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FreePreview: Cupcake Liner Wreath Part 1

Now that we've got our our mummy door this the first thing that they'll see when they come in we're going to add another little element of decoration and we're going to make a wreath we're going to make a little mummified sort of spooky reef that will have some uh cupcake liners is what we're using and this's what it will look like when we're finished it's just a basic styrofoam rees and we were adding cupcake liners because they're colorful and cute there so there's so much variety to cupcake liners these days and then tio obviously to make it a little bit more spooky a little bit more halloween you have to add a spider web so a spider web will be on it we've added some spiders to it and in fact when I made this wreath I thought I could just take off this spider web and it would be something for spring or something for another holiday or something like that so you can always kind of tailor for whatever holiday you're doing use it for a couple different holidays so this is what we're g...

oing to be making right now and hear some of the supplies that we've got we have a reform there's a whole bunch of different kinds of reforms out there you khun dio a wood reform or there's a green kind of more thicker one I really like this it's really sturdy the nice thing about this is that it doesn't fray it doesn't have the styrofoam that falls off sometimes you can use those and they fall off a little bit but this is great and this is eight inches an eight inch around trees I've got one I'll show you in a little bit I've made that's a twelve inch and then even one that's a six and treat but the one I like the best is an eight inch for this on lee because we're going to be doing a lot of gluing in the bigger the reform the more you're going to be putting on it so I think this I think it makes a nice you know a nice looking reason that you can set kind of anywhere could be on a door could be on a on a wall kind on a banister sort of on a mantle anywhere you anywhere you've got decorations so we've got a re thing you're going to need hot glue so we've got our hot glue gun this one is a low temperature because we are working with sarah phone it can melt so it's a low temples the best way to do it plus if you're working with kids if you if maybe your kids are going to help with this it is better to have a little bit lower temp just in case I don't know if you do bring yourself with hot glue it it's nice you can have a a bowl of like ice cold water to stick your hand and if you need it we've got our glue sticks we've got cem uh, cupcake liners and like I said before, the nice thing about cupcake liners is that they come in such darling decorations and styles and textures these days that really I e where you even have this one that will put on the front of it that is darling too so there's just kind of all different kinds of decorations that you khun dio with your cupcake liners let's um ribbon we have some spiders, some spider web and then anything kind of embellishments we could add to it if you wanted to I can show you a different way we've got stickers maybe even you want to put googly eyes on it because those again god have googly eyes all the time and then just some other really nice stickers. So the first thing that we're going to dio is fold our paper and this is kind of the time consuming part it's just folding so take one of your so what? We have three sections and I'll kind of show you again I like it in the three sections obviously khun do it in one color, you can do it in two colors I really liked it in this six sections because we're going to be gluing in sections so I like that we'll do green and then just right on the other side, you know we'll do the same ones and we're going to see start with we end up using about between one hundred and one hundred fifteen cupcake liners most packages come with about seventy five you will need at least two packages, maybe two colors, but we're going to start by doing twelve and twelve all over and then extra little ones too fill it in so what we need to do is fold our our cupcake liner and to do that since the outside is so colorful color just folded in half so you can see the color and you can you could stop here and glue or you can fold one more time and and glue as a little fan but to make it a little bushier and full, I'm actually going to fold one side back and the other side back so it actually makes like a little m or w sort of however you look at that and just makes it for really nice full look you khun spread these out later so I just really like the sort of zig zag feel, so I like to fold it of the former times so folded in half planet out folded in half once fold it in half again fold it back on one side flipped folded back on the other side and then with this point of edge I'm gonna flip that up so it makes a little seat kind of makes a little seat so it's going toe you're going to add your glue to this flap and then we'll set it on here and eventually won't see all these little flaps that air around because these air going to spread out really nice so it does get covered just great and then I'll kind of show how to do the inside and placed outside but for beginning let's just fold we're just going to be holding for a little while fold um twenty four of every color because we'll do twelve and then we'll do twelve so we're just going to kind of take some time fold backing for and then that little lip too you're just gonna have little bunches of beef and this is one of those things where the kids can help what where is they don't use hot glue? I don't let my kids he's hot glue at some point I think they'll be old enough and just kind of depends on your child how you feel if they're ready to handle hot glue I haven't done it with my kids yet I don't do that many crafts a hot glue, but when I do it's usually they're helping me with this kind of stuff and then I do the hot gluing that's kind of nice about thies and this is when you turn on that halloween show your holly movie maybe it's I don't know him to have a favorite halloween movie that you watch oh favorite home movie that's what you're gonna watch while you're folding although you know for me the shining is like my favorite oh in scary movie oh you're like it in there you're you're going scary but I love it I like the scary ones big fan how about you? I like the cartoons little charlie brown oh yeah oh yeah great you forget about the great gotta watch the great in fact great. You know all the tv shows show most of those holiday yeah, I love the casper the friendly ghost so damn thing when I was a kid way had ah woman that worked with my parents growing up and she used to make us a wreath every christmas and she was it was a christmas wreath so very similar to what you're doing there and she would wrap individual presence in our many boxes on she do like literally one hundred fully wrapped boxes and then she would attach him with hot glue to aretha beautiful entirely big pop of color and you can't even do that with this you could even dio I love that idea and just do it halloween you have been telling colors you happen helling colors yeah great right I'm gonna go to our students and find out their favorite halloween movies I like the training that's a good one for tips that you like the great pumpkin yeah around okay keep holding I loved I still I love that zigzag shape so count one two three four it's a team effort when you guys were at home making the reason one hundred percent yes I mean you like you can like I said you can kind of sit and watch your favorite tv show whoever you know on late night or whatever and kind of start making these but this is perfect this is exactly what a kid khun dio with their fingers they can learn to fold they can learn tio um you know press it on and they could even be a part of the choosing and the decorating process to thes they're just kind of what I found were using halloween colors of black and green and why but then we're going to give it a pop of that orange too so which is which is really fun so absolutely and then keep track of your numbers and realizing you can get going and then maybe I've got enough so once again you'll need twenty start with twenty four of each color and make sure you've got your hot glue going you're hot glue is hot and ready to go I can just sit on a paper plate perfect for that I'll do a couple more and then show you the section and you guys keep folding hey, so I'll just I'll just show a little bit of the gluing, but you guys keep folding and I'll even have more to fold too, but with your glue gun, you can do this one by one or you khun do it and I add a whole bunch of glue so at the very beginning, because there is so many toe ad and you're kind of going everywhere, I like tio um just put my glue everywhere, so I'm just going to do kind of a little zigzag and you could sort of eyeball it if you wanted teo, you could mark this in six sections and then you would kind of know where you're going to be, but I just sort of I've all that I know I'm going to go from here to here and then with your hot glue, you're just going to start sticking it on and again, it really doesn't matter at this point with the first twelve that you add here doesn't matter where they go and they're going to fill out and phil in can always use more than what we have and you can kind of see it's just sort of random I like the randomness of it, I like the look of it, just sort of being everywhere they can match up you can add a little bit of glue and go on top of each other so you can kind of see how I've got two right here but I'm gonna add a little bit of glue and put one on top going the other way just to fill that in and by the time we're done you're not going to see the styrofoam three by the time we're done that drive too fast see so you don't want to do too much I can drive hey and then at this point when you kind of done one zigzag then I just sort of fill in the rest of the twelve so we count how many one two three four five six seven eight everyone down here nine and again be careful with just kind of a disclaimer just be careful without hot glue I don't want it again it's a low temperatures nice but you still don't want it to get on you as much as possible and you might have those like little strings of you know glue but if it does kind of adds to it you can pick him off to a a gluing I'm going to bring in a couple of other samples that are super cool for us toe talk about so again uh same sort of thing here right it's the cupcake yeah I think so this one for I'm shaped craft cupcake liner and you can see it's just a little six inch one so it's just a little well goodbye but with this one I did it a little differently and I can even show you high full of that one I fold it in half and that was it so right have made a fan and I actually did it in a row like this god, you're still you fold unhappy you still do the full on that's what attach is t sounds exactly that little that's what's nice about this cupcake liners they do like that so I just kind of a little around and then to fill in the back I just did it upside down this sway opposite, okay? And then we've got just a couple of cupcake liners in the centre perfect to fill it in and a sticker I love that gothic look about this book about love black and white yes, not a ribbon and then when you were just on the back, you always need add a little something unless you have a hook like most, you know, people have maybe a wreath hook too that you don't need a rhythm for about ok? Yeah and then this guy so this one is a twelve entries kind of what they were spider and with a twelve inch because it's a lot I didn't want to do as many cupcakes so I decided to wrap it with fabric so this was just strap fabric and in fact I didn't even sew the edges cut because it kind of gives it that sort of scrappy look and just wrap it with fabric and then again just kind of out of a little pop of color with my cupcake res this time we'll open it up and cut him we're going to do sort of this design for another craft we've got and then of course you have to add a spider thing this was fun so I just did a hot glue on the back with a little bit of twine and he's hanging add some ribbon stick it on your front door yeah that's a great one could you have done this one wrapped in toilet paper and mummy yes and I mean we've got a couple rolls left yeah maybe even put googly eyes on it are right wherever anything you can't do the money without the booth yeah that's great. So there's a couple of just kind of showing a couple different ways to do this again this is just the one that's really full and then another way to do it is just wrapping it in fabric and you don't have to do as many but I kind of like that fullness of it which is great so I'm gonna count these see hominy I've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve we're going to stop there so that's our first section and then we're going to go completely opposite and fill in with our next one just exactly this and then I'm gonna add just like I said just weeks a little easier and quicker at the very beginning just add a little bit is exact lou and then holding press and then if you are worried about getting too close, you know you can add a pencil kind of hold it down um do you have to tear a stick or a crayon kind of whatever you have going so that you don't get too close to that hot glue and sometimes it's not too hot it's more than just icky stays stuck on your on your hand for a little while that then you've got to kind of rub it off, which is fine you can hey let's see one, two, three, four, five k and just sort of I'm your first sections probably be going to be the biggest and sickest and, um the widest of this of the six areas only because you're just you're starting in your kind of forming the sections and then in a little bit I'll kind of show you to how to get the inside and outside making sure you don't want to see that that foam if you're doing a black and white on lee then it won't matter as much if you see the styrofoam underneath. So that's, why it's nice if you want tio and you have, like a really bright colors, maybe just screen and and orange in you don't want to fill it in so so full then you can add a fabric color that course of coordinates, of course, along with your with your custody, kleiner so if at the beginning and if I wanted to, I could have wrapped this in green or black um, fabric just the beginning, so that wouldn't show any white, but I'm not too worried this is going to be pretty full and we can spread out thes these nicely. Ok, so I've got two colors were going to dio twenty for my wife and sold twelve and twelve and then twenty four of the black. How are your guys is coming? Just that tedious sort of used to do that's? Why it's like, get everybody involved, get the kids involved or do pull parties where you invite the kids over and you like a bunch of kids and you do it during the party of you? Do any ever crafting during the party as an event? Yes, absolutely, and you know, this could even be it if you have older kids, maybe they wanted design and decorator read that would be great tomorrow almost every single thing that we're going to be doing, its something that you'll do, I think you could do a lot of the time, but I think it's part of the party, so kind of how I set up parties before, so when I talked school, you would have a room, parents that would come in and they would do a halloween party, usually halloween are fall party is usually on the list of a school wide parties, and the nice thing is that you have an hour, and so I've done this a few, you know, a few different times where you need to see set it up in stations when you're dealing with kindergarten, especially they really have their attention is not as long is maybe fifth graders or fourth graders and so that's, why it's nice to set up a state stations your party, and I'll talk a little bit more about that tomorrow, too, but sort of for your halloween party. It's nice to have, you know, little sections that they would go to in a classroom setting it's nice because you can actually rotate so I would have maybe two games, maybe one treat and a craft, and you would do it for ten or fifteen minutes at a time, and then you, you know, someone, a teacher, parent via rings a bell and all the kids thanks and they rotate and you have your parent helpers there each in charge of all of the crafts and and that makes for a really nice party for a classroom setting or even at your house you can just kind of be all out and all whatever so that works too yeah okay so let's see I've got seventy eight eleven, sixteen a couple more of these and then we'll start gluing them on how is your hot glue coming and sections so ok and then just don't worry right now about the white faces that you have because those will get filled in ok? So let's start uh you won't go here you'll if you're dividing and three will go in six so it will be right here right next to where we're starting for our next color and we need more hot glue seed that through having at the ready do our zigzag adamant and like I said I love the pipe cleaner the cupcake liners for that little lip that it gives you the little point at the end it just makes it perfect for gluing on your piece I love you can use paper you can use I know a lot of people who do this I felt that's easy to little felt cut pieces the nice thing about cupcake liners is that goes quicker there already pre cut their pre made there they're ready to go that kind of have that zigzag jag already to it and they come in such great cute colors. So for the holidays just marie just curious where you were the best place to purchase these yeah there's for cookie kleiner's you could go pretty much anywhere. I did get these through our consumer craft just online which is so great that's why I use them all the time consumed across dot com you can just I'm online but I also you could go to michael's goto joan's or even just your local grocery store especially for cupcake liners which they have to assume really cute ones in any kind of baking section which is nice on and let's we repeat the end consumer what we tell me the gun with you you are a consumer kraft stock and that's where I got a lot of this stuff that we're going to be most of the things okay yeah it's so easy google they carry so many great crafts to which is awesome three eight keep going um yeah, that makes it really easy and delicious your door but it is but I have said to love still go into the cross store it is inspiring and fun to go in and kind of holding touch supplies but then the convenience of ordering online is it's great that you can do that too

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