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Sell More With Instagram

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What To Do With New Connections

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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28. What To Do With New Connections


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What To Do With New Connections

What do you dio after you make a connection? Mom? So I share with you earlier that when people start following me, I gotta keep track in a spreadsheet and I decide to do a video. Jackie, I want you to share what you did during break with everyone so they can hear about this is the first session this morning when we learned about the direct, the direct messaging. I was thrilled by the idea of being able to create video and reaching out to my followers or, if anything, specific, with an actual high, like a phone call. Almost. And so right As everybody left the room, I jumped up and no, Toya took a movie of me saying, Thank you so much for following me. Um blew kisses. It was it was cute for May, and that's and so ever. And I said, You know, if you're if you're following me today, it's probably because you saw me on Creative Live and so I, you know, speak to you guys too, and so that's going out to anybody that followed me today. Teoh excited, saying what I taught you and doing a video. S...

o So the great thing about these 15 2nd videos is if you don't like it, you do it again and you know so it is hard to get everything in in 15 seconds and to say exactly what you want to say. But the idea is to get them to your email lists, get him to you're often get them to your Etsy store, get them to your website. Where is it that you want to take them? And I think when they see a friendly, fun loving video from the heart that they will head over and do what you say, like especially if you make the steps really clear and easy. So yeah, so that was so awesome. I mean, I felt like whoa, like great something That's great. So, um, we're going to be focusing on the next segment I'm building to that is, is growing your email list because it's all about your list. If you don't have a list, you really don't have a business one that you can communicate to because all these social platforms are aren't yours. You mean you you need to have ah website and opt in a place where people can go where you can collect your email and continue to communicate with your new followers and you new fans and people that just want to keep getting content from you. So growing an email list is absolutely paramount to the success and growth of your business, especially for small businesses. And I talked with you all about different ways that I do that with an instagram. But I also do that once we we are List has about eight over 8000 people on it that are very targeted space that where that I'm teaching. And I know that I have a good list so that when I send out newsletters my open rate time I response rates high. When I do webinars, I get a lot of people on their and their people that want to be there. So our next guest, we're gonna be talking about just how to do that with software. And I had this video. I had this photo up earlier. I'm gonna put it up again because this is how I use it currently in Instagram to grow an email list, and I know that a lot of businesses are challenged with how to grow their list. And so my next guest, Julie Denaro, from entre port entre port, is software that we use in our business. And we love it. It's our email responder to everything that we send out. We send out our sequences. Yes, Morgan is the one creating these because she does systems for May. And we just love this software. It's worked really well for us, and we love that. They now have the ability to use the text responder to capture emails. So I'm gonna bring Julia on a little early. Is that okay? You ready? Yeah, because I think there's a lot to share here, and I know that you can give so much value to everybody. So please welcome Julia onto the stage where she's gonna be sharing. Thanks so much. Coming high. So this is great. So she's a little bit taller than me. So the spotlight is for injured. I'm gonna put you right in the spotlight, which is right here, right here. Isn't it Feel good? That's the camera. A little nerve wracking. This is a live audience all smiling at you that love you. We're so glad that you're here. And why don't you let everyone know what you do. It entre port, your role there and the mission of the company that you have that in the sides and I'll let you take it away. I'll be right over here to jump in and interact to see if I can add value through throughout the presentation. Good goes for all of you. If you have questions, I'm going just shooting at me. Um, so I am a business development coordinator for entre port, and we're here, and I'm here with Sue, and this is awesome. Thank you. So because we have a strong emphasis on supporting entrepreneurs, their super important to us a lot of my teammates are small business owners. Eso we really get it. And yes, or software platform you can think of us is everything you need to run your business online, Um, but are really goal here and while around is to support you in delivering your value and your passions to the world. And we hope someday to make technology as easy as possible so I can just unleash that. So with that context, let's just step into it. Yeah, Yeah. Green for all right. Yeah. So our mission. Like I said, support entrepreneurs and delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology. That's exactly what I'm going to teach you right here. I'm gonna try and make it as easy as possible for you to take this kind of not necessarily faceless, but, um, this audience that you don't know as well as you could and easily make them a real tool and value in your business. So right now, Suze, given you an amazing instagram platform, you probably have, like, really cool photos. You know how to make it look beautiful. You have an active, engaged audience that you may be tagging and talking with, but, um, you need a way to get there first. Name. You need to get their email so that you can talk with them and build a relationship with, um, you don't have that yet. That's what I'm gonna show you how to dio. So there's a couple different ways you can do that. Um, we can just go over them and get your You know, I like this good one. So I'm guessing in your profile link, you have a little bit about your business, but there's no strong call to action like you're hoping your profile link. That's the one place where you have a girl that you can click and direct them to. Um, I would say that's a little clunky on your phone like you could do it. It will get you there. But where is that strong called Action of Like, here's my contact information page like, please fill this out. Um, you can ask them. You can say like, Hey, if you like this service or this product, please email me. Here's my email address that works. Um, you can include links in your posts. This is a little clunkier because I know that you can't click them when you're actually in the post picture. You just hope that people copy it and then upload it to their website and kind of go through what you want them to dio Um, I started with doing that so you can tag them and talk. I'm sure you've kind of gone over that, staying in contact with each person and being really good about it, and then my favorite on the one that we're really going to go over cause this is super useful. It's coming up. Not a lot of business owners were doing this yet, but it's available to you and you'll see more of that is SMS and that's texting. And that's a simple as asking someone to say, like Hey, jump out of Instagram for two seconds. Text me this information. Hop right back it. There's no opening a website and loading a page and asking them to navigate. Um, it's straightforward and super useful. What is SMS SMS is just texting. Yeah, it signifies that. So when I say the same text, they were an international business and a whole bunch of people from Australia. Um so that's why I'm doing this. Okay, so let's show you how to build it. Uhm Soo has one built out already because she's our client. She has one built out That's pretty awesome. So if you want to get her free download on seven things not to do on instagram, text this now I invite the live audience and everyone watching to do it. So before I dive into the logistics, you couldn't get a feel of what this looks like and how it might work. I will give you a little bit. Time to do that. Um, you will get a confirmation text to your phone and then later an email. Can you ever choose your own phone number that you have in this text? What's more memorable? Yeah, you can. You can come in entre port. You have a long list of options. We're not the only software that does this, so it may be a little bit different and others, but with us, it's super easy you can get. Okay, so this is what it looks like. This is not sues. This is one that we built out in ours. But just to give you kind of a walk through, this is an instagram post, and you have the call to action here saying Texas number for us. You have to do like your first name space an email to keep it simple. When you text that number, you will get a text back, lets you texting, and then that's your confirmation. And you want it to be friendly like you're on a phone. You're having a conversation with a friend like, hey, you know, thanks for reaching out. Um, I'm delivering whatever I promised you in your inbox and then and their inbox will be what you promised them. Okay, um, going to go back for a second. SMS is super powerful for a number of different reasons. Um, so I would love to hear your thoughts on why you really love using it. Yeah. I mean, it's easy, because when I speak on stage, I do the same thing. So just like you get it in a direct message on instagram when you start following me when I speak on stage or metta conference often do that so that they will easily opt in because, like, Julia said, the mobile devices what everyone quickly has and wants to use, and it just it's instant. You get that, you get that text message and then you just have to check your email and it's right there. Um, you know, just it's just like so quick. Unease. There's a huge convenience factor, right? And the conversion rates very high. Exactly. And the reason for that, what I'm kind of building towards is, um, it's really special. Still, so brands air. Um, I don't want to say attacking you, but presenting their information, Teoh across the whole bunch of different platforms. You know, you see ads everywhere you go, you'll see commercials. And not a lot of people are doing this. Um, and you're literally in your perspective perspective clients palm of their hands and they're asking to be there. So with that in mind, before I dive into maybe like, a cool other ways that you can use SMS once you have that relationship with, um Ah, a short word of warning. You know, this is special. This is a privilege. And doing it too frequently or for the wrong reasons will sound spammy right. And we'll get you, like, a different result. And you're not gonna build your try, which is what you're trying to do. Um, so, yes, let's pause here for a second. So, yeah, we've talked about Spammy and building the right tribe throughout the past three days, so I just want as anyone in the live audience using anything like this currently no. Okay, great. And if anyone listening in is and it's working, we'd love to hear from you. I just wanted t. It's exciting that you guys are all going to be doing something now because this is really good stuff you have any questions so far? You like God, I I've never used this, but I think it's a wonderful idea. It's so easy to do that. I just I thought, Does this only maybe opt in for an email response or whatever is promised? Or does it add you to maybe, like a text list? That's kind of I guess my thought slash concern. So your question is, we'll get more creative with this will be on like a text message list. Like, Will I be getting text messages? It's confidential, so I'll speak for the way it works in entre parkas. I can't talk for every software platform, but, um, entre part includes a lot more other than SMS on one of those things is organizing your contacts so someone will text you there SMS with their name and their email address, and then you have their name, their email address, and there s a mess, and it will populate that in the contact record. And then that's your person. So it's private, Um, and you could do a lot of things with that. You can use the SMS to text them. You can use the email to follow up. Um, but it's not like some list floating out, right? You're gonna put on someone else's list. Yeah. So he's something about not being spammed. Oh, no, that's highly illegal. They would not be in business. It's a valid question. What is the point of, like, This is a privilege is very personal to people, So, yeah, you brought up a really good point. Um, be careful with it. Yeah. Okay. Moving on with that said other ideas for SMS. So now that you have their number, what are some non spammy ways to really connect with them? Um, there's a bunch of creative ones. I'm sure that you, like, play with us all the time and just brainstorm. Here's just three ideas that we came up with. I love that using flash sale. That was something we talked to. The O. K. Is a great example. So I'll just read amount quickly to you. A webinar. I know we have some coaches and consultants in this class. If you're doing, like a Google hang out or something live streaming. If you want to go international, that might be a good option. But you can ask them to say, like, Hey, do you want a reminder? Before we're live, we'll give you their SMS, and they get a reminder. Um, flash sale. You know, this is another way to do it. Um, that's non spammy. And you're saying I would recommend maybe, like, maximum four times a year doing this because they don't have too many flash sales, but they'll reply with yes, And then you can send them all the information they need, Um, and then appointment. So we get a lot of doctors and lawyers. We have a dog walker in the audience here somewhere. Yeah. Week. I would work really well for you to, um just a simple appointment reminder, and you can interact with us. You can say, like, hey here directions if you're ready. And this still works for you. Um, I talked about a while ago. If you want to reschedule, like, just reply no or not ready. And I will reach out and reschedule. No big deal. I see another one. Yeah. Okay. So this is yourself smiling. I just want to thank you. Is this So Do you get one number? Because I see different ways to use it and if you send if I say interested in the flash sale, our missions in the appointment or I want sign up for your email. This? Yeah. The message that is sent to you might be for my different. So how would that work? So you would have multiple different numbers. Okay, so it on support you can purchase will not purchase their free. And that, um, you would have a number for everyone interested in the webinar. You would have a number for everyone interested in the flash sale. And you could just, like, make thes over and over again for every use that you can come up with and then do you always have the number? So is that your webinar number? Yeah, it exists forever. And the cool thing about doing this and making an automated and living evergreen is it's just there. And you don't have to do this manually For every single person that you want to get into it. It lives and breeds on its own, and you don't have to worry about it. And you can go back to focusing on doing what you love. I like this just looking at this from like the consumer point of view. The customer? Yeah. Um, how did they actually opt into this? Do they know that they're going to be getting all these different? Yeah. So, going back to this page, if you were doing multiple different offers, Um, you would say that. So you would say this is for the flash sale, and it's its own unique number. So they're opting into that one, and they've asked for that one, and they like it. Um, is that your concern? Well, and can they opt out? I mean, cause I know that I'm getting to the point where I'm almost feeling like I'm being spammed by this one company that I only gave them my only text them for one thing. So but I'm starting to get more and more stuff. Okay, Town. So text. Often. If you just put the word stop, it should stop it. I mean, I know that that works for some of the if not and that doesn't work. Get a hold of them, because that sounds highly uncomfortable And just reach out and say, like, Hey, you know, I want to be removed from this place. You can reach them on Twitter. If you're not having any luck in the Yeah, Yeah, that's your responsibilities. Business owners do not do that, John. Yeah, you're right. I've seen this is happening a lot in Australia, and I get a lot. My dentist SMS is made my appointment. No. Obvious. And then even if I haven't seen him for six months or so Hey, you got to come and see me. Yeah. To the point where my car where I've got a sale. Contemplative, But I've seen a lot of service industries doing. What about the guys with products? Have you seen anything working with this? Yeah. I mean, we can We have thousands of entrepreneurs on our platform. We see it all the time. So that would be examples of the flash sale. Or if you have I do chocolates and sweets. Just Teoh beforehand. Kind of. You all are. Uh, yeah, Just in case you like. Yes. I love, um so particular to you. Um, you haven't instagram. I'm assuming started. Um, maybe you would say text in for a coupon or I mean, you can still offer them educational material. You just get creative about it. So you as a chocolate here, and I think you're 1/3 generation talking. Yeah, really? Really. I was excited. I think you, um you have a lot of information to share. Good. You know, we don't know how to make chocolate. We don't know. Like the process. It goes behind it. It could be cute to, like, give a little home cooking recipes so we can really appreciate the talent that it takes for you to do it. I mean, I would opt into That would be fun. It's funny, cause that's what Paul and I have been hashing out at lunch is really giving me some amazing ideas of doing that. Getting creative with that kind of builds on what I'll lead into next, which is nurturing right so you don't always have to offer a coupon O r a free something. And that's that's my biggest few. I don't want to be spammy. I want people like you said, Do it once every art, and that's what I want to talk to you about, Like, how often do I do this to make sure that they're not like I can't do this anymore? There's a good, like golden rule just to follow. If you're ever feeling uncertain about it, what do you want? Like, what would you want on your phone? What do you want to read? If there's a part of you and your gut that's telling you that you don't want this, rethink your strategy, you know, because ultimately by you making your audience happy, that's how you're going to build a tribe. That's how you're going to get your audience turning them off to get that, like, short term satisfaction and isn't the way to go, I think personally, right, I think. Really? Yes. Yeah, go ahead. Because I'm just thinking from, like, a photographer standpoint, and I, you know, doing workshops and classes. I could see how this would be beneficial. Also thinking like cause I know I get notifications for my dentist thinking for my clients like, Hey, quick reminder, this park this time show up this early. Make sure you bring this exactly So is there a way that you know you can go in and send those custom messages to just certain clients like today? What I have to like, make my post? They often and then I consent did or like how that word opt in to get reminders like that from you, OK, and then it would send the message specifically to them. So you just send them a text saying like, Hey, your appointment is this time in this day. But I could set that up beforehand like they make their recession like a month I got make her mouth out. I could make the IRA text can. That's a cool thing on on. Report is super powerful, and you can create that and said it and you essentially create a template. And then you would tell on support. Like here, all my upcoming clients fill out that template with their information and send it to them at the right time. So it's just like about patching and like a lot thistle, especially as a service provider like OK, OK, one more question than it on that note that I could see my clients responding and being like, Oh, my gosh, someone said was a snotty nose or running late. Okay, am I going to get that taxed, or is that gonna go? You would. I'm sure that there's a creative way to do this. Okay, I haven't seen it built. But my instinct is telling me that you would just make sure the way that you phrase it is like, That's like, Call me if you have any issues. Here's my number. Right. Okay. And that's a simple way just to get around it. And you don't have to worry about it. Okay. Okay. Uh huh. Yeah. You're welcome. Grace, you got a question that you know who uses this? I've received these from Nathan. Get back on stage and we can talk to your webinar. Starts in five minutes. And I really appreciate that sometimes as a male just doesn't get through to me, and that really always catches my attempt. And that's a perfect example of you wanting it. Yes. And your experience is so much better. Yeah, that's what we're building here. And, Junior, I think you had a question. So I use entre part for my email marketing already. Okay. Your Yes. So, like, the logistically Are you gonna walk us there? Is this something that comes with, like, your monthly subscription for a more marketing? Are you getting like a surprise gift of the year for that vehicle? I want to make sure I was You know exactly how to get Yeah. No. I'll get I'll take care of you. Yeah. I am trying to do this so that if you want to do this manually just to get started, you have the structure of what it looks like. Um, additionally, if you are with another service provider, you can just send them a map of this, and then they can build a free, but yes, with on support, it's super simple. Um, more is coming. Okay. May be coming to just in terms of regarding cost, tiny causes. Saying with the SMS numbers, if someone is texting you or Sorry, is texting from a different state or country, does that become an expensive proposition? Get this subscription does not. Okay, so it's working in our report through our software. Is this like, the cost of the package? Have us the cost of the Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. That's a question. That's a good question. Okay, so these are my co workers, by the way, you have so much fun. Um, building your tribe now you have their information, their first name, their email. You have a lot of opportunities to nurture that relationship. with, um, here a couple ideas. Um, I see so many ideas. There's a bunch of creative ways to do it. It's going to be unique to your own personal business. Um, having looked at a lot of entrepreneurs, there's a couple ways that they tend to do it. So I'm just going to run through those. Um, there's a lot more to go in here, but we'll focus on the You have time, Big ones. I have tournaments yet. Okay, cool. Fire your questions. You just know that this is a big, juicy part. Yeah. So we want to make We gave you as much time. Okay. It's awesome. Thank you. Um Instagram. That's why we're here, right? Eso I'll share a couple ideas about that email. That's huge. There's a lot that you can do there. I will go into that as well. Postcards mailing. If you get to a point in a relationship with your customers where you have their mailing address, some them a birthday card, you know, like keep track of when that's coming up. Surprised them. Make them happy. If your service is chocolates and it's almost Valentine's Day, send them a coupon in the mail when it's coming up on that, and that will help keep you top of mind and again so long as it's welcome the love it, um, tasks for the service providers and the consultants. If you have clients that you know you need to follow up with, or you should be following up with, um, my co worker who came with me here today. Sean, who's awesome was a nasty petition before she started working on support and she built her own business. She's another example of that, but she would set reminders for herself to call people she hadn't heard from in a while. Say like, Hey, it's three months. Do you need anything? Um, just make sure that you keep track of that relationship and then personalization is huge. If you have their name, use it, say, like Sue. It's been a while. It's everyone's favorite ward to Here is their name. So say Yeah, absolutely. And with cool tools like on support, you can merge that into what you're contacting with. So again you don't have to type it for each and every person. It just happens. Alright, so its focus on instagram couple different ideas of how to build a relationship with someone. And I would love to hear, like, you guys as well and what you're thinking for your personal business. I'm impressed with their your like anything that you put up there, I felt that account. Okay, Um uh, yeah. Fictional business. Underscore. Good. Um, it's a couple different ideas, and then I want to hear yours. Flash. So we're having a sale from this time to this time texting the SMS, and then you'll send them the coupon. Um, you could also do something like flash sale. It's only the 1st 20 people text in this number and then delay the you just one email for later so that you control how many people are able. Teoh, use that and take that from you. Um, want a free consultation for consultants. This is super powerful because it gives them an opportunity to build, trust and build a relationship and have a phone call. And yes, it is your time, which is your money. But you have a much larger chance of really connecting with someone when you can have that conversation and it gives you an opportunity as well to make sure there are the right fit for you. So that's an idea for all the consultants and coaches out there. Um, and again, just more education if you are going with a kid's safety business in this description. But there so many creative ways that you can share your expertise and your knowledge. Don't underestimate how much you guys know you're in your world and you take things for granted. I'm sure I'm going to do that up here on this stage, but, like there's a lot that you can tell people that they want to hear. Um, so did that spark any ideas? Real questions? See your brain? Yeah. So my with the free consultation. So I mean, I'll just be, like, very transparent about that. Yeah, I think that sometimes there's so many coaches that do that, Um, and what I've I've tried different systems of having them look at my calendar and be able to do the free console. But then there's like this miss of, um, you know, the no shows, um, eso I've just thinking like, Well, maybe this is like one way, because it text them and tells them we're talking in five minutes can't wait to talk to you about. I don't know if What have you seen? How do you know? Like, have you talked to other coaches? It is this really a a successful to see a lot of them do it? Yeah, I talked to a whole bunch of coaches. The cool thing is, with Aunt Report, we will handle that Follow up in the missed appointments automatically. So you can imagine, like, you have their phone number and their email. And there's two options, like either they no show, in which case we follow up and free book an appointment if they want it for the show. And you're good. Okay. I like that. Because then that's the other admin part that I don't want my team to have. Todo or me. I have to dio And so that's really nice. Yeah, that's that. I honestly is a huge headache for coaches. And we see that a lawyer, so I feel you more even idea. Um, you know, what I thought it might be interesting to use is to send out daily affirmations our daily inspirational message to my to my clients want it. Yeah, I do that by email right now. But people are so mobile, being able to do this over the phone. How beautiful That be every morning, waking up and having some gorgeous affirmation. Not asking for anything. But you're giving. Yes. Good time up for it. Yes. Yes, that is. That's a really good idea. That's adorable. Yeah. I was thinking, um I do a lot of shows, so I could text people all I'm gonna be here, text me here and you'll receive an extra pair of earrings or something like that. This is the event of going to be? Yeah, definitely. I purchased something first. Maybe there's an additional idea of if you have all your contacts and, you know, when you built the relationships, you know, kind of where they're from. If you're to show in California, Southern California, you text all yourself in California and contacts say, like, Hey, I'm gonna be around. Would love to see you going to build off that. Yeah, it's good one, ASHA. Kind of eso. I'm kind of thinking about the whole solution that you offer, and you said it's also contact management. Do you also process any payments and billing? Yeah, we don't get right. So our goal is like everything. A lot of entrepreneurs size efficiencies, everything just talked about. Yeah, you're not scattered you were talking about. You don't like your Southern California plants? For example, can you sort because you just get the name and maybe email? Can you sort by maybe area code to show regional location or Yeah, if you want to get creative and do the job, make sure that they would want that. So you're not just taking the initiative to find their area codes and then text? Um um okay. Just be smart about Yeah, e do have a question. It's OK. Um okay, so this is would be considered an opt in form of marketing, right? And so then you also get their email. But would you send sort of welcome to our mailing list? You'll be receiving this text from us. Would you send some sort of opt in confirmation that by email, like, in this sort of etiquette, how does that loop work? What does that look like? Um, I would recommend confirming with them as soon as I text you saying like, hey, we got it. When would that be? By texture by by email, I would do both. Right. So, um, confirm. Actually, let me back up in the example that you're giving. Why are they texting you? Is it to get free content or let's say, had some sort of daily goodness something of you see, that they would get every day, and so they would text to the number, then what I send them and eat. And this we don't have to be specific about this example. I'm used to email marketing, so I'm just trying to understand this time together. Yeah, um, make your offer. Correlate with it. So give them confirm with, um, that you've heard them. You've heard their text message on their phone while they're looking at it. And then in their email, the email that you've promised to send them, spell it out and just be honest, say like, Hey, here's what you asked for just so that you know, like, I'm going to keep sending you daily affirmations. I'm gonna send you some valuable content. Um, you can unsubscribe it anytime. It always has that you can unsubscribe at any time he at the body, and that's actually a really important thing you have to have that, and it's super easy to set up. But you just let them know like, Hey, here's what's coming. And then when they get in their in box, they're not surprised. Um, and even if they've forgotten that, they've opted into it like they kind of build these patterns of like, I'm hearing from you on a continual basis. I do this e mail that's was asking, but I have a daily blast that I do by email, But it would be nice to be able to add text to that. Yeah, being totally, I think we have a nice for you to compare and which were get out opt ins. Well, that's what I'm very intrigued by this because I've been, you know, with different social media platforms that varies, How much how many people see your stuff. And I have so many of my people who signed up for my daily blast who love getting it by email. But I can only imagine how to wait. I'd like to get an intent by text. I love this. You know why? Because they won't have to go to their email inbox that gives him stress just looking at it. You're you're in a place that's clean and clear and can give value. And, you know, as long as they're opting in and that's what they want, I don't think you know what else this whole set this whole three days has really reminded me of is there's a whole generation much younger than him who's using these things differently. And so how do we engage with people who are using media differently than I would? So it's a good question. Is a big question to Yeah, okay, yeah, sure. Um, I have Teoh share this because actually, the reason why I'm sitting in this chair today is that pdf that you send. And when I first learned about Sue, I think I learned about her before I ever subscribed. But it was around Easter time this past year, and something in my instagram screen there. Stream came up and it was so and it was I could never tell you what the image waas, but it said, you know, click here or text here for my free pdf. I was like, what? And I did it and the pdf came immediately, and my marketing brain went insane. First off, how did she make this happen? The pdf was great, but I wanted the pdf that second I didn't want Teoh, even though when we do it through email, I mean, you know, regular often is typical often ins. We get it right away. But this felt even more media. And again, my target market is that 17 to 26 year old it's on. They're looking on their phone, They're not going home, and they're not going to their email. They want to know right then. And it was a game changer for me. So I'm like, OK, this woman has something for me. I need to be paying attention. You are. You are. So So here's what you got out of you. I bought your last class, right? I'm here today. I'm obviously a su brand advocate, you know? So I mean, really, that's very powerful from one pdf. Right. That's exciting. Thank you. Did we have more saw? So it's it's safe to assume that there's, like, other responders, um, associate ID. Get with it. Okay. Yeah. Amy had a question, too. Question. Do you have ah, video chat option? Like being able to deliver a video message via email. Yeah, well, actually, view via text. I'm getting that from my clients now. They're feeling pretty tricked out. Yeah, they do these instant videos to me to ask me a question that they could do normally do by text. I won't do that, cause I can't guarantee that I'll not have my hair standing on end or Yeah, um, so the question was Can use text them back of video? Yes. Um, I've never seen it done. Took a question. It is a really good question. Something to go back to the town. I will. I will get back to you personally, and everyone lives for me. Well, you know, toe All right. Thank you. Question? Yeah. Anymore. Okay, let's give it. Yeah, let's keep going. Keep moving. Yeah. All right. So, Instagram, that's ideas to engage with and develop a relationship on that platform. Email. I'm just going to go back to the Golden rule here. Send what you want to get. There's nothing worse than seeing and blocks flooded with different promotions and stuff that you're now upset that you signed up for right. There's a 1,000,000 ways that you can do. This is a 1,000,000 ways that you can say if you have any questions, I would love to hear them, but follow that rule and you will not go wrong. So automating an email is when you build that template, which is a series of emails that you want to send a certain type of client to nurture them and make them happier with you and make them by again, stay in touch with them. Yeah, right. You're touch or to, like, take a perspective client all the way to becoming a client. So automating that is setting up that template and forgetting about it. So the software sends them the emails that they want You want them to receive at the time that you want them to receive it, and you don't have to worry about it, right, so you can space something out. So, for example, when I was launching a course, um, we did just that. So we knew went to space out the next email to get someone to sign up for the Webinar. After we did the webinar, we thank them for watching. Here's the replay and by the way, reminder to buy the course, so you can do a series of emails in the time that you want spaced out how you want. Okay, All right. So here's an example of something valuable to clarify the idea of making it really super awesome. At Aunt Report, we'll send a lot of people a business success kit and automating that. So it's everything that you need to know to kind of wrap your head around the concepts and get started. So if you want Teoh, test it out and see what it feels like from your perspective clients point of view and walk through that experience Texas number. Now make sure to use our formats that just your first name, a space in an email. And then we'll send a confirmation and in a couple of days, like send you that kid. Yeah, yeah. So let's stop there for second. Good eyes, Paul. So we talked about putting a phone number on a mock geo tag. This is a perfect example of a free e book, right? So that mocked Geo tag is another place for a call to Action and Paul notice it right away. So it it works. It gets your attention good us. Alright, Some kind of wrapping up the educational portion of this. We fit a lot in here. Um SMS going into briefly automation and what that looks like. I'm the potential for that in your business. Do you have any questions without? Do we have any streaming in? We did have a couple questions about some of the pricing except for the do you offer different packages, etcetera for different types of businesses of small businesses. Accept like on report are In essence, we don't offer packages for different businesses, but we will offer packages depending on the size of your business. So we have to. We have one that is for it's just for you. And that's what most small business owners start with. And then we have another like once you have several employees and you have a couple 100, contacts and emails. So there's a bunch of room for growth Onda come people use on the world wide numbers that the only available is a U. S. Phone number. I think right now it's only the U. S. And it might be Australia to that. I can confirm that, and with any of these questions like they can feel free just to give us a call where we're very, very honest about whether or not you're fit for our business. And we will tell you if or not we turn people away or recommend other platforms all the time because it doesn't serve us to have people who aren't right. And I will tell you that you have the best customer service whenever we have an issue with anything and we need to be in touch with them, they are there. They're solving the problems. They're working through it. You're getting a follow up email to make sure you got that customer service that you deserve. Yeah, they haven't amazing team, and they're all in house. So we're all in an office in Santa Barbara, California and you know, the customer support team will stay late to help you work through a problem and will hold your hand through it and are deaf team works all the time, like fixing things and putting things together. And, yeah, we really pride or yes, all night. That's awesome. Good. Okay, so with all that said and education, I did mention a surprise at the end of this. That's where this is moving in. Bring it. Um, if you're interested in what I've been talking about, if you feel like this fits your business and you want to apply it and you want to scale um, the idea of trying this manually seems like a little bit much. Um, we're here to help me with that. So we put together, like with Sue a on support kickstart kit. Um, which is everything that you're going to need to hit the ground running. So if this sounds like you give us a call, will make sure that you are right fit. We're getting a link, or you'll get a link. I think from creative life so that you can set up and do that. And if you go through that link, you're gonna get the cakes. Are kid. So everything I talked about with the SMS campaign, we're going to build that out for you so that you can just hit the ground running, um, the engaging with your contacts and building a list. We're just going to set that up in your account for you like no issue, and we'll walk you through and teach you how to use it. So once it's there like you couldn't really own it, Um, an extra hour of on boarding. So we do on board all of our clients and migrate thumb over from their different disparate systems and hold their hands through all of that. But everyone listening, you're just going to get some extra help with that because we love you. Thank you. Product Launch checklist. So you mentioned launching a new product. This is going to be super helpful for you. A lot of people will missteps and kind of mess things up. So that's extra education. And then marketers deliver ability handbook, email, marketing. There's a lot that can go wrong. Um, this book is everything you're going to need to know to do it right and keep your list clean and keep everyone happy. Do we have a little bit more time? If you guys want to fire any more questions, she's here. There's a lot that goes into automating, Um, says anything like Come top of mind. So this is probably a very basic question. Go for it. Horrified Teoh. Say this, but I have just started my email list within the past couple months. This was fine, though. I'm using a different platform right now. So, like, it never even occurred to me because we were talking about, like, Facebook and Instagram. Like if they were to shut down, all that network is gone. So I'm using this other platform right now. Is there a way to retrieve that list and bring it to you guys for your list is on that other platform right now? Yeah. And if you wanted to come over to our list, if I wanted to come to the dark side, would that be possible? Way? So that's the one I want on boarding call would be like, Hey, what do you have set up right now? Perfect. This is how you get the other information. And this is how you put it in ours. Now it's in ours. This is what you do. Okay, this sounds fantastic, but I'm like exactly what I was talking about earlier. The right that overwhelmed and that sense of like, Oh, my God, this is a lot of work. And I have so many other things to focus on this, and it's OK if you don't have a list you want to start thinking about building that list and, you know, hitting home with the email, less getting the name ish inner Julie said. That name is so important and their email because then you can start a conversation with them and really start to build that trust and eventually sell them a product. And you won't go through a lot of headaches that make a lot of entrepreneurs trip up. There's a lot of us out there who are afraid of that email list and what it's going to do on what's gonna happen. But now I've seen this and I've seen it work, taking great. I'm just gonna get on that phone and ring you guys. He's my little list of chocolate love. Take care of them. Please Way might do a client story on you cause that sounds fabulous. Is a great clients. Yeah, life lived in fear Is 1/2 life half lived? Don't say Juliet. This has been amazing having you with us on creative. Thank you very much for creating this bonus for the program. For Julia

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What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

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Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!