but but a really easy way to do it unless if you want to follow along here with this you can soldier thing in half and about a half an inch down make a cut about a quarter of an inch big and then leave a little space and cut against you're gonna make too little cuts into that cold and then when you open it that he should have too little holes right there and that will leave just enough room to thread your straw through back and forth that kind of makes a really cute perfect little threaded pumpkin leave you know you can put it higher or lower but it's kind of nice and you have enough room to drink and then we'll go ahead and I'll cut the whole same within with our ghost fold our coast in half and again this kind of for the ghost it sort of looks like his mouth kind of like what you see oh googly so do you have a straw you very human so with your ghost you want to be careful and how you're threading it I'm threading it the wrong way because then he's kind of going cross eyes you've got to be careful if you've already decorated your ghost too thread him back the other way so just kind of watch out for that and then you've got your little drink straws oh the beard and the funny thing about these is that you can do for any holiday the's work for christmas valentine's heart of any kind of halloween or holiday craft that you have are themed party could do balloons we've done have done heart we've done stars and it just just kind of jazz things up a little bit I've even done some pirate flags before for a little pirate themed party and then it looks really, really cute and there I think e think it's fun for me the kids to make these so we kind of talked about that before this could also be a station and they can make their own straw and then the best part about this is that if they are personalized and maybe the they put their name on it or a little something special you will know who's drinkers whose could sometimes when you don't want to go through tana paper cups or whatever you're using thiss way it's personalized and then you know whose is whose cups you could put you know, kids names on here if you wanted tio but this makes it really really easy to see who's is his drink so how are they coming along? I can see that cute oh I like it she one of them put a cute little vines down that's great for your pumpkin cute outlined him I like those outlined in black great just kind of even more and like I said sort of be careful with your drink if you don't want to be putting on marker and tiered interior soda of washing keep did you do that? You know you could do a lady yeah so this is a perfect craft for what we're making for in a minute we've got some witches brew that we're going to be brewing together so I'm gonna have you guys save your cups and save your drink straws and will be making and mixing um this for our dream here in just a second so we've got this you could put this with any drink that you've got going on you can have you know even just ice water would work and it makes ice water a little more fun if you if you've got a little strapped to it you add in what she taped that I love that idea that's a great idea so I'm gonna stick this over in the corner and we're going to move on to our which is true, and with our witches brew it's really just soda and ice cream, but again, or kind of giving it that funny, funky thing that perfect right, that are soda and are witches brew our ice cream? And because I've called it, which is true, I've chosen to use a lima green sure bit kind of consider a little fun thing, and if you wanted teo, you could do a grape soda, maybe give it a purple color of a drink, but we're just doing clear so we can kind of see the effect. So let me move your stuff over just a little bit got a guzzler over here, so let me put this just right over here, lucy, I'm just going to show first our cauldron, so I thought, the's cauldron, I kind of talked about this yesterday on our treat table. I've got our the's air just halloween trick or treating buckets that I found and it's just perfect for a witch. You know, witches, cauldron, maybe you're making, you know, are witches, roof, toil and trouble. Maybe you've got to get your wick hat on while you're while you're mixing and making, but these air great, so I was mentioning yesterday that you need to make sure that it doesn't have a hole in the bottom and that its eso wouldn't leak through because a couple of these had holes in the bottom and then we've washed him out so they're nice and clean because we're going to add our thing to it maybe let's put this right here so that we're not accidentally putting I looked on it yet so we've got our cauldron but and our ladle but I don't want tio you could just have it just like this but I want to decorate these so actually lucy I'm gonna let you have in fact I've got cem lacey cem sticker googly eyes over there and then we're going to do washing taste so grab a couple things of washington and then um so for our for our ladle and even for our witches cauldron um you can attach you know, a spider to it you can wrap it with yarn I'm gonna have lucy decorate one of those in washington tape you get maybe a googly eyes one we're just going to have so just us are doing these so we don't need tons and tons of washing of which is true that everybody gets to drink everybody is going to help us make the actual which is brewed so let's give a shout out to the company where we can actually purchase the washington and I'm going to have the guys in the back put up the slide as well yeah, absolutely. I purchased this from most of these consumer cross dot com just right online and was really easy to order and gets shipped here. House perfect ship pretty pretty good prices good shipping comparable prices and if you order enough which I always dio you're always you know there's always a little things that you're doing free shipping easy perfect of course the foodstuffs easy to find at your local your local and in fact you know they do sell things like straws and a couple other party supplies which your great some of our cupcake liners from yesterday were from there to ok, which is nice yeah so just continue so lucy's got some sticker googly eyes I mean you want to make it festive leaving e vo kreager witches brew cauldron um you could decorate align the top in fact, maybe I'll even do a little bit of washing tape at the very tippy top again. It's versatile washi tape is so easy and great can't find opening on those ones maybe just use thes they're about the same size anything you can add maybe you put your you know the witch hat that you just made maybe it's going to get put right next to the with the on the tree table next to the witches cauldron for the witches brew and then we discussed this before and I haven't used it with children yet but if you are familiar with dry ice that's definitely something that you could add to your cauldron and it will keep it bubbly the whole time during your party adding just little pieces of your dry ice to it which makes a really fun effect um and get to soda and flavoring but what we're going to be doing today is ice cream and just lemon lime soda and it did you like it you don't like and I wanted to check my other little daughter wanted seconds and thirds we'll have to see what you think having adult party whether you might use like a guinness with the ice cream or a quarter yeah and it was brought up yeah absolutely cool you could kind of do any and you could even use soda and ice cream and any kind of an alcohol to go with that whatever your favorite drink and be a little bit of a slushy which would be any okay so just kind of keep decorating there for a minute lucy and I'm in a show how to decorate our late almost ladles just any kind of little you have who should have some sort of apple so I'm going to just attach a little bit of um yarn to it and tie a knot and this will make it fun don't make it too long because you don't want it to accidentally drop into your dream but if you do just a little a little tiny one here and we're going to attach a spider to it let's do an orange spider then it's kind of fun for the for the person who's at the tree table maybe dishing out or um see let's loop him let's look him on this you get ready to do that? Yeah, do you want to put some yarn on your little right here too? Because in a minute we're going to fill these up with the kids and have a drink cute googly eyes on the top be aware if you do put some things on the top that this is down that wouldn't fall inside you don't want those to the inside of your drink I'd be a little disgusting that might he's like a frog eyes fly so low that could I like that? Maybe this is like a frog I drink so you can name that kind of any sort of like I said, even if it's just a sprite in an ice cream or you know something like that it's given a name so it's got kind of just a little something to it waken wrap it in washington tape in fact, maybe I'll give it a little bit of green for the washington tape and again be aware of kind of how we'll just do this black section, which is the handle you don't want to put it too far into so you hear what I said maybe only put washi tape up here because we don't want it down there where it will be in our drink and sort of how we did the the dowels before just wrapped that you mean that juan juan the wood doubles oh, you got it you got the trick on the screen one doesn't like it and then with her ladles done uh and decorated this is something you'll do before I would have this ready to go before the party I would probably even have well, you know what? Actually you can have your witches brew ready to go and sitting on the tree table, but something that might be kind of fun is before you sort of allow the kids to drink maybe gathering around and mate mick is it make it and then it's just there waiting for them to to drink so that's kind of fun to be part of the process to get kids involved in kind of any part of this process. So if you want to add a couple more of those we're going toe now add our ice cream and I think I'll act the kids you can go ahead and come up and I think we'll have jim, will you help me with one cauldron and here's an ice cream scoop and a soda and then I'll help kids I'm gonna walk around to the other side let's see let's see, we've come around here with me, honey, I hear and we'll let everybody so maybe three of you to go over there on maybe one more we okay? And then we thought our baby this comes with them let's mix it in here here, ok? And then they can and then they can come didn't come stand right back here just so we can still get a ballsy and we've got our team case we're just going to take I'll show you the first one. We're just going to take a scoop, maybe about that big so we're doing scoops of ice cream that you're ladle will want to catch to put into a cup. Now think of our cups, you know are only about this big and you want every child to have at least one scoop of ice cream you don't want to do too big so and that's good! Yeah that's great, perfect plop it in ok, we'll do a couple of those with that in chi little spider way do some yes in the yard with that perfect my later my layer when the ladle do one each great pretty good once I hear and you can do this in shifts where if you feel like your ice cream's going to solidify and melt at the bottom then you'll want to pour a little bit of the soda into keeping floating, but we worked it out last time way did this that we just did a whole bunch of scoops and then report are drinking and it ended at rio plopping up being little plops of ice cream. Yeah, I'm sure is that you like a sure, but better than a regular. This was there's only two kinds of greens that are really out there there. Is there a lime? Sure bit or thought about doing a mint chocolate chip? Well, yeah, maybe it's a mint with soda? I don't know, you know it's witches brew who knows what they're what they're doing? Plus it would have, like little chocolate specs in it that maybe it might be kind of kufi who knows what else is there? We'll see frog droppings that bones I mean, you could get created. Like I said, you could have a grape soda since it's kind of a witches brew, maybe it's two different colors close. Do you want to do one of these scoop s and then we'll pour change, so scoop it. Well, you know one of these ice cream scoops, they're awesome for use more of them, maybe a fill it with about half way of ice cream, you can always add more soda, perfect yeah, what kind of a cool contraption so I'll set this here then here comes down right here lucy so we can get a shot of this for our camera so let's keep this right here for a minute in fact and I get a paper towel somewhere somehow on dh we're goingto okay open this up in fact, maybe that's part of the show maybe you shake up here your soda bottle and let it go all over the place that's part of your witches brew show comes down on this side list so we could still have everybody see thank you perfect let me get a paper towel first just in case maybe you could say toil and trouble stand by your ship starting and you guys just poor when you're ready so port and you can kind of hear it can you see it bubble in? We'll go all the way to the top and you'll be able to see this don't put that in just yet I was going to say hopefully khun see inside the center oh yeah super frosty perfect can you see it over the edge there we go maybe I'll stop and it will keep going give it a minute it's great come on, hang on let's, let it sit and kind of bubble up just a little bit more great and this is a good size I mean that fit almost the whole thing if you have a bigger container or even a punch bowl that works too especially clear punch bowl maybe kids can see and then if you have your little we can just kind of stick it inside and sort of mix around and then and then you'll be able to get haven't we all view what's that what's that which is things boil and blue trouble in toyland or something like that boy a bullying me they get about watch out bubble bubble toil in teo boil and bubble double toil and trouble I get that bubble in trouble okay let's let's see if we can't even get extra points from where that comes from the church is only slightly I don't know do you think that comes from shakespeare's macbeth nice don't give it a little shorter rule store here keep those right here just a real light a little more soda or maybe even a little bit more some of our and you can take your ladle aiken see that our ice cream is sort of clumped together spent lucy so we've got our our drink so if you guys will go back to your um table and lucy here shares let me give you oh that one's yours straw you will make sure he kind of sticking out just a little bit get a little bit of drink he's turning maybe yeah maybe no strong next time it comes down right here over a little bit all right that's the thing about the party it's sort of like I know it's kind of spooky kind of way good one for you little lady takes ok yeah I like it we'll even get some for your for your parents too we need to test it that's what I would like to say when I'm doing party I have to test it and got it coming or we go you're welcome thank kate all right let's bring up some parents cups yeah oh yeah come on that don't you guys coming up lucy what do you think do you think about it tasted good you're gonna need some here back to hollywood I love this frost now yeah and see you can kind of see our soda did mix with that with that ice cream and it turns out the company does okay right should be ready your desk here's one more day here all right where were you the king of the weirding goes are the gilks sounds what your goal office theo white foam at the top is the best oh yeah it is like a lot right alright you're okay no from copper is like ice cream in there that's all I e you need a strike unless you guys had an extra I've got one quite strong right there okay you know about that one okay, good. Okay, do you need a cup? I do. Thank you. Use one of those straws. They see what we think. Wear orange? Yeah. Can you put that down? I said that right over here, little tom, if you what did you think about your drink? So you finished? And if you need teo, you might need spoons because it's it is an ice cream drinks, so maybe it's a spoon with it it's pretty good. Really good. Wait, don't yeah. And you could make this like I said at the party and have, like, a group of the kids and you're putting all the ice cream in and do this sort of a show kind of what we did and then either serve it out or just have it ready. In fact, I'm gonna take this one over to our treat table perfect and I'll replace it with this other one that we've got and you can have your you know, your stack of cups right here and you're straws or your pumpkin pals that have already been made again, we'll add our pumpkin pops to this one. So you kind of all set for for your party for your treat table we've finished our treat table and yeah, and then we're still got more todo way still got more to retirement for two more segments do me a favor let's reiterate let's reiterate the tree table because it was also amazing I lived so the signs the little card the placards we made yesterday yeah and this is a principle that we got with the with the resource pakistan extras that you get and darling little names and I came up with eight of the words that you can use cool and again you can use broomsticks for anything it's versatile I mean maybe you want to make something else that's you know a haystack or a little pretzels and caramel or something to make a broomstick and then we just glued these on and added some googly eyes we folded our paper and made a little table tent and I talked yesterday how you can actually stick this with lollipop stick or a popsicle stick and maybe one on there could even go inside your tray or whatever we've got that bones we talked about how it's kind of just silly to talk about anything weighing yesterday did a star wars party and we had pizza and we just call the galactic pizza I mean it's just goofy and silly and then over eyes again these could be grapes to we thought about doing the organized for grapes but these air those fun candies that come wraps that look like eyeballs on dh lucy came up with that name she came up with the over eyes which was really cute and then just little grape kebabs that you convey make that air cute again you need a few healthy treats for the table I mean they're going to be full of so much sugar they want to have that too yeah cool on then we've got little jacks and these air cute in fact, maybe I'll give one of these teach of the kids and they can decorate mohr for us, but you can just take me they'll have you give these kids perfect and you can just use your permanent marker human see find your permanent black marker and you're going tio just draw any kind of halloween phase jack o lantern on these and because it's on the outside on the skin you could just peel these right off and and you'll be safe but that I just called these little jax because they're just little mini so those kind of little q t mandarin oranges are just small oranges that would look so cute can you could kind of have this be a little macon take at the table where you have a marker here and kids can decorate their own right here at the table or you can have already done and ready to go you're pretty cool for your party and then another one that we've done our many mummies and these were just hot dogs cut in half and breadsticks from can like those you just refrigerator breadsticks, cut him in half in a wrap them around kind of have to press them sort of tight before you bacon just bake him with the regular instructions of your bread sticks super easy and then they just look like mummies and I was saying before what you could do is take mustard or catch up and make eyes or make drool or I don't know mummy's air kind of all grouping creepy anyway so that sort of perfect for mummies and then we've got our witches brew, which we just made and we made it a little more festive with our ladle and then we've got our pumpkin pops which we made and once those solidify weaken stick him in here and then again, you just want to get really cute crafty we've got you know are I've got some candies that air made with fall of course he candy corn what party and table doesn't need candy corn, which is great and then yesterday we made our banner and this was a boo and we also have one up here on our mummy that we made yesterday, which is spooky and that kind of just puts our table totally perfect and festive and I talked about yesterday how we do have our photo booth that we made yesterday, but you could put your photo booth on dh it's not a photo booth it's just a decorative while right behind just right behind. So it's kind of how it. Maybe you have great paper here and then you also have great paper in another area for your photo. This it could be for bull.

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