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Getting Started: CRM Tools With Morgan Sutton

Lesson 30 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Getting Started: CRM Tools With Morgan Sutton

Lesson 30 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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30. Getting Started: CRM Tools With Morgan Sutton


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Getting Started: CRM Tools With Morgan Sutton

Okay, So here's why. It is important to create systems you need to have efficiencies in place so that you can work smarter and not harder. You want to increase your consistency on everything that you dio and create space to doom or of what you actually love doing. So what can you delegate? Well, I like to delegate and only do the things that I like. And thank goodness I have Morgan to help me do all that because you have to delegate what you hate doing, because if you're not having fun and enjoying it, it just it becomes stressful and you don't wanna work under stress. That's not healthy. And you want to delegate those things that someone can actually do faster and better than you can, because we all aren't great at everything. You have to just fire yourself and hire the right people to help you. And you always have to have a team member. If you already have a team member, what do they love doing? So make sure that if you have people on your team, know what they actually like to do and...

what they don't like doing so that you could make sure that your team members air happy as well. And lastly, and I am sure this is an issue for many of you, is what can you actually afford to delegate? I want you to know, Back day one, we talked about how I first got that extra person in It was whose Rachel who found me on YouTube. He came on board as an enthusiastic intern who wanted to simply learn more from me. So there are people out there that you can find that would love to help you do what you dio. So my last and final guest is the one guess that I actually have known in person and met in person and not online. Morgan Sutton came into my life when she was 10 years old, and she is my oldest daughter's best friend who is in the middle, And Morgan has been the backbone behind the growth of our business over these past three years. She was with me when I had to be do my store in the Cape. He managed that she helped me grow that, and then we saw the opportunity that was bigger for both of us, which was sharing instagram marketing to business owners all over the world how to actually have success using Instagram as that tool. And we have been working over the past three years doing just that and Rachel coming on and joining the team. So Morgan is the backbone of my business. I'm so excited to be on stage teaching all of you how to stay more organized because that's what she does. So, Morgan, come on up. Organize everybody. Everybody out there, they'll need you and you and you and you. OK, so I'm gonna take a deep breath, I hope all of you at home due to because that was a lot of information that we've covered in the last couple days. And I hope that it was all super helpful for you to understand what social platform you should be using for your business. But this right now this is the after party. So way have gone through all these social channels. And I hope you guys had an awesome time. But what you really need to do in order to make sure that this class works for you, is to get organized, get more organized, start implementing, and that's why I'm here for the last segment. Saved the best for last, right? So, like you said, I'm Morgan, fondly known as Morgan ISAT. Rachel named me. You know, she's very creative. I have a bachelor's and systems engineering and I'm currently getting my masters and engineering management. So I'm a little bit Tuckey just a little. Basically, I'm responsible for anything outwardly technical marketing, automation, all of our course platforms at SP Z Enterprise. So you know what I'm all about? Not the tweeting, but how to make all of this actually become a system that you can monetize and work for more ever cause that's really was the dream for me. And that's what we got to create. So let's talk rial right now. How many of you have invested in the course or gone through a course and not implemented any part of it? Yeah, How about online? Give me that emoji girl like most girl. Hi. Hey, I totally get it. And listen it I do it too. But in orderto make things really work for you and work for your business, you need to make sure that you have a plan to implement. And so what I want you to think is not that I need to stop investing in knowledge. It's I need to start figuring out how I can take what I learn and turn it into something that benefits me. That makes me money that build my business. So that's what I want you to be thinking about you guys to be thinking about during this segment. Eso basically blank screen here. We're going to talk through what the course was really all about. So it really starts with your published content. You've talked to 10 about that today. When you have your published content, how do you turn it on? Social? How do you promote yourself? Get your name out there. What I'm here to tell you. Is that your names out there? How do you get a physical person onto your email? Us? We keep saying grow your email us grow your email list. How do you technically do that? That's what I'm gonna talk about over the next 10 minutes. So, um, after you have a social media post, you have a link. You have a link in your bio. You have a link in the post. Or maybe it's a Facebook post all about your lead magnet. That suit talked about last segment. Your lead magnet is that freebie. That thing that someone would literally pay you for that intrigues them to join your list. That's your lead magnet, and that lead magnet needs to be protected. You need to be compensated in some way. We're being compensated with an email. So in order to get that email, we need a landing page. The landing page main purpose is to attract people to give that email address. So you need to sell your free thing. Unfortunately, but you have to. So what, We're gonna do that with the landing page on that landing page? There's gonna be a button or someone completes a form puts in their email address. And when they put in their email address, they are going to hit a thank you page, confirming making sure they know that the Internet works that you didn't get like our situation, cause that happens sometimes eso that thank you is that confirmation and then you're automatically having someone subscribed to your list and sent a delivery email of that free item. So this all is supposed to be happening automatically. And we're basically taking away that moment when you're sitting at a craft fair and you have a piece of paper in front of you and begging people to join her email list. Because I promise I deliver value. Please join my email s. I can't wait to get to know you. And then what do you do? Take that piece of paper, you spill some coffee on it, so then you're like, drying it out like half of the emails are all blurred out and like, you can't even do it and someone spell their name like blow organ and you have no idea who that is, and then they're going to get an email that's a high blow Oregon, and that's embarrassing. So this is taking all of that away. If there's a selling in the name, it's because they misspelled it, which happens sometimes, But at least it's not on you. It's on this automated system, so we're going to talk about the important parts of a landing page. We're going to talk about some options in terms of integration, so you have that form set up and, yeah, let's go through. So here we are. So the first piece of this is having that landing page. Ah, the landing page that has a form that gets them directed to that landing page and the main elements of a landing page. First and foremost, obviously they it needs to be branded. It needs to feel like you look like you the same way that all of your social and the whole course has been talking to you about making sure that when someone sees and touches a piece of content, they don't even have to look at that name to know that it's you. So branding is a big part, and it's just so they know that when they've clicked that post on that social media platform that it's taking them to the right place. If it doesn't look like you, if it doesn't have buoys all over it, it's probably not mine a que Suze. But you know what I mean with that, So branding is very important. You also want to make sure that there is a clear understanding that this is to get that lead bag men. So when someone clicks on the link, if they come over and they see like flash sale like I don't even know. Then they're not gonna give your their email address. And then, ah, you're convergent for that Page is going down because they didn't understand, so they didn't convert. So we want to make sure that it's a very clear what the lead magnet is and what they're getting along the same lines. You're selling this like I said before the landing pages, selling that free item. So we need to make sure that we line up. What are the benefits of taking this free item? Is it only you that's benefiting cause you get my email address like, No, no, you're getting this amazing piece of content that people I would charge someone $30 to buy this e book, and I'm giving it to you every so we need to make sure that they understand that people can't read your mind. They don't know what you don't tell them. It needs an option button. This is another, like Sonny said hashtag da like it needs the button to press for you to know what you're getting. And along the same lines, it needs to not have other buttons toe other things to distract them one second there for that to resonate, right? Or for water. Okay, so, yes, Owen, often button isn't essential as well as having a form on it. That helps you to collect that lead. Uh, lastly, like I said, with the often button you to make sure that they're no outside links or distraction, So it can be very tempting to make a landing page feel like a website. And that could be one of your biggest downfalls. Because if your landing page feels like your website, with all these menu tabs and all these social share things and stuff like that, it's not gonna convert high because there are more things for people to dio. So no outside links or distractions. Okay, so I'm gonna walk through some, uh, examples here from our own landing pages. We give out the strategy guide all your long all day long if you want. You can go to see the Zimmerman dot com, but this is a landing page for that. So to clarify on our website, you can grab our freemium on If I'm running ads. I'm not going to run ads to our website. I'm going to run ads to the thing that's going to sell that lead magnet, that free product s. So that's why the landing pages. So here the thing to point out is obviously download the official instagram strategy guide the official right, So we're selling it to you. This is the official guide. You got to get it here and it's about Instagram. It's not Sue bees Official guides, doobies official guide. Could be about I don't know how to wear stripes every day, like you have no idea what dubious God would be. But Supes instagram guide is gonna teach you about instagram strategy. This is an example of a landing page with a button above the fold. So the first thing here is your only option is to click or scroll. But we test these things. We blood test whether or not the button right there in the in the front or a button farther down on the page actually convert tighter higher when I show you the next few slides, I'll tell you that finally, enough for the Instagram Strategy guide. It was only a 1% difference in conversion for the placement of the button, so it's time to test something? No. Ah headlines Something else just interesting. To point out here is the example of what the benefits are, what you're getting. In this guide, you'll learn the power of Instagram. We want this for newbies to understand What is the import importance of Instagram? You want to know why Instagram is effective marketing tool and also the seven guidelines to get you started. So this is for newbies wanting to understand what they need to do for instagram. We also added a little plus plus five season instagram user tips. So it's for everyone, which is awesome. Here's the second page Ah, second version of this landing page which you can see this one instead of getting going with those benefits, you are getting the instructions. You want people to understand what's gonna happen if you want people to know that they have to go to their inbox in order to download it. So we're just trying to be very blatant with the landing page. Um, with, uh, this this is the button to press. So in this second version, the button is about two folds down, and what they do is they press it and it's ah to step. Opt in. So basically the reason why you wanted to step off to step opt in is because you only want someone clicking who is really wants to interact with you. We're constantly bombarded on the Internet with different things to click different ads. It's making us numb to any kind of thing that you want someone to do. And so therefore, what we've decided to dio is make it a button. So it feels like less work. It's less work. I just have to click to get the guide. Now you have to fill out the form, but you're already invested. You've already done some things. No, I have to do the form. It's all psychology there. Okay, so software options for easy landing page building as lead pages or optimized press. I'm just gonna tell you some pros and cons of them. Lead pages has awesome template options that are really easy toe understand? It integrates great with the other crm tools that I will tell you about in a moment. Onda has built in split testing built in data. So if you're looking Teoh, understand if the button above or below is important it's built in there. The con is that the design is pretty inflexible. As it has, it has grown over the last year and 1/2. You've been able to show and hide mawr elements in a template, which is awesome. But, um, it still doesn't let you pull whatever it is that you want into it. So that would be my con. It's also more pensive over time than the second option that I'm going to show you because you have to pay per month. There are three different levels, which is very, very cool. But, you know, it just depends what you need and what's easiest for you. Optimized presses My second option for landing pages. Ah, the pro is that there is a fully flexible design, so you can add in whatever element you want. You could basically start from scratch instead of starting with a template. So if with you where you really know what you want and what your goal is, you can build a folded on yourself. It also has extra uses, optimized presses, a software that I use to build out the design for all of our membership site so I don't pay any designers to build out our courses. I do it myself with optimize press. The con is the integration is just a little bit difficult. I use it for landing pages, but every so often I get a little glitch. I don't gotta get a lot of glitches and lead pages, so it just depends on your patients. There aren't any extra bows and whistles. So in lead pages, if you get like pro counter, whatever the middle level is, you get some sort of cool lead digits. Texting tool as well doesn't come and optimize press. Um, lastly, there's no built in conversion. Data are testing. It's either a theme or a plug in on WordPress. So you would be putting in that date of yourself or your that plug in yourself to do that split testing. This is just a quick show of what a lead page split test is like. I said, pretty funny. That act actually over average, it's only 1% difference on the point of where the button is on a page. So time to test something new. Maybe next year I'll test headlines when your websites your lead capture page you want to make sure that the form is above the fold. You have a clear call to action and that there are no distractions. Rachel went over this, uh, earlier in the program, but you can see here that it's still the official instagram strategy guide. It's not just joined my list or hear from me. There's also no social share buttons we've used social to bring you to this point. I don't want to send you out now because their stuff to buy here, that's what's important to me. Now you're here, so I don't want to send you out to other social. Okay, so the second thing that I want to talk to you about is serum tools, and I know I'm flying through, but I promise I hope it all makes them theorem tools. Basically, we've talked through here. We've created a landing page. We have designed tools to make it happen. Now we need a CRM system or an email marketing platform that can integrate with that landing page and make all this happen automatically. So you aren't carrying around that paper all the time and having to give it to your V a to and during the emails s. So what we're gonna do is talk about that form and how In the back end of your theorem tool, you will set up the thank you page. It will subscribe the person to the list and send them a welcome email. So here that is zoomed in a serum system, basically just a management approach. Customer relationship management. So basically taking, um, your marketing and making it about how can I learn as much as I can about my customer? Um, knowledge is power, and the more that you know about what your customer likes and dislikes of, the more that you could doom Or of that, it really is just that simple on. And that's why it's so important. Toe have a CRM tool. So ah, serum basically is a customer database. Um, fundamentally, we want to make sure that we can hold someone's information as a customer. Um, we want to be able to use this to segment by lists and automate not only subscriptions but sales. Ah, we want Teoh talk to them through emails and newsletters, nurture them and make sure that they're connected to you even if they aren't physically talking with you. And lastly, like I said, the whole point is knowing how your customer interacts so important functionalities of the Softwares that I'm gonna talk to you about is that both of these options, both on report and mail chimp are used for email marketing. Supply you with code for opt in form so you're not learning how to code or learning how to integrate anything yourself, as well as automating the lead magnet delivery. So another thing is, not only do you not have to collect them yourself and enter them in yourself, you don't have to check to send them an email. Or you don't have to take that template email and attacks your lead magnet and send it over manually. It's all happening automatically, which, to me is a no brainer. But to some small business owners, that's like a no way you can make that happen. So that's why it was important for us to introduce it as we talked about list building and lead magnets. My two software options are male Chimp and Aunt Report. There are a ton of email marketing software's out there thes air, the two that I use, and the one that I use with my clients, so I'll give you the pros and cons of each of them to each is own. Whatever is more comfortable for you is what you want to dio, because at the end of the day, if it's not easy, you're not going to do it. So you have to try. You have to test. You have to see what works for you. So four melt him. The Pro is that it has most of the functionality that I talked about available at a really low price so you can sign up for free. You can have a certain number email subscribers for free. You can pay as you go per email that you send if you want to start using their automation very, very flexible in terms of if you're just getting started. The con to me is that it's a lesser customer database. So in Aunt Report, it's like, um, organizer's dream. Basically, when you look at this database in male chimp, it's a little more complicated when you're trying to learn about a specific customer. The reason why is because male chimp, when it was first developed, it's kind of list oriented So when they first created it, they had you make a bunch of different lists and based on that list, but the person was subscribed to. They got the specific email welcome. And so then you kind of felt like, Oh, I know about this person But the thing is, is that your customers don't only subscribe Toe one list. I have customers that have been with me for three years with the Strategy Guide with the Emoji Handbook, with the whatever that we've throughout their webinars. And so it's really hard to have that specific information in male chimp. Now I have to say, I don't want any haters in the chat, So mail Chimp is trying to create. Make this easier, I swear, and it's through segmentation and groups. But I have to say it's a little tricky for even me to figure out. So I've been trying to set up this process and mail chimp with my clients because it's the lows, lower cost option. But it's just a little harder to keep it clean. And that's why I love entrepreneur Mel. Chimp also does a forced double opt in, which is really I mean good to keep your list clean. It's good in Canada, where it's illegal to not do it. So if that's your situation, then keep the double opt in on. But generally it's I mean, it's kind of annoying because it could mean that you don't get to reach out to that person if they don't immediately go to your inbox and confirm the main point for me with male chimp is, even though I'm saying these cons, it's always better to get started. And so I don't want finances to be the thing that stops you from starting your email list. So if that's the issue, or that you're just starting your business, just start on Male chimp. You can always convert over to another system when you're ready. Aunt Report is in a special place in my heart, and that is because I'm an entrepreneur consultant. I went and spent a week in Santa Barbara. It was completely beautiful and learned all about the tool so we could really leverage it for our business. Um, and I think it's an amazing serum tool, so it has this customer database that you dream about. It is murder. When someone creates, uh, completes a form, you know, it merges with the other submissions that they've had based on email. So duplication isn't so crazy. It still exists because, I mean, I have, like, five email addresses, so I can only imagine how you have a ton. But either way, it generally can keep you understanding what your customer is doing, how they're interacting, what they're clicking on a few of aunt Report tracking code on your site. I can tell you how many times you visited into results dot com, depending on the tagging that you build into Entre Port Aiken basically tell everything that you do you so it's really, really fabulous when you're trying to make very, very specific business decisions and when you're trying to grow three. Ease of segmentation is basically the pro aunt report that I said is the Khan of male chimps. So mail chimp is trying. They are creating groups and segmentation, so it's a little bit easier to keep your list clean. But entre port is really easy. Entre pages is also a pretty cool platform that could potentially replace your lead pages cost. So entre Port is trying to develop their own landing page software, and they have done it. There aren't as many template options as there are in lead pages, but if you're looking to bundle the cost of what you're spending every month on software and you're comfortable with their landing page options, it comes with your software. So one of the really cool things about Entre Port is that whatever new feature that they come out with, they give to you there. It's not like and so now pay me 19 more dollars. Nope, they give it to you. The con is obviously that it's just a more expensive platform. And because it's a more robust software, the main point with supporting Entre port is that knowledge is power. I mean, the more information that you have on about your customer them, or that you know what to give them. I love sending emails to people saying, Hey, I know that you open the email about my webinar on Thursday, but you decided not to register, and I'm just wondering, like, did you have to pick up your kids like was at the time that was wrong? Or like, do you really not care about Instagram marketings? Then get off my list. You know, I love sending those kinds of emails because you get really cool responses. So it's just important to be able to engage in your customer in that way. Okay, so we have we have our landing page. Both of these Softwares work in creating that form for you and, um, inside of the software, you can dictate what your thank you page is what list they're subscribed to and what welcome email they receive. So, basically, in the last two second sections, we've given you a place to collect your email, and we have given you the software options to make sure that it automatically happens to you because the point is, we want to take things off of your plate, things to consider when you're dealing with, this is banned with and budget. So I mean, it's really just about how much time do you have right now? Toe learn a new software tool. How much money do you have to invest in your CRM? I mean, based on those answers, you can make informed decisions because the truth of the matter is is that businesses are not this like building with no one in them. It's about a person. It's about a person and their needs. The reason that you choose the certain software could, because it could be because you're ready to ramp up your business because you're saving tuition for your kid's college fund. Or it could mean that you are going to a really cool place. You're going to Greece like Nina just went to, and you want to make sure that you have enough money to travel for all those weeks. So you've decided to not go with the upgrade. So really, you have to consider the human parts of your business. It's so important.

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