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Create Shareable Content

Lesson 25 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Create Shareable Content

Lesson 25 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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25. Create Shareable Content


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Create Shareable Content

so sharing content, making it terrible. It always always, always need to add value. So, you know, we you know, Jeff even said this eyes resonating in my ear that if you want those pins to get repent, you have to give value in the pin. And I love the example that he gave about going to the in front like you're pulling somebody into a pin that had an infographic. But before you could access that, you get their email so the value is there after the email often. But knowing that those two go hand in hand is important. You want to make sure that your content expresses your core values and we did workshop this yesterday what your core values are. My company mission is to inspire small business owners have more success in their business using the power of Instagram, and I also teach the online business strategy. So you have to really be in sync with your core values in every single thing that you dio and my social media account is represented throughout the feeling that I portray in my photos...

, in my quotes and in my messaging, So you want to make sure that your company mission is clear on what you're trying to express. You also want to make sure that your branding, you know it is is in sync with everything that you do. And I loved using Jeff as that example because I didn't I didn't know that he turned that into his whole look and feel until he actually said it. And then all the light bulbs went off because whenever I see any image that Jeff creates, it has that vintage overtone, which resonates so well with him as a person, him as a brand. And more importantly, I think it's really to hit on the time that it took to get there. I asked him that specifically because, like me, it organically came together. Naturally, I had a couple people say, Why would you do a nautical? A nautical brand? It's kind of playful and youthful, and I'm like, but it's what is me and what works for me and then the fact that I live on the cape in the summer that I'm near the ocean, that I love the marina and the boats in the yacht, the nautical fashion and everything that nautical represents work for May. So even though someone dissing it, but you feel like it, so you and that you can grow it and every single fiber of your business and your being go with it and know that it might just not happen over time, it just might evolve like I want you to know that he evolved and, by the way, constantly tweaking everything that we dio with our brand to always improve. So I don't think that you, like, nailed it. I'm done. Let's move on the opportunities to always make it better. And if you are, you know, certain, like feelings, philanthropic or service space business is the same. Thing is true. I have a big, um, overtone of giving back and mentoring young teenagers, especially young girls. I started my first business when I was 13 he and painting bar Retz and selling them at recess. And I wish that I had a mentor or someone that helped me. So whenever I have the opportunity or anyone asked me a question like a lot of moms continues, say, my daughter, starting this project, Can she talk? Teoh, I'm like, Yep, let's get her on Instagram. I'll help get going and you know she can totally reach out to me if she has any questions. Because a lot of times people don't like to ask little young girls young, teenage don't like to ask their parents. They would rather work with someone else. So So I'm always accessible to young teenagers because I just wish that I had a mentor. So whatever your service is, um, it might. That's not a piece of making money in your business. It's one of your core values and one of the things that people remember you as. So here's some imagery around this. Rachel had this up earlier about me with this exercise post and service. It did take this photo when we did. Our photo shoot likes to put on your workout clothes now, and let's show people that you like to work out. I mean, I dio and she's like, now touch your toes and like I can touch my toes. My legs are so tight, like this detective shows, I'll get the right angle so I don't know service. It might have been up on a chair like she often is, but the point is, this is one of my core values is taking care of myself. So I'm a nutrition major. I never use my nutrition degree, but I try to eat healthy and fuel my body with healthy food every day to stay top of game and have the energy I need to perform the way I want to perform with. That comes moving my body and exercising. And it's not always cardio, like Jeremy at the gym, sweating it out. But it's often a walk in the woods with my dog that you guys see me doing. Or it's rollerblading on the cape like that's a priority. That's a core value, so you can turn that into a piece of you, and someone might just connect to that part of you and say, I know that you do. You teach email marketing, but I also know that you love toe workout. I look like there's just you never know what connection about you. Your your core values could resonate with someone, so show them and make sure that if you're gonna be posting, um, make sure that the post aligns with your core values in the middle. This is a quote that's at my Cape host. I don't collect anything except vintage bottles. I love old. I love the history of bottles. They're all over my house at the Cape. I love only the blue ones and I love this quote. And this so resonates. I think with a lot of us, right, never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. And so this is one of my favorite quotes and I post this and I actually repost this and I repurpose this. I'm going to be talking about this in a little bit often on Instagram If I've had a post that was from six months ago, and it got a lot of likes and engagement. I will repost it again, knowing that new people are constantly following me every day, so repurpose ing sometimes it's on the same platform. If that post worked well for you and then I love Brian. Fans owes quote where he has this text overweight. I think he did this in camera with a filter. Social media what we place a handshake, but but social media done right. We'll change the first meeting from a handshake toe a hug and I'm a total huggable person, and I love hugging as you guys saw on stage, so this really resonates and I agree with him. So whatever emotional pole and I talked about, that one is talking about instagram with your core values you can give. That is all part of your branding and your strategy, and you're posting strategy so content that informs your audience about your products or services. There's different ways that you can do that. You can have product information like literally right what it is that you're selling and one of the details about your product. You can also do how to tutorials, and I think that these air best done via video and, you know, on Instagram it's 15 seconds on Twitter. It's 30 seconds clearly on YouTube. You can go as long as you want. I think ideally it's around under five minutes that you should be doing tutorials. But how to is often great content to share because everyone likes to know how you do what you dio, and I know that with Johanna, it's like showing her tutorials, a show doodling in front of you every day on periscope. It's like, Wow, that's how she creates her content and she does it that fast, just knowing the time frame that sometimes it takes people to do things. And I like that Brian share with us on stays that he will not spend more than eight minutes on a piece of graphics. He's moving on a timer like I didn't know how disciplined he was, like a timer that impressive. But the point is, it's showing the behind the scenes is really great. And tutorials do that. Um, so my next point is behind the scenes, and I think this, in my opinion, this is one of the things that people love the most is behind the scenes. Jeremy was just on periscope, showing the behind the scenes here for anyone that follows Jeremy I, the SPC team. We have an INSTAGRAM account called S at SBC Team, where we share behind the scenes of what it takes to run our business, and people enjoy seeing Morgan, Rachel and I behind the scenes. It's entertaining, but it goes back to your core values, our business. And so people get to understand what is important to us and what our core values are. So here's a few pictures representing that. So let me just talk. This is one of my other Instagram accounts here, Sue be dot Cape Cod, my store on the Cape, which I sadly closed this year. The summer I've had it for six years. And it's the first time I'm announcing this publicly in a big way Really hard for me to do love the stores. So it was super, super successful. All the young girls hung out with me every day. Help me open the store close to store. Hang out. I taught them how to sell this. This is a part of my core values and I love Scooby Doo, But I know I have a bigger mission to teach and help other business owners have more success, and this was a distraction to that. So this is learning to say no to the things that are taking you away to the things that you're trying to really dio, even though this was successful and hard for me. So this is behind the scenes with Emma Johnson at Emma Johnson. She makes these great bracelet that I sell in the store in the middle in the middle is on Twitter Rachel, before I did my live webinar Rachel's like, send me a picture. This is the kind of text that I get for my team. Sent me a text pictures so I can share it right before you go live on the webinar like now, like now. So this is me, like, with the phone in the right, lighting in my office. And then I said that to Rachel and then she shares the link to get more people onto the webinar because we're going live on the webinar. So again, like people love seeing your set up, you know, the mic staff that my books I'm using books on my computer. It's like It's not all perfect, but it all works. And if you have to rig it up a certain way that works for you, That's okay, Andan. Lastly, we have Rebecca and everyone keeps referencing Rebecca because she's so amazing at her visual content and it is so consistent. You heard Jeff talk about her orange and I you know, I love this quote. Contagious content is terrible content. Make yourself sensational. And that's really what you want to do is you want to make yourself sensational so that people share your content, so content that resonates with your customers. So you need to know what kind of content your customers want to see. So that means you need to know what their interests are. So where are they hanging out? Where do they have coffee? Where do they shop, where they vacation? What are some of the books that they like to read? So knowing knowing your customers interest is so important? Maybe they have certain hobbies. And and you know I'm going to go back to Instagram here, but you can look based on their feet what they like, and then you can go deeper. And this is something I actually to do not only on Instagram, but on Pinterest. I would look at people's feeds and if they post a certain book that they like. If I was to meet someone in person, I immediately knew from looking that they read a certain book and it was a topic of conversation I could have with them if I read the book and I could connect with them in person just from looking at what they're sharing on Instagram or on Pinterest or online to make that connection in that relationship that much deeper. So it's important to know what their personal style is so that you can connect with them there. All right. And so here are some images with that in mind. So again, back to a quote and you saw the one I shared with Chris broken. This is the same kind of look and feel are branded quote from Wayne Dyer and you are not stuck where you are unless you decide to pay. And I believe this. You know a lot of people, they people just afraid to move forward to get that mo mentum going and you re occurring. Theme is progress, not perfection. So just don't be stuck. Just try it out. Here's what I say that anyone in business, if you're in business for yourself, no one is gonna fire you. So just do it and learn from it. And that might be the best thing that you ever did. So here's another sense of style in the middle when I was going to Dallas. So one of the things I do before I travel is try to find the perfect photo to share based on where I'm going. So this is when I was going to Dallas and I didn't have any cowboy boot photos that were really good quality. But I knew that country outfitters would an account that I follow. So I scrolled through their feet, found a really great pair of boots, and I just basically said these boots are made for walking. I'm heading to Dallas. Come follow me. I'm speaking at Social Media Dallas, and this got a lot of engagement. A lot of likes a couple people met up with me in Dallas. It saw that I was coming, and this content is great. Back to the North Star photo back to those interesting angles. Really well done. Even having the hell off the ground makes the photo feel like you're moving. You're going somewhere. You're on the move, so I'm on the move a lot and this worked really well. And then let's celebrate Sunny again. She's really great with sharing some awesome quotes. Make sure if you're sharing quotes that they align with your brand and not just sharing them because it's a great quote. A lot of people get stuck on this. They, like, quote to do really well on Pinterest quotes do really well on Instagram and Facebook. I'm gonna share the quote, and it has nothing to do with your brand values. It's just a good quote, so make sure if you're gonna share it. It's it's consistent with your branding. Even better. Brand it like you see that we did over here. Okay, I'm gonna take a pause here for quotes for a second. Mona Lisa gonna call you out in the in. The mike is right there because you do such a good job at this, Um, the mikes on the floor And I was wondering if you could share your success that you've had on Instagram. I know that you were in the audience was at my first course of second the 1st 1 So welcome, Black. So glad you're here. So you came the first time with one INSTAGRAM account. You now have to, right? And you do really well with quote. So can you Can you talk about your quotes in your strategy? Because a lot of people listening I know use quotes in their business, and I'd like you to talk about your core values on your quotes. So for my quotes. It has to feel like something that I would say that I would quote like in person, that I really believe in that I would tell, Apply in, um And I think the biggest reason that I've had so much success with that is because of my graphics and using my own personal graphics and not just like sometimes I'll repost somebody else's, and that gets in more engagement. But a lot of the time I'm using my own graphics and I'm putting my own touch on it, and I'm putting my watermark of my name. So I feel like all of my quotes look like me and they look like my brand, which is peace loving business. And from my recollection, Is that the name of your counter there Any dots? It's peace. Love. No, which is P slipping but peaceful of a business is your instagram account. So the last time I looked, it has the very soft pastel overtones. It's very calming. So you want to talk about your brand, your core values and why you've chosen that pallet that represents that? Yes. Oh, my audience consists of intuitive, introverted and path women, so um, they're going on there for more of a feeling of being nurtured and for feeling like Deceive Place and that there understood. So for me, it wasn't really loud colors. It's not like like I feel like when I go to somebody's page, he was like, working out. You know, it's like loud and bold and like you're really colorful. But my brand is softer and it's more. It's more gentle. And it actually reflects the way that I speak with my own customers. Like my clients are really like, They're soft. They're getting in touch with what's going on. We're diving in deep, and that is really I feel like it comes through in the colors. You that there's Yanez Feathers. I used arrows and yeah, I love it. Yeah, and so what kind of success? I'm curious because I haven't been on your account in a while, So you created the second account to be because you're it was too confusing with your first. So So the growth of your instagram account has attracted your target. Do you feel like you're attracting your target market? Totally. Have you acquired some customers? Yeah, definitely. I have. And it's cool is I Am. I made a website called 30 day energy plants dot com, and it's all about, like, uplifting your energy. And I actually got that because of, like, the feedback that I was getting on peace loving business. And the women who go to my opt in page and then sign up for my newsletter are mostly people for my instagram. So they're all like I'm like, Oh, how did you find me? And a lot of the time, the barcodes from Instagram when I'm like, That's cool because and some people were even like I found you on creativelive. So it's just like this big cycle of starting with something that I was really intentional about and kind of it falling through the whole funnel. So right, right. So you just stand out in my mind as someone who really consistently shares your core values in a certain look and feel, and I like that you're sharing that it is softer and your voice is softer. I mean, and I feel like all of that, like live, eat, breathe everything you do with your brand. I think you definitely have that going on you. Do you feel like you're challenging any aspect of that. Um, well, one thing I wanted to do with my instagram at least is to go more like I wanted to show more like myself and more personal cause a lot of like we've been talking the past couple of days about being more like transparent and authentic and like the idea I communications. So I'm trying to see how to incorporate that without really breaking, like, because I've just been posting quotes. OK, Yeah, so just real. I'm gonna dive back into the size, but just to give you some insight, that's exactly that was happening with Lila. She wasn't putting any pitches of herself. It was all food and healthy food. And people want to see like, Are you actually the person that looks healthy and is the person behind the brand like prove that that's what I'm looking at cause you concern you can make up anything on instagram. You can make your account look anyway, and a lot of people do that. But if I see the person, the soft spoken person, I think that's a great strategy. If you humanize it, and at that so good. I'm glad that away. So I thought would be a great time for you to interject, especially with the quotes and with Sunny on this one. No stealing, no limits. Hashtag keep on rising to the sky. The sky knows your name like this is a great quote. It really resonates with Sonny. It's right on point with her branding so sharing content that comes from others. And we talked about that. Rachel talked about that as well as great. This goes back to, you know, having the opportunity to go bigger and broadcast other people's content. I know that my business grows because I constantly bum broadcasting other people's content in a big way, whether it's on Twitter on instagram on Facebook. So as long as it aligns with your brand and it makes sense to share it, you should be doing that. And you can do that with YouTube videos you can share. You know, if you let it on a YouTube video like Steve Dato and you're like OMG. I just learned about Evernote and that was brilliant. I need to learn more, more productivity tools here that to your audience, if you know that your audience will like it, and you become known as this great source of content and information in the go to person, occasional like for connection. I have people messaging me all the time, email everywhere, saying, You know, everyone I need to know a person that will do X You know that person, and more often than not, I do know someone that I can refer them to it. And if I don't, I'll send into somebody that can. So being the go to person to help connect people toe help people's businesses succeed is a really great attribute. Tohave you can also share articles that we talked about were constantly we use, um, we get messages are email messages inbound like Google Alerts in Our in Box and Rachel manages those, and I have someone on the team every day. Instagram doesn't instagram update. I actually get that at a.m. Every morning. It's a gram just sent me a Google alert. So setting up Google alerts for certain interests that you have an information that you want to get is it's free. It's a really great way to just make sure that that information is coming in your in box and all the other noise is not so if you're if you're struggling on what to post, this is a great way to have content come right into your inbox and use that and repurpose it. Now with the Instagram, it's all the news from all the celebrities and all the stars. I very, really, if ever hear that I shared one Taylor Swift news item. I don't share the celebrity stuff. I share Maurer of the information that's gonna help business owners in my audience because I'm not all about the people celebrities space. That's not who I served. So I'm gonna share share content. I want to make sure there's a lesson behind it. Um, so infographics, which is great. I know that especially on Pinterest, you can find a lot of great infographics. You probably could spend time in their searching infographics. Remember, you can reap in those infographics from Pinterest, and you can share a lot of that content over on other platforms as well. Whether it's Facebook, that won't work well on Instagram. But infographics take up a lot of space in the feet on Twitter, in the feet on Pinterest, and we'll get more eyeballs just because of the real estate that it takes up and back to quotes. Which, you know, I think just show of hands as everyone shared a quote somewhere. And yes, so this is, I think, the most popular content that's shared because words matter. And if you conditionally share those words, I mean, I think every day people want some kind of daily inspiration and just aspiration, and you can just take these little sound bites all over the web. And it might just be that one quote that you read that just puts you in a certain mood cause it just like I so needed that Monday motivational quote like that was exactly what I needed to get going. Vicki, I know that you've experienced this because you've actually said something to me. That was exactly what I need to see. Like on Snapchat or something like something I've posted you like. I'm so glad you posted that. Yeah. So another thing is just, you know, in terms of content, whether these cool products or yours or somebody else's, I say the word cool because when you see something, it's like OMG that's so cool. So for me It was when I saw the painted pumpkins that were in pastel come colors on instagram. I did not want to share pumpkins like everybody else in the world is sharing. I need to be different. I do not want to share ghosts. I showed ghost nails that were like representing snapshot eso I saw content that was very creative and very different so it would stand out And my followers love seeing creative new things. So I search for creative content on Instagram frequently. And I share that to my instagram feed and obviously give credit to the content Creator tagged them and frequently get a new follower because I gave him a shot and they didn't even ask for it. This is called unauthentic. Shout out for those of you that asked for shout outs and ask for follows and ask for like come follow me, I'll follow you. That's just not how I teach anything. I think if you want to share something, it should be with no strings attached that you want to do it. I don't think you should have to feel like you should pay for something to get featured unless you're a big brand or unless it's a match for your business. So this is just when I say cool products that could be cool images or actual products that you like. Maybe it's a new marker that you've discovered, and it's really cool, and you just can't get enough of them and sharing that to your audience because you know that you attract illustrators. It can be anything but, but definitely write down if you haven't already that ninja tip of using Google alerts. Because for those of you that are stuck with your content and what content to share, this makes it easy and set you up for success every day. So for me, it's getting in my inbox. 7 a.m. Um, and you might not go into your inbox that early. I don't, but I know that it's there waiting for me when I'm ready for it. All right, so here's some examples that I would share and have shared based on the values that align with our corporate core values. You've heard us talk about Peggy Fitzpatrick a lot because she's pretty amazing. Other than Rebecca, I don't know anyone else online that understands every single platform, understand the etiquette of the platforms, what's organic to the platform and shares it in such a way where she's collaborating, lifting people higher and giving great value. So, you know, Peggy shares a lot of things about Instagram. She doesn't call herself the Instagram expert. She's you know, she is a visual storyteller digital strategist, but she teaches instagram tips. So of course I want to share that to my audience. I don't think of this as competition for me. This is collaboration, and that is the word I really want you all to be writing down and collaborating more. Donna Merritt's who was mentioned yesterday by Lily She I was so excited to hear that she was watching and she got a shot out from tag board She had and went, And here's something and you know when you ask people. And she asked 21 pro tips from people that she knew for a visual tip. Ah, marketing tip. And then she put it all together. And then she created a slide share. And so now she has 21 awesome people to broadcast in all 21 of the people that she featured. Obviously, I'm gonna broadcast this. She sent me a text or Facebook message telling me how many times has got shared and I don't remember. So I don't want to butcher it, But it was a lot. And the reason is is because she's celebrating other people and their tips. So my pro tip for this disparate those of you that are probably curious, like suit, What did you tell them was? We know from doing photo shoots with Ceresa that when I'm on a digital, when I'm on my IPhone or my IPad looking down and we're doing a Facebook ad or we want people to join a webinar instead of smiling at the camera like I usually dio when my face is looking down at the device, it makes people want to know what it is I'm talking about. So these air really great images for a Facebook ad or if you're trying to get people to go somewhere, is actually looking down and not full phrase onto into the camera. And so that was the tip that I contributed to this and slide share .net Donna Moritz. She's socially sorted. Make sure that you follow her on instagram at socially sorted. He has two accounts at Donna Merits. I you know me. I love giving shout outs to the content creators and all of you following along. I want you to be connected to these awesome people. Both Piggy and Donna are also speakers on stage is that I speak at frequently and I just love that we can all share each other's content. And then, of course, I have a wonderful quote by Gary Vaynerchuk. Stop doing shit you hate and nail down your strength so that you discover your own passion. So this is Gary Vaynerchuk. I think I said this on a scope and Johanna was tuned in and Johanna was commenting. And I'm like, Can you turn this into a graphic? Maybe I'll send it to Gary V and he can hang him in his office. It's kind of girly he might not like maybe his wife will or maybe his daughter well are Maybe somebody in the office will. But nevertheless, Johanna drew this for me. Um, I think I playfully asked you to do it and like it was in my PM box the next day and I love it. So I shared this on Instagram as my motivational Monday, and it got a lot of engagement. So this is this is just like going back to connecting with the people in your audience, the people tuning in on all your channels, and there may be some opportunity for a collaboration. So Johanna knew that if she did this for me, I would absolutely share it. And so I know it's gonna help her get more followers helper, grow her community. And she gave me something that I asked for, which was awesome, which was from go past Monday, right? Actually, it was on the scope. I think it wasn't Scopus Sunday, and I actually I just watched the replay because on Sundays I'm somewhere with my kids all the time and you say it told everyone. And this is tweeted Quote tweeted to Gary Way. That shock? Yeah. And I said okay. When suicide tweeted to get you in a check, I will do that. And so I thought I should do it in my way way jog my memory. So, yes, I was on periscope. I said this and I said, This is a treatable If you're watching me on periscope tweet me. And at mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk. Maybe I'll get his attention and maybe he'll have me on the show s everybody. So everybody did this, but you did it creatively. So points to you. And that's how I got it. Okay, so you listen. I like that. Oh, my goodness. It's all about repurpose thing, right? So, repurposing content. So you're not working harder? Your workings martyr. I want you all to work smarter because taking away the overwhelm, which is the rear kind name I hear from everybody that I coach everybody that I talked to. Especially if you create what you sell, especially if you're solo preneurs, especially if you don't have a team which I know many of you don't. So you've got to repurpose to make it easier on yourself. So let me show you an example of that. So this is Peggy Fitzpatrick because you haven't seen her smiling face yet? Oh, yeah, And Rebecca why we did. And she and I did like a selfie session. You have no idea in front of a window, I think this went on for five minutes and we even did a video on it, and we just had a blast together at Kim Garce events. Social boom. And so this is our blawg, and it's all about instagram tips for beginners. But what I want to point out here is that my nails are painted in a fancy way because I usually do that to my little hashtag pose. So I'm pointing out my nails. It's on point with Brand. I'm blurred out in the background because I don't sharing block Post is not so much about sharing a selfie or picture, but again having pictures from the phone of the or the device. So I suggest that all of you like hold your phone and put your favorite picture on it and have someone come behind you in the light and take that and share that on Instagram. Show that in Facebook or sure that on Twitter, because it makes you feel like you're right in the app with that, right? So this content did really well. We just taught three quick tips about Instagram and we had a blast doing it. That's what's all about is having fun, right? So piggy and I always have a really good time together and we are we repurposed this It started. That photo sits on Instagram. We took the photo, We super imposed it in the phone. We put it in the block post and then we shared it there. But I want you to know that that started. Like I said yesterday, when I talked about or when Steve was on, it started on YouTube. I don't like to write and I don't write block posts. We start all the continent YouTube. I have somebody that we transcribe it. And then we have somebody that tweaks it and writes it, and we repurpose it. So stop doing the things you don't like who doesn't like to write. So Sue doesn't, right? I have that all taking care of so I could do the things I like. All right, So you really want to become an authority in your space and a lot of people ask me Well, how do you do that? How do you become the expert? The go to person. You just say it like I am the expert like Dio. Do you really think like like the day I was in the woods? Okay. This is on YouTube. I'm not kidding you. The day I was in the when I came back from a conference knowing I was gonna teach Instagram to the world. I went to a four day conference in California, and it was like how to be an expert online. I didn't even know about this online base and teaching online. It was at a Brennan Broussard's Experts Academy, and I didn't know what I was gonna teach. I thought was going to teach social media for retail because that's what I knew the best. That's what I went in with my head, thinking I was the only one instagramming the whole time. For four days at the conference, everyone else was putting up their coaster and just pictures of where they were. I was teaching people about geo tags, hash tags, make sure the photos good, and this is where the light bulb went off for me on the fourth day because someone said to me, What do you do? I said, I teach social media, I have a store and he said, What's your favorite platform? And I said Instagram, he's like, you need to be the Instagram expert because no one is teaching Instagram and no one's claimed that space. So being the entrepreneur, I am a light bulb moment. I went home, I literally went into the woods with my IPhone and I like, regard it on a tree. And I didn't even know how to talk to the so the phone yet. But I can do this. I created my YouTube video because this is really important to do create the beginning of your journey. So when you go back and you say this is how far I've come in that time period, I came. So I did this and that video still on YouTube. Like I said, I am the instagram expert and I'm gonna teach the world how to use Instagram for their business. And this was over 2.5 years ago. And so that's the journey I've been on. It's like I manifested where I am, knowing that that's what I wanted. So I'm telling you, you become an authority when you can actually say those words with confidence, knowing that your brands aligned with your core values, knowing that you have your strategy in place and and quite frankly, you know, collaborating with people that can help you help get you there. If you don't feel like you can have the exposure of work with people that can help you get there.

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a Creativelive Student

I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!


I was one of the fortunate ones to be in the live audience of this amazing course. Sue B Zimmerman brought a powerhouse team to the stage and they didn't hold anything back. This is one of the most complete courses I've ever taken. It's great for those just beginning all the way through to tips for those who already have a good handle on their social media. BUY this program. It is surprisingly inexpensive for the massive value it contains. Excellent!

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