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How to Grow Your Email List

Lesson 28 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

How to Grow Your Email List

Lesson 28 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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28. How to Grow Your Email List


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How to Grow Your Email List

How do you grow your email lists and what is list building? Okay, so this is where you need to actively prioritize growing your list every day. So every action that you do in your business if it's not to help you make a sale, it should be to help you collect an email subscriber so that you can stay in touch with them and nurture that relationship. Remember the cycle they want to nurture them after they've actually opted in. And you want to do that by attracting them with a lead magnet. Okay, so there's different types of lead magnets, so a lot of people don't even know what a lead magnet is there like a lead magnet. What is the lead? So it's a way to entice somebody to off into your list so that they will subscribe, So that's called an often sometimes or sometimes it's called an email. It's called the lead magnet. Or, you know, it's basically just enticing them to come on over, give you their email and you give them something in return, and it's called it lead magnet because basically ...

it it the content pulls them towards you, attracts them towards your towards you. So there's different types of lead magnets. I won't talk to us that you can dio. So one is one that we love to do, which is Webinars. So many of you have been on one of my webinars or somebody's webinar, and that is a lead magnet we can use to create something of great value. You can also do a free download. You can do coupons. I know that Gary Vaynerchuk does an amazing job with coupons on Instagram with his at wine deals account. Every day there's a coupon that you can buy his wine and it's free shipping. It's right in the Internet very easy to buy wine from that account. This also exclusive access is an access to registered to registration in the details so that you can make sure that people know that when they come over and they opt in, they're gonna have access to something special. You can do challenges for your lead magnet. I know that simple green smoothies does an amazing 21 day challenge where you get 21 days of free green smoothies, and this is how I first met Giada Cells owner who I then interviewed on a Google hang out. And then she was on stage with me at social media marking world. And then yesterday I got a text and said, I I see that you're in San Francisco. You want to get together? Sunday I was like, Wow, data status, right in Syria. This is great. But you know, this is another way. Think about a challenge and it doesn't have to be 21 days. Johanna. I can't believe that you're doing like a 360 day doodle challenge like that is a long commitment. I would say, You know that that's pretty impressive. We're gonna talk about that person soon, but another company that has great challenges is at tone it up on instagram clams Taken Shot that one down, Um, and then free videos are also great lead magnets, and I know that funny Steve Dato and Amy, from sexy, savvy social, do a lot of of great content pulling people to sign up for their email list. You've seen them do it with cross promotions, or at least Sonny doesn't with cross promotions over on instagram on Steve. As you heard him say, I mean his goal is to get people back to his email list from YouTube. All right, so let me show you what we have, and I should assure this early. But again, I want to kind of reiterate the download, which is really important. We have this on every single platform, not just instagram. It's on our Facebook page. It's on our Twitter page. It's usually what I do is a call to action on periscope. This is the free download. This is what we've been talking about. You can also access it from the website. We just know from the Bentley link where you're coming in from. So you never know where people are gonna find you, what social platform they like to hang out on, and they are current on. So whenever we're driving traffic to our website, we have that opt in right above the fold. It's the first thing that you see when you land on our website. There are no social share buttons there because you don't want to take him off your website and on to your social share button. You want to keep him there so that they'll opt into your email list. How many people in the audience have and often right on there website without social share buttons pulling them off. Okay, on when you're getting them to opt in on that page, it's OK to have your social share buttons, but you don't want it on that page. Morgan's gonna talk about this in big details in the next session, and you're gonna answer like, whole lead magnet in detail. So the other one that we have is our training Siri's, and this is what we use for our webinar to drive traffic. You guys are nodding, So some of you saw my training Siri's. This was not easy to dio these these videos. We had three training videos to build trust. We knew that a lot of people watching those training videos, they had no idea who I waas. We drove traffic through Facebook ads, and the idea is that you want to build trust. You want to get often We wanted often to the webinar, the live webinar, because the more people you can get to register for your live webinar, the more seats that you can get in your webinar, the more you can sell whatever it is that you're selling at the end of your webinar. So come conversions from Webinars We know work well. So we had a whole campaign around our launch for instant results, and many of you have seen it, and it was consistent throughout everything. So when you click that you got my training video and we knew that you came in from training video 12 or three because we had different billy length every time we released a different training video because you want to track your data at the end of the day, always know what's working and know what you need to improve on. So here's another example of exclusive access to a registration and this is back to Ceresa. She's so good at this you want, you know, this is like, Oh, my goodness, Fall registrations open and even the picture that she gets and and I'm sure all her photos or Fabrice because she's a photographer and then she loves doing this text over at late. But she promotes on Instagram about the spots that are opening for her next photography session, and she lets you know that you will be informed when they're opened. If you register on her email list, says you get informed when they're opened on her email list, so you have to opt in if you want service that to do a photo shoot. He sells out of her photo shoots very, very quickly. I think last time she told me like a soon as she posted on Instagram and sends out that first email, he's booked for the next session of doing photos. So it's pretty. This is real. If your photographer I know a lot of photographers watch creativelive. This is brilliant and this is something to keep in mind. So what kind of lead magnets will you use in your business? And there's all different kinds. I need to know how, like what I would love to like, Do all of you guys have You would love to share. Okay, so so quickly went to all of you, have a lead magnet, and you do or you know what you're gonna share. OK, Vicky, right. So I know many of us when we're starting out the lead Non magnet is so confusing, like you even know what your audience is gonna want, right? And so when I was starting mom printer community. You really know what my audience is gonna want. And so I created my lead, knocking it Waas join our online community for free, which was, in return, a Facebook group. And so on my instagram page, I have, like, a little description of what our community is like. And then it has a little, like join our only community with the little emoji fingers pointing down. And, um, when people people actually go on, subscribe to my list and then the first email that the welcome email that they get is a link to the Facebook group. Great. So you're building your Facebook So you're building a community from Instagram. You're getting them to your email list. That's the first thing. And then the first e mail they get in their inbox is welcoming them and taking them to a Facebook group. Yes, that's brilliant. Really smart and cute because now you're growing a community in the space that you're trying to serve. And how is that working has working really great. So how many people are in your Facebook? So over 300 people 350 around there, but the theory is, they're targeted their targeted. And not everyone who subscribes to my list goes onto the Facebook page. So some people are would have noticed are just interested in the community and want to be up to date on the list, but not necessarily in the group. So that those very interesting, But they're on the list. So that's all that matters. Well, there on your list in there like we're talking about targeted followers like you did that like this is a likely target. I think this is a brilliant strategy exactly, and it's very specific. It's on Lee for mom entrepreneurs, and I'm very specific in my description worth like values based life or family comes first, right things like that, and so not everybody. And in your Facebook group, you can write the details of what that group is all about exactly. We're only gonna stay there if they want to be there exactly good for you. I mean, to think you're smiling. So it's, I think it's working. It is good. So that's a great strategy for anyone that's struggling with where to get people to go is building a community on in a Facebook group, so that's great So how to promote your lead magnet? Anybody have any ideas? Yeah. Hello. It's yeah, but on your wet. Like I said on your website, like Like first and foremost. That should be on your website and it should not be off to the corner. It needs to be join my list. This is what you get front and center. Okay. And this is what it looks like. How's that? Front and center. There's nothing else we want you to dio. We want you to join our email list. It's on point with my branding and you saw it on the mobile. So you know what it looks like on Instagram. But on the website, it's the official Instagram Strategy Guide Download for free. You know, the word official is a really good word to use. Morgan knows that like words like get it grab. It worked really well too. So what? Call to action. Are you going to put? So we have grab it over here. We've tried all different things, like download. We know that. Grab it and get it. Are good words to to you. So you want this often to be so on point with your brand and front and center. We also use pop ups. Anybody have a pop up? Yes. So pop ups we use often monster. And when you stay away, I want to go back for one second before Okay, So So often monster is the software that we use. And I met side bulky, who is the owner of Often monster. And he said that he would give a 20% off discount with this coat. So I'm gonna share this code, which is V I p. 20 off. So if you don't have an opt in, you can check out often, monster. And this is the code v I p. 20 off. And there's no time limit on that code. He's like, used that code. You can get 20% off your your pop up. So what a pop up is this? If you stay on our website long enough, I don't know how many seconds when Morgan comes on, Maybe she can say how many seconds you're on. And then I think you can change the timer. I think it's really annoying when as soon as you land on a site, it pops up like I think, you know, for us is a little delay because you don't want to be so fuckin somebody's face. But if someone goes off that home page and on to one of our other pages, we still have the pop up there and you are. Conversion rate from the pop up is good. Make sure it's on point with your brand. See how my eyes are not looking at you. It's looking at the text. This is another example I talked about looking down at the device. This is Teresa. What's in her bonus. When you sign up, you get to know what are all the angles where you should be looking for all the different social things that you dio and this is for our pop up. So you also should be sharing on your social profiles. Like I said, links and instagram in the bio. You get one bio you can share in your Twitter by in your Twitter buyer, which we absolutely dio. You can share the length in your Facebook business page in the about section So Vicki in your about section of that Facebook page in the group, you can also share it there on. You can share it in the Facebook in the business page as well as a Facebook group. You can also share it in your periscope bio as Brian pulled up my account and um, and had that there as well. And then you can share it in your Pinterest bio as well. So this, like every time there's an opportunity to put a link, that's what you can share it. So here's some ways that we share it with our Twitter. No, it's tragedy. No results get intentional. So this is a tweet that we have. This is one from the Facebook cover. So if you see this on Facebook, the link is right over here. That's the description. If you click on that, it takes you right to that. And here's the Facebook example that was to get people t opt in to our webinar again. It's consistently branded in those ways that you saw a previous coat quotes and here is the Pinterest one. So this is payable cause it's not a picture of me. The picture of me would not be pin war. The as far as I'm concerned, this is much prettier. This, you know, you got the show people are more apt to share that. And then on Instagram and in your marketing collateral. So when I did my slide presentation in Dallas, this was one of my slides. We created a custom built Lee for that slide. You stayed at the top. We knew exactly how many opt ins we got from when I spoke onstage in Dallas. You can also do paid advertisement, which we do, and we do extremely well. Morgan runs our ad campaign for our business, and we get great conversion. So this is another example of where you can drive traffic from Facebook to your website to get more out opt ins. So these are all great examples that you guys have for your for your lead magnet. Um, and you really can promote it on Facebook at a very low cost if you understand how to do do it correctly.

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