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Sell More With Instagram

Lesson 6 of 31

Discovering People, Places, & Things

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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6. Discovering People, Places, & Things


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Discovering People, Places, & Things

in the spirit of discovery, I want to show you on the phone where you can actually explore and discover on your own. I told you earlier that I spend 45 minutes to an hour every morning guilty on Instagram, exploring finding new things. And so now when you go to the explore button and I highlighted here in red, pointed the green arrow thes air photos that you've liked or that that ones where you have taken, like your geo tag and other people that you're following. So it populates the pictures that you may like like automatically. So it's a new feature in Instagram where you can, like, just check in with their kind of putting out. You know, all this together based on your activity of what's going on. All right, so we're gonna talk about how to find Pete, like, how to actually find your ideal followers. And I mentioned, um earlier that you're gonna go into instant Al ive and you want to spend time browsing and communicating with them. So this is what it looks like for those of you that ha...

ven't done this yet. What's interesting is I'm really curious what this number is now, So I took a screenshot of this probably three days ago. So 1917 was the number on this account, and these were people in the back of the account that I say. All you do is you just click, click, and you start following them. Um, and you check in with them and see what value there giving you, and you go in there and you engage and you comment, and you start finding people that have similar values that you can maybe start partnerships with or collaborate with, and they're all there. They're just waiting for you. So, um, we've been talking about geo tagging, and Caroline touched on it a little bit with her photography. And I want to give you, um, the exact story that happened for me with the Geo tag. Actually, there's three of these stories that you're going to see soon, these people all coming up on stage, and I'm really excited to have them on stage. But here is the story that I want to unfold for you right now. So we talk about the geo tag when you geo tag your photo. It shows up as a blue hyper link to that geo tag. So in the top, you can see that Jill and I with the Four Seasons in Sydney at a conference, and these or other B schoolers gated, be school babes who were there from Sydney. We didn't know they were there, but they saw our geo tag and they said, we so have to take an instagram picture. I'm like, Hello. Of course we don't. So we didn't see me with the hashtag sign. I'm telling you, I'm telling you the real deal. So we took this photo. We had a great time at this conference again when you geo tag your geo tag curates with everybody else in that geo tech. So if you were to search this geo tag now, you would see a lot of people with their room service photos, their beds, their drinks in the hotel, like the weddings that have taken place. And that's mostly what you see in a geo tech and a hotel. You very, really see hashed people hash tagging. So we definitely stand out in that geo tech feed. But you got to go school way, Billy back to see it. Um, and this is what it looks like when you click into it. So the first slide that you're seeing on my right is the scroll of all the pictures. And so at the bottom, I how I didn't read that exact picture that fits in that geo tag feed. And then, of course, since chocolate Johnny's here, I had to give him a little love. Here is well, and then when you click on that geo tag, you can open it up in maps and then it takes you to the directions of where that is. So for me, with my store on the cape, it's in an area that's kind of tricky to get to. So we geo tag every post so that people literally nowhere to turn to get to my store and so many people walk in my store and they say, Okay, I want to buy this bracelet. I found it on Instagram, and I'm so glad you geo tagged it. So you definitely want to Geo tag. If you're trying to get people to your physical location again, I recommend when you travel in Europe, hotels like to just check out that geo tag. You never know who can sit in that same geo tag. These are examples of people that have used it. And so kudos to syriza in the middle. She used it when she did a photo shoot for a wedding. You want to talk about that for a minute? So big thing for me right now, Because if you look at, like, that park in particular, we joke that that's the park that all the photographers go to. So on that night in particular, there was two weddings Ah, couple homecomings, lots of different events. So, you know, there's always photos popping up. But what I've started doing is tagging my location and actually had a bride find me that way. She look found her venue. I told someone else you have to move up the food chain. So for me, they book the venue and the church before they I'm kind of the next year down. So I moved up the food chain, so I start tagging my venue. So if someone goes to this venue's website, they look at their location, they're going to see my photos popping up and had a bride find me that way. That's great. Yeah. Great and then Lisa, who was on the Google hang out earlier. Who? Everyone had their brownies. I like that. They are geo tagging their location because she has a physical location. And I'm sure that you do that as well, Kakutani. Right. And then so for me, I was in Palm read to recently at this gorgeous resort. I live in Boston, so, like leaving there and coming back to Boston was really hard even this time of year. But it was great. And we were there for an event for a conference. So I was able to connect with other people that were using that same geo tech. So I just wanted to make sure everyone understands the value off the geo tagged. And so now I'm going to talk about three really life stories that happened because of geo tags that are all just super exciting, the guest or right here in the audience. And the first them one that I want to bring up is no Toya So okay, agreed to have you here. So all these geo tech stories are amazing because they all start with creativelive. They all watched my last course. Yeah, and I'll reach out to me. So just talk about first the creative life course and what that meant to you and how you're finding success and instagram and then the whole geo tag piece. Okay, so my name is Natalia mon and my half tight or my tag isn't toy Oman and I have a website, that same new toy, Ammann dot com, and I watched your first course on Creative Live, and it was so chock full of information. It was amazing. Um, and after that course, I was sort of stalking Soon Instagram and she said she was in Toronto and I was like, Oh, my God, this where I live Toronto. I need to see Sue in person. So I messaged her. She was at the Hyatt or the Western the West, the western in downtown Toronto, and I worked downtown Toronto Hydro downtown parked at my work, and I hiked ahead my camera bag. I had a backpack and my purse and I hiked, and it was like about a 40 minute walk and a messaging her the whole time. And she's not responding because I was key, noting that and I'm like, but I'm gonna find her. I'm going to find Sue. So I found her finally in the lobby and we just connected, right? Let s. So here's what happened. So, um, she walked 40 minutes to find me not knowing if she's gonna actually meet Makes I didn't answer her messages because I was speaking. I was a travel conference. I was key noting with travel agents how to use instagram if your travel agent which a whole nother industry to teach to. So no, Toya walked not knowing if she was gonna meet me. But she was lucky sitting outside getting ready, or I had finished and I was working and she came up to me. I no idea who she was, obviously. And she came up with her camera, her tripod. She's like, I'm ready to brought, like to to to do t do an interview with you. Okay? And who are you? What did you do? So we sat down and she had her equipment. I said, Let's just get this on YouTube because that's what I do. I put my whenever someone meets made the first thing. Don't tell me a story with my phone. I want a document this for you took This is a good story to share. It's all about the value of the geo tag, because she's so. I mean, creativelive she saw that I was there because she's stalking me. Like from other people are I love it's called it on. And she came up and she met me. And we do. We have this great YouTube video that you definitely have to go check out. Um, basically telling our story. Yeah, right. And you gave me a little consultation and you showed me how Teoh do my bio. We did the bio. She gave me makeup. She gave me mascara. A beauty blogger, by the way. Yeah. Yeah. So it was amazing that she threw the geo tagging. I was able to find exactly where she waas and meet up with her. Cool, right? You guys are smiling, isn't funny. She's here. Trip. Yes. So, like how you can get real. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I just love Like how how fear she was with that. She's like, I'm finding right looking. 40 minutes were had even thinking, if you know, if she gonna be there just like I'm be lining Teoh to wherever she is. I just I love that, You know, that takes a lot of courage. And just that was soon as we met. It was all hugs and perfect. Well, she blew me away, right? With the creative live course. I mean, I'm sure all of you feel the same way, right? The first time. So was awesome. So the fun doesn't stop there. There's two more stories like us that my next guest is arrested. Who you've heard from throat The beginning of the course. She's awesome. She's sitting front center here. I want to bring her up. Let me get her on. And she is a Merced. Photography is her handle. Have a Hey, she's my photographer to call my kitchen. Yeah, yeah. So another similar story. I'll land on the slide. So you have in his references here. So that's me in the summer. That's how I dress. I'm kicked cod operadora preppies to be on Cape Cod. I you know, I couldn't work it wherever I am, and she so tell us where you on vacation? Yes. Oh, my daughter. Family. My dad's families from Massachusetts. So we were out there. We always take like we usually hang out at the beach and there's always one day we taken excursion. So I told my family this time I was like, We're going to the Pomp Anesta marketplace and they're like, What? It was like I have this geo tag and we're gonna go find this girl. I just have to have my hashtag picture because that's all I really wanted. And so we're like going on these winding roads. And I went I went to this the shop and she wasn't in there, So I was like, OK, well, you know, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Well, I was determined, so I went back three times. Granted, I'm not a stalker, but, like way were shopping. So like we'd shopping and the like, I'm gonna go check back. So eventually, when I went in one of your shop girls like she's getting her nails done, which I also love to have done, and she's like she's getting her nails done. She loves it when people come down. So I was like, OK, she's gonna think I'm crazy. So I walked in and we just have this amazing energy together, and we can you imagine Yeah, we see it. It's crazy. I had only this much caffeine before coming on stage because I knew overwhelmed everybody. So, yeah, we just have this amazing energy. It was because of the geo. Attacked is how I could find you which I love it. Yes. So she found me up the next shot. Funny. And they were drying, as you can see. Like Like I don't know. I just want that hashtag photo. Let's do it. But wait, don't leave. We gotta do a video on YouTube. So there's a video on YouTube because this is what I dio. Right? So So we have a really fun video on YouTube, kind of talking about the discovery, and then she left. And then I kind of checked around like, Oh, my gosh, she's a photographer, and I really need to do my photos over Andi. She loves Cape Cod. So I flew out to from Ohio to Boston. What month was that? September. That was August in August, on the cape, so we could get all the nautical photos and how maney 400. It was crazy. It was a massive memory card. And we had what, like three florins. One day, six hours, 10 outfits like whipping it off in the, you know, like we're on the middle of the Father yacht and it was just so much fun, like, the point here is that we're having fun making money and instagram. This is fun. This relationship was so fun. So it Since then one of my clients had hired her Jill Hydro to do her photos. And so let's talk about the successes that you've had, you know, since kind of connecting with me and really honing in on your account. It's increased substantially 100 gold, because when I started when I took your course in June, it was the same thing that you were talking about. I was like, How do I do my bio? And you know, it's a mixture of everything, and so it's quadrupled. So I'm definitely seeing the results of doing that. I've been able to hook up with you and Jill and some amazing photographers from around the country, even around the world, right? And I think one of the things that I would have loved about Instagram is it's help me find my voice. I have a teaching background and I have master's degree. So I actually taught in the classroom for 10 years and just left to pursue photography full time. And you know when when you leave the classroom, you're like I'm done teaching. But I think this has made me realize like that You can still teach. I can still teach and seven tour. Yeah, and mentor you are. And I see that on instinct You have a lot of students. Ideo So you do workshops? I do worry shop, huh? Do those in my studio And I'm actually working within another amazing local photographer. We're gonna be doing a retreat. So what I'm looking is taking this and not just working with my clients. Like we talked about a minute ago with using the venue Geo tax, find my clients. I'm also looking to reach out to other photographers because what we're finding here is you know this the brain that it takes to work with instagram and things like this. This is a tool. This isn't your camera. This isn't Photoshopped. It isn't like room is a business tool. And I think so many of us air so overwhelmed with that and were so consumed with what we want to give you. Pretty art. And that's amazing way. Want to give great art. But you also have to think about how you can make money. And yes, And as a business owner, how do you do that? Right. And so I think it's kind of help me find my voice. And I have more confidence that I can go to my client. I see the confidence and yeah, I hide it. Well, don't I? I also your voice. So if you were to talk so you've quadrupled your followers. Is your revenue? Yeah, like significantly for photographers is not immediate. Like I can't post like you were saying. Like, I came to your shop and I was like, I have to have that bag, you know? Yeah, that's a kind of an immediate thing for photographers, you know, we book out like I'm booking for next year. Salary. Have I had the immediate cash flow? No, but I have the book. Thanks. You have the book? Yes. So the gains cumber. That's what I'm looking at, you know? And so how many of those bookings would you say came from? People discovering you And by Gosh, I'm finding I'm really, really big on finding my ideal client. So what I am finding is the younger audiences still like my high school seniors all over. Like I don't even bother posting their pictures on on Facebook anymore. I post them for their mom. So I post the pretty one for mom on Facebook in the funky, edgy one for the senior on Instagram. Because that's where they're at my brides on Instagram. So I'm finding that client way more through instagram off There's a lot of the moms. They're still more Facebook and funny. I'm coming over there. Coming, Mom, I'm a mom. Come on over. I just posted on my facebook A Just like you want me to help you learn more. Come click this link and then click. Watch. Now you guys are on here. Yes. Yes. So I would love on Twitter if you're enjoying this is a photographer. Let's hear those tweeting. Let's see those treats of that. We can really read them. And also we use this in such a different way than, like, a product based thing that was really important. Well, and there's somebody photographers listening in absolutely and So the fact that you are really leveraging it as a tool, as you said and marketing tool is great. Absolutely. Obviously, that's so just said there's a lot of photographers out there and they're really, really engaged with what you're saying S o a c broadly saying I'm a wedding photographer with a minimal following of only about 600 or that she sounds quite high. But anyway, I'd love to know how you converted your follows or likes into Leeds for work. OK, so this is a big one for me. I think I watch you said something and I was like like his artist. That's how we all its springboards. So you've got an idea and you just go from there. So what I will do is I either taken engagement photo that I've done of that client, or if I'm on wedding day, I'll take a picture of the bride and groom like with their intertwined hands so that you don't give away a sneak peek of the bride. Don't ever do that. We'll take a picture of their hands or something like that, and then I have in my phone. I have a note and it says that you know, wedding guests of Angel and Adam. Oh, who's this? Hashtag? So if they have a custom hash tag, they'll use that hashtag and follow immerse photography to see their sneak peeks next week. This is brilliant. So let's just pause here. I think everyone is a bunch of them on my new So what's Arisa? Doesn't she creates a unique hashtag for every wedding that she does so that the bride and groom can go in there and see all the pictures that are being shared by all the guest. So essentially, that photo album is being built out by everyone in the room. And then what are you telling them? Telling them where to go to see the sneak peeks? Because, like you said with a call to action, people need you to tell them sometimes what to do, and not because they don't know. But I just need to tell me, How long did it take a picture shared on instagram me think how many times you're lying in bed checking out like just scrolling through, you know, and you're not thinking you're just you're just looking at it like you need someone just like, Hey, you want to see their pictures? Thes air? Your friends click here. Right? So that's really helped Me and the bride and groom are excited to share too, because it's their hashtag and it's them in the photo and they're so in love with I think that's a great strategy for for first, you have those unique hashtag for the bride and groom. So, yeah, I hope that helps If it doesn't shout out, send a message. Great. Great. Remember? No. Absolutely work in a working it working It was camera, camera, camera with your saying out loud. What? You're down Instagram counter. I am a Merce photography smile. Look pretty. Okay. Ready? I think we got it. Thanks. You're welcome. Ready? That was great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. So I told you that we have three of these geo tag stories that the cool thing is that they're all sitting here in the audience. We have someone from Ohio, Toronto, and we've got chocolate Johnny Perfection Chocolate. So chocolate Johnny has two accounts. This is his featured account. Perfections. Chocolates. That's his business. I don't know which account has more followers. You can tell us when you get up here and your strategies behind the two. But chocolate Johnny is insta amazing just to say he followed that hashtag I showed you earlier in Sydney, Australia. Um, I am gonna let the story unfold because we actually have a YouTube video that I'm going to show. And then after the video, you can come up. Okay. I'm good. You guys ready for a little entertainment? Shake it up a little bit. You get a little tired and this is good. Okay. Hi. I am here in Sydney, Australia, with chocolate. Johnny, who actually discovered me on creative life. He was watching my three day course and knew that I was coming out to Sydney, Australia, for a conference because he was following May on Instagram. And I'm so excited to be here in my hotel room with chocolate Johnny with a lot of chocolate. He brought me a lot of profit weight. The chocolate even even made my initials sbtc. She made Instagram gal. It's a gala, but that's OK. This'll surprise top. It's for my daughter. He knows that I have daughters because he watched me on creative. But so Johnny I would love for you to share your story about your business, about watching me on creative live and more importantly about how freakin awesome instagram it. Well, I was watching. I watched a creative life and I saw that suit was gonna be on doing her show about Instagram and but Australia. Time to Los Angeles. Trouble wherever she waas was three o'clock in the morning in the Boston was in San Francisco. Yeah, yeah, so I said, To hell with it, Watch it so that they broadcast live. And I'm sitting at three o'clock in the morning and took from three o'clock in the morning. It goes to five in the morning and I think I have to wake up Not to hell with it. I just bought sues three day seminar on there and absolutely loved it. It was the best thing. Was it it? Waas instant Amazing. Yeah, on And yes, So now I've got it and it's the best thing that I've ever had. And it was for the money is just in comparison to the stuff that you've taught May and I love Instagram. It is just such a powerful thing that I'm saying too soon before I've dreamed of this. And when I first met on Instagram, she kindly added me. And now we're connected. I'm sitting here. I mean, you guys don't realize how lucky I I and that she's given me this opportunity to sit here and talk to you guys. And but Instagram is the vesting and now car. Yeah, so yeah, I told you that. She said, Also, have you seen it'll said, Well, no, I've seen one day, but I've seen one day, three days. So our six she plays in the chocolate factory. That's it. We put her on loudspeaker and everyone's known that. No music, no music at the factory. It's super easy telling us things to Graham on Bond. So he something right up the stairs. I reminded right there, go down and makes a run up the stairs and remind it Anyway, I thought, I can't keep doing it. So I plugged that suit on. So I watched credit life on my phone and then because I'm logging and I plug it through the car. And as I'm driving, I can't see you. But I can hear you I e you in my car every time I get Eventually, I like that. It's OK. It's safe. It's like this chocolate. So So I'm up today one and I think eventually get today. So you watch day one three times six hours a day. The course is 18 hours long and it's jam packed with much. Yeah, because I teach. You know, I talked for three days. It was amazing. There were 10 people in the live audience. I had my host over here and the worldwide audience was watching 12,000 people around the world, which was amazing. So So I love hearing these stories and more importantly, what we did on Instagram. Waas created a community not using the hashtag insta gal. I've because I told everyone that if they upload any images to Instagram using the hash tag, it's a gala that I would see it because on Instagram hashtag curated. So every day I do go into that account, it's the gal I've and I check the hashtag and I see the progress of all the students and the whole community. And I knew that he had made a lot of progress because he started with just a personal account and he now has a featured account. And a featured account is when you really get nici with what you're doing and share only content with what that expertise is. So Johnny, as you can clearly see, makes amazing, delicious chocolate. And he needs to let the world know that that's what he does. We don't want to see his cats, his kids, his car or anything else. It doesn't have to do with his his business, but he can humanize it, not pictures of well, so I've got So So I've got perfection toe perfection, chocolates. That's your user name. That's that's perfect. Top it is. My instagram can be. And then I've got chocolate. Johnny. So I've got both. So you have two featured accounts. What's the chocolate? Johnny's now become personal? What I've done now is oh, Post, you're not together. Yeah, I'm talking trouble, Johnny. People, people, people. Do people call you chocolate? Johnny? Yeah, Store, they call me. Okay, so that's perfect. Okay, so So what he's saying is that his personal account is called chocolate Johnny. His featured account is perfected, and that's the one you all want to follow. Especially if you love chocolate. I teach you how to make the best chocolate. So that's perfection chocolate and you got it. And he's instead of anything sweet, sweet make chocolate. That's a sweet Thanks, guys. All right, e got that waas I got to Syria. So, um wow, that was I love that story. I think I could watch that. So let's talk about what's transpired in your business since watching that first course, because you've shared so much with me with how you run your chocolate factory now and the messaging in the marketing and how you now attract more celebrities into your story. First, let's talk about the history of your business. I'm third generation chocolate Teoh. Our business started in 1939 and we're at the same brick and mortar that we've always been at. Um, I have to accounts like everyone like Su said. So I started off actually with perfection, chocolates and at chocolate Johnny Perfection. Chocolate's just sat the other. You know it Instagram. It'll just sit there and I first posted. I just checked January. Know January Sorry, December 2010. So I those account have been up there and running, and I didn't do anything but chocolate. Johnny was the one that I put everything on. I don't have a cat. I don't have a dog about kids, a wife, chocolates and my other passion is photography, so that I was doing everything. And then I met Soo and I went okay. She said, You've gotta concentrate on perfection. Chocolates, perfection, chocolates had 500 something followers. When I met you on, I've tracked it. You said, Track it, track it, track it. So every Friday I took a snapshot and I said, Right, this is what's left from 590. I've just cracked the 1000 mark, So it's just that's in a matter of 16 to 12 weeks. Yeah, that's awesome. So you're so okay. So you've cracked it and you understand Hashtags now? Yeah, I've got a hash tag strategy. I've got 30 hashtags of unique hashtags, all relating to chocolate and and the types of chocolates. Yes, I've got, ESU said. Let's do it. Frankel Friday. So we're not going to do Let's hold up the freckle pizza that it cracked, but it looks delicious. Australia. We call these Sprinkles in Boston, but he calls them freckles. we call him Freckles. All hundreds of Okay, so let's do a Frankel. Let's do a focal post. So the we're gonna share this later? Doesn't this look delicious? So he came up with a hashtag strategy around this product called Freckle Friday. And so let's talk about that. So what happens is no one knew about it. I just tagged it. And now I'm getting kids coming in the tank. It's freckle. Friday could have a photo a little bit. Sorry, but before that, what I was doing is I was telling these kids I start off with the kids first. Hate? Do you want to take a photo with a freckle? And I'd ask the parents and they were going Yeah, yeah, please. And they'd be sitting there like that, and it was just The Mo mentum was an enormous And then I've had been put enough to have a few famous people newsreaders. And I just said to her Jessica coming, tickle fight a click thing. She would post it and just everyone now comes and says I want to be part of freckle Friday, right? So are the the people that are taking pictures with you for Frankel Friday. Are you tagging them or are they putting it on their feud? You putting it on your feed? Yeah, I'm putting it on my feet. What I'm trying to get him to do is use the hash tag. I'm trying to get him to repost, and I'm trying to make sure they tag perfection chocolate photo, tag it and take it all of it because we've got a really good geo tag. I've always That's one thing I'm proud to say. I've got a geo tech that started way, way before, so people who tag on may protect the shop and comes up beautifully. We're gonna talk more about tagging strategically tagging, but this is all good that you're doing, and that's why your account has grown. So no, it's grown rapidly, and so people are literally coming in, and I didn't give you that instant. Amazingly, it's the addicts eso when you so respect the four Seasons when I went there, Su said, he's a present because I way swaps. Here's the chocolate. He's a president. I had the instant addicts, she said. Well, you're a chocolate, you know, I could add, ignites it. Great. So I leave it in my store and it stays in one spot up there. And everyone who comes in sees it may say, Oh, can I have a photo? Yeah. Okay. And they moved to be under the instant instant addict photo Because you're the instant addict of perfection. Chocolates. It's a beautiful thing. Really works. Yeah. So, so great. And what if you were going to give some advice to the listener? So, product based businesses, brick and mortar, What else have you done since watching the first creative life? Course it is really, like, transformed your business. Your you have more customers are making more money. The first thing is definitely your geo tag, your brick and mortars place. You've got to do that. Then you've gotta have great content, great photos. Sure. My father's at the beginning were terrible. But then all of a sudden, I just I youtubed in most photography and she told me it'll do it like this. You've gotta do the great photo. Once you've got the great photo, you've got to write the great content. Write a story. Don't just put this is chocolate. Write a story that today I made creamy caramels with my brother Nick and down another. And people love it once. Then you've got that story than engage in that person who comes back to you. I mean, the perfect example is Ceresa we I sent some chocolates for her friend in quick in. Yeah. So you've gotta engage for May. I've made it very personal. I want people to see who I am and see who my family is, and they love it. I've had the most response from my kids being there, making marshmallow. People love it. Now the staff of being told to to do it awesome. All right, we need a framed picture. Let's go. And let's clap it up for Johnny talking so deep, let's get the frame up so we can get a picture. Yeah, so you get presents all day, Okay? This is for all the people in Sydney, Australia. Lomax, T 0 14 hours a head. And you know what I was watching. It was two o'clock in the morning. Let's get out. Way, Lovell. He's from down under watching. Thank you. Thank you. Wow. Good stuff. So we talked about Geo tags, the value of audiotex clearly by our three guests. Nagoya's Carisa and Chocolate. Johnny Proof is in the audience right here.

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In this course, you’ll take advantage of the full scope of what Instagram has to offer as a tool for landing more sales. Sue will extend on lessons from her Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses class and teach you about using Instagram® to build communities and create giveaways and contests that drive traffic from Instagram to your online shop – and how to get your customers to stick around and buy once they’ve clicked over. Sue will also coach you on how to position your work to encourage commissions. You’ll also learn how to make money on Instagram using advanced features like in-app sales and analytics, ensuring you’ll be able to use this powerful platform to its fullest potential.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram followers’ likes and comments and transform them into sales, commissions, and profit, this is the class for you!



What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

a Creativelive Student

Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!