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Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram

Lesson 23 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram

Lesson 23 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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23. Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram


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Lesson Info

Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram

So let's talk about Instagram versus Pinterest and what the differences are so users were looking for. Personalized original content are on instagram and Pinterest. Instagram content gets followers an authentic view to view your business by the photos that they share. And there's no categories categories in of your account in boards on Instagram. So right now I'm talking just about instagram on Pinterest. You have boards on Instagram, you have a feed and it's all there. Like I said, it's a digital magazine also on Instagram Hashtags, a much more effectively used. You can use up to 30 as I said, and the descriptions are common and important on post. That's what I believe some police. Some people believe that having less words in your description on his program works and that might be specific to your brand. Um, example that I used frequently is National Geographic. I really feel like they they do a great job in the description of giving a whole story behind the photo. So sometimes less ...

words. And I know Mona Lisa, you do less words, and that works because you have such a strong visual image, so you're going to see what's best for you, but they are more common on the post and engaging in conversation in comments is done very often on Instagram. I feel like you guys have an upper edges, a business owner to have that engagement, that real engagement. And you've heard me do these call to action to get people to come back to Instagram, to engage and that they they listen and they do and they come back and they engaged there. So Pinterest use the user is focused on the discovery and curation of other users content mawr instead of just the production of their own. Clearly they're producing their own. But it's really the discovery of other people's content, and you can create groupings of pins within boards. And the boards are different categories that you can have those groupings in. Um, there are more back links, which are links to your website, will links to your blog's links to where you can purchase things, and I know that the links are fabulous. When I was very actively on Pinterest and by the way I used to teach Pinterest five years ago and I had This is not a place that I spend a lot of time and now, and that's why I really wanted to bring Jeff to you guys because it's, you know, when I say you can only spend so much time in so many places, we have a presence here, but it's not our most active. But when I had my store on the Cape and I was selling product OMG, the back links were everything to my website to sell more products, and absolutely, it did work pinches users are often actively shopping, so it drives more trafficked into those retail pins. And there's a less direct engagement through comments. As I said. So here's a back to back visual, so I thought this would be a good example of This is an instagram post that I did after I got my nails done and golden like I have to show these gold nails. What do I have in the house? It's gold. I had these great leaves. How can I make this more interesting again? Back to that angle heading down and I just had golden nails for the wind like that was a short comment, and on Pinterest again, it's nail. There's nails being seen there in the Golden Nails, but it's a much more different look and feel, and you can tell that if you're gonna you know, this is from a company called Beauty there. And if you click on that, it's gonna take you to their whips that we might be buying those that nail polish. So just kind of the same the same product. But I'm not selling anything, so I just want to let you know that, like the visual differences so Pinterest for your business, Pinterest is a visual book marketing tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. And that's really what a lot of people do. I know that people getting married or if they want to decorate their room, they're basically shopping on Pinterest, and they're putting it on their boards. Or if they want, take that perfect vacation. They know exactly where they're gonna go next, and it it's instead of filing cabinets and magazines and kind of here tailing the magazine, you're pinning it on your board and keeping it there. It hasn't it is primarily used on desktop, but it also has a mobile application, and I'd be really interested to hear if Jeff is actively on mobile. I know that I only use Pinterest on the desktop. Here are some basics about Pinterest, a pin which is a visual bookmark that you have. Each pin is back linking to the website, as I said, where it originated from and then the boards is where you create and curate and organized those pins. You can have as many boards as you want on Pinterest, and each one is labeled with a different title in a category of your choice. How many people in the audience you guys are looking? I'm just curious. You guys all on dress. Jeremy is the only one And so you could be excited about Yes, because he's a mainly Yeah, yes. Oh, and then a Repin is pinning others Users content onto your board, and this is what is most frequently done like you're searching. You're discovering in your repainting it. It's like I want to go on that vacation and I'm gonna repent it to my vacation destination board. So Pinterest is right for your business. If you're moderately creative, if you're if you enjoy educating through images, if you sell products that can be ordered online because of those back links. If you do not enjoy writing So some people are just more visually oriented and they just love looking at I do have to be honest. When I was actively on Pinterest, I spend way too much time there I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole and I don't go down that hole on instagram Meaning Oh, this is beautiful. I love that That baby is adorable. All I want to buy this and those boots a great and was like I felt like was shopping all day and looking at things all day, So it wasn't working for me, But I like it as a tool and we do still have it. We do. We still are semi actively on Pinterest, but you can educate through. You can educate people through those images that you're sharing us well and so setting up a business, it Pinterest account is pretty easy. You just need to go to this website. So this is where you find to set it up for your business. So if you're gonna be on Pinterest, you want to be on Pinterest for business and you can join as a business from this website right here. You need to verify of your website. To have it is your business, and you want to absolutely add the pin it button onto your website. So I know that Jeff is ready for May. I'm just going to go through a couple more elements here, and Jeff can jump in. So these are the things that I want you to notice. The pin it on the top, left, um, the arrow where the likes, as you can see how many people like your pins, how many people have repent your pins and then below is where the comments are. And you see, I have used a hash tag in Steggall live here. You don't see that hashtags as much as you see him on instagram, but they're still used here as well. And on the far right is the board that we've actually created with that image in it. And it's our creativelive board. So we were sharing some stats last time I was teaching creative live, and a lot of those images are in that board.

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